Giantess Stories: A Slave to Nancy

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A Slave to Nancy

My beautiful 15 year old niece must have put something in my drink.... I

blacked out on the floor. When I started to awaken I could hear her giggling and

asking if I were alright. Getting to my feet, holding my head, I said what

happened. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. Everything in the room was huge

and I could still hear Nancy giggling. I yelled, " what the hell is so funny?",

and as I spun around to look at Nancy I was shocked. She was sitting on the

couch but she was now a giant and was grinning as she looked down at me.

She said, "the drug really works!" "Your less than 1 inch tall!" " Why did you

do this to me Nancy?" I asked. "Because I thought it would be fun and amuse me."

She said. "Can you make me big again?" "Yes, maybe before I leave if you

cooperate." She responded.

"Now listen here young lady!" She said "no" and then stood up. "You listen, if

you don't do everything I say I'll keep you that way forever and if you make me

mad at you...", and with that she raised her bare foot and slowly extended it

over me. "I'll step on you and squash you like a bug!" " Please Nancy no, I'll

do whatever you say, your the boss" I cried. "And you better not forget it."

"Uncle," she said as she put her foot back on the floor near the other. " I've

noticed you staring at my feet several times before and I think you have a foot

fetish. Do you think I have pretty feet uncle?" "Yes, honey there very nice." I

admitted. "Good, then you won't mind crawling over on your stomach and kissing

them would you?" She laughed. "Are you crazy! I'm not going to do that!" I said

becoming frightened.

Nancy reached down and grabbed me in her right hand and slowly raised me in

front of her. She was holding me so tight that I couldn't breath. When she had

me chest level she said, "if you don't kiss my feet right now I'll close my hand

and crush you" and she started squeezing tighter. " I'll do it, I'll do it!" I

said She smiled and lowered me to the ground but when she got to about four

inches off the ground she just opened her hand and let me fall to the floor. "

Next time it will be from much higher up. Now start licking my feet before I

forget your not a bug and decide it would be more fun to squash you!"

"Hey, that would be fun!" and with that she raised her huge bare foot again and

slowly lowered it on top of me. I slowly felt the pressure and the only air I

could breath was the scent of her feet. I could see her smiling from between her

toes and then she started to twist her foot back and forth then she stopped and

held her foot still. I could still see but she just kept me smashed to the

floor. Then she raised her foot and looked at me lying there. "Well aren't you

going to thank me for sparing your insignificant life. Run over here to my feet

and kiss and lick them in gratitude or I'll but on my high heels and really

squash you!" I ran to her feet and started kissing and licking as she told me to

do. "That's a good slave, do a good job and I might let you sleep in my

pantyhose drawer tonight. Do a bad job of loving my beautiful feet and I'll put

you in the oven. I like controlling you!" Nancy flex her big toe and knocked me

over backwards. "I won't cage you slave but be careful-of me when I walk around.

I wouldn't want to step on you when I couldn't enjoy it. Maybe I'll stay for a

couple of weeks longer. Wouldn't you like that?" "People will be looking for me

Nancy!" I said. " Not in my sneaker they won't, and don't call me Nancy! Call me

Goddess from now on and any mistakes will be punishable as I like." With that

she raised her cruel foot again and laughed. "Oh yes pet you missed cleaning the

bottoms." She then covered me up again.

I was her toy to be used anyway she wanted and to refuse her would mean to be

squashed like a bug under her pretty feet. She lifted her foot off me and walked

away. Then a minute later reappeared with a pair of knee-highs. She reached down

and picked me up in her massive pretty hand and carried me over to the couch.

"Aren't my hands soft pet and don't I have pretty fingernails. Do you want to

see how sharp they are slave?" "No please don't!" I screamed, and she started to

laugh. She opened her hand and I stood up. "I didn't give you permission to

stand!" and she moved her hand slightly and I fell in the palm. "Kneel slave and

kiss my palm before I decide to close my hand again." I did what she said and

she picked me up with the other hand. "See this knee-high?" which she pickup in

the hand a moment ago I was prostate in. "I'm going to put you in it and if you

put a run in it I'll be very angry with you and I know you wouldn't want that!"

She dropped me in the knee-high and I slid down the nylon slide until I stopped

in the bottom at the place where the toes go. "I've been wearing these all week.

How do they smell little man?" The scent was strong of sweat and perfume mixed

with her natural scent. "I think you need company pet!" and started to slide her

foot into the nylon. I screamed, it was a frightful sight seeing that foot

coming towards me with no escape. I was now pressed up against the bottom of her

foot with my head just under her toes. She crossed her ankles and started to

flex her toes. She flexed her toes up and I was stretched out and couldn't move.

Then she curled her toes and my head was forced back until I thought it would

come off. She keep playing with me like that for about fifteen minutes. I begged

for her to stop but she just ignored me. When her foot was still I could see her

face between her toes and she wasn't paying any attention to me at all. She was

reading what looked like an S&M magazine. This made me even more scared of the

powerful teenager who literally kept me at her feet.

