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by willie

Part I

Colin was broke. He had worked all summer saving spending money for his first

semester of college. It was a job he hated, but his father had gotten it for him

and he knew he could survive doing it for one summer. He made over 2000 dollars

washing dishes at a home town diner. Unfortunately for Colin, he partied more

than he worked and when he finally went off to school, he only had $700 to his


Colin's parents agreed to pay his tuition. They made Colin reluctantly agree to

buy his own books and pay for his own meal plan. Colin, the baby of four

children, had life too easy and didn't know the value of life's necessities. He

had no idea that the cost of books and food at an ivy league school were just as

outrageous as the hefty tuition.

After writing checks to the book store and the dining hall, and loading his mini

fridge with beer, Colin was left with a mere thirty dollars. He needed a way to

make some money. As a first year engineering student, Colin was taking 17

credits including two three hour labs. He knew that if he was going to survive

his first semester, he would not have the time for a job. He decided he would

try the quick route.

Colin first tried his parents, but they turned him down cold. They paid a pretty

penny to send him and his three sisters to good schools and he had to learn

responsibility someday and blah blah blah. He tried hitting up some of his new

dorm mates, but they only laughed in his face. He tried going to a credit union,

but found he had nothing of value for collateral. Colin even tried a sperm bank.

He had sex once in his life when he was drunk and caught a minor case of a

sexually transmitted disease. The titers in his blood showed up and he was again

turned down. Colin was getting desperate.

Freshmen started classes on a Thursday with every one else reporting for class

on the following Monday. This gave the freshmen a chance to orient themselves

for one weekend. After two overwhelming days of classes, Colin found himself

outside the college limits on Saturday afternoon. His school was in a big city,

and Colin was wandering through the streets, looking in storefronts at things he

wanted but could not afford.

Colin was getting depressed when he came upon a piece of paper stapled to a

pole. EARN CASH it said in bold letters. Below it was a single tab with a

telephone number on it. All the other tabs had already been removed. Without

thinking, Colin tore off the last tab and put it into his pocket.

Colin wasted no time when he got back to the dorm dialing the number. He was a

little apprehensive about making the call, but he had to know how much cash they

were talking about. The phone rang four times before it was answered and a

female voice said simply, "hello."

Colin nearly dropped the phone and ran. "I'm sorry," he stuttered. "I must have

the wrong number."

Before he could hang up the phone, the voice spoke back. "What number were you

dialing?" Colin read the number from the tab of paper. "That's right," she said.

"You must be calling about the experiment."

"Experiment. What experiment?" Colin's curiosity was becoming aroused. "And what

does this experiment pay?"

"Before I answer that, I need to know if you smoke cigarettes or if you ever

have smoked them."

"No never," Colin answered.

"Excellent," the voice said. "This experiment involves a cure for smoking. In no

way should you be harmed, and it pays $300."

"300 dollars!" Colin exclaimed "Count me in."

"Don't be too hasty," she said quickly. "You will be with us for an entire

weekend. Next weekend."

"No problem," he retorted back. "My mom wants me to come home next weekend. This

can be my out."

"Good," the pretty voice said. "Report next Saturday at 6AM - sharp." After

getting the directions, Colin hung up the phone. He figured he'd wait until

about Thursday to tell his mom he wasn't coming home for the weekend. The

thought of making an easy 300 dollars left Colin in a good mood all week.

As his first full week of school came to an end, Colin found himself thinking

more and more about this experiment he was doing for money. He was already

overwhelmed with his classes and was homesick. He considered blowing off the

commitment he made and going home to see mom and dad. The only thing that

stopped him was the cost of the train ticket home. It cost 5 dollars more than

he had. He cursed himself for being talked into going to a school so far away,

no matter how good a school it was. Colin wanted to go to the local state

school, but it wasn't good enough for his father.

Finally Saturday morning came. Colin, because of his nervousness, didn't sleep

well the night before. He woke later than he had planned and had to rush to make

it to the hotel in time. A large hotel seemed a funny place to hold an

experiment. He remembered the girl on the phone last Saturday tell him that the

experiment lasted two days. He figured he might get a free room for the night,

along with a decent meal. His dining hall food left much to be desired and he

looked forward to a good meal.

On his way up to room 212 where he was told to report, Colin passed a second

floor mezzanine where smoking was evidently allowed. What got his attention was

the fact that twelve or so attractive women were standing around smoking. He

couldn't help but wonder if they were also part of the experiment.

