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A Change in Times

Author: Remylocke

The Main Characters

Matt - 22-year-old guy who has a hot girlfriend named Vicki. He loves her very

much and tries to give her everything she needs but has a problem with bossing

her around and telling her what she can and cannot do. He also tends to lie to

get out of chores and is always making excuses to hang out with his friends. He

is 6'3” tall, blond hair, blue eyes, 200 pound guy who loves soccer and other

sports. He thinks through his height and his muscles he can push people around

and see his point of view.

Vicki - 20-year-old girl who is a wonderfully talented and sweet girl. She is

the girlfriend of Matt, who most of the time is nice to her but he can be mean

and push her around. She is 5'3” tall, with long brown hair, blue eyes and has a

slender build. She has that cuteness all about her, and her natural beauty makes

her that more desirable. She was a cross-country runner in high school and loves

to swim and dance.

Mandy - Vicki's 16-year-old sister. She is gorgeous! She loves to flirt with her

sister's boyfriend Matt. She still acts somewhat immature for her age and still

collects dolls and stuffed animals. She is still very innocent and cares about

her older sister and tries her best to protect her since she is bigger than her.

She has long brown hair, amazing green eyes, even some guys older than her try

to hit on her. She is 5'8” tall and loves basketball, swimming and guys!

A Change in Times, part 1

Matt had it all. Matt was smart, funny, good-looking, and at 6'3” and 200 pounds

he stood higher than most. He was considered strong and level-headed. However,

he suffers from fits of his ego and also his power trips. He likes to boss

people around and that includes his girlfriend, Vicki.

Vicki knows Matt can be a wonderful boyfriend, he has done many things for her,

like fix her car, pays for all the rent of the apartment they share, along with

giving her enough money so she can go to college without working.

Matt came into some money when his father passed away and his mom wanted to

start over. Matt's mom left him close to a million dollars and moved to Germany

to be with her parent's. Matt was never really close to his mom, but they got

along pretty good. He was an only child and having that money along with his job

as a beer salesman, money was never a problem.

Vicki did not rely completely on Matt's money, she had some saved up as well,

she just was using it to pay for college. Vicki loved their new apartment and

loved being close to Matt, but grew tired of cleaning up after him and telling

him what to do. Even with these small hang-ups, they had a great relationship,

she just wished he would treat her as an equal, instead of using his stature to

win the arguments they had about his lying and being pushy.

Matt's lies were nothing serious, but he would lie just enough to get him out of

doing chores around the house. Also, sometimes, whenever she would want to go

out, he would say he did not feel good or that he already had plans, in which he

didn't, he just avoided telling Vicki the truth because he wanted to play soccer

or go drinking with his buddies. Vicki was becoming fed up and she wanted to

even the odds so that maybe Matt would listen to her and take her seriously more


Matt and Vicki came home from a movie and Matt was furious! “Sweetie, please

don't tell me you thought that movie was good? I can't believe you made me watch

that! You know how much I wanted to see X-Men 2, instead!” Vicki knew he would

complain, she knew he would make a big deal out of this.

“Matt, it was a good movie! I thought the ending was cute and it had great

characters in it.” Matt rolled his eyes.

“Whatever, Vicki! Next time you don't get to pick the movie or where we eat!”

Vicki thought to herself, if I had a dime every time he said that, I would be

rich! Matt went into his room and went to lift weights. Vicki knew to leave him

alone, as lifting weights seemed to cool him off and make him think more


An hour passed and Matt came out from the shower. He had changed clothes and

looked like he was going back out. Vicki asked, “Hey, Matt, where are you


Matt responded, “I am heading over to Jared's house to help him build the new

entertainment system he just got.”

Vicki knew that to be a lie. Why would he shower to go over to his best friend's

house? Why would he put on Dockers and a nice shirt to boot? She grit her teeth

as he gave her a kiss and walked out the door. Why does he lie like that? She

knew he was just going to go out with his friends and drink at the local bar,

Teutonic's, but she just let him go. She could go to the bar and bust him, but

all he would do is think of some little lie to get out of it. She grew tired of

this. How could she make him feel bad for doing it? How could she somehow make

him feel different by the lies and bossy nature he carried with him toward her.

Vicki got ready for bed and decided to read a book about lost cultures and

ancient civilizations. She found a particular culture quite interesting and read

the entire chapter on them. The civilization she read about were called the “Gelbens.”

The Gelbens were an ancient race that lived in middle Europe long before the

birth of the Germans, French, or Polish. They claimed to have been very advanced

and that the Romans learned from them before they were wiped out from a strange

disease. The book also mentioned that there was a great imbalance of men to

women. Men outnumbered the women 50 to 1 and that there were only a few women

throughout their short existence. The life span of the woman was almost twice as

long but the book never told why that was.

Vicki continued to read and the book stated that the women had a saying “The lie

and deceit of a man will diminish his figure in society.” Vicki wondered what

that meant. Did it mean they could not be trusted once they were caught lying?

Well, it made sense, maybe they became outcasts, and since the women had so many

men to choose from, it was probably a way to find the good ones from the bad


Vicki read more and found another tract. She read it and it stated, “Say to you

a change of times, and the lies of man will all unwind. Through time will show

your man's true heart, a fraction from the very start.” Vicki was a smart girl,

but she did not quite understand this passage. She passed it off as an old

fable, something written long ago that somehow was lost and combined with

another passage. She looked at it a few more times and thought “Change of Times

... and the whole fraction from the very start.” All of it sounded crazy, but it

was like it meant it peeled away the male's power to lie or something. She

drifted off to sleep and held the book close to her as she dreamed of various


A few more weeks went by and though Matt was caught in 3 more lies, Vicki

brushed it off and remained the wonderful, caring girl she had always been. One

night, when they had plans to go see her family back home, Matt said he already

had plans to go with Jared and Ben to see a concert. Vicki was so upset she

could barely talk. Matt pulled out the tickets to prove to her he was not lying.

She looked at the tickets, and they were in fact real. However, they had made

the plans to see her family this weekend over a month ago, and the date of

purchase on the ticket was yesterday! Vicki could not hold it in any longer! She

let Matt have it! She busted him out and told him that there was no way he could

have bought these tickets before he knew about the trip to her family's house.

She told him she saw the date on the tickets and he just stood there. She could

tell his wheels were turning to try and fire back an excuse. He stared blankly

for a moment and spoke after about a minute of silence.

