Giantess Stories: A Little Extra Credit

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A Little Extra Credit


            For some time, the government has been working on


a device which can reduce the size of living matter. It has


been less than a secret that they have reached some success.


Medical testing has already been met with favorable results.


However, there is still a concern, by many, over the mental


welfare of those that would be subjected to the procedure.




            It has been decided that further testing is needed so


that these effects on the human psyche can be measured. This


testing is to be conducted at a small private college. This


testing will not be announced publicly, but will involve the


public directly. The goal is to observe the mental behavior of


both the test subjects and those with whom they interact.




            Nelson College is a small liberal arts college located


in a small town in the New England area of the United States.


It is nestled in an area that seems even more isolated than it is


because of the rolling hills and lack of major interstate


roadways. Its student body is made up of a diverse cross


section of racial and ethnic backgrounds. While Nelson is


well known for the quality of its liberal arts education, most


of these students chose Nelson because of its mellow


nurturing environment. Everyone seems to get along very


well at Nelson.




            Dylan Eaton is a Sophomore at Nelson. Dylan


comes from a family with a long tradition of serving man


kind as physicians. It had been drilled into Dylan's head that


his future is predestined as a doctor. His parents had


arranged for Dylan to attend Yale, Dylan overruled his


parents and chose Nelson. While they were disappointed,


they went along with him because of Nelson's reputation for


excellence. Dylan always put up with his parents dreams for


his future, but he wasn't sure that he wanted to become a


physician. Nelson seemed like a good compromise and did


not hurt his chances to get into medical school if he decided


to do so.




            The problem with that plan is that Dylan was not a


fantastic student, especially when it came to the sciences. He


could probably handle the material if he studied, but Dylan


loves the ladies, and the ladies love him. Dylan is average


measuring in at 5' 10” and 170 lb. His build is average as


well. It is his smile and sincere charm to which the ladies are


really attracted .




            Even as the trees begin to turn colors on the campus,


just a month after starting the fall semester, Dylan has no less


than 5 ladies he is currently dating. Interestingly enough 2 of


these ladies are also his roommates. The three of them live in


a small house just off campus. Its a short walk from the


house to anywhere on campus.




            Ginny Walters first met Dylan in Freshman


Orientation. She was immediately attracted to his smile.


They saw each other throughout their freshman year, but


never really committed to each other, except that they agreed


to room together this fall.




            She is a typical 19 year old. Ginny was from upstate


New York in West Chester County. Her family was also well


to do and Ginny knew how to use that to her advantage. On


the exterior, Ginny is 5' even. She weighs 108 lb.




            Her appearance would lead people to believe that she


is a prim and proper woman, and in public this was true for


the most part, but she has another side to her. She enjoys


lingerie immensely. She has the body for it too. Her 34C


chest just begs to be showcased in silk. She enjoys wearing a


teddy or baby doll under her clothes during class. The silk


against her skin would send tingles throughout her body.




            Dylan was fascinated by Ginny's interest in under


garments. It was one of the reasons he was attracted to her.


But she does not meet Dylan's image of the perfect female.


For starters he prefers women who were a little taller. In fact,


he is drawn to women who are taller than his 70”. This was


his reason for choosing Patty Cakes as his other roommate




            Ginny's parents would not allow her to live off


campus with Dylan alone. The only way they would permit


her to live with him was if there was at least one other female


roommate. So they searched for a roommate by putting an ad


in the student newspaper. They interviewed the handful of


students who replied to the ad. But it was no contest, at least


in Dylan's mind, when Patty walked in the room.




            Patty Cakes is also a pre-med. student. She is a few


years older than Dylan or Ginny, but that didn't seem to be


important. Dylan was immediately infatuated with Patty.


She is 6'4” tall in her bare feet. Her body is sleek with a very


athletic build. Her breasts had Playboy written all over them.


In the words of Seinfeld, they are spectacular, measuring


38DD. She is no amazon, but the potential was there.




            Dylan had no problem in making his choice. The


funny thing was neither did Ginny. She also preferred Patty.


She never really stated her reasons why, but Dylan thought he


could see Ginny's kinky alter ego half making an appearance.


It was in her eyes. The possibilities started to present


themselves to Dylan and he knew that it would be an


interesting year.




            As the school year started, Dylan began making


subliminal suggestions about the three of them having their


own little party. The ladies never showed any interest, but


what Dylan didn't know was that he would soon get his wish,


they would soon have their own party. A very little party






            The three of them were all enrolled in Psych. 201


together. It was one of those required classes and was only


offered once this semester.




