Giantess Stories: A World of Giants

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A World of Giants

Part I


Dan was sitting in

his boat frustrated. He was seriously lost in the storm that came out of no

where, as he entered the south pacific. Dan was a 21 year old university grad,

who had just finished his degree in Chemistry, and was on to Medical School.

During his long summer break, Dan decided to take a tour of the Pacific Ocean in

a boat he rented while vacationing in Australia. He tried to use his compass out

to figure out where he was. But his compass was totally dead. Dan was surrounded

by fog all over. This was definitely NOT what he had expected when he planned

his trip to sail around New Zealand and Australia. Then suddenly a giant hand

came out of no where and snatched up his boat. The next thing he noticed is he

was being lifted in the air by an unknown force. Dan was still sitting in his

boat. Then the fog began to clear, and he saw a the chest (clothed) of a giant,

followed by a giant neck, and a giant smiling face. Dan found himself staring

into the face of a giant man. The man was bearded and looked to be about 35

years old. He had a long blond beard, and taking a fuller look at his face,

looked like a Viking. The giant was entirely dressed in Viking clothing. The

giant kept examining the boat and Dan in the tiny boat, and said something

towards Dan in his native tongue, which sounded like Swedish or German to him.

The giants breath reeked of alcohol and the lunch the giant had eaten.


Dan soon found

himself lowered to the ground, which was a long dock. Dan tried to get out of

the boat, but the giant wrapped his big meaty hand around him, before he could

get far. Dan was totally engulfed in the giant's hand, which while warm, felt

quite rough. Dan was lifted to the giants face once more, as his giant foot came

crashing down on his boat. The giant's foot came crashing on Dan's boat. Dan was

now really frightened, as he did not know what this giant's intent was nor what

the giant intended to do to him. Moreover, he was now stranded in this strange

land. Dan was still not fully reconciled to the reality of his situation, as to

him giants were supposed to be a dream. The giant said something else in his

native tongue, then lowered him in his pocket. All Dan heard for the next three

hours was the giant's ground shaking steps. After three hours the giant reached

into his pocket, and once again grabbed Dan and pulled him out. He was totally

engulfed in the giant's enclosed fist, and not even his head or feet stuck out,

this was how huge this giant's fist was. The giant then opened his fist and Dan

saw two other giants around him. Two of the faces were female. One face was that

of a child. Evidently the giant's daughter. She appeared to be about six years

old. The other face was that of the giant's wife. She was extremely pretty. Dan

noticed she had big blue eyes, a clear white complexion, slightly high

cheekbones, long flowing blond hair (like the daughter), and full plush pouting

lips. She was incredibly gorgeous, and appeared to be about 28 years old or so.

She also had fairly generous breasts, hanging from her typical Medieval style

dress. Dan was enchanted by both the beauty and magnitude of his wife. The giant

then dumped Dan on what appeared to be a table, as the three giants continue to

gawk at Dan. Dan estimated the giants to be about 130 feet tall. Or he'd be the

equivelent of 3 inches to them. They talk to each other in their strange tongue,

as they stare at you. Appearantly they are trying to figure out what you are.

You figure, you must have somehow been shrunk in the storm and transported back

in time and are in ancient Scandinavia. The giant's wife went outside and came

back with a pot filled with what looked like a giant roast of pork. It certainly

smelled like this to Dan. The giant wife also placed a giant loaf of bread down

on the table. The giants said what looked like a prayer, then the giant wife cut

small tiny slabs of the meet, and a crumb of the bread, and placed it before Dan

as his dinner. The giant wife also placed wine in a thimble before tiny Dan as

well. The giant said something in his language to Dan, and motioned for Dan to

eat which he did, being very hungry. The giants ate their dinner along with Dan.

They gwatched with interest, as Dan wolfed down his food greedily and drank from

his thimble of wine. The small amount of food the giants left for Dan, was just

too much for his little body to eat. Dan was only able to eat half of what was

left for him.


Once dinner was

completed the giant said something to his wife and pointed at Dan. Evidently,

the giant had left Dan in her charge as he got up from the table and left the

house. The giant's wife went over to where Dan was situated on the table and

bent down to get a closer look at the tiny man. Her huge pretty face was level

with Dan. Dan could smell her much sweater breath (than the giant's) blowing

over him. She says something to Dan in her strange tongue, then gets up and

reaches for Dan, wrapping him in her huge hand. She goes into the washing area,

and indicates to Dan she wants him to strip. So Dan not wanting to anger the

pretty maiden, but also wanting to relieve his hard on bulging through his

jeans, complied. Once he was stripped down to his birthday suit, the giantess

took his clothes between thumb and forefinger and placed them to the side. Dan

stood in her palm as she examined his tiny naked form. With her free index

finger (evidently noticing his hard on) she felt between his legs and held his

tiny Lilliputan cock on her index finger. She moved it slightly, just to observe

his reaction. Dan was both scared and aroused at the same time. She then moved

him around to examine his behind. She seemed to be doing this more out of

scientific curiosity, than out of sexual playfulness. Once the examination was

done, the giant's wife filled a small bowl full of both hot and cold water, and

placed Dan in it. There soap in there as well. He wad held between thumb and

forefinger, as the giantess' free hand soaped and lathered his tiny body from

head to toe. Dan whom had been very sexually aroused and was quite hard,

exploded after she rubbed between his legs a few times. Dan came three times as

the giant woman absent-mindedly washed the tiny man. Once done, she rinsed him

off, and wiped him in a giant cloth. Satisfied Dan was clean and dry enough, she

wrapped him in her fist once again, and went towards a room and placed Dan on

the bed. She gave him a cloth to cover himself up with, until presumably his

clothes had been washed. She then placed a small towel over his body (which had

been placed on her bed), and covered him up. The towel, although smaller than a

face cloth, was the size of three bed sheet covers back home. But was

nonetheless very warm and comfortable. Dan immediately fell asleep. Dan dreamt

about home, and how he was getting back.


