Giantess Stories: A Broken Promise By Krael

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A Broken Promise

By Krael

"You have to admit, she is hot." Steve said matter-of-factly. "Whether you like

her or not is beside the point altogether."

Heath hunched his shoulders and frowned. Steve could be so unbearable when he

knew your weak spots. "You don't have to live with her." Heath grumped. "She's

so nosy. She always has to know where I'm going, what I'm doing and why I'm

doing it. I feel like I'm taking some screwed up school exam most of the time."

The subject of attention was at the moment washing a rather expensive looking

red Mercedes. She herself was no less impressive. Her mousy brown hair had

clumped up into dreadlock style, but with such obvious care that it looked

fashionable. The white bikini top she was wearing displayed generous curves, and

the matching white shorts clung to a pair of legs that would give any man pause.

She paused for a moment and wiped her forehead on her arm. Looking up at the two

boys, she smiled.

"What do you think?" she asked, grinning as they both gave a start. Wanting to

laugh at their red faces, she motioned to the car. "I was referring to the

Mercedes of course." This time she did laugh. They both looked so red they would


"I...It's great." Steve blurted out. "Looks like brand new!"

"It is brand new you goob...Dad just bought it last week." Heath muttered under

his breath.

"You really should start getting cleaned up Heath." she said, walking over

towards them while she rinsed the soap suds off her hands. "You can't go to the

show looking like that."

"I already said I'm not going to the show Debbie, so you don't need to stay on

my back about it." Heath grumped.

"I really wish you would call me Mom once in awhile Heath."

"You're not my Mom, Debbie. You're just here to make my Dad forget he's getting

older and that's all. So enjoy all his money and gifts and expensive cars that

he showers on you, but don't expect me to play along. Ok?" Heath turned and

stormed inside.

Steve offered Debbie an apologetic look and followed behind.


"Son, I know losing your mother was hard on was hard as hell on me


Heath's sighed. He had heard this speech so many times from his father he was

beginning to look for notecards.

"Please give Debbie a chance. She's a great lady Heath! ...and she's really

trying hard with you Heath. I think the least you can do is be polite to her."

"She's not my mother." Heath said simply.

Heath's father stared at him for a long moment and then sighed. "Well, you're as

stubborn as she ever was." Heath smiled a little. "I wish you would try and

accept Debbie though son." The smile disappeared. "She's been good to you and

she's been good to me. I'm happy for the first time in my life since we lost

your mother, can't you just try and be civil to her? For my sake?"

Heath stared at the floor. A few minutes passed before he finally nodded his

head, slowly. "all right Dad. For you, I'll try and restrain myself."

"Thank you son." Heath's Dad smiled and ruffled his son's hair. "She really is a

good woman. One day you'll see that."

"Maybe so." Heath muttered.

"Good then. I'll see you at dinner then." His Dad clapped him on the shoulder

and left the room.

Heath sighed. How was he supposed to really treat Debbie like she was really his

mother, or stepmother, or anything else vaguely parental? At 17, he was only

seven years younger than her. No, he would never treat her as anything more than

the golddigging tramp she was. Pausing to wash his hands, Steve walked

downstairs to join his father and his father's playmate for dinner.


Heath opened the refrigerator and grabbed himself a can of coke. He leaned back

against the wall and sipped at his soda. It was quiet for a change. Come to

think of it, Heath had only seen Debbie one time today and she hadn't spoken to

him then. He thanked the powers that be for her nontalkative mood. Ever since

the beginning of the week when his father had left on a business trip, Debbie

had seemed to pop up wherever Heath went. She was always chattering on about

'how nice things were going' and 'what a wonderful family they were going to

be'.... It set his teeth on edge. For the last couple of months, he had complied

with his father's wishes and had treated Debbie with as much kindness as he

could muster. The results were frightening. She had taken to treating him like

some ten year old son of hers. He never seemed to be able to shake her. Whenever

he left with friends she wanted to know where he was going. She was always

asking him about school and 'had he done his homework?' and so on. He nearly had

to bite his tongue in half to keep from lashing out. Heath finished his soda and

tossed it in the wastecan. No, this was definitely odd. He had not seen her all

day. Maybe she had left somewhere. He looked out the window to see if the

Mercedes was missing. was still parked in the garage.....very strange


"Debbie?" Heath shouted up the stairs. There was no answer. He called her name

again, louder this time. Still nothing. Concern began to crawl into his head.

