Giantess Stories: 1001 Shrunken Nights

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1001 Shrunken Nights - Prelude

'I'm afraid I'm going to have to let you go, little one', The Veiled Giantess

purred, her rosebud lips pouting as she opened the birdcage door and reached

inside for him. The little man gamboled in the cage... trying to avoid Her

Grasp... a game they never tired of playing, even now that it looked as if She

were going to finally sell him off.

'but mistress...', he protested, ducking one particularly close swipe of her

elegant Hand, a flash of scarlet Fingernails warning of the near miss,

'...surely i have kept you sufficiently amused? i shall double my efforts to

avoid being owned by that Hungry One!' he exclaimed as he rolled and bounced

lightly to his feet, arms out and ready to dodge again, but knowing full well

that She could have him in an eyeblink if She really needed to.

The Giantess giggled, making pincers with Her thumb and forefinger that lunged

for the small scrap of fabric loincloth that served as his only clothing. 'Oh

my... what a frightened little face! But not to worry my sweet morsel... The

Hungry One assures me that She finds you too lean and stringy for Her supp...

But She claims that She simply must have you as Her new footslave... and I

really need to replenish my coffers.' The Veiled One pouted again. 'As much as I

adore keeping you my pet, times are lean and fresh little men have been hard to

come by.' She made to snatch the rag from his waist, but at the last second,

cupped Her hand and swept it from behind, scooping him up under his buns and

clamping Her thumb over his thighs.

The doll sized man offered token resistance to the capture... grappling with the

Thumb as if to pry it off... legs kicking as he was lifted unceremoniously out

of his cage. 'And her former footslave... what of that one my mistress? Word in

the slave bullpens is that the Hungry One orders her footsieboys to tickle, then

likes to moosh them down while She's still laughing.' The little man

shuddered... 'And she has the most horrific feet!'

'Now now... you must respect the Big People at all times My feisty little pet!',

Veiled One scolded, grabbing the loincloth fabric in front and tucking it into

the thread he used as a belt, exposing his always betraying sex to Her amused

inspection. Her free Hand pawed at his small but well sculpted chest, Fingertips

and Nails gliding warmly... smoothly... exploring his pecs, abs and waist, then

playfully teasing his erect member... causing the little man to gasp... and then

yelp! when She pinches it rather firmly for a few seconds.

'*gasp*... oh!!!! please mistress! *breaths*... allow me to tell you a tale...

*gasp*... to earn one more night in Your lovely grasp... before i am sold... to

that Hungry One.'

The Veiled One arches a brow, intrigued by the offer, Her Fingers still absently

stroking the little man, keeping him squirming. Crimson rosebud lips curl with a

deliciously wicked and delighted smile... She loves it when the little ones are

so clever! She brings him closer to Her face... like a drinking chalice... and

gently plants a long and sucking kiss on his chest, leaving him smeared with Her

bright red lip paint.

'Very well', The Veiled Giantess purrrrs, holding him out and regarding him with

Her great sparkling eyes, 'A tale you offer... and a tale I shall have!'

Chuckling, She carries him in the palm of one Hand, picking up a bowl of grapes

with the other, and carries him over to a luxurious couch-divan. The Giantess

settles down on the couch and deposits him on Her tummy, then reaches over and

pops a grape into Her mouth, making a teasing show of mashing the grape, juices

flying, then smiles at him. 'Besides... no deal has been struck yet with old

Hungry... so I may keep you for just a bit more', She confides with a wink,

tossing a grape to him.

The little man catches the Grape with both hands, and grins so wide... it looks

like his face is going to split! But he sits down, crosses his legs and takes a

bite from the Grape, opening its skin, and lapping up some of the inside juices

with a tiny pink tongue. Soon his thirst is sated, and the little man wipes his

lips, sets the Grape down between his legs and looks up at his Captress, who has

been watching him, thoroughly delighted, this whole time...

The little man quietly clears his throat...

'My tale begins in another place... another time... where the people had created

machines to express and capture their thoughts and imaginings...'


The Story of Pygmalion and Galetea Like many Greek myths, the story of Pygmalion

and Galatea has slightly different versions. Pygmalion , King of Cyprus, in the

most familiar of these versions created a lifelike statue of his ideal of

womanhood. The statue which he called Galatea was so beautiful that he fell in

love with his own creation. Aphrodite, the Goddess of Beauty and Love, took pity

on the lovesick Pygmalion. She turned Galatea into a living woman and presided

over the marriage of the two.

