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A Giant Hunter's Tale


Ramsus XIII

How embarrassing….saved by the one thing I've made a living on

hunting. A giantess. And why…why she saved me, I thought those giant

beasts were a race of all evil beings, yet this one is nice and kind.

Bah, it doesn't matter; this is an insult, this…overgrown beast

catching me. It's even strange when she smiles on me so warmly, but

she saved my life and I owe her…..she saved my life……

Here I'll start from the beginning…

My name is Ramsus; I am a bounty hunter and have been making a

killing by bringing in these beasts. Humans, gigantic, mammoth sized

humans...these giants have been around for a long time, but usually

kept out of sight, until a few years ago they began to emerge and

wreak havoc. There have been very few sightings of males, probably

because they have been slowly dying out, and thus only the females

remain. They range in different sizes, the smallest and easiest to

capture are about 20ft tall, but those are worth chump change, the

common ones around about 100ft, there have been some 500 footers,

maybe even bigger ones. I don't try to bite off more than I can chew,

as they are extremely violent creatures, and outclass us in size,

weight and power. Strategy is the way to bring these girls down,

either that or a lot of money to fund a gigantic controllable heap of

scrap metal, or “mechas” or whatever they call them. I don't like

relying on such things; technology is sometimes fau!

lty and I prefer my special blade, infused with magic runes and big

enough to kill a 50 footer in one stroke, and my own little bag of

tricks anyway. In addition to that, these giantesses are not that


Anyway I recently picked up on a call in my office out in the middle

of nowhere regarding a nice 300 footer, with a hefty price on her

head, having her way with a city, so I immediately set out on my bike

to go bag this one before anyone else could.

On my way to the city I could see a giantess doing the unspeakable to

the civilians. This seemed to be a wild one; she had dirty blond hair

and was dancing around in her naked glory, bumping into buildings,

dancing onto the nameless. From a few yards away I got off my bike,

grabbed my equipment and made my way toward the entrance of the

being-wrecked-in-progress city. It was a horrible sight, but I've

seen it many times before. Yet another giantess relieving her sexual

desires on those that don't deserve it, oh well whatever keeps my

wallet full. I grabbed my megaphone, turned it on and decided to get

started by getting the attention of the giantess.

“HEY YOU,” I yelled into the megaphone, she carried on, “HEY YOU I


I think I caught her attention, as she began to walk in my direction,

and kept on going, I managed to dive out of the way in time as her

gigantic right foot came screaming down on the area where I stood,

causing a deep indent in the shape of her foot. This was no casual

step, the put more force on that single step then she did on the rest

of them, I then looked up and saw her looking over her shoulder and

down at me. Yep, I caught her attention, alright, obviously realizing

this when she turned to face my direction and look down on me. I

returned her stare, but not without noticing her gigantic naked body.

See, this was a major problem in this business, cause no matter how

hard hearted I get; I cannot ignore such a magnificent sight.

“What was that?” she taunted, her voice exploding, but it was no

problem as my ears were trained.

Putting my mouth to the megaphone, I yelled, “MY NAME IS RAMSUS! I AM


She sneered and raised her foot up over me, “Is that right, you

little bug? You are going to bring ME down? What a joke!”, and

lowered her foot, trying to stomp me out.

I dashed straight forward, avoiding being squashed by her heel,

however, the shock from the impact threw me a few feet and off

balance and I found myself staring at her large rear end as I lie on

my back and begin to see it lower down towards me. Crap! She's going

to sit on me! I realize I begin to roll over to position myself under

her crack as she came down upon me. From what I could tell, there was

quite an indent into the ground as I was shoved up a pretty decent

way, and I was slightly stuck.

For a while there I felt a slight pain as my body compressed a little

when she came down on me, but I was okay, it was far better than

being under one of her cheeks. Where I remained was dark, hot and had

this awful stench, I guess it was hard to wipe properly at this size.

