Giantess Stories: A Crush on Sailor Moon By ZZZ  Into the darkness

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A Crush on Sailor Moon


Into the darkness, so it begins...

"Sailor Moon is such a stupid show!!!"

"So how come you always watch it with me Kyle?"

"Look you lil' turd material for my web site!! Yeah that's why!!!"

"Well can you at least stop humming the theme while we watch it Kyle?"

"Shut up!"

Kyle was a total hypocrite. He spent half of his available time watching Sailor

Moon, and then the other half trashing it on the internet. What was worse is

that he never gave his little sister a chance to fully enjoy the show. He'd

always be acting along with the show, pretending to be one of the sailors.

Kyle's little sister would always complain about how annoying he was being, but

it was a futile gesture. Kyle was twice her size, and he used this advantage to

do whatever he pleased. When her complaining would start he would just sit on

her or shove her to the ground, reminding her who was in charge.

Kyle's little sister was sick of being bullied around by him. She spent days and

nights wishing there was some way she could shut him up and stop him from

trashing her hero on the internet. She would wish for powers like Sailor Moons,

but after a while she just wanted any power that would shut the brute up. Her

wish was soon to come true.

It was a day like any other with one exception- a strange package arrived in the

mail for Kyle's little sister. The tag on the package said "To Serena". Yes,

Kyle's younger sister shared the namesake of her favorite hero. Serena was

overwhelmed with joy when she opened the package. Inside was the perfect replica

of a sailor moon costume. Kyle walked over and looked jealously at the costume.

"Hah...It's not even a perfect replica. It's got a stupid little "Z" on the

shirt bow."

Serena didn't care. The "Z" was hardly even noticeable, only a freak like Kyle

would have noticed it anyway. She sped to the bathroom and changed into it.

"It's too bad Halloween is over...HAHAHAHA"

Serena finished changing into the outfit and responded "Well at least I can wear

it when I watch the show."

When Serena stepped out Kyle was shocked at the resemblance his sister shared

with the Sailor Moon character. Both had the blonde hair and blue eyes and the

costume was a perfect fit, but it went beyond that. Kyle hadn't noticed it until

that moment. But he didn't care. She was still his dumb little sister as far as

he was concerned.

Kyle was about to go over and trash her costume when the alarm on his watch went


"OH!!!The show is about to start!" Kyle ran over to the TV with his notepad(so

he could later make references on his web site) and sat down to watch "Sailor


He sat down in front of the TV and began his horrible humming.

As always Serena began to get pissed, but suddenly she felt a strange sensation

over her body. She looked down at her bow and noticed the tiny "Z" glowing.

Within moments her Sailor Suit felt very tight. Serena's feet felt incredibly

squeezed inside her pink boots. Her hands felt as though they would pop out of

her gloves. She rose taller and taller by the second. All along Kyle was just

hypnotized by the show and did not notice what was happening to his sister.

Serena's slim body began to fill out beyond her wildest dreams. The blue skirt

now hugged her long curvy thighs. Her blouse was now pushed further and further

outward under her swelling bosom. With each breath she took, she felt as though

she would rip out the constricting blouse. But that was the last thing she

wanted. She loved her new Sailor suit, and she definetly did not want it to be

ruined. Her body kept on growing and she was sure she would destroy her

clothing, but then the "Z" began to glow again. Serena was now close to seven

feet tall, and somehow her tiny clothing was holding up. Although it now hugged

her body like a second skin, it wasn't tearing. In fact it was growing with the

rest of her, only it remained skin tight all the way. Her blouse rose up off her

waist and revealed her well chiseled abdomen. Serena felt incredibly strong. Her

growth was better than her wish for powers like Sailor Moon. Soon enough her Everything about nails and manicure products Nails Trends

head bumped the ceiling, and her GROWTH SPURT ended. Finally Kyle turned from

the TV when he heard the loud bump.

"Stop making so much noise Sere..."

Kyle was in shock as his eyes finally happened upon his now 10' sister.

"I don't think your going to be bossing me around anymore Kyle."

Serena walked over to Kyle and looked down at her tiny looking older brother.

"I guess I'm not your little sister anymore either."

She reached down and pulled the notepad Kyle was holding. She was shocked when

it fit completely into her palm.

"How the hell did this happen???"

Serena pushed down on Kyle's head and was pleasantly surprised at how easily she

knocked him to the ground. She then leaned down and sat on top of him. Kyle let

out a scream and felt as though every bone in his body would break.

"Get off me!!!! You're crushing me!!!"

Serena laughed , "What a wimp, I'm not even pressing down with my full weight,

but you always did."

Serena thought about ending the life of this stupid brute, but it was too soon.

She lifted the notepad to her face and shredded it to pieces with incredible


Kyle let out a scream as the notes on his only great accomplishments were


"You big bitch!!!"

Serena couldn't believe what Kyle had just said to her. Kyle realized how stupid

he was for saying it.

Serena stood to her full height and Kyle was finally able to breathe normally.

"You shouldn't have called me that Kyle. I think there's only one way to stop

you from being such a brute not only to me but to Sailor Moon fans out there."

Kyle stood up quickly and cursed. He threw back his arm with all his might and

landed a punch on her exposed stomach.


Kyle was screaming from the pain. He felt like he had just hit cement. Serena

simply smiled at the fact that Kyle's punch felt as light as a tap on the


"Do I get a turn to punch you now?"

Kyle simply gave her a dirty gesture, and that was all Serena would take.

She grabbed his extended hand and began to crush it. It felt like crushing bread

to her. Within seconds Kyle was yelling at the top of his lungs. Serena reached

down and crushed his other hand as well. Kyle fell to the ground in extreme


"Now you won't be able to do anything with your silly little website."

Serena looked over to Kyle's room.

"And to make sure of it..."

Serena walked towards Kyle's room and she heard him screaming for her to stop.

She found herself in front of his door and suddenly realized Kyle had never let

anyone into his room. She pressed gently against the door and the hinges came

loose. Another slight shove and the door was on the ground. Serena ducked down

to get inside. When she stepped in she found an amusing surprise. There were

sailor moon posters all over the walls, and Sailor Moon comic books strewn

across the ground.

"I knew it!" She giggled and walked over to his computer. Kyle stumbled into the

room and yelled at her.

"No!!!! You wouldn't dare!!!"

"It's not like you'll be typing on this anytime soon anyway Kyle." She looked at

his now deformed hands.

"But this will ensure that you don't make any more Anti Sailor Moon comments on

the internet." The "Z" on her bow began to glow again and Serena had to duck

further to fit in the room. Again her clothing hugged her body to the point of

ripping, but it stretched along with her expanding stature. Serena now filled in

the room, and even though she was down on all fours, her back was still touching

the ceiling.

She was at least 20' tall now.

"This one's for Sailor Moon and all her fans...MOON TIARA MAGIC!!!" Serena moved

her arm as far back as she could in the confined space, and then hurled it at

the minuscule looking computer. It exploded under the pressure of her enormous

fist and only shattered fragments of it remained afterward. Serena's hand was

not even scratched from the impact. Kyle dropped to his knees and cried like a

little girl seeing his computer blown to bits.

"That'll teach you not to mess with SAILOR MOON!!!"


Giantess Stories: A Crush on Sailor Moon By ZZZ  Into the darkness

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