Giantess Stories: A Little Game of Hide and Seek  Part One  By DreamTales

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A Little Game of Hide and Seek

Part One

By DreamTales

“You know, you're kind of sweet, Brian.” said Barbara, demurely batting her

eyelashes, a small smile flickering across her full red lips. The petite, well

endowed blonde was standing close enough for him to feel the warmth of her body

through her thin white blouse, stretched tight across her full breasts. “Not

just a big jock like all the other guys.”

“Well, thanks Barbara, I …”

“And you're sure you don't feel anything?” asked Barbara, her light blue eyes

glowing with what appeared to be a look of sincere concern.

“Not a thing. Well a little tingling maybe, but otherwise nothing.”

“Ooh, it was so brave of you to be a guinea pig for my science project.” Her

blue eyes were locked on his. “None of the other guys would even consider doing

that for me, but you just went right ahead and did it. I really appreciate


Brian's heart was skipping along at high speed, his breathing shallow. He still

couldn't believe he was here in Barbara Masterson's house – actually standing

beside her in the bedroom of the sexiest babe in high school! He'd had a crush

on her for years and until a few days ago wasn't sure she even knew he existed.

She was always going out with big tall jocks, and he doubted a short, skinny guy

like himself ever had a chance with her. But thanks to the upcoming science

fair, and a few seconds in front of a silly looking ray gun, he was suddenly the

object of her admiration.

He was nervous as a leaf, but decided this might be the only real chance he

would ever have. “Well Barbara, y'know now that we got to know each other and

everything, I thought, ummm… Er, I was thinking, ah… I mean, I was wondering if

you might be interested in seeing a movie with me tonight…?” His voice started

strong but trailed off into a kind of high squeak.


Brian had to blink a few times, unsure he heard her correctly. “Y-yes? You mean

you will? Um, see a movie with me, I mean?”

“I said sure.” she said with an amused grin. “Why don't you pick me up around

seven o'clock?”


Hot damn! though Brian, punching the air as he scrambled through his house,

getting ready for his big date. Maybe he did have a dry spell – well, actually a

baking desert of almost a year where he was turned down cold by every girl he

asked out, but now he was rocketing back into action! Just think – Barbara

Masterson! THE Barbara Masterson, actually going out with him!

Let's see, a quick shower, a shave and some cologne and he should be ready to

go. He pushed through his door to the hallway just in time to see his little

sister slip into the bathroom ahead of him. Her timing was perfect – the door

slammed in his face just as he arrived!

“Marcie! Come on! I really need to get into the bathroom! You're gonna take


The door popped open to reveal a sliver of Marcie's grinning face. “Too bad, big

bro! (giggle) You know how it is – girls just take longer than boys!”

“Marcie! Goddammit!” He pushed against the door but she was too fast – it

slammed shut, followed an instant later by the click of the lock.

“Shit!” Once again, Brian found himself cursing that day Marcie was born. Ever

since she entered his life she'd been a thorn in his side. She seemed to

positively enjoy torturing him, first as a skinny, smart-mouthed brat that made

his life a living hell, showing him up at school and making sure his parents

were apprised of his every transgression. It seemed a day never passed without

his mom and dad chorusing the refrain, “Why can't you be more like your little


But it was in the last year or so that she had scaled new heights of torture.

While he was still a short, skinny awkward teen that couldn't get a date to save

his life, she had blossomed into one of the sexiest girls in school. Only one

year behind him, in 11th grade, she had succeeded in becoming one of the most

popular girls around, merrily juggling dates as he stayed at home. And the worst

of it was that she really was one of the best looking girls he knew – it

mortified him to see his little sister's bratty face poised atop one of the

hottest bods around. Brian was sure she developed those perfect tits and tight

curves just to spite him, knowing she was unreachable. He'd love to give that

obnoxious know it all a big healthy smack on her beautiful butt.

“Don't worry, bro. I promise I'll hurry up. (giggle) I'll try to be out in less

than half an hour!”

Just the sound of her voice made him want to strangle her. He slumped against

the wall, fuming at the unfairness of it all. Why did everything have to go her

way? Even physically she was blessed – a gifted athlete, a star in basketball

and track. And she was growing like a weed: while he barely reached five foot

seven she was already in danger of catching up to him, a fact that she couldn't

resist using for the occasional tease.


Brian trudged back to his bedroom, fuming. He ruffled through his closet,

picking out his best clothes, and ended up deciding on a new jacket and pants he

had bought last week. It was funny about Barbara's ray gun – he had expected the

tingling to have worn off by now, but it was still going as strong as ever. Not

that it bothered him, but it just gave him a funny feeling, like something was

happening to him.

Barbara had called it a “condenser ray” and was joking that it might make him

smaller. Apparently it hadn't worked at all before, but she had just finished

making a few adjustments to it before trying it out on him. They both had a good

laugh: Brian had said how he couldn't afford to get any shorter and Barbara said

neither could she – at around five foot even she was one of the shortest (and

sexiest) girls in his class.

He was sure there was nothing to it, but being as self conscious as he was about

his height he couldn't help thinking about it. Funny, even his new clothes

seemed a little loose on him…

Brian shook his head – what an imagination! He was definitely spending too many

days alone at home! He folded his clothes and went back out to try to wheedle

Marcie out of the bathroom.


Almost 45 minutes later, Marcie finally burst out of the door, her hair and bod

wrapped up in fluffy towels. She sped down the hallway towards her bedroom,

grinning as she strode past Brian.

“Okay shorty, all yours!”

“Hey!” yelled Brian, looking up to see her beautiful rear wiggle into her

bedroom. He knew she was just teasing him, but for a moment he was surprised at

how tall she seemed. He followed her into her bedroom. “Marcie! You take that


Marcie didn't even turn around, taken as she was with checking her reflection in

her full length mirror. “Take what back?”

“Don't you act like that! You know very well – you called me a name!” Brian

stood right behind her and quickly checked his height against hers, breathing a

quick sigh of relief as he saw he still had a slight size advantage over his

little sister.

