Giantess Stories: A Tiny Accident

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A Tiny Accident 

This story contains adult content and should not be viewed by anyone under

the age of 18 or the stated limit of whichever country you live in i.e. some

places have a minimum age of 21 for adult explicit content. If you are under

the age set by the laws of your country, please stop reading. Also this story

contains GTS and SW themes, so if you are not in to this or offended by it

please stop reading.

Part 1

The explosion knocked John Williams off his feet and onto the floor. He

gasped in pain as he felt his back hit the ground. Winded slightly he sat up

and looked around. The lab was in complete disarray. He looked over at his

wife who was also lying on the floor gasping for breath. Getting up he went

over to her.

"Beth, are you all right" he said leaning down.

She looked up and nodded.

"Yes dear, but I think we need to be a little more careful with the

equipment next time."

He nodded. No doubt about that. The lab wasn't destroyed, but a lot of the

delicate equipment in it was damaged, some of it beyond repair. He sighed.

Well at least their grant would allow them to continue, and the insurance

should cover the damage. But it would set them back a considerable time until

they could replace the equipment.

He and his wife worked for the government from their home and had two labs

in the basement of their house. They had been working on methods for reducing

atomic density. The idea was to make things lighter, but without altering

anything else. Image being able to pick up a steel girder and walk around with

it on your shoulder. No more need for heavy moving equipment. There were so

many potential applications for this type of technology, that the mind

boggled. Of course, they would also need to be able to return an object back

to its original density as well. After all, if you built a ship that was so

light, it wouldn't be sea worthy. It would be tossed around like a paper ship.

So far, they had had no real success with the project, but it was still early


John helped his wife to her feet and they both dusted themselves off.

Grimly they began to clear the mess up. It took them about an hour to decide

what was broken and what wasn't, remove it and clean up all the broken pieces

lying around. They decided that was enough for today, and went upstairs, John

having made a note of the broken equipment got on the phone and ordered some

new equipment, whilst Beth went to take a shower. He then joined her. John

undressed and climbed into the shower with her, helping her to clean the mess

off her body. She did the same for him. His wife was in her early forties, but

still a good looking woman. She was 5ft 6' tall, with brown hair and lovely

green eyes. She had a lovely curvy body. Her breasts were not huge, but well

formed. Since she went to the gym regularly, she also kept her shape. Chris

was 6ft tall and also in his early forties. He was also in fairly good shape.

At least he liked to think so. Beth had no complaints, so neither did he. They

had met when he was 21 at University. They had gotten married shortly after.

It had been love at first sight for both of them. They had still been at

University when they had gotten married and a few years later Beth had given

birth to Tiffany, their now 18 year old daughter.

Cleaning his lovely wife's body in the shower lead to him gently kissing

her and things quickly lead to the obvious conclusion. They were lying in bed

about a hour later when they remembered that Tiffany would be back soon. She

was at college now, but with the summer holidays now started, she was back

with them for a while. Tiffany was driving back and should be there in the

next hour or so. They snuggled in for a little longer, before getting up and

getting dressed.

They were downstairs in the kitchen when they heard Tiffany return. They

both went out to greet her and help her unload her car of her things. John

spent the next hour or so, helping Tiffany get her things into her room. The

three of them then spent the rest of the day catching up.

John and Beth woke early the next day and spent the morning in the other

lab, working on trying to find out what had caused yesterdays explosion. They

had no luck. Neither was sure what had gone wrong. They didn't want to repeat

the experiment, as this could destroy more expensive equipment. It would take

time they realized to slowly analyze all the data and figure out what went

wrong. They retired upstairs at lunch time, when Tiffany called down to the

lab to say she had made them lunch. In the kitchen as they ate, John stood

next to his daughter and he realized something. She seemed taller. He looked

at her feet and saw that she wasn't wearing any shoes, so she had defiantly

grown in the last few months. He smiled to himself, hoping she didn't grow to

much more. A whole new wardrobe for an 18 year old girl would be EXPENSIVE!

Tiffany was a lovely young woman. She was slightly taller than her mother

at 5ft 8' tall. She had lovely brown hair like her mother, but had her fathers

brown eyes. She was much thinner than her mother, but had kept her looks. She

was a slimmer, and younger version of her mother John had noted on occasions.

Beth and John both went back to the lab after lunch to continue to work on

the analysis. Tiffany told them she was going to visit a friend and would be

back for dinner. They said good bye and carried on working. They had been

working for little while when John mentioned Tiffany's height to Beth.

"Yes, I noticed that as well" Beth said. " She seems to have grown an inch

or so. I thought she had stopped growing at 17."

"Obviously not." John said

"So long as she doesn't grown any more" Beth said. "I'd hate to think what

new clothes would cost for her now".

John laughed as she said that, and told her he had the same thought


Beth grinned at that and they continued to work.

It was late when they emerged from the lab and Beth began to make dinner.

Tiffany returned a short while later. She had been to Claire's house she told

them. Claire was a friend from college, who lived nearby.

After dinner, John was helping Tiffany to wash up the dishes when he

glanced at her and realized that she seemed to be slightly taller. She was

wearing shoes he realized.

He didn't say anything about it, since teenagers were so caught up about

their bodies. He decided to leave it for now.

Several days passed and life settled down again. Beth and John got used to

Tiffany being around again. She on the other hand began to enjoy her holiday

time. Tiffany went out a lot, especially with friends she had in the area that

she hadn't seen since going to college. She didn't have a boyfriend at the

moment, and wasn't really looking for a steady one.

That night at dinner Johh decided to mention her slight height gain to

Tiffany. What he hadn ‘t notice, nor had his wife, was that there clothes were

actually slightly looser.

"I haven't grown dad" she responded.

