Giantess Stories: A Game of Life

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A Game

of Life

- by

Hedin -



city lay in ruins. Or even worse it lay in flattened ruins. Not a single house

remained intact. In fact the only houses that gave at least a chance of survival

for the former inhabitants were now heaps of debris. Wood and steel  bars stuck

out of the piled debris and sometimes painful sighs could be heard from beneath

the rubble. Those were the lucky ones at the mostly untouched outskirts of the

city. Towards the downtown area all other buildings had disappeared. The former

city was nothing more than an irregular plain with foot hills consisting of a

conglomerate that could be described best as compacted building structures and

city ingredients. The bare plain was mostly covered with a pattern of small

rounded bumps with about a foot in diameter. A few areas had a pattern of sharp

ridges that were steep  almost like walls and between 5 and 8 foot high. And

there was also a number of very deep holes in the ground looking almost like

very deep diggins but with always the same and much too  regular shape.

It was

the shape of a rectangle with rounded edges. Each rectangle was about 25 foot

across. Looked inside the deep pits revealed to be very different from digging

sites or surface mines. The steep walls had a smooth concrete like surface. It

really looked like the walls of an underground bunker. But the walls had large

cracks and the ground consisted of  a six foot high pyramid pattern. Looking at

the surrounding area the eye found that the otherwise smooth plain had been torn

apart with large canions and clefts running through it. It looked clearly like

the pits had been forcefully pressed into the bedrock and the canyons were the

resulting cracks.

A small

part of the few survivors surely knew what mighty creature had caused the deep

pits with an ease and indifference that made the titanic forces look like a

little poking.


the creature had made the holes simply by stepping here and letting her weight

force the slender heels of her spagghetti-strapped platform sandals into the

ground. In the distance of a few hundred feet where the arch of her red patent

leather shoes had lowered a similar amount of weight had been spread over acres

and thus only imprinted the pattern of her sandal sole.

Yes the

creature was a woman. In her late twenties and not just beautifully large but

nude and of gigantic size. With her platform heels she towered three quarters of

a mile into the sky.


an hour ago the city had still been intact as the giantess had carelessly walked

through the outskirts. She had taken her time and walked around the downtown

area a few times. The houses in the outskirts didn't need to be stepped on. On

her first walk around the metropole all of the small residents had collapsed

from her tread that caused qaukes of never knewn power. People who had managed

to flee the collapsing homes had  been killed on the next passes until only a

few places hadn't been underfoot at least once.


she had wreaked havoc on the downtown area. Her deathtoll - already in the

thousands - shot up quickly towards the million as kicks penetrated skyscrapers

like foam in a bubble-bath. Minor building were not noticed but nevertheless

stepped upon and finally the mighty nude titaness lowered herself and sat right

into midtown. Rolling around and lashing out with legs and arms had leveled more

and more of the once proud city and finally smashing breasts flattened remaining

areas until nothing more than the plain of compacted debris remained. In a lazy,

still lascive way she had walked out of the city.


shortly behind the outskirts and the highway ring the titaness suddenly stepped

from the horizon. The handfull of survivors who had managed to free themselves

from the unflattened debris looked at it in astonishment. And when the sun

suddenly glowed out and presented itself as a giant lightbulb they got a hint of

what had happened.


however stood in front of the controls next  to the stage and activated a map

like screen. A small red dot appeared and she started the transfer of

coordinates to another section of the controls. Another button pushed and

suddenly a robotic arm moved out from under the stage. It moved towards a

certain position in the outskirts and slowed down until an appearing tweezer

grabbed something. The arm moved towards the controll panel. On a small

pedestrial next to the control area the object was dropped.


small area was flooded with light. Smaller tool arms came from the pedestrial

and manipulated the object. A screen on the panel showed what was going on.


object was a car wreck that was suddenly pried open by the tools of the

robot-arms. As the roof was torn of by a tweezer that looked larger than

lightmasts a human body could be seen inside. Another tweezer that was smaller

and made of some kind of plastic grabbed the man. As the tweezer elements

grabbed the man it got clear why it was made of plastic. The robot couldn't

adjust the force with enough precision. The plastic bend under the pressure that

would normally have killed the poor man. A painfull sigh could be heard from a

speaker. The microphone must have been installed in  the tweezers. Then he was

lifted and the arm held the tiny victim towards the giantess.


however spread her legs as the robot arm adjusted itself above her clean shaven

pussy. As Liane spread her vulva open the tweezers opened. She could hardly see

the tiny thing as it dropped.

The man

fell helplessly until he hit the hill sized clit. Struggling he tried to hold

himself but he slid down the slime covered mountain of lust. He had several rugh

drops as he slid over some small folds and bumps until he finally lost all grip

and fell shriking into the dephts of her cunt. While he was still falling the

titanic fingers removed from the massive labia and the monstrous genitals closed



took her time. She knew he could survive several minutes. His tiny body would

have enough air that had been enclosed with him. The problem was her sticky

slime that would swallow him like quicksand once he was weakened. Out of breath

from his struggling he would gag on her cum and quickly die within ten seconds.