“Excuse me, but do you mind not standing there watching me? I'm trying to get

ready to go out. I'd appreciate a little privacy?” Huffing, Brian turned away

and looked across the room. He caught Marcie's reflection in the glass of her

bedroom window out of the corner of his eye, and winced as she suddenly dropped

her towel, revealing a striking profile of full perky breasts, thin waist and

one of the nicest, tightest little asses he'd ever seen. For a moment he

completely lost his train of thought, having to make a concerted effort to pull

his eyes away.

“What name?” Marcie was flouncing in front of the mirror, ever so subtly

checking out the sharp curves of her profile.

Brian flushed, cringing at the sound. “You said ‘shorty' !”

“Oh God, Brian! Is THAT all you're upset about? I was just teasing. You're so

touchy lately!”

“It's not just that!” Huffed Brian. “I TOLD you I needed to get in the bathroom

and you still hogged it for almost an hour!”

“So? I have an important date tonight--”

“Oh yeah? Well, so do I!”

Marcie's voice dripped with sarcasm. “Oh yeah? My big brother finally gets a

date? Wonders never cease! And just who might that be?”

Brian casually folded his arms across his chest, pausing a few seconds for the

best dramatic effect. When he spoke his voice purred with pride. “It's Barbara

Masterson, for your information.”

Marcie's voice was an undisguised sneer. “Oh HER? That little blonde bimbo?

How'd you ever get her to go out with you? Don't tell me you let her test out

her science project on you?”

“Her science project? H-how'd you know about that?”

“Oh god, you mean you actually DID do it? She's only been trying to ask every

last person in school to be her guinea pig. That little pest has been bugging

everybody for weeks!”

“S-she has?”

“Yeah, that stupid condenser ray of hers. The joke was that she wanted to invent

it so at least somebody in school would be shorter than her. I can't believe you

fell for it!”

“You know Marcie, I think you're just pulling my chain.” said Brian defensively.

“Yeah, that's it! You're just jealous! You don't like to see me going out with

popular girls! God, you're such a--”

“Look, Brian.” said Marcie in what (for her) passed for a sincere voice. “You

can do what you want, I don't give a shit. But no way would I ever let somebody

use some untested ray gun on me. You've only got one body, if you mess it up

it's not like you can get another one. I mean, what if that thing really


“Yeah, right. Tell me another one…”

“Really, Brian. (giggle) Who knows, maybe you'll turn into my little brother!”

Marcie's voice suddenly sounded closer and Brian turned to find her fully

clothed, in a knockout low cut red dress. He almost jumped a foot – suddenly he

found himself looking up at her grinning face! She must've been at least three

inches taller than he was!

“M-Marcie?” For a moment Brian was shell shocked, looking up at his little

sister. That ray gun really did work!

“What the matter bro? Don't you like my new shoes?” She grinned and signaled

downward with her eyes, then clicked her heels together, showing off her new

pair of black four inch stiletto heels. “(giggle) Or maybe you thought you

really were shrinking?”

Brian was still recovering when Marcie leaned in for a teasing wet kiss on his

cheek, then spun on her high heels and breezed out of the room.

“Seeya shorty! (giggle) Have a nice date!”


“Mmmm.. I had a great time, Barbara.” said Brian, reaching across the front seat

of his car to give her a warm hug and a French kiss.

“Me too.” she sighed, before coming at him again with her full red lips.

Brian could feel her large warm breasts against his chest, and slowly slid his

hands from behind her back, trying to cup those beautiful big mammaries in his

palms. He felt her stiffen slightly, then slowly draw back.

“Careful tiger.” she breathed, smiling into his eyes. “Let's not get ahead of


“I'm sorry, Barbara, I…”

“Don't be sorry. It's late, it's Thursday night, and we've got school tomorrow.”

she said, giving him a playful kiss on the nose. “Just keep that thought. And be

sure to give me a call.”

“S-sure…” he said, but Barbara was already scooting out the car door. He sat and

watched her beautiful rear wriggle as she crossed her driveway and disappeared

into her house.


Brian had good days and bad days, and Friday looked to be one of the duds. First

his new clothes didn't fit (they were too loose on him), and the only thing he

could find were some old things he wore last year that he thought he'd grown out

of, although they still seemed to fit pretty well. He had slept late and had to

rush out the door, barely glancing in his sister's direction before hopping in

his car and zooming off to school.

Then all day long it seemed that he was at the short end of the stick. They were

playing basketball in gym class, which was never his sport anyway, but still he

was mortified to be the last guy picked to play. He hated lining up and waiting

to be chosen, and was surprised to see that even little Pete Samson, who for

years was the shortest guy in the class, had finally caught up with him in


In fact, as the day wore on he kept noticing how tall everyone seemed. The big

jocks seemed bigger than ever, and even some of the girls looked intimidatingly

statuesque. He passed Betty, one of Marcie's 11th grade girlfriends in the

hallway and was surprised to see that she looked almost as tall as he was, even

though when he last saw her a few weeks ago he was pretty sure he was taller

than her. She smiled hello as she sped by, looking impressively well developed

in her tight knit top. He wanted to check to see if she was wearing high heels,

but lost her in the crowd.

Bumping into Barbara made him feel better. She was still as reassuringly short

and cute as ever, and made his day with a big wink and a playful pinch on his

butt. She said she had to study all weekend, but asked him to give her a call

next week. That was at the end of the day, and gave him a bit of a lift on the

drive home, even though he knew he was facing another lonely weekend by himself,

slumped in front of the television.

It wasn't until he was half way home that he realized he'd forgotten to tell

Barbara something. That stupid tingling feeling still hadn't gone away yet!


“Wake up sleepy head!”

“Hmmffff…” Brian tried to bury his head in his pillow as Marcie strode around

his room, pulling open the curtains. The light streamed through, stinging his

eyes. “Why do I need to wake up? Who made you Queen for a day?”

“Mom and dad, that's who.” said Marcie. “Remember? They're going away for a few

days? They just left a few hours ago. It's just you and me here for the next

week, dear brother o' mine.”