Then I felt some sudden movements, first vibration, she began to

giggle, then some violent shifting, she was wiggling her butt,

assuming she thought she had me and trying to grind me into the

ground, but in reality I was starting to feel sick, the smell and the

sudden quick violent motions as if her flesh decided to play tennis

with me. Then there was a sudden stop and a quick heave in my stomach

then I felt as if my body was folding, she was standing now and now

squeezing her buttocks, she realized where I was and is trying to

crush me here. The walls were closing and I sure didn't plan to die

here and I began to inch my way toward the light and I managed to

fall out and land on the ground before she squ!

eezed with all her might.

This sort of thing wasn't new to me at all; I've been close to a

violent death way more than once, all part of the job. I gathered my

bearings and met her gaze once again. She had an odd look in her

eyes, she was playing with me, and she really thought I was no match

for her. I reached into my pocked and pulled out a tiny white orb

marked “X” on it. Not the one I was looking for, but it gets the job

done, before I could react she leaped at me, but did not land on top

of me, but over me, and I stood between her house-sized feet, a wall

of flesh to my immediate right, and a wall of flesh to my immediate

left. I could not see her face from here, as the breasts on her chest

were blocking my view, not that I really minded much.

“You are a naughty one,” she spoke, “Playing around in my booty. How

dare you!”

I reached for my megaphone, and realized I didn't have it, must have

fallen from me when she almost stomped me out the second time.

Looking at the orb in my hand, I turned around and made a run for it,

just my freakin' luck; she had to swallow this orb for it to take

effect. I ran quite a few yards till ran smack into a soft wall of

flesh and fell backwards onto my ass; she had put her foot down to

block my path and before I could react any further, she reached down

and violently snatched me up in her hand and held me in a tight fist

in front of her face. Her fingers wrapped tightly around me,

squeezing, trying to grind my bones into dust. She had this huge

smirk on her face as she held me, then she opened her mouth to speak.

However I didn't pay attention to whatever she said, for as soon as

she parted her lips, a rush of hot, awful scented air filled my

nostrils. I gagged and heaved, and seeing her smiling face become a

frowning glare, I realized she knew what I was gettin!

g at, and tossed me into her mouth in response.

I landed on her warm wet tongue and checked my surroundings. It was

like being in a hot, wet cave, and I guess you can add darkness into

it when she closed her lips. Her breath was just awful, I was ready

to puke, but I was running out of time before I was munched on. She

began using her tongue to toss me around in her mouth, it bat me

around like a kitten playing with a new toy, smashed me against the

rugged roof of her mouth, and trapped me under it. During that I

managed to toss the orb down her throat, it wouldn't be long before

it took effect, which means I needed to get out of there. During one

of the times I was slammed against her inner cheek, I landed on her

set of teeth, I'm guessing her molars, but my worry is getting

grinded by them, not what kind they are.

During the split second I landed, I reached for the hilt on my blade

and rolled out of the way to the base of the tongue as her upper jaw

began to descend and stabbed my blade into her tongue, causing her

lips to snap open and her soft humming and moaning became a howl of

pain. I pulled out my sword and watched the blood seep out of her

tongue and her screaming echoing in my ears. In an instant I was

sucked up into a wad of saliva and blood and spat out of her mouth

and into the palm of her hand. Being in a glob of spit isn't fun at

all, I've been spat on before and it sure isn't pretty, just a gross


Suddenly, her hand moved and her fingers closed in, tightening me in

a fist, but not in the vertical position, she was planning to ball me

up and then crush me. I guess she didn't take kindly for me stabbing

her tongue. I felt my drenched body fold forward slowly, and I

reached my limit in leaning forward and felt more pressure pushing

me. I yelled out in agonizing pain, but it was futile, and muffled in

her hand, then it felt as if my back would break then her hand flew

open. I sat up and looked at her, wondering why she stopped, then I

saw the strange look on her face. Her eyes were rolled back in her

head and her bleeding tongue hung out of her mouth, then I realized

it, the orb took effect. The X meant it was poisonous, and it sure

took effect quick.