"How can they hypnotize us without putting us to sleep," a tall blonde was

saying to a shorter dark haired woman.

"It's group hypnosis," the brunette answered. "I don't know how it works but my

friend Amy said it worked for her."

"Well I've been smoking for so long that nothing can cure me," another blonde

was saying. As Colin passed the final woman in the group, he smiled to her. She

was a beautiful black haired women with deep set eyes and full lips. He was

amazed when she smiled back. He hoped these women were in the experiment and

that there'd be some interaction with this one.

Upon entering the room, Colin was met by a women in her mid thirties. She

offered him a seat behind a table. "Hi, my name is Kate," she offered. "I will

be running this experiment." She had a soft reassuring voice that instantly put

Colin's nerves to rest. "Every weekend we run a program to help a group of women

quit smoking. The women in today's group are all in their mid thirties and have

been smoking since their high school days".

"I think I saw some of them on the way up," Colin said.

"That's possible. They are meeting in the large conference room on this floor,"

Kate told him.

"Why are they all so pretty?"

"We find attractive women hold higher opinions of themselves. The process works

much better for women with high self esteem. We don't waste our time on

unattractive women."

"Well where do I come in?" Colin asked.

"That will be explained to you shortly. First you need to read and sign the

disclaimer in front of you. Then after a quick check up by our doctor, your role

in these proceedings will be explained."

Colin tried to read the paper in front of him but could not seem to be able to

concentrate. "What am I signing?" he asked.

"It says that we are not held accountable if anything bad happens to you. It's

just for insurance reasons. We've been doing this all summer and the most that

happened was a tiny cigarette burn on an index finger. Trust me. It's extremely


"I have no problem with that," said Colin as he signed at the x. "Now what?"

"Follow me," ordered Kate as she put the form Colin signed into a filing cabinet

that stood in the corner of the room. She then led him through a second door in

the room, through a hallway and into a another room. Colin didn't like this

room. It was very small with white metal looking walls. He instantly felt a

surge of claustrophobia. He was about to panic when he heard the reassuring

voice of Kate.

"This room is the only place in this whole hotel where the doctor can examine

you properly. Please try to relax. The doctor will be in shortly." She gave

Colin a gentle smile. "I'll see you again in a little while." Kate left the room

and closed the door behind her.

The door made an audible click like it was being locked. Colin ran toward it to

find it had no knob. He beat on the door until he heard the walls begin to hum.

The hum grew in loudness rapidly until Colin was forced to cover his ears with

his hands. It didn't help. Colin grew lightheaded. He felt like he was going to

faint. The last sensation he felt before passing out was the feeling of his body

getting lighter.

While Colin was going through his transformation, the women smokers were being

seated in the second floor conference room. Kate entered the room and stepped up

to the podium. When the last of the yacking women finally ended their

conversations, Kate spoke. "Good morning, ladies," she said. She was answered

with a non enthusiastic rumble from the crowd of twenty two women. "This morning

you have smoked your last cigarette."

After another round of mumbling from the crowd, Kate continued. "I know you all

want to quit smoking. That's why you're here. Everyone knows what a disgusting

habit smoking is. You women are all single or divorced. How many potential

husbands have you scared away with your tobacco breath? How many years have you

already taken off your lives? How many years have you unsuccessfully tried to

quit smoking? We have a foolproof process that will help you quit. In fact, it

won't just help you quit, it will kick the smoking habit for you." This time the

response from the crowd of women was much more enthusiastic.

"My associate, Claudia, is passing out the key element to your success in

quitting this horrible habit. You are each being given our patented fake

cigarette. We will talk you through a simulation of normal life throughout the

four hour period. When you have a craving for a cigarette, just put the fake one

in your mouth and use it as you would use your normal cigarettes. Smoke it as

often as you choose. We do have some constraints, though. Please do not harm the

fake cigarettes in any way. Do not bite them. Do not put them out with your

foot. And by all means, don't try to light them. They do not need to be lit.

Lighting them will cause an odor that will make most of you vomit."

