Giantess Stories: A Little Wish      It had been a long

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A Little Wish

It had been a long, hard day at work, and I was glad to finally get home. I

threw my coat on the couch and got a beer out of the fridge. I sat down in my

chair in the living room and sipped it slowly, as I mused over the abrupt turn

my life had taken. If I had thought that throwing myself into my work would take

my mind off of my depression, I was sadly mistaken. The events of last weekend

were still with me. The memory couldn't be chased away by beer, work, or even


My problem was that I was desperately lonely. At age 35, I was still a virgin.

It wasn't for lack of trying. I've had relationships with several different

women. Every one of them have ended up in disaster, and always for the same

reason. You see, I've got a big dick. A very big dick. It's about fifteen inches

long and about four inches in diameter. Now, a lot of guys think that with a

cock that size, I'd be pulling in women left and right. Well, those guys have

been reading too many skin mags. A dick the size of mine can only be described

as frightening. Every woman who has ever seen it has outright refused to fuck

it. When my first girlfriend saw it, she fainted dead away. It's been like that

ever since. Even a hooker my friends once set me up with said no way. It was

hard at first, but I've learned to live with it. For a long time, I avoided

getting close to women. It was a lot safer that way.

But a month ago, I met a sweet, nice girl and we fell for each other almost

immediately. I was beginning to think that maybe my luck had changed. Until last

weekend. That was when she first saw me undressed. When she saw my cock, she

screamed, threw on her clothes, and ran out of my house. I haven't heard from

her since.

I couldn't believe it. My heart felt like it had shattered. I staggered through

the week, working twelve hours a day, and drinking myself to sleep at night. I

never dreamed that I could feel so dejected and empty. Now, with the week over,

I was facing the unhappy prospect of spending an entire weekend by myself. I lay

in bed, watching late night TV, drinking beer and trying to cheer up. Finally, I

couldn't stay awake any longer. As I fell asleep, I was thinking about my life

and where I was headed. "If only..." I thought just before drifting off to

sleep, "I wish I could just find a woman who could handle me..."

Slowly, I woke up, lying comfortably on my side. I felt a layer of soft warmness

covering me, from my shoulders, down to my toes. Still half asleep, I tried to

pull this abundant blanket up to my chin, but it wouldn't budge. I was even

having a hard time getting a hold on it. This was strange, I thought, so I tried

again. Still no success. Slowly, I opened my eyes. What I saw both shocked and

frightened me.

I was staring into a gigantic female face as it rested on the bed. The face was

about three times normal size. But as jarring a sight as that was, even more

terrifying was the fact that her huge, green eyes were open, and looking

directly at me!

"Well, it's about time," her deep voice reverberated in my ears. "I thought you

were going to sleep all day!"

With that, she reached out a two foot long hand and pushed me over onto my back.

Then she rolled her generous frame over to rest on her stomach with her elbows

on either side of me. My legs were trapped under her stomach, and her tremendous

breasts came to rest on top of, and all around, my waist. My lower body was

buried in her luxuriant softness. She grabbed both of my tiny hands in her huge

ones and pinned me to the bed. I was completely helpless, and at her mercy. She

had me totally immobilized, for which I was partially thankful; it was the only

thing that kept me from shaking uncontrollably in fear. She smiled down at me

wantonly and licked her lips.

"Mmmm," she moaned seductively. "We're going to have lots of fun tonight. What's

your name, doll?"

I discovered I was having trouble breathing, so I took a deep breath to steady

myself. It didn't work. "I'm T-T- T-Tom," my quavering voice came out from

between chattering teeth. My obvious state of panic seemed to excite her; her

face lit up and her smile broadened.

"Why, Tom!" she said laughing. "You're not afraid of little old me, are you?"