After catching shut

eye for five hours, Dan was awakened by the giant. The giant said something to

Dan in his native tongue, and wrapped him in his huge hand and carried him into

the living room, where the giant's wife and little daughter were. He dumped Dan

on the table and barked orders at him. There was also another giant couple there

as well. This couple looked a little younger than his hosts. They both looked

like they were in their mid-twenties. The one girl was extremely pretty and

thin, like the giant's wife. She looked kind of like Anne Nicole Smith, and both

her and her mate were dressed in Viking clothing. Dan not understanding what the

giant wanted, just stood there. The giant gave Dan a poke in the back, and

ordered him to do something. At that point, Dan understood the giant wanted Dan

to perform some sort of trick. Especially when the same word was repeated over

and over to him. So Dan did a hand stand, and also did some cart wheels. The

fact his giant hosts and their guests were looking with awe and smiling,

indicated to him they wanted him to entertain them. He decided to do his old

banana slip routine he saw on countless old comedy shows like the Three

Scrooges, and the giants all laughed at this. Dan did anything and everything he

could think of, including a bit of break dancing. Dan was startled by the

giants' loud thundering clapping sounds. He had to cover his ears. Then Dan was

surprised when the giant's guests wife picked up in huge fist and brought him up

to her pretty face. Dan could not get over how much like Nicole Anne Smith, she

looked like. Her fingers were soft, warm, and gentle (like his giant capturer's

wife). Her breath was sweat and nice. She had a mischievous grin on her giant

face as she continued to examine the tiny man. She then opened her giant palm,

and examined his body with in it. She removed his tunic, and exposed his naked

body. She stroked and poked at his tiny form, and made her way down to his

midsection, where with her index finger played with his tiny cock. The other

giants watched with curiosity as she manipulated Dan's tiny genitals. This

giantess was evidently curious with Dan's reproductive organs. He soon came all

over her finger, as the other giants watched at the sight. Dan was very

humiliated and embarrassed by this. Had she been his size and they were alone in

a bedroom, this would have been very enjoyable to him. But he did not like being

toyed with like this and handled like a toy soldier, nor did he like being

watched by other people as he is sexually played with. The giantess then placed

Dan on the table, who was immediately picked up by the giant and given to his



The giant daughter

was given charge to look after him and teach her their native tongue. Day by day

he learned their language, and within less than a month could understand it well

enough to hold a conversation with the giants. After another two weeks he could

speak it fluently. He was also learned to read their language, which was written

in an old Germanic Runic. He learned that he was indeed in Viking country, and

it was the 8th century A.D. He had some how indeed, traveled back in time and

was shrunk at the same time. The giant he stayed with was a fisherman and

hunter, while the family kept a few livestock. The giant's name was Erik, while

the woman was named Uga. The little girl who nursed him was named Sara. The

giant couple that had visited them and saw him, on his first day there, had come

to visit many other times. He learned the man was Carl and the woman Hilda.

Hilda was really enmoured of Dan and always wanted to pick him up and examine

him. She especially came over by herself when her husband was out fishing or

hunting. She always wanted to see Dan naked and touch him. Uga also soon came to

enjoy seeing Dan as a sexual object rather than as just a pet soon as well. They

both would at times place Dan at full length between their breasts. Dan was

always hard, and they liked the feel of his tiny cock poking at their breasts.

At times Hilda would place Dan on Hilda's giant nipple, and lick Dan with her

giant tongue. Dan always shuddered in pleasure and enjoyed this a lot. Other

times Dan was placed in each of their pussies, and asked to pleasure them. Once

done, he would always be picked up by either Uga or Hilda, and licked clean by

their giant tongue. Dan enjoyed the sensual feeling of the giant tongues of

these Viking beauties all over his tiny body. They would always finish by

licking between his legs as he typically shuddered in pleasure, and came all

over their tongue.


A day came when Uga

and Erik were visited by a representative of the King of Norway. The king had

heard of Dan, and wanted to see him for himself. Dan was taken in a box and

carried to the king. Erik and his daughter Sara accompanied the court official

to see the king. The king's palace was typical of Medieval castles. Once inside,

Erik's tiny box was placed on a table before the King's throne. Erik opened the

box, roughly picked Dan up, and dropped him on the table. Erik was dressed in

Viking-like clothing Sara had sewn for him. “BOW TO HIS MAJESTY” boomed Erik.

Coming from the United States where there is no such thing as a king, you are

ignorant of the customs of the giant. But as to not anger them, you bow. The

king is pleased. “WHAT A WONDERFUL LITTLE FAIRY YOU'VE GOT THERE” said the king.



took his three bags of gold and left with Sara who cried having to leave you

behind. You notice that the king was an elderly man and kind of looked like

Santa Clause. His wife a little younger, and looked to be about forty. She was

quite beautiful, and looked exactly like the Fairy Queen in the movie Lord of

the Rings. The same woman who was in “Elizabeth.” She wore no makeup (like all

women in that kingdom), but her natural beauty radiated. “SO LITTLE MAN, TELL ME

ABOUT THE FAIRY KINGDOM YOU CAME FROM!” So Dan explained to him he was from the

future and lived in a place called America. This was still incomprehensible to

the King, who believed the world was flat. But when Dan mentioned the lands

south of “Vinland” or modern-day Newfoundland, the king came to understand what

Dan was talking about. “SO THAT'S WHERE THE FAIRIES LIVE” stated the king. Not

wanting to confuse the king, Dan decided to agree that was fairyland. The king

was amazed at hearing about chariots which moved without horses, and chariots

and ships which flew in the sky like birds. The entire court was impressed by

Dan's account. The giants were naturally curious whether people in this

“America” were as tiny as him, and whether there were female fairies. Dan told

them there were others, and the king stated “WE NEED TO GET OTHERS OF HIS KIND,


up and placed him in his palm, as his wife lovingly gazed down at the tiny man




With that, Dan was

handed over to one of the Maids of Honor to look after. The particular Maid of

Honor looked like she was around the same age as Dan. Long flowing blond hair

which was curled, a very thin body, full plush pouting lips, and sort of looked

like Debbie Gibson. But with blond hair and blue eyes. The giant maiden wrapped

Dan in her giant fist and carried him to his living quarters which were already

made in anticipation of his arrival to the castle. She placed him in his living

quarters which was a little dollhouse, and closed the door. “HAVE A NICE SLEEP



SEE AND HOLD YOU AS WELL!” She blew Dan a giant kiss, and left the room. Oh boy,

this is going to be the best experience Dan has ever had. Maybe, being small in

the Middle Ages won't be so bad after all? Dan went to sleep and awaited the

next day.