“Unggghhhh…” mumbled Brian. “Just great.”

“Goll, I can't believe what a lazy bones you are! Everybody's been up since

early morning and here you are at one o'clock in the afternoon, still sound


“So what? It's a crime or something?”

Brian blinked himself awake, squinting at Marcie. He had a fleeting impression

that she was standing there stark naked, but took him a few seconds to realize

that she was just wearing a skimpy bikini. Still, the sharp curve of her hips

silhouetted against the window was one of the more spectacular sights he'd seen

lately – even if she was his obnoxious little sister.

“What's with the bathing suit?” he sat up in bed, rubbing his eyes. “You going

to the beach or something?”

“Nope. It's such a nice day I thought I'd get a little sun. Betty and I are

lying out in the back yard..”

Marcie turned to go, her picture perfect rear jiggling as she swept out the

door. Brian slowly pushed himself to his feet and shuffled off to the bathroom.

As he glanced out the window he saw Betty out in the backyard, lying face down

on her towel, looking almost as good as Marcie in her own brief little outfit of

tight thong panties and thin tank top.

“Hmm… I might just join you guys…”

Maybe it was pure optimism, or maybe just the surge of well being he felt after

his big date with Barbara, but Brian thought he just might have a pretty good

chance with Betty. After all, it wasn't that long ago that she was a scrawny

little kid that trailed after him, just another of his little sister's

playmates. He remembered her warm smile in the hallway yesterday, and took

another quick peek outside again at her lovely tight body, laid out and

glistening in the hot sun. Maybe after months of strikeouts his time was here at


He pulled out a pair of trunks from last year, happy to see that they weren't

too small – if anything, they were still pretty stylish – big and baggy, just

the way he liked them.


“Hi girls, how's the sun?”

“Brian, don't you have your own friends to hang out with?” said Marcie, frowning

as her brother rolled his beach towel out on the grass beside them. “Oh, wait. I

forgot – you don't have any friends!”

“Ha ha. Very funny. It's so nice to have a loving little sister.”

“Hi Brian.” said Betty. She have him a warm smile and patted the spot next to

her. “C'mon and join us. The sun's great.”

Brian brought a book along and was studiously trying to read it, but despite

himself he kept shooting glances over at Betty. Her long, nubile body was

lightly tanned and covered in a thin film of sweat. The sweet smell of coconut

oil wasted over him, and he found himself studying the rise and fall of her bare

stomach as she lay on her back.

“Mmmm… I think I'll get something to drink. You guys thirsty?” asked Betty.

Brian was going to offer to bring her a soda, but Betty had already leapt to her

feet and was going up the stairs to the back door. For a moment he lost himself

in the sight of her cute rear bouncing along in her tight thong.

“No, thanks.” called Marcie, half asleep.

“Uh, I think I'll get something myself, too.” said Brian, getting up.

Inside the kitchen, Betty was standing in front of the refrigerator. She was

bent down, trying to reach behind the leftovers to get at a row of sodas, that

beautiful bottom of hers poised atop her long legs.

“Need some help there, Betty? Can I help you find anything?”

“Nah, I think I've got it.” said Betty. “Oh, wait. Here's some on the top


Brian was standing just behind Betty, her back to him, and as she stood up to

reach for the soda he suddenly caught his breath. The young girl in front of him

was over a half head taller than he was! What was going on?

Brian quickly looked down, checking to see if Betty was wearing platforms, but

she was barefoot, just like he was! His mind racing, Brian tried as best he

could to find some logical explanation, but nothing seemed to make sense. Sure

Betty had grown a lot, but he had just seen her in the hallway yesterday and at

the most she was about his height. But now she was a good 4 or 5 inches taller

than him! Either she had grown almost 6 inches overnight, or else he had…

It was Barbara's stupid ray gun! It really DID work!

Suddenly he realized that Betty might turn around any second and see that he had

shrunk! And the first thing she would do was tell his sister! He thought

quickly. There was a chair beside him and he suddenly fell into it, sighing.

Betty turned around to find Brian sitting behind her, his face in his hands.

“Brian? What are you doing?”

“Oh, I just…” he tried to act disoriented. “I dunno. All of a sudden I'm not

feeling well.”

“You okay, Brian?” Betty bent over him with a concerned expression. “Can I help

you up?”

“N-no thanks. I just got dizzy. I just need to sit down for a few minutes.”

The door banged open and Marcie strode into the room. “What's up, guys?”

“Marcie, Brian says he doesn't feel well.” Betty's big brown eyes loomed in

front of Brian's face as she ran her fingers through his hair.

Marcie stood in front of him, statuesque in her tiny bikini, her hands on her

hips. “Oh, just ignore him. He's probably just making a bid for attention.”

“No, look.” said Betty. “He's so pale. And he said he was dizzy. Brian, I think

we should take you to a doctor.”

“No! No, really, Betty. I think I'll be okay. I just need to rest.”

Marcie opened the refrigerator and grabbed a coke off the top shelf. “C'mon

Betty, let's go. We have better things to do than hang out with my loser


Betty was obviously concerned, but Brian insisted that he was okay. He watched

as the two girls left the room, Betty looking over her shoulder to give him a

little wave and a smile before she went outside. Brian flinched involuntarily as

he noticed that Marcie was a good two inches taller than Betty.

As soon as the girls left, Brian jumped up and raced to the door. Outside, they

were busying themselves with their suntan lotion before stretching out on their

towels. He took one last long look as Betty leaned over to arrange her towel,

giving him a perfect view into her surprisingly full cleavage. Then, shivering

slightly, he turned away.

He decided the best thing was to hide in his room, at least until he could get

to Barbara. At his current size he couldn't risk being seen by anybody. With a

start he realized that as long as the two girls were in the house he'd be

trapped inside.

He couldn't chance sneaking back downstairs for lunch, so he grabbed some food.

He tried to get a coke, but he was now too short to reach the top shelf – the

same shelf that Marcie had so easily reached a minute ago. He tried hopping on

his tip toes to grab at the can, but it was well out of reach. Flushing with

embarrassment, he grabbed some bottled water from a lower shelf and, with one

quick look to make sure the coast was clear, ran up the stairs to his room.