Her body began to lean back and forth and then fall forward,

plummeting to the ground. As she fell I leaped up toward her and

landed on the back of her head as she landed face first into the

ground, causing an earthquake, ruining the city worse than it already

was. As I stood in her hair, I watched buildings fall and crumble

down and citizens fleeing for their life. I simply shook my head in

shame; to think I tried to save this place, and the giantess ends up

wrecking it without any effort, ah well, this is what happens when

you're in the hunting business. I leaped off the big girl's head and

walked over to her hand and proceeded to carve my name on it with my

blade, to let the officials know the deed was done and who should be


I went to my bike and hopped on it, and saw something interesting in

the distance. Maybe I was losing my mind at the time, but I believe I

saw two young women, fly through the air with a strange aura around

them. It wasn't technology, and I could have sworn there weren't any

magic users left, I decided to give chase.

It was hard to keep up; they were moving quite quickly, and

well…flying. And because of the giant attacks, the terrain has seen

better days, but I was determined to find out what was going on. From

what I could tell, they landed deep into the forest; dammit, if I

didn't know better I'd say they're trying to get away from me. I

pulled up to a cliff over looking the forest. There was no way my

bike could make it there, so I pressed the compact button which

caused the bike to fold into a little cube, which I took and shoved

into my pocket, yes I know what I said about technology, but hey it's

convenient, anyway I then I proceeded to scale down the cliff. It

wasn't that hard and I made it to the bottom in a matter of minutes,

I entered the forest and made my way through. It was peaceful and

calming in a magical way, almost sacred. I don't know why I bothered,

maybe it was fate that I come here, but wouldn't you be curious when

you see to people fly by just like that?

After what seemed like hours, I came to a river. Looking up the

river, I noticed a faint glowing in the distance which then rose into

the air. I scurried to the top of a tree to get a better look and my

jaw dropped. It was a bubble, a large glowing bubble, and something

was growing inside it, increasing in size and it was….one of those

young women, growing into a giantess, right before my eyes. So is

this how they come about? Is this the secret to the appearance to the

giants? They are made and not born? I hopped down from the tree and

ran up the river to get closer, and as I inched closer and closer, I

heard the giantess offer up thanks and praise and such. Could that

woman be the one creating these giantesses? If so, how?

The giantess came into view, and I have to admit she had a cute face

with a cute pair of glasses, her brown eyes shimmering behind them,

she stood there stunningly, she was in nothing but a pair of pink,

lacy bra and panties, showing off her magnificent body, but despite Djeser-Djeseru, el templo de Hatshepsut

their pretty looks, giantess were evil, they've always been that way,

I've always seen them that way, but for some reason, in the pit of my

stomach, I felt that wasn't true. I came up to a tree that wasn't too

far away from her gigantic feet, and climbed to the top and saw an

even bigger shock! The other woman had grown as well, I guess I was

too focused on the other one to even notice her growth; I began to

have second thoughts...that is until she began to walk off into the

distance, this was okay for now, as I can only deal with one at a

time. I set down on a sturdy limb and pulled out a rifle, a dart, and

an orb. I stuck the orb into the base of the dart, which made it like

a little self-injecting syringe!

and loaded it into the rifle. I stepped out further onto the limb

and took aim at the back of her neck as she waved at the giantess

walking away on the horizon. I took one step over and got ready to

pull the trigger, and then the giantess dropped to her knees for some

unknown reason. The resulting shockwave made me lose my footing and

fell into the river, losing the rifle and all. This wouldn't be so

bad except for one MAJOR factor. Ramsus, The Great Giantess Hunter.


It sure didn't help that the river was much deeper than I thought and

the current didn't SEEM so fierce. I found myself embarrassingly

yelling for help and thrashing about, which just resulted in me

sinking further and being carried away by the fierce current. I

always thought I'd die in the line of my work, or maybe of old age,

but not to one of my most embarrassing weaknesses. I figured I was

doomed for sure; I probably could have saved myself if I wasn't

panicking, but water wasn't exactly something I had an easy time

dealing with.

Then, just when I thought I was finished, I felt the back of my coat

lift up, and me with it, being hoisted out of the water. I looked

behind me to see a huge thumb and index finger holding me up, then I

looked forward to the smiling face of the giantess.

“H-hey! Lemme go!” I yelled, and began thrashing about.

She set me on the ground at her knees and looked down into my eyes,

“Are you okay?” she asked, still smiling. This wasn't the evil smile

I was used to. Is this some kind of joke?

“Hmph, I'm fine,” I responded, dusting myself off, “Now what's going

on here?”

