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A place to call my own (Note to self, change title)





Chapter One: Evident Change


           I grew up in Werlington, MN, The largest city in

the country. (It's a fictional place)  It's a place where you can get coffee at

four in the morning. A place where you can go to a five star restaurant at three

in the morning and no one will think anything of it. The malls never close.  The

city never sleeps. The buildings are much taller than you can ever hope to see.

Industry has made Werlington this way. We build up instead of just outward.

House's, are a rarity that only richest of rich can afford. Ninety three percent

of all Werlingtonian's live in apartments. You might ask why anyone would want

to live in a place like this. People live here for the choices and freedoms that

are allowed. If you can make it here you have accomplished something that much

of society can only dream of. Every empire has its utopia. The Roman's had Rome.

The Greeks had Greece; The Germans have Frankfurt and so on. The United States

has Werlington. A city which is ran by money, by greed, by power, by status but

most of all by Rank.


           The day you step inside these city walls you are

given a Rank. Your rank is everything to you. Its what you despise about this

place, its what you hate about our society, and at the same time it's what you

love, its what you strive to improve, its what you dream about getting. Only in

Werlington can you get a Rank. Even the lowest ranking person in Werlington is

like a God to the rest of the world. You know that at anytime you can leave this

place and have anything that you want, but you could never experience what all

of humanity truly strives to achieve. Purpose, reasoning, and most of all the

challenge of getting to a point where there is no more to get. Where you wake up

and you have nothing left to do. No higher rank to get, no more money to earn.

That is the ultimate goal that is why no one leaves once they enter and that is

what I aspire to achieve which is why I Richard Davidson seek admission to the

City State of Werlington. This is where my story begins.


           I lived in the last town you see before you

enter Werlington. I grew up seeing people walk the path of entrance. Everyday I

saw someone walk down the long winding road towards Werlington wondering if I

possessed what it took to be apart of that society, that way of life. That

curiosity sat at the pit of my stomach scratching, churning, and seething in

frustration until I could no longer bear it. I applied to the Academy of Rank in

Werlington. That was four months ago. Each day I run down the sandy road not

even bothering to put on shoes to protect my feet from the sharp rocks or the

hot burning sand. My feet grew accustomed to the scorching heat of the sand. As

I ran each day I wondered if it would be my last. Would I seek what I desire? As

I run now I wonder that same question will today be the day.


           I finally reach my mailbox. Coming here has

become a journey which has molded me into a stronger person. The waiting, the

anticipation of not being able to have control over what I desire. As I reach

into the mailbox I feel a flimsy envelope. I nervously pull it out knowing

somehow that is what I have yearned for. Without even looking at the envelope I

know that this is it. This in these few moments I will find out if my story will

continue or if it will end before it even got to the climax.


           I shakily break the seal and pull out a

handwritten letter. The penmanship is impeccable. Each curve of the letter is

perfect formed without a hint of a wavering line which would mean imperfection.

The letter only read you have been accepted come when you are ready. It was so

impersonal, so informal. I always thought that it would be some grandiose letter

or just something more, something intangible that I cannot name. However, I have

been accepted nonetheless and I too excitedly walked down that road. The road I

have spent a life time wanting to travel.


           As I walked down the road entrance I wished that

I could bring just one thing to remind me of my old home but I knew that was

against the rules. As I walked I wondered what it would be like. Would

Werlington be everything I desire or would it fall short of my expectations. For

three days I could only wonder as I walked down the road.


           At the end of the third day I could see in the

distance a magnificent city which appeared to be sculpted by the gods

themselves. The glow of the city illuminated the midnight sky. I expected the

view to be like any other city which clouded the view of the stars by its smog

and lights. However the view was superlative. It was like I was in a place

untouched by man, So much so that the sky was perfectly clear, not a trace of

noise or glow to block the light from the stars. I have never seen the sky so

clear and brilliant till now. I knew than that this small town white boy was



           As I approached the city gates two well built

black girls walked towards me. Both of them of had a very athletic trim to them.

