Giantess Stories: A perfect Example

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The Perfect Example



Cassie looked down at her tiny brother. He was twenty, eleven

years older than her, but at his size, age made no difference. The

gentle child's eyes prayed to her tiny brother. "Please don't

ddie, Hal. Please don't." Tammy, her fourteen year old sister

gently put a hand on her shoulder.

"He's been through worst," she whispered. Mom hasn't

managed to kill him yet. Mom. Tammy hated the sound of that word. The

very thought of her mother made her cringe. After their father died,

their mother joined some group that told her that children should be

slaves to their parents, or suffer horrible consequences. The oldest

child must be the example, they said. And so, four years ago, Hal was

made the example to his younger sisters by being shrunk to four

inches tall. His now 19 year old sister, Hannah, had vanished and

none of them knew if she was even still alive. Their mother promised

the same fate as Hal if she ever came back.

Tammy understood the hopelessness of the situation. Even though

they weren't shrunk, the fear of ending up like their older brother

dominated their lives. Tammy often wished she had the courage to

leave like Hannah. She looked deep in her soul every night for that

courage, but it just wasn't there. All she knew was to watch her

mother torture her poor brother and pray to her and to God that the

same fate wasn't awaiting her. Tammy let a tear drop fall as she

gently tucked her brother in.

"Thanks," he whispered up, with a smile. The

gentleness of his two sisters was the only bright part of his life.

All else he had to look foreward to was being tortured by his mother.

Tonight, he had been sat on while his mother watched TV. Only the fat

in her buttocks and the cushoning of the couch saved his life. He

could still smell her nasty vagina and crack, and his entire body was

still sore, but it was over...for tonight anyway. Tammy and Cassie

gave him two soft kisses goodnight and turned out the lights.


"That little bitch!" their heavy-set mother hollared

as she slammed down the phone the next morning. "College! She

had the nerve to enroll in college! She really does think she's

better than me!" Tammy, Cassie and Hal sat at the table

nervously, expecting their mother's anger to be vented at them.

"I tell you what you little shit!" she said to Hal.

"She will come back someday. And when she does, I'll make her

half your size and make your life look like a luxury cruise!"

She stormed out the door to go to work. It was a Saturday and she had

to work. Hal, Tammy and Cassie would have the house to themselves.

"I have an idea!" Hal said after their mother's car

had driven completely away. "I know where she keeps her

shrinking solution. It's in her room on her dresser. One of you can

get it, and when she comes back, douse her with it!"

Tammy's stomach knotted up at the thought. Her mother's room

was some kind of shrine. Tammy feared it more than anything else. It

was where Hal would go sometimes and come out unable to talk about

what had happened. "I...I can't." Tammy said softly.

"I'm so sorry, Hal." A tear came down her face. "I've

thought about doing that before. I'm...I'm just so afraid." She

put her head down on the table. Cassie reached over and put a hand on

her shoulder. It was something her sister had downe to comfort her

many times. Hal lost his appitite for breakfast. He knew he couldn't

get Tammy to do it, and didn't want to ask Cassie to try. His one

fantasy for freedom was now shattered, and all he had was that

torturous wait to see what his mother would do to him.


Their mom was in a rage when she came home. This was not

unusual. She threw the stewed meat and rice that Tammy had made

across the room, telling her that if the teenager ever dared give her

such a pathetic meal again, she would go from house cook to house

dildo. With the two girls watching, she grabbed Hal and hit his ribs

hard with a spoon. The pain crippled him, and a monsterous welt began

to form instantly. "What's the matter, little shit?" she

said, squeezing him thightly. "Couldn't take the pressure."

Her iron grip caused Hal to scream out. "You're a little

shit," She repeated. "Why don't you go in an ass where you

belong?" She grabbed Tammy and shoved Hal down the back of the

teenage girl's underware. She gave her daughter several wedgies which

shoved him tightly between her cheeks. The smell was sickening to

Hal, and a brown smudge formed on his naked body.

Tammy was in pain at the thought of what was happening to her

brother. Her mother sat her down, squashing Hal. His head was now

directly beneath her tailbone. For an hour, she was forced to sit

there, her brother alive, but pinned under her massive weight.

Finally she was allowed to go to her room, where she took Hal out,

washed him in the bathroom, and laid him down on a clean piece of

cloth. Cassie followed later, her face black and blue from her

mother's blows.

"Please, Tammy," Hal whispered. "You have to

try. She'll kill me sooner or later. Then she'll shrink you. She'll

use Cassie to torture you, the way she uses you for me now and then

she'll shrink Cassie when you're dead. Please try." Tammy spent

the rest of the night holding Hal against her soft teenage breasts.

Hal treasured every little bit of kindness he could get, and would

never in a million years ask to be taken away from her soft nurturing

hills of flesh.

The next day, Tammy, Cassie and Hal came down for breakfast. A

pretty young woman sat at the table with her hands clasped. She had

curly blonde hair and large breasts and a gentle, yet secretive

smile. "Hannah!" Tammy said, recognizing her long lost

sister. She stopped in fear, remembering her mother's warning.

"Don't worry about mom," Hannah said, unclasping her

hands. A tiny, fat naked, ugly woman fell onto the table. Tammy and

Cassie almost passed out with shock. "I have a formula that can

restore Hal to his origional size, too."


For the first time since the death of her father, Tammy could

enjoy herself. That night, the four of them cuddled up on the couch

to watch the first funny movie on cable Tammy, Cassie or Hal had seen

since their father's death. Before she sat down, Tammy gave herself a

little wedgie, squeezing her mother into her smelly crack.

"Please!" her mother begged as Tammy sat down and squashed

her. "Let me out of here!"

"Why, mom?" Tammy asked with a smile. "You gave

us such a perfect example of how to have fun with a little

person." She toned out her mother's desperate pleas as she put

her head of brown hair on her six foot, three brother's shoulder.


Giantess Stories: A perfect Example

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