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Chapter 1


      "Where in the world are we going?"  Jamie laughed

next to her in the passenger-side seat.  He might have imagined the thought of a

birthday surprise, but never dreamed that he would actually get one.

      "You'll know when we get there, cutie," Kylea

replied, with a wicked smile.  Of course Jamie could not see the smile, as he

was blindfolded and buckled into the car.

      It had all started that day.  Jamie's eighteenth

birthday.  Being a favorite among the other students, he was greeted that

morning with several "Happy Birthday!" calls and various other things.  However,

no presents for him, as he really didn't care too much.  Until later on in the

time period after lunch was when he was to recieve a suspensful message from


      "Meet me after school in the parking lot!  I've

got a little birthday surprise for you."

      Jamie was not one to turn down the opportunity to

be with Kylea.  She had a very cute face and hairstyle, and a totally curvecous

body, especially in the rear.  It soon became common that they flirted with each

other daily...often playfully calling each other names or

play-fighting...although she hit pretty hard for a girl!  By no means was she a

prissy chick, oh no.  But, she did have her sweet and fun-loving side to her,

which would prove to be more lustful than Jamie could have ever imagined.

      As they rode along, Jamie thought to himself.  She

had a boyfriend, he pondered, but is it possible that she might like me?  Jamie

hadn't had much luck with women throughout his high school life.  Although he

was cute with his spikey blonde hair and gorgeous blue eyes, as well as a

charmer and very funny...always aiming to put a smile on someone else's

face...he never really had a girlfriend.  It bothered him too, as he often felt

left out from his friends who had steadies.  Jamie sighed, and just thought,

she's probably just taking me to a surprise birthday party.

      The car stopped.  "I'm coming around to your side

to get you out.  Don't take that blindfold off!"  she said.  "Ten-four, Sargeant

K," he replied with a laugh.

      As Kylea walked around the car, she smiled,

completely aware of what Jamie might be thinking.  "He's in for a real treat,"

she said aloud.


      "Okay, you can take the blindfold off now," Kylea


      Jamie unscheathed the blindfold, and found himself

sitting on a queen-sized bed with red satin sheets.  With the hairdryer and

other beauty products lining the wall, including pictures of her and her

boyfriend, he automatically assumed that this was her room.  A pile of dirty

socks and underwear lay adjacent to him, as he nonchalantly stared at them.

      "Sorry, I'm such a slob.  Haven't bothered to do

laundry since the parents left for vacation," Kylea spoke warmly.  She then

nudged Jamie with her arm, and hit him on the chest.  Jamie laughed, and

clutched his heart, making fake moaning sounds.

      "Okay, Mike Tyson, just watch the ears,"  Jamie

cried as he threw a pillow at her.  She playfully threw it back into his face,

and without warning, pounced on top of him, forcing him on his back as sat on

his chest.

      "Want your birthday surprise now, sweetie?"  Kylea

questioned with a sly smile.

      Jamie laughed, mostly out of shock of the sudden

action of the beautiful girl who bounced on top of him.  "Sure..." he mumbled.

      It was then that Kylea reached into the back of

her jeans and pulled out a small little bottle.  "Cologne," she stated. 

"Expensive too...but not too expensive for my little Jamie."

      "Little?" he questioned.  "I'll show you

little..."  With that, he laughed and desperately tried to push Kylea off. 

Kylea just laughed and inched her way closer, almost straddling Jamie's face. 

She playfully sprayed the cologne in his face, which caused him to cough a


      "Smell good?"  Kylea questioned.  But Jamie could

not hear her...he was knocked out...


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