"I think you have Tiffany. Both your mum and I noticed it the other day

when you came home. You've gained at least an inch in height." John said. Beth

nodded as well.

"Are you sure?" Tiffany said. " I sure I haven't. Maybe you've forgotten

how tall I was because I've been away from home for so long. Here, get a

measuring tape and measure me" she said.

Beth got up and went to the side board to get it.

"Take your shoes of Tiff and stand by the wall" Beth said.

Tiffany did so and Beth measured her height.

"Well" Tiffany asked.

"5ft 8'" Her mother said.

"See I told you. You've just forgotten how tall I looked, that's all. Gosh

I should be offended" she said with a grin. Beth and John shrugged and grinned


A couple of days passed. Neither Beth or John notice the change in size of

their clothes. They unconsciously shifted the now slightly looser clothes as

they went about their daily business.

Part 2

Beth was in the lab when John came down stairs in the morning. She was

analyzing some materials that had been in the explosion, attempting to discern

if they had been affected by the accident. She glanced up as John entered.

"Come and have a look at this John" she said.

He came over to her and handed her a cup of coffee he had just made.

He took the notes she was examining in one hand, drinking his coffee in the

other reading it as he drank. Beth had kept some of the materials from the

accident and had been running tests on them to see if she could determine what

had happened in the explosion and if these materials had been affected at all.

As he read the report he did a double take when he got to the point which

detailed density and mass. He looked at his wife in surprise.

"There lighter than they were" he said his heart beating faster. Had they

actually succeeded in a small way he wondered.

"Yes they are John, but keep reading, there's more that has me a little

worried" Beth said.

He continued to read, scanning the data that her tests had shown. He didn't

see it at first because he hadn't expected to see anything like. Then he saw


"The dimensions of those objects has altered" he said looking at his wife

with a puzzled look.

"No John they haven't. Those objects are exactly the same as they were when

I measured them. What they are is slightly smaller." she said

He looked at her still puzzled. "Come again" he said

"Those objects are the same in every way, except they are lighter. The

reason they are lighter is that they are smaller." She said

"That's not possible" John said. "You must have measured them wrong when

you started."

"No John, I didn't. Maybe I could have miss measured one or two items, but

not all. They have all reduced in size by the same amount, 2.01% to be exact."

she said

"No that's not possible dear. The explosion must have done something to the

mass and density causing them to contract or something. They only look like

they've shrunk a bit." he said in a very convincing tone.

"I'm not sure darling" Beth said.

"I am" he said. "There must be another explanation for their changes. You

can't shrink things, that's theoretically impossible."

"Well there's a couple of simple test that I want to carry out just to make

sure" Beth said. She got up and pointed at a set of scales by the desk.

"Take your shoes off John and stand on it please" she said

He looked at her puzzled.

"We were in the explosion to dear" she said. "If these objects have been

effected, we may have been as well."

Realization hit him and he saw his wife's logic. He did as he was asked and

when he stood on it, he saw as it settled down that the needle showed that he

was slightly lighter than he had been the last time he weighed himself. He

felt a little nervous now.

"I've lost weight" he said and Beth nodded.

"So have I. I needed to check your weight as well, because for all I knew I

had just lost the weight naturally. There's always the chance that we both

have anyway and it's not related to the accident, but let me just see what

percentage you've lost." she said.

Beth quickly worked out that John had indeed lost around 2% of his weight.

She looked up at her husband.

"I don't believe in coincidences" she said. "I've also lost the same amount

as you relatively."

They looked at each other, and they could both see that the other was now

more than a little concerned about this. What had they experiment done to


"Now I want to measure your height John" Beth said. John nodded. He still

didn't believe that he had actually shrunk in the explosion, but if he was

slightly smaller than before, then he had definitely been affected by the


He stood against a wall as his wife measured him with a measuring tape. She

glanced at it and then looked at him.

"5ft 10' John. You are shorter." she said. He looked at her nervously and

down at the tape.

"That's just not possible" he said quietly.

"Now measure me" she said. He nodded and held the measuring tape to his

wife. When he looked back at her, she saw in his eyes that she had also gotten


"Your 5ft 4' tall Beth." he said.

"2 inches. Were both two inches shorter that we were" she said, a feeling

of dread creeping into her stomach.

"What did we do?" was all John could say as he sat down by the desk. "And

how do we correct it?"

They sat in silence by the desk for sometime pondering this.

"You know, when Tiff came home that day and we thought she was taller, she

wasn't. It was us that was shorter" John said. Beth nodded.

"I still don't think we've actually shrunk in that sense of the word. The

experiment must have done something to our atomic, or molecular structure that

resulted in us condensing or something." John said.

"How do you explain the weight loss then?" Beth asked.

"Maybe we partially succeeded" John said. "We are lighter because the

experiment worked".

"You may be right, but we shouldn't have been altered in any other way."

Beth responded.

John nodded in agreement. "This is going to take some working out Beth. We

should continue to monitor these objects and ourselves to see if there are any

other changes that we haven't seen yet".

Beth nodded in agreement. She looked at her husband.

"John, until we can say for certain what happened here, I think we

shouldn't tell Tiffany anything. We don't want to frighten her". She said.

John nodded in agreement.

"Lets get to work on this. I'm sure we can figure it out" John said.

They spent the remainder of the day working on the problem to no avail.

They didn't mention anything to Tiffany that night and she didn't seem to

notice any change in her parents height. She did notice that they were both

quieter than normal and seemed concerned over something, but since they were

always working on projects she put their concerns down to that and didn't say


Beth and John cuddled up in bed that night and lay there quietly running

through what they had discovered that day, and how their attempts to solve it

had worked out. They fell asleep almost at the same time. Neither slept well

that night.

They got up early and resumed their tests of the objects. This was when

they got their next shock.

The items were smaller that they had been the day before.