“Vicki, you have to understand that the ticket machine was broken and printed

the wrong date of purchase! The tickermaster guy had to ring them up by hand

through the machine.” Matt smiled down at her hoping she would buy his lie.

What happened that next moment defies all that Vicki knew. She, for some unknown

reason spouted out the passage from the book she read about the race known as

the Gelbens. “Say to you a change of times, and the lies of man will all unwind.

Through time will show your man's true heart, a fraction from the very start.”

Matt looked down at Vicki stunned. What was that all about!? The fact that Vicki

said it at almost full volume was one thing, but what she said made no sense to

Matt. Vicki had never raised her voice to Matt, not even if a loud song was

playing, she would just wait until the song ended.

Vicki took in a very deep breath and let out a heavy sigh, she did not know why

she said what she said, or even remember memorizing that passage, but it just

shot out of her mouth like she has known it her whole life!

Matt went to hug her but she turned away. Matt frowned and knew what he had to

do. “I am going to give my ticket to Steve, he wanted to go and since it is sold

out I can make him happy,” Matt told Vicki.

Vicki pretended to still be angry but underneath the upset look on her face, she

felt she just had a minor victory.

Vicki and Matt drove to her parent's house to have dinner and spend the weekend

as well. Vicki has a younger sister named Mandy who loves her older sister very

much. She is a sexier, younger version of Vicky, but with that innocent look and

taller frame to make most men crazy!

Matt and Vicki arrived and were greeted by Mandy at the door. Mandy stared in

awe at the tall and strong Matt like he was some sort of god. Matt got along

with Vicki's sister, but she acted a bit immature and would always try to get as

close to Matt as she could. At dinner, Mandy had to sit next to Matt, and being

the youngest she always got her way. They all had a good conversation and

Vicki's mom had a few questions to ask Matt about their apartment. Vicki's

parents had been sort of against them moving in together, but they gave in as

Matt told them it would be ok and that he would take care of the rent. Vicki's

mom asked, “You two are not sharing a room are you? I mean you both have

different rooms to sleep in with your own bed, don't you?”

Matt knew if he told her the truth they would never allow Vicki to remain there.

Matt answered her with a lie to appease the mother and to allow Vicki to stay

with him. “Well, Mrs. Brenthaus, I can assure you that we have separate rooms

and your daughter has her own desk as well for her school homework. I gave her

my desk as I no longer need it.” No sooner had Matt finished the sentence he

felt like his body was falling, like the feeling you get in your stomach when

you jump off a swing. He regained his composure and added another sentence to

his already hefty lie. “Also, Mrs. Brenthaus, we respect each other's privacy as

we have separate bathrooms.” Another flip of his inside assured him of the

feeling he had but a few moments ago. Indeed they did have 2 bathrooms, but one

was never used as most of the time they took a shower together. Vicki was

looking at Matt with astonishment! Not only did he just lie twice to her

parents, they actually bought it! Matt did have a certain charm, a charm that

Vicki thinks attracted her to him to begin with!

They finished dinner and Vicki's parents went into the den to watch TV. Mandy

and Vicki cleaned up the dining room and headed into the kitchen. Matt stood up

and realized his shirt seemed a little bigger and his jeans covered his shoes.

Matt paid no real heed to this, he often wore his clothes a little baggy for the

simple fact that when he lifted a lot, his normal clothes would not fit when he

put on the extra weight. He also admitted to himself he had not really hit the

weights all that hard the past couple weeks.

Everything else went smoothly as Matt and Vicki enjoyed themselves out in the

country, taking a walk by the lake and finding a chance to make love down on the

docks while her parent's were at the store. Mandy watched from her window as she

pulled up the blinds to get a better look. She had never seen people engaging in

sex before and she wished she could trade places with her sister for just one

moment with Matt.

Matt and Vicki separated from their sexual embrace and Matt looked into Vicki's

eyes. “So, how was that, sweetie, did I rock your world?” Normally, Matt was

amazing in bed, but something she felt on the inside told her something was

different. Somehow, his body felt lighter on top of her. Other times before he

would almost smother her with his massive body, but today she found it a little

easier to breathe and move. This did not take away from the wonderful sex, it

actually added something to it; Vicki just could not figure it out.

Vicki asked, “Matt, do you think my sister is better looking than me?” Now, what

could a guy do? He really did think that Mandy was better looking. She was

taller, a little thinner and her eyes were amazing! Vicki was cute, very cute,

but Mandy was smoking hot!

Matt smiled and told Vicki, “Sweetie, your sister is cute, but you are the one I

find as hot as the summer heat!” Matt felt the familiar drop in his stomach and

as he lie next to Vicki on the dock she looked at him and blinked.

Vicki wondered, did she just see what she thought she saw? Matt's sleeve slipped

over his hand! Matt saw what she was looking at and at once pulled it back up to

his forearm. Vicki's eyes may have played a trick on her but she saw what she

saw! His sleeve slipped from his arm and went over his hand! Matt tried his best

to get his mind off the feeling in his stomach.

Matt stroked Vicki's long brown hair and said, “Vicki, I hope we can come back

here soon. I have really enjoyed being here with your parents.” Matt was sure

the same feeling hit him in the stomach like the one just a few moments ago and

from last night at dinner. Maybe he had some bad roast beef? He shook it off and

stood up to walk off the dock.

Vicki knew something was wrong. Matt's once tight jeans now hung low on his

hips. Was he losing weight? Vicki's mind raced with reasons but she could not

come up with one.

Mandy saw Matt walking toward the house and she ran downstairs to greet him at

the back door. As Matt opened the door, he was greeted by Mandy, but she was not

the same Mandy as he remembered. The Mandy he saw was only about an inch or two

shorter than him. He normally stood a good 7 inches taller than Vicki's younger


Mandy drew close to Matt and said, “Gee, Matt, why are you so much shorter than

yesterday, are you slouching?” The fact was he was standing straight up, with

shoes on and Mandy was in front of him barefoot! Mandy began putting two and two

together. “Matt, are you shrinking? I mean you look shorter or something!” Matt

had to think of something fast.

“Mandy, shut up and go back upstairs before I put you over my knee!” Matt felt

his body twist and turn, his body was now getting used to this feeling! He

looked back at Mandy, rather, he looked up at Mandy! She was now at least a good

2 inches taller than Matt and she was laughing.

“So, Matt, about that putting me over your knee?”

End of part one

Matt stared at the now somewhat taller Mandy. Here was a 16-year-old girl, just

minutes ago shorter than him, now seemed to have an edge in the height

department. Matt was speechless. Where was Vicki? She was still outside on the

dock, maybe he was dreaming and still asleep on the dock with her?

