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A story


"Good afternoon gentlemen." She swung

the door open and the meeting began. I walked in along with the other managers.

The room was a flat black. Walls, floor, and ceiling were covered with tiles,

each about a 2 foot perfect square. The desk and chairs looked like they were a

piece of crap. Put together in some amateur carpenters garage. As I walked in,

giving in to my fetish, I darted my eyes downward at the scientist's feet. She

was wearing a wedge platform sandal, probably a 2-inch platform, and 4-inch

total heel. It was obvious she was trying to make up for a height deficiency.

With out the heels she was probably only 5 feet tall. She also had what looked

like a French style pedicure, but it had the thinnest, barest strip of white

polish, I had ever seen. I wondered briefly how she'd gotten it so narrow. I

then decided I was taking to long to look, and looked away. I made my way over

to the crude table and chairs.

"Please take a seat. Excuse the rather rough furniture, but all will be made

clear in a moment." The rest of us sat down, uncomfortably. She shut the door,

and moved to the head of the table. Her feet made almost no noise as she walked.

Odd that I hadn't noticed that as I walked across it. "Hello gentlemen. I am

Karla Carson. I've invited you all here, because you are all wealthy

businessmen, and each of your companies manages a federal prison for our

beleaguered government."

There was a murmur of assent from the crowd, including my self. As I shifted

around, I noticed on the floor, was a pair of yellow footprints, with tiny wavy

lines across the prints. It looked like a copy of a sole of a shoe. That

whatever pattern in the shoe, was painted on the floor. Very odd.

"I'm here to show you a new technology in incarceration technology. There will

never be any more prison overcrowding." I admit I kinda gasped and chuckled.

What was she talking about. "I have discovered a way to help 'reduce' costs in

keeping people in prisons. Instead of trying to show you with words, I will show

you with actions. Gentlemen, please say right where you are." She took a few

steps back away from the table.

"Computer. Target area table. Factor One Oscar Twelve. Energize." There was a

flash a light in the room, and I jammed my shut to keep it from blinding me.

When I opened them, things were different. I could see Ms. Carson, but she

looked different. It was as if I was suddenly far away from her. Then I noticed

the yellow pattern surrounding the table. It was the same one I noticed earlier

but it was larger now.

Then I realized, I think at the same time the others did, we were much, much

smaller. Ms. Carson's now enormous foot thumped to the ground, and I realized

that such a foot could easily hurt me. I and a few others started to hide under

the table. My heart was thumping, and I couldn't find my breath. I also realized

I was terribly horny, and I could not stop looking at her gigantic shoes and


She stopped a good distance away from the table. "Gentlemen. I won't hurt you. I

only wanted to show you what I can do, and wanted to skip any unneccessary

arguments. In answer to your unvoiced questions, yes I have shrunk you. To about

1/12th your regular size. In other words you are all about 5 to 6 inches tall."

Several of us including me, came out from under the table. "You see, gentlemen,

I have discovered a way to shrink a man, not a woman, to a very small size.

Imagine a full prison of inmates, all 6 inches high? Not so hard to take care of

them now is it?" One of my companions, spoke up. "How small can you make them?"

"Very good question, Mr. Sparks. Let me show you. Computer. Desk area. Factor

November One Thirty Two. Energize." The light flashed again, and this time Ms.

Carson disappeared. I could a see thick yellow line about 4 or 5 feet from me.

This time Ms. Carson's voice sounded like thunder. "Gentlemen, please proceed to

a yellow area. That is a safety zone. If you stand there, nothing will happen. I

slowly made my way over to the yellow line. I was perhaps 50 feet wide. I stood

there waiting. All the others made there way to the same zone I was standing in.

I wondered briefly, if this had something to do with the yellow tread pattern I

saw on the floor before.

"Now. Do not move. You will see something above your heads in a moment. Do not

move." I looked up along with the others. I instantly realized what I was

looking at. Karla's shoe, was about to tread upon us. The bitch was going to

kill us! Before I could move, the black mass slammed down. I hunched down,

fearing I was about to be stepped on. When I felt nothing happened, I stood up

and looked around. It didn't appear any different, but I knew I was small enough

to fit under this woman's shoe. I was rapt with fear, and awe, and was somehow

hornier than ever. That a woman had this much power of me, was ecstatic.