John and Beth looked at each other in shock. Quickly they weighed each

other and compared their heights to yesterdays results.

They sat in stunned silence for a bit as they recorded the results.

"I'm 5ft8 and a half" John said in to the silence. They were both smaller.

Beth was 5ft 3' tall now.

"We are getting smaller aren't we" he said to his wife.

She could only nod wordlessly. "We need to solve this and soon. Tiffany

will begin to notice this sooner or later".

John nodded. But where to start he thought. They still had no idea of what

had caused this to happen, much less stop it.

"How much smaller do you think we could get Beth." he asked her. She


"I don't know. We really need to know what's happening to the structure of

our bodies. Maybe the atomic structure has been altered and that causing this.

That's more your field of expertise". she said looking at him.

He nodded "OK, lets run some tests then. The problem is that this could

take days to do that. If we continue to shrink at the rate we are, Tiffany

will definitely notice".

Beth could only agree. "Lets give it a day or two and then compare notes.

If were still getting smaller, then we may very well have to tell Tiffany."

"What about some of our colleagues" John asked. His wife paused for a

second and then shook her head.

"You know what will happen if we do that. They'll make us test subjects for

experimentation, just to figure this out." she said. John slowly nodded. He

had thought the same thing.

"OK, lets keep this in the family for now. But if we cannot solve this

problem soon, we may have no choice eventually".

They both nodded and continued to work on solving their little problem. As

they worked they tried to speculate on what they would do if they really

became very small. Neither liked that prospect very much.

John spent the day setting up the delicate equipment he needed to measure

the molecular and atomic structures of the objects and themselves. They also

brought down the clothes and other items they had been wearing and checked

them. They had also gotten smaller. By the end of the day, an exhausted John

came upstairs to find his daughter making dinner.

"Hi Tiff " he said.

"Hi dad" she responded not looking round as she concentrated on the food.

"How was your day" he asked

"OK, Claire and I went out with a few friends to the shops today. I bought

a new pair of shoes and a dress and some other things.. Do you like them", she

responded showing him the new shoes she wore.

"Oh nice" he responded. They continued to natter away about small things as

she prepared the food. John couldn't help but notice that in those new shoes,

Tiffany was actually taller than him now. He gulped a little as he realized

this. If he got any smaller, she would soon be towering over him. Beth joined

them as they were dishing up.

Tiffany glanced at her parents and for the first time noticed that she

seemed a bit taller than they were. It must be the new shoes she thought and

because she was busy preparing the food, she didn't actually register the fact

that she was taller than her father now. Dinner and the evening went by

uneventfully for John and Beth. Tiffany went out again with her friends and

they were asleep when she got back.

They woke the next morning and the first thing they did was to check their

height and weight. John got off the scales with a sickening feeling. He had

shrunk again over night. He was now 5ft 6' tall, the same height as Beth had

been. He had shrunk a whole 2 1/2 inches. He was now smaller than his

daughter. Beth however hadn't shrunk at all to her relief.

"That's odd" she mused as they pondered this. "Lets check the other items

in the lab". They went downstairs quietly, not wanting to wake Tiffany. John

felt a little odd in his clothes as they were feeling baggy on him now. He

decided that he would put on the clothes he had worn during the experiment, as

they would at least fit him.

Beth quickly measured the items in the lab and discovered that they had all

shrunk a little more.

John had, by now given up on the idea that he wasn't shrinking and

something else was happening to him. He now believed that he was shrinking,

and he didn't like that one bit.

"I wonder why I didn't shrink" Beth mused.

"I think I have an idea" John said. "but I want to run a few tests first."

John instructed Beth on what he wanted to do, and proceeded with the tests

he had set up the night before. It took them a couple of hours to carry out

and get the results. John looked over the results when he got them.

"Yep, as I thought." he said.

"Well?" Beth said

"There was an odd radiation marker in some of the tests that you and I

carried out over the last few days. Those tests now have just confirmed that

definitely for me. I was beginning to wonder if it may have had something to

do with our problem. And the reason you didn't shrink today may have something

to do with it as well." he said and paused. " You see, you were shielded

partially from the blast by me. You didn't get exposed as much as I did." he


Beth took the results from him and looked them over. She saw immediately

what he was saying.

"So you got a bigger dose. That means that your going to shrink more than

me." she said.

He nodded. " At a guess, by the end of the week, you will probably be

taller than me dear." he said. Beth took this in quietly.

"But how did it shrink us in the first place" she asked.

"That I will have to work on. I also don't think its the only reason we are

shrinking. I think it may have just been the catalyst that set it off. I need

to do some more work on this, but we may have a starting point to solving

this." he said

Just then they heard the door to the lab open.

"Is it OK to come down" Tiffany called down.

"Yes dear" Beth said indicating to John that they should both sit down.

"She may not notice the height difference if were sitting down" she

whispered to John. He quickly sat down next to her.

Tiffany came down the stairs.

"I've brought you both some coffee" she said handing them the mugs in her


"Thanks Tiff" John said.

"Umm, I was planning on staying over at Claire's this weekend if you don't

mind" she said to them. " I'll be back sometime on Sunday evening".

John and Beth looked at each other. This was good news. This would allow

them a chance to get somewhere with their research and possibly stop it before

Tiffany noticed.

"OK with us dear" Beth said. "Just let us know when you go, OK".

"Sure, see you later then" Tiffany said and went back upstairs. She called

down a short while later to tell them she was off.

John and Beth continued to work on the radiation analysis all day. By the

end of the day they had made some progress. John was sure that the radiation

was the key to stopping the shrinking. When he tested them both, he found that

they both had a fair dose of this odd radiation in them. The objects also

showed signs of radiation. What he needed to do was purge the radiation. He

was just not sure how to do it, or if it were possible to do so.

