Giantess Stories: A Very Dark Experience

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A Very Dark



“ Ok...thanks.”,

said Carl as he gave the man the money, turned around, and

ventured down the

crowded isle.


Seeing another

stand having what he wanted, Carl stopped before the grocer

and inquired, “

How much for a pound of these tomatoes?”


“ They're one

twenty five a pound.”, answered the middle aged blond.


“ All right...I'll

take two pounds.”


After weighing the

vegetables, the woman placed them into a small brown

paper bag and

said, “ That'll be two fifty.”


“ Here...take

three and keep the change.”


“ Thanks.”


Continuing on his

way, Carl looked left and right, inspecting the different

stands at the open

food market. Feeling a light breeze on his face from the

mild autumn air,

our man moved forward, eventually stopping before a stand

selling some

strange looking fruit.


“ What's this?”


“ It's something

new I'm selling.”, replied the Gypsy looking lady just

sitting there on a



“ Seems like a

weird kind of apple to me.”


“ It's good...why

don't you buy some?”


Hesitating for a

moment, Carl nevertheless replied, “ Yea, why

harm in trying

something different.”


With an errie, yet

seductive smile, the female placed the items in a bag

and gave it to

him, saying, “ It's two dollars.”


“ Here you go.”,

answered Carl while handing her the money.


“ Have a very nice

day.”, said the woman with a suspicious grin on her

pretty face.


Finally, the man

left the market and headed toward the parkinglot. When he

was only a few

feet from his Mustang, he happened to look up toward a fence

at the lot's edge

and heard, “ Hey...wanna piece.”


Before him stood

an extremely attractive black chick not older than

seventeen or

eighteen, having long, straight, and full dark hair. Dressed

in a black

miniskirt and a tube top, the female approached slowly, walking

with a sexy

stride, making certain the man took note of her attractive



Eyeing her thigh

high black stiletto boots, Carl ask, “ Can I help you



Arching herself

slightly, the lady placed her hands upon his car's left

front fender and

laughed, saying, “ Now that's a nice way to say yes.”


“ Yes to what?”


“ Oh c'mon...stop

talking like you know nothing...let's go for a ride.”


“ You're a



“ No shit.”


Thinking for a

moment, Carl eventually responded, “ Tell you what...”


“ What?”


“ Let me put this

stuff in the trunk and I'll open the door for you.”


“ Now you're



After the two

shopping bags went inside, the man walked around the vehicle

and raised the

key. With a simple turn, he unlocked the door and pulled it

open, watching the

beautiful creature place her gorgeous black ass into the



Rolling his eyes a

little, Carl began whistling to himself as he


the car and unlocked his side, placing himself behind the



The thing started,

Carl pulled out of the lot and headed home.


“ So where we



“ To my place...I

live alone.”


Nodding her

beautiful head, the young lady ask, “ Where do you work at?”


“ I design cars

for a living...actually, I design only certain parts.”


“ Sounds like

you've got money.”


Smiling, Carl

replied, “ Yea...even got enough for you.”


“ Well good...then

perhaps you'll pay me more to stay a little longer.”


Feeling more

relaxed and comfortable in her presence now, Carl smiled and

answered, “ You're

gonna make me a little longer.”


“ Ha...that's real

good.”, said the feline as she moved closer to him,

reaching for his



“ Not now...let's

wait till we get there.”


“ Whatever you're paying the bill.”


Twenty minutes

later, he pulled into the parkinglot of a condo complex.

Getting out, he

opened the trunk and removed the groceries, glancing over

and watching the

girl emerge, pulling slightly on her tube top, getting it



“ Here, let me

help you with these.”, said the female as she took hold of

one of the

shopping bags.


“ Thanks.”, was

his reply as both walked together up to the main entrance.


Once inside the

lobby, Carl unlocked the inner door and pulled it open. In

no time, the two

individuals where in the elevator and moving upward.

