Giantess Stories: A Night with the In Laws     Laura had not gotten along with her in laws since she first started dating Tony

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A Night with the In Laws

Laura had not gotten along with her in laws since she first started dating Tony.

Tony lived with his two sisters and mother. The parents had separated years ago

and the father lived in another state. Laura would get icy receptions from the

mother and sisters whenever she came to the house to visit Tony. Tony's family

did not want him to date Laura. They felt that because she was from south of the

border, she was somehow beneath them and Tony should go for something better.

Tony loved Laura, but he could never stand up to his mother. Eventually, Tony

was persuaded to break off the relationship by his mother and sisters. They had

another girl in mind, a girl from a rich family. They wanted Tony to marry a

girl from a wealthy family so they could have instant riches. Tony was weak and

he buckled under the pressure and dumped Laura.

Laura was devastated. She cried for weeks and eventually her pain turned to

anger. How could he do this to her? After all the loving things he said to her

and their good times together. Laura thought they would be together forever. She

considered using her ability on Tony. Her secret power which he knew nothing

about. She decided against it. Laura chose to simply go to Tony's house, say her

last goodbyes to him and his terrible mother and sisters, and leave with her

dignity. She wanted to show some class.

Laura pulled up to the house and noticed a different car in the driveway. She

walked up to the front door and she heard laughter inside. She opened the door

to find Tony's mother, and two sisters sitting in the living room on the couch.

Across from them in the loveseat was Tony, only he was not alone. Sitting next

to him was an attractive young lady. They all seemed to be in great spirits.

When they saw Laura, everybody froze. Tony's mother spoke, what are you doing

here Laura, you don't belong here. Laura's blood began to boil. She now realized

why Tony dumped her.

Laura used her power and shrunk all five of them. They were now 6 inches tall.

Now they really froze. All 5 went into shock. Laura collected them all and

carried them outside to her car. She was on her way to the gym from work and she

was wearing her workout clothes. She was wearing a tight neon top that left her

perfect stomach in view. She wore tight fitting, black, short-shorts to show of

her shapely behind and perfect, tanned legs. On her feet she wore her white

swoosh brand running shoes with white socks. She decided that she was still

going to the gym. She would deal with these five later. She took out her work

clothes from her duffle bag and put Tony and his family inside instead, along

with the girl she didn't know. Laura spoke, So this is why you dumped me? All

the good times we shared? I came over to your house to say my final goodbyes to

you and your family, but I don't think I'll be saying goodbye. You're all going

to regret this. With that she zipped up the bag. A few seconds later, Laura

opened it up again. She decided not to remove all her clothes from the bag so

she put her work shoes back into the bag. Her heels were not really smelly, but

after wearing them for eight hours, they were a little musky and within the

confines of the little duffle bag, the occupants would definately know they were

there. Laura smiled to herself. Tony's mother and sisters had talked down to her

for a long time. She remembered all the times they humiliated her and were nasty

towards her. She found it more than a little satisfying that they were now in

complete darkness in a bag at her side and they had to share the bag with her

work shoes.

Laura arrived at the gym and got right to work. She got on the stairmaster and

set it to her normal setting. This was not enough. She was in a state of anger

and exhiliration at the same time. She felt so invigorated that she stayed on

for 40 minutes. Next she did some weights and whenever she felt she could do no

more, she thought of Tony and she was energized. She thought about the things

she could do to them all and she was energized even more. After a long workout

with the weights, she got on the treadmill for another half hour. After this she

was really exhausted. Not to mention, she was glistening with sweat. Her tanned

body was pumped and toned. She was not a muscle girl, but she did like to be

well toned. It was time to go. She got to her car and checked on her passengers.

Everyone ok? Before closing it up, she added another item for them. She put her

workout towel in the bag. It was wet from her sweat. Boy, what a work out, Laura

snickered and she closed the bag. Again she smiled to herself. She tried to

forgive them in her head over and over, but she was so angry that she couldn't.

By the time she gat home, she was angrier just thinking about everything they

had put her through.

Laura carried the duffle bag inside. She set it on the floor next to her couch

and unzipped it. Laura got herself some bottled water and sat on her couch.