I didn't know whether she was joking or not. There was certainly nothing little

about this woman! I nodded my head in affirmation, not trusting myself to speak


"Well, there's no need for that. I'm not going to hurt you. I promise." She

shifted both of my hands to a point above my head and enveloped them in one,

enormous hand. With the other hand, she started softly stroking my small face

with her fingertips. She caressed me tenderly, while at the same time putting my

mind at ease, whispering reassurances in my ears. Suddenly she took my face in

the curve of her hand, between the thumb and forefinger, and looked directly

into my eyes. "Tiny Tom," she sighed. "Dear, sweet, tiny little Tom. Mmm, it

makes me so wet down there just to think about how much you're in my control!

Look at how much bigger and stronger than you I am! I think I'll just use you as

my own personal sex toy. And," she said, her mischievious eyes flashing eagerly,

"there's nothing you can do to stop me!"

Her face descended on me with a look of undisguised lust. As her lips parted

slightly, I closed my eyes, partially in preparation for her kiss, and partially

because her face was so big, that I thought it would squash me! What I felt next

stunned me; not the soft brush of her large plump lips, but the warm wet touch

of her giant tongue! My eyes flew open. I couldn't believe what I was seeing.

Her tongue would have been impressive if it had been regular-sized; on her it

was a monster. It must have been about fifteen inches long and nine inches wide.

I watched, fascinated, as she licked gently at my chin first, then my mouth. My

mouth stretched open wide as she shoved that gargantuan tongue past my lips. She

plunged it in deep, all the way to the back of my throat. Her tongue completely

overwhelmed mine. She wrapped it around my smaller one; she pushed it, she

pulled it; she teased it unmercifully. My head was swimming when she finally

pulled her tongue from between my lips. She didn't let up for a second, though.

My hands still being held above my head with her one hand, she proceeded to lick

up and down my arms, lingering for a second at my armpit. For one, brief moment

of wild licking, I thought she was going to try to tickle me to death, but she

moved on. Her titanic tongue sloshed back and forth across both of my nipples,

arousing me even more. I held my breath as her giant member wetly trailed its

way down my stomach, to my throbbing rock-hard cock. I heard an audible gasp

after she had finally gotten a good look at my dick. She stuck out that huge

tongue to touch it, but then she seemed to change her mind.

She raised her head so that it was even with mine. Her gigantic face was

extremely close to mine; it filled up my entire view. I could feel her warm

breath against my face as she released my hands from the oversized palm of her

hand and caressed my cheek with it. "Well! My little baby doll actually has a

pretty fair-sized prick!" She gushed as she buried my boner in her other hand.

She looked at me with some admiration. "If you were my size there's no way I

could take this beast! But at this size," she said, squeezing my cock, "yes,

this will do quite nicely."

She gave my miniature face one last fondle, then moved back down to my crotch.

For several seconds, she tried to lick at and tease my cock with her giant

tongue, but she only succeeded in knocking it around like a punching bag. Then

she switched tactics. Without warning, she opened her mouth and swallowed up my

cock and balls with one gulp. The sensation was delicious. My cock felt like it

was swimming in her cavernous mouth as her enormous tongue cuddled it gently.

She began diddling my cock slowly; up and down, back and forth, over and over. I

couldn't stop the groan that escaped from my lips. The top of her head came up

to my shoulders, so I wrapped my arms around as much of her head as I could

encircle. I raised my hips, trying to fuck her face, but she used her huge head

to shove me firmly back down on the bed. Putting me in my place seemed to excite

her even more. She began twirling her massive tongue around and around my cock.

She started going faster and faster and, at the same time, increased the suction

on my cock and balls. I was going delirious with pleasure, as this gigantic

woman sucked me to the brink of orgasm.

Suddenly just when I was sure I was at the point of no return, she stopped

licking and pulled her lips back so that my balls were outside her mouth. She

clamped her lips together tightly at the back of my cock. For a second, I

thought she was going to rip it off at the hinge! I bucked my hips furiously,

trying to dislodge her, so that I could release my sperm, but it was no use.

Slowly, the insistent welling in my balls dissipated, and the urgent fire in my

loins subsided. She opened her lips, letting my cock slide from between them.