Part II


Dan awoke to a knock

to the side of his dollhouse. “HELLO SLEEPY HEAD, TIME TO WAKE UP” came the sexy

voice of the Maid of Honor that had initially carried him to his dollhouse. She

opened the front of his house up, revealing her giant pretty face. “TIME TO FACE

A NEW DAY” she chirped to him. Dan was still very sleepy. “COME ON LITTLE

FELLAH, I NEED YOU TO GET UP NOW” the Maid stated more insistently as she gave

him a gentle poke to his midsection. That woke him up. Dan yawned as he came to


of Honor. Dan did as he was told, and her giant hand wrapped around his tiny

body. Her hand was much softer than that of Uga or Hilda, or even their daughter

Sara. Her soft hands were evidence of a life free from work, which is evident of

any female that lives at the court. He was then carried to the washerroom to the

side, and the Maid mixed hot and cold water together in two bowls. One for

washing and the other for rinsing. She then opened her palm, and proceeded to

lather up Dan's body with soap. Dan enjoyed the sensation of being bathed by

this being rubbed by her giant fingers all over his tiny body. He was getting

hard, and the Maid noticed this as a smile came over her face. “WOW I DID NOT

KNOW FAIRIES HAD PENISES” she stated in sincere surprise. “DO YA MIND LITTLE

ONE” she asked as she began to rub between his legs. Dan soon came, but she kept

rubbing, as she was just washing his privates. Once she was done Dan was ready

for a second climax. The giant Maid of Honor dipped Dan in the warm water of the

second bowl, and rinsed him off. She brought him up to her plush lips and kissed

his midsection. At this, Dan spewed all over her giant plush lower lip. She

licked it off with one swipe of her giant tongue. “WOW” she stated. “YOU FAIRIES

SEEM TO HAVE LOW STAMINA!” She giggled then brought him to a table, where he was

given clothes more appropriate for a court and told him to dress. Dan soon

learned the Maid of Honor's name was Inga. She was the daughter of a great duke,

and had been handpicked as was the custom, to serve in the court, to groom her

for her later life as wife of the king's middle child. She was to marry once he

returned from his conquest in Ireland, and they were both to rule over the

Principality of Iceland. After talking for thirty minutes, Inga took Dan in her

hand and carried him to the King's lab, to be examined by the wise men the king

sent for. There were four of these “experts” all of whom were dressed like

wizards and wore big goggle-like glasses. And they had long white beards. Dan

was strapped to an examination table spread eagle, where he was poked and

prodded like a lab rat. The men looked at him through their magnifying glasses,

and debated as to what he was. They wanted to determine whether he was really a

Fairy or simply a tiny human. They got him to strip at one point, and had him

turn around while they examined his form.


Once done, Dan was

instructed to put his clothes back on. The giant scientists then came to the

conclusion Dan was a fairy of some sort, as no human being was that small. Nor

was his land located anywhere in the known world. Inga entered the room and

picked Dan up and carried him to where the other Maids of Honor were. Dan soon

learned the king had entrusted Inga as his personal nurse, which was much

pleasing to him. As he was very attracted to her physically. He soon met the

other Maids, all of whom were quite attractive. He was asked to disrobe, and was

picked up and handled by the young giant women, who took turns picking him up

and playing with him. They all placed him between their breasts, and loved

feeling Dan's tiny prick poking them. They would rub him across their breasts as

well, hoping to be the lucky one to get his tiny cum on them. One of the Maids

Hilsa, really struck his fancy. She was the daughter of a Moorish woman captured

from Spain by a Viking Raiding Party and brought as a prize to the king. Her

name was Fatima. The king enmoured by Fatima's extraordinarily dark complexion

and unusually curled hair, had a child with her, who was Hilsa. Hilsa looked

kind of like Krista Wilson, Eddie Murphey's wife. She had a café-au-lait

complexion, piercing green eyes, blondish-brown frizzled hair, and lovely full

plush pouting lips. Dan especially loved it when Hilsa picked him up, and played

with his tiny dick between her giant lips, and licked his penis until he came.

She also placed him on her nipple, and ordered him to suck. Life was heaven for

Dan at the palace. The Queen also called for Dan, for the purpose of seeing and

touching him. She was mature and very beautiful, and she also liked holding Dan

and played with him. She also wanted his company to learn about Dan's people and

country. She found him to be something more than merely a pet or a sexual

curiosity. The Queen always sent out for Dan everytime her husband was off on a

military conquest of one kind or the other. The Queen would first converse with

the tiny man, asking him how he enjoyed his stay and whether he needed anything

else. The Queen would then shed some of her clothing to get more “comfortable”

and they'd talk some more. And the Queen would then tell Dan to get “more

comfortable” as well. Not wishing to insult Her Majesty, Dan would comply even

though he felt uneasy about it at first. The Queen would typically pick Dan up,

and place him in the center of her palm, in which she would proceed to touch and

prod his body. She would always end up at Dan's private area, in which she took

delight in stimulating with her thumb and forefinger of her freehand until he

came. Once done, she would place him on her nipple, and order him to play with

it. She at first limited Dan to her upper body, but later also wanted him more

lower down. She took pleasure in having a man no bigger than her thumb

stimulating and massaging her clitoris. She eventually after a few more meetings

let Dan explore inside her. Once the Queen was done, typically, he was warned

not to tell anyone about the goings on in her chamber on pain of being publicly

executed. It was the land of the law, that to have sex with the Queen was death.