In an attempt to solve it, he called several colleagues he knew, and

without telling them exactly what was going on, outlined his problem. He had

some objects that had been irradiated and he wanted to remove the radiation.

One of them thought he knew a means of removing this type of radiation. He had

some equipment that might work and was willing to send it to him. The problem

was that they were using it at the moment. He could have it in 10 days time.

John agreed to this and asked him to send the equipment.

With dread he told Beth this.

"10 days!"she said " Just how small will we be by then? Unless we can come

up with another way to deal with this, were going to have to tell Tiffany

about this. In 10 days time, if things stay the same, your going to be 3ft6'

or smaller and I don't know how small I'll be."

"If this continues as it has, I think I'll be lucky to be that 3ft tall

Beth. In fact if I'm right, I will probably be around 10 inches tall." John


"What!" Beth screamed.

"Look at the figures" John said. "The first few day I shrunk about an inch

as the effect started.. The next was almost the same, but I think, it was just

over an inch. The next, I shrunk nearly 1 1/2 inches. Today was 2 1/2inches.

The amount I shrink is increasing. Tomorrow, I think you'll find that I'm

going to probably shrink around 3 inches, maybe more. The next day maybe 4-5

inches, and so on."

Beth took this in shock.

"But, If I'm right" he continued, "the process will start to slow down. The

half life of this radiation isn't that long. As it reduces, so will the

effects, I think. After that we will shrink slower. If were lucky, the effects

may stop altogether soon after, as the half life reduces the potency of the


"But 10 inches tall. My god, by the time it all stops you could be

microscopic John." she said angrily.

He nodded wearily. "I know. I really don't like the idea, but until I can

think of a way to stop this entirely, there's not much we can do."

"Why don't we go and see this friend of yours now and get him to de radiate

us." Beth said

"Well. he lives half way around the world dear, and secondly, do you want

him to find out about this. I don't. He may work with us now and again, but I

don't trust him one bit." John said. "Besides, I think there's a way to

reverse the effects of this."

Beth looked at him in surprise. "Well, don't keep me in the dark" she


"We need to find another radiation level, or type that will counteract the

effects of the first radiation. This should reverse the process. Problem is I

don't know what that it yet".

Part 3

The next morning as John had predicted, he had shrunk just over 3 inches.

He was now 5ft 3' tall. Beth had also shrunk a little as well. However, she

had only shrunk another inch and was 5ft 2' tall now. It felt strange to John

that he was now almost eye to eye with his wife. He was so used to just having

to stare down at her. By tommorrow he realised, he would probably be staring

up at her. In the next few days, he would be much smaller than her. He took

this in as calmly as possible. He wasn't really sure how he would feel to be

smaller than her. And Tiffany! Well she was almost 5 inches taller than him

now! By the time she returned home on Sunday, he would probably be level with

her chest. That was an even more daunting thought than being smaller than


Beth on the other hand was also trying to come to terms with the fact that

she would soon be taller than John. Strangly the prospect of this didn't

actually bother her. In fact she kind of like the idea. If only she wasn't

shrinking as well she thought, it might be kind of nice to be the tall one in

the family. She began to wonder what it might be like to have John the size of

a small child compared to her. She suddenly became aware that she was getting

a little turned on. The thought of being bigger that John was turning her on.

She suddenly felt guilty about that and tried to think of other things.

However, as the day progressed and they worked on trying to find a radiation

to conteract the effects of the shrinking, her mind constantly returned to the

idea of actually being bigger than John. Feeling guilty or not, the idea did

turn her on. Although she couldn't think why. Hell, if he was much smaller

than her, how would they make love?

John and Beth spent that day researching different forms of radiation and

their effects. They were both very intelligent people, so they had grapsed

more than just the basics by the evening.

Beth was feeling very amorous by the time they got to bed. She had been in

a state of semi arousal all day as she day dreamed over being bigger than

John. They made love. It was the first time they had done this since they

realized they were shrinking. For both of them, it was a strange experience.

For Beth, she could actually feel how much smaller John was now.

Considering she had also shrunk, the difference wasn't that much, but it was

noticable. John was smaller and he had to exert himself much more to please

her, if only slightly more. He also didn't fill her as much as he had before.

It was also strange to actually be looking into his face as he thrust into


For John, the experience was a little bit daunting. He really didn't want

to consider what their sex life would be like if they couldn't reverse the

effects of the shrinking.

John woke the next moring as the alarm clock went off. He rolled over and

looked at his wife. She looked the same as she had the night before. Lovely.

Slowly he sat up and looked at her. How much had they shrunk last night he

wondered. He got out of bed and asked her to come and stand next to him. She

did and for the first time in his life he had to look up at her. He was a

little surprised at how much taller than him she was. He was no longer eye to

eye with her. In fact he was eye to neck with her now. He had to look up to

look her in the eye. Beth couldn't believe just how small he appeared to be.

The top of his head was only as high as her mouth, if that. Quickly she got a

measuring tape and measured him. He was only 4ft 9' now! John had shrunk a

further 6 inches yesterday. She asked him to measure her and John had to reach

up to place the measureing tape at the top of her head. She hadn't shrunk

again they found. She was still 5ft 2' tall, a full 5 inches taller than him.

"Oh my god" Beth breathed as she noted this. "Your so much smaller than

me". She held up her hand and compared it to his, noting that her's were now

bigger than his. He noted the difference in size with trepidation. She was

bigger than him now, by tommorrow, that difference would be much more

noticable. Hell if she didn't shrink, he would have to look up at her breasts

not just her face!.

They day passed slowly for John and he avoided looking at his wife. She on

the other hand couldn't help but stare at him. He was kind of cute she

thought. John also began for the first time to really notice the difference in

size of all he equipment around him. Although he wasn't small enough for it to

cause him any trouble, he realized that he soon would be. He needed to find a

way to reverse the effects and soon, otherwise he may just run out of time as

he ran out of height.