“What do you mean?”

“I saw it, I saw it all. Who was that woman, and how did you grow? I

saw it all, the flying, the bubble, the change. What the HELL is

going on?”

She just giggled, her body vibrating as it did so. I felt the

vibrations as well, “Wh-what's so funny?!” I yelled.

“It's kind of like a ritual, a wish, to become a giantess.”

I remained silent, thinking to myself, looking at the ground. Is all

it took was for one giantess to create another giantess? In that

case, as long as there is one, there will be more.

I looked back up and then stumbled backwards, falling down on my ass.

She had leaned down and her smiling face filled my view.

Smiling…always smiling, it was starting to piss me off. I quickly

reached for my blade and pulled it from it's sheath, I pointed it at

her. “What are you doing?” I asked, “Get away from me right now!”

Her gigantic smile turned into a gigantic frown, her cute face

becoming even cuter when she frowned, “What? Why?”

I snarled, “Do you take me for an idiot? You think I'm going to allow

you to have your way with me? No way, girl!”

“Why would I do such a thing?” she asked curiously, tilting her head

and making a face, showing she was confused.

I became just as confused as she was, “Because you're a monster! You

cause destruction and terror, just for your own amusement! I don't

know what you're trying to pull but it's not going to work!”

She remained silent and sat up and laid her hand down on the lush

grass, open palmed. I looked up at her as she motioned for me to

climb onto her hand. I stared back at her; it didn't make sense to me

at all. A giantess wouldn't have saved me from the river unless to

torture me more, but this one saved me, and hasn't harmed me in

anyway. No…they're all monsters, nothing but destructive monsters.

“What is this?!” I snapped, “I don't know what you're trying to pull

but I'm not falling for it.” I bolted to my feet and back up against

a tree, holding the hilt of my sword tightly with both hands,

pointing it at her. My heart began to race, I've been this close to a

giantess many times before, why did I feel like this is my first

time? I've been doing this for years, I have plenty of experience,

but I feel like such a newbie, facing into the eyes of death.

The giantess frowned, “Why…why won't you trust me?”

I remained silent, looking at her body as she kneeled before me; even

kneeling she seemed like a skyscraper. My eyes shot from her

wonderful body to her hand laid before me, back and forth. I

reluctantly walked toward her, cautiously watching her as I made her

way to her gigantic fingers. I reached out and touched her middle

finger, rubbing my hand along the tip. Soft and warm and remained

still as stone, no sudden movements made me believe she really wasn't

going to pull anything, but I still remained cautious.

The human mountain giggled softly as I climbed onto her hand, it

unnerved me a little as I made my way to her palm, walking along the

soft flesh. I looked up to her smiling face, and smiled back myself.

Then I felt a quick jolt as her hand shook, she was picking her hand

up, lifting me up into the air. I stumbled a little and fell onto my

ass, I stared at her body as I rose, like watching a view while going

up an elevator. Her cute stomach, then her mountainous breasts, her

defined chin, her full pink lips, her cute nose, her pretty brown

eyes. I was now on level with her smiling face; I smiled back,

sitting back in her soft palm.

Suddenly her lips began to move as she opened her mouth to speak,

“That wasn't so bad was it?” She spoke softly, gentle on my ears.

I laughed a little and rubbed my hand on hers, “I guess you're

alright. I'm just not used to this. Gentle and friendly, but I want

to know one thing. How did you get like this? When I saw you before

sometime ago you were…well…normal sized. How…and why?”

The giantess used her other hand to brush her hair back and stood up.

My stomach heaved as she rose and me with her, soon I was able to see

among the tree tops and further, I could see my bike in the distance.

This would mean she would be about 200 feet tall, double what I

originally thought.

“You see,” she began, “I want to help those like you.”

I turned back to look at her, and raised a brow, “Help me?”

“Yes, my desire to help what's good is what made me wish for this.

Wish for power.”

I shook my head, “Why would you wish for this? Why do you get

involved? This is a death risk you're taking! You're no where near

the height of most of the dangerous giantesses out there! You might

be hunted, and---whoa!” She lifted me up with her thumb and

forefinger of her other hand and placed me on her shoulder.