Mandy watched Matt's face scramble for a reason. “Um, Matt, what are you

thinking? You look so cute now, even cuter than before!”

“Go away, Mandy, this is all a mistake, you are being silly! Now go get your

sister before I make you sorry!” Once again, the feeling washed over his body

and he was getting scared about it now, very scared!

Mandy never broke eye contact, she saw him shrink! She was sure of it! She just

stepped by him out the door to get her sister. Moments later both girls came in

to see Matt shocked looking at his now very baggy clothes on his frame.

Vicki walked up to her boyfriend and found herself to be a good 3 inches taller

than him! This could not be! Her once towering boyfriend who used his size to

intimidate her was now at a height of no more than 5 feet tall!

Matt tried to conjure up what pride he had and looked up at his now taller

girlfriend. “Look, I don't know what is going on, but can we please go home?”

Mandy stepped toward him and found the top of his head barely reached her nice

soft kissable lips. Oh, how she wanted to kiss him, but not now, not with Vicki


Matt stepped back, he was not used to girls taller than him. He walked away and

sat on the couch, stunned at the current turn of events. The girls watched him,

both his ego and body were deflated.

Mandy turned to her sister. “What is happening to him?”

Vicki shrugged her shoulders. She tried to think back at the docks when she saw

him shrink. “Well, Mandy, I remember him saying something about wanting to stay

here more, then he shrank!”

Mandy thought? “Well, Vicki, when he snapped at me and told me he was gonna take

me over his knee, I saw him shrink too!”

Vicki thought and then it hit her! The passage she read, the book of the Gelbens,

her yelling the same passage at him? It all made sense now! “He lied about

wanting to be here with my parents and he tried to push you around, Mandy! Every

time he lies or becomes bossy, he shrinks! Oh my gosh! This is fantastic! We

can't let him know why he is shrinking, Mandy, ok?” Mandy nodded.

Part 3

The ride home was pretty quiet. Matt had no idea why he was getting smaller and

now his own girlfriend, Vicki, was taller than him. To make matters worse, he

was humilated now that her cute young sister, Mandy was taller as well, by 8

inches! This had to stop. They got back to their apartment and unloaded their

things to take inside. Matt found that his bags were heavier to him and this

only made the fact he was shorter AND weaker! He had to do something fast! They

got all their belongings into the apartment when Vicki broke the silence. "Matt,

I don't know why you look shorter but I won't let it change the way I feel about

us, ok?" Matt winced when she said this, and took offense. "Listen Vicki, this

is just a big mistake, and I will be fine. Either this is a dream or some fluke

accident that will wear off in a few hours, or at the most in a few days. Matt

needed time to clear his head. He called work and asked for a couple days off

for personal reasons and they were fine with it. Afterall, the money his mother

gave him was drawing interest sitting in the bank, it's not like Matt needed a

job really, he just loved selling beer! Who wouldn't?!

Three days went by and while Vicki kept reassuring him, this only made Matt

resent the fact she was 3 inches taller than him now. However, Matt had not

gotten any smaller, which was refreshing to him. He was kind of avoiding Vicki,

and she felt something was wrong. That night, she made them a nice home-cooked

dinner and they talked for the first time since going to visit Mandy and her

family. Most of the convo was idle talk, about the apartment, Vicki's classes,

and the dinner. Vicki finally drew up the courage to talk about his height. Matt

was taken aback. Why did she have to mention it?! It was bad enough he had to

buy a couple new pairs of pants and shirts so they would fit him, now she wanted

to mention his height?! "Look Vicki, I am fine with my height, and you should be

too! So just lay off the whole height subject unless you want to start a fight!"

In saying this, he felt his stomach twist, he had almost forgotten that feeling

when it suddenly came back! His new clothes he had to buy were getting baggy and

it felt as if he was slipping in his chair! Vicki stared in stunned silence as

the process took place. Vicki thought, he must be lying to himself! She knew he

cared about his height, and their was no way he was fine with it! As the feeling

in his stomach subsided, he knew he had shrunk, but he vowed he would not let it

ruin the dinner or his ego. Matt tried changing the subject, but Vicki just

answered "yes, dear" and of "course honey". Vicki was tranfixed at the now

smaller man at the other end of the dinner table. His clothes hung on his now

much samller frame. Vicki could not eat, she was too excited for some reason,

but she didn't know why. Was shrinking erotic? Was seeing a smaller man a turn

on? She dismissed that and got back into the convo about what beers Matt liked

the best and which brand was going to outsell Bud Light, Matt's competition.