He notice Beth staring at him, and finally snapped at her.

"Knock it off Beth. I know this is strange as hell for both of us, but you

staring at me is bugging the hell out of me".

Beth looked a little ashamed "Sorry dear, I just can't help it. I mean your

smaller than me!" she said. "It's so amazing. If we weren't rushing to solve

this problem this might be kind of fun. I actually kind of like being taller

than you".

John turn away from his work to look at her.

"You like being bigger than me?" he asked in surprise

"Yes", she said coming to stand next to him. " I don't know why, but I find

it kind of horny to stare down at you like his, and to think, your going to be

even smaller than me soon".

John sat there staring in surprise.

"You find this horny". he said softly. "Are you nuts Beth. I'm scared out

of my mind about this and you find it horny" he exploded at her.

"If we don't find a solution to this soon, your going to discover just what

its like to be smaller than everyone else. When Tiffany gets home tomorrow,

your going to feel how I do now. Scared!" he shouted at her. She hesitated as

he said that, realizing that she would soon have to worry about that.

"I'm sorry John" she said. "I don't know why I feel this way, but last

night when we made love, all I could think of is what it was going to be like

when I was bigger than you, that's all. I know it's strange, but me being

bigger than you did turn me on. I guess I'm so used to you being taller than

me. It's just a novelty to be taller than you that's all."

He continued to stare at her.

"Look John" she said "I'm as scared as you about what could happen. Believe

me, I don't relish the idea of being inches tall either and having everyone

tower over me, but remember I'm actually used to staring up at you guys all

day long. I'm normally shorter than most of the people we know. It's just kind

of nice to be taller than everyone else for a change that's all, OK."

He nodded as he thought he understood her.

"But you found it sexually exciting to be taller than me?" he asked looking

at her curiously.

"Yes, I did. It's nice to be the one in charge for a change. Look, sorry we

brought it up, OK. Lets get back to work and I'll stop staring" She said.

John nodded slowly and turned back to his work.

He mulled over what she had just said. She liked being bigger than him. OK,

he thought, I can understand that. Hell it might be nice to be a little

smaller than her, but not by as much as he was going to be. But as she gets

bigger, all her aspects would as well. He grinned to himself as he thought of

that. God her breasts would be huge to him. So OK, being smaller than her had

some advantages, but it still didn't alleviate his concerns about being


The next day however brought home just how it would feel to be a lot

smaller than her. When he woke he found that he had shrunk considerably since

Saturday. He was now 4ft 2' and had shrunk a further 7 inches on Saturday.

Beth for her part had also shrunk and was now exactly 5ft tall. That still

meant that she was now 10 inches taller than him. John found himself staring

at the top of her breasts now. He had been right yesterday, they were much

bigger to him now. To look him in the face, Beth found that she had to crouch

down slightly. What an experience she thought. Just staring at him like this,

was turning her on again. He was naked, as neither of them wore anything in

bed. Besides, at his height, nothing fitted him anymore. She looked him in the

eye and then slowly kissed him.

John stood still as she did, feeling the lips that were now a lot bigger

than he remembered brush against his lips. She did look gorgeous, even if a

little intimidating. He still couldn't get over just how much taller she was

now to him. She was like an Amazon to him. He compared his arms to hers and

noticed that now they were slightly wider than his were. Her legs were also

large than his now. John had always felt he had a good physique, but now he

felt puny next to his wife. He still felt that he would be stronger than her,

but not by much. She wrapped her arms around him and guided him back to the

bed. Straddling him she slowly began to lower her face to his groin. She

stared to suck him off. God that felt good he thought. He lay there as she

brought him to the brink and then stopped. Smiling at him she lay down on top

of him, with her breasts in his face. Her head rested on the pillow above is

head. He could feel her greater weight as she used her hand to slowly position

his manhood to enter her. Then, raising herself up Beth slowly dropped down on

him and began to fuck him. She slowly gyrated on top of him, feeling his

smaller dick inside her. She would have to work a lot harder to please herself

she realized and began to grind away. John pushed himself up on his arms and

started to kiss her huge tits and caress then with his hands. Her nipples were

rock hard and he could actually feel the difference in size as he sucked on

them. She was as wet as she had ever been and looking down on her small

husband drove her to new heights of ecstasy. She was buck on him hard now and

needing a bit of leverage to push down harder, she pushed him on the chest,

laying John flat on the bed. She grasped his arms on each side of his head

pinning them to the bed. With her greater weight and height she found to her

surprise that she could actually pin him there. That realization turned her on

even more, as she realized the kind of power she now possessed over her

husband. John too, was also surprised at this turn of events. He knew that the

smaller he got, the stronger she would appear to him. But he was already

struggling to hold his own against her! With her sitting on him, pushing down

he had to struggle to push his arms up. He could see her grinning as he

strained against her. For some reason he became really turned on by this. They

struggled against each other as they screwed each other. His own bucking

finally brought her off and he heard her shout in joy as she orgamsed. He came

a few seconds later as her vigina walls contracted around his dick. He gently

pumped into her a little more as he spent himself. Her breath slowly returned

as she stared down at her husband. He too looked up at her in exhaustion. They

he twisted and flung her off him. Before she knew what was happening he was on

top of her, pinning her arms above her head. He had to strain to keep her

there though.

"Your not stronger than me yet dear" he whispered into her ear and kissed

her as she found he could still hold her down. She couldn't push him off her.

She grinned at him as he grinned back and the cheekily told him

"But I will be tomorrow darling". and kissed him back.

He rolled off her and they lay there for a bit.

"You enjoyed that didn't you John" she finally asked him.

He looked at her and slowly nodded his head.