He called Barbara, but her mother answered the phone. Barbara was out for the

day – she wasn't sure when she'd be back – but she promised to have her give him

a call.

Inside his room, Brian looked about for a ruler or tape. He found a little foot

ruler and, marking his height against the wall, tried to measure it by

laboriously measuring up from the floor, a foot at a time. His heart sank when

he saw that he was now only five feet tall!

The rest of the afternoon was a slow, excruciating nightmare. Brian felt he knew

what it was like to be in prison – trapped in his room, he didn't dare call

anyone lest they find out his predicament. Occasional glances outside at the two

girls only made things worse. He could hear their happy chatting, and the sight

of those two lovely nubile bodies stretched out on the lawn filled him with a

strange mixture of desire, fright and helplessness.

He hoped they would tire of lying in the sun, but Betty and Marcie stayed

outside all afternoon.  As the hours wore on Brian hardly dared to check his

height again. When he finally did, at almost six o'clock, he could barely

believe his eyes: he had shrunk another eight inches! He was now only for foot

four inches tall!

Another call to Barbara found her house empty. As he hung up, he heard footsteps

coming up the stairs. Brian had just enough time to jump into bed and arrange

the sheets open before the door burst open.

“Hey, sleepyhead! How's my invalid little brother?” called Marcie in a loud

voice. Maybe it was the perspective, lying in bed, but she seemed to be bigger

than any woman he'd ever seen. Her impressive curves seemed to fill the room.

Betty came in right behind her and, to Brian's chagrin, plopped down on the bed

next to him. “Marcie he IS a little warm. I think he's really got something,

maybe a touch of the flu?” She put a hand over his forehead and looked into his

eyes. “Maybe we should take him to see a doctor?”

Brian tried to pretend he was just awakened. “Umm… that's okay Betty. I think I

just need to sleep it off. I'll be okay.”

The two girls left, and for the next hour Brian lay in bed listening to them

changing clothes and taking showers. Despite himself he shivered at the thought

of nubile Betty standing naked in the bathroom just ten feet from where he lay.

He tried to calculate how tall she was compared to him now. With him at about 50

inches tall she would seem like a seven foot giantess!

After an interminable wait the two girls footsteps receded downstairs. Brian

waited in bed a few minutes and was just about to get up when the door opened.

He could barely see in the dark twilight, but the silhouette was unmistakable:.


“Sssshhh! Don't wake up, Brian.” said a soft voice. “I'm just leaving some stuff

for you, saltines and ginger ale.” He could hear the voice coming closer in the

dark. “That's what I always like when I'm not feeling well.”

“Oh. Uh, … thanks.”

“Anytime…” He felt a warm kiss on his forehead, and then the door closed behind



When Brian finally got out of bed he felt like he had entered another world.

Everything seemed huge, even the drop from his bed causing his bare feet to land

hard on the floor. His bathing suit slid down to his knees, and rather than

waste time with it he just stepped out of it and walked off, stark naked.

He had to jump up to reach the light switch, and even the phone seemed huge.

Cradling the receiver in his arms, it seemed over a foot long. He dialed Barbara

and after a long series of rings a little girl's voice answered. “Hello?”

“Hi. Is Barbara there?” Brian flinched at the high, childish sound of his voice.

“Who's this?” she sounded about six years old.

“I'm Brian, a friend of Barbara's. Is your big sister home?”

“You don't sound like one of my sister's friends. You sound like a little kid.”

“Look, I'm not a little kid. My name is Brian and I need to talk to Barbara. Is

she there please?”

“Nah. She's out with her boyfriend.”

“Boyfriend?” said Brian, his heart suddenly racing. “What boyfriend?”

“I dunno. She got lots of boyfriends. Bye!”

Brian cursed as the phone went dead. That little brat! He remembered seeing her

now, a little child in long curls with an upturned nose. He'd definitely give

her a talking to the next time he saw her. If she didn't watch out he'd…

But suddenly he realized – he was almost the same size as her now! And with this

rapid shrinking, who knows how big he'd be the next time he saw her?


Brian pulled open the door to his closet, but everything was much too big for

him. He checked his height again, sighing as he saw how far short the pencil

mark fell from the last one. The ruler quickly confirmed his fears – he was now

only three feet six inches tall!

The house was empty, the hallway dark. He pushed open his door and ran into the

bathroom. He didn't need to ask Marcie what she was doing – at nine o'clock on a

Saturday night she was definitely out on a date with one of her many boyfriends.

If she liked him she might stay out well past midnight, especially with their

parents away, but there were the occasional duds that brought her back before

ten. He decided he'd better stay as close as possible to his bedroom, just in


Inside the bathroom he had to stand on top of the toilet to relieve himself, and

needed a boost from a box of toilet paper to reach the sink and wash his hands.

The bath towel seemed huge, so he grabbed a hand towel and wrapped it around his

waist. Far above him, Betty and Marcie's bathing suits hung to dry, the skimpy

little pieces of brightly colored fabric seeming too small even for him.

He hoped he might find some smaller clothes in Marcie's room, but it was just

too much hassle. The light switch was well out of reach, and he didn't want to

risk getting her suspicious: if she found him rummaging around in her bedroom

she'd kill him. With a gulp, Brian realized that at his size his nubile little

sister could easily take him over her lap for a spanking!

He decided against trying to go downstairs to get dinner, and ended up just

finishing off the crackers and soda that Betty had brought. It was now

approaching ten PM and he felt he'd better turn off his light just in case

Marcie returned and stopped in to see him. Even in the last hour or so he had

shrunk considerably, and in order to get to the light switch he had to drag his

chair across the room. He didn't want to check his height again, but Brian

couldn't help noticing that the last mark on the wall was 3 or 4 inches above

his head.

The phone rang as he was just putting back the chair. He was now about eye level

with the table, and struggled with the large receiver. Remembering himself, he

tried his best to use a deep voice to counter the effects of his shrinking.


“Hi, Brian?” It was a girl's voice.

