Giantess Stories: A Day in the School

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A Day in the School


I rolled over as I

woke up from my nap. There were the delightful sounds of crunching concrete as I

did so. This pleased me so much, that I rolled back and forth for a moment,

reveling in the sounds of crunching, until they were no more. I got myself into

a seated position, and arched my legs, bringing in my feet. There was massive

destruction all around me. I smirked at all the ruined buildings. This was

absolutely the best! Jenny, Lisa and I have come here probably every day for a

week. The device we found, we think shrinks up into a subatomic dimension. At

least that's what Jenny thinks, and she's the brain of us. And that's what it

looks like when we activate it. Everything around us grows quick and fast, then

we're surrounded of pictures of what look like atoms from my science textbooks.

But who cares, when it's all done, we show up here, and we're giants. Really big

giants. We're several thousand feet tall. Our shoes are taller than most

buildings, and only the biggest skyscrapers, can even match the tops of our

toenails. I alternated tapping my feet on the ground, probably causing huge

earthquakes down there, but I didn't care. The armies are no match for us, and

the airplanes are like gnats. Lisa thinks she got nuked once, but she couldn't

really tell. We stomped the army base 2 or 3 days ago. Now we're having fun with

some of the cities. I slid my left foot forward a little bit into an area that

wasn't damaged by my roll over. I had on a pair of wedge sandals, with was a 3

inch heel back home, but here it was few hundred feet tall. "Hey bugs!" I said.

"Climb up on my shoe! NOW!" These little insects were so scared of us, they did

anything we wanted. I waited a bit, and noticed some tiny black speck near my

toes. The little things were so fucking tiny, my little toe could grind them

into paste with no effort whatsoever. "Now, bow down, and worship your

goddesses' toes! Pray to your goddess!" The specks quivered slightly, and I

couldn't tell whether they were praying or just shaking. I watched them for a

minute or two, relishing the control I felt. These little things were down

there, in front of my toes, which probably looked like mountains to them.

Praying to me, offering me prayers in hopes of surviving. Well, they weren't

going to. I arched my toes and said, "Now do one more thing for me." I tilted my

foot back on the heel and watched the little specks slide into the depressions

caused by my toes. Then I slammed my foot and toes back down as hard as I could.

"Die for me!" I bellowed, and then giggled." You're so fucking cruel." I head

Jenny behind me. I stood up, and turned around. Jenny was about as tall as I

was, but a little heavier. She was wearing sandals too, but not a wedge heel,

but thick chunky block. I noticed her toenails were a pastel pink. Mine were a

shiny reflective pink. Lisa's were a shiny purple. "So what, it's not these

little fucks can do anything to stop us." "This is true. What should we do next?

I wish we could do more damage than just stomping these puny things into

oblivion." "Me too, and I have an idea about that. I was playing around with the

device before I took my nap. I think we can use it to make ourselves bigger."

"Bigger?! Awesome! Let's do it!" I called Lisa over to us. She was taller than I

was, but weighed about as much as I was. Jenny and I were blondes. Lisa was a

dark-haired goddess of doom. She had on a pair of black platform mules. The

platform was about an inch thick back home. Here it made her purple toenails

rise higher than any of their skyscrapers. She was as enthusiastic as Jenny was

about growing taller. "I want to stomp this entire city under 1 single foot

step! Now that's power!" "Why step?" I said. "If I'm right, and we activate

this, we'll simply let our growing feet take the city out. Our sandals will be

so fucking huge, we'll take out several cities, with out even walking! Your

platform might be a couple miles tall instead of just a few hundred feet!" Jenny

and Lisa both smiled. I could see their imaginations working on how big they'd

be. I picked the device out of my pocket. The knob on the side had been turned

all the way forward, and to get back we had turned it all the way back. I

rotated it back a quarter-turn, and triggered it. The scene was incredible.

Instantaneously we were no longer looking at the ruins of a city, but instead

the curve of whatever planet we were on was easily visible. We had to be

thousands of miles tall. I spun around and took a deep breath as I saw what I

saw. The land we were standing on was like an exact replica of a map of the

world. We were standing on what was the eastern coast of the USA. I could walk

across the country in probably 30 steps. Maybe less. I could not imagine how

tall we were. Jenny and Lisa squealed with glee. Lisa raised her leg very high,

and stomped down hard. She laughed a full throaty laugh. "We're gods!" She

started to walk away from Jenny & I. The people of Chicago were probably looking

at her huge shoes, praying she didn't decide to take another step forward. She

spun around on her toes, and laughed. When her heel landed, I'm sure Chicago

went under it. "I can't believe this. We're so fucking HUGE!!!" Jenny looked

eastward. "That looks like Europe over there. Maybe we can grow bigger. I'd like

to step over that ocean and make an impression on Europe." She giggled at her

implications. "I hear the models there are tall. I bet we'd be all the rage on

the catwalks." She giggled again at her sense of humor. I said, "Let's party

girls! This puny planet, is going to be no match for us!" I looked down, and

wiggled my toes. The sunlight was glittering against my toenails. I lifted my

foot, and took a step south. I'm sure what ever passed for DC here, was now flat

underneath my toes. "I'm heading to Florida." Jenny and Lisa headed west, but

Lisa only went so far as the mid-west. Jenny stepped over the Rockies like they

were tiny pebbles. I think she managed to step California into the sea. Florida

was mostly swamp, and easily pushed into the Atlantic. My soles were still thick

enough that the water couldn't rush down and get my toes wet. I knelt down and

took over my shoes, and let my super-huge bare feet feel the tiny tingle of tiny

cities being turned to rubble. Then I dipped them into the Atlantic to wash them

off. The water was cold. I probably sent a few tidal waves toward Europe or

Africa, but I didn't give a shit. I put my sandals back on, and started to walk

back to the others. Lisa came up first, and grabbed the device from my pocket.

