Giantess Stories: 5 years later

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5 years laterby her tiny pal Andrew heard the Sergeant knock on the door. He knew it wouldnt

be long now. He had not seen his sister jennifer in 5 years and he

was certain she had changed alot. Not as much as he had! There was no

doubt about that. The sergeant waited for the door to be answered. It

took awhile. typical for a college dorm room. The girls had probably

been out late and were sleeping no doubt. Finally, Andrew heard the

voice of a girl- it was not his younger sister.

"Hey, what's going on?" The coed was obviously awaken

from her sleep. "It's barely 10 am" the girl said.

"what do you want?"

"I am here to see Miss Jennifer Voight. I have something for

her." It was weird for me to here him talking about me that way

but I knew I had to get used to that sort thing. "Jenn's not

here. You can leave whatever it is with me and I will make sure she

gets it."

The man in the blue uniform from MOVAC had been given clear

instructions- he had to see Jennifer Voight to complete his mission.

"I'm Sorry miss. My orders are to give the object directly to

Jennifer Voight, no one else."

"Jenn and I are roomates, officer. Whatever you have, I'm

sure I can take care of for her till she comes back."

I waited uncomfortably in the Sergeant's valise. I was used to

traveling this way now but it had been a long time since I had been

this close to someone outside of the government and hearing the young

woman's loud voice made me nervous. She was probably 5 7 and cute, I

thought. I knew I had to get used to all this but it would be tough.

I prayed Jennifer would be back soon so we could get this

embarrassing situation over with as fast as possible.

"No Miss. I have my orders. Will she back soon or should I

come back at another time?"

I could tell by the girls voice she wanted us to stay as she

insisted that it wouldnt be long before my sister was back. As the

girl started to small talk with my courier, I wondered what Jennwas

going to be like 5 years later. The last time I saw her, she had been

15, a sophomore in high school and kind of immature. She and I had

gotten along pretty well even though I was almost three years older

than her. Dad had died when we were just kids and mom was sick now,

really sick with some rare disease that affects like one in a

million. Mom had married Dad 14 years earlier when Jennifer was just

a baby and I was just 4. Our father was killed in an accident the day

before my 7th birthday.

I heard the girl tell the sergeant her name was Amy and offered

him something to drink. He indicated he was just fine and inquired as

to when Jennifer would be back. Amy told him she expected her any


I recalled how the whole thing began and lamented my poor

choices. It had been for the right reason but now I wished I could go

back. It was too late and I was stuck with the consequences of my

decison. Mom had still died in spite of my brave choice to enter the

MOVAC experiments. I had just turned 18 and the family was in some

real trouble financially. I knew it would get worse as mom's

treatments got more and more expensive. So when the opportunity to

get all of her treatments taken care of by the government along with

additional monetary incentives, I decided to enter the MOVAC tests

for the good of my family. Besides, they promised me that after 5

years, I would be free and clear of my commitment to the government,

as well as set financially for life. Apparently, my father had worked

for the governent when he was younger and they had done some

experiments on him, so I was the perfect candidate for the new

experiments they were conducting.

I told my mom and Jennifer it was for the best and although they

hated saying goodbye to me, I was certain I was doing the right

decision. As I thought back to the past, I heard the key in the door.

It was Jennifer. It wouldnt be long now. I squirmed in the valise as

i awaited the inevitable.

"Hey Jenn, you got a visitor from the government and he's

got a package for you." My sister's roomate announced to her as

she entered her room and dropped her books down on the desk.

"This is Sergeant uhhh..." Amy apologized to him for not

remembering his name.

"It's fine Miss. I am Sergeant Andersen from the MOVAC

experiments and I am here about your brother Andrew."

I could hear from Jennifer's voice that she was interested but

annoyed at the same time. "You guys took my brother from me 5

years ago and now I have no family left whatsoever. What more is for

me to her from you?"

