Giantess Stories: 8 Simple Rules for Shrinking Myself

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8 Simple Rules for Shrinking Myself


By Rory Hennesey, a littlefan production.


            I don't really know where to begin

this tale of my strange fate. Once I was a normal 15-year old living with my

widowed mom and my two sisters, 18 and 17. As the youngest and a boy I always

got away with a lot of stuff by flying under the radar while my more high

profile siblings got all the attention. But lately, after my dad died, it seemed

things changed around her a lot. I became the man of the house, so to speak.

Grampa came to stay with us for a little while but he left eventually. Dad used

to dote on both Bridget and Kerry but now that he isn't here anymore to give

them attention they seem to be filling the void by bossing me around and telling

me what to do. Usually I would just tell them to fuck off, and then I would walk

away. Who would have thought the day would come when I would be thrilled to have

either one of them boss me around again. But alas it is not to be, for you see I

haven't seen either Bridget or Kerry, or my Mom for that matter for the longest

time, not since Kerry made her little deal that was designed to once and for all

make her just as popular has rival sibling Bridget. I can't say for certain if

she was successful or not because my every movement is now monitored,

constricted. I know only what I am told about the outside world. I am no longer

in possession of my liberty, trapped in a strange room miles from my home and

family. I could kill Kerry and Bridget for what they have done to me.


            It all started on a Friday afternoon.

Mom was at her job, and Bridget and Kerry hadn't gotten home from school yet. I

was home because I was playing hooky from school, pretending to be sick so I

didn't have to go on the stupid field trip to the water treatment plant with Mr.

Ligutosi's science class.


            It was about 2 in the afternoon, and I

was bored silly. I wandered from the living room down the hall to my bed room.

About halfway I stopped at the door to my dad's study. I hadn't been in there

since he passed away, and I don't know what made me go in now but fate had it in

for me so in I went. I started looking at Dad's collection of photos and

mementos from his career as a sportswriter. The more I looked the sadder and

sadder I got. I opened up the top drawer of his desk and started rummaging

through the pens and pencils. My hand touched something large and square in the

back of the drawer, and when I drew it out I was holding a small teak wooden box

with strange characters on the top cover. It looked like Indian Sanskrit but I

couldn't be too sure. The hinge on the lid sprang up as I unlatched the front.

Inside was a really cool looking bracelet. I swear it must have been some kind

of twine or hemp and there was a small black stone at each end. I figured it was

some sort of ancient artifact but if it was why wasn't it mentioned in dad's

will? I couldn't resist. I closed the box and put it back in the desk drawer,

then slid the drawer closed. I held the bracelet up to my face for closer

inspection. It looked like more writing woven into the bracelet itself but I

couldn't read it. I wondered where dad had gotten it, and why it was in the back

of a drawer in his study?  


Finally I

had examined the thing carefully to my hearts content. I slipped the bracelet on

my right wrist. Immediately I screamed in pain as waves of agony radiated

outward from my writst. It felt like about a million little needles poking in my

skin from my wrist outward. I screamed again and frantically tried to strip the

bracelet off my wrist. To my utter horror it seemed to be stuck to my skin like

somebody had superglued  it on. I was it glow red as the pain shot through every

inch of my being. I closed my eyes and gritted my teeth as I hit the floor of

the study like a sack of potatoes, still trying to clutch the bracelet but it

wouldn't budge. I passed out.


            When I awoke some time later the pain

had subsided somewhat. I couldn't see much, so I crawled forward toward the only

light I could see. It seemed like I was in a soft cloth tunnel of sorts. The

cruel truth became evident as I exited the tunnel and stood up. I was still in

the study, standing on the floor, but now the desk before me was a monolith the

size of an office building. A simple desk chair now resembled a complex piece of

earth moving equipment. Something was terribly wrong. The walls rose into

distance like the Grand Canyon. Even the carpeting  was all wrong.

It was too thick, movement was difficult. I looked back at the tunnel I emerged

from and was shocked to see my t-shirt laying in a pool, and my pants and socks,

underwear and shoes right next to it. I looked at my wrist for the damn bracelet

but it was gone. All that was left was a mark on my skin where the stones had

come into contact with my skin. Right then I looked down and came to the

realization I was completely naked!


            It was all too much for me as I ran

screaming at the top of my lungs for help to anyone who might here me. I ran

down the hall but it was futile. I estimated my size to be only about four or

five inches tall at the most. I couldn't believe this. After about ten minutes I

made it into the living room right next to the couch. Suddenly the walls and

floor shook as the front door opened.  I could hear booming female voices

arguing as the door slammed shut. It was Bridget and Kerry home from school! I

was saved! I clung to the side of the sofa as my now titanic sisters burst into

the living room and plopped down on the couch. I could hear the couch creaking

under Bridget and Kerry's enormous weight. Kerry was wearing torn jeans and a

sweatshirt, her curly auburn hair spilling down over her shoulders. Bridget had

on very tight Guess jeans and a green belly shirt that showed off her tan.


