Giantess Stories: A Day With My Sister

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A Day With My Sister

He ran for his life

across the hardwood floor the huge booms thundered behind him he ran and ran

across his sister's bedroom floor at his present 1/2 inch size and his giant 500

ft tall sister was walking directly toward him unaware her younger 16 year old

brother was running naked only a 1/2 inch tall under her feet. Ben had no idea

how he got that way and at the moment didn't care he was just scared he would be

crushed to death under his giant sister clog. Her left foot flew over his head

cause hurricane force wind sending him flying smacking into the bottom of her

dresser Kayla sat down on her bed and picked up the phone Ben got up and went

over to her shoe and climbed up on the hard black surface and looked up and her

giant towering legs with fish net stockings clung to them above somewhat wide

thighs was a black satin mini skirt top with a black sweater tightly fitting

over her large D tits Kayla was slightly chubby not fat she was hot bright blue

eyes and even brighter pink hair newly dyed Ben started climbing up her nets

trying to make his way up to get her attention he climbed just to her knee when

her phone conversation ended she swung her legs up onto the bed Ben flew up into

he air below him he say her giant landscape of a body laying down on the bed he

went free falling straight toward her belly her wonderful stomach he hit hard

and bounced he looked up dazed at her mountain like tits looming above him

covered in the black fabric he ran between the swells toward her face but again

she sat up he once again was air born he fell between her legs just at the hem

of her skirt he went to climb the netting on her thigh but before he took his

first step she got up off the bed Ben was alone on the vast purple desert that

was his sister's bed.

Giantess Stories: A Day With My Sister

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