Everybody out she boomed. A voice came from inside the bag, Tony's, Laura,

you're not going to hurt us are you? I can explain everything. Will you promise

not to hurt us if we come out? I'll hurt you if you don't come out said Laura

very harshly. Ok, Ok came the voice. Tony came out first, he helped the others

out. The four of them stood next to the duffle bag and stared up at Laura. Laura

had her legs crossed and bobbing the upper foot and rotating it. Wait a minute,

one of you is missing. Ellen, get out here, NOW. Ellen was Tony's older sister.

Laura hated her more than all of them, and Ellen hated Laura too. No, I won't

come out, said a weak, scared voice from the bag. You better tell her to get out

here or else. The four immediately pleaded with Ellen, please Ellen, do what she

says. Ellen was defiant, no, she'll torture me. Laura responded, I'm going to

walk on that bag in ten seconds so you better get your little butt out here

RIGHT NOW. 10.....9.....8....., please Ellen come out pleaded the family,

7.....6.....5....., Tony walked up to Laura's dangling shoe covered foot and

touched it, please Laura, don't hurt her, she'll cooperate. She'd better,

because if she doesn't, there won't be anything left of your dear sister. Laura

felt a rush, her former boyfriend was at her foot begging. She could get used to

this. She continued the count 4.....3.....2 aaaaaand 1. Laura uncrossed her leg

and stood up. She towered over the family. She placed her hands on her hips and

stared down at the group. This is your last chance Ellen. Silence. Laura lifted

one shoe. Now Tony, his mother, his other sister, and his girlfriend all rushed

to Laura's other foot and got on their knees and begged her for Ellen's life.

Wow. Laura looked down at the pathetic group and felt another rush. Four adults

were at her foot begging her for mercy. She wondered why she had never used her

power before. These people were mere toys to her. Tony, go get Ellen. She put

her foot down next to the bag, sat down, and again crossed her legs. They all

kissed her hanging foot and thanked her over and over. Laura smiled and thought

to herself, they think I saved her because I'm nice, but I'm not going to let

that bitch Ellen off this easy. I'm going to humiliate her and she will know who

is the boss.

Tony dragged Ellen out of the bag. She now stood next to the others. So Ellen,

you still don't like my company? Fuck you you bitch, came the reply. What was

that? Did you say something little Ellen? With that Laura lowered her foot and

knocked Ellen down. After that she placed her shoe covered foot on top of Ellen,

covering her body. What did you say? Ellen was pinned. Go to hell you bitch

sniped Ellen. Laura pushed down slightly. Owww! That hurt you fucking bitch!

Laura pushed a little harder. Ellen started to cry. The others pleaded with

Laura. Shut up, all of you. Everyone was silent except for Ellen's mother who

was sobbing and kneeling next to her daughter, holding her hand. Please mommy,

do something. I can't cried Ellen's mother, just do what she says and she won't

hurt you. But mommy, I hate her. I know you do, cried the mother, but she'll

kill you if you don't listen. I'm sorry said Ellen, weakly. What? Did you say

something? asked Laura. I said I'm sorry Ellen repeated. Ohhhhh, you're sorry.

Yes, I'm really sorry, could you let me up now? Hmmm, let me see, if you kiss my

foot, I'll think about it. Ellen hesitated, but did quickly peck Laura's immense

shoe. You call that a kiss? I want to feel it! Ellen started to boil inside. How

dare she humiliate me?! she thought. Kissy Kissy said Laura and increased the

pressure. Ellen moaned in pain but put her lips on the shoe and kept them there

until Laura said thats enough ten seconds later and removed her shoe. Laura

crossed her leg again. Good girl, smiled Laura.

I just had a great workout guys. I am really sweaty and hot. My feet are just

burning. Don't you guys love that feeling when you take your shoes off after a

hard day? The five of them nodded, confused. I know, why don't you guys see if

you can take off my shoes? The group of miniature people looked dismayed, but

all stepped forward to Laura's dangling foot. She loved looking down at these

people at her feet. They all got a hold of one of her shoestrings and pulled,

tug of war style. The string came loose. Then they tried to loosen the strings

so they could slide the shoe off. Then they all took positions around her shoe

and pulled and pushed to try to get it off. Laura was in extacy. What a site.

Five former full grown people working together to take off just one of her

running shoes. She felt an awesome sense of power just thinking about it. Laura

didn't help them. She liked to see them struggle. One final thrust and the shoe

was off. The five little people were awash in a humid, sweaty, cloud that came

from the foot. All five took several steps back. Mmmmm, nothing like cool air on

my hot foot. You guys can take my sock off now. What? Said Ellen. I'm not

touching her sweaty gym socks! Laura looked down, did someone say something? No,

said Ellen, and she and the others proceeded to remove the wet sock.

