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addicted to it by Ms. X , as told to bytsize, more or less.

Where to begin ? I guess that when I first found out that I had the power,

I abused it a little, then things just got worse, until now, I am addicted to

abusing shrunken men. The only release I have is taking tiny shrunken men

and either, doing the abuse myself, or finding a stranger to be an unknown

participant in my little games. It started out pretty mild all right, mostly


play after I finished my workout, or after a run. I'd trap them in my dirty

sweat socks and make the little perverts clean between my toes with their

mouths. Sometimes, if I had had a very busy day, working in the yard, I

would really work up a nasty sweat, and then I'd find another GTS fan and

and either make his day or change his fantasy for life. Forcing him to lick the

stink from my secret places, as only a tiny 3 inch fella can.

All that ended one day, when the internet was yet young, and I found what

I thought would be a great bit of amusement for a three day weekend fling.

This little freak, had been trying to get a GTS fantasy going with one of the

very famous ladies from a while back, she's still around, I see her posts on

Pete's Board every few days or so. This guy got so damn desperate, that he

got a bit rude, pretty soon, nobody would give him the time of day, so then

I made my move. As a lurker, I kept watching his posts, and finally he made

the error of putting his email addy up. I started corresponding with this loser

and found out that we lived only a dozen or so miles apart. I offered to meet

him at a busy place away from my usual stomping (pun intended) grounds.

I told him I'd be wearing a sheer black body stocking and mid thigh spike

heeled boots to match. I got their early and went to the corner opposite of

what I had told him, and waited. He was about fifteen minutes late and came

in looking for me. What a hoot to see him panic that I was not there. I let the

guy stew for another fifteen minutes. It was not long though, until my own

need to get this guy home, for the ultimate humiliation weekend, pushed me

into action. You see this guy wanted the GTS thing so bad, that he offered

to be my a$$ slave for a day or so. How stupid, I thought, to want to be

made the slave of another, and even worse, a slave to their a$$, how can

any of you find that so appealing, though many seem to. I must admit that

the idea of having him volunteer to be used any way I wanted by me was

an aphrodisiac in itself, heck, who am I too judge. I walked up and sat

right down next to him, without so much as a word. He was so nervous,

that I thought he was going to piss himself. I found out later, as I suspected,

he was a virgin. I asked him a curt tone to order me some wine, as this

was an expensive place, he seemed worried. What a loser, good thing he

had a credit card, I was happy to see that it was not maxed out, it must

have been close though, he looked scared when the bill came, or maybe

it was the huge dinner that I had put away, that really scared him, I'm still

not sure about it. It really does not matter now, any way. After telling him

to wait five minutes, and come out of the side exit, I'd be waiting for him

on the other side of the deserted side street. The fool actually fell for it, he

was so desperate, that if I had been planning to do away with him, there

would have no easy way to trace it, all of my contacts with him had been

from a not so local coffee house / internet hangout across town from my

place. Ever since this time, I never do any pickup the same way twice.

It just makes good sense in case of , well lets just say , we have a iddy

widdy accident.

We reached my place by a very round about route , and I took him in

through the alley. I parked in the garage and closed the door, before we

exited my car. Once inside, Mr. Quiet, as I referred to him, seemed lost,

he was a good looking guy, with strong arms, but a very timid nature.

He had a cute mouth, though, for what I wanted, this was a big plus.

I had to take the initiative and I started barking orders at him. Once we

got inside my place, I ordered him to strip, and put all of his clothing in

a sack that I handed him, I told him he would not need them until after

I was through with him. This got him very excited, how funny, he could

not take his eyes off of my a$$. Well he was about to get a real close

up look, one that was going to be good long look.

I sat down in my favorite chair, and ordered him to crawl over to me

and remove my boots, which he promptly did, what a good boy, he

was good at following my commands, this was going to be a nice time

for at least one of us, me. I removed the bottom half of my costume,

leaving the top on. I started to hurl some mild verbal abuse his way,

and had him lick his way from the soles of my feet, all of the way to

mid thigh. Then I hauled off and slapped him, he looked so puzzled.