            The results for the Psych. 201 mid-term exam were


posted and Dylan was not surprised to find that he had


managed to produce a whooping C- on the exam. Ginny


fared a little better getting a B, but she wasn't happy with it.


Patty had one of the top scores on the exam, an A.




            Psych. 201 was one of those classes that was


required of almost everyone because it was a core requirement


for graduation. The class itself was in a huge auditorium like


classroom. There were over 400 students enrolled in the


same section, all trying to focus on the student T.A. teaching


the class. The T.A. was a graduate student by the name of


Helen Lea. Dylan thought that Helen was a very attractive


person. She was 5'7” tall and had a ballerina like figure.


She was using a clip on mic to talk to the class so that


everyone could hear what she was saying.




            The discussion today focused on behavioral


disorders. Dylan was listening attentively, but as always, he


took no notes. At the start of the lecture Ms. Lee informed


the class that anyone who desired a little extra credit, by


participating in some lab experiments, should see her after






            At the conclusion of the day's lecture, Dylan and


Ginny approached Ms. Lee. This was the closest Dylan had


come to her since taking the class and he was a little taken


back, because her beauty was even greater up close.




“Ah Ms. Lee?' he asked to get her attention. Ms. Lee looked


up, she had deep penetrating green eyes, which seemed even


greener due to her long jet black hair. “My name is Dylan


Eaton, I am a student in your class.”




“Yes Mr. Eaton, what can I do for you?” asked Ms. Lee.




            Wow what a question. Dylan immediately thought


of at least 50 things she could do for him, but none of them


had anything to do with the reason he had approached her in


the first place.




            “Ginny and I are interested in doing a little bit of


that extra credit you had mentioned earlier. Can you tell us


what is involved?”




            “Well it involves your participation as test subjects in


a little experiment. That's all I can really tell you, but its


worth quite a bit in extra credit and class participation points


and it will only last the weekend, Friday, Saturday and


Sunday” said Ms. Lee.




            Without any hesitation Ginny says “Sign us up Ms.


Lee and I think Patty Cakes my roommate will do it as well.”




            “Count me in too,” Dylan pipes in.




            “O.K. report to the Psych Lab tomorrow afternoon


and we will get you started.”




            “That's great Ms. Lea! The three of us will be there,


and thanks,” stated Dylan as his smile gleamed through. Ms.


Lea noticed the looked he gave her with an increasing






            As Ginny and Dylan left the building, they were


speculating as to the subject matter of the experiment and the


extent to which they would be involved. They were sure it


would be some lame bio-feedback thing or some type of


hypnosis. Ginny agreed to let Patty know that she also


volunteered. She would do it later in the evening after she


got home from the library.




            While Ginny was at the library, Patty was at home


doing laundry, it was her turn this week. Patty had just


transferred the first load from the washing machine to the


drier. As she started to refill the washer with the second load


she came across one of Ginny's silk bras.




            She held the frilly garment up to her own body. She


admired Ginny's taste in clothes, but never had the


confidence to buy such clothing for her self. Secretly, she


wanted to try it one along with on of Ginny's teddies, but it


was much too small for her to put on, both in chest size and


cup size. She frowned and throw the garment in with the rest


of the wash.




            Later that night Ginny told Patty about the extra


credit. Patty was a little upset because she had already made


plans for the weekend, but her desire to excel in school


overrode that and she agreed.




            Eventually, their discussion deteriorated into girl


talk, and Patty asked Ginny about her relationship with


Dylan. They never really discussed the matter, but Patty had


always assumed that Ginny and Dylan were more than


roommates. Even though Patty and Dylan have gone out


together, Patty never really took the dates that seriously


because she felt that Ginny was Dylan's girlfriend.




            Ginny laughed, it was true that she and Dylan have


been more than roommates at times, but Dylan never seemed


to have any interest in taking the relationship much farther.


“Besides, I'm not really Dylan's type, he likes his girls tall


and strong” said Ginny. “”I'm sure that's why he wanted you


as our roommate Patty.”




            “That's funny Ginny, cause I'm partial to larger


partners as well and Dylan just isn't up to it.” Both girls


laughed and continued discussing Dylan's prowess as a










            The Psych Lab Building is a non-threatening brick


and stone structure. It is located at the center of campus


bordering the large open Green. The Green is a place were


people hang out. Its a great place to practice Dylan's favorite


sport, people watching. Today, a large group of female


students were spread out on the green sun bathing. There


were people studying. People selling, and people buying.