I collapsed on the bed, exhausted. I looked up into the face of this sexy amazon

with a mixture of awe and fear. Her domination over me was so complete that she

could control whether I came or not! She looked down at me with playful eyes and

a lewd smile on her lips.

"Oh, no," she whispered down at me breathily. "No, my tiny little darling Tom, I

can't allow you to come just yet. It's much too early and my pussy's way to

itchy for it to end now."

She grabbed me by the waist and rolled over in bed. I was hoisted high above

her, looking down. I must have had something of a little-boy-lost look on my

face, because she suddenly stopped at the top of the swing and looked up at me,

concerned. "What's wrong, darling? Don't tell me you're still scared of me!"

"Well, it's just that..." I bit my lip nervously. In fact, I did feel a little

intimidated by her, but I didn't know exactly how to tell her that. I lapsed

into silence.

"Well? Go ahead." She shook me delicately.

"I... I just want to know what's going on." I tried desperately to keep a note

of pleading out of my voice. "I don't know why I'm here, what's happened... I

don't even know your name."

"Oh, is that all?" She smiled up at me, still holding me up above the vast

landscape of her immense, voluptuous body. "My name is Marsha, what's happened

is that I wished you here, and right now the only reason you're here," she said

licking her lips and grinding her wide hips sensually, "is to make me cum."

Marsha sat up and leaned back on the headboard of the bed. She lay me down

gently, on my stomach, between her colossal, towering thighs. I was staring into

her huge, moist gaping twat. As soon as she let go of me, the first thing I

thought of was trying to escape. I looked to either side of me. Just one of her

thighs was bigger around than my waist. I briefly imagined them closing on me

with soft warm flesh, and crushing me to within an inch of my life. I decided

I'd better do whatever it took to keep my giant seductress happy.

"Come on, kitten. What are you waiting for?" Marsha wrapped her ponderous hand

around the back of my head. She began dragging me slowly, inexorably to her

queen-sized cunt. Her power over me was undeniable. I couldn't resist her; not

with all of the strength in my body. She pulled me so close, my nose was

nuzzling her meaty lips. Her entire crotch was clean-shaven, and her pouting

vulva was puffy and swollen. I could clearly see the cleft of Marsha's

gargantuan cunt, and it was over a foot long! The thought of eating Marsha was

exciting, but also a little scary. If I didn't please her, she could stuff my

head up her snatch like a dildo! I breathed in her pungent, overwhelming aroma.

Her cunt quivered in anticipation.

"Oh, yesssss," Marsha whispered. "Lick it, little man. Lick my great big pussy

with that talented teeny-weeny tongue of yours." Her grip tightened on the back

of my head. I realized that, if I didn't act right now, she would mash my face

into her hungry, dripping twat! I stuck my tongue out tentatively, so that it

touched the petals of her labia. At my touch, her pussy opened slightly,

invitingly. Droplets of moisture formed on her lips. Keeping my tongue firm, I

slid it up and down along that oversized, sultry slit. "Unnnhhhh!" I heard

Marsha, high above me. I began working my tongue along the length of her fissure

more intensely. Her pussy responded by leaking even more honey than before. I

began burrowing my tongue into those massive, inner folds. Marsha reached down

with her giant fingers on either side of my head and pulled those humongous lips

apart. The sight of the glistening walls of her broad, wide-spread sex took my

breath away. I watched, fascinated, as her prodigious innermost muscles pulsated

and throbbed obscenely. I stroked her satiny smooth interior, sliding my hands

around and around inside her. I pressed my face into her pink hole, licking away

with abandon.

Marsha was losing control of herself. She slid down off of the headboard and

laid flat on the bed. "Mmmmmmmmmmm, yeah. Do me baby doll, do me," she cried.

"Don't ever stop, tiny Tom. Don't -- Oh! OH!" I discovered that the more

enthusiastic I was in my licking, the more forceful Marsha's hand was on the

back of my head. Soon, she was crushing my face into her ample cunt!

