Giantess Stories: A life in the day by East Coast Guy

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A life in the day


East Coast Guy

I wanted to call it "A Day in the Life" but that didn't quite make sense, and

besides, I will not steal from the immortal one. So I switched it a bit, and if

you think about it, it makes a little sense. Anyway, thought of this while going

to work today. It's a one parter.....Hope you enjoy

I'll tell ya' man, driving to work along the expressway, cup of coffee in my

hand, I trying to cut down on the caffeine but needing it to get started in the

morning, needing to zip myself up for those early morning pressures, the top

rolled down, wind blowing through my hair, pissed that the damn Lakers lost last

night, the radio pumping the easy soft jazz tunes I somehow had accustomed

myself to, so soft, easy and sensual, although I'd probably destroyed my

eardrums over the last twenty or thirty years listening to anything I chose to,

without regard to the volume, I not really giving a @!#$, those tunes generally

being of the higher decibel variety, I feeling a bit uneasy at the moment, as

though I was missing out on something in my life.

Cruising along, twenty miles an hour over the speed limit, thinking about

pushing it higher, again not really giving a @!#$, I anti-authoritarian all my

life thinking, all those fuckin' cops are sittin' somewhere in a coffee shop now

anyway waiting for the real assholes to hit the road, a natural for me, I being

a natural rebel, life saying "do it this way," my spirit responding "@!#$ you"

watching the sun rise above the horizon, a gorgeous, beautiful sunrise, rising

in all its glory, but I feeling empty, looking for a bit more in my life, taking

in the ripples of the bay, the water almost placid, so inviting. Yes, there's

something inviting about that water, so still, so serene, something I couldn't

put my finger on, something drawing me to it, inviting me in, but something

real, at least to me. " I snapped out of it with a spontaneous thought, to stop

by the side of the road, strip to the bare essentials, down to nothing actually,

and dive in, to drink in the beauty of this absolutely glorious morning, to dive

in and swim, to forget about the pressures and @!#$ proposed by my impending

work day, to say "@!#$ it, may they eat cake," to dive in and let "them" worry

about the things I was "scheduled" to worry about that day, with or without my


After all, that's all it is in reality, someone must worry about the things

which are placed on the Company agenda that day, and I was hired to do just

that, to worry about things which, until I received my agenda, did not know

needed worrying about, something that my higher ups decided it more important

that I worry about rather than they, an amazing concept really, the concept of

worry and the necessary aggravation associated therewith. I dismissed that

thought however thinking, as most of us do, and you tell me who's being

unrealistic now, I mean anyone who works for anyone else will see the irony and

naivette' in that, it's just not practical, it's truly not realistic, but if you

want your paycheck, if you want to be able to pay your rent, you must do what is

presented to you, you must perform the duties you have committed yourself to ,

you must worry about the things which your superiors have decided are not worth

taxing their minds over, knowing that you desire your paycheck, worries which

they know you will resolve prior to their being called in to deal with them,

allowing them their sumptuous moments on the golf course, the tennis courts, and

the beloved nineteenth hole knowing that you not only desire your paycheck but

in reality, are generally truly desperate for it. I was thinking, there's no

naivette' in that, and that truly was the irony of it. And for the first time, I

began thinking, in accordance with my constitution, which had been amended just

moments ago to say "I just don't give a @!#$ anymore."

Driving by the bay I decided, "Hey they can worry about the things they've

scheduled me to worry about today, or quite possibly they can find some other

moron to take over worrying about the things they are so concerned and worried

about worrying about, I am going to enjoy this glorious sunrise, I am going to

throw caution to the wind, I am not going to worry about anything today, I am

going to strip to the bare essentials and dive into the water, to break the

velvety smooth surface which beckoned to me strangely like a giant hand,

although calm and placid, beckoning me to dive into it, to be cradled by it, to

be held in its soft, alluring and sensual grasp, I anxiously searching for the

next exit, but deciding that I would no longer play by the rules, cutting across

the median, hopping the curb, hitting the service road which ran parallel to the

freeway, skipping across and coming to a forceful stop in the sand, burying the

wheels into the sand, spinning the wheels, serving only to bury them deeper, I

laughing, again not giving a @!#$, shutting down the engine, and hopping out of

the car to begin my scamper to the shoreline, whipping off one garment after

another as I made my way, reaching the shoreline in my birthday suit, initially

worrying about the possibilities for being arrested for indecent exposure, and

then not giving a rat's ass, recalling my dedication to the theory of not

worrying today, subscribing to the constitution I had just amended, adhering to

the newfound theory of not giving a @!#$.