People were taking walks and people were riding bikes. The


Green was alive with activity, not uncommon for a Friday.




            Dylan, Ginny and Patty entered the main entrance.


As they made their way to the laboratory, they passed several


poorly dressed short people. Dylan kidded that the three of


them were off to see the wizard. But, beyond that, the short


folks didn't really make much of an impression on anyone's






            As they entered the lab, they were greeted by the


receptionist. Dylan immediately took notice of her. She was


a 5'10” southern belle. Her long blonde hair hung down well


past her shoulders. Her breasts were the perky type, but a


little on the small side. She greeted everyone and then


shuffled them off to separate rooms.




            The receptionist's accent was quite remarkable.


Dylan found accents to be quite an arousing trait and hers


was no different. As she continued walked Dylan past the


rooms of his roommates, he momentarily made eye contact


with her, they were exactly same height. Dylan gave her a


quick smile and attempted to ask her about the experiment.


Although she merely stated that “you all find out some


enough,” and left Dylan as she closed the door. The sound of


a bolt locking could be heard by Dylan.




            The room itself was very unremarkable. It was


painted in institutional green. It was barren except for a chair


in the center of the room. The chair itself resembled a dental






            Suddenly, Ms. Lee's voice came over the intercom


system built into the ceiling. “Dylan could you please sit in


the chair, and relax. We will begin shortly.”




            “What will I be doing?” Dylan blurted, not really


knowing which direction to pose it.




            “Please all will be explained soon enough. For now


please sit down and relax. This will only take a few


moments” came Ms. Lee's detached voice.




            Dylan compiled and sat back. As he did he closed


his eyes and began to imagine Ms. Lee in something slinky.


Her voice is quite soothing. It is not the first time that Dylan


has listened to her as she spoke and let his imagination carry


him away. As he begins to get a little excited the lights in the


room dim. Dylan detected the change and suddenly looked


around. The room has become somewhat eerie.




            From somewhere behind Dylan's chair a whining


noise can be heard. As the noise continues, Helen Lee can


again be heard speaking over the intercom. “The noise you


here is the emitter moving into position. It is not dangerous


and is quite painless. In a moment the emitter will be


initialized. It will stay on for about 20 seconds. After which,


you will be escorted to the experiment briefing room, and we


will begin.”




            A thousand questions begin to flood Dylan's mind,


but before he can even get the first question out, the entire


room begins to glow. Interestingly, the glow was not like any


form of light that Dylan has seen before. It appeared to be a


cool gentle light. But it did not create any shadows.


Everything was illuminated evenly as if the light seemed to


be omni directional. Dylan noticed that his fingers and toes


were tingling, but the feeling soon passed as the glow faded.




            In moments the lights came back on and the door


opened. “Hii” Standing in the doorway, the receptionist, as


she again awaited to escort Dylan to another room. Dylan


stood up and exited the room. As he crossed in front of her,


he attempted to again catch her eye. However, he noticed


that something was different. Their eyes are no longer


exactly even. Hers were just a tiny bit higher. Perhaps she


was wearing different shoes than earlier, Dylan thought to






            As she led him down the hall, Dylan tried some of


his highly polished pickup lines on her to no avail. Her


answer struck Dylan strangely, “Honey, I don't date tall


men.” Dylan did not understand what she meant, after all


they were the same height. In fact, maybe she was a 1/4”


taller, but that was it. They continued down the hall and


passed the rooms that Ginny and Patty were placed. Finally


they reached yet another room. There waiting in the room


were Ginny and Patty who were sitting at a large conference


table. Just as Dylan entered the room, his body again tingled,


just as it had when he was exposed to the strange glow of the






            For the third time Dylan attempted to make eye


contact with his southern escort, and again her eyes seemed


higher by the smallest margin. Well maybe 3/8” Dylan


thought to himself, but that's it. Dylan began to wonder, but


his thoughts quickly changed as he was greeted by his






            Dylan took a chair between Ginny and Patty as the


door closed and the three of them were left to themselves.




            “Well that was interesting.” as Ginny spoke up first.




            Patty followed, “I don't know what you two got me


into, but it is very interesting. I assume you were both


exposed to the same radiation that I was.”




            “I hope it was safe, cause I still plan to have kids,”


said Dylan.




            Patty answered, “Well did you examine the emitter


arrays that were used? They are strictly used in low energy


non-harmful radiation applications. We don't have anything


to worry about from that as far as exposure is concerned.”




            Then from behind all three of them, “You are quite


correct Ms. Cakes. The emitters are completely harmless.