What if she was hurt or sick? His father would not be happy with him if he let

that happen. Heath walked up the stairs and down the hall to Debbie and his

Dad's room. Cautiously he pressed his ear to the door and listened. It seemed he

heard a soft moaning coming from inside. It sounded like Debbie.

"Debbie? Are you ok in there?" He listened. The moaning continued, but otherwise

there was nothing. Heath gave the doorknob an experimental twist. It wasn't


"Debbie?" Heath called again, slowly opening the door and peeking in. His breath

caught in his throat. Debbie knelt on the floor. She had surrounded herself with

a number of candles, each perched on rather unusual pewter stands. Clutched in

her left hand was what looked like a red scarf and in her right was a small

knife. The thing that shocked Heath the most was that she had absolutely no

clothes on!

"Debbie? Are you...ok?" Heath said softly.

She didn't stir. Her eyes remained focused on the wall in front of her as if she

could see right through it. For a moment, they closed and she moaned softly. She

then opened her eyes again and continued her trace-like stare.

"Debbie?" Heath reached out and gently touched her on the arm. She immediately

jumped to her feet. The strange look faded from her eyes replaced immediately

with anger.

"Why the hell did you come in here?" she shouted at him. "Don't you know better

than just to walk in on somebody? Don't you?"

Heath recoiled from her fury. His mind was so overwhelmed with everything that

he couldn't immediately reply. Opening his mouth he managed to stammer back

"I...I thought something was" Heath took a deep breath. "I

haven't seen you all day...I thought you might be sick...I called you..."

"Just save it!" Debbie barked, stooping over and snatching a t-shirt from her

bed. "Now get out of here. We'll talk about this another time"

Heath quickly walked back into the hall, giving a start when the door slammed

behind him.


Heath was sitting in his room reading a book when he heard a knock at his door.

He opened the door and Debbie walked past him into his room.

"I'm sorry I snapped at you Heath." she said, not looking at him. She still

looked angry, but her voice was steady. "You startled me and I wasn't really in

the best mindset to be surprised like that." She began to play with one of her

dreadlocks, still not looking at him. "I want you to know what you saw so you

won't fill your father's head with a bunch of spiteful nonsense." She looked up

and caught his eye. "You see...I am a practitioner of the Wiccan faith....or a

similar variant anyway." She paused. "You do know what a Wiccan is?"

"Yeah." Heath said quietly. "You worship nature and all that kind of thing."

Debbie smiled a little. "Something like that. I won't go over all the specifics

with you but that is near the mark." She paused again, but Heath offered no

comment. "Your father is a very conservative man. I don't think he would cope

with the things my faith sometimes requires of me. I wouldn't want him to find

out about our little......incident." She gave Heath a meaningful look.

"I won't tell him if that's what you want to hear. I love my father. I don't

know why but he seems very fond of you. I wouldn't do anything to upset him."

"I'm glad we have an understanding then." Debbie smiled and leaned in to plant a

kiss on Heath's cheek. Stepping back her expression darkened. "If you don't keep

your promise Heath, I have ways of making you sorry for it. Magic is also a part

of my faith. Those who I feel have done me harm soon come to find I'm more than

just eccentric." She watched Heath's face for a moment. His expression didn't

change. "You're not the only one who loves your father Heath. Remember that."

She waited for a moment and then smiled. "I'm glad we have an understanding

though. I'll see you at dinner."

Heath smiled as she walked out of the room. Now he had the ammunition he needed.

He looked forward to his father's return.


"I'm not trying to cause trouble Dad, it just seemed odd to me. I thought you

would want to know."

Heath's father stared off into space, his face expressionless.

"Something could be wrong with her Dad. She didn't want me to tell you, but I

was...worried about her."

Heath's father glanced at Heath briefly. His expression was still unreadable.