After a minute she decided to go on. Carefully she used her forefinger and

stroked her pussylips. It felt good but that was just a welcome fact. What she

couldn't feel but knew from experience was that she let out the trapped air. The

inner walls of her pussy returned into their natural position separated only by

a layer of pussyjuice.

And now

Liane experienced what only a handful of women ever knew was possible. She felt

the struggling man inside her. Now without air and already under pressure from

the mass of her pussyflesh itself he struggled for his life.

She was

used to it now but three months with four hours of daily training had been

neccessary for her to gain enough control. Slowly she used her love muscles. The

struggling of the man was cruelly slowed by the force that suddenly came from

her pussywalls. After four or five seconds she had increased the power a bit. 

The man was suddenly impossible to move. Despite the slimy pussyjuice he was

held firm enough to be held motionless. His last breath bubbled into her juices

as she crushed his lungs.


felt that he stopped struggling. Without his movements she couldn't feel him but

another increase of pressure changed this. This was the moment she liked best.

It showed her how puny he was compared to her body. To make her most sensible

bodypart feel him needed as much pressure as his bones were able to take.  She

just had to wait. One second. Another.  Then like the slightest possible tickle

she felt his body give in to her pressure.  As the first rib gave in and snapped

it was over. Within half a second she felt his body flattening and the feeling

of his presence simply disappeared.


held the pressure for another ten seconds then she let go. The concentration had

made her tense all other muscles. Just a normal twitch of her cunt muscles would

have sqashed the fragile body immidiately. The force she used to let loose on

orgasm would have been enough to crush a ship of  his size. Now she grabbed the

vaginal shower and stood with spread legs above the small platform. Carefully

she spread her pussy and used a small trickle of warm water to wash out her



some seconds a tiny dot fell onto the platform. Liane stopped the water

immidiately but the few drops that still came down were enough to wash the tiny

body away leaving only the slightest red trace.

But she

wasn't worried. She was a professional after all. The micro gratings kept his

body from going down the drain. The robot arm appeared and again the body was

lifted with the soft tweezers. A tiny coffin appeared in a small compartment

beneath the control panel and the corpse was dropped in it.


coffin was sealed by the robot arm and then raised and put into some kind of a

jewelry box.


took the box and put it into an envelope. The box would be send to the coroner.

The relatives would be notified of his death in the way he had determined

before. If there were no relatives he would be simply buried with the jewelry

box. Otherwise it depended on his wishes if he and his coffin would be enlarged

again and handled to his relatives. She had even heard of one who wanted his

coffin to be attached to his wifes' wedding ring like an emerald.


that Liane left the stage room in the basement of her luxurious house. In the

room next to it she put her red platform heels into the cupboard and put on her

casual jeans dress. Enough work for today.


went for a walk to put the envelope into the postbox on the way. Tomorrow the

coroner would report the correct identification of the corpse to the family

attorney and he would pay her. It was quite an amount of money. She didn't know

if there were any relatives but she guessed  there were because he didn't simply

give all his possession to her. So they couldn't get much because he had bought

a real large city. Cities were not cheap. And they were rare. There were 43

thousand known federation planets and he had to buy a city where every

inhabitant owed money to people outside. He had to pay all debts and he had to

pay for the city. Only a few people where rich enough to afford that on the

scale of a metropolitan with a milion people. And then he had to pay her for

doing the shrink transfer and her actions. He had chosen a nude outfit and he

had chosen to be inside the city without being killed before the city was done.

For this she had to wear the contact lenses with the red locator image that

would show her were he was on the ground.


identifyable corpse - no money. That was the treaty. One false move, a slipping

or tripping with her heels could've cost her a real lot of money. At least she

always insisted on an insurance that would cover the expenses for the city.


everything had gone well. Even his pussy death. He had chosen to die like this.

That's why he came to her. She was the only shrink whore who could do the trick

with an identifyable corpse.


other shrink whores could only deliver - paste!

It had

been a hard job. A voyeur or a lifeplayer would've been much easier. Lifeplayers

would have her do it without the annoying contact lenses. They determined her

size, the amount of destruction, her outfit and her actions and then let fate

decide. Once fate had decided to have him discovered as the lifeplayer by the

doomed inhabitants. He had been killed even before Liane had appeared on the



didn't save them though. Liane had simply reduced the city to the size of a

matchbox and stored it for 'personal use'.


next day brought the money. She was happy because the bank accepted the imidiate

full pay of her credit. With that her house and equipment was paid and there was

enough left for a nice living with no more work.


a week later she got another offer for a shrin whore job. Now she could afford

tod ecline clients. So she checked it out. The man was a lifeplayer. He had

offered a good pay for the job but lost no word on the city. Instead he wanted a



was interested. The meeting was not unusual because someone who paid that much

money should have a right to see the girl who should do the job. The meeting was

in her house because that way she could user her safety equipment to be safe

from robbers or rapists.


even had a special entrance and a special room for this. A shrink beam was

always ready to take care of a possible oponent.