            “I can't believe Richie Haines asked

you out! You know I was interested in him Bridget how could you?”


”Well I

can't help it if I am the hot sister. He likes me better than you.”


            “But you always get whatever guy you

want, its not fair! Stay out of my life!”


            “I know, isn't it awesome? I love

being hot.” Smiled Bridget.


            “Bridget! Kerry! Down here it's me

Rory!” I yelled at the top of my lungs, stepping out in the open so they could

see me.

            “What did you say Kerry?”


            “You heard me STAY OUT OF MY LIFE



            “Girls please help me its Rory.”


            “Rory go away we are busy.”


            “Yeah beat it squirt or we will tell





            “Hey were are you anyway, you sound so

far away.”


            “Down here you ditzes! Look down!”


            “Oh my god! RORY?!?!” They both yelled

simultaneously. Kerry reached down and lifted me up to the coffee table so they

could see me better. I told the girls the entire story about the bracelet and

how I passed out. Kerry looked a little sympathetic but I saw Bridget staring at

me and remembered I was still naked. I looked down and covered my privates but

Bridget snatched me off the table before I could react.


            “Put me down Bridget!”


            “You're so light! He's so light



            “Don't change subject Bridget, stay

away from boys I like, ok?”


            Bridget looked at her sister while

still clutching me in her fist as she sat on the couch. She studied Kerry's face

and it looked like she was about to cry, Bridget broke down too and suddenly

leaned over to Kerry and embraced her sister in a hug.


            “I'm sorry!”


            “Me too! I love you!”


            “WHOOOOAAAAH!” I yelled as I was

whipped around the back of Kerry and plastered against the small of her back as

the sisters hugged. Kerry's warmth was overpowering as I hung agaist her.


            “Hey what about me?” I was then pulled

away as Bridget set me down again on the coffee table. My sisters leaned close

to me as they heard my plea not to tell mom right away. For some reason they

agreed. They promised to keep me safe for the time being in their bedroom that

they shared with each other. Bridget ran upstairs and returned with some old

doll clothes. I put them on as the girls laughed at how big they were on me.

Then they discussed what to do with me for the rest of the day as they both had

afterschool actvites planned. They argued lightly over which one would be taking

me with them as they didn't want mom to find out about me just yet…



I looked at the soft skin of

Bridget's hand as she argued with Kerry. The warmth radiating off Bridget's hand

was amazing. It made my nude body sweat. I started to push up on Bridget's

pointer finger. The oils on her hand made it easy to slide my body out of her



As I continued to pull my body

from her grip, Bridget clamped her grip down around me firmer then ever. I could

hardly move so bit down on her fist. Bridget yelped and I fell to the floor.


I could hear Kerry to start to

yell at Bridget for being so careless with me. I struggled to try to get to my

feet but my muscles wouldn't respond. My entire body felt like it was made of

jelly.  I yelled at my limbs to get moving but they just laid there immobilized.

I watched helplessly as Bridget's diesel shoes pass over me as she mindlessly

argues with Kerry no longer paying me any attention.


“FINE!” Both girls yell in unison

as Bridget storms out of the house and Kerry stomps away into the kitchen while

I continue to try to pull myself up off the floor. I can hear Kerry on the

telephone bitching about Bridget in the other room. The door then swung open as

Kerry stormed towards me. All I could see is her titanic Buffalo shoes stomping

towards me. They seemed larger then life at my new size, but worst of all I was

directly in her path.  I cringed, as I knew there was nothing I could do to get

out of the way. The form of Kerry now took up my entire view as she seemed to be

the sky but it was then she spun on her heel and fell backwards onto the sofa.


I could hardly believe it. They

had gotten so tied up in arguing they forgot about me and my body was starting

regain feeling. I slowly stood up and wobbled a bit as I fell back against a

firm wall. I breathed a sigh of relief as I took a few steps from the wall. As I

looked back I almost fell back over when I realized that wall was Kerry, her

shoes to be more exact.  


As I continued to head away from

Kerry in no real direction as it was hard to tell which direction was to what at

this size. I began to hear a grinding noise. I turn my head back expecting the

worst but relieved to see Kerry just pulling her foot in and out of her shoe. I

try to shake off the thoughts of Kerry and Bridget and start to think about what

to do. I know have to get to mom but its just a matter of how, where and when.