My courier explained to Jennifer that he understood her anger but

that if she just heard him out, he would make it all clear to her. Shuumatsu no Valkyrie: Record of Ragnarok Capítulo 57 Fecha de lanzamiento, análisis en bruto, spoilers, filtraciones, dónde leer en línea

Jennifer sounded alot more mature than the last time I saw her. Of

course she was now a Sophomore in college and her Giant voice sounded

alot more forceful to my tiny ears. Nevertheless, I was certain my

kid sister had become a confident woman, transformed from the young

adolescent teenager I had left behind.

"If its allright, it is kind of a private matter. Would it

be a problem for us to discuss this without anyone else

present?" He looked over at Amy, hoping she would take the hint.

She did. Amy had her clothes on and excused herself so that Jennifer

could learn the secret of my existence.

I heard the door close and I knew it would not be long.

"Miss, I have some good news for you. But it is going to take

some getting used to." That was the understatement of the year,

I thought as I listened to the giants discuss my predicament.

"Well you know that we performed lab experiments on your

brother right?"

Jennifer nodded and sadly said "yes, of course I know about

the procedures which had gone wrong leaving my brother dead 5 years


The sergeant asked my sister to sit down because this was going

to be a shocker for her. "Well miss, your brother is not really

dead. We thought it was for the best for you and your mother to

believe that until the length of Mr. Voight's tenure with us was

completed. The truth is your brother is very much alive but quite

different than you remember. I'd like to show him to you if you are


Jennifer was beside herself with emotions. "What are you

saying? Andrew is alive? You are not serious. We attended his funeral

when I was 14. Mom and I cried and cried and then shortly afterwords,

I had to bury her too! You can't be telling me we suffered all that

for no reason!" My sister started to cry. I iwshed I could

console her but I knew that would never be possible at my height.

The Sergeant asked to her if she wanted to hear the rest because

she had not reeived the most startling news yet. "What do you

mean? What could be more startling than this?"

"Well, its very tough to accept this at first. Do you recall

how tall your brother was when you last saw him?"

Jennifer looked confused as she said, " Ummmm He was kinda

tall, probably about 5 10, why do you ask?"

"The experiments at MOVAC are in size manipulation so your

brother is not as tall as you remember. In fact, he was reduced

considerably from his original stature."

"O.K. this whole thing is a sick joke. Why are you doing

this to me sergeant? I dont think I deserve to have to listen to such

bullshit. I mean I lost my brother and my mom and now you tell me

he's alive but smaller than he used to be? What are you going to

gain form pulling this cruel joke on me?"

"Miss I told, this was going to be hard to understand but

I assure you I am not lying to you. Everything I have told you is

quite real and if you let me continue, you will see for yourself.

Shall I continue?"

"I am having a very tough time with all this sergeant.

This is all too crazy. But I will listen to the rest, please expain

what you came her to tell me."

"Very well then. What if I told you I was here to bring

your brother to you, if you want him?"

"Want him? Of course I want him. I miss him

terribly." I felt so bad for her. I could hear jennifer's tears

starting again. "Can you get him to some in right away?"

"Miss, I need to know something first. Are you prepared to

help him and take on the responsibility of looking after him. He

needs a guardina to look after to him in his present condition. You

see he can't get by on his own at his size and we need to leave him

with someone that will take good care of him."

"What the hell did you guys do to him! I want to see him

right away. Of course I will agree to take care of him. He's my

brother! Stop torturing me like this, please!" My sister was

beggin now.

The sergeant went over to his valise and picked it up.

"Miss please try to prepare yourself for the shock. It wont be

easy for you at first but in time I am sure you will get to accept

the situation."

No matter how many times I am picked up by a giant, I still

never get used to feeling of being lifted by a giant hand, powerless

to resist and totally out of control, no mater how gentle the giant

tries to be. The sergeant picked me up and carried me over to my

sister Jennifer. The look on her enormous face was amazement and

terror. I suppose seeing your big brother reduced to the height of 1

1/2" is a pretty overwhelming experience for a college girl. I

waited to see her response as she regained her compsure.



Giantess Stories: 5 years later

be long now. He had not seen his sister jennifer in 5 years and he 5 years laterby her tiny pal Andrew heard the Sergeant knock on the door. He knew it would



Giantess Stories: 5 years later

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Giantess Stories: 5 years later

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