Dan was constantly

in demand by the Ladies in Waiting, as well as by other noble women of the land

that came to visit the court. Dan could not believe the effect his size had on

the giant women of the land. And he was intrigued by the fact it was a land full

of blondes. During his stay he rarely came across brunettes of any sex. He was

surprised that even the mulatto Lady in Waiting, Hilsa, was a natural blond as

well! Dan did however, come across a few giants of both sexes (including his

former master Erik) that had red hair, often strawberry blond. Dan could not

believe how much success he was having with the women, a prospect which would

have zero chance of happening in real life! Not that he was a virgin or

anything. In fact he did have three serious girlfriends in his lifetime, two of

whom weren't bad looking. However, he had been single for the last year and a

half. His adventures amongst the giant Norse women had reawakened in him a sense

of his almost forgotten desires. Dan was regarded as a good luck charm by royal

family and others in the kingdom. Victories were regarded as signs of their good

favor with the fairies. Some even stated Dan's arrival was a fulfillment of

prophecy, that Thor would return in the form of the least significant person in

the kingdom. And Dan was viewed as Thor by certain elements in the kingdom that

formed cults based on his worship. The king however, viewed Dan as merely a

fairy, and fairies were regarded as somewhat intermediary between the gods and

mankind. To gain favor with Dan, was to gain favor with the fairy kingdom, which

meant favor with the gods. This is why it was absolutely necessary that Dan was

kept happy. The king had from the get go created Dan's dollhouse with tiny

furniture fit for a tiny king, his own Persian rug, and his own little throne.

His food always consisted of the best meat and fruits in the kingdom. Dan was

always asked what he'd “like” to eat, and when he expressed his wishes, he got

what he wanted. The incidents which happened to Gulliver while he was in

giantland, did not occur to Dan at all. There was no jealous malicious dwarf

trying to kill him, or bees and insects trying to eat him. Neither was their a

pet monkey in the castle. Indeed, pets were banned from the castle, and it was

kept in the utmost cleanness for his good. The king made sure Dan was safe and

nothing was in his environment to cause him harm. Anyone who even so much as cut

a hair from Dan's head, would be sentenced to death by being stretched to death

slowly. This is why the people of the court were always nice to him.


Two women, the most

beautiful and sexy in the kingdom, were chosen as his personal massage

attendants, in addition to the attention he got from the regular Ladies at the

Court. The two women were in their early and mid twenties, and were the most

beautiful he had ever encountered. They had large blue eyes, sunkissed blond

hair, and very sensual and full lips. They kind of reminded him of the “Sex

Slave” from the sci-fi show “Lexx.” He had a massage session set up every day,

in which for three hours one or both of the two women would come and massage

him. They typically used their index finger to gently rub his back. They would

use special oils, to add to the softness of the massage. Dan could not believe

how gentle the two women would be with one finger, as that one finger could

without effort turn him into mush. The women used “other” tricks to relax him,

and set him at ease. One such “trick” was to set him between one of their

breasts and gently rub him in between. He usually got really aroused with this,

and often came during the process. At first he was embarrassed, but when the two

Ladies seemed amused by this, they continued. Other “tricks” included placing

him in their mouth, and holding him between their two plush lips, as he was

massaged in their mouths, by their sensuous giant tongue. The feel of their

giant tongue against his body was really arousing. The two women when they were

together usually took terms. Other times he was allowed to nap in their breasts,

as they would hum him to sleep. As much as Dan enjoyed the attention he got from

the Queen, the Ladies in Waiting, Inga, and his personal massage attendants

Mariah and Carly, he felt alone. He knew that to them, he was nothing but a pet

or a toy. Something to be picked up, handled, and played with like a doll or

hamster. He was not their equals, and was not viewed by them as an equal. At

most he was seen as a man-child. Either way he was a freak of nature and not one

of them. Dan so badly wanted to be back amongst his own kind. People his size he

could relate to as a person. With all his loneliness, Dan did find a friend

amongst the young prince Hans. Hans was seventeen years old and quite the rebel.

Hans would always ask his nurse Inga to leave him in his care for a few hours or

so every week. Hans was very intelligent for a boy steeped in the superstitions

of the age. Dan was able to communicate to Hans he was not a fairy, but was a

human being like himself, and was shrunk by whatever barrier there was between

their two worlds. Hans also understood the concept of time travel, and

understood that there was nothing magical about Dan. Problem was he could not

try and reason otherwise with his father in pain of being burnt for heresy. But

Hans swore to change the Heresy Laws once he inherited the throne. Problem was,

his older brother, the Crown Prince, was set to inherit the throne once the King



Hans would take Dan

with him on his many adventures into the city. Hans' favorite activity was to go

to watch executions. Dan got to sit in Hans' upper chest pocket, which had a

hole burrowed through it so that Dan could see what was going on outside. The

site of a man getting his head chopped off sickened Dan. But after eleven times

being taken to see these events, he was soon desensitized to it. Even though he

did not agree with this barbaric practice. Other times they watched accused

witches being drowned as well as burnt. One poor boy was about to have his hands

chopped off for stealing a loaf of bread. Hans who was full of compassion, a

virtue rare for that time, paid the store owner a bag of gold, to more than

compensate for the bread stolen. The boy was pardoned and sent away by Hans with

two bags of silver, which was more than enough for the boy and his family to

move from their hovel of a shack, into a bigger and better house, plus was

enough to feed them for ten years, plus start up a family business for them.

Hans' generosity and sense of justice, really amazed Hans. Hans was also the

only giant that took him serious as a human being, and treated him as an equal.

Were it not for Hans, Dan would have made an attempt to escape. Hans really

reminded Dan of his best friend Ted, back home. Hans loved girls. Even though by

custom, he was supposed to not have any relations with a female until he got

married, these were not put into effect. Every teenage boy of the greater

nobility and royal family had their mistresses amongst the common women.

Relations between princes and Ladies in Waiting did occur, but mostly in the

form of petting and oral sex. The Ladies in Waiting, like princesses, were

expected to be virgins when they got married. To lose virginity, was to become

unmarriageable, and thus banished from the ranks of the aristocracy, and sent

amongst the commoners. Hans had “fooled” around with a few of the Ladies at

court, including Inga. Hans told Dan how Inga gave the “best head.” Hans never

touched Hilsa or this other Lady named Arlena, as they were both his

half-sisters. Although he found both quite attractive for blood relatives.


Hans decided to go

on one of his adventures into town visiting his mistress and decided to take Dan

with him on this particular adventure. Hans figured that Dan being far from his

homeland must be in want of female affection, and decided he'd do his best.

