Giantess Stories: A metallic hiss echoes through the cramped Net ship

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A metallic hiss echoes through the cramped Net ship. 

The stasis

chamber hatch seal cracks open and is instantly obscured from view by

an energetic cloud of vaporising frozen oxygen from within.  After a

few moments the air clears to reveal the occupant,  Commander

Ssenatit.  Typical of her race, the Sagem, she is a study in

classical beauty, long dark hair, deep green eyes, full sensuous lips

and a curvaceous figure that seemed to go on forever. She yawns and

stretches her arms luxuriously, then steps barefooted from the

chamber and pads  into the nearby cockpit. The Commander steps naked

into the gel filled biocommand pod.  She can feel the biosensors

automatically making contact with her skin and establishing links

with thousands of her nerves and also with her mind.  She quickly

adjusts to the overwhelming input from the ships organic computer,

which only highly trained officers like herself can endure and adapt


Commander Ssenatit can now effectively sense the universe via the

scanners, cameras and probes of the Net ship and communicate directly

with the ships almost sentient computer at the speed of thought.  She

quickly locates the reason for her having been stirred from stasis

and zooms in mentally to achieve a visual of what is clearly an alien

spacecraft.  She thinks the desire to intercept the distant ship and

the powerful engine of her command blossoms to life, propelling the

small craft to near relativistic velocity in seconds. The living gel

of the command couch hardens somewhat to protect her from the

crushing G forces of such potentially deadly acceleration.

As the hours pass Ssenatit conducts passive probing of the ship and

determines that it indeed does have carbon based organic life on

board, this excites her immensely. Incoming transmissions from the

other craft are ignored as it comes about and adopts an obvious

attack posture.  The Alien ship fires some sort of missiles that

impact and detonate harmlessly against the energy bubble surrounding

her ship.  The Net ship computer neutralises the other vessels

offensive armaments and at the thought instruction of the Commander

captures and manoeuvres the other spacecraft into the airlock by

manipulating the field of the energy bubble, vectoring forces within

it.  This is known as 'netting'.

Ssenatit can barely contain her excitement as she quickly disengages

from the command couch, the gel flows from her body leaving her

perfectly clean and dry and enters the airlock.  There before her on

the floor at her feet is the alien ship, it is tiny, barely twice the

length of one of her feet.  It is peppered with tiny lit windows and

she can just make out movement inside it as she hunkers down to scoop

the vessel up in both hands.  Taking it into her quarters she sits on

the edge of her cot, resting the still vacuum chilled metal of the

cylindrical ship across her knees.  The Commander leans forward to

closely inspect the hull and marvels at the intricate detail of its

surface, it was then that she saw them.  On the topmost part of the

ship tiny beings, no bigger than the smallest insect can be seen

moving about outside.  She wets the tip of her little finger on her

tongue and touches the little creatures, one or two squish against

the cruelly unyielding hull but several

  others stick to the saliva, and she raises them close to her eye

for inspection.  There squirming in the moisture on her fingertip is

what looks like tiny humanoids just like herself.  She smiles

broadly, parting her lips and slowly slides the finger into her

mouth, sucking the little people off of her finger, swallowing them,

whole and alive. 'MMMMMMMMM' she goes.

Having hopefully clearly demonstrated to the little occupants of the

ship that she is not to be defied the Commander places it on the

floor of her quarters and instructs the Net ship computer to order

the puny beings to undress and leave their craft.  If they do not she

threatens to crush the whole ship with them all still on board.  The

ship computer has a rough understanding of the alien's language and

is able to comply.  Commander Ssenatit leaves the aliens for a while

to extrapolate the likely origin of these bug sized aliens.  It takes

only a few minutes to narrow their start point to 6 likely solar

systems, the nearest being a yellow star some 220 light years away.

Before returning to her 'guests' she scans the ship for lifeforms and

smiles at what she sees.

