Giantess Stories: A little less Conversation

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A little less Conversation



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(2 days Earlier)


“Are these socks really worth it Cecilia?”


“They are all the rage. They are suppose to cool your feet

and keep them from sweating. This is cutting edge technology here”


“Its fuckin' socks made by the gap. I hardly call it

cutting edge and 25 dollars for a pair of these is outrageous.”


“I will make it all up to you this weekend.”


“You better, I don't exactly appreciate spending my days

off at the mall”




           The sun had just set blanketing the city with a

soft cover of moonlight in the otherwise dark world. Josh had Cecilia's favorite

flowers in one hand with a couple of tapes he thought that she would like in the

other. As he knocked on her door, he didn't wait for a response as he pushed the

door open. 


           He barely made it two steps before Cecilia came

bounding into his arms. She snuggled into his thick muscular arms and pressed

her body against his strong chest. As she tilted, her head up Josh looked down

at her. There lips locked as they intimately kissed.


           There passion overtook all else as they spent

the next forty five minutes making out. It wasn't until Cecilia pulled back and

whispered its time for the surprise I promised you, let's go to my room.


           “This has been the best two months of my life”

lovingly says Josh in between kisses.


           The two of them start to strip as they walk into

Cecilia's bedroom. They tumble onto the bed as Cecilia begins to slide her

tongue down his chest. Josh wraps his arms around Cecilia just as there is a

knock at the door.


           “Hey Cecilia the voice yells”


           “Who is that babe?” Asks josh quizzically.


           “Shit, shit that's my brother. He can't see you



           “Who cares if he sees me here. I mean we are



           “My family is super religious. Just trust me, it

would be a big deal if I had a boy in my apartment. We have to hide you.”


           “Alright, I will just go into the closet, then

you get him to go outside with you for something and I will duck out then”


           “I have a better idea but you are going to have

to trust me with this. I don't want this to spoil our day together. This maybe a

little freaky at first but it will be just until I can get rid of him. 20

minutes tops.”


           “What do you have in mind?”


           “Just trust me and hold this” says Cecilia as

she hands Josh the socks they had bought together just a few days ago.


           “What am I suppose to do with this? Crawl in and

hide?” laughs Josh as Cecilia begins to chant.


           “bird, fish, rat, ox, dog, fish, bird, snake”

Cecilia then pressed her hands outward allowing a beam of light to shoot from



           Josh tumbles backwards immobilized as Cecilia

begins to get dressed not paying him much attention at all.  Josh finds that he

is only able to look up at her as she casually gets dressed and yells out that

she will be right there.


           Then all at once, Josh begins to feel the room

getting wider and his body getting lighter. He tries to get Cecilia's attention

but he can only look up at her back as she wiggles into her pants.


           By the time Cecilia turns back around Josh finds

himself lying flat on the ground. He keeps trying to lift his arms and kick his

legs, which it feels like he is doing, but nothing is happening.  


           Josh shockingly watches Cecilia pick him up and

walk over to her bed. What is going on he tries to sputter out, but it's like

nothing is coming out of his lips.


           Cecilia smiles down at him as she drops him onto

the floor. The moment Josh hits the floor he can feel Cecilia spreading his body

apart, before a single thought can enter his mind the gargantuan image of

Cecilia's foot cascading towards him fills his vision.


           “Don't worry Josh, you are probably confused and

rightfully so. You are my socks is the short version. We don't have time to

discuss this in committee so just trust me.”


           Josh's mind blew as she pushes her feet between

his body. Josh can feel his arms circling around her foot along with his legs,

and what would be his face and back are lying flatly against the floor watching

the sole of her foot pass by. Josh feels his entire body strain to its limits as

Cecilia pulls him tight against her foot.


           “You feel pretty good down there hun. It's like

you are massaging my feet.” I won't ever forget this.


           This isn't so bad josh thinks to himself as he

looks up at Cecilia. He can hardly believe that this is really his girlfriend.

She is simply huge in every possible way. It is then he feels her stand up, her

full weight boring down on him. Intense pain screams through Josh's body as he

continues to hug her foot. As Cecilia presses her weight down on her foot Josh's

body begins to twitch and spasm under her now immense weight.


           “oh god Josh, this is amazing. You are massaging

my foot in all the right places and you are so warm too. On the Brightside you

won't have to hear me talk about how cold my feet are.”


           A second later Cecilia shifts her weight to her

opposite foot, Josh expecting a moment of relief from this pain starts to once

again feel the immense pain on the left side of his body. He once again spasms

as the right side of his body takes the much needed rest.