this meeting wasn't a dangerous one. Instead it had a surprise for her. The man

was a real player and as her pay he offered all his possess. A quick bank cross

checking showed no debts or anyting on his account so she wondered how he would

pay the city. But instead of paying the city he simply told her that he knew of

a mayor civilization far outside the federation. It was mostly build on piracy

on federal trade routes.


simply wanted her to 'get' the city. She knew that this was possible. The

federation law regulated that inside the federation could only be bought when

there was  no war enemy whoose cities would then be sold against war loans. All

cities outside the federation would not fall under federate law because the main

court on Frijdhoff II had decided hundreds of years ago that the place of action

for a shrinking was the last position of the real target. At that time the

federation had been in war with all outside systems. Now the outside sistems

belonged to the federation and the years of spreading and settlement had been

gone. No one cared what was outside of their territory. Their starship fleet had

completely taken a defensive role.

So with

this possibility uncovered by law it was legal and possible if the exact

location and rotation data of the planet was known. It was a real complicated

data set that consisted of the stars orbit aorund the galaxy center and then of

the planet's orbit around that star and finally of the rotation speed and the

planet size. With these the actual position of any point on the planet's surface

could be calculated.


some thinking Liane agreed. The man would deliver the dataset within two days

and next monday he would be here for his realplay.


coordinates appeared. Liane had asked her attorney about the correctness of her

interpretation of law. The attorney had answered with a document with the

electronic signature of the great federate law database on Therry IV. It was as

good as the president's seal.


saturday her clients wishes came over via e-mail. He wished a fashionable

mini-dress with a strip-tease, light make up and black wooden platform mules.

The size he entered was 3 miles. He gave no exact instructions on her actions he

just wanted 'erotic actions and self-satisfaction' for two hours.


time of two hours was really long. Even a large city couldn't last longer than

ninety minutes with real slow action. Two hours meant she would have to do a

really slow number with almost no chance of his survival.


lifeplayer job was just real. The costumer would be placed somewhere in the city

and had at least half an hour before the action started. She would never know

where he was or if she had killed or injured him. Sometimes a lifeplayer sqished

helplessly under the first step of a shrink whore. The womans program however

continued for the planned amount of time.


Monday the man entered the house via the special entrance. Before anything

started a lifeplayer had to hand over the pay. The computer checked it. During

this check he was slowly shrunk to the size he had choosen - but no smaller than

a quarter inch. Then he would see Liane for the first time when she stepped into

the shrinker cabin. Usually she was already dressed for the program except for

those customers  who wished a nude appearance. In the shrinker cabin she always

wore at least a bikini and shoes. And then down on the ground the lifeplayer had

to make his decision. He had already signed the lifeplayer statement and

contract but Liane granted them this last chance. More than half of them peed

their pants and denied to enter the stage at the reality of her titanic

proportions. But this customer was sure of his wish.


right!' he said and this meant he was shrunk again to match the real

proportional size he had wished. A 3-Mile-Liane meant a size of 0,025 inches.

one fourtieth of an inch. To Liane he simply disappeared on the white ground.

Sqatting down all she could see was a dark spot.

'Do you

really want to be that small?' she asked.


robotic arm moved a tiny microphone above the spot.


think so' came the amplified but still almost unhearable answer.


that size you have almost no chance. Do you want me to use the radar to be aware

of your position and give you a chance?'


on the ground as he was unable to stand under the vibrations of her voice he

started to think his situation over. The skyscraper height of her mules platform

sole looked really dangerous now and from down here he could look under the sole

that was bending upwards at the tip to provide a more comfortable walk. And far

beneath this bending tip he could see the floor caving in at the area where the

sole touched the floor. It looked and really was unstoppable.

But he

was a man. Should he admit that he almost peed his pants from fear of her

towering size?


he tried a diplomatic answer.

'If you

wish...' he finally answered.


Lianes voice made him bounce on the floor,' the contact lenses are annoying and

almost hurting if I have to wear them for two hours. You shall have your way.'


with that she turned around. The robot arm with the microphone disappeared and

his suddenly fearfull cries for help ended as her step hit the ground and the

concussion catapulted him a real half inch into the air. As small as he was

gravity could not be betrayed. The air didn't carry him like dust and everything

alike fell with the same speed that took only fractions of a second for the

first inch. He was down on the ground long before her second step finished with

an even harder earthquake. Again he flew through the air for a short time. The

third step took her out of the cabin so he wasn't sent flying but he bounced and

slid helplessly over the floor. The next steps he could only feel and hear.


later the robot arm appeared above him. A set of clothing was dropped. It fit

nicely and was neccessary to camouflage him in the city. Usually the clothes

were taken fom people who dropped over the edge of the stage when the shrinking

and transfer happened.