But you still have something to worry about,” said Ms. Lee.




            “Hey, what do you mean?” Ginny sounded alarmed.




            “All in due time. For now please just sit back and


listen, I am going to brief you on the experiment and then if


you have any questions we will address them,” spoke Ms.


Lee. “Each of you has begun an experimental study. The


study itself will last just 3 days. At the end of this period,


everything will return to the way it was, and you will not


suffer any ill effects from the experiment. However, there is


no going back or stopping the experiment at this juncture.”




            Ms. Lee continued, “each of you has been exposed to


a new form of radiation.” Patty smiled at the others and


nodded as if to say, see I was right. “This radiation is not


harmful to you. However, it will have a dramatic effect on


your body. Its effects can be highly focused and controlled in


several ways. No doubt you have heard that the government


has discovered a way to reduce the size of living objects.


Many people believe that it is merely propaganda and not


really possible. All of you will soon discover otherwise.”




            As Ms. Lee continued, the three roommates all


listened intently. The look on their faces said it all, disbelief,


shock, and fascination. “For purposes of ease, let's refer to


the emitters simply as the reducing ray. As I have stated,


each of you has been exposed to the reducing ray, but each in


a different way. The purpose of the experiment is to study the


psychological effects of miniaturization on the human body.


In the next three days, each of you will begin to slowly


shrink. The extent of your shrinkage, the speed, and the


point at which it will begin has been randomly selected. I do


not even know what will happen to each of you. But again let


me reassure you that at the end of the experiment you will


return to your normal dimensions.”




            As Dylan listened an alarm went off in the back of


his mind. The receptionist had been his height when he came


in, and now she was taller than him. It wasn't that she


changed her shoes. It was him, he had already shrunk a


negligible amount. Dylan didn't notice, but he was


beginning to get excited over the thought of what might be


transpiring. As Helen continued her briefing, he glanced


down at his own hand. It looked the same to him, but at the


same time he believed that his shirt sleeve was just a tad


longer. At this point he still was unsure, perhaps he was


imagining the entire thing. Perhaps he hadn't shrunk at all.




            Similar thoughts also began to go through the minds


of Ginny and Patty. They hadn't noticed any signs or


symptoms yet, but they looked at themselves carefully just the


same. All three of them also began looking at each other.


Sitting in the large cushy conference chairs, everyone looked


the same, it was not possible to see any signs of what was






            Helen went on, “you must all be supervised from this


point forward. We do not want any problems to occur as you


interact with yourselves or other people. You must not speak


of this experiment to anyone that may interact with you under


any circumstances. I will be directly responsible for your


supervision and I will be making the observations and


notations required for the experiment. The observers will do


so candidly, must of the time you will not see them. We


would prefer that the three of you stay together as much as


possible. O.K., any questions?”




            Patty quickly piped in, “does the reducing ray effect


both organic and inorganic materials?”




            “The ray will only reduce living organic material


and those materials that are encased in such material. That


means that your clothes, shoes, etc., will not be affected.


However, any fillings, bone plates, or the like will be reduced


along with you.”




            Ginny asks, “how small will we get?”




            “Well that will vary with each of you. It is possible


that you may shrink to a height of 1”. But it is also possible


that you will only be reduced by a factor of 50%. Of course,


any amount in-between is also possible. Once more the


reduction rate will vary from slow almost unnoticeable to so


quickly that you might have the sensation of being on a roller


coaster,” replied Helen.




            All three of the roommates smirked and cracked a


timid smile, the type of reaction that conveys a feeling of


amazement. Helen was already beginning her observations


and taking mental notes to record later. She found it


interesting that all three of them seemed to be taking the


information fairly well. In fact, it seems like the are actually


giddy with anticipation for what was to happen in the next


few days.




            “O.K., at this point I will leave you alone for a few


minutes so that you can discuss this among yourselves, you


will not notice us watching and observing you and we will


stay out of sight unless the need arises to do otherwise. You


are free to leave whenever you are ready,” and Helen quickly


left the room.




            Dylan, Ginny and Patty all looked at each other


again. Patty spoke first, “well this is some extra credit you


two got me involved with.”




            Ginny started to laugh, “I told you it was a little


extra credit.”




            “Well I kinda like the idea,” says Dylan. “Maybe


now I'll be bigger than you Patty.”




            “And maybe you won't Dylan, for all we know you


will shrink the most and we will be giantesses to you, Ginny


said with a glint in her eye.” After all, she has always been


the small one, and now she may have her chance to be the big


gal around here.