Vicki was actually interested in this for Matt was very articulate when it came

to his job. He could rattle off figures and such about the beer he sold, and she

thought that was impressive. She almost forgot about him shrinking 15 minutes

ago until he stood up to put the dishes in the sink. Now she was still sitting,

so she could not really tell, but Matt's pants were slipping and his shirt

looked way too big to fit him! Vicki remained in her seat, she was not going to

make this obvious. What was she thinking? Why was she so happy? Something in her

subconscious was enjoying Matt getting smaller! Vicki slowly rose up from her

chair from the table and walked into the kitchen. From a distance she could see

that Matt was pissed. He had to stand on his tiptoes to get his favorite frozen

mug that he uses for his after dinner beer! She walked to the sink and washed

her dishes to put in the dishwasher. Matt made a hasty retreat to the pantry to

get his Miller Lite and go to the couch to watch tv. Vicki wanted to stand next

to him but she wasn't fast enough! Vicki poured herself a glass of wine to join

Matt on the couch. Sitting now, she could tell he was much shorter then the 5

foot tall man she stood next to a few days ago. They watched Smallville, Matt's

favortie show. She liked it too, but was more interested in seeing how much

shorter Matt was than her. She felt herself getting really turned on! Why was

she so eager to make out with Matt? She loved him, but every time they had sex

he was so domineering and not to mention "big" in that department, it often hurt


After the show ended, Matt was feeling pretty tipsy. Normally 3 pints of beer

would not affect him this much, but he forgot to account that weighing less

meant the alochol was not absorbed as quickly. He stood up and had to close his

eyes, wow this beer really hit him hard! Now was Vicki's chance to stand up next

to him. She was feeling pretty good herself, having 2 glasses of wine put her in

the mood to be frisky, and the fact that she now could see where Matt stood in

her eyes. She arose off the couch and soon realized the shortness of her once

towering boyfriend. He was even with her chest. Matt felt her presence behind

him and turned around only to be greeted by her perky boobs. Now either the

thought of boobs at his face or the fact he was intoxicated, or both, made him

aroused. Vicki looked down and smiled and pressed her chest into his face. Matt

took this as a cue and wrapped his hands around her waist and played with her

tight bottom. Vicki felt his smaller hands massage her cute lil ass and this

only ignited her into a fire of lust. She quickly removed her shirt to expose

her silk white bra to Matt. Matt shoved the left bra cup to the side to get a

peek at her wonderful bosom. At once Matt put his mouth around her nipple and

licked and nibbled her exposed breast. Chills went down Vicki's spine as his

mouth and tongue probed her sensitive nipple. Matt wanted to move her into the

bedroom so he attempted to lift her up. Matt used all his power and he was able

to lift her off the ground! He struggled with all his might and got to about the

doorway of their bedroom where he had to put her down. He had lost so much

strength! He was just about to say something when Vicki lifted him up and tossed

him on the bed! Now Vicki, not one for being strong by any means, found out that

lifting Matt was fairly easy, he now was about 4 feet tall and weighed only

85lbs! Vicki at once jumped on the bed and straddled her boyfriend. Vicki's

weight was not that bad and Matt looked and saw her breast still peeking out of

her dislodged bra cup. His hand shot up and started gently squeezing it as his

mouth was no where close to reaching it, She felt this and normally his whole

hand would cover her B cup breast with ease, but upon looking at his hand

playing with he her boob, she could still see her boob was slightly bigger than

his grip! This was amazing! She bent down in her straddling postion and started

kissing Matt all over his lips and down his chest. She felt the expansion in his

pants and could not wait to uncover it! She kissed down his stomach to the

waistband of his now oversized pants and boxers. She tugged them down to is

knees, showing off his proud erection. Wow!, she thought. His once huge member

was now only around 6 inches big. Her womanhood could take that no problem.

First things first! She licked the shaft and soon began sucking and nibbling his

rod. Matt's mind was racing with thoughts and emotions. Matt was drunk, but his

rational part of his brain wanted Vicki to leave him alone. However, the horny

part of his brain loved the feeling of Vicki's entire mouth over his prick.

Before, she could not even take most of it! He was ready to lose it right now,

but he maintained his composure. She stopped the oral pleasing and began to slip

off her skirt. There she was, clad in only her white bra and white french cut

panties, ready for sex. Matt didn not give her a change to slide out of her

panties as he pulled her now much bigger and sexier body to his as she lay on

top of him, With the deftness of a surgeon, he pulled aside her panties and

thrust himself into her. Vicki's awaiting womanhood more than accomodated his

stiff rod. Matt thrust his hips off the bed to get deeper in her. She knew he

could work his shaft well, even if it has lost its size some. She arched her

back and played with her nipples, making sure to have her eyes locked on Matt.


Matt heard her say such words during sex! Matt decided to come back with a

barrage of his own! "Vicki you slut, you are mine and I am the best **** you

will ever have! I own you and your pussy!" Matt felt his stomach lurch and just

thought it was from the beer, so he paid no mind to it. Meanwhile Vicki did not

care for Matt's claiming ownership to her! Matt continued to thrust but

something was happening, something was changing. Vicki could tell for some

reason his thrusting was not going as deep and she could feel him "sliding" ever

so slightly under her thighs. Matt thought Vicki was getting heavier, but still

managed to pump away. The thrusting inside her was wonderful, but it was not

having the impact it had only a few moments earlier. "Oh, Vicki I am gonna come,

take it in your mouth you good for nothing woman", Matt said as he was near

climax. This pissed off Vicki but the wine she had argued over her reasons not

to finish him off that way. Matt's stomach flipped and turned and he knew he was

shrinking again, their was no denying it. He didn't care. All he wanted to do

was release. Vicki pulled herself and his penis stood there ready to explode.

She quickly went down on him and found out his member was even smaller than

before! Her mouth devoured it without any problem! Had Matt shrunk again?! She

then remembered how his rude comments during sex might have caused him to

shrink! It only took about two minutes before Matt exploded into her mouth. Most

times she spit into the trashcan near the bed but she swallowed it, she realized

with him shrinking, he didn't produce the usual amount and it was easy to take

down. She looked down at him, he was for sure smaller than before. The shirt

looked like a nightgown on him and his pants and boxers were no longer around

his knees, they had become too big to even stay on his body! Exhausted, Matt lie

there almost asleep as Vicki went to take a shower. She thought the sex was

fantastic, and the feeling of him dwindle between her legs was awesome. She had

to finish herself off. So she played with herself in the shower picturing Matt

getting smaller and smaller. This did not take her long as she let out a scream

that awoke Matt from his euphoric limbo. He rolled off the bed and darted into

the bathroom. Wow, everything looked so big in the bathroom! He was know eye

level to the sink and would have to stand on his toes to see himself in the

bathroom mirror! He heard slight moans coming from Vicki in the shower. He

opened the shower door and froze. Vicki was there, playing with herself, only

this wasn't why Matt froze. As he watched, he realized he didn't have to look

down to see her fingers probing her womanhood, he was eye level to it! Vicki

halfway opened her eyes and saw Matt staring at her. Somewhat ashamed she

stopped and looked down at the now smaller man in her shower. Without so much a

word she took him from behind his head and pushed his face to her pubic region.

Now Matt would never turn down a chance to go down on her so he was up for the

task. Matt rammed his fingers in her and stuck his face and begin to lick and

suck at her awaiting pussy. Vicki knew he was good at this, even better than

sex, but she came quicker than she had ever came before. Not only that, she came

a 2nd and 3rd time, something she had never had before. She didn't know if it

was from Matt's delightful pleasures or from the fact that her once tall and

proud boyfriend, now stood eye level to her womanhood. She figured it to be both

as she had her 4th and most powerful orgasm. Vicki's hand rammed Matts's head

into her, with the force of a wrestler. Matt thought his nose was going to break

when she finally collapsed in the shower releasing her hold on him. Both

exhausted, they lay in the shower being pelted by the hot and steamy water.

Vicki almost drifted off to sleep when she figured she better turn off the

shower and get ready for bed. She looked at Matt, and found him to be asleep.