There hair was tightly pulled back. There brown eyes were completely focused on

me like I was a trophy, or some new found species of life.


“Excuse me, is there a problem here?” I asked.


“Why would there be a problem?” retorted taller of the two



“It's just that you are staring at me so oddly.”


“We haven't seen a wh…”


“Melanie shut up. You have said too much already.”


“You haven't seen a what? Tell me?”


“What is your business here?”


“I have been granted a rank.”


“Scan him Now Mel”

           Before I could move she pulled out what looked

like a nine millimeter gun a pressed the trigger. I thought that I was going to

die. I closed my eyes expecting death but a very warm sensation came over. It

felt very much like being in a tanning bed. I started to sweat quite profusely

and when I opened my eyes again the once tall and powerful black girls in front

of me were gigantic.


“You stupid male, how could you think that you a mere male

could be granted to live in such a prestigious, honorable, and dignified place.

Your designation is 3305.”


           I could hardly believe what had happened. I

thought my bliss was forth coming but somehow it had taken a downwards spiral. 

I had gone from looking her in the eyes to looking her in the toe. The one the

leader called Melanie walked over towards me her every step causing shivers down

my spine and dust from the ground to be kicked up in my face. I fell to the

ground coughing and hacking because of the dust.  The ground rumbled as if a

volcano was about to erupt.  My body continually smacked into the ground with

her every step. The rumbling only went on for half a second or so but it seemed

like it was an eternity.  As the dust started to clear I saw what looked like a

wooden jewelry box about the size of her hand lower towards me. It was set down

in front of me on its side.  Melanie's hand made a sweeping motion and lifted

the wooden lid up. In a swift motion a brush with bristles like that of a broom

came down behind me. In one swift motion I was swept into the box. The force of

the brush shot me into the wooden wall. I looked back to see the lid of the box

slamming back into place. I ran towards the lid and pushed with all my weight

against it as I knew that there was no latch or lock on it but I couldn't budge

it.  I heard a voice call out towards me that it's no use. With a huff I sat

down just as the box was lifted back up into the air. I was bounced around quite

severely as I heard a loud but quite low grumbling noise. I recognized the noise

but I couldn't quite place where it came from. As my hand brushed against my

jacket I happen to feel my zipper. I zipped up my coat and a similar noise was



“What's going on?”


“We are most likely going back in her pouch.”


“Why? I though this was suppose to be the city of bliss.”


“It is only bliss as you call it if you are a female other

wise well you find out soon enough.”



Chapter Two: Citizenship



           Hours had seemed to pass since I was stuck in

the box. I could only sit in the dark along with countless others, every once in

awhile another person would be added to our ranks but that was few and far



           I could feel the swaying and violent shaking

with a final thud I knew that the box must have been set down. I nervously

waited unsure of what was about to happen next. I could hear voices directly

above me. They all sounded female but it was quite hard to tell because of the

sheer magnitude of there voices. They all sounded more like loud noise then

intelligent words.  


           My stomach was full of butterflies as I could

tell what was imminent. The moment the lid started rise up my heart leapt into

my throat. A crack of light shined into the box. I watched the once thin beam of

light grow and grow until it bright florescent lights engulfed the entire box

burning my eyes which had grown accustomed to the dark overtures of the box. I

craned my neck up struggling to see faces of the looming figures above me.


           My mind struggled to believe that objects before

me were in reality people. The two objects standing above me both had on cut off

shirts revealing there navel area. I could see the well toned dark tanned skin. 

One of the girls started to lower towards me. Under regular circumstances I

would say she has a rather small chest but her breasts are simply huge on this

scale now. I watched intently her abdominal muscles flex and form a 6 pack as

she bent down. Her full lips and deep blue eyes sparkled back at me as I stared

at her. Her long black braided hair spilled down towards me like ropes that

stopped just out of my reach. I looked up amazed at what looks to be thousands

of strands of braided hair looks more like black ropes. I wonder how small I

really am, is all I can think about.