"Well son, I'm glad you told me. I'm sure she's just fine." He paused and stared

at Heath again. "I don't want you spreading anything around about her Heath. I

know you don't like her very much, but she doesn't deserve any trouble." Giving

Heath a stern look, his father turned and left the room.

Heath frowned. This wasn't going like he had hoped. He knew his father wasn't

going to jump up and throw her out of the house just because she was acting

weird, but he was at least hoping it might rattle him a little. Heath sighed and

flopped onto his bed.


Over the next couple of weeks, Heath noticed a rift forming between Debbie and

his father. They no longer seemed to speak much. his father seemed cheerful

enough when she wasn't around, but when she would step in the room, his father

could find any excuse to leave.

Heath lay in bed and listened to Debbie and his father argue. They had been

going at it for nearly an hour now. It was becoming louder and louder. Finally,

he heard his father shout something. Moments later, Debbie shot by his door in

tears. Heath wondered if this had something to do with what he told his father.

his question was answered a while later as Debbie returned down the hall with a

backpack slung over her shoulder. She paused outside his doorway and glared at


"You will regret what you did Heath. Your father still loves me and I love him.

You won't come between us....I won't allow it!" Turning, she stormed down the


Heath heard another exchange of shouting and then the door slammed. When Heath

walked downstairs, his father was sitting in the kitchen, a tired expression on

his face. He looked up and smiled thinly at Heath.

"Well son, looks like it's just you and me again."

Heath had a hard time holding back a smile.


He was just setting out on his nightly walk when Heath saw someone step out of a

car parked across the street from his house. He would have thought nothing of it

except that whoever it was seemed very interested in him. Heath wrenched his

eyes back in front of him and continued on his way. He was nearly around the

corner of his street when he heard footsteps approaching from behind. Looking

over his shoulder, Heath inhaled sharply. The person was still behind him and

catching up to him rapidly. Heath broke out into a sprint. Cutting around the

corner, Heath ran into a nearby yard and dove behind a large tree. He waited.

His pursuer did not appear. Heath wondered if he was overreacting. Maybe the

person wasn't really following him but was just out for a walk also. Heath

waited a while longer. Still, no one appeared around the corner. Cursing his

paranoia, Heath stepped out from behind the tree and began to walk back toward

the road. He never made it though. Soon after he had stepped out he felt

something smash into his head. His vision blurred and he knew no more.


Heath opened his eyes and looked around. Someone was standing in front of him;

his vision was too blurred to make out their face. Rubbing his eyes, heath

looked again. It was Debbie.

"Did you enjoy your sleep Heath?" she said in an uncomfortably quiet voice.

Heath's heart was racing in his chest. He took a brief moment to gauge his

surroundings. he was lying on a small bed. The room was plain; it had no windows

or decoration, just what looked to be a bathroom off to the side and a

television set on top of a clothes dresser across from him. It looked like a

hotel room. What made Heath more nervous was that the bed was surrounded by

candles perched upon the same strange candlesticks Heath had seen Debbie use at

the house....and just like then, Debbie wasn't wearing any clothes.

"I'm going to tell you what I have planned for you, Heath, before we get

started." she paused a moment and smiled as his expression grew more uneasy.

"While you were unconscious, I placed an enchantment on you." She smiled. "It

wasn't easy I assure you. In fact, it's the most difficult work I've ever


She reached down and ran her hand through his hair. Heath reached to stop her

and gasped as his arm came up short. For the first time, he noticed that his

hands were tied to the metal bedpost behind him. He moved his legs

experimentally. As he thought, they were bound as well.

"What do you want from me?" Heath demanded in a panicked voice. "If you want me

to tell my dad I was lying about you I will, just let me go!"

She smiled at him silently for a moment as if quietly contemplating the offer.

"No," she said after a long moment. "I've worked to hard on this to let you go."

her smile faded "I will never trust anything you say again Heath. I did once and

look where that got me." She ran a fingertip over his chest. "When you corner

the wild beast Heath, you have to expect its claws." Her smile slowly returned.