"Yes I did. It was really different. I couldn't believe how much stronger

you were, and the way you screwed me was amazing." he replied

"And the way I was able to hold you down?" she asked

He paused and stared at her. " Yes that was kind of fun as well. It was

kind of nice for you to be in control. And tomorrow, well, your going to be a

lot bigger than me!" he said. "But", and he looked at his dick with regret "I

don't think I'm going to be able to please you as well soon".

"Oh, well think of something John." she said

They got up and showered and dressed. John had taken to washing and wearing

his lab clothes now, as they were the only thing that fitted him. Tiffany

would be home soon he realized and staring at his wife as she dressed brought

this up. How were they going to break it to her. They discussed it for a while

before deciding on a plan of action.

John was in the lab when Tiffany arrived home. He really didn't know how

she was going to react to seeing her parents so small. In particular him. At

4ft 2 he would only come up to the top of her chest, or the bottom of her

breasts depending on the height of her shoes.

Beth was sitting on the couch upstairs when Tiffany came in. She said hi to

her mother before racing upstairs.

"Tiffany, there's something we need to discuss" Beth called after her.

"OK mum, be down in a sec."

Beth waited until Tiffany came in and indicated that she should sit down.

Tiffany looked at her mum, and noticed that something was wrong about her

appearance. She couldn't quiet place it though.

"There's no easy way to say this Tiff" Beth said. " Your father and I had

an accident in the lab, the day you came home". Tiffany looked at her

uncertain of where this was going.

"There were some side affects that occurred". Beth continued. "Both your

father and I have been affected by the accident."

Tiffany looked at her mother in concern.

"What happened" she asked.

"You know what we were working on" Beth asked and Tiffany nodded. " Well,

the experiment exploded on us showing us both with an odd form of radiation.

It triggered something in us"

"What" Tiffany said. "You haven't got cancer or something?"

"No, nothing like that" Beth said. She struggled with how to tell her

daughter this.

"The radiation is causing us to shrink" she finally said.

Tiffany, expecting the worst burst out laughing at this.

"Your joking. Your pulling my leg" She said laughing.

"No Tiff I'm not. Stand up" Beth said. Tiffany did, still laughing at what

she thought was a joke. Beth slowly stood up as well.

As she stood next to her mother, Tiffany suddenly realized that her mother

was actually smaller. She wasn't joking at all.

"Your serious" she said staring down at her mother, the laughter dying on

her lips. "Oh my God". she collapsed back into the chair, staring at her

mother all the time.

Beth sat down as well. Slowly she told Tiffany about the explosion and how

they had been spending the last few days trying to correct the problem. She

discussed it and tried to make her daughter feel at ease about it. That wasn't

easy. Tiffany was in a state of shock by now. However, after some time she

seemed to accept it. It was time to hit Tiffany with the worst bit. She looked

at her daughter.

"Your father has been affected worse than me I'm afraid." she said

"What, how?" Tiffany said

"He's shrinking faster than me. He's now 4ft 2 inches tall. He's shrinking

fast. I suppose the best thing is for us to go down and talk to him. We need

to decide what to do." Beth said standing up.

Tiffany followed her mother downstairs silently. Her father she saw as she

entered the lab was sitting on a chair working on a computer. He was indeed a

lot smaller she saw, even from across the room. His legs barely reached the


"John, Tiffany's here. We've talked, but I think we all need to discuss

what to do about this." Beth said.

Tiffany slowly crossed the room and her father got of the chair and stood

up. Tiffany couldn't help but gasp when she finally stood next to him. The

last she remembered was having to look up at him. Now he was straining his

head to look her in the eye and she had to look down on him. He barely reach

he breasts she saw. In fact he looked like a small kid compared to her. His

arms were so thin compared to hers. She remember her mother saying he was 4ft

2. That meant she was now 14 inches taller than him. WOW.

She struggled to take in how much smaller he was. John indicated that she

should sit down. She did and found that even sitting down she was eye level

with him. This was going to take some getting used.

"Tiff, your mother has told you what is happening. Were going to need your

help in the coming days if were going to solve this". John started. "I'm not

sure if you realize this, but your mother and I are going to get considerably

smaller as time goes on."

Tiffany nodded.

"In fact, we estimate that within the next 7-8 days, I will probably drop

below 1 ft in height." John said wanting to hit her with the worst part early.

"A foot" tiffany said faintly.

"And unless we stop it soon, I will get smaller. How much smaller I don't

know. I may end up only a few inches tall".

Tiffany stared at her father speachlessly for a bit.

"You have no idea of how sureal this is" she said with a shaky laugh. Beth

and John looked at each other and said together

"Yes we do".

"But you could get so small. How is this possible" Tiffany said.

John shrugged. He was still a little intimidated by this. When he had stood

next to his daughter and actually seen how small he was compared to him, he

had felt a little scared. She was huge to him, towering head and shoulders

above him.

"We think we've found a way to stop us shrinking and are working on a way

to reverse the effects altogether. We are confidant we can reverse this

Tiffany" Beth said.

Tiffany looked at her mother. "Your sure about this?"

"Positive" Beth replied, hoping she wasn't lying.

" The probelm is that we may become to small to do anything about it as it

may take some time. We may need you to do the work for us, with us telling you

what to do." John said

Tiffany nodded. She looked at her parents.

"I need to think about this on my own, you know digest all this. I'm going

to my room." she said standing up.

"Well deal with this Tiffany" her father called after her.

Beth and John looked at each other.

"She took that fairly well I think" Beth said. John nodded slowly and then

sat down and began to work again.