           I hardly notice the other 25 guys in the box as

I look at the girl who takes up my full field of vision. She is so large I can't

tell her age.  I try to step back hoping that I can get a better angle but she

is just huge. The more I move around the more I notice her eyes looking directly

at me and following me as I move.  The more she stares at me the more I feel

like I am on display.


“So I really get to take one of these guys?”


“Yeah, you work hard for us it's our way of saying thanks.”


“Wow, people at school are going to freak. There are only a

few hundred of these guys allowed inside city limits at a time and I have one.”


“Just take good care of whichever one you choose. They are

worth millions and not to mention the ranking points you get by having one.”


“I want that one!”


“Just grab him then.”

           I struggled to follow the exchange it sounded

more like who could yell the loudest then an actual conversation. A dark finger

lowered down toward the box. I looked around at the room and much to my chagrin

everyone pretty much had the same dumbfounded yet simply amazed look on there

face as did I.  She extended her thick middle finger out towards and straight

past me.  I then realized I was about only about a fingernail taller then her

middle finger if she were to hold it vertically instead of horizontally. I

looked for who she was going to poke but she curled her middle finger around me.

I marveled at her dexterity along with her size. I couldn't imagine something so

large able to do anything like this. As I was lifted from the box I began to

feel quite dizzy from the speed of it all.


           I nervously try to fight off the finger that has

me gripped but I find myself dramatically over powered. Her skin was strong, her

finger immoveable as I was lifted up to her massive face. I was so close her

voice was over powering I couldn't make out a word she said, but the voice

sounded soothing and warm with a loving tone to it. She continued to talk to me

but I couldn't make out anything she said.


           As she shoved a heavy looking door open with

ease of her opposite hand of me. The room glistened in the light. The room had

computers everywhere with a hospital style bed in the middle with a massive

metal machine above the bed. I struggled to see more of the room as held me up

against my chest which gave me a great view of pert chest but a bad view of the

rest of the room.


           As I was shoved up against her shirt and breasts

and I could smell her perfume which was quite intoxicating.  Her warm body felt

good against mine. Like a glass of hot chocolate on a cold winters day.  Her

breasts looked big from my point of view now but I knew in reality they were

nothing to write home about. Her breasts cushioned my head and made me sleepy

but I soon was pulled away from her chest and felt something soft yet cold at my

back.  I looked up into a bright light shining in my eyes. I tried to look away

but it continued to shine brightly back at me.  


           The bright light didn't allow me to see much of

anything. I saw a girl who reminded me of Michelle Branch standing above me with

the girl who brought me here standing next to her.  The Michelle Branch looking

girl lowered a knife towards me. I rolled over onto my side and curled up but

the girl's finger lowered onto me and rolled me onto my back. Her finger felt

rough and calloused unlike the girl who held me. With her other hand she lowered

the knife towards me. I wanted to run, but her finger held me in place. The cold

hard metal landed on my forehead. My skin felt warm and numb as the knife hit my

forehead. I could feel it cutting into me but cauterizing the cut as she shoved

into me. A robotic arm shot down towards me. I barely saw it move with my eyes

but on the tip of its finger was a computer chip. The robotic arm started to

shrink as it got closer and closer towards me. By the time it touched my skin I

could hardly see the computer chip on its finger but I felt the finger extend

into my head. I nervously froze as I felt the chip being embedded onto my brain

then as quickly as the robotic arm came towards me it rose back up enlarging as

it went. I looked back for the Michelle Branch looking girl who I assume is the

surgeon but she is gone along with the knife that she used to cut me open. The

light above me is shut off and the room goes pitch black. I look around for

anyone but I see none at all.


           It seems like hours go by as I lie here in the

dark. I nervously jolt my head in the direction of every noise I hear. I can

hear my heart pound in my chest and bang against my ribcage. My instincts say

run, my brain says stay. I hear metal on metal grinding in the background and I

leap to my feet. I start walking away from the bed in the pitch black room. I

look down trying to see the floor but its way to dark for that. I am forced to

carefully feel with my feet if there is a floor before I fully step down.


“I'm going to get you little man!”


