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A Bagel for Breakfast

Stephanie Evans   c.1994

It was probably morning, but the storm was blocking any  sunlight

from  Laura's  bedroom window.  She had only been in Newton for a

week and survived  three  incredibly  violent 

thunderstorms.   A

tornado touched down five miles East of here on Tuesday and a few

square miles of wheat had been flattened by hail stones the  size

of golf balls.  They told her Kansas had intense weather, but she

wasn't prepared for this.

It must be after six,  she  thought  as  she  tried 

to  motivate

herself  to  get out of bed.  Her first concert would be tomorrow

evening and she really needed to practice.  Laura remembered  the

thrill   when  she  opened  the letter from the "Young

Artists in

Rural  America"  foundation  last  Winter.  

Eighty  Juniors  and

Seniors  would  spend  a  Summer  in small towns

throughout rural

America sharing their art and music with people  who  had  little

contact  with  the  arts.   And now here she was. 

Time had flown

since she arrived.  She had to get settled in her  apartment  and

find  her  way  around the community.  Now it was finally

time to

practice.  She would be playing the Bach Second  Suite  in 


days  and  she  had  barely  touched the cello since

she arrived.

Adrenaline shot through her - my God, there were only three days!

Distant thunder rumbled as she got out of bed  and  slipped  into

her  nightshirt.   The  clock  wasn't working and the

lights were

dead from that close strike a few hours ago.  She fumbled for her

flashlight and tiptoed to the bathroom.  The floors creaked under

her feet as she tiptoed to the  bathroom.   Mrs.  English 

was  a

retired  widow  and,  unlike most farm people, tended to sleep in

until seven.

Nearly everything was old about the house.  Mrs. English told her

it  was  built  over  one  hundred  years 

ago  by  her husband's

grandfather.  Long Island had its share of old houses, but people

had more money there and were able to keep them in better repair.

There was something wonderful about the character of this place.

It was exactly what she needed.  While she didn't want to totally

leave  civilization,  she  did need to remove its distractions to

focus on her work.  Only her electric clock, her  flashlight  and

the  small  microwave oven that Mrs. English gave her hinted that

this was the twentieth century.

Returning to her room she started hearing the Bach.   It  was 


rich  and  mathematical.   Nothing  was as perfect as

the Suites.

When would daylight come so she could play?   She  unlatched 


case  and  lifted out the cello.  Its wood felt so good, so alive

as she listened to its strings respond as she lightly tapped  the

bridge  with  her  finger.   Sitting cross-legged and

hugging her

instrument, she softly hummed the allemande and drifted off  into


A sudden flash of lightning jolted  Laura  from  her 


She was so startled that she didn't hear the first crash, but the

room was bathed in a brilliant white light for a few seconds as a

bright globe the size of a baseball entered through the wall plug

and slowly moved up the cord of the microwave oven.   It  entered

the oven and exploded with a sound like the crack of a whip.  Her

ears were ringing and the room filled with the  smell  of  ozone.

Rain pounded on the roof above her and loud thunderclaps followed

the flashes by less than five seconds. She  was  shaking  like 


leaf as she hugged her cello for comfort.

Minutes passed and the time between the flashes and  the  thunder

had  increased  to ten and then fifteen seconds.  The thunder was

still loud, but it no longer started  with  the  sharp 

crack  it

makes when it is close.  Mrs. English was pounding on the door.

"I'm OK, Mrs. English.  I think we were hit  by one of the bolts.

I'm just a little shaken up..."

Sunlight streamed though a break in the clouds.   Laura  put 


cello  back  in  its case and opened the window to get rid of the

ozone smell.  The air smelled so fresh after a   storm.  

As  she

drank in deep breaths she felt so alive - so hungry.

Newton, Kansas had wonderful bagels.  Laura stopped in  the  shop

yesterday  knowing  that the only edible bagels in the world were

made in a ten mile radius of New York City, but  these  were  the

best she had tasted.

After five years of subsistence living in New  York  City,  Nancy

Gottfried  realized she wasn't going to make it as a dancer.  She

had gone from second string in a second rate  ballet  company  to

doing  chorus line work.  Her beauty and legs got her through the

auditions, but she  really  wasn't  a  great  dancer.  