Tiffany stayed in her room all day, only coming out to get some food. The

next moring she woke up, with a clear head. The information she had recieved

yesterday had been a bit over whelming, but she had come to accept it. She had

to after all. Her parents might need to rely on her. She couldn't crack up

now. How many teenagers had wanted control over their lives, to do what they

wanted without their parent's interfering. Well she would soon be in that

position and suddenly realized just how scary a proportition that was. She

suddenly realized how much of a responsibility this could be and how much she

actually relied on her parents. But saying that, it could also be a little

fun. She wondered what it would be like to be able to actually hold her

parents in her hand. If this had been her previous boyfriend she mused, she

would actually like that. She imaginged controlling and playing with her last

boyfriend, a jerk who had dumped her for a richer girl. Yes, she would have

enjoyed tormenting and teasing him. But her parents? That was going to be


She dressed and went downstairs. Her father was in the kitchen trying to

open a cupboard that was now well out of his reach. He was standing on a chair

to get a packet of cereal out she saw. She couldn't help giggling at the

sight. Her father hearing this turned and gave her a reproachful and hurt


"This isn't funny" he said. Then looking at her and his predicament, he

ammended it. and chuckled a little.

"Well ok, maybe it is a little funny." he said.

They both grinned at that. It eased the tension. He jumped off the chair

and Tiffany realized that he was even smaller than before. He only came up to

the middle of her chest now. He really looked like a small kid.

Seeing her look at him he said " I shrunk some more. I'm now 3ft 6, so I

shrunk a further 8 inches yesterday." Grabbing the chair he dragged it to the

table and hopped on. John began to make a bowl of cereal and began to eat it.

Tiffany, still looking at her small father, slowly made herself a cup of


"Has mom shrunk as well?" she asked.

"Yes" John said. "She's 4ft 10 now, which makes her as tall to me as you

were yesterday."

Tiffany nodded taking this in. She was now 10 inches taller than her mother

and 26 inches taller than her father! To John, Tiffany appeared to be almost

10 or 11ft tall. He felt intimidated by his own daugther. And he should be he

realized. Beth and he had tried a little arm wrestling earlier after they had

made love again. She had won fairly easily. Their love making had been

different today. Looking at Tiffany she was even bigger than Beth, and he

though would have no trouble overpowering him. It worried him that he could

come into contact with someone he didn't know. They could overpower him so

easily now. Even a kid, could probably beat him in an arm wrestle.

Tiffany drank her coffee slowly. They talked about mundane things for the

most part as they had breakfast. Tiffany was discussing her new clothes she

had just bought the other day when a thought entered her head.

"You know dad" she said, "I bought a pair of really high heeled shoes. If I

was wearing them, you would look even smaller. I think I would be almost twice

your height".

John nodded wordlessly.

"Would you let me see if that's true" Tiffany asked. John didn't know what

to say to this. He really didn't want to be seen as even smaller, but couldn't

really think of an excuse. Tiffany ran upstairs and returned a few moments

later with the shoes. They were black, high heeled stilettos. Tiffany quickly

slipped them on and then stood up. John slowly stood next to her. She was

right he found. He found his eye level to be just under the top of her jeans.

He gulped as he looked up at her. Tifany was staring down at him in amazement.

The heels on the shoes were 6 inches. She was twice his height. She stared at

her tiny father for a minute in silence. Then she bent down until she was eye

level with him. She could she in his eyes that he was nervous around her now.

But it also amazed her how much she liked being this much taller than someone

else. If only this was her boyfreind she mused.

"You really going to be able to stop this" she asked her father quietly.

John looked into her eyes and nodded.

"Yes Tiff, I think we can." he said. She continued to stare at him.

"God this is so cool" she breathed standing up again, so she could look

down at him.

John could see the look of wonder in her eyes. She likes this as well he

realized. Just like her mother. What was it with women. He guessed it must

have something to do with their maternal instincts. Anything his size needed

to be protected and loved he guessed. It was hardwired into the genetics. Well

he was going to have to get used to it. Still it had been kind of cool with

Beth. He had liked being smaller than her when they made love.

He finished his breakfast and asked Tiffany to clean up, as he couldn't

reach the sink anymore. She nodded. He still felt a little frustrated about

the fact that he now had trouble moving ordinary objects about. He went

downstairs and joined his wife at work. Throughout the day, he had to ask her

to move object for him or reaching things, that were now out of reach for him.

He could see that she was enjoying his predicament. When they made love this

morning, both were enjoying the unique experience their predicament had

afforded them. In bed now, his wife took control. She was so much bigger and

stronger each day than him. Their love making was different than before, and

not just because of their differences in size. There was a change in how

things went. Beth was much more dominate know. John found that he secretly

enjoyed this new side in her, and the feeling of being in her control.

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Part 4

The next few days passed in a blur for the three of them. John and Beth

continued to research different forms of radiation and test them on the

objects that had shrunk. So far they had no luck with their tests. Tiffany was

increasing called upon to help her father as he continued to dwindle. Over the

next 4 days he shrunk down to a height of 1ft 8'. It was becoming harder for

him to interact with everyday objects. Beth however shank much, much slower

and reached 4ft 6' in the same time. She now towered 2 1/2 time his height.

And Tiffany. She was now easily 3 1/2 times his height. To John she was almost

21ft tall. Beth was a mere 16ft tall Gaintess to him. John barely reached the

mid point on Beth's leg now and was well under Tiffany's knee. Normal everyday

objects towered over him. He could no longer climb easily into a chair for

instance. He had to drag himself up into the huge chair in is lab. Getting

down the stairs was also becoming a chore. He had to jump down the each of the

stairs. Climbing into bed next to his huge wife was also just as hard. He lay

there each night feeling her heavier and heavier weight pressing down on the

mattress. Lying with his head on the pillow now left his legs down near her

chest. He began to wonder how long it would be safe for him to continue

sleeping next to her. Soon he would be too small. She could accidentally roll

over and crush him! However they continued to experiment in bed each night as

they got smaller and smaller. Feeling his huge wife lying on top of him the

other day had been a little scary he realized. She was now almost heavy enough

to him to hurt him. He remembered that they had started by simply fooling

around, a little kissing and cuddling. Or rather, her arms had engulfed him in

a hug, that felt like it could squeeze the life out of him had she tried. She

had been near enough twice his height at the time. He lay on her as she hugged

him, looking up at her with a smile on his face. He had then began to suck her

nipples, gently running his tongue over them and teasing them with his teeth.