           I spin around trying to see where it's coming

from but it sounds like its coming from everywhere. I start aimless running no

longer caring about the edge of whatever it is that I am on.


“I'm right behind you! You better run quicker.”


           I could feel the warm breath on my back so I

turned around and saw absolutely nothing. I put my arms out in front of me

feeling the area behind me but I felt nothing. I started moving back the way I

came when the warm mint scented breath pushed me over onto the ground.


“I am almost there! You better run!”


           I try to stand back up but my foot is caught on

something. I start frantically pushing it in and out trying to free it but I

hear a loud finger snap and all the light turn on and I see the girl who brought

me here standing over me on the table and my foot caught up in some string.


“Awwwww how cute your little foot is caught.”


           I was astonished as he voice was no longer over

powering but more on a normal tone. I looked up at her as she grabs me and frees

my leg from the string.


“Aren't you going to talk?”


“You, you can hear me? How, what has happened to me?”


“You will find out all in good time 3305.”


“I have a name! My name is? My name is? What is my name? I

know my name. It's, 3305 yes that's it wait no that's wrong but what is it? What

have you done to me?”


“If you're good on the way home I may tell you.”


“You have no right! Tell me now?” In an angry tone of


”I have no right? You unranked infidel. Your mine now and I will not be talked

too in such a manner no matter how cute you maybe. 3305 COME NOW!” 


           Her palm lowered to the table a few feet from

me. I looked about the room at first looking for any other option but seeing

none I walk to her palm and climb on. She lifts the palm up to her face and I

can see her smiling happily back at me. Her brown eyes fixated on me watching my

move with her breath gently rolling over me like a light breeze on a summer's

day. I look into her eyes like a window seeing her heart, soul, gentle kindness,

but most of all I see her curiosity. Her fingers start to curl around me. The

tips start to rise upwards. I look at her middle finger as it is full upright

and take note that I come up to the last joint on her middle finger. Her warm

sweaty palm wraps around me and she walks a short distance then loosens her grip

and I feel myself sliding off of her palm into her purse. I land atop of her

compact and I look back up at her quite appalled.


“Now don't go anywhere three three o five.”


           That was the last thing she said as she zipped

up her knit purse. Tiny holes were plastered about her purse in random patterns

allowing tiny beams of light to shine in so I could see.


           As she lifted the purse up I was sent crashing

into the knit walls of the purse. Lipstick, compact, hair bush, Kleenex, checks,

etc were all bombarding me. I finally crawled into a leather compartment. I

realize that I am under her flap for her ID. The name Alicia Walker read across

the plastic card.


           I nervously hide in a zippered pouch inside her

purse. However, since it too is knit I crawl into a crumpled up yet clean

Kleenex. I see Alicia's hand dive into the purse and start to prod her

belongings looking for me.


“3305 get out here now?”


           I hated how she called me by those numbers. I

grew to despise those numbers. I hated how she said them. Every time she spoke

those numbers I felt like an object or a toy. It made me sound and feel so sub

human. As I laid in the crumpled up Kleenex I was torn between stepping out and

showing myself and hoping that it all would just go away.




           I grudgingly started to pull myself out of the

pouch in her purse. I knew that I no longer had a choice. As I stepped out onto

the hard floor I felt like I was in a whole new world.


           Just behind a coffee table stood supported by

four energy beams. The coffee table was clear yet it had a very reflective gloss

to it almost like a mirror yet at the same time you could still see through it.

I walked over to one of the energy beams and I started to extend my hand toward

it. I shook and in fear and yet I knew that I would go crazy if I didn't find

out. The closer my hand got I expected it to feel hot but the area around the

beam felt cool and soothing. I placed my hand towards the beam and it was solid.