Little did Hans know, Dan did it or rather “was done” by every Lady at court,

along with his very mother the Queen, and the two personal massage attendants

his father had assigned him specifically for the purpose of massaging him. Had

the king realized what was going on with Dan and the Ladies at court, he would

be extremely angered, and would have the Ladies executed for molesting the

kingdom's good luck charm. Sex between mortals and fairies or gods, was

considered both blasphemy and sins against nature. Hans on the other hand did

not fully buy the superstitions of the kingdom, and had no problem carrying Dan

along with him! Hans went to his girlfriend Trisha, who lived in town. She was

the daughter of the wealthiest merchant in town. Even though her father was

aware of his daughter seeing the prince, he said nothing about it as it would be

his word against the prince. And the words of 1000 commoners against one prince,

did not count. It was for this reason Trisha did nothing about her love affair

with the young prince. When Hans arrived in the city Trisha was out in the

market shopping for her family. Hans jumped out of his carriage and greeted the

beautiful maiden. She was the same height as Hans just about. Tall, blond, and

busty, she was any man's dream woman. She had thin lips, but had a very angelic

face, and looked very heavenly, with those huge blue eyes, the freckles on her

nose, and her narrow long face. She had slightly high cheekbones, and was slim

build. She was with another blond girl, who more fuller putting lips, an

athletic build, and she also was quite busty. Both had firm round asses.

Trisha's friend was a bit taller than both Hans and herself. Dan calculated that

Trisha's friend must have been roughly 6'4 in height, where as both Trisha Hans

were about 6'2. Either way as he could see through his little peep hole in Hans'

pocket, both girls were simply stunning! Dan also learned that while Hans was

seventeen, Trisha was 19, and her friend was 21 years old, the same age as Dan.


VISITING FOR THE DAY” replied Trisha. “NICE TO MEET OPHELIA” answered Hans who

took her hand in his, and kissed her knuckles. “I CAN'T BELIEVE I GOT TO MEET

THE PRINCE, I MUST BE DREAMING” said Ophelia who was about to faint, but didn't.


US THE SAME” replied a very humble Hans. “THANKS FOR THE KIND WORDS YOUR

HIGHNESS” replied Ophelia in return. “PLEASE” interjected Hans, “CALL ME HANS, I




SOMETHING SPECIAL TO SHOW YOU BOTH.” Both women agreed to go back to the castle

with Hans.


At the castle Hans

took the two beautiful women to his private quarters. “GIRLS GET COMFY FOR WHAT


eagerly. “BE PATIENT MY DEER WOMAN, YOU'LL SEE.” Dan found himself gently picked

up between thumb and forefinger by Hans, and pulled out. Holding him by the

waist he was brought before the gaze of the two women. “OH GREAT THOR, WHAT IS


LITTLE MANKIN IS NO BIGGER THAN MY THUMB” states Trisha again. Ophelia was

without words. “WHY NOT HOLD HIM TRISHA” suggested Hans. Trisha wrapped her hand

around Dan, and took him from Hans. She brought him before her huge pretty face


AND FEEL SO REAL” whispered Trisha. Trisha's hand felt warm and soft, but a

little rougher than that of the Ladies at court. But at the same time softer

than that his first master's wife Uga and their friend Hilda. Dan came to

understand the real differences of class, and how one's class determined the

quality of their hands and skins. Even the skins and complexions of the noble

women at court were much better than those of the common people. Either way,

just being in Trisha's hand completely surrounded by its flesh, was turning him

on. “CAN I HOLD HIM TOO” Ophelia suddenly asked. “WHY SURE COUSIN HERE HE IS”

Trisha replied as she handed Dan over to Ophelia. Ophelia's hands were also warm

and soft, and felt good as they wrapped around him. “I CAN'T BELIEVE I AM

HOLDING A MAN SO SMALL IN MY HAND” Ophelia said in amazement. She giggled a lot.

Ophelia brought Dan up to her giant pouting lips and gave him a kiss on his face

which covered his entire face. She opened her palm and had Dan lay on his back.

He laid flat as she stroked him with her index finger like a pet. She began

absent-mindedly speaking with Hans and Trisha as she stroked Dan. Dan loved the

feeling, especially when she ventured to his crotch area and lightly stroked

across his now hard penis. “SO LADIES LET'S HAVE A LITTLE FUN SHALL WE”

suggested Hans who was feeling really horny at the sight of Ophelia continued to

pet the tiny man. Hans got undressed and stripped naked. This was Dan's first

time seeing a giant male naked. He had seen plenty of naked giant women, but

never a giant male. Hans had a pretty large cock proportionally, even if looking

at it from normal height. Trisha and Ophelia got undressed too, and were

completely naked. Dan had been placed down on the counter while Ophelia dressed,

and watched with lust in his eyes at the two giantesses before him. “Well this

will be interesting having a foursome with a little man” said Hans with a

mischevious grin on his face. “HOW ABOUT THIS OPHELIA, YOU TAKE LITTLE DAN AND




concluded. With that Ophelia picked Dan up (who had already undressed) and

placed him on her left breast. Dan was now really hard as his tiny dick rubbed

into the giant flesh of Ophelia's left breast. “OH LITTLE MAN, I CAN FEEL YOUR

TINY COCK PRESSING INTO ME” purred Ophelia. Ophelia rubbed Dan across her

breasts, and also down across her lower chest to her firm and toned tummy. She

then took Dan up to her giant full lips and kissed his midsection. Her lips felt

soft as a pillow and were sensuos at the same time. Dan was in pure heaven.

Ophelia snaked her tongue out and licked Dan's tiny hard penis which was about

to explode. The warm wet giant tongue was bringing him further to heaven. After

a minute of this he soon came all over her giant tongue. “MMMMMMMMM” moaned

Ophelia with pleasure. Ophelia placed Dan at her clitoris and asked him to

massage it. Dan massaged it as best as he could, remembering how he pleasured

the other giant women he had pleasured so far. “OH OH OH, PLEASE DON'T STOP”

moaned Ophelia in pleasure.


Ophelia got wet and

wet, and soon came knocking Dan down. “MY TURN” said Trisha as she grabbed Dan.

