Giantess Stories: A job of desire

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A job of desire


I've been working

for the C.I.A. for ten years now without any promotions until last week when I

got offered a post in another department. The new job involved spying on

internal moles or suspected moles within all government agencies who are passing

on national secrets. I arrived at my new office on Monday morning at 8 o'clock

sharp and was meet by my new boss Diana Walker she was in her late thirties

short brown hair blue eyes slim build and wearing the most sexy pair of high

heels I've ever seen, they had a 4 inch heel and the toe section had a little

cut out so you could see her big toe. I must have been staring at her shoes for

longer than I realized because she was saying hello I never even heard her until

she said hello the second time. "I see you've meet my feet I'm Diana you must be

John " "that's right I'm John Marshall and I'm sorry for staring at your shoe's

but there very pretty" "that's quite alright you will see a lot more of them

later, but first a tour of the office and a little chat". I was puzzled at what

she meant but she set off down a hallway so I followed, she showed me all the

usual office equipment and coffee machines then she took me to a room locked by

a number keypad. She punched in a number, turned to me and said" what your about

to see in this room must never be discussed outside this department do you

understand". I agreed and we entered the room, it was a room with no windows and

it was full off people in white coats, like something out of a James Bond movie.

She began to explain what went on in the room, basically it was a research lab

that made counter surveillance equipment. We walked around some of the benches

and stopped beside one that had what appeared to be a gun sitting on it. "John

you have come to us to spy basically and this is your most valuable tool in your

job. This is a shrinking device which you will use to shrink yourself and your

equipment so you can be placed on the target your spying on it woks just by

setting the percentage you want to shrink then press the trigger. Anything you

are holding or wearing at the time the trigger is pressed will shrink with you"

I couldn't believe what I was hearing, here beside me was the thing of my dreams

for the last twenty years. She said I will have to do a lot of training before I

can use the device on my own but she offered to give me a taste of what it was

like to be shrunk. She picked up the gun and pointed it at me and said prepare

to be amazed, with that she pressed the trigger and I was hit with a blue flash

then everything started growing or rather I started shrinking.


In two seconds I had

gone from 6' 2" to about I guess 1" tall and the first thing I saw where two

gigantic high heel shoes then I looked up and saw two legs that went up over 2

hundred feet under her skirt where I could make out the white color of her

panties. She shouted down at me to go over to her left shoe and in the heel I

will find a door and to climb inside and strap myself into the seat. I got to

the heel and there was a door like she said ,this is amazing I thought you don't

hear the half of what government departments get up to. I got into the seat and

there was a small window facing out to behind her heel where I could see the

floor behind her .I heard her say " all set here we go" and at that moment I was

lurched forward by the force of her walking ,I could see the floor behind her

come and go as she walked out of the room and headed for I guess was her office,

she got to the office where I could hear her talking to someone about some paper

work that needed signing. Diana walked into I guess her own private office and I

could see another woman come in behind her, she was wearing black strapy sandals

and had red painted toe nails, it must be her personal assistant. They talked

for five or ten minutes before the other lady left the room then Diana took of

her shoe that I was in and held it to her face and said "are you ok in there?,

the walk wasn't to rough for you" I just shook my head because she couldn't hear

me. "I've got a few messages to do now and after I get them done I shall bring

you back to normal height again ok?" I give her the thumbs up and she smiled and

then placed her shoe back on the floor and we were off again.


Diana was walking

out the building and I could see dozens of different feet crashing down behind

us as see walked and I thought I could be crushed under any of those shoes and

the person wouldn't even notice that thought sent a shiver down my spine. After

about an hour Diana had finished all her messages and called into a small cafe

and ordered some coffee, while the waitress was gone she took her shoe with me

and placed it on the seat beside her and said "you can get out now John and

stretch your legs for a bit ".I got out and she replaced her shoe on the floor

again just as the waitress came back, I dove for cover beside Diana's huge thigh

so as not to be seen ,this was the first time I felt the heat of Diana's body

and the coarse fabric of her skirt and the sweet perfume she wore. Diana looked

down at me and said "very good John you've just learned the most important thing

about your work, finding cover and not being seen .Let me finish this coffee and

we shall return to my office. I'll carry you back in my pocket of my jacket this

time ok, it'll get you used to another way of concealment that we train for."