As the water tickled my toes, I felt an ever so strange sensation, somehow

knowing I was where I truly was supposed to be, standing there with the early

morning waves gracing my toes, I closing my eyes, stretching to my full height

and raising my arms and hands skyward, a salute of sorts, to the magnificence of

this bay, and to the magnificence of the gentle waters which caressed my feet,

as I began to walk forward, feeling the ever so beckoning nature of the water, I

being drawn out for no particular reason, being almost pulled, except that it

felt right, the sun having risen magnificently to capture the horizon, casting

its early morning amber glow across the bay, I noticing that its glow produced a

streak along the water, along the bay, a streak which traced the bay and

proceeded directly to my penis, I now standing so that my member rested tenderly

on the surface of the water, it floating gracefully, surrounded by the glow of

the early morning sun, the water warming and swirling about it, an erotic

sensation kicking in, I wondering how much of this was real, and how much was in

my imagination, I trying to break the spell, and it was a spell, I was sure, but

then again, who knew for sure, and tried to break it by conjuring up thoughts

about the office, at which point I remembered that, at least for now I didn't

give a @!#$, the water swirling once again, the water warm and sensual, swirling

about my penis, a water spout engulfing and sucking in my tender member, it

having become sensual and swollen, the water swirling gently about it, a vagina

of sorts, sucking it in softly and gently, and then a large wave taking away the

moment temporarily, washing over my chest and shoulders, drenching the hair upon

my head, followed by another, and then another, the waters finally calming to a

point, where the bay became serene once again, the tide having come in just a

bit so that my penis was now covered by the surface of the water.

I stood there perplexed for the moment, feeling a calling, but not knowing

how to proceed, finally deciding that I had had my moment in the sun and perhaps

that was all there was to it, and I turned to walk back toward the beach, toward

my car, knowing that I had some explaining to do, but somehow wanting to

continue to say "@!#$ it, I ain't goin', I'm staying right here," and I may

indeed have proceeded to my car, except that another water spout sprang forth,

so soft and gentle once again caressing my penis, taking it in and massaging it,

the waters soft and gentle, warm and inviting, I writhing in anticipation, I all

of a sudden realizing that ther was a calling being presented to me, although

what that calling was I could not identify, nor did I realize where that calling

might take me, as I turned around to face the depths of the bay, and the ocean

beyond, knowing that something out there was beckoning me, wanting me, but not

demanding me, somehow knowing that I had a choice, that I would be allowed to

proceed forward, or to regress backward into my world of stress and worry;

Something was out there drawing at me, enticing me, to proceed forth, to forget

about my day to day existence, and into the depths beyond, I becoming scared,

not knowing what to do, the waterspout caressing my penis now a gentle

whirlwind, I deciding for the moment to follow it, and it stayed with me as I

walked into deeper waters, my penis now below the surface, but the gentle waters

continuing to swirl about, and unusually, becoming warmer as I proceeded into

deeper waters.

I proceeded until the water level was over my head, and knowing that I was

heading toward my fate, somehow knowing that I might possibly be heading toward

my destiny, I forgot about my day to day concerns, my worries abated, set aside,

as I began to swim into deeper waters, pausing for a moment to reflect upon my

motives, temporarily delving back into my day to day existence in panic and

wondering "What the hell am I doing?" After all, by continuing to swim, and not

actually being an expert at it, was I not endangering my life by proceeding

deeper and deeper into waters, which truly required expert swimming skill to

negotiate?, but with another warm swirl encompassing my penis, those thoughts

vanished.....I no longer wishing to worry about what might, or might not be,

about those day to day things which caused most people unnecessary stress, pain,

and agony, I truly feeling that somehow I was swimming toward my destiny. And I

continued to swim, the time passing, I somehow, although incomprehensively,

determined that what I was doing was right.