She  did,

however,  learn  how  to make great bagels and reasoned that they

would sell anywhere.  With any luck this little store would break

even  and she could expand.  Maybe she would even have her bagels

in California one day.

Laura opened the door on the microwave and was amazed  that  it's

light still worked.  The cavity smelled of ozone and its electric

cord was blackened, but otherwise it looked  fine.   She 


humming  her  music  as  she  placed the bagel into the

oven on a

paper towel.  Butter would be nice, but the refrigerator was down

stairs and she was too hungry.  She punched 30 into the timer and

hit the "start" button. Nothing happened.  She tried  again,  but

something  was wrong with the oven.  Opening the door she thought

she could smell the ocean.  Now the light  wasn't  even 


She shook her head and reached for her flashlight.


The early  pre-dawns  were  easily  better  than 

the  California

sunsets, Jim thought as he worked the stunt kite.  It went up ten

minutes earlier in total darkness with nothing but a tiny  strobe

light  to  mark  the  swoops  it   was

making.  The patterns were

mesmerizing and he found himself  thinking  about  a  Bach 


piece he heard last week when he was tooling for finals.  Now his

only care in the world was the pull of his kite on its twin fifty

foot lines.

His concentration snapped as he felt the ground shake and heard a

dull  thud  behind him.  There was a brief blast of wind, but the

sea breeze was replaced by a stillness.  A stunt  kite  fluttered

to  the  ground  as it's owner released it from his control. 


colors of the pre-dawn were replaced by a soft metallic blue glow

that  was  bright enough to cast a shadow before him as the stars

overhead completely faded from view.

Turning around to  look  at  the  light  he  saw 

a  bright  blue

rectangle  form high in the sky.  As he watched in amazement, the

rectangle spread downwards towards the ground and shook the Earth

when  it hit.  Directly in front of him was something very large.

Looking first to his left and then his  right,  he  saw 


walls  perhaps  a hundred feet away on either side.  They rose at

least a hundred feet to a metallic ceiling where the sky used  to

be.   The  smell of salt air was being replaced by the smell of a

bakery.  Even the sounds around him were changing.  The surf  and

the  wind  were  being replaced by the stillness of a large room.

Something was very wrong.

Jim turned and started to approach the huge  object  that  loomed

before  him.   Suddenly  a  bright searchlight began to

probe the

darkness behind him.  He walked around the object, guessing it to

be  over twenty feet tall and sixty feet wide.  It seemed to have

circular walls like a huge inner  tube  or  some  kind 

of  tank.

Finally  he  had a direct view of the searchlight.  Was this some

kind of spaceship?  Was he going to have a close encounter?   The

light  was  huge  and,  rather  than  being 

pointed from a fixed

platform, it seemed  to dance about in the sky.  The  searchlight

fixed  on  him and he thought he could make out something huge in

the glare behind it.  A woman's voice boomed from above  and  the

searchlight went black.


The inside of the oven looked strange - it was as  if  a  strange

dim light was leaking through the walls.  There was a light brown

substance on the floor of the oven.  Maybe something burned  when

the  lightning  struck.  She continued to looking around with the


Hello?  What's this?!,  she thought to herself.

"Oh my god!  It looks like a little person!"

It - he was absolutely tiny - maybe as tall as one of  her  short

musician's  fingernails  -  and  he was looking directly

into the

flashlight.  She switched the beam off and closed her eyes for  a

few  seconds  to see if this was just a dream.  She slowly opened

her eyes after counting to ten and pinching herself on  the  arm.

He was still there; standing a few inches away from her bagel.

"Come here little man.  Don't worry, I won't hurt you..."

He seemed to understand her and walked over to  the  door  hinge.

My  god he was tiny!  Laura thought as she held out her finger in

front of him.

"See if you can climb on my finger... I'd like to  get  a  be 


look at you" she whispered as quietly as she could.

Her heart pounded in confusion as he climbed onto the tip of  her

left index finger and walked down to her palm.  Closing her eyes,

she thought she could feel his footsteps.

She could hear him talking to her.  "Where am  I?  Who  are 


What did you do to me?!"

"Slow down there.  I'm Laura .. Laura Clemens.  And as far  as 


can  tell, you appeared in my microwave oven when I was trying to

nuke breakfast."