I was astonished that an energy beam would be solid. I looked up at Alicia to

question how when I felt the floor rumble and shake. It was much the same

feeling of any earthquake but it had more of rthymic vibration as opposed to the

chaotic patterns of an earthquake. I scurried back towards Alicia. As I ran I

kept losing balance and would just about fall. Alicia's giggle erupted all

around me. It sounded powerful and godly. I finally reached her sandal. Her toes

were breathtaking. I haven't ever really been much of a foot person. I am more

of legs, ass, and tits but her toe nails were painted baby blue yet somehow

reflective like the coffee table. I didn't spend anymore time staring as I ran

to the back of her sandal I climbed up onto the sandal and grabbed her heel. I

could feel Alicia's eyes bearing down on me but I didn't care. My body felt like

Jell-o and the beating of my heart rang in my ears. I could hardly believe I was

scared, it was fear that I felt. It wasn't that I hadn't felt it before just

never anything like this before, I felt so at risk and helpless.


“Hey Alex sup Chica!”


“Nada, professor dingle berry gave me so much damn homework



“No shit? Well what do you expect when you take law?”


“I thought it would be easier.”


           I started pounding on Alicia's heel as hard as I

could.  I would then look up at her and see no response. This only grew to

frustrate me more and more. I continued beating on her heel until she pulled her

foot out of her sandal knocking me onto the floor. The eyes of the new girl

darted towards me.


“What's that? I mean how did you get that? You better not

have swiped him! We are going to be in so much trouble.  I am so not going to be

here for you this time even if we are sisters. I will not be an outcaste of



“Relax, he's mine! Remember I told you I was interning at

Federated Male. Well they liked how hard I was working so my boss let pick one

out for my very own.”


“You mean we have a male?”


“Yeah and check this out? My rank is 378 now!”

”What you're higher then me!”


“You're just a lowly thousand hehehe”

“1078 to be exact.”


“Can I play with him?”


“Sure, its designation is three three o five.”


“Front and center little man”


           I struggled to follow there conversation and

soon found Alicia's sister bending down to get a better look at me. Her long

black straight hair fell around me shielding my view from anything but her face.

I quickly noticed that I could somehow see just as well in the dark as I could

in the light. I thought back to the computer chip that they put in me. I knew

that had to be the key to a lot of things.


           I looked back up at her. Her brown eyes and dark

tan skin looks simply flawless.  Her eyes followed me around and she watched me

squirm under her careful watch. I heard yell out by sis to Alicia and I knew

that I was alone.


“Where is Alicia going?”


“Just to class, we are going to have so much fun together.

Sisters share everything you know. I'm Alex, Alex Walker your new Co-Owner and

we are going to visit my room tiny.”


            Her eyes glowed with anticipation as her

fingers plucked me from the ground. I found myself dangling by my T-shirt as she

stood up to her full enormous size. As she watched I dangled and blew in the

breeze like a T-shirt on a clothes line. I could only watch her inspect me as

there was nothing I could do to stop her.


Chapter Three: Unsettling Events



“Door Close”


           With a hissing thud the metal door was pounded

shut. Alex dropped me onto the floor as she walked over to her bed and sat down.

I knew I had only one chance of getting out of here and this was now.  I ran

towards the door as fast as I could. As I drew closer I expected the door to

open in much of the same manner as it shut but the door wouldn't budge open.


“It only opens for people silly!”


“Well what do you think I am? Here let me check arms, legs,

brain, and head. Yup I'm a person.”


“You're not a person you're a male. Didn't Alicia explain

anything to you? Werlington is the center of the society. As you probably know,

but what you didn't know only women have rights here. Men, have taken there

rightful place in society here and that would be as our pets. Women, control

things and the men, well they are for our entertainment.”


“I am no ones pet sister. So why don't you take me the

gates and I will walk home.”


“You don't get it do you? Here I will show you.”


           In mere moments Alex walked what would have

taken me a good 15 or 20 minutes.  Her toe landed directly in front of me. Her

foot painted, and quite pungent from being in god knows what all day I looked up

at her long slender legs.  Which were covered in tight leather pants that hugged

her frame excellently, her entire body started to shimmy from side to side. I

was mesmerized by her movements. They looked so fluid and powerful.