As Claudia placed a fake cigarette in front of each lady, Kate continued with

her lecture. "Please ladies, don't pick up your cigarettes yet. You may notice

that they look and feel different from normal cigarettes. That, as you will

find, is part of the appeal. You will enjoy the taste and feel of these

cigarettes so much that you won't want your virginia slims anymore. At 12:00 I

will take your fake cigarettes from you. These ones have built in sensors that

allow us to study and improve our product. Each of you will be given another

fake cigarette to take home with you. You will be compelled to suck on it

instead of your tobacco cigarette. After a while, when you your tobacco

addiction has ended, you will no longer need our fake cigarette. Then ladies,

you will be cured. Now go ahead, give our product a try."

Colin slowly came to. He was laying on his back on a hard surface. He opened his

eyes to find his vision slightly blurred. The only thing he could make out far

above was the ceiling of a giant room. The ceiling had huge flush mounted

fluorescent lights. He tried to shake his head from side to side but nothing

happened. He tried to lift his arms then his legs, but they couldn't move

either. Colin's body was stiff as a board and he wasn't even able to twitch a


He could here a voice talking. It was a female voice that he knew. It was Kate

who he had just met. Then Colin remembered the experiment. She did something to

his body. He thought able the moments just before he passed out. Then he

remembered the strange sensation he experienced. He was trying to figure out

what the sensation was, when something huge spun him around 180 degrees.

Colin was now able to see something, but he did not believe what he saw. Looking

down at him was the giant face of a woman. She was smiling with thick full lips

and dark eyes. Her face was framed by flowing black hair. It was the face of the

beautiful woman who smiled at him earlier.

Colin laid there paralyzed and watched as the tips of her thumb and forefinger

slowly approached. Her long nails shot toward him like giant red shovels. The

thumb landed on his midsection. It was twice as wide as Colin's body. The nail

of the forefinger slid under his butt, lifting it enough so the finger could get

a hold of him opposite the thumb. Colin was then lifted up off the table. As he

was lifted by his temporary owner's chest, Colin was able to see the nametag she

wore on her blouse. It read "Destiny". Colin realized his destiny was in the

fingers of a woman named Destiny. His ascent continued until he was even with

the women's lips. "Funny looking cigarette," she whispered to Colin. It was then

that Colin realized his role in the experiment.

Although Colin couldn't move, all his senses were functioning. He felt the

warmth from her fingers. He saw her colossal lips right in front of his body. He

heard her voice talk to him. He smelled the cigarette smoke on her breath. He

had yet to experience taste. That was soon to change.

The lips in front of him opened as Colin's body was propelled forward. His feet

came up as his face entered Destiny cavernous mouth. Her lips closed around his

whole head and he found himself smothered in moist soft lip flesh as Destiny

tried to inhale through him. Colin knew his mouth was frozen opened because he

tasted Destiny's lipstick. He also knew he felt a serious stirring in his groin.

His manhood was unable to become erect and that was making Colin a bit


Destiny took a long deep drag on her cigarette but did not come up with a lung

full of deadly smoke. Instead she was filled with a feeling of euphoria. She

removed the cigarette long enough to lick her lips. She then took another long

puff and shivered. "Wow," she exclaimed out loud. All around her women were

having the same response. "These fake cigarettes are better than the real

thing," she said to the woman next to her who was too much involved with her own

cigarette to hear what Destiny was saying.

Kate lectured the women for an hour while they smoked continuously on their

toys. Kate knew that none of the women had any idea they were puffing on real

shrunken men. This part always brought a stirring to Kate's own groin. She knew

what the men were going through. They were being tantalized by the luscious lips

of their beautiful but unknowing tormentors with no way of stopping the sexual

torture. She watched as man after man was sucked on. When the hour was over, she

handed the floor over to her partner and went into her private office to relieve


Claudia took the stage and immediately started talking. "You ladies have been

sucking on your fake cigarettes continuously. At this point, you need to smoke

them much more casually. Take a couple puffs and put your cigarettes down. It is

crucial to the success of this seminar that you don't smoke them continuously."

Destiny pulled Colin's face out from between her lips, but did not put him down.

She held him between her thumb and her four fingers and rested her hand on the

table. "I also noticed that some of you women were biting on the tips of your

cigarettes," Claudia continued. "Please ladies refrain from biting on them, as

they house very sensitive sensory devices." Colin couldn't hear much of what

Kate said because his face was buried in Destiny's sexy lower lip, But now that

he was out, he was able to hear Claudia. He was thankful that he was not with Tigre Hombre Cabra Mujer Compatibilidad a largo plazo

one of the biting women.