A beam

appeared and transported him.


air hit him. He was standing next to a door in a deserted street.right in front

of him was his car. It was aquired like the clothes had been.


quickly opened it and started to drive around the city. After the short

rendezvous with the giantess he felt relieved to be in normal surroundings

again. What he didn't know was where exactly he was. A few roads later he found

a larger street that led into the downtown area. That was OK for him because he

knew that the usual program of the giantess would start somewhere in the


In the

next minutes he tried to find a parking lot. Of course there were many garages

beneath the skyscrapers - but he knew he would be trapped in here once it

started. So he rounded the block several times with no luck.


thoughts started to bring him into panic. Everyone would try to get out of the

city. Quick. In panic. With no care for others. His heartraced. His thoughts

went back to  te savety of the shrinking cabin. How mightyhad she been at only

1500 foot! And now? He had screwed up his last chance of survival. He had seen

her at 3 Miles the next moment. Unreachable even with her supertechnology. He

hammered the steering wheel with his fists. Why had he been that careless about

his life? He had ordered two hours. Maybe ten steps of those titanic feet would

completely ruin the city. He had felt the energy of her heavy footfalls.


parking lot! Finally. He almost bumped the car in front of him and people

started looking at him.


heaven's sake - don't draw attention to yourself!" How much time? No clock in

the car. No watch either. Stupid rules. Everything was her decision now. She

would give him at least 30 minutes with the action starting within two hours.

How much time had passed for searching a parking lot?



was lazy. Her displays ha indicated that her customer had been  placed in the

city. She had watched the controls for another 5 minutes to be sure his

appearance wasn't detected. Not that the city would've survived if they found

out who and what he was! There was no weapon against her technology.


Liane waled back into her livin room. She always took her time. No one really

had to fear her appearance before the granted 30 minutes.

She sat

on her sofa and read a book. Ten minutes later she opened a bottle to enjoy a

glass of red wine. She was a professional and knew the est way for her to get

into the right mood. After all  her customer had ordered sensual and tasteful

sexuality. Two hours of aciton meant she would have to walk for more than one

hour. But her really large scale on this one would make it neccessary to stand

or walk for more than one hour.


size was crazyshe thought and remembered the man's stuttering as he rejected the

radar lens. But she wasn't worried about that. After all the contract didn't

require asking her subject for sparing his life.


another thought for the long time she dropped the stiletto platform heels and

slid her feet into her comfortable mules. No need to botherherself with

uncomfortabe fetish-shoes while waiting.


At that

time her subject was sitting in his car and watching the sky. He thought that he

would notice a change. Time passed and he got nervous again.


thought of plans to save his  life but every plan for more than thirty minutes

was impossible because she was the uncalculable thing in every plan. One lazy

and casual step of that whore into the wrong place and everything would be over

for him.



many thoughts made it difficult for Liane. A second glass of wine had to go.


than one hour had passed. Liane was getting lazy. It had been a little too much

wine. But she was a professional so she raised from her sofa and walked towards

her cupboard.


she didn't wear her private undies for work - but she knew that this was the

only way to get the right mental stimulation now.

A black

combination of strappy bra and slip - almost a thong - were tucked into place. A

belted red lace gown with long sleeves hid her beautiful undies.  Looking at her

feet and feeling warm from the wine she decided that against her customer's wish

the mules were a really good match for her lingerie. A thick black rubber

platform sole with a nice chunky 4-inch-heel. Three red straps - broad but nly

covering her instep left her toes with dark red nail polsih completely



walked towards her basement door and found the sound of her steps really

innovative. Instead of sharp clicks from stiletto heels there was a dark

rumbling sound and a decent slurping of her bare feet on the rubber platform.


and majesticly se strode into the room. As her foot stepped onto the stairs to

the stage a contact started the transport. Within a second the hemisphere above

the stage adapted to the color of the sky that had been over the city. Clouds

appeared and silently but suddenly the city was there right when Liane's right

foot stepped onto the stage.


in the city didn't notice anything at first. Then suddenly outbound cars simply

crashed with the horizon and hundreds of people in the southern outskirts got

under a dark shadow.

Most of

them managed to look up but no one realized what happened within the quarter of

a second they had left to live.


that time Liane's mule  thundered down. The people beneath her sole died

instantly and houses, cars - just everything was flattened and compacted to take

the weight of the titaness.

A heavy

cuncussion and thunder of her tread raced through the metropolis. People turned

heir heads and looked up in nameless fear before many of them lost their balance

from the earthquake.


before they had turned far enough to see the titanic threat the next quake came

over the city. Again hundreds of people never knew what hit them. They saw only

blackness  before they were squished into oblivion. The few survivors next to

the titaness' shoes were crawling in ruins. Most of them had no eye for the

black mountain next to them simply because they lay buried beneath their houses

or tried to free themselves from  their upturned cars.

The few

lucky ones who had been in the street and remained unharmed except for

beingthrown off their feet, forgot to stand up as they recognized the giantess

and her gian shoe.


giantess gave them a little time to look at her while she watched the city. But

the people in the streets were too shocked about her appearance to help the

unlucky ones under the tip of each platform mule. The thick rubber sole was bent

upward at the tip to provide a more comfortable walk. People beneath those

overhanging masses of rubber looked up at the black sky that showed a tread

pattern instead of clouds. But in their fearfull stupidity they didn't recognize

anything and didn't evne try to run for their lives.


the giantess gave them a 50  percent chance of survival as she raised her right

foot for the next step.


under the tip of her right mule remained unharmed except for a hail of heavy

compacted debris falling off the solethat flew over them like a spaceship.