“Yes, Barbara? Look, I've been trying to get you all day. I need to-“

“No, Brian. This is Betty.”

“Betty?” For a moment his voice was high again, like a child's. Then he caught

himself, lowering his voice. “Oh, Betty. Yeah, hi.” There was a pause on the

line so he continued. “Um, Marcie's not here. Do you want me to tell her you


There was a soft throaty giggle. “No Brian, I called to talk to you. I was just

wondering how you're doing. You seemed pretty sick.”

“Oh thanks. That's really nice.”

“Well, I might be coming over again tomorrow. I hope you'll feel better?”

“Uh, yeah…” he thought for a second. “I mean,. I might not be around. I might

need to go out for awhile, but yeah…”

“…and Brian?” There was a teasing lilt to her voice.

“Yeah?” His voice jumped again.

“If you ever thought of asking me out, let's just say I'm… interested.”

“S-sure Betty. Uh, yeah.”

“(giggle) You're cute, Brian.



“Y-yeah. G'night Betty.”


When Brian heard the car pull into the driveway he panicked. What if Marcie came

into his room and found him shrunk to the size of a little child? Even hiding

under the covers she might easily see how tiny he was.

He jumped down out of bed and ran over to lock his bedroom door. He hadn't used

the lock in years and it was jammed, taking all of his strength to turn the

bolt. Then he got down on the floor and peered through the crack under the door.

He heard the door open downstairs and Marcie footsteps walking inside. A few

lights flicked on in the distance as she called out his name. After a few

minutes her footsteps came up the staircase, and he watched as she went to her

room and shut the door.

A minute later she emerged. Marcie had pulled off her dress and was wearing only

her underwear, a little set of black silk see through bra and panties that Brian

recognized as one of his favorite outfits. He gasped, despite himself, his heart

racing at the sight of her luscious curves poured into that skimpy little

lingerie. She went to the bathroom door and stopped for a moment, seeming to

pause in thought. And then she walked right down the hallway and stopped at his


“Brian?” she tried the door knob and found it locked. “Brian?” she called, a

little louder. “What's going on? Why is your door locked?”

Her bare feet seemed huge, twice the size of any foot he'd seen before. He

jumped back, watching as the huge door shook before him. He felt a wave of

helplessness and panic as he realized how very much bigger and stronger his

little sister now was.

Brian ran back to the bed, his towel falling off as he struggled to jump up and

climb under the covers. He tried his best to feign sleep, making his voice as

deep as it would go.

“Uhhh… what?”

“Brian! Don't give me that shit! You're hiding something, I know it! Since when

do you keep your door locked?”

“Marcie! C'mon, lemme sleep!”

“Open up, Brian!” The door shuddered again as Marcie struggled with the knob.


There was a short silence on the other side of the door, then light giggling.

“Oh I get it.” came a bright, teasing voice.

“W-what? Leave me alone!”

“I knew it! You're in there wacking off! (giggle)”

“I am NOT!” Brian's voice cracked as he shouted.

“Oh yeah? Let's just see about that…”

Brian heard her footsteps receding down the hallway. He crept out of bed just in

time to see Marcie's lovely rear as she slipped back into her bedroom. He heaved

a sigh of relief as he saw the door close behind her.

But a moment later she emerged holding a cardboard box. She sauntered down the

hallway and paused before his door, shaking the box teasingly.

“Hey big bro. (giggle) Lookee what I got here – the keys to your bedroom door!”

“Marcie! Quit it!”

“(giggle) Don't be so embarrassed, little Brian. Lots of little boys like to

masturbate.” He could hear her laughing as she shuffled through the box of keys.

“Now let's see… which one is it…?”

Brian shrank back from the door, looking desperately for a place to hide. He was

stark naked, less than three feet tall, about eye level with Marcie's lovely

panties. He couldn't let her find him like this!

“Marcie! Get lost!”

“(giggle) Don't worry, bro. I won't tell Barbara that you're spending Saturday

night alone pulling your little chain.”

Suddenly the doorknob started to turn. Brian raced across the room and jumped up

into his bed, quickly pulling the sheets over him. He shoved some pillows down

beside him, trying to make it look like a bigger person was under the covers. A

second later the door swung open and Marcie's tall, sexy form strolled through

the door.

Brian almost gasped out loud. He had never imagined that such a huge creature,

much less his own little sister, could be so utterly voluptuous. Standing in the

darkness, the hallway light fell across her breasts, highlighting her already

spectacular cleavage. She stood smirking down at him, her arms on her hips, like

a nanny that had caught one of her little boys doing something naughty.

“God, it's pitch dark in here!” said Marcie. “I can't see a thing.” She turned

and, showing a quick glimpse of her lovely rear, reached out for the light


“N-no!” said Brian.


“I-I'm sleeping. I mean, I'm trying to get to sleep. D-don't turn on the light.”

“Well all right, if you're that serious about it.” she said, smiling into the

darkness. “You don't have to get all excited.”

Marcie stood for a moment, then reached down and picked up something. “And you

should put things back.” she said, waving the little hand towel that just

moments ago had been wrapped around Brian's waist. “You're such a slob!”

Brian sighed with relief as his huge sister turned and left, closing the door

behind her.

Part Two

Brian set the alarm for 6 AM the next morning, eager to get up before Marcie

awoke and found him. He was disoriented by his size, and as the clock started

beeping, he found that his arms were too short to reach his bedside table. He

had to stand up and reach over to get to the off button on the clock.

His room seemed gigantic, the ceiling easily 20 feet high. Even the drop to the

floor was a good 8 feet from his bed, and he had to hang onto the covers and

slide down the side to avoid making a noise and waking Marcie. He ran over to

his makeshift measuring area to check his height, but stopped when he saw the

huge foot ruler lying on the floor. Picking it up, he saw that it came up to his

waist. He was now only two feet tall!