As Claudia gave her part of the lecture, Colin learned one of Destiny's smoking

habits. As she rested her hand on the table, she moved her along her middle

finger causing Colin to roll across her fingers. Her thumb and middle finger

rolled him around the midsection and his face rolled along her forefinger. She

did this whenever she wasn't smoking him. Destiny took a puff about every two

minutes. That meant Colin's manhood was being rubbed by Destiny's giant fingers

for two minutes at a time.

It wasn't long before Colin was on the edge of an orgasm. Unfortunately for

Colin, he wasn't able to have an orgasm. In his current state, he was

defenseless and had to simply endure the punishment. His muscles hardened and

began to ache. His balls throbbed, but the relentless rolling of his body and

rubbing of his manhood continued. Colin's mind began to go numb. He was

approaching insanity. Something had to give. He felt his consciousness slowly

fade away as he passed out. He immediately fell into a dream.

Colin was in a canoe hanging over the edge of a fierce waterfall. Below him, a

frothy torrent of sexual desire pulled at him and his canoe, but he could not go

over the edge. The canoe bounced and swayed at the end of a long rope. The rope

was tied to a single branch sticking out of the calmer water upstream. But it

wasn't a branch. It was a woman's finger, with a long red fingernail. When the

finger curled, it pulled Colin's canoe up and out of the raging waterfall. When

the finger straightened, the canoe shot back again, teetering over the edge of

the abyss.

Colin wanted to jump out of the canoe and fall into certain orgasmic pleasure,

but he was not able to move his body. He was only able to turn his eyes from the

finger controlling his fate, to his churning destiny below. He was in the canoe

for an eternity when something wrapped around him from behind. It was another

finger, identical to the one upstream, along with a matching thumb. It lifted

him up and out of the canoe. As he was lifted higher, Colin saw the finger

disappear below the surface of the calm water leaving a circle of outward

flowing ripples. He caught a glance at the canoe as it fell over the edge and

was torn to kindling by the force of the water.

Colin was spun around so he could see where he was headed. He saw a huge white

cloud. As he approached the cloud, it began to take shape. He watched in

amazement as it took the form of a giant woman's face. First eyes, staring back

at him. Then a nose and mouth. Hair formed around the face. Colin knew whose

face it was and where he was going. The face changed color as it transformed

from cloud to real woman. Colin focussed on the red full lips as his earlier

real life journey was replayed. He came to rest with his head in between the

lips. His face was engulfed in the immense lower lip. The thumb and finger

continued to send warmth into his burning groin. This is where Colin staid until

his dream faded away.

Part II

Colin slowly awoke to the sound of Kate's voice again. This time, he recognized

it immediately. It sounded like she was repeating herself with what she had said

at the start of the seminar. He was on his back again, still unable to move. He

no longer was at the edge of an orgasm. He figured Destiny had tired of him and

put him down. As he slowly opened his eyes, he was shocked. A different woman

was looking down at him. This one was a blonde. She also was a knock out,

especially from Colin's point of view. Colin felt the stirring in his groin

again. Along with the stirring came the aching in the balls.

Colin stared up at her in disbelief as her hand came into view and descended

toward him. Her hand was perfect. Her rounded nails weren't quite as long as

Destiny's and were painted with clear polish. Just like earlier, they grabbed

him and brought him up to the woman's mouth. Again, Colin was able to read the

name tag. Debbie was the name of this beautiful smoker.

As his face entered her lips he realized that he was now in the afternoon

session. He had to face a whole afternoon of the same kind of torture. Colin

wished he never found the phone number last week. He wondered if he would ever

see his college life again.

As the morning session went, so did the afternoon session. He was sucked on

continuously by Debbie's lips for the first hour. She had no lipstick on and her

lips were dryer. Colin liked the feel of her lower lip on his face as much as he

liked the feel of Destiny's lower lip, although they felt much different.

It wasn't long after Claudia took over the meeting, that Colin learned what

Debbie's smoking habit was. She held him between her forefinger and middle

finger with his head facing her palm. She then began moving her fingers up and

down opposite each other, causing Colin's top half to go one way and his bottom

half to go the other. He was being thrown back and forth relentlessly. Unlike

Destiny's habit, the stimulation of his manhood was minimal. He was still being

stimulated and could do nothing about it, but it wasn't severe enough to send

him toward another impossible orgasm. But Colin was getting dizzy from being

constantly thrown from side to side.