But as

this happened she neccessarily transferred  her weight onto te toes of her left

foot. The left mule tilted forward and as it's heel rose into the air the

helpless people under her toes were somehow rolled over and squished by the tip

of the titanic platform sole.


started to slowly surrond the city. She enjoyed the view and her powerfull

feelings. She didn't watch her steps and she walked very slowly. But as slow as

one step followed the other - the tiny people couldn'T move as far as the

distance between her fingerprint lines before hundreds of them got stepped on

regardless if in their houses or cars or just running in the streets.

In the

dim light beneath Liane's lowering shoe people saw houses crumple without

resistance. Many of them saw a trucksized part of the tread beneath the sole

when it first crushed a house or a car and finally squished people as it touched

th ground. They thought they would be spared between the rubber walls but when

they were enclosed in the darkness under the titanic foot they heard the

deafening thunder and felt the force of that terrific impact before the masses

of earth that were squished aside by the penetrating rubberblocks flattened

their crumpled bodies against the roof of the small crevices beneath Liane's

mule. Within the tenth of a second nothing was alive under the sole of her shoe

which was still sinking deeper into the ground as everything was compacted by

the terrific weight of the titaness.



lifeplayer still sat in his car that bounced from every brutal impact. People in

the streets were helplessly crawling on all fours because the slow stries of the

young whore at the horizon didn't provide enough time to stand up. Some steps

shook the skyscrapers hard enough to  shatter one or two windows. Seconds later

the large chunks of glass speared people who couldn't crawl away fast enough.


lifeplayer was more than disturbed. He saw the giantess and somehow recognized

her face but her dress was completel different. he feared for his life even more

because he had choosen spiked heels to have a chance to survive under the arch

of her shoe.


shoes had almost no arch between the chunky heel and the platform sole. The low

arch that was there also touched the ground because her shoes sunk in deep


And as

the titanic whore turned towards the center of the city she sensually licked

across her bloodred lips. He almost got mad from fear as he looked up at her

lustfull face.



She untied the belt around her gown and the silky material slid off her body and

fell to the ground.

Tons of

pure silk crashed down. Houses were shattered and people got smashed. But the

rest of the city stared at a pair of voluptuous and lace covered boobs. Seconds

later they gasped at the sight of Liane's barely covered crotch and then their

eyes followed her towering legs down to the lethal barefeet in her monstrous



stood and gave her helpless victims a good amount of time to watch her glorious



she made another step this time towards the center of the doomed metropolis.


with this step every fearfull soul felt the end nearing. Even the larger houses

next to the skyscrapers were so meaningless to the giant mule that crushed and

compacted tem into the titanic whores' footprint. The tip of her platform mule

was a 250 foot high wall of black rubber. Only the largest skyscrapers topped

that height and only three buildings reached up to the edge of the 800 foot high



still those proudest manmade structures were so fragile against the giant shoe

and te massive barefoot with its mighty toes.


other foot raised from the ground and swung forward. This time not a real step.

Instead it was a lazy dragging and grinding. Countless buildings dissolved into

dust as cityblock after cityblock splattered on the black rubberwall beneath her

toes. Then the movement stopped and her weight was transferred onto the foot.


cruelsome rumbling and crunching the mule sunk into the ground as debris and

bedrock was compacted by the enormous pressure. Then she slowly squatted down on

her heels which put much more weight on her toes. So it took several seconds

until the mule settled in a 50 foot deep imprint.


tiny vicims! I am feeling sexy tonight - hehe maybe because I am a little

lightheaded from that wine - So I decided to have a little bit of lustfull fun

in your town. And most of all I want to have some kind of - sex with tis

handsome building. But you don't need to leave your cute little skyscraper.

Because I will take my time with a really wet foreplay to take care of the rest

of your town."


these thundering words Liane started to push her thumb and forefinger into the

ground next to a quite large skyscraper. Within two seconds she had buried all

entrances beneath a pile of crushed rubble.


she repeated this with another six skyscrapers before her mighty thighs worked

and she stood up again.


took another step. Rarely she did it without thinking about her victims. She had

done this so many times. With so many different shoes. And it was all the same.

She had worn wooden mules with slim highheels and she had flattened them under

the foamy platform soles of thong sandals. When her foot left and took the shoe

with it the only difference was the shape of the footprint. The hardsole of her

wooden mules sunk deeper than the soft thong sandals.  Pointed heels penetrated

deeper into the ground than chunky ones. But whatever shoe or barefoot came down

everything left behindwas flattened and dead.


she did it. She loved it. The crumpling and cracking that confirmed her power.

Her victims giving the final worship with a squish. And so often she had started

fingering herself  but now she hadto use all her willpower to keep calm enough

for at least an hour.

