Giantess Stories: A little of both

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A little of both


I rolled over and

woke up from a chilly breeze. Something was different. Karla and I had been

playing with her shrinking device. She thought it would be cool for me to sleep

in her shoe. So nothing untoward would happen in the night, I slept in an ankle

boot-like shoe, with a 2.5-inch heel. I'd been about 2 inches when we went to

sleep, but now when I woke, everything was bigger. A lot bigger. I'd somehow

shrunk overnight. The leather walls now loomed above me. I had to be less than 1

inch, but how much so, I couldn't guess.

The smell thankfully was of fresh leather and perfume. It was a little heady at

this size, but not overpowering. Karla didn't wear these shoes often, and when

she did, she perfumed her feet, so they wouldn't smell bad coming out. No, Karla

wore sandals, whenever she could, to show off her pedicured toes. She went to

someplace at least once a week to get them done, and claimed that if she was

gonna spend good money to get her feet pampered, she was gonna show 'em off. Her

roommate Heather, was the "boot goddess". Or so she called herself. I got the

feeling Heather was an arrogant bitch, and she didn't like me much.

Karla and I were fooling around with the device. I'd had a foot/giantess fetish

for years, and now I finally got the chance to act it out. Karla thought it was

weird, but with the accelerated regeneration safety mechanism, the chances of me

actually getting hurt or killed were nil. She called me up, told me Heather had

gone to visit her mom, and today was Der Tag!

We shrank me, and played around with me trying to give her a pedicure, and

massaging her huge toes, trying to fetch her a pair of her highest heels. Silly

games, which totally got my rocks off. Later on, she said she'd love to see me

sleep in a pair of her shoes, just to say it was done. I vetoed her sandals,

because I roll around, and could have rolled off the edge, and been attack by a

bug or something. So she grabbed these boot-looking shoes, and I climbed in. I

had a single nylon for a blanket. I woke up without it. Perhaps Karla had

removed it to look at me, and had forgotten to put it back. Perhaps she even

shrank me further when she took away her nylon.

I walked over to the walls of the shoe. Too steep to climb out at my current

size. I climbed up the slope to the top of the heel, but it was a closed heel.

No straps. Damn. I was stuck here until Karla woke up and rescued me. I walked

up to the tip of the shoe, found it tilted up a bit, when flesh wasn't pressing

it down. I tried to cram myself as tight as I could into the tip. Wonder if she

slipped her toes in now, would I be safe, or crunched?

It became academic, as I began to hear some thumping. It had to be Karla walking

back to her room. I scrambled out of the shoe tip, and ran to the open area

where her foot would enter. I shouted as loud as I could at my size, "Hey Karla,

Something happened overni-" My voice became choked in my throat. I found I

couldn't breathe. It was Heather. "Well, looks who's finally awake."

Heather's gigantic form strode into view. Long straight blonde hair, icy blue

eyes. A red & white top, black leather skirt, and dark nylons stretching down

her legs. She looked like a towering god. An angry god. One I did NOT want to

piss off. "Heather something happened to me. Karla & I were playing with a

shrinking device, and I slept in this shoe last night, and overnight I shrank

smaller. Please help me get out of here, or find Karla."

She smiled at me with a thin cruel smile. "I know. She went out. Some kinda

emergency at work. She left me a note explaining where you were. We were playing

around with the shrinking device before you showed up." I gulped hard. Heather

was bound to not be a nice to me as Karla was. We'd discovered that I could hurt

at this size, but we were careful. If I was outright stepped on, it was so quick

I never felt anything, and regenerated almost instantly.

"I thought you had gone to visit your mom." "I did. We had a fight, so I left."

"So can you make me a little bigger or help me out of here." "Nope." She raised

her right foot, and pointed her toes down. The nails were a shiny pink behind

her dark nylons. "I'm going to give you to the count of 3 to get out of my shoe,

or your going to get a good close-up of my foot." "Your shoe? I thought this was

Karla's?" "Are you kidding? Miss Platform Sandal? No, she grabbed these from my

room. One." Her toes came down a little lower.

"Heather, you've got to be joking! At this size, I can't climb out of here."

"Should've thought of that before you climbed in, insect. Two." Her toes lowered

even further. She pronounced insect like it was a curse, and I knew I was in

deep trouble. I suddenly remembered my little experiment at the tip of the shoe.

I ran like hell.

Heather must've known I was up to something, because as soon as I moved to turn,

she said "Three!" At my size, the tip of the shoe was still maybe a quarter mile

away, and Heather's foot, was like a mountain slamming down. And it was so damn

fast! Her toes caught up with me before I think I'd gotten 50 feet. I grabbed

onto the nylon, and let the toes velocity carry forward to my goal. (And I

didn't want to be trapped under the ball of her foot.)

I was now pinned beneath her middle toe, in the dark. My head and arms were

clear, but her toeflesh completely pinned my legs, and seriously covered my

chest. I tried to drag myself from underneath, couldn't find a way to gain any

leverage to push off from her toe. I could not feel the hard toenail, so I had

to be pretty small. I also realized that there was very little pressure, only

the toe's mass was keeping me pinned.