Debbie took extremely long drags every couple of minutes, which helped Colin

keep his head clear. It was obvious that Debbie was greatly enjoying herself

with each suck on Colin's body. Colin was enjoying each suck just as much. After

Claudia finished speaking, the women watched a visual presentation. After that,

they had on open discussion. Debbie was very active in the discussion and Colin

found her voice to be one of the sexiest he remembered, especially when she

spoke while holding him close to her mouth. They finished the meeting with each

woman answering a written questionnaire.

On the way out of the room, each woman had to hand in their man cigarette. Not a

single one in the bunch wanted to, but each did. After a final long sensual drag

on Colin's face, Debbie handed him over to Kate. Kate in turn handed Debbie a

replacement cigarette made of plastic, not human flesh. Colin watched Debbie

take a smokeless drag and look at her cigarette disappointedly as she left the

room. He would never see her or Destiny again.

Colin hoped his commitment was over. He prayed he heard wrong last Saturday when

he was told the so called experiment was an all weekend ordeal. He was put into

his own little room by Kate personally. She put each of the twenty tiny men she

had that weekend into their own tiny rooms. Each room had a shower, and a

toilet. Colin wondered what good the accommodations did him if he couldn't move.

After lying stiff on his mini hotel room bed for about twenty minutes, Colin

found he was able to wiggle his fingers. After five more minutes of trying, he

was able to move his arms and legs. Ten minutes later, he was up and about. He

peed for minutes,showered, then ate every ounce of food that was left for him.

After reading some tiny magazines that seemed twenty years old, he climbed into

the tiny bed and tried to go to sleep. He laid awake for a long time feeling

lonely. He should be in his own bed right now, the one he grew up in. His stupid

resentment of his father caused him to not go home this weekend. Colin was

homesick and cried himself to sleep. He had no dreams that night that he


For the third time, Colin awoke to the sound of Kate's voice. And for the third

time, he was on his back unable to move. He recognized the cold feel of the

table on his back and realized that he was in it for another day. This time he

opened his eyes quickly expecting to see an ugly sore-lipped thing smiling down

at him with a toothless grin. He figured his luck had to change soon or later.

What he saw would have made him quiver, that is if he were able to quiver. The

woman looking down at him was a red head, with long curly dark hair. She had

blue eyes and huge lips. Although Colin couldn't wait to have his face buried in

the set of lips above him, he had to wonder what bad habit she had.

Colin spent the next hour with his face buried in the fullest set of lips yet.

Once again he was picked up by beautiful fingers with long nails. These ones

were the same length as Debbie's but had no polish on them at all. He didn't get

her name right away. He was too mesmerized by her lips to read her nametag. He

didn't find out her name was Jill until later, during the open discussion.

Colin, once again, could tell that his temporary owner was enjoying the heck out

of him.

Just like the day before, Claudia took over and told the women to put the

cigarettes down. None did. They continued to hold their cigarettes and puff on

them occasionally. Colin soon found out what Jill's habit was. She held him by

his head with her thumb and middle finger and stood him on her thigh. She then

slid her thumb and finger slowly down his body. When she got to his feet, she

lifted her hand flipping Colin over so he was hanging up side down. Then she put

the top of his head on her thigh and moved her thumb and finger back up his body

to his head. Again she lifted her hand, and over Colin went to the head up

position. She did this repeatedly for a couple of minutes before she lifted him

up to her mouth. After a long drag, back down went Colin where the process began


It wasn't long before concern filled Colin's mind. Each time Jill's finger slid

down his body, it rubbed his manhood. His perpetual hard-on was back, throbbing

more than ever. He was headed towards the same fate as yesterday morning. If it

weren't for the long periods he spent with his face in Jill's sucking lips, he

would have overloaded again. Colin prayed that he would pass out. His current

predicament was very hard to take, but Colin had no choice. He endured for what

seemed like days when in fact it was only about two hours.

At the end of the meeting, Colin was traded in for a plastic replacement. He bid

good bye to his latest tormenter and her huge lips. He had one more session to

go through. He saw the light at the end of the tunnel. At least he hoped he did.

Colin was unconscious between yesterday's meetings. He had no idea what happened

to him. Kate and Claudia had to wash the little men before Claudia could pass

them out to the women in the afternoon session. He didn't know who washed him

yesterday, but today was a different story.