Laura slowly lifted her hand to her face to study her little man.

It  was  difficult  trying  to see much in the way of

features on

him.  It looked like he might be wearing blue jeans and  a  white

shirt of some kind.  His hair was probably light brown or blonde,

but that was hard to tell.  Slowly she walked over  to  her 


and fumbled for the little magnifying glass in her sewing kit.

"That's better.  Now you look a few inches tall.   You're 


cute you know...  What's your name?"

"Jim...  I can't get over how enormous you are.  I've got to  sit

down,  all  of  this is making me feel faint." He sat down on her

hand as she continued to study him.

"Are you from Earth?  The only living things I can think of  that

have  legs and are as small as you are insects, but you look very

human to me.  In fact you look like  a  cute  guy  in 

his  early


"Thanks ... I'm from San Diego.  In fact I just  finished  finals

at  UCSD  last  week.   God you're tall - you must be

hundreds of

feet tall."

"No, I'm just five-eight and we're in a second floor apartment in

Newton,  Kansas.  You're the one who's small.  How did you get in

my microwave in the first place?"

"You're asking me?!  I was flying my kite just  before  dawn 


suddenly  I  heard a big crash behind me.  It was like a box just

formed around me out of nothing.  Suddenly a big piece  of  light

started to open in the sky.  That must have been the door of your

oven opening.  Were you cooking something?"

"I was trying to cook a bagel, but nothing happened..."

"So that's what the thing was!  A bagel!  It was so big  I 


have never figured that out."

"Anyway I opened the oven and saw some  strange  light.   I 


thought  I  could  smell  salt  water.  

That's when I got out my

flashlight.  Somehow my oven shrank  the  space  around 

you  and

brought you here.  I wonder what's in there now?"

Carefully she walked over to the oven with him.   The  floor 


still  covered  with  sand  and she saw a tiny kite laying

on the

ground.  A few inches from her bagel was an inch  tall  lifeguard

tower.   "Whoops..."  It crumbled into a tiny heap as she touched

it with her finger.

"Laura, put me down on the beach and close the door.  I  need  to

know if I can return to California.  Just don't start up the oven

-- you  might fry me!"

"Here, this isn't going to  be  very  easy.."  she 

said  as  she

lowered  her  finger tip into the sand.  She watched in amazement

as he carefully made his way down to her finger tip. He jumped to

the sand.  She couldn't feel anything when he jumped.

"OK, big girl.  Try closing the door for awhile and then open  it

in a minute or so."

She closed the door and started counting.  After  something  like

thirty  seconds  had  gone  by  she opened the door. 

Nothing had


"Nothing happened.  Could you try the timer on the oven.   Didn't

you say the oven was broken?"

Laura closed the door again and punched in 30 and start.  Nothing

seemed  to  be  happening as she tried to look through the grill.

Ten seconds, twenty and finally she thought she could see a light

blue  glow  coming  from the oven.  Carefully she opened the


and looked in astonishment as a tiny ocean faded into the  oven's

back wall.

"It works!" he shouted.  "Hot, Damn! It  works!   Now 

close  the

door again and let me get out of here."

"Hey, little guy.  I'm not the kind of girl who lets a  cute  guy

get  away  so  easily.  First I need to learn a bit about

you and

then I'll let you go."  She put her finger down on the sand  next

to the crushed lifeguard tower.  "Climb aboard, Jim."

He reluctantly climbed on wondering if this was the  most  stupid

thing he would ever do.  On the other hand she was  beautiful and

he didn't have anything else planned today.

"Now I'm going to put you on my desk where  you  can't  get 


trouble  while  I experiment.  Don't get lost!"  Jim made

the six

foot drop from her fingertip to the  table  and  watched  as 


giantess  walked  away.   She was wearing a nightshirt, but

he it

gave away her shape as she walked.  Her hair was  blond  and 


very long even at her scale.  She was gorgeous!


Laura punched 40-start into the oven and opened it.  The sky  was

dark  and the sand on the bottom had been replaced by water.  She

dipped her finger in it and then tasted  the  fluid.   It 


salty.   She  closed  the  door  and  tried 

30-start again.  The

remains of the little crushed tower littered the sand.  She  drew

an  "L"  in  the sand with her fingertip and wondered what people

would think of the hundred foot initial as she  closed  the  oven

and entered 1-start.  It was time to have some fun.