Finally, the thing

stopped and Carl lead the whore down the hall to his



After they stepped

inside, she exclaimed, “ Yea...nice place you've got



Quickly, the sexy

young woman went into the kitchen area and dropped the

bag on the table,

returning to the livingroom, and throwing her

good-looking self

upon the sofa, placing her booted feet on the cocktail



“ You sure know

how to make yourself at home rather fast.”


“ Hey...if we're

gonna do it...then we may as well pretend like we know one


you think!”


“ Yea...I guess

so.”, answered Carl as he went into the kitchen and started

placing the

produce in the refrigerator.


Getting up, the

black girl strolled back into the kitchen, asking, “ You

shop there often?”


“ Once in a while,

the stuff is fresher than the supermarket.”


“ I like it

there...I get a lot of customers from that parking lot.”


Nodding his head,

Carl was just about done with the groceries when she ask,

“ What the fuck's



“ I'm not sure...I

guess it's some type of apple.”


With wide open

eyes, she said, “ I ain't seen any apple like that


pretty weird to me.”


When everything

was put away, Carl removed one of the strange looking

“apples” from the

refrigerator and shut the door, saying, “ You wanna try



Shaking her head,

the girl said, “ No...I think I'll pass, I only eat

things I'm

familiar with.”


“ Whatever...”,

replied Carl as he took a bite for himself, chewing away,

and eventually

asking, “ So what's your name anyway?”


“ Latasha.”


“ Ok Latasha...let's

go out to the livingroom...shall we?”


Right before he

left the kitchen, Carl swallowed the last piece from the

fruit and threw

away the stem.


Standing before

the sofa, Latasha inquired, “ What's your name?”


“ I'm Carl.”


Saying nothing,

the girl grabbed his crotch and gently squeezed a little as

Carl pulled down

her tube top, eventually exposing her two nice tits. All

excited now, he

let his pants fall to the floor as the young lady continued

to undress.

Finally, both were completely naked except for Latasha's boots

which she kept on.


Letting herself

fall upon the sofa, she spread her legs apart slightly as

the man went to

his knees before her and stuck his face into her cunt,

licking away at

her beautiful dark harry pussy!


“ Is this your

first time eating black pussy?”


“ Actually it's

not, I had a black girl friend a few years back.”


Going on and on,

he finally caused her to cum, doing it right in his face.

Without any

reservation, he continued to lick, slurping up all her vaginal

excretions, making

sure he got every drop.


Moaning away, she

exclaimed, “ Oh yea man, you're good...this is the best

time I've had in



“ Oh're

spectacular, I worship you...!”, mumbled Carl from

beneath her



After five

minutes, he slowly sank his face further downward, eventually

placing his mouth

against her right boot, an inch above the ankle. Kissing

away at the

leather, he heard, “ So you're one of those guys, well..., no

problem, kiss



“ Yes mistress.”


“ Mistress?”


“ Yes...please

dominate me for the next hour or so.”


“ I see.”, said

the young lady with a seductive smile.


Getting up, she

slowly strolled over to a desk against the opposite wall

and produced a

ruler. Returning, she yelled, “ Get down on all fours!”


“ Yes ma'am.”


Looking down at

his back, she let the object make its descent, hitting him

over and over

until his skin turned red.


“ It hurts so

good.”, moaned Carl as she whacked away.


Two minutes later,

Latasha stopped beating him and turned around, shoving

her ass right into

his face. “ Kiss my ass...little white boy...let's go!”


With complete

reverence, our humble man pushed his face into her nicely

shaped butt and

kissed away, respecting every spot of the perfect work of

art before him.


Her legs slightly

apart, the booted feline kept looking down at him with

her head rotated,

saying, “ Yea...kiss away slave...worship my ass!”


“ Yes ma'am, I

hear and obey.”