Meanwhile Hans who just had shot his load inside Trisha's mouth went over to

Ophelia. He was hard again, and fucked Ophelia between her busty tits. Trisha

took Dan in her hand, and explored his body with her index finger. She stroked

his tiny nipples which drove him insane. Seeing how much he enjoyed having his

tiny chest manipulated, Trisha decided to bring Dan up to her giant mouth, and

licked his chest with her tongue. Now Dan was really hard, and a few times her

tongue found its way to his crotch. Dan was about to explode once more, and

seeing this Trisha teased his tiny cock with her tongue, and he exploded. She

then placed him on her right nipple and ordered Dan to play with it, using his

tiny hands. Dan played with the giant nipple and licked it with his tongue.

Trisha moaned in pleasure as he did this. Trisha next placed him on the left

nipple and ordered Dan to do the same thing. Dan was now getting hard again, and

decided to finish her off with his dick in her nipple. He placed his tiny dick

into her milk duct, and pumped her like there was no tomorrow. This was like

nothing Dan has felt before in all his life. But before Dan could cum, Trisha

wanted to give him a “personal” tour of her giant body. Holding him by his waist

between thumb and forefinger, she slid him down her tummy, and across her hip

and thigh, down to her ankles. Dan came by the time he was slid under her foot.

Dan was really enjoying the experience. She then slid him up her other leg up to

her giant pussy. Trisha rubbed Dan all over her pussy lips, then holding him by

his legs very gently, thrusted him in and out of her giant vagina head first.

She thrusted him in and out like a dildo. Dan WAS a human dildo. During this his

tiny penis brushed back and forth across her ever closing vaginal walls, and he

soon came again as she thrusted him back and forth. The walls closed in on him

as she soon climaxed. Trisha took the cum soaked Dan up to her giant mouth and

placed him feet first into her mouth, and held him by the waist with her lips.

Dan enjoyed her warm wet tongue, snaking around his tiny body, together with the

humming vibrations she made as she did this. This Teutonic giantess was very

skilled and soon had him cuming once again and wanting more. Once done, and

having cleaned him, she was soon joined by Ophelia, who had finished fucking

Hans. Was watching on the side as Ophelia began caressing her cousin's breasts.

Trisha did likewise. Dan was still in Trisha's mouth, now totally submerged.

Ophelia kissed Trisha on the lips and snaked her tongue inside her mouth. Both

giantesses played with Dan in their mouths with their tongues as they kissed.

Dan was really enjoying the sensation of being pressed against two giant

tongues. Once the kissing was finished, he had found he was now in Ophelia's

mouth. She sucked on Dan and played with him some more, then spat him out on to

her tongue. Ophelia picked Dan up and ran across both her body and Trisha's. Dan

was in pure heaven. None of the Ladies of the court were this freaky as Trisha

and her older cousin. Hans was meanwhile masturbating as he watched his

girlfriend and her cousin playing with the tiny man. This was for him a new

experience, and he wondered what it must be like to be a small man in the hands

of two gorgeous giant women. He could take no more and asked Trisha to finish

him off. With that, she gave him a hand job while Ophelia had Dan between her

breasts. Hans soon came, and he was now exhausted. “LET'S GET SOME REST, SHALL

WE” suggested Hans. ‘BUT FIRST HOW ABOUT SOME WINE.” Hans got up, put on his

clothes and motioned to everyone else to do the same. Once everyone including

Dan was dressed, Hans rang his bell, for his personal servant boy to come in.

The servant was asked to pour three glasses for him and the ladies, and pour

some wine in Dan's own custom-made cup. Dan who was on Ophelia's lap toasted his

tiny glass to the giants and they all drank their wine. Snacks were also brought

in for them all to enjoy. The snacks consisted of slices of roast lamb, grapes,

and bread. They ate and enjoyed themselves. The four got tired from the earlier

orgie they had, and now from the food and fell asleep.

A World of Giants

Part III

Dan awoke to the feeling of something the size of two tree trunks rubbing him

under between his legs. Dan was still half-dreaming and was not fully aware of

what was going on around him. After two minutes and feeling very hard and close

to exploding, he awoke. There was nothing unusual about this, as this was a very

common routine occurrence for him. Dan opened his eyes to the sight of Inga's

giant index finger as usual rubbing his erection. She kept going until he came.

“WAKY WAKY LITTLE MAN” she chirped to Dan almost like a song. “I AM GOING TO

TOWN AND WANT TO TAKE YOU WITH ME” she said as she curled her fingers around my

semi-nude body and carried me to the wash area. There she placed him on the side

of the tub, and stripped down before him. Dan saw the all to familiar sight of

her giant body before him. Once she had finished stripping, she went into the

tub which she had filled with both hot and cold water, and lathered herself up.

She rinsed herself off as Dan watched. When done, she picked Dan up and rubbed

him in the left over lather on her body, and started washing his body. She

rubbed him lastly between his legs, and Dan feeling hard exploded to her gentle

rubbing. “DID YOU CUM YET LITTLE ONE” asked Inga as she continued to rub him.

When he indicated yes, she dipped him in the water to rinse him off, and then

walked out of the tub with him in her closed fist.

Inga got dressed as did Dan. Inga and Dan had breakfast, which that day

consisted of roasted lamb, fruit, and wine mixed with honey. When done, Inga

picked Dan up and placed him in his special carrying box. There she went into a

carriage and went to visit her cousin the Duchess of Fransburg. To get to

Franssburg we had to go through the capital city. Dan got to see many of the

familiar sites Hans used to show him. Then left the city gates and traveled five

hours to get to her destination. Along the way several times Inga would open

Dan's box and bring a finger in to stroke and pet him. “YOU WILL LOVE MY COUSIN


though it could get quite bumpy at times, being his side and all. Arriving at

the Duchess' castle, Inga got out holding Dan's box and had her servant boy

knock on the Duchess' door. The door opened and I was greeted by an incredibly

beautiful woman. She was quite tall relevant to Inga's average height. I'd

presume probably 5'11 by the standards of my world. But she was incredibly huge

as a skyscraper from my height! She had long blond hair all done up, and deep

blue eyes. Dan noticed that she had some cute freckles on her nose, nice white

skin, and very full pouting lips. She was just incredibly gorgeous, slim and

busty, and was dressed like a typical Medieval princess. The two giantesses

hugged and greeted each other, and entered the palace towards her entertainment


“SO WHAT'S THIS SURPRISE YOU HAVE FOR ME” the Duchess anxiously asked Inga. “OH

YOU'LL SEE” Inga replied. With that Dan saw the roof of his box open, and Inga

reaching in for him. She picked him up between thumb and forefinger, and placed

him on a nearby table. For the first time Dan got a full look at the Duchess,

who was a site to behold. She looked about 28 years old to him. The Duchess bent

down to have her face on level with Dan, and gawked at his tiny form. As Dan

stared at the Duchess, he could not take his eyes off of her full pouting lips.