She spoke again, but this time the voice was muffled, but it was still loud

enough to be heard by our miniscule ears. "You gentlemen are now under the sole

of my left shoe. You are completely unharmed because of the gaps in the rubber

sole. The ridges of rubber are around 1/16th of an inch apart, and you gentlemen

are approximately, the size of a grain of sand, or 1/132nd of an inch. The

smallest particle that can be seen by the human eye. Imagine gentlemen, a prison

the size of a dime, with a few hundred thousand inmates, each no bigger than a

grain of sand. If I am the guard, I appear to be a woman about 9 miles tall. I

think a 9 mile tall woman could keep tabs on a few grains of sand, don't you?"

The mass disappeared, then relocated itself, several feet from our position. The

table and chairs were splinters. "Look up, and see a 9 mile tall woman,

gentlemen. I assure you, the prospect of facing such, would be a, pardon the

pun, enormous deterrent to escape." I tried to look up, and couldn't see past

the platform soles of her shoe. "This shoe has a 2 inch platform, atop which my

toes sit. You probably can't see my feet from your position. The sole alone to

you gentlemen is over 1500 feet tall. About 1/3rd of a mile. A pretty daunting

wall, wouldn't you say?"

We sat in complete terror and awe for several minutes. All the while Karla

walked around us. I was completely paralyzed. Something so immense moving around

so easily. We were also so vulnerable. She could easily stomp us into oblivion,

by simply not placing her enormous sandal in the exact position of the pattern.

We'd be taken out by a footstep! After what seemed like an eternity she stopped.

"Computer. Fox Peter target area. One Oscar Sixteen." A flash again.

"You gentlemen are now 1/16th of an inch tall. Small enough to be seen easily

and tall enough to hear me without my voice sounding like thunder. I can also

hear you pretty well, so long as you don't all speak at once. So, now I'm sure

you'd all like to know what I asked you here for. In short I need money. I had

enough to build my device, but I need to make a portable model. For that I will

need lots and lots of money. I would like to engender you to back me. Of course

you probably think you are hardly in a poisition to disagree. After all at

1/16th of an inch, you probably think I would squash you like a bug if you

choose not to support me. I assure you gentlemen, I do not want that. I want

your help."

One of my peers chose to speak at that time. "Big talk from someone 9 miles

tall. Make us normal again!" "Very well. Computer. Fox Peter target area. Null."

The same flash, and this time Karla Carson appeared as she did when the meeting

began. "I will let you leave now gentlemen. You know how to contact me if you

want to consider assisting me. You've seen what it can do. Let your imaginations

wander, and I assure you we can become quite wealthy." She left the room,

quickly, but not in a rush. I think she might have been afraid of repercussions

from the others.

The men slowly filed out. I remained. When they had all gone, the door shut, and

I stood mute. All I could think about was the enormous foot I had seen. It had

stood over me, and could have killed me. I still could not move. Karla Carson

returned to the room. "Something you wish to discuss Mr. Kay?" "Uhhh…yes. Could

you do that again?" "What? Shrink you?" "Yes. Shrink me." "Certainly. The

machine uses very little energy. It doesn't require a long time between uses.

Why?" "I can't help it, but the thought of being a tiny man, helpless before a

giant woman, I find it terribly exciting!" "You mean sexually?" "YES!" "Tell me,

Mr. Kay, are you a foot fetishist?" "Uhh…" "I think that is a yes." "Well kind

of, I guess." She smiled with a grin that I could only call wild. "Computer.

Target male. One Oscar Sixteen." A flash again, and I was standing before the

mammoth wall of leather that was her right sandal.

I looked up, and up, and up. I could not even see past her mountainous breasts.

"Well, Mr. Kay. How does it feel to be a speck? An insect. A mere bug. I confess

I like the feeling of tiny men at my feet, Mr. Kay. It gives me a wonderful

feeling of power. You can't even begin to guess how much I wanted to twist my

ankle and turn all of you into very tiny red smudges." I got instantly hard. Her

voice sounded angry and yet amused at the same time. "Tell me, bug, how can you,

at 1/16th of an inch tall, do anything for me? I should crush you, and put you

out of my misery." It was like she was reading my mind. Her foot tilted up, and

all I could see was a field of black. The shadow of the sole loomed over me. It

slowly began to lower. "How do you feel now Mr. Kay? I can crush the life out of

you, by simply lowering my sandal over you. It would take less effort to crush

an ant. You aren't even worth the effort! My tiniest movements can destroy you."