Fortunately, her flesh was slick with love juice; I was able to slide my face up

her gash to relieve some of the pressure. It was then that I came face-to-face

(so to speak) with Marsha's jumbo-sized clitoris. Her inflamed love button was a

little larger than my big toe. I wrapped my lips around her titanic clit and

squeezed. Marsha's reaction was immediate.


Marsha slammed her legs shut on me and arched her back off of the bed. I was

trapped between her legs and lifted high into the air. Her leviathian thighs

were slowly and relentlessly crushing me. I did my best to ignore this, as I

concentrated on pushing her over the edge. I enveloped her clitoris with my

mouth and began flicking it determinedly with my tongue. As I continued licking

her, she raised me even higher. I was sure that, by now, only her heels and her

shoulders were touching the bed. She began bouncing up and down, each bounce

punctuated with her cries. "OH! OH! Ohmygod! OH!"

She settled into a steady rhythm. Even though she was on the brink of ecstasy, I

could see that she was not quite there yet. I would need to put a in a little

extra effort to satisfy her before those thighs smashed me to a pulp. Not moving

my mouth from her sizable clitty, I clenched my hand into a fist. I worked it

into her gooey crack. When it was in, I shoved it up her as far as it would go.

I was amazed as her pussy swallowed my arm all the way to the elbow! I pistoned

my arm in and out of her massive cunt with all of the stength in it. A

thunderous, squelching sound emanated from her pussy.

Her whole body trembled. Her moans came to a crescendo as she stiffened. "OOH!

OOH! UNH! AH! AHHHHHHHH!" Her orgasm rolled through her like a tidal wave.

Gradually, she lowered herself and me back on the bed as I swished my arm back

and forth inside her. I was more than a little proud of myself; I could hardly

believe that I had satisfied this towering mountain of womanhood! As she looked

down at me, her eyes were misty.

"Tom, that was incredible! I've never cum like that before. You've got to be the

best lover I'v ever had!"

I looked up at her admiringly, while squeezing her mammoth nether lips together.

"Marsha," I said, "I... I don't know what to say. This is the most fantastic

thing that's ever happened to me!"

"So, did you enjoy it?" she asked.

"Enjoy it? Marsha, I could fuck you all day and all night!"

"I'm glad to hear you say that, because that's exactly what I had in mind." She

wrapped her hands around my waist and lifted me off the bed. She then guided the

head of my hard cock into her warm, wet pussy. Marsha carefully slid me forward

so that my cock was completely buried in her copious cunt. My head rested

lightly in the cleft between her mammoth, pillowy breasts. I was shocked at how

tightly her womanflesh wrapped itself around my erection. Her enormously

powerful inner muscles clutched eagerly at my pole, snapping and working it over

erotically, sending shockwaves of pleasure coursing throughout my body. With her

huge hands encircling my hips, Marsha tightened her grip on me, squeezing my

buttocks forcefully. She began slowly pumping me in and out of her immense

pussy. I reached out and put one hand against the wide expanse of her stomach to

steady myself. The other hand found her oversized clit. I started jerking the

fleshy hood back and forth over the large love button. As soon as I did that,

she began moaning again.

"Ohhhhhh! Oh, my little kitten, you make me feel so good! I want to keep you

forever! Unhhhhhhhh!"

I was in no position to argue.

Marsha pumped me faster and faster. I looked up at her. Her face was contorted

with delight. Her long hair whipped around as her head swayed back and forth. In

front of me, her titanic tits lolled and bounced invitingly. Her nipples stuck

out stiffly, each one three inches long, about the length of my fingers. I

leaned forward, licking at her big nipples wildly. My head careened off of her

tits with each thrust. Marsha's meaty cunt tightened involuntarily for a second,

then loosened. She first slowed her driving rhythm, then stopped fucking me

entirely. With one, giant hand pressing powerfully against my behind, she held

me firmly to her groin, with my cock still buried deep within her.

"You don't mind if we change positions a little, do you?"

Marsha lifted her body and me up in the air, getting to her knees. She leaned

forward, squatted, and deposited me gently onto the bed, on my back. As I looked

up, all I could see was the underside of her enormous torso spreading over me.