Opening the door, Laura found another water scene.  The color  of

the  water seemed different from 40-land and was very cold to the

touch - almost freezing.  She picked up her notebook and wrote "1

- cold ocean.  Arctic or Antarctic?"

The entries for 2 and 3 were also water, but she  didn't  have  a

clue  to where they were other than the fact that they were warm.

For fun she took a piece of styrofoam packing  from  the  garbage

and  threw  it  into  the ocean in 3-land, wondering what


would think when it was discovered.

Four produced a desert scene -  completely  bleak  and 


The  sand was hot to the touch and was not very deep.  Laura took

a piece of styrofoam and inked a  "L"  on  its  side 

before  she

dropped off her calling card.

Six was water, but seven was a lush jungle with trees  almost  as

tall  as  the cavity of the oven.  She plucked a few of the trees

and was amazed by their tiny leaves and fragile limbs.  A  flight

of tiny blue and red objects fled one of the trees as she brought

it out of the oven.  Probably some kind  of  tropical  bird, 



"How are you doing my little friend?" she said as she  approached

the desk carrying one of the trees trunk-up between her thumb and

index finger.  She carefully laid the tree on  the  desk  a 


foot  from  him.  "What do you think of this?  I found it


with the oven..."

Jim approached the huge tree.  It must have well over  a  hundred

feet  tall.   The  trunk was eight feet in diameter and was


crushed where it had been snapped.   "This is one of the  biggest

trees I've seen.  How did you pull it out?"

"Oh, I tried to pull a few up  from  above,  but  they 

break  so

easily.   To get this one I pulled a few trees around it and then

broke it off  near  its  base  with  my  fingers.  

A  flight  of

beautiful  blue  and  red  things came from this one. 

If you see

them flying around in here maybe you can tell me what they are."

She found  a note card and pencil in the drawer.  "Jim, I need to

figure  out  how  big  you are so we know what the oven is


After that you can go back to California if you want, but  you're

kind  of  cute  and  I'd  like  to get to know you

a little more.

Maybe after I send you back we can get  together  at  our 



This sounded great to  Jim.   She  was  extremely 

beautiful  and

seeing a woman this big was certainly a novel experience.

As Laura placed the huge piece of cardboard on the desk, at least

twenty  parrots  flew  overhead.   They  probably 

had a one foot

wingspan, so it was no wonder she couldn't see  them  very  well.

"They're  parrots  Laura!   You  managed  to 

catch  a  flock  of


"Parrots!  Maybe I can catch them and put them  in  a 

bottle  of


Jim shuddered at the thought of being placed in a  bottle  as  he

paced  off  the cardboard sheet.  "I'd say this is about forty by

sixty feet" he called up to her.

"It's just a three by five note card, Jim. Now lay down with your

head  at  the  edge and I'll mark your feet with my pencil." 


was giggling as she talked.  The pencil crashed down on the  card

near  his feet and left a mark nearly a foot wide and twenty feet

long.  "OK, you can get up now."

"You'll have to add a foot my height - thank god the pencil  lead

didn't come close to my feet."

"OK" she mumbled as she took out her ruler and magnifying  glass.

"This  is  really hard to read.  I can't tell if you're closer to

nine sixteenths or five eighths of an inch.  Here, I'll  put  the

ruler on the desk and you can make your own reading."

The ruler was at least three feet thick and fifteen feet wide and

Jim  had  to  steady  himself  as  he 

climbed  up onto it.  Like

everything else in this bizarre world,  it was  terribly  out 


scale.   He  put  his feet at the right edge of the one inch


and used his hand to mark his height.  Getting  up  he  read 



"My god!  I can't believe this.  It looks like I'm just  under 


half  inch  tall.  Maybe forty eight or forty nine one hundredths

of an inch. Jeezus - no  wonder you're so big!"

"Hang on, Joe.  I've got my calculator.   How  tall 

are  you  in


"I'm just a bit over five-ten."

"Oooh - that's a great height.  Not too tall and not too short.."

"But I take it a half inch is too short for you?"