Michelle was obsessed. Her discovery of the internet shrink community had been

an epiphany for her, validating something that she had never dared share with

another soul: Her fantasy to hold a tiny man in her hand. It was like a physical

shock, reading that first story... viewing the first handheld collage...

emotional effects so intense it scared her. But not too much...

So she conquered her innate aversion to the really techy computer stuff and

learned as much as she could about graphics -- resolutions... shadowing...

palettes... color matching... pixel manipulation... all the tricks and lingo of

the new wave of digital synthesists: The collagers. Her goal, nothing less than

putting herself in the picture... a picture so hyper-realistic that it looked

three dimensional. She wanted to fall into that picture... to be able to feel

the textures. To this end she bought a digital camera... learned Poser...

Photoshop... took high resolution pictures of herself... and for her handheld

subject, photo sessions using nude male models... and when she could not find

the exact look she wanted, she used sophisticated digital merging software to

experiment with combining all of the individual desirable features of the male

models, then for good measure, blending in an idealized Poser composite man she

had created as well.

The work consumed her... all of her available free time... the apartment was

sprinkled with takeout food wrappers and unread newspapers... and then, finally,

in the wee hours of a late-summer night, thunder rolling in the distance, she

generated the image she had been searching for. Smiling, exhausted, she reached

out and touched the form on her screen, satisfied but not complete. he... no

it... was too flat looking against the neutral white background. No... it needed

the setting... the environment... and Her to be holding him there... to become a

'he'. Sleep heavy eyes closing against her will, she caressed the figure on the

screen one more time, then clicked the 'export' button and fell into a fitful

sleep, head down at the desk. The export status bar popped up on the top of the

screen and began it's steady blue growth. As it neared one hundred percent, a

neighborhood lightning strike rattled the windows and caused a power surge. The

flicker of lightning mixed with the glow of the screen on Michelle's exhausted

but smiling face as she dozes there. As the small desk lamp flared and sputtered

from the power spike, her PC seemed to suspend for a moment... the screen

scrambling... but then it stabilized. The status bar filled completely and

closed with a quiet *boink*.

And the little man on the monitor blinked.

And he looked down at his feet, smiled, and stepped forward.

The glass surface of the monitor ripples like a viscous fluid where the little

man's foot breaks through, and more small waves sweep outward as his body

follows through the strange new interface. As he steps off the edge of the

monitor frame, the back of his body breaks contact with his 'cradle', making a

weird sort of wavering hum as the screen wobbles back into it's original shape

and stiffens with a sound like a pond surface instantly freezing into hard ice.

The little man looks back, tilting his head at the black cutout shaped like him

in the field of white background, now frozen again beyond his reach. He shrugs,

then turns away, treading carefully around the huge Keyboard... looking down at

it with open curiosity. Once in the open space next to the mysterious device, he

stops... and holds his hands out before him... turning them... smiling.

'i seem to have..... become', the little man chuckles in his small quiet voice.

Michelle draws in a sleepy breath while she slumbers... a soft, sweet whimper

melting from crimson lips that washes her warm breath over the little man.

The little man startles, his gaze snapping away from the monolithic desktop

computer and truly seeing Her for the first time, a look of astonishment written

on his tiny face.

Michelle nuzzles against her bare arms. Since the computer is in her bedroom,

she is wearing very little-- a fine thin cotton babydoll gown that barely covers

her thighs, the pink cotton so sheer it may as well not even be there.

The little man gazes with wonder at this vision before him... how can this be...

a lovely Goddess! 'Perhaps she is why I've become?' He walks cautiously

closer... his little head tilted to one side.

And the Goddess stirs... a thick veil of lashes brush along blushing cheeks. The

sweet dip of her nose and delectable plumpness of her lips are irresistible! A

smile steals across his face... as he is drawn closer to this Vision. He cups

his hand to his lips and calls quietly:

'Awaken my mystery Goddess!'

With a slight groan, Michelle's eyelashes flutter open to reveal slightly

bleary, yet warm, dark liquid orbs... trying to adjust to what she sees...

someone had been calling for her...

The little one steps back, a bit cautious, 'down here... please... i mean you no


With a slight grin playing across her tempting lips... Michelle has a look of

disbelief... then she lifts her head to sit straight, 'Who are you?'