For the next ten

minutes, the seventeen year old black girl let him suck up

to her, showing

the young lady intense respect, making her feel better than



“ Hey...I didn't

give you permission to stop.”, said Latasha as she watched

his face move away

and slightly below her ass.


“ I

didn't...something's wrong!”, yelled Carl upward in desperation as he

struggled ton his



When he finally

stood upright, the man found his face at eye level with her



“ I don't get

it.”, remarked the female while watching the top of his head

move ever further



Looking straight

at her waist now, Carl burst forth, “

something, help!”


Just standing

there, the young lady did nothing, only stared away as the

man got smaller

and smaller. Despite the strange thing going on before her,

Latasha nodded her

head sarcastically while shifting her weight, saying, “

Well, well...what

have we got here...”


“ Help, please do



Smiling, the

dark-haired lady remarked, “ can be sure I'm gonna do

something all



Finally, Carl

stopped shrinking, standing before the black girl only three

inches in height!


Looking up to her,

he was overwhelmed by her physique, feeling as if he

were gazing up at

some ancient Egyptian statue of long ago.


Completely taken

in by the last minute of events, Latasha laughed, saying

down to the tiny

creature, “ You're mine little bug, I guess I've

just found myself

a tiny sex slave for life.”


“ Please Latasha,

help me...please!”


Looking around the

condo, the naked sexy black beauty said, “ I think I'm

gonna help myself

to a few things.


Turning around,

the whore went over to his entertainment center and


Carefully looking the stuff over, she remarked, “ This CD

player'll do,

yea...and I see you've got a nice VCR as well.”


Unplugging the two

objects, she picked them up and carried the things over

to the sofa,

placing the electronic gadgets upon the cushion.


Returning to Carl,

she stopped right in front of him, placed her right hand

on her hip, and

ask down to the helpless one, “ So where's the money you're

supposed to pay



Frightened, he

yelled up to the black goddess, “ It's in my wallet in my

back pants



Opening up the

leather object, she said, “ Well look at've got

over five hundred it's all mine.”


With the cash in

hand, she reached into his left front pocket, producing

the car keys.


Back by her

clothes, the lady returned into her attire and shoved the money

into her breast



When she strolled

over to Carl, Latasha said, “ Hmm...where should I put



Squatting, the

female reached for the little guy and took him up. As he

stood in the palm

of her hand, he ask, “ What are you gonna do to me?”


“ I'm gonna take

you home with me back to my place on the other side of



Reflecting for a

second, she shoved her beautiful face right into the man

and said while

rocking her head back and forth, “ No...let me rephrase that

a bit...I meant

the other side of the railroad tracks, ha, ha, ha...!”


Looking down to

her miniskirt, Latasha reached for the waist line and

pulled it open,

stretching her panty's elastic as well. The front open,

Latasha simply

dropped him in, enjoying the sensation if his tiny body

finally coming to

rest between her asshole and cunt!


While she let go

of the elastic, Latash said down to her prisoner, “ Now

you know why I

don't eat anything I'm not familiar never know

what's out

there...there's more to reality than just the stuff you learn in



Walking over to

the couch, she squatted slightly and took up both the VCR

and the CD player,

stacking them upon one another. With the car keys held

firmly between her

fingers, Latasha left the condo, going downstairs to the



After placing the

stolen items on the passenger seat, Latasha went around

the car, stood

before the driver's door, measured off the vehicle, and

remarked both to

herself and poor little Carl in his precarious location, “

Looks like I've

got myself a new car, and it's black...just like me.”


Laughing, the girl

opened the door and placed her sexy ass into the seat,

feeling uplifted

as she started the engine.


Driving along, the

feline eventually pulled along the curb before an old

four suite

apartment building, honking the horn and yelling to one of the

upstairs flats, “

Hey Eb...get your ass down here...look what I've got!”


Slowly, the

upstairs porch door opened and an attractive African American

girl stepped out

having her hair raised to the top of her pretty head. With

slight agitation

in her voice, the sexy eighteen year old yelled down, “


making all that fucken noise!”