She decided to take off the knee-high I was in but instead of letting me out she

tied a knot in the middle of it and said, "how do you like your nylon cell me

little pet. I'll let you rest while I think of some more fun things I can do

with you." Carrying me through the room suspended in the nylon Nancy stopped in Love and relationships tips for improve your relation with your boyfriend, husband or that special friend Love and relationships tips

front of her pair of sneakers and said "I know you can't bare to be away from my

feet but this will have to do you for now." She then lowered me into one of her

sneakers and the smell was overpowering. "Sweet dreams of my sweet feet" she

said and left the room laughing. How humiliating to be a slave to my cruel niece

and tied up in one of her nylons and imprisoned in her sneaker. I know now to

her I'm not a man but something that only exists for her amusement.

Nancy, now my mistress, came into the room and I could see her staring down at

me. She was so beautiful and looked like a towering goddess standing over me.

Then it got dark as I saw her giant hand reach down for me and she picked me up

and carried me to the living room. Nancy untied the knee-high and I crawled out.

When I stood up on the coffee table she said, "I'm going to blow you a kiss."

She puckered her lushes red lips and blew. I started tumbling across the table

to the edge and gripped the edge to I wouldn't fall. "Please help me I'm

falling!" I cried. Nancy picked me up and placed me on the floor. "Now slave

were going to play a new game called Squash the Bug." I glanced over to here

feet and she was wearing high healed sandals and her heel towered like marble

columns. "Now you run around the floor and see if I can keep from stepping on

you. If I win, you lose, Ha Ha!" Then saw her toes and heels raise and I ran for

my life and pleaded for her to stop.

Wisssh, her huge heel came down in front of me and I ran right into it. Nancy

laughed and I ran again but this time she smacked me down and rolled me over

with the toe of her shoe. Then she placed the spike on the middle of my stomach

and started to press down. I yelled, "no mistress don't!" She just started

laughing. "Bye, bye, bug." With that she applied a little more pressure than

removed her heel. "That was fun until we'll have to play this again. I really

enjoy being here with you maybe I can stay and live with you or take you back to

California with me. In my pocket of course, oh I'm sorry I'm sure you would

rather travel in one of my sneakers." She then placed her high heeled foot along

side my body. "You DO want me to stay don't you?" She picked me up with her toes

and started to curl them. I could feel my head ready to pop from the pressure

"Yes!" I yelled, "Yes please stay" I said as she released me from the grip of

her cruel foot.

"On your knees before my feet! Kiss my toes and worship me as the goddess I am

!" I did what she said. "Now pray to my beautiful feet that I'll accept your

plea's and not squash you as you deserve." I did, and knelt and kissed and

prayed to her-magnificent feet. "You will do as told from now on Uncle, you

belong to me!" "I will expect you to keep my feet looking nice, that means

pedicures, and massages." I knew she would keep me busy. "You will live in my

shoes, socks, nylons or whatever I am wearing that day cause you will always be

near my feet!....these places will be your home now for the rest of your

pityiful life!"

Nancy was becoming drunk with power and with her domination over me. she just

watched with a big grin on her face as I humbly knelt and kissed her feet

encased in the towering high heels. "If you do a good job, I may even let some

of my Girlfriends use you!" "You'd like that uncle wouldn't you? You'd be a

little foot toy for me and all my friends for the rest of your life!" She moved

her foot slightly and I went somersaulting over backwards. I laid there frozen

as I saw the bottom of her huge high heel pass over me now knowing the same view

as a cockroach. She went into the living room and came back with one of her

knee-highs in her hand. The sound her feet made on the floor when she walked to

my tiny ears sounded like the pounding of elephant. She dropped the nylon on top

of me and told me to crawl inside. I found the opening and began to slither my

way through. She degraded me even more by telling me to crawl to the toe of the

nylon which I reluctantly did. Nancy then reached down and picked up the

knee-high with me securely imprisoned. I hung suspended as she carried me into

the bathroom and started tying the nylon to the shower rod. 1 was now level with

her face and she laughed as she watched her tiny prisoner trying to maneuver

himself in the nylon cage, Her nylon cage for him. "I have to go shopping and

I'll be back in a few hours, you don't mind hanging around waiting for me do

you?" She giggled and said, "Oh by the way I'm taking your car. I'd let you

drive but I don't think your feet would reach the peddles."

I screamed "you can't take my car your not old enough!" She looked at me and

cocked her eyebrow then reached out with her massive hand and I could feel her

fingers close around me. She started to squeeze and yelled. "You can't tell me

what to do I own you!" and she started to squeeze tighter. I started to scream

"your killing me please stop or you'll crush me!" She started to loosen her grip

on me but her hand was still on me.

"Never tell me what to do again or next time I just might forget myself and

crush you or through you down and trample you like an ant". I shook with fear

and whimpered "yes Mistress." She took her hand away and winked at me. "I'm

leaving now", and she teasingly blew a kiss which left me swaying and twisting

in my nylon trap. I could smell the sweet scent of perfume and sweat from the

nylon prison she had me in and could tell she must have worn it for several

days. I hung suspended thinking of the narrow escape I just had and my fate

depended on Nancy's cruel whim. I no longer felt like a man but more like a

plaything existing only for her amusement and afraid of what would happen when

the beautiful teenybopper grew tired of me. If she was no longer amused by me

size would she step on me like a bug or feed me to a neighbor's dog or even

flush me down the toilet. Nothing could stop her. I shutter to think of what she

would do and would kneel at her feet and pray to her as a Goddess as she now was

to me.


Giantess Stories: A Slave to Nancy

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