They were just mesmerizing. “WOW AMAZING” the Duchess stated. “WHY ARE YOU SO

TINY” whispered the Duchess. Dan also felt himself getting hard to his

embarrassment. “CAN I HOLD HIM” the Duchess said as she continues to examine

Dan. Dan was so transfixed on the giantess that he did not hear Inga give her

consent to the Duchess holding you. The Duchess stood up and then reached down

for Dan, wrapping her fingers around him. Dan was totally engulfed in her fist.

She brought him up to her giant blue eyes to take a closer look. Dan stared

straight into her blue eyes which were like an ocean to him with an endless

black abyss in the center. “SO DELICATE AND INTRICATE” the Duchess continued not

being able to fully fathom . She opened her hand to fully examine Dan. With the

index finger of her free hand, she probed Dan's clothed body feeling his chest

and going down his legs. She did not touch him between the legs. She then

flipped Dan over. “I'D LIKE TO SEE WHAT'S UNDER THOSE CLOTHES” the Duchess said

in a serious tone. The Duchess

placed Dan down so he could disrobe for her inspection. Once undressed the

Duchess picked Dan up and enclosed him in her hand. Without close Dan could

totally feel every inch of her skin surrounding his naked body. He was now

starting to get aroused from the sexy feeling of her hand around his tiny naked

body. She once again opened her palm, and examined Dan very closely. She took

her index hand and began stroking his chest. Dan enjoyed the feeling as she was

really gentle, and the feel was very sensuous. She went lower with her proding.

She took her index finger between his legs, and held his tiny prick which was

now hard. “I WONDER IF IT WORKS LIKE A REAL MAN” the Duchess said as she began

to gently stroke his tiny @#%$. The Duchess was not being playful in the same

sense Inga always was. She was evidently doing this purely out of scientific

curiousity. She just wanted to know if he would ejaculate like a real man would.

Surely enough Dan came all over her giant finger. The Duchess brought the tiny

deposit up to her eye for close inspection. “I CAN BARELY SEE IT” the Duchess

stated. “BUT I GUESS THAT ANSWERS MY CURIOUSITY” she said as she wrapped her

hand once again around a now limp Dan.



AS A NORMAL HUMAN MALE” replied the Duchess in a serious tone. “SO LITTLE ONE I


the Duchess who's name was Jehana (pronounced YEH-HAN-AH) about himself and

where he came from. He sat in the Duchess' open palm as he told his story. She

stroked him (still naked) all over just like a pet rat. Several times she played

with his tiny @#%$ bringing him close to yet another climax. It was weird the

way she sexually played with him, but was at the same time very serious. “I


as she manipulated his tiny organ with her index finger. Dan told her yes, and

that the women were his size too. “WOULDN'T IT BE NICE IF WE COULD HAVE A FEMALE


to pet and stroke him between his legs. “SO WHAT'S IT LIKE LIVING IN A WORLD OF

GIANTS” Jehana continued to enquire. “Well it's um” Dan gasped as he felt

himself coming to another climax. “Well it's quite the experience” as he shot

his load once again. Jehana was transfixed on his story. Dan was once again hard

as she continued to stroke him between his legs. She was in a trance as she

continued to learn about his culture and where he came from.


Inga. Dan could tell by her voice she was kind of jealous that her man, was

being toyed with by her cousin. “YOU ARE RIGHT, WHERE ARE MY MANNERS” said

Jahana, who wrapped her fingers around Dan once again as they went to the court

room. Jehana ordered her cook to prepare a dinner for them all. The dinner

consisted of bread, barbecue roasted pig, and fruits. The meat and vegetables

were cut into little pieces and mashed up, for Dan. He was given a small thimble

for a glass, and wine was poured in it. “TOO DAN” Jahana said as she and Inga

rose their glasses in the air. As small as the thimble was, it was still half

Dan's size, so he could not lift it. Infact to drink it he had to stand up and

dip his face in to drink it. Over the dinner Dan learned Jehana was widowed as

her husband had died during a raid in Ireland. She has since been in the castle

all by herself. After the meal, Dan was taken up by Inga and placed in his tiny

box. The box was then handed to Jehana's maid who took the box and placed it in

the guestroom. But before the maid left, she thought she'd get a look for

herself of the tiny man. She opened the box and took Dan out. Dan was still

naked, and he was wrapped in the maid's more rougher hand. “HELLO LITTLE ONE”

said the maid as she brought Dan up to her huge face. The Maid was a slight bit

on the plump side, but still quite attractive. She had big blue eyes, a few

freckles on her cheeks and nose, and frizzly strawberry blond hair. Her lips

were also full and pouting as well. But she was not as pretty as Jehana however.

She brought Dan to her nose and sniffed him. “SMELL NICE LITTLE ONE” as she

could still smell the bubble bath Dan had taken earlier before his journey. She

now held Dan by the waist and brought him up to her plush giant lips and kissed

him in the midsection. He was now hard again. Her giant lips were as soft as

pillows. “YUMMMMM” the Maid said, as she licked him up and down like a lollipop.

She paid special interest to his tiny @#%$, as the wet sensuous tongue probed

between his legs. Dan could hold it no longer and came. “THAT WILL DO FOR NOW

LITTLE ONE, I'LL PUT YOU IN YOUR LITTLE HOME” she said as she gave Dan one last

kiss and placed him in his box to rest.

Dan had an interesting time at the palace. He eventually got to sleep with the

Duchess, who missing having a man in her life, decided to play with Dan. Dan got

to climb her boobs, and explore her tummy. Jehana grabbed him and dipped him in

oil, and used him to spread it all over her naked body. He was rubbed into her

cheeks, down her neck, and across her bust chest. Dan was rubbed all the way

down to her smooth shapely legs where Dan came as soon as he reached her knee.