However, her

disposition changed rapidly at the sight of the car. “ What

are you doing with



“ Let's just say I

got it from someone who really looks up to me!” Speaking

further, Latasha

yelled up to her fellow prostitute, “ Now get down here

and help me...I've

got some shit to carry!”


“ Ok...”, said

Ebony as she made a wide eyed expression, rotated, and shook

her head.


Downstairs before

the Mustang, Ebony ran her hand over the black metal,

saying, “

Nice...but c'mon...where did you get didn't...”


“ Steal it?”


“ Well yea...I

mean you're not gonna tell me that same bullshit again about

someone giving it

to you; us whores are that least not yet.”


“ Like I said, I

got it from someone who really looks up to me...and trust

me...he's gonna

look up to you as well.”


“ All right...but

if you get me into any kind of trouble, then you'll have

to find another

place to live...understand?”


“ There ain't

gonna be any c'mon, help me carry this stuff up

to the apartment.”


“ Shit Latasha...what's

this...I suppose someone gave you that stuff as



“ Yea.”, responded

the seventeen year old with a wicked grin.


Saying nothing,

Ebony took hold of the VCR and went into the building,

listening to her

sexy high heeled sandals echo against the old cement



Taking up the CD

player, Latasha closed up the car afterward and followed

her friend.


Inside the flat,

Ebony placed the electronic machine upon the livingroom

floor. Right after

Latasha put the CD player next to the VCR, Ebony ask

with assertion, “

All don't play me...where did you get that

car and this



Looking at the

girl with her hands on her hips, Latasha said to the

seventeen year old

in jean cut offs and a T-shirt, “ Ok...I'll give you the

truth...I got it

from a little white guy.”


“ What do you mean

by little?”


“ Well you see...I

met this guy at the market and he took me to his place;

however, when we

got there, he ate some strange fruit which caused him to

shrink down to

only three I took advantage of the


some of his stuff.”


Pressing her lips

together, Ebony folded her arms and looked in another

direction, saying,

“ I knew I never should've moved in with're

gonna get me into

all kinds of trouble.”


“'s true,

I'll prove it to you.”


With a diabolical

smile, Latasha slowly lowered her skirt and panties

before her

girlfriend. With a very delicate motion, she reached into her

underwear's crotch

area and pulled up Carl, dangling him by one of his



“ What the

hell...?”, ask Ebony with confusion. Stuttering, she went on, “

He's real, I can't

believe what I'm seeing!”


“ Well believe

it...he's real all right...and he's all ours.”


Her initial shook

over, Ebony opened the palm of her hand and stuck it

beneath the man,

saying, “ Can I hold him?”


“ I

said...he's ours...he's yours as much as he's mine.”


As Carl stood upon

the girl's hand and stared straight into her dark eyes,

he heard from the

young lady, “ What's your name little man?”


At first, Carl

said nothing, fearful of his new surroundings. However,

Latasha yelled

forth, “ Hey little slave...your mistress ask you a


her an answer!”


Finally, the man

replied, “ I'm Carl.”


“ Well pleased to

meet you Carl...I'm Ebony.”, said the sexy black girl

with humor.


Squatting, Ebony

placed him upon the floor and stood straight again,

staring down at

her property.


“ Please a doctor or something, please get me help!”


Glancing at one

another an laughing, they both answered with, “ No're gonna

spend the rest of your life doing just what we tell you

to do!”


Awed by their

superior looking statures, Carl nevertheless continued to

plead upward, “

Ebony...please talk Latasha into helping me!”


Smiling, Ebony

shoved her stiletto sandal right before him and ordered, “

Kiss my

feet...let's go as you're told or I'll step on you!”


“ Please,

please...!”, continued Carl.


“ I guess he's got

to learn the hard way.”, said Latasha as she raised her

high heeled boot

above his tiny head.