The tiny man sits on the keyboard... hands out before him, 'i'm not really

sure', he replies, smiling widely up at Her, 'i was hoping You could help me?'

Michelle eyes this little man... looking almost stunned when she glances at the

screen... the black cutout manshape where her model of the shrunken man had

been. She sighs, then looks over her shoulder, seemingly distracted as she

speaks, 'Alright... this is so cute and all... but really... this dream has gone

on far too long...'

The living doll stands up... walks closer to Her... his tiny muscles rippling.

'if this were a dream... could i do this?'

Michelle's attention is quickly focused on this tiny Adonis as he walks to where

Her hand rests, palm open, on the tabletop. He lifts a leg and straddles the

middle fingers her hand, sits down on the 'pads' of her palm, and wiggles his

naked tush against her smooth pale skin... the sensation is delicate yet firm!

Then the small one carefully bends one of her Fingers... breathes on the

polished Nail... then makes like he's buffing it.

Michelle gasps... and almost yanks her hand free... but stops herself... her

beautiful eyes very wide now. Her lips part and she looks stunned... his flesh

was softer then anything she had ever felt. 'oh m'gawd' is all she can manage in

a small whisper...

The manikin swings a leg back over so he's sitting sideways in Her palm, still

holding her finger, now cradled and rubbing his tiny face against it...

'so can you help me? at least name me... you must be the one who brought me

here', he says with a smile.

But Michelle is still in shock, 'oh... oh... ohmygawd... y-y-you are REAL!'

The little man flinches and lets go of Her finger, holding his ears and nodding


Michelle runs her fingers through her hair... she can not possibly tear her gaze

from him at all... 'help? how? oh my gawd!...this is incredible! Do... do you

have no name at all??'

The manikin shakes his head. 'not that i can recall anyway'

Michelle begins to almost babble on... 'We need to find you a name right away...

yes... so that you have an identity... so... that you are... oh gawd... you

really ARE!'

he smiles... and kneels like a small knight before Her. 'then christen me... if

You are not my Goddess.. than my Finder at least...', and again he smiles shyly

up at Her.

Michelle is hushed by the sight of him kneeling before her... and She suddenly

brightens at his gallantry... everything she has ever wanted in a little

lover... She recalls her greek mythology, and one tale in particular...

'You... you are... Galetan... Galen for short... after the story of Pygmalion

and Galetea.'

She thinks about it for a bit... 'But I guess that makes me Pygmalion!' She


Galetan bows his head... 'galetan... galen for short i am', he says, then looks

up and smiles devilishly at Her, beckoning to his shoulder, and calling in a

sort of stage whisper: 'time to tap my shoulder with a Finger maybe?', he


Michelle reaches out, so tenative... as if afraid he will vanish once she

touches him... the pad of her finger lightly taps him... and she giggles at the

feel of his broad shoulder, so tiny!

'I... I'm still so stunned... but this is great...'

And Galen feels the warmth of Her before She even touches him...

Michelle then taps the other shoulder... letting her fingertip trace along his

chest as well.

Galen gasps at the sensation, his eyes following Her Fingertrace... and his tiny

hands are drawn to touch Her... stroking Her Finger, marvelling at the heat of

Her skin...

Michelle giggles... and blushes a bit... 'You didn't come with clothes when I...

ummm... created you...', She says, pointing to the monitor, '...see there?'

Even though he knows what is left behind on the screen, Galen peers up there

anyway, wanting only to please this Goddess... his admitted creator.

'i see...' Galen nods, '...just my fleshly outline is left.'

Michelle nods enthusiastically, 'yes...exactly!'

Galen turns back to Her... his face beaming with a wide smile... and Michelle

falls for that charming little smile!

'ummm... and what type of picture did you plan on using me in, my Goddess?'

Galen asks shyly.

Michelle squirms in her chair a bit... then carefully leans and whispers so

close to him that Her warm breath pushes back his hair... Her succulent mouth

only a hair's breadth away...

'It was to be a collage... with my own picture used... you were to be so tiny,

that I could hold you forever.'

Galen holds very still... Her moist Lips fill his field of vision... then he

shivers... almost imperceptibly.

'i would have been honored to be in such a picture'

Michelle smiles, delighted, then purses her lips and kisses him... Her satiny

mouth covering his face and chest... and Galen's tiny hand reaches out and

caresses Her cheek.

Michelle pulls back... and whispers... 'thank you, sweet one'

Giantess Stories: 1001 Shrunken Nights

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