The bedroom door, the same one that Marcie had casually shut last night, loomed

over him. The doorknob was way out of reach, and just getting out of his bedroom

involved ten minutes of sustained effort; first dragging a huge chair across the

room, climbing up onto it, wrestling with the huge knob, the pulling open the

heavy door. He pushed the chair back, anxious to avoid raising Marcie's


Naked and now reduced to the size of a newborn infant, Brian snuck out into the

hallway. Luckily Marcie had left the bathroom door open a crack, and he was able

to push his way through. Inside, he swore under his breath as he saw that Marcie

had hung up his hand towel on the upper towel bar. Even standing on a pile of

toilet paper boxes it was well out of his reach. For a moment he considered

wrapping himself in toilet paper but decided that it was somehow less

humiliating to just be naked.

Brian tried to consider his options. His only hope was getting through to

Barbara, but his calls had gone unheeded. Going over to her place was out of the

question; he could never drive a car, and although she lived only a few blocks

away he couldn't risk the journey in his present size. Even the smallest child

would loom like a giant over him, and each door would be an impenetrable

obstacle. He had to get her on the phone.

But the phone was becoming increasingly hard to manage. Even getting up to the

table top was now a struggle, and Marcie might hear him dial, or even – he

shuddered at the thought! – pick up another line and break in on his

conversation. If only he had a smaller phone, one he could take into a closet or


Of course! Marcie had just gotten a new portable phone for her birthday, a tiny

Japanese model. It would be perfect. All he had to do was sneak into her bedroom

and find it.


As he pushed open the huge door, Brian had a nagging feeling of déjà vu, the

vast scene of his sister's bedroom calling up childhood memories of Jack and the

Beanstalk. Across the room, Marcie was fast asleep. Her pocketbook hung from the

back of a chair, just a few feet away from her. It was just barely within his


Brian ran across the carpet, first hiding behind a huge trash can and then

sneaking behind the chair, desperate to avoid making any noise. He reached up

and opened the clasp, then reached in a hand and began rummaging around. There

was a soft jangle of keys and coins, and Brian's heart jumped as Marcie suddenly

groaned and shifted in her sleep. He waited, motionless, for a good two minutes

before resuming his search.

He grabbed the phone and was just about to run out the door when Marcie's alarm

clock went off. Cursing silently, Brian dashed across the room towards the

nearest hiding place – just under Marcie's writing desk. He pressed himself flat

against the back wall, desperate to hide his little naked body from his little

sister's big prying eyes.

Marcie stretched, yawned, and reached a huge arm out to silence the alarm. A

moment later a huge leg swung off the bed, followed by another, each shapely

calf bigger than himself. And then she stood up.

Brian almost cried out loud. Marcie towered over him, her nubile figure almost

20 feet tall. She was wearing only a thin pair of panties, her voluptuous torso

gloriously nude. It was all Brian could do to keep from sneaking out towards the

edge of his hiding place for a better look at those perfect breasts, hovering

far above him. He shivered in fear and flushed with embarrassment, mortified

that the sight of his obnoxious little sister's body could have such an effect

on him.

Marcie took a few giant strides across the room, absently scratching her

beautiful rear. She paused at a spot about six feet from Brian, facing away from

him, and stood up straight, stretching her arms in the air. Then she bent over

and touched her toes several times. Brian recalled how his little sister had

been yakking on about the Yoga classes she had been taking the last year. He

watched her lovely rear end pointing skyward as she flexed and stretched.

Suddenly Marcie bent over backward, her body forming an upside down U as she

stretched her long arms towards the floor. She was facing him now, and if she

looked up she might see his tiny nude body huddled in the darkness. Her flat

stomach and long arms were stretched tight, her large perky breasts jiggling as

they hung upside down.

For the next fifteen minutes Marcie twisted her nubile body through a series of

gymnastic poses, treating her shrunken older brother to an intimate, close-up

view of her spectacularly well developed figure. By the end of the ordeal they

were both soaked in sweat, she from her exertions and he from the Herculean task

of controlling his wild mixture of fright and desire. Finally, she sprang to her

feet and, with legs almost twice as long as he was tall, casually strolled out

the door.

Brian listened to her footsteps pound down the hallway, a door opening and

closing. He snuck out from his hiding place, the big portable phone tucked under

his arm, and ran over to the door. Luckily Marcie had left it open – otherwise

he would be trapped inside her room.

The bathroom door was closed. At the far end of the hallway, his bedroom door

loomed in the distance. Taking a few deep breaths, Brian lined up like a

sprinter at the start of an Olympic race. He had to get past the bathroom before

Marcie discovered her brother had shrunk to a tiny nude. He sped out Marcie's

bedroom door and ran as fast as his tiny legs would take him, down the hallway,

past the big bathroom door, and into his bedroom door. Once inside he collapsed

in exhaustion, sweat pouring off his body.


“Well, yes Barbara is home, but she's still asleep. Could you call back a little


“No, please Mrs. Masterson.” said Brian, shouting into the portable phone. “I

need to talk to her now. It's really important.”

Brian was sitting on a pile of his dirty clothes on the floor of his closet,

hoping that the sound of his voice wouldn't carry outside his room. He had heard

Marcie start her shower just a few minutes before, and hoped to complete his

call before she finished. After a little more pleading Barbara's mother relented

and went to wake her daughter.

After a long wait a voice came on the phone. “Hello? Who is this?”

“Barbara? It's me, Brian. I…”

“Brian? What? You don't sound like…”

“Look, never mind. I need to see you right away. It's that ray gun you used on


“The ray gun? What about it?” asked Barbara.

“It made me shrink! It turned me into a little..”

“Brian? Can you speak up? I can't hear what you're saying.”

“Look, I just need to see you. Right away!”

“Oh. Well, I guess you can come over this afternoon…”

“No! I can't go to your place. You gotta come to my house. I really need you to

come, it's really…”

“What? What is this shit? Brian, you wake me up at fucking nine o'clock on a

Sunday, and sound like you've been snorting helium all night, and now you expect

me to drop everything and run over to your house? What goddamn planet are you


“Please Barbara, please? I can't explain it but I need you to come here, right

away! Please?”

There was a long loud sigh on the other end of the phone, then silence.