She rubbed him across the soles of the bottom of her feet and across her ball,

at which point he came again. “I NEED YOU INSIDE ME” Jehana said, as she took

him in her hand, and thrust him in and out of her giant @#%$ like a dildo. Soon

she came and Dan was brought up to her face and placed in her giant mouth, as

her giant plush lips wrapped around his chest. Her tongue played with his tiny

body as she washed him off. She soon sucked in all of him into her mouth, to get

off all the @#%$ juices on him. When done she spit Dan on to her palm. “THANKS

LITTLE MAN” she said as she brought her palm to her juicy full lips and gently

kissed him.

Time soon came for Inga and Dan to return back to the King's castle. Dan missed

Jehana, although Inga did promise to return back. Back at the palace Dan was

placed back in his room. Dan went to sleep. He was awoken by a knock on his doll

house. Dan wondered who it could be since Inga never knocked. She simply opened

his house and poked at his tiny genitals. He came out and sure enough saw

Hilsa's giant face waiting for him outside. “HI LITTLE ONE” she said. Her breath

was sweet as always as it washed over him. He could not get over those perfectly

full thick pouting lips of hers. Dan took in the beauty of her smooth caramel

complexion and lovely exotic blue eyes. She looked very much like Nicole

Mitchell, the wife of Eddie Murphey. “I THOUGHT I'D VISIT YOU, I'M BOARD” she

said with a warm smile on her face. She brought her palm up for me to climb on

to. Dan obediently climbed in, and laid flat on my stomach as she brought me up


ME” she said. Hilsa other than Hans, was one of the few people Dan considered to

be his true genuine friends. That actually respected him as a person, and did

not see him as a freak of nature or a play thing. Unlike his massage attendants

or the other Maids of Honor, she actually asked before touching.

Dan and Hilsa had a lot of deep conversations. Hilsa talked more about herself

and her history. Also about how lonely she was. Being the daughter of a Moorish

princess captured from Spain by a Viking raiding party, she was ostracized by

the queen. The Queen would barely acknowledge Hilsa's presence, and when she did

she would contemptuously refer to her as “that Moor” or as the “black wretch.”

Other names hurled at Hilsa by the Queen were “Moorish bastardette”, “bastard

child”, “daughter of perdition”, as well as “half-Moor.” Her father the king,

did not talk to her at all, and would not recognize her presence. Her brother

Hans, however did talk to her and was quite kind. She had some memories of her

mother at age eight. Her mother told her about her homeland of Al-Andalus and

how the streets were paved and lighted. She so much wanted to see this Al-Andalus

her mother came from. Hilsa's mother Fatima (who was renamed “Andromeda” by the

king) told her that she was captured while at the royal villa. She was the

sultan, Abd-al-Rahman I's aunt from his mother's side. Her mother died when she

was age eight, due to alcoholism and neglect. She was made a Maid of Honor,

since the King by law of the land, had to recognize his illegitimate children.

At age 26 Hilsa was still unmarried and seemed doomed to be a spinster. She was

incredibly beautiful and had an amazing athletic body, and she was constantly

courted by visiting nobles who took a liking to her exotic appearance. However,

in order to get married she needed a dowry, and the king was unwilling to pay a

dowry for her. Thus, she was doomed to remain unmarried.

As Dan heard this he became moved, and decided he'd have a talk with the king.

Dan got an audience with the king and tried to talk the king into providing a

dowry for her. “NEVER NEVER NEVER” thundered the king. “HOW DARE YOU MEDDLE IN

MY KINGDOM'S BUSINESS” boomed the king in anger, as he wrapped his hand around

Dan, squeezing him a bit, and brought him before his huge face. “NO HALF-MOOR

BASTARD CHILD WILL GET A DOWRY OUT OF ME.” Dan however, knew that the king

needed safe passage through the Mediterranean for more raiding expeditions, and

how an alliance with the Moors would serve the best interest of the Kingdom or

Norway. He explained to the king Hilsa's mom was aunt of the king, which means a

marriage between between Hilsa and one of the kings at Castille would bring

great benefits to him. The king was now calm, and thought over carefully what

Dan said. Remembering how his raiding parties had since Dan's arrival brought a

lot more slaves and booty than usual, thought that this “fairy” could be right.

“WELL YOU HAVE A POINT LITTLE ONE” he said as he stroked Dan's head. Dan was now

sitting on the right arm rest of the king's throne. “IF I MARRIED HILSA TO THE


he said as he continued to pet Dan's head.


UNSTOPPABLE.” With that the king sent for Hilsa to come before him. Hilsa came

in and prostrated herself before her father. “WELL DAUGHTER I HAVE SOME GOODNEWS

FOR YOU.” Hilsa had never heard the king refer to her as “daughter” before.

Something was really different about the king's attitude. “I HAVE DECIDED TO


Hilsa was speechless and didn't know what to say. She could not believe this,

she'd finally get to marry. “THANK YOU YOUR MAJESTY” she said as she kissed the



WAY.” With that Hilsa leveled her face with Dan, and said “THANK YOU.” She

kissed him on the face. “MAY I TAKE DAN” asked Hilsa to the king. “SURE


her palm to Dan and he walked on it. As she left the king's chamber, she

lovingly stroked Dan like a pet hamster. “ YOU ARE THE GREATEST THING TO COME

INTO MY LIFE, DAN” she said as she brought him up to her lips and kissed him


They entered Hilsa's personal quarters where she placed Dan down on her toilet

[makeup dresser]. There, she asked Dan if he wanted to fool around. Dan nodded

his head in consent. With that he undressed, and then sat and watched as Hilsa

gave him a slow strip tease. She had a really firm toned body, and was quite

busty. Her ass was nice and round, and Dan could feel himself getting hard.

Hilsa picked Dan up and brought him up to her huge pretty face. “WHAT DO WE HAVE

HERE” she seductively whispered as she stuck her giant tongue out and licked

Dan's hard dick. She continued to lick his dick, as Dan braced for an orgasm.

However before he could shoot his load, she placed him on her left breast and

told him to play in her valleys. Lying down at this point, Dan climbed her left

breast, and started playing with her nipple which was the size of a pumpkin to

him. Hilsa moaned in pleasure as he licked and played with the giant nippl

Giantess Stories: A World of Giants

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