            “Well I don't know about you two, but I think we


should get back home before anything happens, because I for


one don't want to be caught shrunk without any clothes on in


public,” Patty states.




            “That's a good idea,” said Dylan, “let's get out of


here,” realizing that he had already started to shrink.




            The three of them stood up to leave. They looked at


each other trying to see any difference. Patty thought Dylan's


clothes looked the slightest bit baggy, but she was not sure


and said nothing, but she giggled to herself.




            Just as the three of them reached the main entrance,


Dylan felt the now familiar tingle in his body. But this time


the tingle was accompanied by other feelings. It was a


curious sensation. To Dylan it was as though all of his


clothes, his pants, shirt, briefs, socks, shoes, and belt


suddenly became 1 size larger. Dylan did not feel any ill


affects. This shift in his body went unnoticed for the moment


by the girls. Immediately Dylan knew what the sensations


meant. He had just shrunk, a small, almost invisible amount.


But to Dylan, it was the third time since his exposure that his


body had shrunk. The aggregate was starting to take a toll on


his height. Dylan was now 5'8” tall.




            Almost out of instinct Dylan reached down and


tightened his now loose belt. His jeans which were once tight


on him were now baggy and a little long. His T-shirt simply


looked like an XXL instead of his usually XL. To the casual


observer nothing was amiss. But, Patty was not a casual


observer. She noticed Dylan tightening his belt. Patty


stepped up next to Dylan. She was standing straight,


comparing her height to Dylan's height. It was apparent to


her that Dylan had indeed shrunk by 2”.




            Before Dylan noticed Patty standing next to him, she


stepped away. She choose not to say anything yet to Dylan.


But as they were walking to their house. Patty leaned over


and whispered in Ginny's ear. The two of them laughed.


They quietly continued their conversation, planning for that


afternoons events, all the while Dylan was completely


unaware of what they were doing or planning.




            The path home took them across the center of


campus. It wasn't as busy with activity as it could have been,


but there was still a good number of students enjoying the


sunny day. Dylan was walking quickly, he wanted to get


home before he shrunk any further. Straggling behind him


Ginny and Patty were purposely taking their time. They


wanted to see Dylan shrink even further while in public.




            Just then they were approached by laboratory's


receptionist, the southern belle. She stopped to talk to Ginny


and Patty, not seeing Dylan since he was far in front of them.


She apologized for not introducing herself earlier, but she


knew that Helen wanted to get started immediately.




            “My name is Randy Duke. I come from a large


family in Hazard County, North Carolina,” said Randy.




            “Hi, I'm Patty and this is Ginny,” replied Patty.




            “Yes I know,” answered Randy, “where is Dylan? I


think he's the first one to be affected by the ray. I noticed it


when we were back at the laboratory.”




            “He's walking right over there,” stated Ginny. “He


wants to get home quickly, the funny thing is, he doesn't


know that we know he is shrinking first. We are trying to


slow him down, maybe he will shrink right out of his clothes


before we get home. That would be quite amusing.”




            As the three girls continued their conversation,


Dylan continued on his way home. However, just like before


his body began to tingle. Dylan stopped to examine himself


and the results of the sensation he had just felt. He held up


his hands and looked himself over top to bottom. He could


come to only one conclusion. He had shrunk again.




            Just then, Patty yelled to Dylan to tell him to come


back to meet Randy. Dylan was not receptive to the idea. For


some reason, he was embarrassed that he was the first one to


shrink. He was already beginning to feel like he was less


than what he was before. Never the less, Dylan begrudgingly


agreed to return to the circle of woman. But before he could


do that, Dylan had to tighten his belt once more or his pants


would surely have fallen to his ankles. It was now on the last


notch. It cannot be tightened any further. He also tucked in


his T-shirt for it was doing a good job of impersonating a


night shirt due to its length and bagginess. Lastly, Dylan had


to retie and tighten the laces on his sneakers.




            As Dylan approached the girls, it was clear to him


that they were in fact bigger then they should be normally.


Randy agreed with Patty and Ginny not to let Dylan know


that she knew he was shrinking. From a distance Dylan, had


not noticed that this female that Ginny and Patty were


speaking with, was in fact the receptionist that he had just


tried to pickup a short time ago at the lab.




            When he approached, Patty introduced him to


Randy. Dylan, being the gentlemen that he is, smiled and


tried to make eye contact as he greeted her. He had to tilt his


head and looked up some to do it. It was at this moment that


Dylan recognized her. The pain in his eyes was evident


almost immediately to the girls. Dylan noticed two things


simultaneously, first he realized that this was the woman he


had met at the lab, and second that his eyes were a good 5 or


6 inches below hers when just a few hours ago they could


look at one another eye to eye. It was all the girls could do


not to laugh when they saw his expression.