“Shit, Brian. Okay, I guess I'll try to stop by later. But don't fucking call me

like this again, okay? Jeez!”

Brian was about to gush with thanks when she hung up the phone.


Brian waited in his bedroom, listening as Marcie finished her shower and went

downstairs. He found a clean handkerchief to wrap around his waist, and

struggled back up onto his table top to finish off the last of the saltines.

Outside, he discovered that Marcie had shut the bathroom door behind her,

barring his entry. He hoped he could hold off until his giant sister came back

upstairs, or Barbara arrived to save him.

About an hour later the doorbell rang. His heart beating, Brian ran down the

hallway to the staircase. If he snuck down the first couple of stairs he could

see the front entrance hall. From his perch he could only see Marcie from the

neck down, as she opened the door. A young woman came in, and Brian squinted as

he tried to make out who it was, trying to recognize her by her body. She was a

little shorter than Marcie – like Barbara – and her knit top was enticingly

stretched by her high full chest – again, it could be Barbara!

He snuck down another few steps, ready to call out to his savior. If Barbara

didn't come up to his room he reluctantly realized he would have no choice but

to reveal himself. He hated the thought of having his sexy little sister see him

half naked and shrunk to the size of an infant, but at least he would be saved.

Just as he reached the halfway point of the staircase, he heard an unmistakable

peal of  laughter – Betty! He turned and ran back up the stairs as the two giant

girls followed behind, chatting gaily, completely unaware of the terror they

were causing their tiny observer. The stair steps were huge, each one like

taking three steps at a time, and Brian kept slipping in his frantic dash for

safety. He could feel their huge footfalls right behind him. So frantic was his

retreat that he made it halfway down the hallway before he realized that his

little hankie loincloth had slipped off.

He considered a mad dash to retrieve it, but the girls were pounding up the

stairs. He turned and saw a giant hand reach out and pick up the little white

handkerchief, holding his erstwhile piece of clothing between two huge well

manicured fingers.

“Look.” said Betty. “Somebody dropped their handkerchief.”

“Who else but my slob of a brother?” said Marcie, laughing. Brian just made it

into his room as the two giant teens strode through the door to Marcie's

bedroom. Inside, he found that the top of the foot ruler now came up to his



Brian was in his closet digging through his dirty laundry pile, looking for

another loincloth when the door to his room burst open. He saw the two girls'

gigantic silhouettes and quickly hid himself in the pile of clothes.

“Just look at this mess, what did I tell you?” said Marcie. “Doesn't make his

bed, clothes all over the place, even his goddamn food is still out from last

night. Is he a slob or what?”

“I dunno.” said Betty. “I still think you shouldn't look through his things

while he's not here. I mean, it is his private bedroom.”

“Yeah well, if he wants me outta here he's gotta keep his hands off my stuff. I

just know he took my phone.”

Peeking out from his hiding place, Brian saw Betty pick up his clothes off the

floor while Marcie made his bed. A minute later Betty stood with an armload of


“Where should I put these?”

“Usually he just throws them on the floor of his closet.” said Marcie. “He –“

Suddenly the closet door swung open, light pouring into the darkness, the curves

of a giant female hovering above him. As he watched, open mouthed, she raised a

gigantic finger and pointed it right at him.

“Hey, look at this!”

He ducked his head as the giant female reached down a huge arm, right towards

him, the huge fingers diving into the pile of clothes.

“It's my goddamn phone!” said Marcie. “Can you believe that?”

Brian huddled under the clothes, his heart thumping, as the two girls left the

room. He was just about to climb out of the closet when the door opened again

and Betty appeared. She went to his table and started to pick up his food tray

when she stopped and tore off a sheet of paper. She bent over the desk, writing

quickly, then folded up the note and left, taking the tray with her.

Brian waited until the girls went downstairs and then ran over to the desk. It

was all he could do to reach up to the chair seat, climb up, and then clamber up

onto the table top. There he unfolded the note:

Dear Brian,

Hi! I'm really sorry I missed you today. I hope you're feeling better. I'm

really glad you liked the ginger ale and saltines.

Marcie's a good friend but I can see she might be a little tough as a sister.

Just hang in there!

Anyway, I hope you don't mind if we made your bed and picked up a few things.

We're going out to lie in the sun now. I hope you'll come join us!

Love and xxx's



Brian waited by the telephone until noon, Anxious to get to it before Marcy

answer in case Barbara called. But after a 3 hour wait he was really getting

nervous. He was now only 12 inches tall, and if he got much smaller he might not

be able to get back down from the table top – or even be able to pick up the


He decided to call Barbara again. As it was, he was barely able to lift the

receiver and dial. After a few rings a maddeningly familiar voice came on the


“Hello? Hi?” it was Barbara's little sister again.

“Hello? Is Barbara there?” shouted Brian in a high squeaky voice.

“Hee hee, you're funny!”

“Look, I'm not funny! I mean, it's not funny, it's really important. I need to

talk to Barbara!”

“(giggle) Squeaky voice, squeaky voice!”

“Look, quit it! Where's your big sister?”

“I dunno. Out.”

“What do you mean, out? Where did she go? I need to…”

“Squeak, squeak! (giggle)”

“Stop that! Goddamit!”

“Oooh, you're bad! G'bye!”

The phone went dead. Brian cursed and kicked the huge receiver with his bare

foot, then screamed in pain as he almost broke his toes. He hopped around on the

table top, then sighed and collapsed. After a long minute he got up and, using

both arms, lifted the receiver back on its cradle before starting the long

journey back to the floor.


By late afternoon Brian was frantic. Now only 8 inches tall, he was beginning to

realize that if he didn't get help soon he might literally shrink right out of

sight. Several times he set off down the hallway on the long trek to the back

yard, resigned to having to ignominiously beg Betty and his giant sister to help

save him. But the sight of the staircase, each riser as tall as he, stopped him.

