Giantess Stories: A Sizeable Tale

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A Sizeable Tale

part one, "Technically Speaking"

Martin looked up. And up. And up. And up. The glittering

golden dome of the Saint Croix University rose into the late afternoon air like

the legendary Domus Aureum of Nero's Ancient Rome so many, many centuries ago...

Stray wisps of leaves blew carelessly around the young student's feet as he

walked up the stairs leading up from the park-like mall outside. Already, the

September weather had turned some leaves to a more auburn, red and gold tone;

lining the sidewalks and stairs of the Midwestern campus. Martin Tyler was a

somewhat odd sight to the area. His East-coast, counter-culture looks made him

somewhat distinctive amongst the sea of cardigans and print sweaters. He was

tall and athletic; well-toned due to his vigorous regimen of exercise, and had

raven-black hair that fell straight and long down to the center of his back. A

single earring dotted his left earlobe and his tiny, round shades covered his

eyes. It was the eyes that most people noticed. From birth, he'd been set apart

from his peers by this rather distinctive feature. One eye was a pure, piercing

blue. The other was somewhat ... different. It was red. A deep, nigh-luminescent

crimson. His pals had called them 'cop eyes' for not just their color. Back home

in Boston, he'd always been the quickest to spot a strolling police cruiser out

for a quick bust on his group of underage ... practitioners. Martin fancied

himself a magician.

His copy of the "Golden Dawn" tucked neatly between

"Comparative Psychology" and "Physics 101", Martin jogged confidently up the

long steps to the narrow, student-crammed halls of the domed Classics building.

The other guys had gone 'other ways' or decided to 'grow up'. Out of their cabal

of 6, he was the only one still practicing. Nearly age 21, Martin was determined

to revive magic by the time he was 30. Which brought him to Dr. Fishbourne. The

black-haired student walked the narrow halls checking door numbers. A few

attractive women (and more than one guy) gave him a look that seemed to be more

than 'just idle'. A few of the ladies were cute; some of them quite buxom; but

he could always conquer them later. Right now, it was power he craved. And that

power lay beyond the smoked-glass door that suddenly faced him as he rounded the

corner on the second floor. Carefully, he put out one hand and told his heart to

quit trembling. His invitation here was something he'd have killed for. Luckily,

he hadn't had to. His simple letter of introduction and explanation of his

desires to the famed underground parapsychologist had gained him entry to the

college for at least a year of Undergraduate studies. Turning the knob, he

opened the door and walked in. The office was small and close, with deep wood

accents and dark red tapestries along the walls. An antique roll-top desk stood

nearby, adorned with stacks of papers, a castle-in-a-winter-ball-paperweight,

numerous pens & pencils, a PC computer, several dictionaries and a skull. He

smiled. He had definitely come to the right place... "May I help you...?"

The melodic-yet-stern voice from behind him, startled Martin,

making him drop his books. Spinning about he looked directly into the

full-figured bosom of the tallest woman he'd ever seen! Standing at least 6'6",

she was stunning. Long, reddish-brown hair cascaded around a firmly-lined face

down to the mid-point of her shoulders. Her physique was mostly concealed behind

her well-tailored suit, but the curves left little the imagination. Her feet

were in heels, but they were rather low in comparison to what most professionals

were wearing. In short, compared to Martin's own 5'11", she was a giantess! The

stranger cleared her throat again and repeated her question. "May I help you?

You seem to be lost." Martin shook his head of the awesome vision of

overly-ample cleavage and quickly gathered up his books. "Uh, yeah... Listen,

I've got an appointment with Dr. Fishbourne, so could you -like- tell him that

I'm here?" The woman smiled and put her hands on her full hips. Idly, Martin

speculated of how they'd feel under his hands... Well, once he had to power he

craved, perhaps he'd find out... "Oh, so you're here to see old Fishbourne are

you? And who would you be?" The Bostonian student grinned cockilly. "Why? You

free later on tonight?" She laughed and walked past him into the room with a

faint air of some far eastern perfume. "I don't think so... After all," she

said, sitting down behind the desk, "I don't like to get involved with my

students." Martin's jaw dropped. "Uh...." Dr. Fishbourne frowned. "That's

disappointing; I'd hoped you'd be a bit more articulate, Mr. Tyler." Martin

stammered again, half-recovering from his shock. "Uh... You're ... kidding,

right?" Shaking her head slowly, the voluptuous doctor turned to her computer

and quickly entered a few keystrokes. "Nope! I'm Dr. 'Emil' Fishbourne. I've

found that sexism in the arcane community is still strong enough for me to

warrant using a male pseudonym." She glanced at Martin's still-stunned

expression. "...and I see that I'm not wrong..." Rising fluidly, she stuck out

here hand to the stammering young man. "Doctor Emillia Fishbourne; your teacher,

mentor and guide for the next 9 months ... perhaps longer."

Martin took the doctor's hand and shook it limply. His

non-concealed disappointment showed deeply on his face. A woman. He couldn't

believe it. A woman. He'd bared his soul about magic, the arcane and his own

goals to a ... woman. Swallowing he forced a smile. "Well, I hope so... I

mean... " Emillia grimaced and sat on the corner of her desk, crossing her legs.