The mass overhead moved, and thumped down next to me. I jumped. "Climb it. Climb

up the sole, and stand before my toes, you puny thing! Else I will crush you

where you stand."

I scrambled to the sole. When I could touch it, I saw that it was very tiny

layers. I should be able to climb it easily. Only thing was it was 2 inches

tall, compared to my 1/16th. That made it nearly 200 feet tall. However, the

alternative propelled me to climb. It was easy! I made it up in probably less

than a minute. I now stood on the sole of her sandal, staring at 5 incredibly

large toes. Her pedicured nails gleamed. "Like what you see Mr. Kay? My big toe

probably looks to be 90 feet tall, doesn't it? Tell me, you @#%$ insect, how

easy do you think it would be to give me a pedicure, when you're 1/16th the

height of my big toe? Do you think you could handle the polish brush? Nope. You

are @#%$ useless! A piece of lint is bigger than you! You should thank me for

sparing your useless life! Kiss my feet, you tiny @#%$! Kiss my toes, and show

me how grateful you are to me for sparing you!"

I ran to the enormous digits. I slowly reached out and touched her middle toe.

It felt warm. "Kiss it, you microscopic piece of @#%$, before I squash you!" I

practically slammed my head into the warm flesh, and kissed it for all I was

worth. "Much better, maggot. Now, I want to show you something. You like big

toes? You like being a tiny insignificant bug before me? Well, get ready to get

really small!" I saw a mass headed down towards me. "This is my portable

shrinking device. However, it's the only one I have. I need money to

mass-produce it. Oh, don't worry, it can't shrink you smaller than a grain of

sand." Flash! I was now standing before the biggest toe in the world. I could

see the ridges in the flesh. I could see I could easily fit into one of them.

Holy cow, she was huge! "Well now, speck of sand, how do you like the view now?

Hmm? It's too bad you can't see just how @#%$ insignificant you really are from

up here. How would you like to spend the rest of your life here? Living on my

sandal? A pretty boring existence wouldn't you say? Wondering when my foot would

descend from the sky, and whether it might crush you, or miss? Or better yet,

spending eternity on my toenail, keeping it polished to a perfect shine, all the

rest of your days? Your puny life spent in toil, just to keep my toes pedicured?

How does that appeal to you, you speck! Or perhaps I take you into a shoe store,

and drop you in a knee high boot, there to starve, or pray someone, anyone,

crushes you before go insane from hunger. Get off my shoe, you disgust me!" With

that she tipped up her shoe, and I sailed down to the floor.

The sky darkened again, and I feared this was the end. The sky flashed again,

and this time, I was much bigger. "Did you enjoy that, Mr. Kay? I've enlarged

you to 1/4" to show you one more thing. I discovered the applications for

criminal justice quite accidentally. After finally perfecting my portable

device, I took it home to do some "out in the field" testing. Due to a bizarre

set of circumstances, I got myself accosted, and nearly raped. Well, the

would-be rapists are nothing but stains on the soles of a different pair of

sandals now. However, I've been going back to that area now and again, and

collecting a few 'volunteers', shall we say. Most tried to rape some other girl,

or me. Needless to say they aren't doing that anymore. What I want to show you

Mr. Kay, is how I also plan to revolutionize executions. Imagine no need for

expensive drugs, or electric chairs. Instead their victims will execute the

criminals. However the victim decides. Watch and see, Mr. Kay."

She hunched down and reached into her pocket. She took out what looked to be a

small Lucite box. Three tiny men were within it. Smaller than I was, but perhaps

only half as tall, and they appeared to be quite unsavory. Typical gang members

with the unshaven look, and torn denim. Ms Carson, slowly opened the box, and

picked one up, by pinching him with her long fingernails. She appeared to be

holding him quite gingerly, as if she didn't want to hurt him. He was screaming

at the top of his lungs, yelling something about "don't do this to me", and

"dear god help me". Obviously he had witnessed before what was about to happen

to him. She placed him on the ground, and then slowly put her foot, atop him

pinning him beneath the front of her right shoe. She then stood up to her full

height, careful not to let any undo weight fall on her right foot. "Now Mr. Kay,

this thing, along with 2 others, tried to rape me 3 nights ago. I say he

deserves to die. I will now execute punishment." With that she slowly,

carefully, and deliberately pressed down with her toes. I could the man's face

flush with the increased pressure. He screamed louder, then with an audible pop,

his upper body exploded with a shower of blood and gore. She however kept

pressing down with those enormous sexy toes, until the lower half of his body

was red mush. She scrunched her foot forward a tiny bit, and ground the rest of

the remains into gooey paste.