“Listen,” she started, “I accepted the risks and responsibilities,

and I just couldn't stand such power being used for the wrong


I shrugged from my seat, it sounded overly cheesy to me (and you have

to admit that) but I could really understand. She hated what's

happening in this world as much as I did, and then a thought crossed

my mind. “Say…how about becoming my partner?” I asked.

The giantess turned and looked at me as if I was crazy, “A


I wasn't sure how to respond with her looking at me as if I was some

nutcase, her gigantic face giving me this puzzled stare, I smiled and

laughed nervously, “Well I mean, you know…I hunt evil giants…and I

uhm…well….” I stumbled on my words hardly being able to get out what

I'm trying to say, “I could split the profits! 70/30!” I offered, her

expression didn't change, “Maybe…50/50?”

Her expression remained, even as she began to move those pink lips to

speak, “I'm not interested in money!” she yelled. I covered my ears

to try softening the blow of her shouting against my ears, “H-hey!” I

started to shout back, “I have to make a living, I'm with you, and I

don't like the shape this world is in, where most of us have to run

in terror or be at the mercy of these beasts.”

I managed to get a smile out of her and she agreed to help me but one

thing still puzzled me, “Who was that other woman?” I thought aloud.

The giantess remained silent and walked among the forest, heading

toward the cliff where I left my bike, “Tell me…how much do you know

about this world?” she asked.

I rubbed my chin, “Not much,” I responded, “I was born running from

my life along with my parents, who were killed by giants, but it

never used to be as bad back then as it is now. And for what school I

did do, I never learned much history.”

The giantess began to climb the cliff and sat down on the edge of it

and set me down next to her, “Well it's like this. Long ago giants

and little ones occupied this planet peacefully, believe it or not,

however, they stayed separate from each other, having their own

worlds to deal with. Then there was the forbidden love of a giantess

and a tiny guy, both sides saw this and tried to coexist with each

other. This, unfortunately, did not work out and the giants started a

war against the little ones and they had the obvious advantage,

but…the tiny ones were skilled in magic and had great knowledge of

technology which allowed them to put up a strong fight…”

“And this still goes on till today,” I cut her off, but I actually

meant to say that to myself.


I looked up at her, impressed that she was able to hear me from here;

I didn't give it much thought though, “But hold on a sec…it goes on

till today? So that means the giants all come from the same place?

This is confusing, I thought you had to be born a giant…but you were


She placed her giant fore finger against my mouth as a way to silence

me, “As I told you before, I wished to become this way, and one of

our…or should I say your own now, made me this way.”

“My own? ‘Tiny ones' like me?”

“That's right. Hehe.”

I was shocked to know that some have been using their magic to become

giants themselves. This explains the increase in giants over the past

few years. I came to the realization that this would never stop, and

then I found myself rising into the air, cupped in her hands. “You

look troubled,” she spoke, speaking the obvious.

I looked up at her face, her huge cute face filling my sky. Looking

up into that face I felt relaxed and I felt my member try to tear

through my pants, I scratched my head trying to turn attention away

from it, “So uh…what's your name? If we're going to be friends, we

should at least know each others names, right?”

“My name is Kim.”

“Nice nice, my real name has been long forgotten so you can call me


We stared at each other for what seemed like forever, I'm not sure

what it is, but there is something attractive about a giantess that

handles you gently and isn't trying to devour you or smash you into a

pulp. Suddenly my daydream was broken by a ringing coming from my

side; it was the radio I used to pick up on reports of giants. I

picked it up and answered it, “Yeah….uh-huh….Neon City….gotcha.” I

hang up the receiver and place it back at my side and look back up at

Kim, “The city east of here is under attack. How about we get going?”

I yelled hopping down and landing on my bike.

And we drove off toward the city. I still haven't put my full trust

in her, but something just tells me to give it time.

As hopeless as it seems, I really do plan to bring peace to the

little ones of this world, no matter what. And with the help of Kim,

I believe I can.

End Episode One.


Giantess Stories: A Giant Hunter

How embarrassing….saved by the one thing I've made a living on Ramsus XIII Ramsus XIII by by A Giant Hunter's Tale A Giant Hunter's Tale



Giantess Stories: A Giant Hunter

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