            The girls continued to talk as Dylan shied away from


the conversation. He still wanted to get right home. But


Dylan could not help but stare at Ginny, Patty, and Randy


noting the changes that have taken place as he shrunk.


Normally, Dylan was almost a foot taller than Ginny, but now


the top of her head was at eye level. Not only did she seem


taller, but she also seemed to be bigger overall, bulkier and






            It seemed as if Patty were beginning to tower over


Dylan. She was a full foot taller than him now. This meant


that the top of his head was level with her chin and his eyes


were just above her breasts. For some strange reason, Patty


appeared even more attractive as well. Dylan had always


been drawn towards taller women, but this was the first time


in his adult life that he ever saw a woman whose stature was


so high. He also noticed that her breasts seemed larger, both


in shear size and circumference. He was getting turned on,


but at the same time he still tried to hide his apparent


discomfort with being the first of the group to shrink.




            As Dylan tried to grasp his situation his train of


thought was interrupted by Randy's voice, “Ah Dylan, are


you doing anything for dinner tonight? I'd love to come over


your house and make a LITTLE dinner for you.”




            “That's very kind of you Randy, but I'm afraid that I


have to stay with my roommates tonight,” said Dylan.




            Patty quickly corrected him, “no, no Dylan. Ginny


and I are going swimming tonight at the pool. We can pick


up dinner afterwards.”








            “No buts Dylan its settled, you have a LITTLE date


tonight” Ginny spoke. And all three women laughed.




            Dylan had no idea what they were laughing about,


but he didn't like it just the same. “all right we have to get


home, let's get going.”




            The ladies knew Dylan was uncomfortable with the


situation at hand and they said their good-byes. They knew


in the back of their minds that they would be next. Soon their


bodies would also begin to contract and the world would


magnify before their eyes.




            As soon as they got home, Dylan ran to his room.


He looked at himself in his full length mirror behind the


closet door. To him, he looked the same. Every part of his


body was in proper proportion to the rest. But it was his


clothes that looked wrong. They looked like hand me downs


from an older brother that he had not grown into yet. He


stripped them off and again examined himself. Just as he was


doing this, the sensation returned. This time it stayed longer


than all the other times put together. Dylan watched himself


in the mirror as the sensation continued. He could not


actually see himself shrinking, but the image of the room


behind him in the mirror seemed to move ever so slowly. It


moved away, it moved up, and it moved down. But at the


same time, the images in the mirror seemed to enlarge as


well. Moreover, the mirror itself seemed to be growing


larger, wider and higher, and the distance to the mirror


seemed to be increasing as well. Then the sensation left as


suddenly as it appeared.




            Dylan had shrunk again. He needed to know how he


stood, exactly how small was he? The girls were still


downstairs, so he hurried into Patty's room and opened the


draw where she kept her tools. Patty is very handy and owns


had a completely equipped tool box. There he found what he


was looking for, a tape measure. He quickly scurried back


into his room.




            He took a pencil and marked his height next to the


door. Taking the tape measure he ran it out down to the floor


and up the mark. He could not believe his eyes, and checked


it again, but there was no mistake. Dylan was now 54 1/2”


tall. He ran that through his mind and tried to calculate that


in feet, but it took him several attempts because he was in


shock. “I can't believe that I am now 4' 6 1/2” tall now. Its


unbelievable. Just then Dylan heard Ginny calling, “Dylan,


we are going to lay out in the backyard for a while, by the


kiddy pool before we go up to the university pool. Come on


out with us.”




            Caught off guard and not wanting to leave his room


Dylan answered, “ahh, maybe later, I'm busy right now.






            Dylan's voice sounded strange to Ginny. It was a


little higher than normal, and it sounded a little tinny as well.


She recognized it almost immediately as being brought on by


his reduction in size. She thought he sounded smaller than


before, and she just had to see for herself. Ginny went to get


Patty and they made their way up to his room.




            “Dylan, we are not going to take no for an answer.


Now come on down with us, the air will do you good,” said


Patty. Just then the two ladies open Dylan's door. The girls


walked in. They were both wearing two-piece bikinis which


did not leave much left to the imagination. There standing


naked in front of his mirror, was Dylan. The girls could not


hold it in any longer. They started to laugh almost


immediately. Dylan jumped into his bed and covered himself


with the sheets.




