Giantess Stories: A Trip to Tanyas By PhilSmurf       This is my first ever story

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A Trip to Tanyas By PhilSmurf

This is my first ever story, so please forgive me for poor storylines,

grammar and the rest. Oh, and I can never be bothered typing properly.

Hope you like it anyway.

I sat around with my mates, Gary, Dave, John and Kev, drinking and

having a blokey chat. We talked about all the different girls each of

us liked, but one in particular came out an overall favourite, Tanya.

She was tall (about 5' 10"), had long dark flowing hair, a fabulous

figure, and a face so incredibly pretty. We were all quite drunk, and

Kev was going on, saying how much he'd like to see her naked. We all

thought it was highly amusing, but hey deep down, we knew he had a

point. Then Gary mentioned that film, the incredible shrinking man,

"hey Phil, how about if we all shrunk, so we were all tiny, we could

run around, getting upto mischief and she'd never know!" said Gary. I

instantly went wobbly at the very thought, my foot and shrinking

fetishes known to quite a few, but not the group of friends I was with

that night. "Too right, we could find loads of hiding places around

her house" I replied.

We continued to discuss the idea, the possibilties, the pittfalls,

and of course, the fact that it'd never happen... or would it? Of

course, some of my friends were most concerned about being stepped on,

an idea which I found pleasing, but to most other people would be a

hiddeous death. It was playing on my mind, I'd remembered speaking to

Tanya at a party when I was really really pissed. I'd noticed her

feet, which were without a doubt the sexiest I'd ever seen, and I

mentioned that it'd be nice if she stood on a strawberry pavlova

barefoot, and allowed me to lick it off. She thought it was funny, but

still quite strange.

Anyway, after some more drinking, we all decided to go home while

we could still walk, or at least attempt it.

The next day we'd planned to go the cinema, so we arrived there at

4pm, but we surprised to find some sort of carnival going on in the

complex. There were clowns, people in funny costumes, and other

various entertainers, but the genie in particular made me laugh, a man

wearing green tights, nice. Anyway, after making a few witty comments

regarding the guys choice in hoisery, we asked him if he was really a

genie. He replied "of course, I can grant you only one wish though, as

you insulted my tights" after a few laughs we all looked at each

other, gave a few knowing glances, and said "ok, we all want to be

able to shrink" "shrink?" he enquied "yeah mate, so we can all go and

perv on some girl!" said John. "interesting" replied the genie,

produing a green crystal from his pocket. "Ok then, simply all touch

this, and make your wish, but be careful to ensure you wish to be

shrunk only for a period of time, or you'll be little for ever"

"that's pretty serious" said Dave.

Anyway, I took the crystal off the genie, checking it for the made

in hong kong legend, but there was none. A big guy walked into me by

accident "sorry mate" he said, but still knocking me off balance. When

I turned round, I noticed the genie had gone, but I couldn't figure

out where too, the area we were in was very large, and it played on my

mind for the rest of the night.

Later on, after the movie, we were driving to Kev's to drop him

off, passing Tanya's on the way. I stopped and said laughing "well,

shall we try it?" "why not?" said John. So we pulled up, got out and

walked up to her house. It was quite a large house, with a Jeep

Wrangler outside, I always found it kinda sexy the way she drove that.

Anyway, we got the crystal out, and laughing our arses off, made our

wish. "Yeah, quality genie there Phil" said Kev. But then the crystal

started to grow, and seemingly did the grass we were next too. "Shit,

what the feck's going on?" I shouted. We were actually shrinking! We

all looked at each other, then looked about, and realised our

predicament. "ok, who put a tab in everyone's drink?" said Gary.

"wasn't me" everyone said, in a randomly scattered way. We didn't know

what the hell to make of it, I think we were all sure that one of us

had slipped something in our drinks, and we were all on some mad ass

trip. "what the hell" i said, "let's go along with it".