Her mountainous breasts dangled ominously over me. Then, slowly, her body

descended on me. She loomed closer and closer, until finally, her bosom engulfed

my face and her soft body rested on mine. I felt like I was drowning in her. I

was trapped between her pillowy flesh, and her feathery bed. I twisted my head

frantically, looking for air. I finally found some, but then I discovered that,

with her formidable weight on top of me, it was almost impossible to breathe!

Suddenly, Marsha began thrusting her hips. Her hulking body undulated against

mine, slamming me into the bed repeatedly. I was powerless to respond to her. I

tried to hold on to her massive hips, but she was just too large. I couldn't

affect her in any way. All I could do was lie there passively, as she humped

away on me. After what seemed an eternity, we changed positions again. Marsha

grabbed my buttocks with one hand, and my head in the other, and pulled me into

her. She righted us back to our original position, her leaning against the

headboard, and me between her spraddled thighs. But this time, she didn't miss a


We were both on the homestretch. Her hands quickly wrapped themselves around my

hips again, this time squeezing my ass even more tightly than before. She

slapped my cock in and out of her huge, sloshy cunt with a vengeance. Marsha's

breathing came in short, ragged gasps. Her voice was getting progressively

louder and higher pitched. Soon she was wailing like a banshee. I reached down

and squeezed her big clit. Marsha screamed out loud. Her clit was hotly

inflamed, and very slick. I released it and began rubbing it back and forth.

That did the trick. Marsha lost her grip on me, and I fell heavily on her

gigantic body. She then wrapped her legs and arms around my entire body, pulling

me deep into her. Her whole body was wracked with convulsions. Her twitching

pussy squeezed my cock, milking me. The combination of being encased in warm

softness, and having my dick worked over her masterful twat, was too much for my

already overloaded senses to take. I erupted with cum, more than I ever knew

existed in me. Bucketloads of cum gushed out of me, leaving me drained,

physically and emotionally. My body slackened, and before I knew it, I had

passed out...

When I awoke, I found myself lying curled up and cradled in Marsha's arms.

Resting against my body, her enormous tits held and cuddled me, her nipples

poking into my skin. Looking up, I saw her broad face staring down at me,

smiling warmly. She ran her large fingers through my hair, and stroked my face


"My tiny Tom," she said blissfully. "My tiny, little Tom. I never dreamed it

could be that good! You're a little tiger! Where'd you learn loving like that?"

"Actually," I admitted meekly, "that was my first time."

"No! I don't believe it!" She looked down at me, astonished. "Well, you've got a

lot of catching up to do, then. I hardly know where to start on you." she


I fidgeted some in her titan-sized arms. "Could you, um..., let me down?" I

asked nervously. "This is a little... embarrassing."

"Embarrassing?" Marsha laughed. "Why? There's nobody here but you and me.

Besides," she said, hugging me closer into those soft, mountainous tits, "I like

you better where you are right now."

I squirmed a bit more, but to no avail. As I lay there, pinned against her

magnificent bosom, I was struck by a simple yet profound realization: I belonged

to Marsha now. I was hers, completely, body and soul. I was vulnerable to her in

ways I had never before imagined possible. I lay quietly, as the full weight of

my situation sunk in.

"Marsha?" I looked up at her and asked contritely.


"You never did tell me how I got here, or..."

"Or why you're so small?" she finished. I gulped visibly, and nodded my head

quickly, my eyes bright. Marsha started stroking me again.

"I don't know really," she said. "I had been seeing this guy for over a month. I

had thought we were getting pretty close, but last weekend he walked out on me.

So, last night, I was feeling pretty lonely. And I was thinking about him and

all of the other, no-good, selfish men I had known all of my life. And right

before I went to sleep I remember thinking, 'I wish I had a man I could handle

completely, for once.' And when I woke up, I found you sleeping here, next to

me. So I guess I got my wish, huh?"

As she leaned forward to nuzzle me close, I realized that we had both gotten our


Giantess Stories: A Little Wish      It had been a long

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