            Patty spoke first, “well you don't have to hide from


us little man. We have both seen you in your party suit


before. Although, I have to say that I like the new point of


view. You can't be much taller than a 10 year old. You


aren't even as tall as my breasts. But I must say it looks like


all of you is shrinking in proportion.”




            “Well I for one just can't believe it. It is amazing. I


was sure they were just pulling our leg at the lab to see how


gullible a person could be. But here is the proof. Little man


Dylan. I kinda like being taller than you. Now I'm not the


smallest one in the house,” Ginny said and giggled.




            “Ha ha, very funny!” Dylan slowly appear from


under the blanket. Its not fair, I'm shrinking fast, but neither


of you have even started.




            “Look how small your hands and feet are,” Ginny


grabbed Dylan's hand and compared it with her own. It was


slightly smaller than hers. “This is excellent. I for one hope


that you stay smaller than me Dylan. It is unbelievably erotic


for me to see you this way. I love it,” Ginny started rubbing


herself in the crotch through her bikini.




            “Hold on there Ginny, there will be plenty of time


for that later. Right now lets all go out in the back. Dylan,


find something you can use as a bathing suit and join us,”


ordered Patty as she seemed to take charge of the situation.




            The two girls left and went down stairs, leaving the


diminutive Dylan to his own devices. Dylan didn't really stop


to consider the repercussions of being his present size. He sat


on the edge of the bed, his feet dangling off the edge if he sat


back. Then it occurred to him that he might be able to wear


an old pair of high school gym shorts that had shrunk over


years of washing. He couldn't wear them any longer, but did


not want to throw them away, so he had stored them in the


back upper corner of the closet.




            Dylan went over to get them. Then it occurred to


him. Standing there in the closet in his bare feet, he was


unable to reach the shelf, even on his tip toes. Even 5' Ginny


could make the reach. But to Dylan, the shelf was now just


too high. He got his desk chair and pulled it over to the


closet. Climbing up on the now larger chair, he was able to


reach the shorts.




            Dylan pulled the old, comfortable, worn shorts up


his legs and over his hips. They were more than a little loose.


The shorts were 32 inches at the waist, but had shrunk in the


wash since they were all cotton. Dylan's waist started out the


day at 34 inches. He again picked up the tape measure


rapping it around his waist, 26 inches. Luckily the shorts had


a draw string and Dylan pulled it tight and tied it. The shorts


would work for now.




            Dylan grabbed a bath towel and headed out back.


The girls were already lying out. He put his towel down next


to Patty and sat down. Dylan looked over at Patty. To Dylan,


Patty was almost 8 feet tall. Her body was stretched out along


next to him. Her head was at one end of the towel, while her


feet and calves hung off the other end. The towel itself was


only 60 inches. Dylan laid down, normally his legs would


hang off the towel as well, but this time the towel was more


than long enough for his entire body with a little room to


spare. Laying there next to Patty, the realization began to hit


him as she dwarfed him. Again Dylan's mind began to run


wild, then, “hey wait a minute. If you guys knew that I was


already shrinking when we were talking to Randy, why did


you fix me up with her?”




            “That's simple,” spoke Ginny. “She told us she


thought that you were cute, and that she was dying to date


one of the shrinkees from the experiment. It seems that she


has some kind of Giantess fetish. We thought it was funny,


so we told her we'd help her and tada.”




            “Giantess Fetish! Oh great, what is she gonna do,


tie me up?” asked Dylan.




            “No Dylan its nothing like that, she just likes to


fantasize about small men. She has spent a lot of time trying


to become bigger than men by body building. You probably


didn't notice because of the loose fitting clothes she was


wearing but she has a hard body. The funny thing is I'm


beginning to see why its so attractive to her,” Ginny added.




            “Why is that,” asked Dylan.




            “Well Its easier to demonstrate than to explain,” said


Ginny. She stood up and walked over to the picnic table.


“Come over here Dylan and sit down at the table.”




            Dylan obliged Ginny and sat down across from her.


He could already see what she had in mind. She wanted to


arm wrestle. The two of them interlocked hands. Dylan


froze for the moment and stared at Ginny's hand. It was


larger than his own. His hand was swallowed by the size and


girth of her hand. Once more, her forearm was longer than


his. Dylan could feel her strength as they setup. Ginny said


go and immediately Dylan applied his full capacity of


strength. To his regret, Ginny's arm did not even budge.


