Giantess Stories: 2010  by LePetitEsclaveDelaMère    It was a nice day in Autumn

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by LePetitEsclaveDelaMère

It was a nice day in Autumn, late October to be exact. Alan locked his car and

carrying his books headed for the lab. Alan was a 23 year old biology student at

the University. He was about 5'10 and kind of stocky. He walks in to the long

white hallway, where he goes through the metal dectector. He arrives inside the

cold sterile room, puts down his books, and changes into his lab coat.

"Hey man, happy monday mornin'!" a voice said from behind him, he turned around,

it was fellow biology student and one of his best friends, Jake. Jake was a big

guy, about 6'3, and was a little cocky. "hey Jake, what's up?" "oh not too much

man" replies Jake, "I'm just getting ready for this morning's 'big experiment'

haha" "yeah" replies Alan "I wonder just what the hell it is."

It's at this time Stu walks in. Stu is a pretty little guy, about 5'4, and thin.

He's a little older, 28, because he started college a couple of years after

graduating from high school.

"Well, I guess your wondering what this is about" says Stu, the previous Friday

Stu had called both Alan and Jake and told them to meet him in the lab early

this morning for a secret experiment. "Well here goes" continues Alan "Over the

past 9 years or so since we gained the ability for stem cell research the

medical and biology industries have made huge breakthroughs, such as human

cloning, curing several blood-stream based skin diseases, and a few months ago,

Diabetes was finally taken down. However, this morning..we are using stem cell

research for a different cause" Alan and Jake look at Stu puzzled.

"Just what cause is that, Stu?" asks Alan, "well" Stu says, "you better sit

down". Alan and Jake look at eachother and each get a chair and sitdown. Stu

goes on "The wars this world has continuely had, must cease, throughout man's

entire existence ntohing but WAR, and WAR, and yet more, WAR" says Stu

"countries all over the world fight and babble, and guerilla groups attack

innocents, the cycle never ends, but I have figured out the problem, AND, how to

stop it".

Stu looks at both of them, and picks up a metal suitcase and lays it on the

table, he opens it up and takes out several viles. They appear empty.

"They're isn't anything in em Einstein" says Jake. Alan shoots Jake a look, and

he shuts up. Stu points to the vile and says "on the contrary, there IS

something in here, something I've finally finished that I've been working on for

nearly a year, it's actually a liquid, caught in the stage inbetween liquid and

gas so it floats through the air untraced yet it can be drank or..breathed in".

"What does it do?" asks Alan, curious. Stu says "well I figured out long ago the

root of the problem is MAN, this world would be much better with women as the

dominant sex-" "HA!" blurts out Jake. Stu stares at him hard.

"I realized with stem cell research I could probably make a growth formula, but,

the human heart cannot withstain being in a body too much bigger then 7 foot

right?" "right" says Alan. "Well" Stu continues "I decided whatever I made would

have to change the melluclar structure of the heart and organs to be able to

work right in a large body" "wait" cuts in Jake, "so your tellin ME that your

gonna make all women fuckin gigantic? This will be good for a laugh" "just

watch" says Stu, "this formula can do just that all I have to do is release it".

"But won't that make us bigger too?" says Alan, "No" Stu says "not at all, I

have programmed it to react to the female hormone estrogen".

Alan and Jake look at eachother concerned wondering how they can stop Stu. Alan

has been a lifelong giantess fan, and ever since it was around had thought maybe

stem cell research could make a growth formula. Doing something neither Alan nor

Jake expected, Stu suddenly walked out carrying the breifcase. They followed

him, but he'd quickly got them off his trail.

Stu turns the corner and walks into the janitors closet. He shuts the door and

locks it, he pulls up a stool and reaches up to the vent. The air is blowing,

'good' he thinks. He takes the vent cover off, and opens the breifcase. These

vents are connected to eachother, they go all over campus. Not only this, but

something Stu forgot to mention is, the formula's effects are contagious, and

don't do everything immediately all at once but steadily within hours, assuring

that each women can effect perhaps dozens of other women before she is put in

isolation or something because of her new found 'size'.