The huge sexy woman pauses at the open doorway to her quarters and

looks expectantly to the ground, there before her spread out over the

floor around the small space craft must be literally thousands upon

thousands of the little people, all various skin colours and

apparently naked as ordered.  The Commander grins evilly and steps

forward into their midst.  Her huge barefoot swings over a dense

clump of the little people and slowly presses down to the floor, the

Commander giggles as she feels their tiny bodies pneumatically

resisting the ever increasing pressure of her shapely foot.  With a

final application of pressure she presses her huge foot flat to the

floor, feeling the juicy bodies pop and squelch in a most satisfying

way.  The Net ship officer moans as she relishes the absolute power

that she has over the helpless naked mite sized humans beneath her

foot.  This is exactly why she loves this assignment, the opportunity

to terrorise newly discovered sentient races for t

 he first time is a delicious turn on for her, as is clearly evident

to the lovely little squashable people at her feet, due to the

wetness visible between her towering thighs. Ssenatit raises the heel

of her foot and looks at it, licking her lips at the sight of

hundreds of crushed worms stuck to her flesh or splattered into tiny

gory star shapes on the smooth deck.  Dragging her foot back, heel

still raised, those bodies that aren't reduced into long bloody

smears are bulldozed along before her upturned sole. The avalanche of

tumbling squished bodies overtakes the now wildly running people

adding them to the growing pile of the dead and living.  With

hundreds of live tangled bodies heaped up against her bloodstained

sole she chuckles sinisterly as she ever so slowly lowers her heel

back to the ground, turning the wriggling mites into a gelatinous

mangled ooze that squishes out from the sides of her settling titanic

bare foot. Transferring her full weight to the left foot sh

 e raises her right and using her long toes swivels the alien star l

A few moments later the woman is lying on her cot, she sets it to

medium firmness and angles the head a little so that she is sitting

up slightly.  Lowering the cots skin temperature to offset her hot

state, she nestles the small white plasalloy bowl between her

breasts.  Inside the bowl are the heaped up tangled naked humanoids,

she can just barely hear their tiny cries and screams. Even just

watching them squirm about impotently in the container trying to

escape turns her on and her hands roam about her body as she watches

them intensely.  Plunging fingers from her right hand into her pussy

Ssenatit gives out a little cry and licks her lips slowly as she

watches the wriggling things struggle more desperately as her booming

exclamation startles them.  She slowly slides her fingers in and out

of her moist hole, having coated her fingers quite thoroughly with

nectar she dips those same sticky fingers in amongst her captives.

When she lifts her hand back out from the bowl her

 fingers are alive with hundreds of tiny thrashing naked bodies mired

in the thick viscous cream, several manage to wriggle free and fall

back into the bowl. Parting her lips she ever so slowly slides one of

her food bearing fingers into her gaping maw being careful to not

bump her lips tongue or teeth on the way in.  Then closes her full

lips about her finger and slowly draws the finger back out.  The 150

or so tiny morsels are scraped from her finger by her lips.  Some are

drawn part way through and are squished between those seemingly soft

gateways to her mouth. The Sagem officer moves the tiny bits of

living meat about inside her mouth with her tongue, pressing them

lightly against first the back of her teeth and finally bursting

their bodies against the roof of her mouth.  The meaty flavour of the

tiny sentients is wonderful and the fear leading to that was a nice

entree but she wants more.

 Quickly licking her fingers clean of the of all the remaining gooey

morsels and swallowing them along with her juices, Ssenatit grasps

the bowl with both hands and lifts it to her moist lips, pressing the

rim to them and then cruelly, deliberately, slowly opens her mouth.

Her humid breath washes over the tangled heap of thousands of humans

causing them to redouble their pitiful squirming attempts at escape.

The bowl is tipped up and as the incline increases the first naked

parcels of meat that are living breathing people tumble into the

waiting tooth lined abyss quickly followed by an ever thickening

stream of helplessly tumbling screaming men and women. When she has

had her fill of the luscious beings she throws her head back and rubs

her tummy with both hands thinking to herself what an exceptional

experience it was to consume such emotional creatures. Even now she

can taste their utter horrified panic deep down in her immense

stomach as they slowly dissolve in her aci

 ds.  Her tongue explores her mouth discovering and crushing a dozen

or so of the tasty tidbit's that had managed to escape being gulped

down initially.

It is time to satisfy another hunger, this time a womanly one.

Ssenatit holds the bowl of people in one hand whilst the other

spreads the lips of her huge labia then pours the remaining little

people into her juicy chasm, the speck sized people tumble inside her

ravenous womanhood and are literally sucked down deep inside her.

The huge Commander rotates her hips as she feels the torrent of

wriggling people inside her and moans at the stimulation they

provide.  The last few hundred naked bodies she dumps in a squirming

lump atop her erect clitoris, this causes her to buck, her toned

thighs open and close causing hundreds of the men and women to be

mercilessly squashed between the giant lips of her pussy.  Inside her

some of the people have descended all the way to her cervix.  She

groans at the sensation of thousands of pairs of hands and feet

moving about inside her stroking the slick walls of her immense

vagina as they try and escape this latest, sexy, prison in which they

  are trapped. The Commander purrs with delight and writhes about on

the cot as the tiny sex slaves raise her passion to a new height.

She throws her head about and groans with lust as her eyes spot the

crushed starship and the thousands of red splotches on her floor

beside her cot.  Unable to hold back any longer Ssenatit runs one of

her massive fingers along her sopping wet slot, squishing a great

many of those tending her red hot clit, and finally slides the gore

and juice coated digit down into her lusty person filled well. The

huge finger crushes the tiny unwilling lovers by the hundreds as it

sluices in and out faster and faster.  She thrashes about on her cot

wildly, biting her lower lip and roughly massaging one of her breasts

with her free hand.  With an awesome shriek of pure ecstasy she

orgasms.  The violent contractions in her cunt reduce most of the

surviving humans to squelchy goop.  The realisation that just her

orgasm has killed most of the slaves causes he

 r to cum again and again.  As the tide of euphoria subsides and the

As Commander Ssenatit sleeps the Net ship autonomously sets a course

for the first of the likely stars from which the aliens might have

come.  A star we call Sol.


Giantess Stories: A metallic hiss echoes through the cramped Net ship

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