The whole thing felt very tongue in cheek, none of us took it

seriously, not yet that was. I saw the green crystal, which was

actually shrunk with us, and still glowing. I touched it gingerly,

incase it was hot, but picked it up when I found it was safe, and

slipped it in my pocket.

"Well, let's go in!" said John.

We headed up towards the door, managing to climb up the crumbled rock

step, and with a few jimmy ups we were standing next to the letter

box, which was luckily held open by a newspaper. I ventured in,

through the thick black bristles that filled the letter box, and found

myself standing in the hall of Tanyas house. "Wow, it's huge" I

exclaimed, as the guys all bumbled their way though the thick fur.

"hey this carpet feels well cool" said Kev, bouncing on it for effect.

"I wonder if anyone's home?" I said, curiously. We explored the hall,

the lounge and the kitchen, but still hadn't puzzled out a way how to

get up the stairs. "hey Phil, how about we pull ourselves up that

phone wire?" said Dave. We found it to be quite thick, thicker for

instance than normal rope. "hey, how big you reckon we are?" i asked.

"hmm, I dunno, about an inch and a half maybe?" said Kev, "yeah

something like that" uttered Dave. We managed to get up the stairs,

and then explored around, until we found Tanya's room. We walked in,

looking up at the bed, the dresser, and realising how small we were.

"Well this is the place we wanna be" said Kev, "yeah, but she's not

here knob head" Dave replied. As always I was thinking with my

stomach, and decided we should try and find some food. So we ventured

back out, on the way my attention being drawn by a pair of open toed

black leather sandals, with a good 3 inch heel, and maybe 2/3 inch

sole. They looked enormous, the sole coming up to nearly my waist. It

was sexy, to think how helpless I was against a girl.

We got back to the top of the stairs, where Kev decided he'd slide

down the wire, like a slide, off he went, but slid far too fast. I

climbed down after him, he was shouting out loudly. We saw him zoom

off the bottom step, but didn't see what happened to him until we

reached there ourselves. He'd slid off the wire and somehow had

managed to fly across the room, and landed with his legs caught up in

the pile of the carpet, he was moaning too. "Shit, I think I've done

my leg in, and the carpet's cutting in to me as well" It looked quite

bad, he was really entangled, the fabric cutting into his legs like

fishing wire, and I didn't know what to do. "has anyone got a knife?"

said Dave, pulling at the carpet around Kev's legs. We didn't have

one, and the fabric thred cut into Dave's hands, it was very tough at

this size. We tried pulling Kev out, but it hurt too much, and we

didn't know what the hell to do, when things got worse.

"What's that?" Gary exlaimed. "Shit, shit!!! Someone's at the door,

fecking hell" We looked up, to see the door opening, and entering it

was Tanya. She looked hot, and sweaty, coming back from her jog. She

had a tight top on, that showed off stomach, and her figure, tight

white shorts, and white trainers with white cotton socks. "Shit man,

I've gotta get up" said Kev. "Maybe if we get her attention, she'll

help us out of this situation?" Dave wondered. "I dunno, we could

try..." but just as I said that, things got worse still. She started

walking towards us, Kev looked rather worried, when she stopped. There

was some relief. She was still a good 15 foot away from us, which at

our size was a great distance, when she lifted up a foot, and rested

it on the back of her other shoe. She slipped off one shoe, then used

the toe of her socked foot to take off the other one. She made a

relaxing sigh as her sweaty feet in white socks landed firmly,

menacingly on the carpet, and sank in, spreading to accept her weight.

Then she headed towards us again, we didn't know what to do. I went to

try and shout up at her, but it was too late, she was approaching

rapidly, heading towards us. "Help! help!!!" shouted Kev. We vainly

tried a few more times, pulling at the fabric, but to no avail, Tanyas

feet got closer, the booms shaking though floor like earthquakes,

until the very last minute, when we had to dive out the way. I looked

round, in time to see Tanyas sock covered foot step down onto Kev, in

the same way it always had, just as if Kev wasn't there, only this

time there was a crackling noise, a squishy sickening crackling sound.