Stu one by one opens the viles and holds them into the vent until all ten have

been emptied, satisfied, he puts the cover back on, and get's down. If his

calculations are correct, every woman on earth will be giant by the end of teh

year, by 2010. Not gigant as in 100's of feet, but, every woman will triple in

size. So a woman who is 5'2 would grow to 15 and a half feet. Now the entire

male race would be small just as him.


Several weeks later, by Christmas, 98 percent of the women in North America,

about 80 percent in South America, about 80 percent in Europe, and about half in

Asia and around 70 percent in Africa had been 'super sized'.

The small car pulled into the driveway, and 17 year old Mike gets out and goes

into his house, where he here's sobbing. He goes into the den to see the shock

of his life, his mother has been supersized! She's sitting with her back against

the wall, torn clothes on the floor, naked. When he left for school this morning

his mother was 5'6, she's now 16'6, towering to Mike's 6'1.

"Hey baby" she says, drieing her eyes, "damn, I guess that @#%$ got you huh?"

She nods her head and says "what am I gonna do?" "I dunno" says Mike He

scratches his head and tries to think, when there's a knock on the door. "Hold

on" he says and he closes the door to the den and answers the front door, it's

his buddy Wayne. "Hey dude...whats wrong?

You look a

little upset man" "My mom is..'supersized'" says Mike. "Oh @#%$ man, that sucks"

says Wayne, "I know this may be bad timing but turn on the news" Mike walks over

to the T.V. and flips it on, to his shock there's a group of giant women dressed

in makeshift clothing on the White House lawn, a male reporter who is visibly

scared speaks "Here inside the beltway there has been a major takeover, a force

of over a 1000 giant feminist, some as tall as around 20 feet have taken over

Washington, and it is a similar story at many Army bases around the country"

another man on the left side of the now split screen says "well this isn't all

too suprising Tom considering that there have been giant woman takeovers in

China, Britain, France, Sweden, Germany, Italy, Brazil, Cuba, Mexico, Canada, as

well as many countries in Africa" "right" says Tom "it looks as if within

another month the ENTIRE world will be under control of gigantic feminist!" Mike

is shocked, "holy @#%$" slips off of his lips.


Within weeks the entire government is female, and a bill is passed called the

"Feminization Act" which bars all males from participating in government or

voting in elections. All of the major media corporations by demand of the

government are put under all female control, 'crude' male shows such as 'The Man

Show' are banned, and every station cable or not at 7:00 pm Eastern time are to

broadcast the one-hour 'Female Appreciation And Devotion Hour' which by the

technology of new mandatory chips in all televisons cannot be turned off, it's

broadcast over all radio waves and major Television screens in public places

like Times Square. These chips in televisions, also pick up all sound even when

off, and if a male is heard making an insult to tht government or a woman or

women in general, the "PC Police(politically correct) come and incarcerate him.

Action films and any films with crude sexual humor or 'chauvenistic' humor are

banned, all women's clothing lines have begun making giantess clothes, all

public school's have been 'Feminized' as well meaning all female staff. It is

made a rule that all males upon entering school are marked with a code numer

upon their lower back, and it is mandatory in school that males must wear a

uniform(girls wear what they want) and at no point throughout the schoolday are

allowed to speak. Any boys who defy the female teachers and classmates(who have

authority over male classmates) are put into "re-education" camp away from their

parents for two weeks, where they are kept in cages, must recite the "Male

Obediance Manifesto" every hour, and spend the rest of the time except sleeping

and eating hooked up to a virtual reality machine where they are tortured by

gigantic women to install fear and respect for all females.

Posts with the shot of the President, a women in her mid thirties with black

hair and glasses, is plasted EVERYWHERE in American life with the slogan on it


Giantess Stories: 2010  by LePetitEsclaveDelaMère    It was a nice day in Autumn

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