I used his moment of disorientation, to turn over, and presented my

big round butt to him, ordering him to worship my a$$ until I told him

to stop. Geeeze, was he good, too bad the little perv did not want me

as a full sized lover, if he had been "more normal" I might have kept

him around for a while, as it was, he only wanted me for my a$$, or

more correctly, my "exit". What a waste of a talented tongue, except

once every morning, just after waking, and right before my shower.

But that is another story, which is not of any interest here.

In all of his emails, the subject eventually turned to being trapped in

a woman's a$$, usually it was between the cheeks or in the panties.

Every once in a while, when it was late, and he was feeling desperate,

he would even offer to allow himself to be stuffed within a lovely

ladies a$$, all the way in sometimes, just partly some others. He

always seemed so pathetic. I decided to show him the error of his

ways, to show him that he really did not want this, to set him free

of the perverted prison he was trapped in. You see boys and girls,

there are lots of different peoples in this world, and every one has

something that they are better at than anybody else. My specific

area of expertise is in the ability to cause changes in matter with

a series of spells and even thoughts sometimes. So, while I layed

there, his tongue cleaning me where I relieve myself, licking away

any trace of my last movement,I began to concentrate. Within a

few seconds, he had shrunk to a height of only two inches, and I

reached behind and held him against my anus as I squeezed my

round muscular a$$ cheeks together, trapping him next to my hole.

He seemed to fight for a while, against the tremendous pressure that

I was subjecting him to. I laughed as a feeling of great power swam

through my brain. As I reveled in my intense feelings, an absolutely

evil idea befell me. I tried to block it out of my mind, but it returned

over and over again until it began to take hold. As he continued to try

and force his way out from between my butt cheeks, I felt a pressure

begin to build, deep within me. The huge dinner that I had consumed

earlier that evening, was creating a great deal of gas. I relaxed myself

and allowed some seep out silently, or at least, I could not hear it.

He became frantic, as what little air he had was replaced with my a$$

gas. I did it again, several times until he fell quiet. At this time I retrieved

him from between my cheeks and put his limp little body, gently down

on a table, next to my chair and got up. Standing next to him, looking

right at him, watching him breath, I waited for a couple of minutes. He

began to stir, making tiny movements at first, then he jerked up to full

attention, sitting up as he did. I watched with mild amusement as he

looked all around. He really seemed confused, so I spoke to him, wow,

did he jump when my voice hit him, the little ingrate took off running.

I reached out for him and captured him without effort. I informed him

that escape was a capitol crime, around here. For his punishment we

went into my bathroom, he looked horrified, which got me even more

excited, this sealed his fate. Opening my medicine chest, and seeing

a tube of lubricant, I grabbed it and popped it open, squeezing a big

gob on Mr. Quiet. I used my free hand to smear him with it from head

to toe, telling him that the first offense results in one hour in "the hole".

How cute, he started to scream, as I went into a full squat, bringing him

down, between my legs as I did. I aimed really well, and thrust his legs

inside of me. Readjusting my hold, I held him between thumb and

forefinger and pushed, in an instant, he was in my butt hole up to his

armpits. Placing my index finger atop his head, I applied some really

gentile pressure and began to push, as I did, a noisy fart erupted, so

I paused until it past, a few seconds later. He went mad, fighting like

never before, it felt incredible. I pushed again, and all went quiet as

he left the real world, and entered mine. I pulled my finger free and

went to the sink to wash my hands. Next I walked to my full length

mirror and looked at myself, delighting in the knowledge that there

would never be any outward sign that, at this very moment, a tiny

man was trapped within me, on the wrong side of my a$$ hole, and,

struggling for all it was worth, and even I could not tell by looking.

I squeezed a bit harder, and walked off to the den, sitting down to

watch the evening news.