It was

time for a little diversion. Time to play. Time to lay down. Not far from the

skyscrapers she lowered her gorgeous body. Squatting down she used her hands for

support and lowered her tummy and finally rested her chin on her left hand.


He was

in a hurry. Almost panic. His car swerved between running people. The first

seconds had been almost hopeless. He had to reach the skyscraper she had marked.

He wanted to live his fantasy. Towards the skyscraper the road was suddenly

blocked. His had bumped against the roof of the car with the belt cutting

painfull into his shoulder. The earthquake had slammed him down again and his

feet were pressed uncontrollably onto the pedals. The engine was cut off as it

got too much fuel and had to struggle against the brakes. The car slid to a halt

and the only thing he could see through the front window was the overhanging

clift of her platform sole. With unholy speed the rounded wall lowered as the

mighty shoe tilted. It rolled over the cracking tarmac that broke up into large

chunks that were crushed and flattened the next moment under the advancing sole.


body was too slow to cry out in helpless fear for his puny life. As his voice

caused pain in his ears his car was  already dragged forward and backward over

large cracks in the buckled tarmac. His mind realized that his car would stuck

in the deep clefts but the hurrican of displaced air had dragged the car over

the debris until it had come to rest on less damaged tarmac.

No one

was behind him. At the opposite edge of the footprint he saw cars sliding and

dropping into the deep heel part of the young valley. Some couldn't stop in time

others were pushed as cars from behind crashed into the mayhem. He started the

engine and flored the gas pedal. At the next intersection he went left. The next

street towards the center was also on the ground of a footprint so he had to go

for three intersections until he found a road that was undamaged and not covered

with piles of debris.

But as

he drove towards the center he had to move against the general direction of

fleeing people.


some seconds he managed to swerve around them. He almost got sick as the car

moved left and right and the ground bounced up and down under distant steps of

the titaness.

Distant? Suddenly the whole area was covered in a shadow.  Looking up he saw a

mighty hand pass over the street and the heavy rumbling told him that it had

touched the ground very near to him.


lowered the window and looked up only to see the black lace of her monstrous bra



above but lowering fast!


stopped swerving. He needed more speed. THUMP! ... CRACK! people couldn't get

out of the way fast enough. He was reckless. Did it matter if they got smashed

by his car or flattened under that giant tit?


seconds. No longer. He felt the rumbling and cracking coming nearer. The car

lost traction on the vibrating ground. He knew it was her tummy flattening the

city. Then he saw it in the rearview mirror. The black globe. It touched down.

The earth heaved  and his car spun like a crashing indycar. The ground tilted

towards the titanic tit. And with a metal tearing screech the car got stuck

between two chunks of buckled road. He was slighty stunned. Around him was the

deafening rumble of the ground that had to adapt to the voluptous shape of a


As the

heavy debris suddenly started to crush his car he desperately fumbled until the

seatbelt opened. He had to throw his mangled body against the door to get it

open. He tried to jump out but it was more like dropping down head over  heels.

Then he had to climb away from the chunks.


later the car was flattened. Not nearly as flat as a car in a footprint. But

flat enough for an almost spasmic shiver.


foot behind him rose a wall of black fabric that was stretched by the soft

masses of a tit spread on the ground.


started running.



smiled as she saw the tiny dots of people. Some moved between the crumbs of

tarmac next to her body. Perhaps trying to help others. In the streets countless

of them fled. Some larger dots were cars that drove recklessly through the

runners. Her right arm was free for some interaction. With the edge of her

fingernail she touched the car-dots. With each car a good number of runners next

to it  was also squashed. Easy with a 10 foot thick fingernail and an eight 

foot layer of red nail-polish.


sure didn't want to help them. As most of the cars had vanished in slightly bend

cracks in the tarmac she ended the game with a 'BOOOH!'


didn't know exactly if the power of her breath or the vibration of her voice had

caused it but she saw immidiately that all the tiny dots stopped moving.


seconds passed with no one moving she smiled as she realized that her voice had

knocked them out.


she lowered her head. Sticking out her tongue she licked across the whole

neighbourhood of unconscious people.  It tasted - dusty.

With a

little yanking and struggling she finally opened her bra and looking at the

mostly undamaged cityblocks in front of her she announced, 'Aaah, I think that

bra was really to tight around my boobs. The seams left some red marks on my

skin. I think I need a massage for my soft flesh. Will  you help me out?'


that she raised on her knees and elbows and edged a little bit forward. Lifting

from the bra her naked boobs were swaying to and fro in the sky. Then she

lowered them and delighted in the tickle of cityblocks crunching as they were

flattened beneath her heavy tits.


you did that good. But I wanna share my lustfull bodywith all of you. You don't

mind if I move on?'


these words she had already buried the next cityparts under her soft flesh.

Carefully she swayed with her shoulders to give her asteroid sized wrecking

balls a rotating movement. Shivers went down her spine as she carefully created

circular valleys of death with her hardened nipples. Then the flash came down

again to complete the destruction.


a thought for the destruction under her hands and knees she enjoyed her titplay.