I heard Heather speaking. Trapped under her toe, and inside this leathery

prison, I didn't even try to respond. "You stupid bug. How does it feel down

there, trapped under my foot? God I love this feeling of power. I can put my

foot down, and squish you into oblivion. Yeah, maybe only for a second or two,

but it still feels awesome. For the millisecond you tiny people go squit, I am

the most powerful person in your world. I am a god with the power to end your

life, by simply flexing my ankle, or my toe."

Heather's toes shifted a little as she said this, and pressure increased for a

moment, but then lifted. "Karla is such a fool to play nice with all the people

we shrink. It's so much better to treat them like the insignificant things they

are." I knew Karla had the device a few days, but I didn't know she'd

experimented with it. I guess it only makes sense. She wouldn't have used it on

me, if she knew it wasn't safe. Heather would've though. In a heartbeat. If

there hadn't been this regeneration feature, I'd be a stain on Heather's toes by

now. And not much of one.

"I can feel you there, maggot. Struggle. I've made you small enough, that the

sheer size alone of any of my toes should keep you pinned. Yes. I found you

sleeping in my shoe with your damn nylon blanket, and I took it away, and shrank

you even smaller. I think you're about 1/4 of an inch tall. Maybe I should've

shrunk you smaller, but I wanted to make sure I could see you. And I wanted you

to suffer." She pressed down again. Great pressure, but not enough to do much

more that cause my breath to go whoosh.

"Now, lets make sure you suffer." I felt pressure from her toe, and downward

movement. She was going to step or begin walking. Pain exploded throughout my

body, and aside from brief flourishes of consciousness, I proceed to get

squished a few dozen times as Heather walked around the room, turning me into

her personal insole.

After what seemed like an hour of walking, I felt the pressure lift, but not the

mass. "Well, that was fun! I hope you enjoyed that, because I sure did. Did I

mention I'm off today, speck? I wonder if I should drive over to the mall, and

walk around? Or maybe I should take you out of there, and try you in a couple

pairs of my boots. No! I've got it!" Her foot slid back, leaving me behind. I

was fully healed, but I felt like I'd gone 15 rounds with a gorilla. Heather

tipped me out of the shoe and onto her hand. "Get up, you puny bastard!" I

managed to stand , despite flesh being an unstable surface.

"Karla loves her sandals, and you love her. She told me about the games you were

playing. Made me sick. I think I'm going to see just how small I can make you, Mejor Carcasas, protectores y pegatinas 2021

then drop you into one of her favorites. I'll tell her I enlarged you, and you

went home. You can spend all day under her feet. And she'll never know what

she's doing to you." Another gigantic cruel smile came over her lips. "Yes, that

should be quite interesting."

Wind whistles past me, as she carried me back to Karla's room. A squeak from a

door, told me Heather opened her closet. I heard sounds of rummaging. "Got 'em!"

Again the wind as we moved. Heather unceremoniously dumped me onto Karla's

nightstand. A huge thud and a black sandal dropped near me. Another thud,

another sandal. I could tell what these were. A favorite pair of hers. A 4"

wedge heel, with 2 criss-cross straps over the toes, and a similar strap set

around the ankle.

"Get in 'em, tiny." I climbed up the sole. It wasn't much taller than me, so I

easily pulled myself up. Stood on the impression of where her big toe had made a

groove in the shoe material. I then turned around and faced my tormentor. "So

how small you gonna make me?" " I don't know. I was thinking a nice number, like

1/16th of an inch, but she might still see you, so I think we're gonna go

ultra-small, like maybe 1/64th. I hope you really like her feet, because when

I'm done, her toes are gonna look like mountains." She raised the device at me.

It looked like a TV remote, with fewer buttons. "Bye! God I can't wait to see

the look on her face, when she realizes she's walked on you all day." The light

flared blue, and I shrank.

The landscape was unfathomable, Complete black, and whatever this shoe was made

out of. I could Heather's voice, but it was like thunder. I couldn't make it

out. I saw something pinkish begin to come near me. I realized it was her

finger. A shiny pink tower slowly approached. It was her fingernail. I once

heard her brag that she knew her index finger nail was exactly 1'" long, and she

kept it that way. It certainly looked over 300 feet tall, so I guess she got me

down to where she wanted me.

The world rocked as Heather picked up and put the shoes back on the ground near

Karla's bed. Now all that was left was to wait. It wasn't too long. Whatever

fire Karla had to put out at work hadn't taken long. I could hear the different

voice, as she came home. Heather told her whatever lie she had planned. I heard

the door creak, and the ground rumbled, and she stepped into her room. I had no

way to even see her. I was so small, her face had to be miles away. I heard her

thunder something. She must've seen her shoes. She'd gotten her latest pedicure

2 days ago, so I knew her feet would have to be displayed.