Diana finished her coffee and picked me up and placed me in the side pocket of

her jacket in which was a large tissue and some change. She left the cafe and I

was getting bumped about a bit because I had nowhere to hold on to I guess I was

getting bumped into her leg as she walked, it was amazing to feel the power of

her thigh being able to knock me around.


When Diana got to

her office she removed her jacket and placed it on the back of her swivel chair

and she said she had to go to the bathroom so she would leave me here for a bit

and so she left and after five minutes I was getting bored so I decided get out

of the pocket and explore some of Diana's office. I had just made it out of the

pocket and moved under her desk when the door opened and in walked her p.a. who

I recognized the sandals from before, she walked over to a filing cabinet and

took out a file and she was photographing it .This looked odd to me so I tried

to see what was wrote on the file but couldn't get a good view ,just then she

came over to the desk and in doing so nearly flattened me under her sole, I ran

out between her feet and looked up and saw the name 'Project Tom Thumb' and

stamped top secret across it. I also got an unbelievable view up her skirt where

she only had a small black thong covering her vanity, I thought to myself what

am I doing staring up this woman's skirt when one slight movement of her feet

could crush me into the carpet so I run back under the desk just in time before

she ran back to the cabinet and out the door. I didn't know what to think of

this, was it a test to see what I would do or was it for real that Diana's p.a.

was stealing secrets from Diana's personal files. I made up my mind to tell

Diana what I saw and see what happens next


It was nearly half

an hour later Diana finally came back into the room and I guess she must have

forgot about me for she never even tried to find or talk to me. She came back

and sat at her desk and I had to get her attention some how so I decided to get

onto the toe of her shoe and bang on her toe through the hole at the front. I

walked over to her shoe and looked up at her toe it was huge I would barely

reach the top of the nail but I had no choice but to climb up. Just as things

was going well Diana moved her feet forward and I fell forward into a gap

between her toe and the side of her shoe , she began flexing her toes feeling

something in her shoe which she began playing with it. I couldn't take this much

longer I would get crushed if she doesn't stop, just then she stands up and

begins calling my name I begin thumping and biting as hard as I can until I feel

her removing her shoe and she see me clinging for dear life to her pantyhose.

Diana said "John I'm so sorry I forgot all about you until I was reading your

file I hope I didn't hurt you I thought your where a small stone in my shoe

,lets get you back to the lab and get you back to normal and get you some fresh

clothes as I sure those ones smell after being in my sweaty shoe". She picked me

up and we headed back to the lab, she just carried me in the palm of her hand

which was very soft and warm and it got me a little aroused. She placed me on

the floor of the lab and pointed the gun at me and again I was hit by a blue

flash and I was back to normal so I began to tell her what I saw in her office

and all she said "it looks like you have just uncovered your first case John but

first you shall need some more training but I will check out what you saw first

because Mandy has been my p.a. for some time now and God knows what else she has

passed onto other people. Now lets get you a change of clothes for you stink if

you don't mind me saying, I guess that's one part of the job you will have to

get used to other peoples body odors from time to time".


After getting

cleaned up we went back to Diana's office and I meet Mandy face to face and she

was beautiful with long blonde hair, blue eyes about 5' 9" a slim build was

wearing a very figure hugging dress which showed of her ample cleavage. I gave a

quick smile and followed Diana into her office Mandy just smiled back and

continued with her work on the copier in the corner. Diana and I talked for half

an hour about what plan of action we should take and then Diana suggested that I

go down to the lab and get kited out with any equipment I should need, we hadn't

much time as Mandy leaves for lunch at 1 o'clock and it was already 12:30 .I

have got ten minutes now to get into the room and find some wear to secure

myself on Mandy before she leaves so I'm standing outside the office door and

set the shrink gun to 5% and pulled the trigger and two seconds later I'm 1"

tall and ready to go. I crawled under the door and saw Mandy at her desk reading

some paper so I ran straight for her sandal and began my climb, the sole was

half my height and I just got onto it when she moved her foot and I was thrust

against her toes, I could smell the beautiful aroma of Mandy's feet but I hadn't

time to savor them because I needed somewhere to hold onto fast before I was

thrust under her toes. The strap from her sandal came down to the left of her

small toe so I made my way over to it and got there just as she shifted her foot

to stand, her flesh of her toes went from a pink to a white color as she stood

and put pressure on them , this alone sent a shiver down my spine but the worst

was still to come as she began walking. Mandy's footsteps wasn't as soft as

Diana's, I guess Diana was taking it easy on me the first time.

Giantess Stories: A job of desire

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