"Well, let's just say I've never dated anyone under three  inches

before.   But  then  again you never know, you are awfully


Laura paused and tried to look innocent.  "Joe," she said in  her

shyest,  little  girl  voice.   "Would  you like

to try something

before I send you back home?"  As she talked  she  took  off 


nightshirt  leaving only a giantess in panties that were tiny and

enormous at the same time.

Joe's jaw dropped  at  the  sight.   What  a 

babe!  She  was  so

beautiful  and  so  big.  Her breasts were hundreds of feet


him.  They weren't large proportionally to  her  body,  but 


were  hills  to  him.   Her  nipples  were

very erect and she was

holding the sides of her breasts in her huge hands.

"You're not saying anything, Joe.  Don't you like what you  see?"

She said as she dropped to her knees.

"You're ... you're absolutely amazing.  I can't get over how  big

you  are.  It might be fun to try something, but I can't think of

anything that would be safe."

"Well why don't you start to think about what you could do.   I'm

going to be playing with the oven, but we'll need a place to keep

you so you'll be safe.  I mean a spider  could  easily  take 


before  I could save you."  She looked around on the desk and saw

her tea leaf ball.  She opened the little sphere and looked  down

at  Jim.   "You're  going to go in her for awhile until we


out something better."

Looking up at the huge and beautiful  face  smiling  hundreds 


feet  above him, he realized he had no choice in the matter.  She

opened the cage and placed it on it's side  next  to  him 

so  he

could   easily  step  inside.   The  ball 

was  composed  of  two

hemispheres each slightly taller than he was and  about  thirteen

or  fourteen feet in diameter.  They were made of a thick mesh of

four inch thick silver bars spaced on  a  foot  wide  pitch. 


climbed into the ball and waved at his huge girl friend.

Laura carefully closed the tiny ball and locked  the  tiny  latch

with  the edge of her fingernail.  "I hope you don't mind breasts

because I'm going to hang you between  mine  for  safe 


Wondering what she must look like to her tiny friend was starting

to become erotic.  Maybe he could play with her nipples or  ears.

Or  maybe she could hold her labia open and let him play with her


She hung the ball from a necklace and let  it  fall  between 


breasts.  "Are you OK in there Jim?"

"So far so good.  Just be more careful when you move me.  It felt

like I was on a roller coaster for awhile."

"If you don't mind,  I'm  going  back  to  play 

with  the  oven.

Actually  I  really  don't  care  if  you do mind,

because you're

staying in there for the time being."

She went up to twenty on the oven, but the  only  sign  of 


habitation  was sixteen, which was some kind of field with a road

running through it.  True to form Laura drew her "L" in the field

and  ripped  up  about  fifty  feet of the two lane

road with her

finger tips.

Having Jim between her breasts was  starting  to  make  her 


horny and it was time to make love with him in any way she could.

She carefully removed her necklace and opened the cage.

"Jim, step out onto my palm.  I really need you!"

Her palm was almost big enough to hold a  basketball  court,  Jim

thought  as he stepped onto the huge woman's hand.  He could feel

movement and watched in amazement as her left breast came  closer

and closer.

"My god, your nipple is bigger than I am!"

"Would you like to climb it, Jim?"

Now he was close enough to touch her nipple.  Her  areola  almost

filled  his field of view - it must have been over twenty feet in

diameter.  She  must  have  been  very  excited 

as  she  was  so

incredibly hard.  He walked over to her nipple and held it.

"Take off you clothes, Jim" she giggled.  "I want to feel you."

Now he was as horny as she was.  He ripped off everything he  was

wearing and crouched in the hurricane as she blew them off of her

palm.  As she watched, he held her nipple again and felt  himself

become hard against it's crinkled surface.

"Would you make love with my nipple?"

That would be a new experience, he thought.  He  started  rubbing

himself  against  it  and felt his nipples harden as they touched

her's.  His shaft was rock hard and she  felt  wonderful 



"I can just feel you.  You feel so incredibly light and so  sexy.

Jim,  this  is  so  wonderful.   My  breasts 

feel  so  heavy and

wonderful with you doing that!"