He reluctantly realized that in his current state even if he could navigate the

long steep staircase he could never make it past the back door. And if he waited

in the kitchen the girls might just walk right past him, too tiny to even


And as Brian thought through his circumstances, he belatedly realized the

futility of his plans. If Barbara called, he was now much too tiny to reach the

phone. And if she did actually show up at his house, Marcie would answer the

door and probably just tell her that her brother wasn't home. Even if he was

willing to reveal himself, by the time he made it down the stairs she'd be gone.

He wished he could call Barbara again, begging her to come, but Marcie had taken

her portable phone away. And even if he could reach his table top phone his tiny

arms might be too weak to lift the receiver. No matter what, if he were to get

out of this mess, he needed Marcie's and Betty's help.

He decided to wait in Marcie's room. The girls would eventually come back to

shower and change, and if he was lucky he still might be able to attract Betty's

attention while Marcie was out. He snuck through her door and positioned himself

under his sister's bed. He wished he could find something to cover his tiny nude

body, but even his little handkerchief now dwarfed him.

Two hours later the door opened and two stupendously huge women strode inside.

Each footfall was like a pile driver, each bare foot much longer than he was

tall. From his perspective Brian could discern only huge long legs and, high in

the sky, two giant bikini tops thrust out like alpine ledges. He couldn't even

tell which girl was which!

The sight of the two 100 foot tall giantesses shocked him to his core. Realizing

just how tiny he now was, Brian gave up any hope of preserving his dignity and

decided to throw himself at the mercy of his giant little sister. And if he was

going to do it, he'd better act fast – the two were starting to pull off their

bathing suits.

“Marcie! Betty! Help me!” cried Brian in a mortifyingly tiny, faint voice. He

ran out from under the bed and began waving his arms, desperately hoping they

would look down and see his tiny nude form. “P-please, I've been shrunk down to

tiny size! And I'm still shrinking! I-“

Suddenly the room went dark. For a moment, Brian thought that he might have been

stepped on, but instead he found himself covered by a warm, moist cloth. It

smelled of a strong musk scent, oddly familiar. He was under a pair of panties!

“I told ya he'd be a no-show.' said Marcie, shaking her hair free after pulling

off her hair tie. Her bikini panties lay on the floor beside her.

“Yeah, but I guess he musta had a good reason.” said Betty, shucking off her

bikini top.

Brian crawled to the edge of the panties and looked straight up at the two huge

expanses of naked flesh. He was still disoriented, his head spinning. He was

about to push off his giant covering when a huge hand reached down and plucked

him high into the air.

“I really don't know what you see in him.” said Marcie, as she reached down and

picked up her panties from the floor. “I mean, there are so many cute guys out

there. Why choose such a loser?”

“Marcie, come on!” said Betty. “Give the poor guy a break, why doncha?”

Marcie stood, absent mindedly kneading the panties in her hand. Brian, trapped

inside, struggled to free himself, his tiny body tossed and battered by her

powerful fingers. Just as he was about to scream in pain, Marcie turned and

casually dropped the panties into a shallow clothes basket.

“Yeah, well. He's such a slob. And he stole my phone.”

Freed from Marcie's huge grip, Brian pushed off the panties. He stood up and

looked about him, blinking his eyes. Looming way above him was the biggest nude

he had ever imagined, over one hundred feet of gigantic legs, hips, breasts, her

vagina big enough to swallow him whole.

“Marcie! Help! It's me, Brian! J-just look down!”

Marcie stood over the hamper, a thoughtful look passing over her face. She

turned around, offering tiny Brian a spectacular view of her beautiful bare ass

cheeks, each the size of a small hillside. “Oh, I guess he's not that bad.” she

said finally.

“Marcie! I'm h-here!” cried Brian.

Marcie turned and dropped her bikini top into the hamper, knocking Brian off his

feet. By the time he struggled from under it he saw, way off in the distance,

the girls' two gigantic beautiful bottoms wiggling out the door.


Brian climbed down from the clothes hamper, desperate to reach the outside room

before the girls returned. He was now so tiny he could easily slide between the

huge plastic webbing of the hamper. Even Marcie's rug seemed huge, like a thick,

hard, knee high field of grass.

Across Marcie's room, he saw one of the girls' outfits hanging from a chair. The

white blouse was a good thirty feet off the floor, but the bra strap was

dangling barely within his reach. He raced across the room, desperate to grab

onto any piece of the girls' clothing and hang on for dear life. He had to leave

the room with them - if he was left behind for another few hours, he might

shrink right out of sight! Brian scrambled up the bra strap, pulling his tiny

body towards the huge cup hanging far above.

“I dunno Marcie.” said Betty, breezing back into the bedroom and shrugging off

her towel. “I'm not really looking for any new guys. Like I said, I want to give

your brother a chance.”

“It's not a commitment, just a nice, casual date.” said Marcie. “We all go see a

movie, maybe stop to eat afterwards. Nothing much.”

Betty bent over to pull on her panties. “Well…”

Brian struggled to climb as fast as he could. He needed to get higher, up onto

the chair seat, closer to Betty and Marcie's ears so they could hear his faint

voice. He tried shouting up to Betty but his faint squeaks were drowned out by

the rustling of Marcie's towel as she rubbed her hair dry.

Betty reached out and picked up her bra. Brian screamed and hung on, finding

himself suddenly dangling a hundred feet off the ground. Before him loomed the

largest pair of breasts he had ever seen, like twin mountain peaks. He tried to

look up to shout to the giantess holding him, but suddenly found himself

hurtling towards the gigantic mounds of flesh.

“I guess I'll give it a try.” said Betty, pulling on her bra. “You said it was a

real casual thing, right?”

Brian dug his fingers into the fabric as the bra slammed into the huge wall of

Betty's chest. He was dangling off the face of her bra, almost at the point of

her nipples. He turned around and almost screamed when he saw Marcie's gigantic

face looming just above him. She was looking at Betty and if she only lowered

her eyes just a fraction she might see him!

“M-Marcie! Help! Marcie!”

Marcie took her towel and started rubbing it across her butt, drowning out her

tiny brother's faint cries.

“Yeah, sure.” said Marcie.

Brian looked back up at Betty. Her huge lovely face loomed above him, each of

her blue eyes almost

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