Tanya's foot peeled up from it's position, a red stain was visable on

the sole of the otherwise white sock. The damage to the sock wasn't as

bad as the Damage to kev however. "oh god" i said, looking at his

squished remains. There was blood around his totally flat corpse, and

guts that were pressed flat, in little spray marks around him. I just

caught a glimpse, when I heard Tanya "eeeeeew", and look around and

down. We'd got out the way, near the bottom of chair, so went

unspotted. She looked down at what to her must have appeared only a

red splodge, then examined the sole of her foot, noticing the red

smear on her white sock. She looked puzzled, with knitted eyebrows,

curious as to what it was she had just stood on, but completely

unawares to the fact she had just squished one of our friends into

paste, beneath her sweaty white socked foot. She poked Kev's crushed

body with the toe of her foot, still with this puzzled look, and went

"hmmm" before walking off, still with a look of curiosity.

"shit man, fecking hell, Kev's dead" paniced gary. We looked around at

each other, shocked by the turn of events. "She didn't even know what

it was" said John "she probably just thought she'd squashed an insect,

or a big spider or something, I mean from up there we're minute!"

"Ah man, that's gross, he's totally squished" I said, looking at the

remains of Kev. He was spread out, vaguely recognisable from our point

of view as a squished person. I walked back over to gary dave and

john. "All we can do is hide somewhere safe until we pop back up to

full size again" I said. Just as I said that Tanya returned, we

ducked, and watched as she brought a mop over. She slopped the most

mop down onto Kev, and wiped it around, smearing him into the carpet,

but diluting the remains at the same time. She made a noise of

disgust, as she stooped down with a dry rag, and wiped away, drying

off the carpet, and leaving very little of Kev left. She then walked

off back towards the kitchen, giving us quite flashes of the stain on

her sock, produced by the blood from Kev, squeezed out as he was

unknowingly trampled. "another close call" said Dave. I checked my

pocket for the crystal, it was gone!! "shit, where's the crystal?" I

said, "we don't need it, we all thought about popping back up later

right?" said John. "well, erm, I don't know" "shit man, we're fecked,

we're gonna be like this for ever" said Gary "no, I'll get the crystal

back, we're still in the same wish, we should be able to reverse it".