"There's something I've got to try," she said. "I'll be right back!" Before I

could do or say anything, Lisa turned the knob, activated it, vanished in a

flash of light. Jenny came running up, undoubtedly, turning any mid-western

cities into flattened piles of goo. "Where did she go," she shouted. We got our

answer, when the sunlight disappeared. A large black mass appeared behind me. A

narrow black pole appeared behind Jenny. Lisa's voice then filled the world,

probably the universe, "I'm standing on a fucking planet! My one foot is as long

as the country!" Suddenly the mass disappeared. It was beginning to feel a

little disconcerting. Something so big moving so fast. Then her large shoe

appeared covering the western half of he US. My GOD! She was huge! She had to be

bigger than the planet. I could make out her polished toenails. Her foot was

several times larger than I was! I stood there staring at her toes, watching

them wiggle. I was probably half an inch tall compared to her, and I was a few

thousand miles tall! I could not see anything past her knee. Or at least what I

thought was her knee. It could have been her ankle for all I could tell. I could

hear her just fine though. "I am a giant to giants! Hey Heather. Hi Jenny. Guess

I'm a really big girl now! God if you could see this! You two look like little

bugs, and I'm actually standing on the planet. What a fucking rush! I want to

grow more and crush the puny thing between my toes, like those puny humans I did

hours ago." Jenny was very quiet. I don't think she was handling this very well.

"Hey I've got an idea!" Lisa said. Climb up on my shoe. I gulped. I hope she

wasn't going to try to crush us, but she could have done that already. I grabbed

Jenny, and we both started to climb. Her sole was filled with tiny cracks on

pits. It was climbing that funky fake rock wall in gym. We stood on the sole of

her platform, looking at the biggest set of toes in this world. "If I'm right

you guys should get to see something really cool!" There was another flash of

light around us, just like when we triggered the device. I looked around, and

saw that the planet was no longer visible below us. Stars scatter the sky. And

they were moving. Which meant Lisa was moving her foot. "Ok guys, turn around

and pick it up." Jenny and I both spun. There was the sphere that was the planet

we'd been on only moments before. Now though, it looked like a gigantic beach

ball. It was about up to my breasts. I wondered what she was going to do with

it, when she told us. "Pick it up, and place it between my second and third

toes." I knew what she was going to do with it. Jenny and I looked at each

other. It didn't seem to bother her that Lisa could squish us as easily as she

was about to this planet. A grin crossed her face, and I echoed it. We were

going to watch Lisa crush a planet as easily as she scrunched her toes. We got a

hold of it, and while it was a touch unwieldy, we managed to get it where Lisa

wanted it. We back away to watch the destruction, but not very far. I heard the

muscles of her toes begin to tighten. Her tendons began to practically sing with

strength. The flesh of her toes began to wrinkle. She was beginning to apply

real pressure. The little planet shifted and I began to hear something like twig

snapping. The crust of the planet had ruptured. I saw little rivulets of orange

appear. Lava or molten something. More and more cracking sounds and more and

more orange appeared. Her toes were shifting away from us, as they began to

scrunch. We moved to close to watch her impossible strength. She was really

crushing the thing between her toes! Then all of the sudden the little sphere

just collapsed. The lava, or whatever, gushed out like blood, and the whole

thing melted into a puddle of red/orange goo under her toes. Her toes continued

in their progression of scrunching, and the molten goo flowed though the cracks

of her toes. I had watched her do this to a tiny guy a day or two ago. The only

difference here was the "blood" was magma of a planet. I heard Lisa moan. I

think she had an orgasm, but being down here at her toes, where the action was,

I couldn't tell. Lisa let her toes unflex, and she flexed them again and again.

The good the squelched between her gigantic toes. "Oh. My. God!" Jenny and Lisa

had said that simultaneously. I was too awed at the sight to say anything. I HAD

to try that. If Lisa ever let us grow. Suddenly her toes slipped back, and the

stars began to move again. The magma goo was still here, although some trailed

back as her toes left. "Hi bugs!" Lisa's voice said behind us. I spun and there

she was. Her face was like some gigantic billboard sign. I felt like a deer

caught in the headlights. She had the device in her hands. "Stand still." The

world flashed, and we were suddenly standing next to Lisa, who was holding her

mule, with the stars all around us. Jenny let out a deep breath. "Jeez Lisa.

Next time warn us if your going try something like that", I told her. "You could

have stepped on us." "No chance. I was careful." "Still…" "C'mon Heather. Admit

you like watching me destroy that planet." "Well…." "Well what?" "It was fucking

awesome!" "Next time you or Jenny can crush the planet, and I'll watch." "OK. I

want to try it soon!" "Me, too!" Jenny chipped in. " "For now though, we should

get our asses back home." "Yeah, my mom will wonder where the fuck I've been."

Jenny laughed. "I wonder what our folks would say if they knew the truth?" Lisa

laughed. "I know my mom, would probably try to join us. She hates bugs, and

would probably get a kick out of stomping a few bug sized men, especially after

dad left her." Lisa fondled the device. "I wonder if I were to bring her & dad

along, then let mom grow like I did. Nah! She'd stomp on dad in a heartbeat.

You're right, Heather lets go home." The world flashed, and we were nothing more

than freshman college co-eds again. "I can't wait to go back!"

Giantess Stories: A Day in the School

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