Claudia washed nine men before she got to Colin. He had no idea what she was

doing as he could only stare at the ceiling. When she picked him up, her hands

were already wet and soapy. Colin could understand why she spent so much time

washing his head and face. They were in a woman's mouth all morning. What he

couldn't understand was why she spent so much time cleaning his groin. She was

concentrating on his erection. Colin lasted throughout the entire morning

session without reaching an orgasm. He didn't make it to the afternoon session

without reaching one. Claudia worked him up quickly to the point of know return.

When he got to that point, Colin couldn't go any further. He couldn't go back

and he couldn't go forward, so Colin's stiff little body went the only place it

could go. Like yesterday, it went into overload and Colin passed out.

For the fourth time in two days, Colin awoke to the sound of Kate's voice making

the same speel. He wondered how many times she repeated the same speech. He

opened his eyes and was more stunned than any of the other times he opened them

this weekend. Colin was looking up at Kate's talking face. She paused, sensing

that his tiny eyes were upon her, and smiled down at him. She then looked back

up and finished her speech.

As the next group of women grabbed their fake cigarettes and tried them out,

Kate grabbed Colin and tried him out. "I love it when someone cancels," she

whispered to him as he entered her waiting lips. "Then I get a cigarette of my


Kate gave the rest of her lecture sucking on Colin's face with each pause. She

held him with two fingers and stayed clear of his manhood. Colin was thankful

for that. He knew that if he neared another orgasm and couldn't have it, his

whole body would surely explode. He enjoyed being sucked on by Kate. He liked

her from the first moment he saw her. Sure the other women who had him were

beautiful, but their was something about Kate that ate him up. The power she had

over him was much greater than the size difference.

Kate sucked on Colin after she turned the floor over to Claudia. She sucked on

him throughout Claudia's speech and throughout the audio visual presentation.

She sucked on him clear through the end of the meeting. It wasn't that often

that Kate got a cancellation. Word had it that her process worked and there was

a long waiting list of women who wanted to kick the habit.

After the meeting, Kate had all twenty tiny men that she and Claudia had

collected, on her desk in front of her. She felt an uncontrollable sense of

power. The fates of twenty stiff little men would be decided by her will. She

always made the same decision. Each and every one of them went home unharmed,

but she enjoyed the feeling nevertheless.

Colin watched as the first tiny man was brought up to Kate's lips. She smiled as

she lifted his body up. She didn't insert his face into her mouth. She pressed

his crotch up to her lips instead. His hard-on grew out of his stiff body and

she grabbed the tiny thing between her lips. It didn't take long before tiny man

number one shot his miniscule load in Kate's mouth. Colin noticed, as the little

guy was handed over to Claudia, that he was no longer stiff.

Colin watched nineteen men go through the same ordeal. By the time it was his

turn, he was almost at that pass out stage just from watching. His throbbing

penis barely hit Kate's lips before he shot his load and was free again. Kate

kissed his body and handed him over to Claudia who placed him in a tiny room.

Colin's claustrophobia thought about acting up, but he shook it off. That was no

longer a problem for Colin.

Colin found his clothes folded up on the floor. He quickly put them on. He had

been naked long enough. Although sexually satisfied, he did feel a little used.

Colin heard that same humming sound he heard the day before and felt another

weird sensation. When the door to the room opened, waning sunlight hit his eyes.

He stepped through the door to a beautiful fall evening. Colin stopped for fast

food on the way home. He was starving and tired. He got back to his dorm in one

piece, fell onto his bed and fell asleep.

It was Saturday morning again. Colin had barely made it through the week. It was

midweek before he could think of anything but what happened last weekend, and

that was for very short periods. He went to class all week, but sat daydreaming,

not comprehending anything his professors said. He did no homework whatsoever.

He was unable to hold a fluent conversation with anyone until Wednesday evening.

Most of Thursday and all day Friday, Colin sat staring at his watch. He couldn't

wait any longer for the week of classes to end.

As he approached his destination, the sun was just rising over the eastern

horizon. Colin felt a shiver of apprehension as he took in the amber glow. It

felt to Colin, as he walked up the steps to the entrance of the building, like

it was going to be a warm day outside. He went inside, took the elevator up one

floor and headed down the hallway. As he approached the door, it opened and a

female voice welcomed him. It was Kate's voice.

Although Colin never had a single cigarette in his whole life, he was addicted

to smoking.

Giantess Stories: ADDICTED by willie      Part I   Colin was broke

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