His eye was a lil pffy right by his nose. Had her rough-play caused this? She

was not that rough on him was she? She stepped out of the shower and dried off,

leaving Matt in there by himself. After she dried off she wanted to see if her

man was lighter so she opened the shower back up and wrapped him in a towel. He

was most definatley lighter! She barely strained to pick him up! She put him on

the bed, still somewhat wrapped in his towel. She slipped on her red teddy and

went to the tool box to get the measuring tape. He was 4 foot even when they had

sex, now she wanted to see what he was at now. With him lying down she proceeded

to make sure he was lying flat on his back and straight. She measured him from

head to toe. He was now 32 inches tall!! He was less than 3 feet in height! She

nearly let out a yelp when she realized her boyfriend was only 2 and a half feet

tall! She dare not wake him, instead, she crawled into bed and snuggled against

his nude body. He felt more like a warm body pillow than a man. She curled up

around him and went to sleep. Matt heard the alarm go off and knew Vicki never

woke up on the first alarm, Half asleep, she hit the snooze and Matt tried to

get her to wake up. He found himself unable to really move as her body was

curled around his. "Vicki...Vicki get up! You will be late for class!" He tried

pushing at her when he realized she was not awake yet. He slapped at her and

pulled her arm to try to bring her out of dreamland. When he pulled the strap

for her teddy slipped and exposed her breast. He knew how to wake her. He played

with her boob and heard her moan. He flicked and pulled at her nipple and sure

enough she stirred and finally woke up. She stretched in bed, causing Matt to be

pushed off the bed by her legs. He landed with a thump at the foot of their bed.

She stood up and went to see if he was ok. He stood up and untangled himself

from the sheets. He was fine, until he had to look up up up to see his

girlfriend's face. Being eye level with the tops of her thighs was tough, but he

promised himself to not get too upset. "I need to get ready for class Matt, I

have a midterm! As Vicki got dressed Matt stood there in a daze, soaking up the

events of last night. Vicki snapped him out of his daydreaming. "Hey Matt, I

hope you don't mind but Mandy is gonna babysit our twin cousins Leslie and Laura

here after school. Mom and Dad are having a dinner party with the Engel's and

she needs somewhere to babysit. I told her it was ok. Matt knew Leslie and Laura

very well. They were two spolied 11 year old brats who got whatever they wanted.

Matt huffed about this arrangement but thought it best to just shut up about it.

Vicki bent down and kissed Matt on the cheek and was about to walk out the door.

"Matt, I have a late class today, so I won't be home until 9:30pm. Mandy will be

here with the twins at 4:30pm, so try and pick up the house a little ok? She

blew Matt a kiss and left for class. Matt needed to find some clothes and he

remembered about the birthday party they were having for his 4 year old nephew

next week. They had bought him gifts and a pair of Osh Gosh blue jean overalls.

Matt went into the closet and opened up the bag. He slipped them on and found

them to fit quite well, only problem was he had to go commando as he had no

underwear that would fit him. Matt's morning went from bad to worse......he

cringed when he thought about what Mandy would do when she saw him at his size

now. He was 32 inches(2 feet 6 inches) tall and was not in the mood to put up

with a teenager and two brats.....He started cleaning and kept looking at the


Matt began to pick up the living room , it was sure a mess! Matt realized here

and now, housework was a tough job! We really wished we was back to his normal

height, at 2'6" tall it only made it harder! It was 2:30pm before he got the

living room/dining room, kitchen, and tv room picked up. He was ready to get

some food before Vicki's sister got there with the two brats, Leslie and Laura.

He remembered about 3 years ago when Vicki and him babysat the two children.

They were so whiny and had to get constant attention. They loved to jump on Matt

and have him lift them up and play with them. Now it was going to be different.

They would not be little 11 year old brats. They would be 4'6" tall brats, 2

feet taller than himself! He quickly put this out of this mind and got a beer

and a sandwich from the fridge. Making the sandwich was a chore in itself! Matt

did like the fact that one turkey sandwich was enough to fill him up! Usually 2

or 3 sandwiches would need to be consumed to whet his appetite! Thankfully Vicki

left a step stool or Matt would have had a hard time getting to what he needed

in the kitchen. Matt decided to watch some tv, it was 3:45pm and Mandy would be

there with the brats in under an hour. As much as he tried to focus on the tv,

his mind kept thinking of what Mandy and the two children would think of his

current height. I mean when Mandy last saw him he was 5 foot tall, still

somewhat normal. However, he was now as big as a toddler! Not only that, he was

forced to wear clothes that looked pretty silly on him. He climbed off the couch

and looked in the mirror. To his horror, when he saw the reflection he noticed

on the front of the overalls was a picture of a little boy and the quote "I'm a

Big Boy!" This only added to the already humiliating aspect of wearing a pair of

toddler overalls! He had to admit sex with Vicki was incredible and the whole

shower time was more than amazing. He really never knew Vicki had been so

assertive? Was his former height of 6'3" that intimidating to her for she had to

hide who she really was? Matt never thought a girl who took control would be so

erotic. He felt himself getting hard at the images of last night. He quickly put

them out of his mind and remembered his bedroom was still a mess. Just as he was

about to head to the bedroom, he heard a knock on the door. He looked at the

clock and saw it was 4:15pm, Mandy was early! He scrambled and scurryed to the

door and on his tip toes he unlocked the deadbolt. The door swung open and to

his utter disbelief were 3 girls, all much bigger than him!

Mandy looked at him, he was no longer 8 inches shorter then her, he was much

shorter than that! Matt now stood at only the top of her thighs. She could not

believe her eyes! Meanwhile Leslie and Laura looked at him and laughed. They

instantly knew who it was as Mandy briefly told them in the car that Matt may be

shorter than the last time they say him. At 11 years old, they thought it was

just the funnies thing they had ever seen in their life! All 3 girls came in,

not for one second taking their eyes of Matt. Mandy was the first to speak.

"Matt, look at you! You are like toddler guy now or something!" Matt was not

amused. Mandy, just take the girls into the tv room and put on a DVD, I am gonna

clean my bedroom and stay out of the way." Matt started to walk to the bedroom

when Mandy grabbed the strap of his overalls, holding him in place. "Not so

fast, Matt. Laura and Leslie, please go into the tv room while I talk with Matt,

ok?" They girls laughed and trotted off to watch tv. Mandy pulled on the strap

and spun poor Matt around where he was face to face with her skirt-clad thigh.