“Music Play, Ludacris shuffle”


           Her voice was beautiful like a song.  I could

hear what's your fantasy blare through out the room. The beat made the floor

shake and my bones resonate. Her tight leather pants fell to the floor and

puddle at her feet. Alex looked directly at me and stuck her tongue at me and

then curled up making a motion like finger saying come here. She glided over to

her dresser and pulled on some boxer shorts. She had on a tight brown top with

sparkles on it. She pulled it off and tossed atop of me.


“Hey, get this off of me! You black bitch, I will not be

treated like this! Alicia is going to be mad when she finds out.”


           When the shirt fell it created a series of

tunnels. I crawled down numerous twists and turns until I finally crawled out

from under the shirt. I looked up to see Alex sitting Indian style wearing baby

blue boxer shorts and a white playboy t-shirt.  Her face sped towards me. I

started running away from her back towards the shut door.  Her tongue extended

towards me. The faster I ran the closer and closer the tongue got. Her tongue

pushed me over to the ground. I stood upon my knees but her tongue slapped me

back towards the floor.  Her tongue slithered under my shirt. I crawled forward

hoping to escape the grasp of her tongue but I felt myself start to rise up off

the floor. I started to kick and flail aimlessly the higher I got.  As she stood

she did so in front of a full length mirror. With her tongue full extended I

could see her luscious frame, her pert, firm breasts, her long black hair, her

full lips, and then me dangling from her tongue. I kept praying my shirt would

rip but it held firm.


           I tried begging and pleading but nothing worked.

The only response I got was Alex's fall backwards. As she bounced on the bed I

slide further into her mouth. My legs were now fully in her mouth. As she

laughed I could feel her teeth getting closer and closer to my legs. I knew that

my legs would provide no resistance from the might of her powerful jaw and razor

sharp teeth. She drew her tongue into her mouth. I grabbed the bottom row of her

teeth and tried desperately to pull myself out but as I made any bit of progress

Alex would inhale deeply and draw me fully back in. Her top row of teeth began

to lower down. I fought viciously to free myself from her mouth. Her hot, humid

moist breath was everywhere around me. Her tongue still pressed against my back

and slid through my shirt.


“Boy I'm thirsty!”


           Her voice resonated all around me making it

impossible for me to understand a word that she said. Alex's mouth swung open

and light shined in illuminating the dark humid cave that I was in. I started to

position myself so she could take me out easier but I saw a sea of dark bubbly

fluid coming towards me. The liquid flew through every crevice in her mouth. It

was heavy and sticky. I kicked and punched the skin beneath her tongue but she

made no sign of even noticing. As the liquid hit me it went up my nose and in my

mouth. I could taste that it was Pepsi. It burned as it went up my nose and I

started to choke and panic from lack of air. Alex then swallowed and I could

feel the pull of her muscles wanting to suck me down her throat but I was glad

that I was beneath her tongue. She once again extended her tongue and much to my

chagrin my shirt was still fully in tact and I was dangling from her tongue.


           Alex's tongue was once again drawn into her

mouth. This time her teeth were much closer together. I felt myself descend

while still attached to the tongue and then I was flung up into the air. I

tumbled end over end in the air. I could see her lips curl upwards and smile. I

landed on her tongue which didn't give at all under my weight. She pulled her

tongue into her mouth. As I got nearer and nearer I could tell that there wasn't

enough clearance for me to fit through her mouth. Since I was going in head

first I had a quite a view of her cavernous, dark mouth. I could see the drop

off just past her tongue and gulped not wanting to be pulled down her throat. I

shoved my head deep into the ground which was her tongue so as to not have my

head collide with her teeth. The rest of me was not so lucky. I could feel her

teeth rake against my back cutting my shirt to shreds. Just before she reached

my waist the suction stopped and I was spit out onto her bed.