But as time proceeded, I became tired. No longer did the warm, gentle waters

swirl about my penis, the incentive to continue swimming dissipated, and after a

while was no longer there. I began to wonder if I had been a fool, considering

my alternatives, knowing that I had swam out so far that there was no hope of

getting back to shore, not as tired as I was, and seeing no other signs of land.

Or perhaps I was crazy, the day to day worries having taken their toll on me,

and perhaps I had just imagined the swirling waters, perhaps I had imagined that

there was something beckoning me forth into the deeper waters. I, not being a

quitter continued to swim but became so tired, first such a painful feeling,

both physically and mentally, thrashing about in the water, thrashing about in

my mind, thinking I so foolish, following an idiotic impulse, fighting for my

life and then, realizing the hopelessness of my struggles, resignation, knowing

that my time had come, knowing that I was perhaps about to meet my maker, giving

up and relaxing considerably, no longer thrashing about, merely conserving my

energy, trying simply to stay afloat for as long as possible, with as little

effort as possible, wanting to think about, and perhaps re-live as many events

of my life as possible, I suddenly realizing how valuable life truly was,

knowing that, even though I was about to die I still wanted to live as long as

possible, even if it just meant conserving my energy and floating upon the

surface for as long as I could. I floated for what seemed like hours, sometimes

falling asleep out of exhaustion, causing my head to dip below the surface, the

cold surf brutally waking me again, reminding me once again of my predicament,

but after a few hours, I relaxed considerably, knowing that the time had come,

knowing that the next time I fell asleep would be my last, and I thought about

my life one last time, realizing how truly precious life was, and a bit sorry

that I had not taken the time to live mine in a more fit manner, wishing that I

had known then what I know now, I drifting off, thinking about a long lost love

that I might have treated better, and while dozing off, feeling my body, my

face, sink below the surface..................

I awoke, truly believing I had died and gone to heaven, I cruising the

surface of the ocean at fifteen knots, I breathing in the fresh salty air, my

lungs filled to capacity, I lying on the softest most sensual surface I could

imagine, but I knew immediately that I was not on a boat. Long strands of

silk-like fiber, perhaps fine silky rope whipped across my face, slapping me

gently without relief. Amazingly, my penis was once again rock hard, but ever so

soft and tender, for what reason, at this point, I didn't know. I began to crawl

on the surface, and tried to stand up when I felt a force pushing into my back,

forcing me down so that I sprawled once again across that soft, sensual

landscape. I realized that, as long as I crawled, I was allowed to navigate in

virtually any manner I chose, but if I tried to stand upon my feet, the force

took me down gently, yet firmly, to immobilize me, to prevent me from standing

on the surface. It took me a little trial and error, but having been forced flat

several times, I decided to crawl along the surface, knowing this was allowed,

in an effort to find out where I had ended up. As I crawled the surface, the

winds continued to whip against me, and I began to hear auditory, gentle though

deep cooing sounds, the silky strands continuing to whip me gently, I becoming

stuck at one point, feeling something very large, yet absolutely gentle touch my

buttocks to boost me along, allowing me the knowledge that, no matter where I

was at, it appeared that I was headed in the right direction, the cooing sounds

increasing in depth and intensity as I crawled along. I finally arrived between

two mountains, no breasts, incredible breasts, so round, firm and tender,

nipples protruding magnificently toward the heavens, drenched soothingly by the

juices of the sea, I latching on deperately with both hands, tears of joy

flowing from my eyes, and looking up between them I thought I saw heaven itself,

the face of perhaps the most glorious young woman I had ever set my gaze upon,

huge deep green eyes, soothing, plush lips which beamed at me, perhaps the most

beautiful smile I had ever seen, and long sun drenched golden blonde hair, the

hair which had gently whipped me so for the last several minutes or so.

Looking down at me she smiled and said, "Well hello my little one. No need to

worry anymore about the trivial events of day to day life, for I am magical. It

took you a while to succumb to the sea, but now that you have, you are mine, for

I am the sea," I fell weakly between her glorious breasts, latching a tiny hand

to each glorious nipple, knowing that I had been saved, in more ways than one.

Knowing that I would spend the rest of my life with this glorious goddess, as

her tail flipped up, and then down thrusting us forward once again......


Giantess Stories: A life in the day by East Coast Guy

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