The world rocked again, as she slid the sandals around with her feet. Where

Heather's toes had been like boulders of flesh, Karla's looked like an entire

mountain rage coming to rest. Magenta toenails sliding forth, pushing all the

tiny dust & debris out of the way. Her big toe slowly came over me. It's sheer

size numbed me. Nothing that large could exist, and yet here I was staring it.

Yet it was only the painted toe, of a young woman. But to me, it had more power

than 100 nuclear bombs, and millions of times more strength than I. It's mass

alone would be sufficient to grind me into paste. It hover perhaps at 1/8th of

an inch above, as she wriggled her other toes to comfortability. To me though,

it was 50 feet in the air. Then, as quickly as it arrived, it came crashing

down. I cowered and screamed.

It was dark, and damp. I was hunched over. I tried to get up, but could not. An

unyielding mass prevented it. I tried to reach out with my hands. I could reach

forward, and back, but not to sides. I was trapped. In an instant I realized

where. Karla's toe print. She hadn't put on nylons, and now, I was stuck in her

toe print, like a speck of dust. At first I panicked. I would never be found.

Then I realized I was pretty safe here as well. Her foot might shift, but I

would be forced along with it. While I couldn't go side to side, I could go

front to back. But what would that accomplish? I'd only come to edge of the

sandal, and maybe fall out? I'm pretty sure Heather would have to enlarge me to

show Karla what she had done. If I left the shoe, I might never get enlarged. I

stretched out, and rolled over, laid down, and tried to nap.

I woke eventually when Karla's foot stared to slide out of the shoe. I was being

carried along with toeprint, when I grabbed a loop of stitching and anchored

myself so I wouldn't be dragged out of the shoe completely. Karla was simply

taking off her shoes. I figured Heather might try to enlarge me soon. Maybe an

hour later, a shiny mass approached. I couldn't figure out what it was. Then a

black mass, then the world flashed red. This was the restoring effect, when I

was being enlarged.

Soon, Heather began to appear more in focus, and I realized she was holding a

magnifying lens. OK, so that's how she found me. However, her expression wasn't

one of anger, but more like shock. Something also didn't seem right. While she

appeared to get smaller, the shoe didn't. I think I was back to my 1/4 inch

size. All Heather said was "Oh my god!" She shook her head, and placed her hand

down. I climbed into her fingernail, and she lifted me out.

She was still staring at something behind my perspective. "What is it, Heather?"

My voice attracted her attention. "What is it? The key to my destiny. Look

behind you." I turned and saw something pretty odd. It was Karla's sandal, but

instead of being 4 inches, it was more like 5 feet. It was as tall as Heather

was. The shrinking device was also a growth device. I couldn't believe it. This

thing was pretty powerful. That thought made me turn and look at Heather. I

could see what was going through her mind.

She looked back down at me. And there again was that cruel thin smile. "Well, it

seems I found something interesting about this little device. And you and I are

going to be only one who knows it. Of course you won't be telling anyone." She

dumped me into a glass, and disappeared.

She came back with a different top on, picked up the glass, enlarged me to about

2 inches, and dumped me onto the floor. I stood before her feet, which were

encased by her favorite boots. 1 inch platforms, 5 inch heel with the platform,

and lacing all the up to her knees.

She grabbed with out saying a word, and we went outside. "Thanks, Tiny. Without

your help I would never have figured out this can make me grow. Now, I can show

the world, the bottom of my boots!" She dropped me, not caring if I got hurt.

She then pointed the device at herself, and quickly made herself 20 some feet

tall. She turned it back around, and made me back to my normal 6 foot size.

"Heather you can't do this!" "I can't? You're 1/3 of my size, I'll show you what

I can't do." She leaned over and picked up the rear end of a car, and flipped it

over. "HA! That was nothing" I'll show you what else I can't do!"

She enlarged herself again. I stood mute, watching her leather boots reach

higher and higher into the sky. I had to scramble away from the sole which was

getting larger and wider. She had to be 200 or 300 feet tall. I saw her lift her

mammoth boot, and place it on top of the apartment building next to her own. I

could see her heel wasn't even covering it. Only the large portion of the ball

of her foot. She pushed down with her foot. Hard. The building crumbled and


I ducked behind some cars for protection against debris. When some of the dust

settled, I looked up, and saw Heather's gigantic face looking down right at me.

"Still think I 'can't do this', you little flea?" She kicked away my protection,

and placed her mammoth boot over me. "Get ready to squish for good, you

bastard." Her foot stared down, when it quickly stopped, and came down across

from me. "No! You're gonna be the last person I squash. You'll get to see me in

my full glory. And THEN, I will crush you. Now, watch this!"

She started growing again. I knew this was gonna a big one. Her boots soles

would be thousand of feet tall. Hell he toes might be thousands of feet Heather

herself might be millions of feet tall, buy the time she was done. She was

really going to show the world the bottoms of her boots. Her treads would be

covered in our squished flesh. Our lives were at an end under her feet, and our

nightmare was just beginning.

Giantess Stories: A little of both

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