Giantess Stories: A Material Prison

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A Material Prison

By Eric LaRue Based on idea by ROBO

The three men started down the alleyway hoping to avoid their fate.  They ran

down as fast as they could, staying just ahead of the men chasing them.  They

jumped the fence, climbed over, jumped down on the other side, and ran to

freedom...all, that is, except one.

Robert Smith tried to climb, but lost his grip and fell down.  He tried to


up, but he couldn't.

"Come on, Rob, climb the fence!" One of his companions screamed to him.

"I can't!  My leg is broken!"

Suddenly, the cops started screaming from around the corner.  Everyone else

just screamed, "Shit!" and ran.

Robert knew it was over.  The cops'd catch him, and then his life would

be over.  Yes, he'd probably only get 10 years, but what could he do as a

convicted felon?

"I see you're having problems, my friend."

Robert shot around at the voice, which spoke to him.  He saw a simple man,

dressed simply in black jeans and a black T-shirt.  Even his shoes and socks

were black.

"Who the hell are you?" was all he could muster out.

"My, my, a bit paranoid, aren't we?  Well, I guess I should introduce myself.

My name is Satan."

Well, that sure shocked the hell out of him!  I mean, its not every day you

get to meet the devil himself!  Not knowing how to respond, Robert simply shook

his hand and introduced himself, "Nice to meet you.  Robert Smith."

"You don't believe me, do you?  Here, let me demonstrate," Satan said as he

magically healed Robert's broken leg.

Now, Robert REALLY didn't know how to respond.  So he asked another logical

question.  "Why aren't you all dressed in red and have horns?"

Satan was appalled, but not surprised with this question.  "How can you ask


that!  I started out as a spirit, just like you!  Haven't you read the Pearl of

Great Price?"

"The what?"


"Look, whoever you are, you've got to get me out of here!  The cops are going

to be here any second!"

"Yes, they are, but not this second.  You see, I've suspended time."

Robert, shocked at this response, wanted to go check to make sure, but then


remembered whom he was dealing with.  He then asked, "So, what do I do now?"

"Well, I can help you get out of here, and send you to a place they would


find you."

Robert, uneasy about being helped by the devil, said, "Wait a minute. 


a real problem here about accepting help from the devil, isn't there?"

"Well, you see, God will forgive you since this is an emergency.  Besides, I

already have your soul for robbing a bank."

Well, since he put it that way, then Robert had nothing to lose!  "All right,

what do I have to do?"

"That's simple.  Just let me do all the work!  I'll ship you off, the cops


lose track of you and then get a more important case, and then, in 48 hours,

you return, and you're home free!"

"Sounds great!  Do it!"

Both Satan and Robert disappeared and the cops ran around the alley corner as

time resumed.

"Damn!  They got away!"


Robert woke up and felt very cramped.  Not only that, but he felt like he was

hanging by his shoulders!  He said, to himself, "Damn, when Satan said he was

going to send me someplace, I didn't think he was literally going to bring me

to hell!"

But, for some reason, he didn't say it.  He tried to speak, but couldn't emit

any sounds.  >

But his cries were to no avail.  Cynthia took Robert to the dressing room and

tried him on.  "Perfect fit!"  She said to herself while admiring this dress

and the way it hugged her perfect figure.  Even though Robert had some aversion

to being changed into a dress, he did enjoy feeling Cynthia's body inside of


Cynthia then said to herself, but as if to the dress, "Yes, my dear, you will

do very nicely!  And just wait till Robert sees you on me!  He will adore you

to pieces!"

Cynthia changed back into the dress she was wearing, took the velvet creation

and went up to pay for it.  She had it boxed up, and then she took it and drove


She took the box that contained Robert's velvet prison and went into the


 She lifted the dress up, grabbed a hold of the tag, and said, "Now, you just

won't do at all!  We'll just have to cut you off!  We can't go out in a dress

that still has the tag on it!"  She took the scissors and cut the tag off the

dress.  The plastic fell to the floor very cleanly.

  A surge of pain shot through Robert's "body."

Off, in the distance, Satan laughed.


Well, it was exactly 48 hours since Robert had been changed into a dress.

Robert waited anxiously for the time of his regenesis.

And waited...

And waited...

And waited...

49 hours...

50 hours...

52 hours...

54 hours...

60 hours had passed.  A full 12 hours since he had been changed into a


inanimate object.  he screamed. 

Giantess Stories: A Material Prison

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