           Cecilia's right foot seemingly explodes into the

thick carpeting below. Josh can only watch the carpet fibers rise above him as

he sinks into the carpeting.


           This process repeats itself as she casually

walks to the door. As she swings the door open I shift my vision away from her

body to try to see this brother of hers. As soon as she opens the door I watch

her wrap her arms around him and lay a kiss on him like she has never kissed me

before. I began to struggle in a attempt to get her to stop but I get no

response from my actions.


           “I have missed you so much. I thought of you

everyday while I was away.”


           “I didn't think you were coming back for a few

months Bobby.”


           “I managed to get early leave. I couldn't stand

making you wait any longer. I think we should get married.”


           Josh was screaming for her to say no as he was

nearly in tears. As he looked backup at Cecilia she was putting her long light

blue jacket on. Josh then felt himself lift off the floor and tilt down. He was

looking straight into a pair of buffalo shoes. Josh gulps as Cecilia pushes her

left foot into it concealing half his body in darkness followed by the right.


           Josh screams Cecilia's name as she glides out

the door. As she lifts her foot up Josh can feel her toes scrunching around his

cotton body. As soon as the weight on his body increases he can feel his body

start to massage her foot, then much to Josh's surprise his tongue lifts up from

the cotton prison and starts to slide between Cecilia's toes.


           “So what do you say Cecilia? I have never loved

anyone as much as I love you.”


           “Yes Bobby!! I never thought you were going to

make the next move. I can't wait to call my family.”


           “I got a wonderful evening planned” says Bobby

as he kisses his now fiancée.


           Meanwhile Josh was going crazy, his mind was

struggling to comprehend what was going on. One moment he was making out with

his girlfriend and the next he is a pair of socks and his girlfriend is getting

married to someone he thought was her brother.


           Almost like magic josh could feel a second

tongue rising from his body. He pleaded with this magic trying to get it to stop

doing whatever was happening to him but both of what seemed to be his tongues

began working in unison.


           Josh began to remember how Cecilia's toes would

stick together when she wore sneakers. The thought made Josh cringe as he could

feel his tongue began to push her toes apart. His worst nightmare was coming

true. Josh could feel his tongues cleaning out any crud that was between her

toes. He found it to be mostly sock fuzz that was sliding down his tongue and

into his body.


           His tongues finally began to withdraw from the

crevice of her toes, however as soon as they was fully out a thick white

substance began to emit from his tongue. The substance began to drip down his

tongue like water down a window. Soon his whole tongue was covered in this white

substance. Josh then felt his tongue jab back between Cecilia's toes then start

spreading and massaging the white substance in between her toes. As his tongue

worked the white substance into the skin between her toes, he noticed his entire

body starting to spew the white substance. It tasted horrible but smelled

familiar. It was lotion Josh thought to himself as his body began to massage the

lotion into Cecilia's feet.


           The entire process seemed to take hours as his

face was pressed against the underside of her foot, kneeding the lotion into

her. Josh swore he could hear Cecilia sigh in pleasure a couple of times as he

continued to pamper her feet.


           It was late before Cecilia made it home. Josh

was relieved when he felt her kick off her shoes, however he found him

completely stuck to her foot. Josh knew he was about to get some answers as

Cecilia would change him back now, however she merely headed to her room.


           A sea of denim crashed around Josh as she

stepped out of her jeans and watched her throw her shirt on the floor. Cecilia

then sat down on the bed and reached for him. This was it Josh thought to

himself. He was about to get his body back. Josh could feel her soft hands pull

himself away from her foot. As Cecilia continued pulling he found himself inside

out and then dropped to the floor. The process repeated itself again with the

opposite foot. He kept trying to yell Cecilia's name but it was no use he had no

voice. His entire body went completely limp on Cecilia's floor.


           The next morning Cecilia bundled him up Josh

with the rest of her clothes and tossed them into the hamper as she prepared for

Bobby to come over. Days go by as more and more clothes pile onto him. Several

days had passed before a yellow cardigan calls out to him.


           “Hey, your Josh right?”


           “Yeah who are you? Im the yellow cardigan. Raw

deal man, I really thought you were going to be the one. I never saw Bobby

coming back into the picture.”


           “what are you talking about? What's going on?”


           “Its not so bad, the only horrible part is the

wait. The anticipation of being worn by Goddess Cecilia. I cant wait for her to

take me out again and put me on. It's the ultimate. You will see….you will see,

just give it time.”



           Josh cringed at the thought….of this being his

new life, but all he could do is wait till a way out would come… way that will

never come.



The end         




Giantess Stories: A little less Conversation

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