Block after block - neighbourhood after neighbourhood was flattened. Thousands

of people fled and squished for her pleasure. And finally she realized she was

dripping wet. Resting her upper body on her tit  cushions and her head on her

cheek  she used both hands to rip down her thong. Feeling its wetness she

dragged her feet out of it and threw it across the city. Then she sat up with

her ass coming down between her feet and her shins folded under. CRUNCH! Went

another part of the city and Liane watched a true avalanche of thick lovejuice

slide through cunt-valley and flood over the last undestroyed areas between her




in a small town he was not used to the distances in a city. The skyscraper

loomed so  near. Yet it was so far without a car. He ran and ran. After ten

minutes no one was around except  for some corpse or a few injured people crying

for help. Then after another ten minutes he arrived at the skyscraper. But first

he had to pass through the crushed area around.  The fingerprint was some kind

of a stony desert that wound up in waves of hills. Climb up - jump down, up  and

down, up and...

As he

reached the coarse debris around the skyscraper he was shaking from weakness.

But he had to get in. Luckily there was some kind of a path consisting of a

wall. It had belonged to a building that  had been crushed by her fingers.


wall was like a ramp up to a 4th storey window. Looking inside he saw no one.

With his last strength  he threw a stone and the window that had already beeing

stressed by the deformation of the house shattered into millions of tiny pieces.

With a

last  jump  he stood inside an empty office. The next moment he was running



searched the house. He was looking for the stairs. He finally found one but it

was only leading up to the 8th story. 'Whatever!' he thought an ran up.


danced in front of his eyes as he reached the top of the stairs. But it was

worth it. A small lift platform for transporting tools or antennas to the roof

was there. And it had power.  When he reached the roof he awoke from the sudden

movement of  the stopping platform.


he was. On the roof of the skyscraper. He jumped from the platform and walked

over to a grey metal hut with a door. The door was open and he saw stairs

leading down into the building. But before he went down he turned and looked

across the city. Behind those skyscrapers he saw her. Her  mighty ass and the

dirty soles of her giant platform mules. Her voice echoed through the dying




god, I am wet. I am ready now! I can't wait another hour. Fuck you, realplayer.

Fuck! I wanna fuck something big now.'


with that she raised from the ground. She had spared the skyscrapers to save

some toys for the long time. Now lust had taken over. Careless steps crushed and

brushed, ground and pound through the splattering buildings. And three steps

later her platform mules thudered down next to one of the prepared skyscrapers.

Driven by careless lust she wasted no time and squatted on her heels with her

left hand for support on the ground and her right hand spreading her dripping

pussy. Heavy blobs of lovejuice battered the building and it  crumpled before

she had even touched it.


grinding movements of her feet she quickly straddled the next skyscraper dildo.

Quickly her knees came down and her crotch lowered. Her desire had made her too

hot  to take care. Instead of aiming carefully the whole building was splattered

and crushed on her lowering clit which made her only hornier.


good, but only two left!' she thundered. A step forward. And then a shivering

but carefull descent and the skyscraper  found its way between her wet

pussylips. A thunderous moan erupted as she took the skyscraper in. But the

titanic cunt had been closed until now. No lustful finger had prepared a path

for her sex toy. Storey after storey imploded as the skyscraper was forced into

her. Then as Liane's pussylips touched the ground and her clit flattened another

surviving building Liane had to use her love muscles.


a wet burst of pleasure Liane felt her cunt flattening the building. For a

moment she ground her clit over the ground hoping to find some more pleasuring

structures to flatten beneath her lust knob.


she raised again and straddled the last skyscraper. Again she shivered as she

sunk down. But this time the path was open. With a squish and slurping noise

Liane took the skyscraper without too much damage.



cursed in helpless fear and rage. Between his tears he saw how quickly she 

destroyed all the other skyscrapers in her outburst of  lust. Now her dripping

cunt was above him. Chunks of debris rained down along with large slimeblobs of

her pussyjuice. The smell of her sex was everywhere and then suddenly she came

down on him. He cried in fear. He saw the cunt. For a moment the whole sky was

cunt. Then she touched the skyscraper. The slimecovered pussylips sled around

the building and the gaping vagina engulfed the building. His ears popped from

the air pressure inside of her titanic cunt.


somewhere came light and it was enough to see far up into her sex. Thunder and

shaking announced that her pussylips had met the ground. And high above he

couldn't see the end of her pussy. This skyscraper was the largest. But it

still  wasn't enough to fill her. And she knew by now.


Tiny skyscraper with all your people inside.  You are too tiny. But, please,

...please, please me. Do what you were made for. '

Slurping and rumbling started again. The cunt rose and he could see how her

slimy flesh started to tear the edge of the roof away. The whole front of he

building was starting do dissolve. Quickly he jumped down the stairs. Another

moaning downstroke began as he reached the floor. 


strokes got faster and faster. Seven strokes later he arrived five storeys below

the roof. He wanted a window and quickly opened several doors. Then suddenly he

stumbled into a room and saw flesh.