I headed back upstairs, the most obvious place it could have

slipped out, scanning the floor. I walked around the landing, and into

Tanya's room, where I saw it laying there just by her bed. Gary Dave

and John decided to wait under the chair in the lounge. I picked up

the crystal, and it glowed again. I looked at it, "hmm, I wonder if

this thing is still giving wishes out, ok..." I wished that there

would be a can of coke infront of me, and indeed there was, "spooky" I

said to myself. "Phew" I exclaimed, wishing I was my normal size. Then

the crystal vibrated, and the face of the genie appeared, "ah ah ah,

you can't stop a wish, if you've wished it for a period of time,

you're shrunk for 3 days, it was what you were thinking of when you

shrunk, sorry..." he said, vanishing. I put the crystal in my pocket,

and headed off. I got back downstairs, seeing Tanya on her way up,

narrowly being spotted I'm sure. "Phil, we're getting outta here" said

Gary, John and Dave seemed set on the idea. "Don't be stupid, there's

animals out there that'd eat you and shit" "yeah, well it's better

than get stood on like poor Kev" "wait, don't be stupid" We headed out

towards the door, when the bell went. "shit" We hid behind a desk, and

watched as Tanya went to answer the door, now barefoot, after taking

off the stained socks. She had wet hair, after being in the shower,

and was in the process of getting dressed. It was her friend Becky at

the door, they both came in, then went upstairs whilst Tanya finished

off getting dressed. I couldn't split up with the lads, so we decided

to go outside, at least to try and think of what we could do. When I

told them we would be like this for three days, they weren't happy,

but there was something strange about the crystal, like when I wished

for the can of coke, and it appeared. We headed back out of the letter

box, and scrambled down the step, and walked along the path. "Maybe we

could hide in your car Phil?" said Gary, which seemed a good idea. The

path was cracked, but cracks were like cravaces to us, and took a long

time to get over. We were heading out the path, when Tanya and Becky

came out the house, I turned around to see two pairs of feet, both in

chuky black leather ankle boots, heading towards us. We ran down the

path like we've never ran before, I was ahead, Gary John and Dave

following, but the girls were really catching up with us. I heard a

scream, and turned around to see that Dave had fallen, and was lying

there, there was no time, within a second Becky's boot cladden foot

had stepped down on his tiny body, squishing him flat like a bug. She

didn't even notice. Tanya also walked over his flattened body,

squishing it some more. Me John and Gary ran over to the exit of the

drive, "look out!!" I said to gary, who'd overtaken me, but again,

fate had already happened. I looked over at Gary, standing there, then

to my right was an attractive blonde girl, riding a mountain bike

along the pavement, I shouted out, but it was too late. The front

wheel of her bike hit gary, going right over him, splattering blood

and guts around where he was. But apart from that he had gone, stuck

to tyre of the bike, and probably spun off somewhere. All that

remained of him was a red spot, and a few other red spots along the

girls cycle path. "Shit Phil, Shit!!" shouted John. Who was standing

about 5 foot away from me, although that was quite a distance. It was

then, that I head Tanya's jeep start up, and John was blown over by

the gas from the exhaust, and must have been dazed as he lay there. I

ran over to help him, just at the reversing lights came on, trying to

cover the distance between me and him as quickly as possible. Tanya

was reversing the jeep out of the drive, but John was in the path of

one of the back wheels. I ran as fast as I could, but I could see

disaster. I got within a foot of him, just as Tanya's tire rolled over

him. There was a slow grinding crackle, and John screamed, as the tyre

rolled over him, from his legs upwards. His screaming was abrubtly cut

off, as the wheel finished squashing him. He was nothing but a red

splodge, a roadkill, spread out in a circle of guts, totally

unrecognisable, then as if coming back for revenge, the front tyre

drove over him, spreading him out a bit further. I stood at the side

in safety, watching the wheels make little red spots along the drive,

and considering the fact that I was now the only person alive.

I stood there, watching the Jeep drive off, totally shocked at the

afternoon's set of events. I had no idea what to do, but felt cold and

vulnerable outside so headed back towards the house. I walked past the

squished remains of Dave, trampled flat by both girls, crushed beneath

their boots. I got back to the letter box, to find it was shut, as the

newspaper had been removed. "shit" i said to myself. I looked around,

and figured I could roll myself under the door if I lay down. I

managed just about to squeeze under the door, and got back in the

house. I wandered into the kitchen, and found a can of Tetley Bitter

on it's side open. It was open, presumed empty, but I peered in, and

saw what looked like a lake of beer. Wow. I could think of nothing to

do considering the day's terrible events, so I climbed in, and drank

as much as I could. Somehow I'd managed to make my way up the stairs

to the bathroom (something I think everyone does when they're drunk :)