Looking upward,

Carl finally got the message, saying, “ Ok, ok...!”


With her boot

pulled away and back to the floor, Latasha looked on as the

little man kissed

away at Ebony's toes. To her delight, the insignificant

creature adored

every one of her ten toes, starting with her right foot and

working his way



“ You did the

right thing Latasha...bringing him home with you...sorry I

was a little mad

at you a few moments back.”


“ problem

Eb, I understand.”


When he finished

worshipping her feet, Latasha said to her friend, “ You

know what he

did before he



“ What?”


“ Two things...he

licked my cunt and then he kissed my ass.”


“ How was it?”


“ Great!”


Squatting before

the little pet, Ebony took hold of the man and carried him

over to the

livingroom couch. After she dropped him upon the cushion, she

said, “ I think

I'll enjoy some of what you had.”


“ Go ahead, have



Not hesitating in

the least, Ebony removed all her clothes, stripping

herself down

completely until all she had on were her sandals. All naked

now, the sexy

Nubian princess slowly lowered her beautiful ass upon the

sofa, bringing her

nice butt right down on top of Carl.


“ You've got him

trapped up your ass!”, exclaimed Latasha as she arched

herself forward,

laughing away at the little man's plight.


“ Yea...I can feel

him squirming around by my feels great!”


Turned on by the

sensation, Ebony lowered her right hand to her black cunt

and began playing

with herself, getting herself off.


“ Oh...this is

great...we're gonna have lots of fun with this little white



Also turned on

now, Latasha once again slipped out of her attire and sat

down next to

Ebony, staring back at the girl's rear. After the eighteen

year old got

herself off, she slightly raised her ass, giving Carl a little

more room.


As both females

had their heads turned back, they watched as Carl slowly

emerged from

beneath Ebony's ass, totally defeated and humiliated.


“ So how was

it...?”, ask Latasha rhetorically of Carl as he stared

helplessly up into

her eyes.


“ Please don't

hurt me!”, whimpered the man.


Smiling, Latasha

simply responded, “ You know...back at your place you

didn't finish up

with my shrank before I told you to stop.” Going

on, the young

black lady added, “ So let's go...move that little body of

yours over here to

my side and kiss away.”


Obediently, he

walked over and placed his lips next to her ass crack and

kissed away,

pleasing the female, doing precisely as commanded.


For over thirty

minutes, Ebony and Latasha watched him in his act of

worship, mocking

him now and then as he continued with his job.


Finally, Latasha

got up and said to her friend, “ Where should we keep him

so we've got the

guy when we need him?”


“ That's easy.”,

replied Ebony as she got up also and strolled into the

kitchen, returning

with an empty pickle jar.


“ This'll be your

new home from now on...better get used to it.”, said

Ebony as she

squatted before the sofa, picked up Carl, and dropped him into

the glass whose

sides now towered above him, making it impossible for the

guy to get out on

his own.


However, Latasha

took hold of the container, held it before her face, and

said, “

Yea...this'll be good, but there's just one other thing that's

gotta be done.”


“ What?”, inquired

the other girl.


“ Well...if he's

gonna spend the rest of his life trapped in here, then

he'll need a

little extra something to keep him company and remind him just

how insignificant

is really is.”


Placing the jar on

the floor, naked and sexy Latasha squatted over the

jar's top, letting

her cunt hang directly over the opening. Two seconds

later, Carl

watched in horror as her piss slowly rose around his feet,

eventually going

up to the man's neck.


Finished, Latasha

stood up, took the jar, and walked with it to the

fireplace mantle,

setting the glass down upon the smooth wooden surface.


“ There...that's

better, when he's not out sucking up to us, he can spend

the rest of his

days in my golden nectar...swimming around in piss!”


“ You're really

something else Latasha.”, said Ebony with a smile.


“ I know, now

let's set up this stereo stuff...I wanna try out that new CD

I bought




The End


Giantess Stories: A Very Dark Experience

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