           I ran towards the top of her bed. I don't really

know why but it made me feel better like I was going somewhere and not a

prisoner to this gigantic black teenaged girl. Well maybe not teenaged but she

looked to be around the 19 to 21 age mark. As I reached her pillows I was

grasped with her index finger and thumb. I felt myself lose contact with her bed

and was once again suspended up in the air I was more subdued this time not

kicking or flailing my arms as much.  I was very much shocked as I was lowered

without any harm but instead of landing on her bed or the floor I hit her

stomach. The only thing separating me from her bare skin was a t-shirt.  I began

to climb forward but her finger jutted down just missing me. As I climbed I felt

my pants rip off me and I realized that she in fact did hit her target.  I

looked up at her smiling face seeing me nude lying on her chest. I shivered as

she made pout look on her face.


“You want Al to warm you up?”

           She didn't even wait for a response. I felt her

hand rush at me and shove me beneath her boxer shorts and into her panties. With

a soft thud I started to look around in a daze unsure of where I was at first.

My eyes fixated on the biggest pussy that I had ever seen.


I ran my fingers around the edge

of it and I could feel her slightly shudder from side to side. It felt warm to

my touch. I once again drew my hands towards it and rubbed around the edges of

it. I started to go faster and faster and then a small puddle of cum started to

drip out. The cum ran between my toes and tickled. My instinct was to hop up and

down but I fought the urge and just let it run between my toes and puddle at my

feet. As I continued to rub the edges of her pussy I looked at the money spot. I

stopped rubbing with my left arm while I continued to rub with right. I placed

my hand onto the skin that covered the hole of her pussy. It was wet and slick

from the small bit of juice that was leaking out. I took a deep breath and

plunged my hand into her.  I could feel the hot air inside of there. I ran my

finger against the slick wall. I then shoved my other hand in there. I felt

around as best I could. I noticed the once small drippings of cum had grown to a

low pressure stream. I continued to feel around but my curiosity got the best of

me and stuck my head into her. I expected to see something but it was pitch

black and I couldn't see a thing. I went to pull my head out and I came to find

that I couldn't. I struggled and fought but all my fighting only proceeded for

more of my body to be engulfed by her. I tried yelling but Alex only convulsed

and bucked slightly. I could hear her moans of pleasure from inside of her. With

one massive pull I was fully inside of her.  Her muscles were gyrating all

around me. The smell of cum filled the air. I kicked, shoved, and bit everything

around me in panic. I could feel myself losing control as I was sucked deeper

and deeper into her. I looked back to see her lips opening back up. I was

thankful as I knew that everything would almost be over but instead of fingers

coming to get me out I saw a dildo shooting towards me. I was shoved head first

deeper into her. I tried grabbing onto it to be pulled out but I could only

watch it pull out then come charging back in. After several barrages from the

dildo I finally managed to grasp one of the ridges on it. I felt myself being

pulled upwards.  I managed one hand to get free of Alex and I grasped onto the

outer wall but she merely shoved the dildo back in easily breaking my grip. A

rumbling from with in her was getting ever more present. With what felt like

several hundred times the force of old faithful I shoot upwards towards the exit

as she pulled the dildo out. My chest and arms emerged from her. I tried pulling

myself out but her muscles and power of suction was much too strong and I could

feel myself being sucked back into her. My head was sucked back into her pussy

and I was once again surrounded darkness with only my left hand free I knew that

there was no way I could pull myself free with just one hand. At the last moment

I felt something press against my fingers and I was pulled out of her pussy and

landed on Alex's bare stomach.  I looked down to where her pussy was and saw her

pulling the boxer shorts back up and as breathing erratic like she was out of



“Wow, that amazing!”


           I could only think about how horrible that had

been for me.  I hoped that I wouldn't have to go through that again but from the

sound of how much Alex had enjoyed it I knew that I would and there wasn't a

thing I could do about it.


           Her warm cum that covered my entire body was

starting to get cold as Alex continued to lay here. She grasped me loosely I

felt her slip something onto my legs. I looked down to see a skin tight black

suit being pulled over my legs. She grabbed my arm like I was nothing but a doll

and shoved it through sleeve and into the gloves which were attached to it. She

then did the same with my other arm and finally I heard her say the words seal.