It was at that moment I felt

something firm plow into my back.  I could hear Kerry giggle as I yell what

gives but she continues to talk to one of her loser friends.  Kerry's foot turns

me over onto my back. I look up at her massive toes which are shoved into my



“Kerry what gives? Get your foot

off of me.”


“What did you say?”


“I said…”


“Not you Rory, I was talking too

RORY!! Hey I gotta go”


           The phone tumbles out

of Kerry's hand and falls somewhere onto the floor well out of my view. I look

up at Kerry as she looks down at me. I can hardly believe that this is a person

let alone my sister Kerry, without saying a word Kerry moves her foot off me and

bends down while lowering her hand towards me.


“I can't believe its really you.

This can't be real. It just can't, there is no reasonable explanation for this.”


Before I can even say anything

Kerry grabs onto me lifting me to her side and heads up stairs. I try to make

out all the objects I use to be able to recognize but they all seem to be a blur

as we head into Kerry and Bridget's room. Kerry kneels down beneath her bed and

pulls out a whicker laundry basket that just fits beneath her bed. She drops me

inside and shoves the whicker basket back beneath her bed. 


The bed springs creak and bend

beneath Kerry's weight. I can hear her talking to herself. She keeps saying that

I can't be real again and again. A few moments later I hear the bed springs one

again rumble and my whicker basket begins shimmy from side to side. I am tossed

into a few of Bridgets things that Kerry has taken out of spite and some of her

own laundry mixed in with some discarded clothes. All in all I find that the

basket isn't even a quarter of the way full.  I continue to peak out from the

gaps that the whicker makes. I watch Kerry begin to pull the basket out then

push it back beneath the bed. She does this a few times before the phone rings.


“hello? Hennessey residents. Oh

hi mom. No I haven't see Rory. He wasn't home when I got here.  Well yeah I know

he is sick but I don't think its my responsibility to keep tabs on him. Alright,

alright I will call a few of his friends and see if he is there.” Kerry presses

the off button on the cordless phone and tosses it on her bed as she walks out

of the room leaving me alone.


The room grows darker and darker.

I soon have trouble seeing the messy floor of there bedroom as darkness fills

the sky. I finally hear the door swing open and mom yelling and Bridget about

not helping look for me. 


“I was working on a very

important project today? Gloria was so going to wear the same outfit that I was

going to wear tomorrow and I am not going to let people think that I dress like

that tramp so I had to go out and get a whole new outfit tomorrow since I can't

wear the outfit was going to wear tomorrow.”


“What I mean Bridget. Rory is



“Yeah and he knows where home is.

When he gets hungry he will come back.”


“Your brother is not a dog



“Well no but we always leave

Kerry at the mall and she somehow finds a way home”


“Bridget just promise you will

call around and help look for him”


“Oh alright” groans Bridget as

she watches her mom leaving shutting the door behind her.


I wonder where he got to and with

mom on the loose it's going to be hard to find him.  I know Kerry had to do

something with him. If I head downstairs to use the phone to try to call some

people I can look for him along the way.


My voice was hoarse from

screaming to Bridget and mom but I was to small and to far away. I couldn't

believe I was trapped here beneath Kerry's bed left to await her return.


Time seemed to pass by slower

then I could ever remember before I saw Kerry return. As soon as she entered the

room I saw her look down at where I was. Tommorrow I will cut out after lunch

and findout the truth. That, that doll thing I found is just by coincidence a

resemblance Rory. I mean people just don't shrink.


I shield my eyes as Kerry starts

to take her shirt and pants off. This is going to be a long night a mumble to






My prison

was dark; the only light what shines through the gaps in the woven wicker basket

of which I am prisoner. I couldn't believe my sister Kerry. She had always been

the nice, caring sister where Bridget was more self centered and vain. But here

she didn't even acknowledge I was a person. I heard her and Bridget walking in

and out of the bathroom as they got ready for bed. The two made small talk, not

even mentioning me at all. I can't believe I have become this unimportant to



I heard the

bed creak as Kerry climbed in. The ruffle of covers all around me lulls me to

sleep. I hear Bridget say goodnight to Kerry, then snap off the light leaving me

in total darkness. I hear her climb into bed. Two chat for a couple of minutes

before the room is silent save for their steady breathing as they slept through

the night.


I was

startled awake as Kerry's clock radio screamed Linkin Park. My

brain pounded into mush as the music assaulted me, throbbing, throbbing.

Instantly the floor shook as Kerry burst out of bed in a flurry of activity,

shaking the basket as she stomped around the room. I couldn't believe she was

only like 5' 2”.  I could hear Bridget stir in her bed, obviously annoyed at

Kerry's bustling.