"So Matt, why are you so much smaller than last time?" Matt didn't feel he

needed to go into detail with this teen. "I have no clue, but I am sure it will

go away in a few days. Now, I need to go clean the bedroom before Vicki gets

home. She has been doing a lot of schoolwork and she doesn't need to have to

deal with cleaning the house." Now Mandy was taken aback by this! Did Matt just

say he was going to help with the housework so Vicki didn't have to worry about

it?! Maybe this whole shrinking down to size increased his attitude. Mandy still

held on to his strap as she stared down at him. Without any warning she picked

Matt up so his eyes were level to hers "Wow Matt!! You don't weigh that much at

all! I bet you weigh only about 40-50 lbs! Matt just glared at her as she

laughed. She could tell Matt was not enjoying this but at the same time, she

really didn't care. Without thinking she just dropped Matt from her grip and he

landed on his butt on the carpet below. She even looked taller now! Being on his

ass, he did have a good view up her skirt. Mandy saw where he was looking but

pretended she didn't notice. Instead, she took two steps toward him and said she

needed to look at the clock to see what time it was. Upon doing this, she was

almost standing directly over Matt. Matt just looked up in awe! Seeing her cute

white panties made him want to explode, but he had to remain in control. Mandy

just kept standing over him, making Matt view her undies! Matt had enough of her

childish games! Matt stood up and his head brushed her cute butt as he stood up.

Mandy leaned over more causing her bottom to gently bump Matt more as he stood

up. Matt just kept quiet, as any comment he could say would not be dropped.

Mandy saw him walking away and grabbed him by the back of the overalls. "Wait

just a minute squirt!" Mandy spun Matt around and saw he had an erection. "That

for me?" She then slid her hand down the front of the overalls and realized he

had no boxers on. This came as a bit of a shock before as she had never touched

an actual penis before. Sure she had made out a few times, but only got to 2nd

base with her last boyfriend. This was a little strange for her and she almost

just pulled out her and and turned around. However, she didn't want to show

weakness or inexperience so she just smiled and moved her hand around in the

overalls. Matt on the other hand froze in shock and awe. Her warm soft hands

were rubbing into his erection and he didn't know what to do. Mandy just kept

playing with his penis, her whole hand was able to engulf it without much

problem. Matt closed his eyes as she continued her playful advances. Matt tried

to keep his mind off what was going on, but the other side of him wanted her to

just finish him off. No, Matt had to resist. No way was his girlfriend's little

sister going to get the upper hand on him with blackmail! Mandy looked upon Matt

as his eyes were closed and she knew he was starting to resist. Mandy deftly

played with his balls and continued to stroke his member with her fingers.

"Mandy.....stop have crossed the line this time. I mean it, I want

you to STOP right now!" His voice quivered with each word and this only made her

work faster and more skilled. To her, it was a mere game, to see if she could

get him off. Matt fought but soon was at the point of no return. His hands

gripped her forearm and as much as he wanted to try and pull her hand from his

overalls, he was in too deep. Mandy felt his body convulse and she knew what was

happening. His grip on her forearm tightened as he came. She felt his cum on her

fingers as he let loose. She smiled and tugged on his penis as she pulled her

hand from his overalls. "You owe me one now, Matt. I may tell Vicki about this

of you don't listen to me from now on." Matt felt humilated. Here a 16 year old

teenage girl made him lose control in a span of only 10 mins by jerking him off.

Now she had just threatened to tell Vicki of that happened! He had hit rock

bottom. "Well Matt, let's go get you some different clothes, I will put the

overalls in the washer in the meantime. Matt followed Vicki into the bathroom

and stripped out of his overalls. Vicki washed her hands and told Matt to stay

put while she found something for him to wear. Vicki returned with a pair of

blue shorts and a white t-shirt that said "Mommy's Lil Champ". Matt slipped them

on with some reluctance. Mandy had to laugh, he looked so silly. She gently

patted him on his butt and led him out of the bathroom. "Go in to the tv room

and watch Laura and Leslie would you? I am gonna make all of us some dinner. I

would be grateful if you just entertain them for an hour or so." Matt walked

away from Mandy and into the tv room. Both girls looked and laughed as Matt

walked into the room. Leslie turned off the tv. "Let's play a game...."

Laura and Leslie both walked over

to Matt to see how short he was. When they came in with Mandy, they really

didn't get a chance to see how short he was compared to them. Matt was not ready

to deal with 2 tall brats. Leslie and Laura were twins, but fraternal. Both were

4'6", and at 2'6", Matt was much shorter than they were. "Look how small you

are, Matt!. We are 11 and you are like old and stuff!" Matt was furious but

decided to play the role of a "nice" friend. "So girls, how is school? How do

you like your new house your parents bought last year at Edgewood?" The girls

just laughed and stared. Matt tried another approach. "So, you girls want to

watch the new DVD's I got? I have one called Adventures in Babysitting. Very

funny 80's movie!" Leslie took a step forward toward Matt. "80's movie?! We

don't want to watch those crusty old dumb movies! I turned off the tv anyways.

We want to play!" Matt took a step back. "Hey Leslie, how tall do you think Matt

is? He looks shorter than that one kid at school who we all make fun of." Before

they could do anything Matt thought about showing them who was actually in

charge. Ok girls, enough of the wisecracks. I am short, yes, but I am still

older and am in charge of watching you until Mandy is done in the kitchen." Both

girls just cracked up and rolled ther eyes. Leslie and Laura both moved with

about a foot of where Matt was standing. Upon this, Matt realized how much

shorter he was than the girls. Giggles and pointing ensued as they found Matt to

only be tummy high to them. "LOOK AT HOW SMALL YOU ARE WHEN WE STAND NEXT TO

YOU!!" Matt had enough of their games! "Alright you two, go sit on the couch and

wait there until I get back." The girls just stood there. "I mean it, you can

either listen to me or I can punish you for not being on your best behavior."

Leslie and Laura just glared. "LISTEN MATT, WE AREN'T 8 YEARS OLD ANY MORE!!"

Leslie then gave Matt a gentle push that sent him backpeddling a few steps.

