Giantess Stories: A New Perspective

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A New Perspective


My name is Jason

Briggson. I am in my first year of college studying English. It was the middle

of the second semester and I was strapped for cash. Then as luck would have it I

saw an add on the wall to participate, in an experiment in the physics

department. I called and filled out an application. To my surprise I was called

the next day and invited to come in. I went to the physics department and was

greeted by the receptionist. She was petite, busty, blond, and very good

looking. “Dr. Watson will be with you shortly” said the receptionist. I was

given a clipboard and I jotted down the info they wanted from me. They wanted to

know my medical history, my weight, my height, and eye color. When done, I sat

and waited for Dr. Watson to come out. As annoying and nerve wracking as the

wait was, I rationalized to myself that it was $20,000 and would be more than a

big help. I just wondered what it could be, that I was being paid $20,000 for. I

was assured by the woman on the phone it was a routine physical exam, and I

would not be harmed in any way. They would simply take measurements and study

how my body reacts to stimuli. After an hour Dr. Watson finally came out to see

me. I was surprised she was a woman, and a quite good looking woman at that. She

looked about age 38, had short curly reddish auburn hair, full pouting lips,

green hazel eyes, stood 5'9, was slim, and a healthy olive complexion. She wore

designer glasses, and was dressed in a white lab coat, and was wearing blue

jeans. Even though she looked 38 and mature, she looked quite attractive and

something about her really turned me on. She looked very similar to Terri

Thatcher from Lois and Clark, in facial structure, eyes, and lips. Only her eyes

were green hazel and her lips were a lot thicker and pouted more. I especially

stared at those full thick juicy pouting lips of hers, which had no lipstick on

them. She wore only light makeup, and was a natural beauty. She was the

attractive “friend's mom next door” type boys in puberty usually fantasize

about. “Hi you must be Jason” said Dr. Watson as she reached her hand out to

shake mine. I shook it, and noticed how soft, warm, and firm it was. I also

glanced down and noticed she had nice well manicured nails with light

flesh-colored nail polish. “I am Dr. Jane Watson, and I will be conducting the

experiment on you.”


She beckoned me to

follow her. I went into her lab which was filled with all kinds of test tubes,

weights, scales, and everything else that should be in a lab. Feeling a little

nervous I asked her what exactly will I be doing in the experiment. “We are just

doing sensory stimuli tests, nothing to worry about Mr. Briggson.” She reached

for my hand and squeezed it gently for reassurance. She had me stand on a weight

scale to measure my weight and height. As she measured me she jotted down my

height and measurements. ”Excellent condition Mr. Briggson” said Dr. Watson as

she finished taking down the figures. She then turned around and headed towards

the table to the right, and picked up a cup full of a blue fizzy liquid. As she

had her back to me I got a good view of her perfect rounded ass. “Here” said the

doctor as she handed me the drink. “Drink it” she insisted. “What” I asked her.

“What the hell is this” I asked. “Trust me Mr. Briggson, this will not hurt you,

we tested it on animals first” she said giving me a reassuring warm smile.

Thinking “oh what the heck” I decided to drink it. The solution I drank tasked

kind of like red Koolaid punch with carbonated fizz to it. “What was this for” I

asked after drinking it, and realizing the good doctor conned me into drinking

it with those seductive eyes and juicy thick lips. “Let's just say Mr. Briggson

you'll be getting a new perspective on life! “ she said toothily. “What do you

mean” I asked not getting where she was taken this. “You'll see” she grinned. “I

thought you said you weren't going to harm me, what the hell” I said in a

panick. Suddenly I felt a jolt of electricity through me and the room began

spinning at a dizzying speed. I found myself naked on a pile of what used to be

my clothing. I then looked up to a see a giant Dr. Watson staring down at me. Funko Pop! Elrond (Lord of the Rings) (Hot Topic)

She looked over 130 feet tall from my perspective. “HOW THE WHETHER DOWN THERE

MR. BRIGGSON” boomed the giantess down to me. Before I could move or doing

anything she bent down and picked me up. As I felt my naked body being engulfed

by the warmness of her giant hand inch of my body. I felt both scared, angry,

and also outright aroused by the feel of the wall of her hand around my body.

“NOW THE REAL TEST BEGINS LITTLE ONE” she says as she placed me on a scale. The

same type of scale one would weigh fruits or rocks on. “WOW WEIGHT IS GREATLY

REDUCED” she stated in a serious tone. She then once again wrapped her hand

around me and placed me down on the table. She picked up a ruler and placed it

next to me “STAND STRAIGHT LITTLE ONE” she ordered. As I stood straight she

sized me up with her huge hazel green eyes. I could not help being aroused

looking at her giant pretty face, her thick juicy flesh colored full pouting

lips, which were now humongous. She examined by nude form as she continued to

measure me. “WOW, 4 INCHES TALL” she said as she put the ruler down.


Without warning she

picked me up between thumb and forefinger and then submerged me in a jug of ice

water. “ARE YOU CRAZY” I yelled as I felt the ice numbing coldness of the water

I was in. The cold was unbearable and I was almost about to pass out when she

brought my tiny out of the jug . She dried me off in a towel, and then

sandwiched my tiny naked form between the palms of both her hands. Her hands

were warm and I began to warm up. She pressed them together, but not enough to

crush me. “I KNOW SOMETHING ELSE THAT'LL WARM YOU UP” she said as she plucked me

from her palm with her free hand and brought me to her giant succulent full

lips. She kissed me right in the midsection, pressing my groin into her giant

massive lips. They felt like pillows, and my groin was now coming alive again

with new gusto. She then placed my lower body in her mouth, and wrapped her

giant lips around my middle. She sucked and probed the lower part of my body

with her giant tongue and made “mmmmm” sounds as she explored my tiny body with

it. I was now in pure ecstacy as her giant tongue swirled around my body. Her

tongue was nice and warm, and now I was really warmed up. I was about to shoot

my load Dr. Watson spat me out into her palm. “FEEL BETTER NOW LITTLE ONE” she

asked. “What the hell was that for, I could have died or caught hypothermia” I


REACT TO DIFFERENT SENSATIONS.” I then furiously yelled at her “what does that

have to do with me being shrunk?” She bit her lower lip. “WELL, WE NEEDED YOU




My erection was

still hard. She noticed this and with the index finger of her free hand began


STIMULATION.” As she did this she pursed her lips and teasingly licked her lips

as she stroked me. Merely looked at those giant lips really turned me on and I

came in no time on her giant index finger. I continued to lay on my back and

enjoy the softness and warmth of her palm. But even though I came and was

flaccid she continued to stroke my penis! I soon had another erection. “YES I

NEED YOU TO CUM AGAIN LITTLE ONE” as she rubbed my renewed erection. “I WANT TO

TASTE THIS ONE” she said as she picked me up by thumb and forefinger by the

waist and brought my midsection once more to her giant succulent lips. She

placed my tiny hard dick between her massive lips and rubbed me in a circling

motion back and forth. I came in no time all over her. “YUMMMMM” she said. “YOU

MUST REST NOW LITTLE ONE” she said as she gave me a kiss and placed me in a


down in my cage and watched the giant scientist walk wither her notepad into her

office. I wondered what else she had in store for me.

Giantess Stories: A New Perspective

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