I watched the suit close in on it self. As the suit sealed I looked at it. I was

astonished that it was seamless. I felt for way out of it but there was none. I

felt my neck and noticed that the suit stopped just before it reached the

underside of my jaw. Each sleeve had two parallel white stripes going down the

length of the sleeve with each pant leg having the numbers 33O5 going vertically

down each leg. The gloves were black with white the finger tips being white. The

suit felt like much like wet suit only it was more like an extension of skin. I

could still feel Alex's cum covering my body beneath this suit.


           “This suit is what you will wear for the rest of

your life. Alicia picked it out herself. I am supposed to have you dressed in it

before she comes back.”


“Well take this thing off of me. I can still feel your cum

running all over my body.”


           “Oh yeah that, I should probably mention that

suit if almost physically attached to your skin. If some one pinches the suit

then it will feel like you are being pinched and because of this you don't have

to worry about my cum drying because there is nothing to cause it dry. I thought

I would leave it there as a momento.”


           “Can't you take it off me?”


           “Well I could, all I have to say is suit unseal

and it will but why would I want too say that?”


           “Huh, thanks Suit unseal! SUIT UNSEAL!”


           “You have to have ranking for it to work



           “I am ranked 33O5.”


           “That's your name not a ranking stupid.

Designation in your case means NAME!”


           “Alex where are you? Is 33O5 with you? I want to

play with him a little bit!”


           “Yeah he is, be right out.”


           “Now you better not mention anything about what

we did and if I find out that you told her about anything you will be in deep

trouble when I get you alone. Next time I pick you up I better hear the squish

of my cum beneath your suit too! If I don't well lets just say you won't like



           I was then grabbed and just like Alex said I

could faintly hear a squish as her cum squished spread over my body. Her grip

was warm and strong. Alex then carried me nonchalantly out into the living room

and I was tossed back into the hands of Alicia. I saw Alex walk towards the

kitchen and as she walked away I felt different then I ever had and I wondered

if she felt the same way.


Chapter Four: Room for Improvement


           Alicia's hands were warm but not as soft

as Alex's. Even though they were sisters they smelled very different. Alicia

smelled like she had just gotten done running. Her skin glistened with sweat as

she held me tight in her hands. She still had on the clothe she worked out in.

She had some black soccer shorts with white trim that say Adidas embroidered on

the left pant leg. Her white Adidas t-shirt is soaked with sweat.


           As she walked towards her bedroom she started

pulling me towards her shirt. I really didn't want to be pressed up against her

sweaty shirt but as my faced was pressed just below her left tit I fought to

position my face so its not thrusted into the damp shirt but it was no use. As

we entered her room I saw that it was quite different then her sisters. As she

set me down on her bed I started scratching myself a little from Alex's cum. At

first it felt like warm milk covering my body but now it feels more like cold

beer covering me.


“Well, I was thinking a lot about

this during my class and at the gym and you can live in my dollhouse.”


“Oh gee thanks!”


“I don't like your tone! I expect

a little respect. You're in my world now and when my friends get here I don't

want you being rude. Is that clear?”




Alicia flicked me off of her bed

and I was sent tumbling onto one of her sandals. The floor of the sandal was

rough and hard. My head hurt from the fall but surprisingly the suit cushioned

my fall slightly.


“I am sure Alex kept you busy so

why don't you go rest up in your house until my friends get here.”


I looked at the doll house and

then back at her. My reluctance was met with the stomping of her foot.  I

quickly scurried off to the dollhouse not wanting to further upset her.  Just as

I reached the door she took her big toe and kicked me several hundred feet from

the dollhouse. I looked back up at her and started to back away.



“ALEX? HELP? Your mine, there's

not a thing you can do about it. You live as long as I want you too. You die

when I tire of you. You are my property, my responsibility, my toy, my pet, my

entertainment. The only thing that lives forever history and unfortunately you

have neither. Now I thought I told you to get inside that house.”


“But you kicked”


“Excuse me? Are you questioning



“no, of course not but.”


“What's that saying you infidels

use? Buts are like assholes everyone's got one?”


“I think you, oh never mind.”

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