The next thing I knew, the sun was coming in through the window

and it was nearly 10 a.m. the next morning, I stretched a bit and

padded into the kitchen, going over to my refrigerator, I got out

some milk and had a big glass. It was at that moment, I remembered

Mr. Quiet. As I ran towards the rest room, a powerful wave over-

came me, and I had to pause, to keep from going right there. As it

began to pass, I was again on the move. Still being bottomless, I sat

down on the commode, spreading my cheeks as I did, almost instantly

the first movement burst forth, after several seconds another huge

load escaped me, another moment passed and the last few pushed

out and fell in. I instantly got up and turned around to look down.

What greeted my eyes was shocking, I had never had such a huge

movement before, ever. Without putting to fine a point on it, this was

a world record , but there was no sign of Mr. Quiet, none. Had he

managed to escape, I went back to my chair and had a look, there was

no signs of his exiting, surely there would be some marks of his passage.

I went back in the rest room and put on my rubber cleaning gloves

and moved the top two logs and grabbed the big one on the bottom.

As I attempted to move it, it broke in half, and there was Mr.Quiet,

smashed into a fetal position, in the middle of that nasty mass. I totally

freaked out, I had fallen asleep with him in me and sometime during the

night, he was swallowed by my waste, then compacted within it.

The look on his face was awful.

I did not know what to do, so I yanked him out and, after cleaning him

up a bit, wrapped him up in a towel and laid him on the sink.

I did not know what to do, I had accidentally done a great wrong and

had to find a way out. But I could not think, so I hopped in the shower

and cleaned myself up. I had all sorts of ideas while I was washing,

everything from just flushing him to down the garbage disposal to even

a burial somewhere. All those ideas always lead back to one conclusion,

namely. somebody finding me out, in some weird twist of fate . These

options were no good. Then it hit me, he could be shrunk even smaller and

consumed. If he were only about the size of a gnat and eaten, nobody would

ever find him.

Once out of the shower, and after toweling off and drying my hair, I worked

another spell and shrunk him to the size of a grain of rice. Try as I might


I could not bring myself to swallow this poor man. I decided a needed a patsy,

somebody that could never be traced to me to do the eating without their

knowledge. But where could I go ???? Bingo! The food court at the mall.

I'm such a genius.

I placed my little burden within a tiny glass vial that a powdered makeup sample

had come in, and dropped it into my purse and headed for the mall. I did do some

shopping first, as I saw some fantastic deals on my way to the food court at the

far end of the mall. I got a great deal on some black undies at "specialty"


that I frequent. With packages in hand, I headed for the eating area to get rid


whatshisname, after a quick look around, I found a mark.. She was a twenty

something Hispanic woman with a couple of kids in tow. A bit on the sloppy side

but she had the kind of a$$ mr. quiet would have liked, so I figured why not.

Watching her pick up her food order, I grabbed a quick hot dog and sat at a


right next to her. I watched as she got her kids meals all set and waited to see

what she had for herself. To my utter glee, I watched her unwrap a chili dog

with onions on it, this was tailor made for my needs. She picked up the dog and

crammed one end of it into her mouth, taking a sizable bite. I'd have to work

fast, as she must have been ravenous. As luck would have it, her kids acted up

and spilled some food on each other. When she turned her back on me to attend

her kids, Mr. quiet dropped amongst the onions within a quarter inch of her last


Nobody had seen it happen, as I had flown him there by a mere gesture of my


The patsy lady returned to her food and did not disappoint me. Another huge bite

disappeared into her mouth, and the chewing commenced. Several seconds later

I had the satisfaction of seeing her swallow and take a big drink of soda. This

she followed up by a deep growling belch. There would be no trace of him in a

few hours.

I ate my Hot Dog and watched her finish hers, she even ate what her kids did

not. I had chosen wisely ! I waited a few minutes more and saw her leave.

Just the thought of knowing what she had done floored me, I had to go find

another playmate, to take care of my new found pleasures. Not to mention,

I had gotten away with it. Who would be next ???

What will happen in the next installment ? Gee, I wonder.

addicted to it part II by Ms. X , as told to bytsize, more or less.

A few minutes after leaving the scene of my first big adventure, namely

the food court, I felt like giving an intimate demonstration of my hidden

talents to a deserving individual. But how would I know who to grab?

I sat in a busy area, scanning the shoppers, looking for the right person.