"That is enough you two brats! I warned you!! I didn't want to have to do this,

but you give me know choice." Matt climbed on the couch and sat. "Laura, get

over her!" Laura smiled at Leslie but did as she was told. Matt grabbed her hand

and tried his best to drape her over his knee. She was heavy!! Laura knew what

was going on, and put all her weight across his lap. Having a girl 2 feet taller

than you across your lap was not comfortable. Laura pretended she was scared

"Please don't do what I think you are gonna do, I will be good! *giggles*" This

only cause Matt to become more angry! Matt slapped at her bottom 3 times, but

Laura didn't even so much as flinch. Matt, breathing hard from the weight she

had across him, was about ready to slap her again when he felt the all too

common twisting and turning in the pit of is stomach. Laura's weight got even

heavier and Laura rolled of his lap laughing from the fact Matt thought he

actually punished her. Matt saw the shrinking take place as the blue shorts

began to slide some from his waist to his hips and the white shirt "grew" on his

frame. At first the girls didn't notice Matt had gotten smaller. Leslie walked

over to where Matt was sitting. Matt was trying to adjust the shorts that were

now a size or two too big on him. "Matt, is it my turn to be punished?!" Leslie

jutted her butt toward Matt and Matt slipped off the couch in haste. Matt had to

get Mandy, but he knew she would not be much help. Matt stood up off the floor

from rolling off the couch away from Leslie. He heard laughing behind him and

was almost afraid to turn around. He heard Leslie whisper to Laura about looking

shorter. Matt had reached his boiling point! He instantly spun around to meet

these spoiled brats to tell them to leave him alone. Only he couldn't say a

word. As he spun around he was greeted with two girls that were ever taller. His

head was not even with the tops of their tummies anymore. He was now staring at

the button of their jeans! The girls looked down as Matt looked up at them. They

each took a step closer to where Matt was right in front of them. Laura quickly

slipped behind him so Matt was now inbetween the two girls. Matt's eyes



PUNISH ME!" Matt could not believe his ears! These bratty girls were not even

scared of him. As Matt was caught in thought, Laura grabbed his shorts and

pulled them down to his ankles. Matt was frozen. What was even more shocking is

the girls screams and yelling as they figured Matt would have had underwear on

as well. Matt quickly pulled his pants up as Leslie closed her eyes to not see

anything. Meanwhile Laura pinched Matt on the butt and laughed as Matt tried to

get away. Leslie opened her eyes and saw that Matt was trying to run. Both girls

grabbed him by each arm and dragged him back to the couch. "Ya know what Leslie,

I think lil Matt here needs punished like he punished me! Matt knew what this

meant and was not going to be treated like that! Before he could do anything

Leslie picked him up and placed him across Laura's lap on his stomach. Matt

kicked and tried his best to slide off her lap, but Laura and Leslie had him



should get it over with. they were little spoiled brats, how bad could it hurt?

Matt then just relaxed and closed his eyes, he pictured all this was a dream. He

felt his oversized blue shorts being pulled down, exposing his bare butt again.

"Look at his butt!! HAHAHAH It is so small!!! Matt tried to put his mind

somewhere else as they laughed. He wanted to teach these girls a lesson but had

to understand he was no longer 6'3" and imposing, but a 2 foot tall guy who was

at the mercy of these girls! Laura hit him once, and to Matt's relief it didn't

hurt that much. Laura released the second one and Matt felt his butt stinging

but it still wasn't that bad. Laura and Leslie both were in fits of laughter as

his lil tushie was a lil shade of pink. Laura let loose a third slap and Matt

really felt it this time. His butt was on fire! Little did he know Laura was

slapping him with her right hand, and she was left-handed! Matt fought the urge

to yell in pain, as he just swallowed hard. They saw his butt was now a reddish

color. Laura released him and Matt slid down off her lap. Matt was humiliated

and at the end of his rope. Laura had demonstrated to him that she was not going

to listen to what he had to say. Both girls were now old enough to know they

could get away with whatever they wanted. Laura and Leslie looked on as Matt

struggled to stand up and pull his shorts back on. They knew he was in some pain

from the 3 whacks Laura had given to him. "SO, DID YOUR PUNISHMENT HURT LIL

MATT?" The girls laughed at him as he rubbed his sore bottom. Matt didn't know

what to do or what to think. He was so mad on the inside but he knew that he

should just let it go. "Girls, I am gonna see if Mandy is down with the cooking,

please just stay right here. The girls looked at him and mocked him."OK, Matt,

we will be good LITTLE girls for you!" Leslie yelled to Mandy to see if the

dinner was done. "15 more minutes, just hold your horses!", Mandy yelled back.

Matt froze. Before he could even say anything else the girls were upon him. Why

did he have to put up with them, what did he do to deserve this? Laura got in

front of him and looked down at him. "Let's play a game, ok?" Laura loved seeing

him have to look up to meet her eyes. Laura smiled her cute grin. "Remember you

used to pick us up and play wrestle with us? Both Leslie and I could never seem

to tackle you 3 years ago. Now we are bigger, we are no longer those 8 year old

girls, we are big girls now!" Matt rolled his eyes. "Do you think we could

tackle you now?" Leslie stood next to her sister and looked down at Matt. "Wanna

play Matt?" Before Laura even had a chance to react Matt lunged and grabbed her

by the leg and lifted with all his might. Being a weightlifer, Matt did have the

advantage of some speed and muscle tone. Laura lost her balance and feel on her

butt hard into the carpet. With speed like no other he latched onto Leslie's

right leg and tried the same thing, but Leslie was redy for him. She grabbed a

handful of his hair and threw Matt aside. Matt was shaken up by her attack on

his head but side-rolled and sweeped her leg. Leslie lost her balance and fell

on her sister. "Ouch!!! Get off me you dumbie!" Laura pushed Leslie off her as

Matt quickly made a run for the closet. Matt knew he had a wooden rod in their

that he used to prop open the big window, he could use it for defense! Matt

raced to the closet door to find that the doorknob was a little out of his reach

now! He jumped at it twice before both girls were after him. He turned around to

see the two girls, now without smiles on their faces. Instead they had more of a

"You are gonna pay little man" smirk. Matt was scared. He lunged at Leslie's

leg, but now she was 110% prepared and as Matt latched on, she pulled on his

shorts and gave him a wedgie! She put so much effort into it she lifted him off

the ground a few inches! Laura fell to the floor laughing so hard as poor Matt

dangled 6 inches off the ground from the mega wedgie! Leslie tried to lift him

higher but in a rage Matt landed a kick to her knee and she dropped him. Now the

shorts were stretched out even more! He managed to pull them up and pull them

out of his butt as he tried to bolt out of the tv room. Laura grabbed him by his

left foot causing him to tumble into the girl's backpacks that they brought from

home. Both girls surrounded him as he lay half buried in the pile of backpacks.