Half of

the room was missing. Torn off by the lustfull wrath of her cunt. With the next

stroke a heavy desk was dragged with the slimy flesh and crushed into pulpwood

between the cunt and the floor.


suddenly there was blinding light. Smelly lovejuice dripped down from the edge

of the roof. The whole building was shaken in a tremble of the giantess who had

slid it almost completely out.


suddenly she sunk down again. He saw how her pussylips crushed and ripped of

another large part of the room leaving only six foot of floor behind the door he

was standing in.

'AAAAAaaah!' he heard her thunder of pleasure. Then suddenly all hell  broke


Up and

down, up and down, to and fro he was thrown in the building. She was quickly

humping it and her cunt almost touched the door.


Yes!! YES!! NOOW! aaAAAh!'


heard her. He heard her orgasm and suddenly he realized that now came her

vaginal muscles. The walls around him shattered. He was covered in lovejuice and

felt  unbearable  pressure. A last thought 'NO! I wanted to please mys...!' and

she squished out his life with her orgasm.



felt good. She had enjoyed to feel the whole building flattening under the

pressure of her vaginal muscles. Now she simply fell backwards without care for

the remaining hour of work.  Her head sunk softly into the crumbling

cityblocks.  She looked at the sky that really didn't look artifical. With  sigh

she stretched out her legs and kicked her mules off her feet. Slowly she started

exploring the city with her barefeet trying to guess what kind of puny building

crumbled under the touch of her skin.


ridiculous that she needed to crush a building until she felt its presence

through the hard skin under her big toe.


much power was neccessary to crush a building and how easily she produced it

just with the slightest movement of her toe.

What a

stupid guy to do a lifeplay with a 3-mile giantess? Where was he now?  Was he

dead? So much could've happened.  What if she ad just snuffed out his life with

her first step? What if the inhabitants realized him to  be a lifeplayer to be

the one who ordered their complete annihilation?


maybe he was still alive and just trying to climb her magnificient body.  But

looking over the city she didn't believe this. There was just too much

destruction she had caused.

For a

moment she discussed in  her thoughts if she would do too much of a  cheat if

she just finished the city before the ordered two hours.

'A dead

customer is a pleased customer. At least for this job', she thought. And it

didn'T matter if he was dead or would be within the next two minutes.

'People! Your city gave me enough fun and pleasure.  Time to go...', she

announced and rised.


were only a few skyscrapers  left. Most of them had been flattened under her ass

and back. Others had been enclosed in her hunt for pleasure. The few remaining

ones had been somehow spared by her footplay. The outskirts had been

sufficiently flattened during her walk around the town. Between the outskirts

and the skyscrapers were the few remaining intact areas. Her mules had cared for

a part of it. Each mighty sho had left a trail of destruction before coming to


So with

her sexual desire sufficiently pleased she needed some fast and easy ways of

destruction. She started with the one that she suddenly realised as being

inevitable within the next ten minutes.

A few

well  aimed steps took her towards her mules. Pretending to be clumsy she caused

another ten thousand casualties while trying to slide her feet in. Then she

turned towards the last skyscrapers and squatted on her heels.


What had been a dirty or smelly word for most of the insignificant people down

there turned into a word of death and humiliation. Skyscrapers exploded and were

washed away. Whoever as  hit by the powerfull jet was turned into shredded

flesh. Even indirect squirts hit  with enough force to flatten cars and smash



flood cleared its path through the city. Whoever got caught by Liane's piss was

soon drowned in the churning stream.


long seconds of death the yellow jeat ebbed away. A few very powerfull  squirts

finally ended the unbelievable scene. Slowly the brown flood moved to the

outskirts and started to seep into the ground and left it poisened by her bodys



good to have my platform mules. I would never step into my own piss with thin

soles or even barefooted.'


was her only comment and with no more than ten lazy steps she squished the last

remaining buildings under her weight.


she said and gathered her undies and her gown before she stepped off her

playground. She stepped out of he mules and left them on the last step because

of a few squirts of piss on the lower edge of the platform sole. Maybe another

city could be ordered to do a cleaning job soon.


lifescan on the control panel gave a reading of 20. That was unusually clean but

one hour and seventeen minutes were an usually long time. But the most

interesting fact was the death time of her lifeplayer. She easily realized it to

be the moment of one of her mot pleasuring orgasms.


datachip with a complete six angle video and surround sound went into the

archive. Then Liane touched a green button. The safety check realized that she

was outside stage and with a whispering 'flump'-sound the city disappeared. Back

to it's former place on the planet.


display read '20.4432 tons of material including 73 lifeforms displaced'.

Probably an investigation team and a few cars that had dropped into the crater

just after the roadin front of them had disappeared.


earned another good amount of money Liane walked upstairs. Her media-system was

programmed to record tonights news. There would surely be some talk about the

toying of an extraterritorial city. The lifeplay had been legal and whatever

they did - her machine wasn't trackable.


went to bed and had some nice dreams about power and pleasure.



by Hedin, september 1999


Giantess Stories: A Game of Life

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