where I passed out after drinking a normal mouthfull of beer, which

was to my tiny self way too much. The next thing I remembered was

waking up on the bathroom floor hearing movements, but feeling too ill

to do anything. It was then that Tanya came in the bathroom. I felt

instantly more sober, and looked up, as I heard her feet padding,

across the linoleum floor. In the one instant second, I looked up at

her pretty, innocent face, passed her breasts, and saw her long

flowing hair, the next thing I remember was a shadwo falling over me,

a shadow of impending doom. I looked up to see toes moving over me,

followed by the ball of her foot. I realised my situation, but it was

too late. I lay there, in awe, and actually for that split second,

very very turned on, as I subconcioussly accepted fate, and lay there

as her sexy, enormous barefoot stepped down on my tiny body. I had

time to grab the crystal and make a wish, and it was then I felt her

foot step down, firmly, making me know how little resistance my puny

body offered to her. It was all in a split second, the feeling of the

foot just touching me, her toes just over my face, the sexy scent, the

softness, and then her weight, as her foot came down on me, squishing

me flat, I fely myself spread out, but at the same time a wave of

sexual energy eminate from my groin. I felt myself squish and go flat,

beneath this sexy foot, of this sexy woman. It was then I heard her

squeal "eeeeeeeee" and I saw the foot lift up. I felt myself slightly

adhere to it, but I still stayed on the floor. "What the..." I heard

her say looking down at me. Unlike Kev, she actually bent down and

looked at me "oh my God!!" I heard her say, in a sympathetic, deeply

shocked voice. At the same time I saw her fingers lift my pair of

jeans up over me, red goo oozing grimly from them. "Oh Christ, what

have I done?" she said. I remember her face, a look of absolute

horror, regret and upset. She started to cry, as she realised what she

had just stood on. She knelt there, looking at my flattened body, and

then I felt something strange. It was like a warm sensation all over

me, and a green glittery mist. I went dizzy for a second and then I

felt my body again, I was lying there, feeling the same, but I looked

up to see Tanya smile down. "Oh my god, Phil??? PHIL??? are you ok?"

she said "what the hell is happening?" I tried to speak, and found I

had a voice "Hi, I was shrunk by a genie, me and a few mates thought

we'd come in here and get up to mischief" I said "mischief?" she

asked. "Well, we were just having a laugh, I don't know, we got this

crystal off this genie, and thought we'd try it for a laugh, get

shrunk and invade your house, but it really worked" "God, that's

bizzare. Oh my God though Phil, I squashed you flat!" she said "I

didn't know what it was, but then I saw your little clothes, oh sorry"

she said, coyly, passing me back my jeans. "Hey it's ok, I'm sorry to

give you such a fright Tanya" "How come you're ok now though? I

stepped on you with my full weight, you were squished to a pulp Phil"

"I know, I saw your foot coming down on me, and wished that I could

reanimate afterwards" "wow, that was quite lucky" she said "Too right"

"But the others, where are the others?" she said. "Tanya, you squished

them all, by accident, you didn't know. You stepped on Kev, Becky

stepped on Dave, you drove over John in the Jeep and Gary got squished

by a girl on a bike" "ok my god, I've killed people" I sat there,

wondering what to say, but then had an idea. "hey wait a minute..." I

grasped the crystal. "I wish that Kev, Dave, Gary and John were alive

and full size back at there homes." "Did it work?" Tanya asked. "I

don't know, erm, go and ring John" "What should I say?" she asked

"Just ask him if he's ok"

Tanya picked up her phone and rung the number I shouted out. "Hello,

is John there please?..... Hello John? Hi it's Tanya, I was just

wondering if everything was, erm, ok? It is? Ok, that's good, see you

round..." "Yeah Phil, he sounded a little freaked out, I'm not

surprised, but he's ok" "Thank God I said"

Tanya picked me up carefully and carried me downstairs, placing me

carefully on the table. "So Phil, this sounds kinda sick, but what was

it like to be stepped on? I mean, I guess the strawberry pavlova's

kinda got thier revenge!" Tanya said, with a smile. "Well, you know

I'm pretty strange Tanya, and, well I actually kinda liked it" "You

liked it? Well, I don't wanna sound twisted, but it did feel kinda

funny between my toes, in a good way." I laughed and then came up with

an idea. I grabbed the crystal "I wish that I could shrink to any size

I want to, whenever I want to, and be able to reanimate if I get

squished" The crystal glowed "Do you reckon it's worked?" I asked

looking up at Tanya, who had changed from being the concered girl of a

few moments ago, to looking sultry, with a menacing, but sexy smile as

she looked down at me.

"Well little Phil, there's only one way to find out...

To be continued...

Phil D (aka Philsmurf) 1999


Giantess Stories: A Trip to Tanyas By PhilSmurf       This is my first ever story

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