She was oozing milk from several ducts and Jim was soaking.  Each

drop  would  start  growing at a duct until it was over a foot in

diameter.  Gravity would then take  command  and  

allow  another

drop  to  form.   The ducts that were milking looked at

least and

inch in diameter and Jim wondered if he could make love with  one

of them.

"I'm going to put my cock in one  of  your  milk  ducts.  


giving milk and I think I'll fit."

"My ... my milk ducts?  You can get into one of them?  Would you?

Oh,  Jim, tell me what it feel's like."  Laura closed her eyes to

feel the sensation and lightly squeezed the side of her breast.

"What happened!  God, I'm covered with your milk.   You 


like a fire hose and almost knocked me over!"

"Whoops...  Sorry..."

"Don't worry, it was as sexy as anything I've  ever  done  in 


life! Now I'm going to try to get in.."

It was a tight fit, but she was well lubricated.  He leaned  into

her nipple a bit more and suddenly his was in all the way.

"Laura ... I'm in your duct.  I'm making love with your nipple."

Laura started to tremble lightly.  It was so sexy thinking  about

a  tiny little penis in her nipple.  She lightly touched the side

of her breast.

Jim could feel a huge pressure pushing him out of her  duct.   He

leaned  into  her  harder,  but a stream of what must have

been a

dozen drops shoved him out.  Covered from head to  toe  with 


warm  milk,  he rammed his shaft into her again and couldn't take

his pressure any more.

"I'm coming Laura, I'm coming."

The huge hand under him started to quake and he lost his balance.

All  of a sudden he was in free fall ten feet above her hand.  He

managed to land without injury, but it was impossible to stand up

as the womanquake continued.

"I... I .. I... don't know how to handle  leis  Jim.   Maybe 


should get back in your cage for awhile."

She placed a hemisphere over him on her palm and slowly his world

turned  on  end  as  he fell onto his back against the top

of the

metal cage.  She moved the other hemisphere into place  and  shut

the latch with her fingernail.

"I can't figure out how we can do much at our current sizes and I

can't  risk  hurting  you,  little  guy.  I'm

sending you back to


Then Laura had a great idea for a joke.  She opened the microwave

and placed a bagel on its floor and gently placed the strainer on

the bagel hole."  This should give him something to explain.  "Be

sure  and  write!   Let's get together soon so we can really


love."  She closed the door and pressed 30-start.

"Wow - what a diversion that was!" she said  to  herself  as 


tried  21-start  and played with her nipples.  Damn - nothing but

water again.  She closed the oven and pressed  22-start.   A 


came  on and the timer said 21, 20, 19... down to 1 when a buzzer

went off.  Laura opened the door and didn't see anything  -  just

the  steel  floor  of  the cavity.  She tried 20-start. 


The damn oven seemed to be working again!

For the rest of the day Laura continued to play  with  the  oven,

but nothing seemed to work.  She should have been practicing, but

she was waiting for a phone call.  It was  so  damn 


The  next  day was a disaster.  He hadn't called.  Did she


to give him her phone number?  He could have  tried  information.

Maybe he would send her a letter - anything care of her in Newton

would work.  God, she missed him.

Susan Adams threw down her beach towel to bake in the Summer sun.

She  knew she shouldn't be doing it, but she was only sixteen and

her body was really hot. The most  beautiful  face  in  her 


school  and  five  foot  ten of thirty-three, twenty-two,


three. This was her Summer and she was going to blow all of  them

away.  She  loosened  the  string  on  the 

back  of  her top and

stretched out on the towel.

That's funny, she thought.  There was a bagel on  the  sand 


something  silver  on  it.  Susan picked up the bagel and

let the

one inch sphere drop into her palm.   The  bagel  looked 


good, but she couldn't afford to gain any weight if she wanted to

keep this body.  But what was the little silver globe?   She 


never  seen anything quite like it.  It was made of a mesh and it

looked like it could be opened.  There was something  very  small

in  it.   That's  funny,  she  thought as she

looked around.  She

could have sworn that she heard a guy's voice, but  there  wasn't

anything  on  the  beach  other  than  the 

trashed  remains of a

lifeguard tower.  Holding the little mesh ball close to her face,

she  popped the latch with her thumbnail and slid the hemispheres



Giantess Stories: A Bagel for Breakfast  Stephanie Evans   c

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