"Well that was extraordinarily pleasing." She said. "Now for the next one." This

time she took the victim out of the box before squatting. When she came down she

set one huge fingernail before me. "Climb in, and I'll give you a quick lift. I

did so, and she planted me on her shoes left sole. I watched as she slowly

inserted the tiny man in between her 2nd and middle toes. The mass of the flesh

was enough to keep him neatly pinned, wedged between both neatly pedicured

digits. "How does it feel little man? You wanted to have power over me. Now I

have power over you. I will show you a small example of my power." I saw her

toes begin to slightly flex, and the victim began to scream again. I approached

closer to her magnificent foot. I hear tiny snaps, which had to be his bones

breaking. My god! A simply flexing motion of her toes could break a man's bones!

Her power was indeed impressive. She continued this flexing, and the man's

screaming eventually faded as his passed out. She continued to squeeze, and

blood began to vomit forth from his mouth. Then I think his torso ruptured,

because red began to seep in around him, and cover her toe flesh. She then

relaxed her toehold, and what remained looked more like pulped meat, than human.

Only the face identified it as such. She relaxed her gargantuan toes completely,

and the remains fell to the sole of the sandal. She then tipped her heel up, and

the corpse and myself tumbled to the ground. I saw her carefully and

deliberately place her sole on top the corpse, and flatten the rest. His head

crunching wetly, like that of an egg. She slid her toes backwards, away from me,

turning anything left into a red smear on the floor.

I looked up at her again. She was drunk with power. She was a goddess, able to

extinguish life, by simply stepping on it. If it displeased her, it was easily

shrunk and removed. As easy as sliding on her sandals, or flexing her toes.

Nothing could stop her, if she was careful. Anyone in her way, would never be

found. After all, who looks for corpses the size of a grain of sand? Blood

traces? They would be so small, even if they were seen, they would be easily

explained. My dick wanted to explode! Somehow though, the fear of what she might

to do me, for witnessing these acts, kept my lust in check.

"Well, now Mr. Kay? What shall I do with the last one? Cut him in half with my

fingernails? Shrink him to a grain of sand, and let him fend for himself? Or

something else? How would you like to see him die, Mr. Kay? Tell me, and if it's

reasonable, I'll do it. Just to show you I can be trusted." I gulped, and

thought about it. I figured she might be having me tell her exactly how to kill

me, but I also guessed that if I didn't say something, she'd get angry, and

decide I might be her next diversion.

"Uhh... Drop him in your sandal, and then slide your foot in it. Crush him under

the ball of your foot inside your shoe." "Interesting. Let's try that." She

squatted down, unstrapped the ankle strap, and slipped off her sandal. She took

it up beyond by ability to see. I heard say "Like your new home little man? It's

pretty big and spacious don't you think? Well, you will have one roomie. My

foot, and it likes lots of space. Hope you don't find it too cramped! I saw

place the sandal back on the floor, and watched her toes slide into it. I

couldn't see the victim, but figured he was a dead man real soon. She squatted

down, and strapped it on her ankle, still managing to keep her full weight from

pushing on the man yet. "You know Mr. Kay? I think I have something in my shoe?

I can feel it tickling the bottom of my foot. Well, since I'm too lazy to take

it out, I'll just have to crush it." She lifter her foot high in the air, and it

slammed into the ground only a few feet from me. The air rushed out and knocked

me over. "Ooo! He crunched really nice. That certainly felt good. What shall we

do next Mr. Kay?"

I gulped hard. I was standing at the feet of a living goddess. Quickly doing the

math in my head, I could see she was almost 1500 feet tall. I also realized, I

liked being small. I wanted to inspect her pedicure at the "grain of sand" size,

and spend every day, kissing her enormous feet. I realized if she said so, I

would spend the rest of my days keeping a single toenail polished, and praying

to her, worshipping her. I wanted to be her slave, if only she would keep me at

her feet. I also knew there were others like me. I visited the boards, and

downloaded the movies. There were hundreds like me. Not many, but enough. Many

would give everything they own to trade places with me this very second. Many

like me, willing to spend the rest of their lives, no bigger than a grain of

sand, at the feet of a goddess. "Ms Carson. I think we should talk."

Giantess Stories: A story

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