It didn't take long for them to begin to harden. John had continued to gently

kiss his huge lovely 12ft wife, gently kissing first her breasts and then

slowly making his way down towards her legs. He gently kissed all over her

chest as she lay there feeling his small body slowly slide down hers. He

finally reached her womanhood, and buried his head in between her legs, using

his tongue to gently lap at her lips. Teasing them apart with his fingers, he

then gently poked his tongue inside. He found her clitoris quickly, and began

to slowly massage it with his tongue, causing her to buck wildly after only a

few minutes. John's ministrations, along with the strange feeling of his

smaller body moving down below her had brought her to the brink much quicker

than she had expected. Much quicker than she wanted. Beth had wanted to

prolong the experience. She had clamped her larger legs around his body,

holding him in place and slowly forced his head away from her vagina. He had

struggled at first, but her superior size and strength soon paid off. Then she

had flipped him over and come up on top of him, with his lower body still

trapped in her vise like grip. John had playfully slapped her on the butt to

try and get her to release him, but she wasn't having it. His slaps did sting

a little, but at his diminutive size, they weren't that painful to her. She

grinned as she came on top, and then had suddenly released him, grabbing him

with her arms and dragging him up until he was face to face with her. He had

been surprised by that he remembered, and the ease with which she had done it.

She had then lain there resting on her elbows just off him. He remembered the

look of love and lust she had given him as she looked down on her tiny lover.

Slowly she had lowrered herself down onto him, trapping him under her body.

Her breasts had landed squarely on his face covering it completely. John had

flailed about under her. God, she was heavy he remembered thinking. At her

behest he had tried to get her off him, but his tiny attempts to dislodge her

had been in vain. She had spread her legs wide, below his, and had grabbed

hold of his arms with her hands forcing them to his side. He had been almost

powerless to stop her. She had then spent the next several minutes, teasing

him with her body, gently rubbing herself up against him, and forcing her

breasts into his face, almost smothering him.

Beth had enjoyed the power she had over John, and really enjoyed teasing

him with her body. After a few minutes, she had positioned his arms above his

head and grabbed hold of them with one of her hands, still holding him in

place, with a little difficulty. Her other hand had then been used to gently

rub herself between her legs and then slowly she slide her fingers in. She

slowly masturbated herself as she looked at her helpless husband, still

marveling at the fact that it was just her body that was holding him down.

John could do nothing, he was too exhausted from his struggle. He had lain

there, watching his wife's face as she masturbated herself. He could still

picture the look of passion, ecstasy and power that had crossed her face as

she came. He had also felt it in her body, as it had bucked on top of him. Her

heart rate had also soared as she gasped in pleasure as she came. When she had

finished she had removed her hand, and slowly rubbed his face in her juices,

before forcing her fingers into his mouth. He had lapped the sweet tasting

juices of her fingers, giving them a finger job as he cleaned them. Beth had

then rolled off him, and before he could think, had changed position so that

her feet were up above his face. She then rolled back on top of him, trapping

him underneath her again, his face trapped in between her legs right next to

her vagina. She had told him to get to work and he had not needed a second

order. He slowly began his ministrations again with his tongue. She had to

raise herself and bend down a little to accomplish it , but he then felt her

mouth beginning to work on his own private parts, her tongue gently circling

his balls and cock. He was hard in seconds. He continued to pleasure her as

she in turn pleasured him. Several time, he came to the brink, only to have

her pull away, to prevent him coming. He had pleaded with her to finish him

off, to which she ordered him to continue with her pleasure. He did so,

waiting for the next time she would stop and almost dreading it. At his size,

the suction from her mouth was much greater than any he had felt before. It

was divine. Finally she came, bucking hard and forcing her crotch into his

face. She had pressed down hard from the force of the orgasm from her vagina,

so hard that she completely covered his face and cut of his breath. She had

also increased her sucking and licking of his cock, and he came several

seconds later. Finally she had released him from her hold and they had both

lain there tired, but happy.

Beth had, over the next few days also continued to become more dominant in

bed, demanding he please her as she wanted. John also found that he continued

to enjoy this as well. They had play wrestled as well over the last few days,

but it had become an increasingly one sided match as he out shrunk his wife.

John realized something as well. He liked being smaller than his wife. He

didn't think he would like it all the time. He wanted to be his normal size

again, but now and again it might have been fun. He wished there was some way

he could control his shrinking. If there was, he and Beth could actually have

had fun with this. If they could return themselves to normal after that is.

Johns dick was now far to small to please Beth. He was fairly well endowed he

knew, but at his current size, his dick was around an inch in height. Beth

could still feel him when he tried to make love normally, but he couldn't

please her at all. He had resorted to going down on his massive wife and

pleasing her with his tongue and his hands. Over the last few days as he

shrunk, he continued to note the changes in size of his wife's attributes. At

first her ample breasts were normal sized to him, but as the days passed, they

slowly filled out, gaining in size. Now, combined they had the equivalent

weight of his whole body he thought. He loved playing with these gargantuan

tits. There was so much to play with. When she wrapped her tits around his

head, they literally engulfed his head. And her pussy was massive now. He

could literally stick his arm up inside her and use it as he would his dick.

He stimulated her this way, gently sucking her clit at the same time. Doing

this he found, he could actual

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