"Let me tell you about mine." To Heath's shock, she began to unbutton his jeans,

talking to him softly as she did.

"You see Heath, we're going to have a lot of fun in this little room." She

pulled his jeans down off his waist and climbed on top of him, straddling his

hips. "Every night, like this one...." Heath inhaled sharply as she slid her

hand into his shorts. "...we'll make love." Her hand took hold of his member

while she slid off his shorts with her other. Heath watched her sit up a little,

her eyes on him, and felt her guide it between her legs into the moist flesh

beyond. A small sigh escaped her lips. She began to move against him in a

rhythmic, riding motion. "In the throes of our passion, when you climax..." She

leaned down and seized his lips in a rough kiss. Heath was too shocked to move.

Breaking the kiss she went on. " will grow smaller. And smaller. And

smaller. With every orgasm you have the spell will take away." Smiling, she

gripped his shoulders tightly, her fingernails dug into his skin. "Soon you will

be no bigger than a common house rodent..." She laughed as fear began to cloud

his eyes. "...then I will take you inside me one last time. Forever."


Heath opened his eyes and groaned. He was thirsty. Looking over to the side, he

saw that Debbie had left. He wondered at the threats she had made the night

before.....during sex. Heath thought he should have enjoyed it; she wasn't rough

on him at all, she had in fact been very good....but she spooked him. The way

she looked at him, it was frightening. He looked down at himself. He couldn't

tell if he had gotten any smaller. The bed didn't really seem larger, although

the bonds on his hands and feet did feel tighter this morning. Heath pulled on

them. Yes, they were much tighter. He hoped that Debbie had just tightened them

in his sleep. Maybe this whole thing was just a mind game she was trying to

play. Yes...that had to be it. She was trying to scare him, nothing more. As he

was thinking these things, Debbie walked into the room.

"I see you're already up.." she said in a cheerful tone. "I would offer you some

breakfast, but I don't have anything in here...." she smiled at the hateful look

he shot her. "...maybe if you behave though, I'll step out and get you

something. How about that? Fair?"

"I know what you're trying to do." Heath growled. "It won't work. I've figured

your little mind game out." Debbie gave him a condescending look of confusion.

"You know what I'm talking about!" Heath shouted. "Telling me I was going to

shrink just tightened these ropes while I was asleep....I know what

you're trying, but it won't work on me! I'm not that stupid!"

Debbie looked down and began to laugh.

"Stop laughing!" Heath yelled. "You want be laughing when I have my father throw

you in a nuthouse!"

Debbie stared at him, smiling that predatory smile that made Heath nervous. She

approached the bed. "Now Heath," she said softly "..unlike you, I don't lie."

She sat down on the bed next to him. "But, if I have to show you..."

She turned over and layed on top of him. Heath gasped. She seemed much heavier

than she had the night before. As she stretched out on him, Heath had to bite

his tongue from crying out. Her feet were even with his, overlapping. But his

head--and Heath was at least a head taller than Debbie--only reached to her

chest. She reached around behind his head and pushed him gently into her shirt,

between her breasts.

"You see Heath...." she purred, releasing his head, letting it drop back to the

mattress. "I was telling you the truth. I also meant the rest off it......" she

rolled off him and stood up. "I have to go to my job now Heath. When I get back

tonight, we'll have some more fun." She giggled as he pulled at his bonds.

"Maybe I'll even bring you some dinner!" Waving, she walked out of the room.

A moment later, he heard the door close as she left. He threw his head back

cried in frustration. He wondered if anyone could hear him. Probably not, he

reasoned. If they could, she would likely have gagged him. Heath pulled at the

ropes again. He was thirsty.....


Heath tried to pull his head back, but Debbie seemed stronger, keeping his face

firmly placed between her breasts as she pumped her hips against him. She felt

larger inside, Heath thought. He had become smaller still. His head now only

reached the bottom of her breasts. He felt strange too. His head was spinning

and he felt almost nauseous. His eyes didn't focus very well. He couldn't focus

his thoughts either. He was aware of Debbie's body pressing into him. he could

hear her cries of passion, but it all seemed far away. He was lost in a flux of

strange sensation. Debbie was nearing her own climax it seemed by the increasing

volume of her cries. Heath supposed he was as well. Somewhere underneath his

thoughts he could feel it coming, but for the most part he was barely aware.