"I can see we're in for a long, long time of rudimentary studies." Martin shook

his head abruptly. "Hey! I know more than a hundred of your starting students

would learn in a year here! I think I'm a bit beyond 'rudimentary'!" Emillia

smiled and shook her head. "You misunderstand. Your skills and experience are

quite impressive. I've checked all your claims." She held up her hand as Martin Fiestas y tradiciones - Guía de Cádiz

was about to speak. "Believe me, I have that kind of skill... "And though you

have VERY impressive qualifications, you really only got in here at Saint Croix

because of one thing." She leaned forward slowly, forcing her ample bosom closer

to him. "Your lust for power..." The air seemed to grow warmer by at least ten

degrees as Martin listened to the distant echoes of students leaving the

building and sounds of couples walking on the sidewalks outside the professor's

office. He swallowed. "Uh, that's ... that's what got me ... in?" Fishbourne

nodded. "Mostly. You'd be surprised how few people really have it in them to

desire ... power. But first," she said reaching down and opening a drawer on her

roll-top, "you have to know how it feels..." The giant woman removed a small

object which she palmed deftly and hid from Martin's viewpoint. "That, and you

have to learn respect for women ... if you're going to learn from me..." Walking

right up to him, she brushed her chest against his and looked down at his face,

her eyes challenging his. Reaching past him, she delicately closed the door with

a soft latch. "There... Catch."

With that, she tossed the small object up into the air over

both their heads and stood back. Startled, Martin backed up into the door and

reached frantically for the small thing. Keeping his left hand under it, he

managed to grasp it and close his palm about it with reletive simplicity. A tiny

shock of electricity ran through his palm upon contact. Opening up his hand he

looked at what it was. "A Jumping Jack?" The small child's toy lay in his palm

like some unwanted or misunderstood token. The professor merely smiled.

"Appropriate, don't you think, to represent the re-training you're going to go

through?" Martin shook his head slowly; the tingling had spread through his

wrist to envelop his arm and elbow now. "I ... don't understand..." "In your

letter. You said that 'Power is like Sex; it's meant to be used...' I couldn't

agree more - technically speaking, that is." The tingling in his arm seemed to

spread as a dim dizziness washed over Martin's consciousness. "Wha...what's ...

happening...?" Emillia smiled and stepped back, slowly unbuttoning her blouse

one button at a time. Martin watched, stunned and absently pocketed the Jack.

His vision was swimming. What the hell was happening here? She looked ...

different ... somehow. Martin swallowed heavily as Emillia put on a show of

slowly undoing each button and stretching luxuriously towards him, tantalizing

him with her steadily-exposed cleavage. Wiping a sleeve over his brow, Martin

looked confused. The sleeve covered his whole hand. That wasn't right. If

anything, it was too short... He looked up at her. She looked ... taller!

Realization quickly dawned on him as he looked at his clothes and the room he

was trapped in. He was shrinking!!! Without thinking, he tried to turn and run,

but Emillia quickly leaned forward and held the door shut with her massive arms.

Martin was already a foot shorter than when he'd come in and was looking

slightly up at her hanging bosom, still partially clothed. "Now, now, now... You

can't leave yet. Where would you go, little-one?" Keeping the door pressed

firmly shut, Emillia took her free hand and slowly undid the remainder of her

suit-coat and business shirt beneath it. Her large, well-formed breasts swung

slowly out over Martin's head like a pair of basket balls. The shrinking man

gulped as he looked up, trapped between this giantess and the door. She grinned

down at him as his shirt slipped off his shoulders and his leather coat slumped

down towards the floor. "Awwwww... You're so cute!"

Martin bristled at the word and struggled to find words to

plead with this giantess to change him back... "Dr. Fishbourne; look -I'm sorry

I didn't know you were a woman... I ... I didn't mean any offense!" Martin's

words nearly choked in his throat as he heard his voice had risen an octave as

his vocal chords grew shorter and shorter. His dwindling form could barely hold

his clothes to his body as he diminished slowly past 4 feet tall! Emillia looked

amused and toyed gently with the shrinking man's hair. "Please! Dr. Fishbourne!

I said I'm sorry! Please don't... shrink me!" Martin looked distressed now.

Distressed and harmlessly cute to the giant doctor. She laughed at his

predicament. "Why look at the little mage now... All shrunken and tiny and...

cute! Why if I didn't know any better, I'd think you didn't want my

teaching...." thought Martin. Out loud, he said, "C'mon! I'm getting too small

for my clothes... They're kinda..." "...uncomfortable? I should think so, given

that your pants are bunching up in your crotch..." Martin grimaced. It was true.

His cock was already getting squished and squeezed remorselessly by his own

clothes. If this didn't stop soon... But it wouldn't, would it? That's what she

wanted ... for him to undress. Martin swallowed at the thought. His pride was

diminishing as fast as the rest of him. His great manly tool was probably no

bigger than average now, and here he was faced with this giantess looming over

him as he barely came up to her upper thigh! Sighing in resolution, he quickly

shucked off his pants and threw his gigantic shirt to one side. Standing naked

before the growing woman, Martin blushed. His penis, normally an awesome eleven

inches was incredibly dinky now, as was his whole body; muscle tone and all! He

looked up helplessly at the giantess over him. She laughed in her deep voice and

patted the top of his head. "There, That Wasn't So Bad, Was It?" Her voice was

louder in his tiny, fragile ears as he dwindled to the height of her knees...

"But This Little Thing..." She brushed one finger within inches of Martin's

flaccid cock and smiled. "WHAT GOOD IS THAT...?" Martin continued getting

smaller as Dr. Fishbourne stood up and removed the rest of her clothing. he


Giantess Stories: A Sizeable Tale

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