Kerry, its only 9 AM” Bridget said groggily



9 AM already! I have so much to do today. I have a voters registration

drive in an hour, then my ecology group meets at 2 and tonight I'm going to the

Ingemar Bergman film retrospective at the art museum.”


“I know what

you mean Kerry it's gonna be a long day for me as well. I've got so much to

check out at the mall. The Limited is like having this totally huge sale so

Danielle and Jenna are picking me up and we're gonna have lunch at the food

court and scout for cute guys then I am gonna see if they still have that white

dress in my size oh and also there is this monster shoe sale at Pappagallo and






“What would

I want with your stupid project notebook, isn't that it on the floor by your 



“Oh yeah



“I'm going

back to sleep…”


I shouted to

Bridget, Kerry, Mom anybody but the music was just way too loud. Then Kerry

switched off the radio as she headed out the door. I heard the door to the

bedroom click shut and I immediately started yelling over to Bridget to let me

out of here. Unfortunately she was sound asleep again and no amount of yelling

was going to wake her. I sat back against a scrunchy that I had been using as a

pillow, closed my eyes and drifted off again. I dreamed I was back in my bed. It

was morning and I could smell bacon and eggs from the kitchen. I rubbed the

sleep out of my eyes as I sat down to a nice hot breakfast and a glass of orange



Once again I

was jolted back to reality as the sound of Britney Spears latest single shocked

me awake. The heavy beat pulsed throughout the room as Bridget's CD alarm clock

went off. I heard her stir, hit the snooze button and go back to sleep. This was

the pattern for the next half hour as every time I drifted to sleep that damn

alarm went off and screaming Britney Spears music penetrated every cell of my

body. Finally I felt the thud of Bridget's feet hitting the floor as she

stumbled out of bed, not bothering to shut to music off. I heard her bound into

the bathroom, where she remained for what seemed like hours. I was well aware of

her routine. Whatever it was they did in there, it sure took forever. The music

made it impossible to fall back asleep. When the CD finally ended I was

disillusioned to hear it start over from the beginning. Bridget had it on

repeat. Finally the sound of Bridget emerging from the bathroom pounded through

the floor. I heard her pull on her clothes. Finally I heard the music switch off

as Bridget started complaining to herself she couldn't find something.


“Dammit I

bet Kerry has it, she is always taking my things out of spite.”


I could

heard Bridget start to look though Kerry's stuff. I took the opportunity to yell

at the top of my lungs, trying in vain to get her attention. I yelled until I

was out of breath but I could hear her get farther and farther away. Then

suddenly I was tossed about as my basket was slid out from under the bed and

lifted up. I felt it being set down once again.


“I bet she

has it in here.”


Bright light

flooded in as the top of the wicker basket was opened up. I saw the face of my

sister peer inside, her blond locks falling all around her face.


“Holy shit

that little bitch, she has all this stuff.”



thank god! Get me out of here!”


“Rory? Oh

god it really was you last night why did Kerry put you in here?”


“She doesn't

believe I'm her brother. You believe its me don't you Bridget?”

            “Hmmmm well Kerry is the smart one so if she doesn't why should I?”



wrong! Get mom!”


“Mom? I

don't think so. If you are really Rory and shrunk I don't think she could take

the shock so soon after dad's gone. We better keep you safe for a while, unless

until Kerry and I figure out what happened.  Don't worry I will tell Kerry not

to be too mean to you.”



reached in and grabbed me with one hand and with the other she shut the wicker

basket and slid it back under Kerry's bed. I got dizzy momentarily as she stood

up, holding me out in front of her. I could now see she had her jacket on like

she was out the door. I looked at the clock on the nightstand and it was

12:30 in the afternoon already. I struggled mightily against my sisters

grip as she held me so easily. Then we were both interrupted by a knock on the



“Bridget its

mom! I'm still worried sick I cant find Rory anywhere are you sure you haven't

seen him?”


“Mom! It's

me Rory in here! Mom!”


“RORY where

have you been I have been looking everywhere for you.”


I started to

answer but Bridget slammed me against her chest, silencing me.


“Yeah he was

at his friend Justin's. He is going to the Mall with me.”









“Rory you be

nice to your sister. I will see you kids later I will be at the office. I have

to work Saturdays now with your father gone so we can make ends meet.”


I heard mom

walking down the hall, then out the front door. I heard the car start up and

pull out. I looked back at Bridget who was smiling triumphantly.


“We can see

if they have some doll clothes on sale for you. Those don't fit they look awful

on you.”


I started to

protest but the sound of a car horn blasting interrupted me.



Danielle and Jenna, come on Rory we have to go.”


I begged to

be let off but Bridget stuck me in her purse and bounded off toward her friends

waiting car.




“Hey girls.”


“What's up?”


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