Finally, orgasm wiped away his daze and brought him back. A small burst of

colors faded in and out of his vision and he let out a long, labored sigh.

Debbie smiled and layed across his body, cradling his head between her breasts.

"Soon," she said quietly. "you will belong to me completely Heath....soon...."

Heath's head began to spin again. The nauseous feeling came back even stronger

than before. Heath closed his eyes and let the blackness wash over him.


His throat was dry. He wished he could just get up for a moment to get some

water. He doubted he could reach the faucet though. The ropes that had once

bound him were now gone. There was no need for them of course, Debbie's weight

on top of him more than prevented him from going anywhere. He must have shrunken

quite a bit in his sleep the night before....the day as well. He couldn't

remember anything very clearly. He just remembered being hungry and thirsty, and

then Debbie came. The weight of her was becoming painful. She tended to be an

exercise nut and her well muscled belly was anything but comfortable as it

pressed into the side of his face. Her body heat was making Heath even more

thirsty. Before she had started on him tonight, she had given him a small cup of

water. It was never enough though, his thirst seemed even worse than it had

before. He couldn't really feel himself in her; she no longer seemed to be

getting any pleasure out of their sex either. Yet she had kept it up for a long

time. It seemed over an hour now to Heath. He knew he wouldn't be able to hold

out much longer though. His body was beginning to take over. He waited. had to end.


Days had passed; he wasn't sure how many. He wondered if he could get any

smaller. Looking at his surroundings, he doubted it. Four long, slender fingers

encompassed his body in a firm grip. Two large brown eyes stared at him. Red

lips parted into a smile. She had been just staring at him like this for some

time now. Heath wished she would get whatever horrible thing she had planned for

him over with. Her smile mocked him. Without words she seemed to be reminding

him over and over just how in control of the situation she was. Heath closed his

eye. At least his head had stopped spinning. She had also given him some water

when he woke up this morning. She had poured it in a soda cap. More mockery.

"Heath dear, its time."

Heath started at the loud voice. He looked up at her and sighed. It was about

time she put an end to this.

"Things could have been different between us Heath, we could have been a


Heath looked away from her. He wished she would at least spare him the speech.

He was so tired.

"I love your father very much, Heath. I'm not giving up on him, I want to let

you know that."

Heath rubbed his eyes. He was getting thirsty again.

"Except this time Heath, you won't be there to come between us."

Heath glanced up at her. She was truly mad.

"Don't fret though Heath. We will all still be together. You and I are going to

be more close than you had ever dreamed."

Heath watched with dull fascination as she lowered him between her spread

thighs. Wiry brown hair bunched around him as she pressed his legs through the

split of her vulva. She reached down and spread herself open, revealing

glistening pink skin. He just stared as his feet were fed into the puckered

opening of her vagina. He felt something tighten around his ankles. Her fingers

pressed harder against his shoulders. With a soft slurping sound, his knees sunk

inside. Heath coughed. His throat was so dry. It hurt to swallow. Another

slurping sound caught his attention as the rest of his legs disappeared into

her. Heath's head felt like it was spinning again. The nauseous feeling hadn't

come back though. If only he could get himself something to drink. With another

slurp, her fingers pushed him in to his chest. A sticky whitish substance had

begun to pool around him. It was warm against his skin. He heard a deep sound

from above, almost like a moan. The pressure on his shoulders increased. His

head sunk into the thick, white fluid. His ears popped as the outside world

closed off from him. Everything went dark. He vaguely felt something soft

pressing around his body. He heard the moaning sound again, only deeper now.

Heath closed his eyes.


Debbie sighed in ecstasy. She felt Heath inside of her. They were together at

last. For a while she just layed there and concentrated on the sensation of him

as he slid deeper inside of her. Later, she got up and called Heath's father.

She was sure he would be missing Heath by now. He would need someone to comfort

him. She smiled. Soon, they would all be together again.

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