This was also not an easy task. Her sock was wet and slippery, and at the same

time, it was so humid and sweaty that from time to time, Laura heard coughing

from the various miniature people. Apparently, being at her sweaty foot was not

where they wanted to be, thought Laura. She let out a small giggle just thinking

about it. Between a combination of rolling the top of the sock down and pulling

the toe section, they finally removed the soaking wet sock. It fell down right

on top of Tony's mother and knocked her down. She lay under the sock screaming

for her family to get it off her. Laura completely lost it. She was hysterical

with laughter. Tony's dreaded mother was stuck under her sweat-soaked gym sock

and because it was so heavy with sweat, they struggled to get it off of her.

Finally they had moved it enough that they could pull Tony's mother out from

under it. Laura was now in tears. Her mood quickly changed. Ellen was banging on

her exposed foot, screaming at Laura about how she was treating them and how it

wasn't funny. Laura became very serious. Again she knocked Ellen down with her

foot and she placed her now bare, sweaty sole on Ellen's body. She made sure the

middle of the bottom of her foot was right on Ellen's face. She smeared her

sweaty foot all over Ellen and her face. Is this what you want Ellen? How do you

like my stinky foot all over you? I like you down there you little witch. Owwww

Laura screamed. You bit me you little bitch. Now I'm going to teach you a

lesson. Laura lifted her foot off Ellen. Ellen got up and tried to run. She

didn't get far. Laura snatched her up in one hand. With the other hand, Laura

picked up her gym sock and stuck Ellen inside, head first. Ellen's head was at

the toe section of Laura's used sock. You are going to learn some manners little

girl, and you won't come out until you do. With that said, Laura placed Ellen

into the opening of her hot, humid running shoe that the group had previously

removed. Again Ellen was placed head first. Her face was occupying the space

that had been Laura's big toe not long ago. Laura folded the length of the sock

beneath Ellen's body so that there was no way she could get free. Ellen heard

Laura's muffled voice, That's going to be your bed for tonight Ellen, I'm going

to let you sleep on this and think about your behavior. Don't make it worse for

yourself. Oh, and if you get thirsty, suck some of my foot sweat off the sock,

there should be plenty. Ellen began to sob. What could be worse? she thought.

Ellen could barely breath. She was getting very little oxygen, and the air was

like being in a steamroom. Her entire environment consisted of Laura's dirty

sock and smelly gym shoe. The only thing she could smell was the smell of

Laura's foot. The smell smothered her but she could not move. She was

constricted by the sock and the walls of the shoe. Ellen always hated Laura more

than just about anyone. Now she was a prisoner in Laura's footware. She felt

utterly humiliated.

Why are you all just standing around? Take off my other shoe, now, yelled Laura.

She crossed her other other foot over this time so they could remove the other

foot. They repeated the process, only this time it was much more difficult with

one less person. They untied her shoe. Laura looked down, I want everything done

faster this time. She did not care that they were short one worker. But Laura,

said Tony, we.....YOU HEARD ME. And the group worked feverishly. They removed

her other show and again they were awash in the wave of steamy air. They quickly

moved to her sock. They used the same system to take it off except this time,

everyone was was enough to get out of the way. Laura smiled, mmmmm, that cool

air feels good. The four mini people collapsed from exhaustion. She flexed her

foot and toes. What do you people think you're doing? I want a foot massage now.

And it better be good. The group was utterly dismayed. Laura picked up one of

her magazines, sipped some water, leaned back and stretched her feet out to

enjoy her massage. NOW, Laura said and she began reading her magazine. The four

little people got to work. Mmmmmm, that feels wonderful. I want a half an hour

on each foot and if you guys do good, I may let you stop. Laura thought,

yesterday they were my enemies, now they are my slaves. Slaves, Laura thought,

that's a good word. She knew she could never let them go back after what they

have seen. They were going to be her slaves, and she was going to be their

owner. She didn't tell them right away, after all, she didn't want to interrupt

the massage they were giving her tanned feet. She would have plenty of time to

break the good news to them. Besides, why stop with just these few? There's a

world of potential slaves. Laura envisioned a world where she ruled absolutely,

and again she smiled.

Giantess Stories: A Night with the In Laws     Laura had not gotten along with her in laws since she first started dating Tony

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