He tried to break away form the backpack but one of the straps was caught around

his waist. Matt was easy to stop as Laura stepped in front of him and he ran

into her hipbone, knocking him down and causing the backpack to open. Laura got

red in the face when out popped a pair of her undies and a Barbie doll. Matt

rolled over and saw both items and instantly tried to crawl away. Leslie just

laughed at her sister's red face. "Why do you have a Barbie doll with you?!

Dolls are for 1st graders!" Leslie was a bit more mature than Laura, but both

were still spoiled to the core. Matt stood up to catch his breath. He readjusted

his blue shorts so they were at least covering him up. The shirt meanwhile acted

like moe of a long nightshirt than a toddler's t-shirt. Laura grabbed the undies

and tucked them back into her backpack. She felt humilated since Matt saw that

they had hearts and roses on them. Matt could not help but let out a laugh.

Laura looked down at him with a mean look on her face. What is so funny shrimp?!

I will show you what is funny!" She winked at her sister and Leslie grabbed Matt

from behind. Laura picked up her Barbie and dangled it at Matt. "I hope you get

smaller than her you dummy!" Matt was shocked as he saw the somewhat large doll

being dangled above his head. "See how tall Barbie is compared to him, Laura!"

Laura put the doll down flat foot near Matt as Leslie held him in place. Matt

stared down in horror as the bikini-clad plastic Barbie was almost stomach high

to him. "HAHAHAHAHAH, he is only twice the size of our dolls!!" Not my doll

sister, I don't play with toys anymore!!" Matt saw the two argue as he looked

down at the plastic Barbie. Had he become a large toy? He quickly snapped out of

it as he heard Mandy's voice yell that dinner was done. Without much warning,

Laura picked Matt up and tossed him over her shoulder and carried him to the

table. "You can sit on my lap and eat, I will feed you like a baby! HAHAHA" Matt

just groaned as they entered the kitchen, Mandy seeing that indeed Matt was

smaller. She had plans for him after dinner...

Laura carried Matt into the

kitchen and sat down with him on her lap. Matt wanted to just fight it and slip

off her lap, but at this point, he felt like it would only cause more turmoil.

Laura kept running her hands through his hair like he was some toddler on her

lap. "Stop that Laura! I am dead serious!" Laura and Leslie both just giggled as

Mandy set the table. Laura then started to bounce her knee up and down causing

Matt do have to hold on to her so he wouldn't fall. "Ride the horsie, giddy up

little cowboy!" Mandy turned around and busted out laughing as Laura was

bouncing Matt in her lap. "Looks like you had a fun time watching the girls,

Matt." Leslie then pinched Matt's cheek and cooed. "Matt you are so like the lil

bro I always wanted!" Matt was boiling. No way should he be treated like this by

a bunch of immature girls! Matt squirmed in Laura's lap and tried to free

himself but she just bounced him more and more making it more difficult to hold

on. "Hold on tight lil man or you might slip off and get a boo boo!" Laura was

insulting him with her stupid comments. She was eleven and was joking about him!

"Let go of me, please!" Matt wiggled and tried to free himself from her embrace.

Laura just let go and Matt tumbled to the floor below near her chair. "UH OH,

LIL MATT FALL DOWN GO BOOM!" All three girls laughed as they looked down at

Matt. Not only was his pride hurt but he landed on his tailbone. Also, his once

tight shorts were still slipping from his 2 foot frame. He decided to take the

shirt off and be done with it. The shirt was too big on him now anyways. Mandy

let out a whistle and a growl when he took his shirt off. The twins just laughed

and pointed. Mandy had always thought Matt had a nice body, and he still did. He

was very tone and athletic but now his body was just so small! Matt managed to

get up and climb into the far chair. However, he was much too short to even see

over the table so he just stood up in the chair. "Little boys don't eat dinner

with their shirts off, we need to find you some clothes to wear." Mandy smiled

at him as she set out the beef and toppings for the tacos and chips with salsa.

"Listen Mandy, I want to thank you for making dinner but I am not a little boy.

Yes, I am shrinking or whatever, but I am still 6 years old than you and in

charge of all 3 of you. Plus, this is my apartment. I pay all the bills, ok?"

Mandy put on a fake frown. "Well doesn't the big man do so much for us poor

helpless girls! Poor Vicki would be so lost without you as her big and bad man!"

Leslie and Laura could not hold back their laughter. "Shut the hell up all of

you! I am tired of you being so annoying!! Just let me eat in peace!!" As Matt

went to reach for his plate he felt the lurch in his stomach and the dizziness

that was all too common. Mandy looked on as she could tell he was slowly losing

height. The dinner table was in mute silence as Matt tried to adjust holding the

plate as it grew heavier. No more was he a 2 foot tall guy. He knew he was

smaller. Teh twins fixed their plates and whispered back and forth to each other

about Matt. Mandy just started to eat but stared at the guy she still had a

crush on. Meanwhile Matt struggled with a taco as big as his head! He could only

eat about half of it, yet the twins had 2 tacos a piece while Mandy put down 3!

Also, Matt had gotten taco sauce and toppings all over himself as the taco was

not meant to be handled by such small hands. Leslie actually felt kind of bad

for Matt. She saw how Matt tried to act and eat like everything was normal, but

he was having a tough time with both. Leslie slipped out her chair and walked

over to Matt. Even standing in the chair, he was now smaller than Leslie. He

didn't want to know how small he shrank. Leslie took a paper towel and tried to

wipe off the sauce and such off of Matt's chest and arms. Matt didn't protest.

He could see in her eyes she really meant to be helpful. Mandy let out a sigh

and this made Matt lock eyes with her. Mandy thought it was the cutest thing!

Seeing a little girl do this to a 22 year old man. Leslie then picked up the

taco and held it in front of Matt's face. Matt tried to back away but Leslie

kept edging it forward. Matt finally conceded and opened wide. Leslie gently

held the taco and let him take bites of it. Leslie felt so happy that she could

help. Just a few years ago Matt was spinning her around in the air and teasing

her. Now, she was way bigger than he ever was compared to her. She almost felt

like Matt's mom or big sister. She liked the feeling! She just stared at Matt as

he took little bites of his taco, without a care in the world. She was so zoned

into her task at hand she didn't hear Laura sneak up behind her. Matt didn't see

her either as the taco was in his field of vision. Just as Matt opened to take

another bite Laura grabbed the taco and smooshed it all over Matt's face! Matt

was caught off balance and fell through the back of the chair onto the floor! He

was now covered almost head to toe in taco! Leslie punched Laura on the arm and

ran off into the tv room. Laura just shrugged her shoulders and looked dow

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