“Ready?” Ginny asked, and then she applied her full amount


of strength. Almost immediately, Dylan's arm was thrown to


the table. Patty watched from her towel and said, “Ha ha ha,


you beat the little man Ginny. Don't feel bad Dylan. After


all you are puny. Look at it this way. Very soon, you may be


wishing that you were as tall and strong as you are now.


Who knows, I may be wishing I was as puny and strong as


you are now. It's hard to say at this point.”




            “That's what its all about Dylan, strength, size,


domination, and control,” finished Ginny. Ginny walked


back over to her towel and laid back down. Dylan remained


at the table. He felt humiliated. He was beaten by Ginny,


five foot nothing Ginny. He felt small and insubstantial.


Dylan couldn't face his roommates any longer at least for the


moment and excused himself, and started to run back up to


his room. But before he could get too far, Patty stopped him.


She could tell that he was hurting and wanted to comfort him.


As he stood next to her he felt even more insignificant. Patty


was much taller than him. She was about 2 feet taller.




            Dylan could not look her in the eye and so he stared


at the ground. Patty leaned over and began to kiss Dylan


quite affectionately. She put her hand behind his head and


pulled him even closer to her. Dylan's feet left the ground as


she lifted him up to her. Dylan reciprocated with kisses of his


own. He tried to explore her large mouth with his tongue.


But her lips and tongue were stronger than his. To Dylan it


felt as though he were trying to French kiss a mouth the size


of a bucket. His tongue was merely lost, and was too short to


explore the depths of her mouth. As Dylan hung there with


his face pressed against hers, his hands flailed wildly. He


grasped at her arms, but they seemed to get caught in her


hair. Dylan was at Patty's mercy.




            On the other hand, Patty was quite able to explore


Dylan's mouth. She was able to place it further in then ever


before. She could actually tickle the back of his throat.


Dylan gagged several times as she did so, but her tongue did


not relinquish its duty nor was Dylan able to pull away from


her. After several minutes, Patty stood back up and walked


back to her place on the towel.




            As soon as he returned to his room, Dylan looked out


his window down at the girls. As he shrunk, they were


quickly becoming his dream fantasy girls. Dylan had not


really ever admitted it to himself, but giant girls where his


desire. He knew exactly what Randy liked about her giantess


fetish and began to fantasize about their impending date. He


untied his shorts and they dropped to the ground. He grabbed


his penis and began to stroke it ever so slowly. As he did so


he replayed the arm wrestling match in his mind. He


remembered the feeling of lying next to Patty's huge body,


and the feeling of having his mouth ravaged by her tongue


over and over again. The whole time he stared at their half


naked bodies lying below him in the sun. When he finished


he feel a sleep.




            Dylan was awakened by Patty's voice calling up to


him from downstairs, “Dylan, Randy is here. Get dressed and


come on down. Ginny and I are going to the pool to do some


laps. We'll be back later. Bye.”




            Dylan sprung up from the bed to a sitting position.


His vision was still a hazy and he shook his head in order to


fully wake up. He sat on the edge of the bed and began


scooting his legs forward more and more that they would


touch the floor. Only his feet never did reach the floor.


Dylan looked around the room. Everything was enormous. If


Dylan had to guess, he thought that he was now less than one


half his original size.




            Turning around, he grabbed the blanket and lowered


himself to the floor. When he reached it he looked back up at


the bed. The top of the bed was just above his head. Next to


the bed was the pair of gym shorts he was wearing a short


time ago. Now the shorts looked like a large tarp. Dylan


wondered around the room. He could not reach up and touch


his desktop. The chair was also above his head. He would


need something to climb on if he were to ever reach it. His


sneakers sat by the closet door which was open. They were


almost half as long as his body was tall. In the closet hung


his clothes, they were comically large. He turned and looked


in the mirror. He was the same. Everything thing else had


changed. Just then he noticed the door knob on the closet


door. It hung well above his head. He soon realized that the


door to his room was closed and the knob on it was just as out


of reach as the closet door knob. At the moment he was


trapped in his own room.




            Just then he heard the stomping of a pair of feet


coming up the stairs. The footsteps grew increasingly louder


and soon stopped on the other side of his door. There was a


knock. “Dylan honey, you'all in there? Come on down, I


brought dinner.” It was Randy. Dylan did not answer. He


wasn't sure what to do. He was naked, had nothing to wear,


and no where to hide. He couldn't even get back on the bed


without some climbing. Just then the door opened.




            In the doorway stood Randy the beautiful southern


bodybuilder. Only this time she was wearing a tight T-shirt,


blue jeans shorts, and sandals. Dylan stood where he was


frozen like a deer caught in the headlights of on onco

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