My mind wandering to an instant replay of the final few moments of my

prior evenings entertainment. Too bad he was not alive to witness his

being devoured by that housewife, I wondered if her teeth ever found him,

or did he get swallowed whole. She had hardly chewed the bite that he

had been within, maybe five or six rapid chews, before she started gulping

soda, washing the contents of her mouth down into her plump belly in three

big swallows.

A familiar voice jarred me back to the present, it was my patsy , but she

was no where to be seen. I heard her reprimanding her kids and also

had the sick pleasure of hearing her pass a fairly loud belch. I was in a

state of shock, and started to leave, when I saw her emerge from a shop

about thirty feet in front me. She was headed my way. But how was it I

could hear her from here? The knowledge finally came to me that I could

now read her mind. This was a very welcome development, as I found

that by merely looking at somebody, and concentrating on them, their

thoughts "popped" into my head. I tried this on several passersby's and

got identical results. This would come in most handy for this evenings bit

of entertainment. My thoughts returned to the housewife, who at this very

moment, was dissolving any trace of evidence of what I had done, within

her belly. As she walked past me, I heard her think that she needed to find

a toilet. I rose and walked behind her, wanting to see what was unfolding.

I couldn't have her throw up, that tiny carcass had to be turned into waste.

It wasn't long before she found a rest room and went right in, I followed them


Leaving her kids in a corner, she found an empty stall and went inside, closing

the door behind her. I acted like I had other reasons to be in there, but


very closely to her. My fears had been unfounded, as she undid her pants

and had a seat. My thoughts returned to Mr. Quiet's journey through this

woman, as I heard her burp again. The image of her relieving herself was

too nasty. Can you imagine ? She had eaten so much, that she had to make

room for it. I left quickly, as I was forced to hear her silent moan of pleasure

as her wastes escaped her. I had chosen well, there would be only one result

of his passage through her system, complete elimination of any trace.

Returning to my "other" task, I made sure my tight pants were tucked between

my butt cheeks, and I went to see what my bait would catch for me. It did

not take very long for some poor nobody to lock his gaze on my a$$, what

a fool. Ever since last night, foot play had taken a back seat, the power of

having somebody trapped within you is unimaginably erotic, all you girls need

to try this. He even had a buddy, and they were planning to follow me for a

while, and see what happens. Did I ever lead them on a wild goose chase,

forcing them to follow me from store to store, while I shopped to my hearts

content. Geeze, what a big bitc# I can be, I kept leading these guy's along, and

just when they'd start to loose interest, I'd act like I was through and head


an exit. Several times, they almost did the smart thing and went looking else

where, but the first guy, I'll call him Mr. Letch, was hell bent on my curvy

backside. His buddy wanted to, how should I put it ? Force me to play his flute.

Not that I don't enjoy that, but with somebody I love, and never by force. These

two jerks were about to learn a lesson. After hearing their bragging on other

women they had forced, I decided that the lessons would be both humiliating

and very painful.

Knowing your attackers thoughts is a big advantage, when planning any moves

of this type. These two idiots were no challenge for anybody paying any

attention to their environment, but most people do not, that is how they

get away with what they do, for as long as they do. Well, it all ends tonight.

I left the mall and walked into the parking lot. It was nearly 5 p.m., and since

it was about a week before we set the clocks back for fall, it was twilight


These two made there move and tried to frighten me, I acted all scared, and

just when they thought that they had it made, their world turned upside down.

With only needing to visualize them as the size of a bug, they both shrank to

a height of only one and one half inches, a very manageable size indeed.

I left them where they were, and put my things in the car. Upon my return,

the losers were still wondering what happened. You should have heard them

when I reached down and snatched them up, one in each hand, you'd have

thought that an awful monster had grabbed them both, and was about to do

them grave harm. I guess in retrospect, they were correct for once, Hee Hee!

Mr. Letch, being a bit more respectful of me, chose to not call me names, he

merely whimpered and begged for mercy. His buddy, Mr. SFB, was not as

smart, and proceeded to curse up a storm, and he even threatened to do me

in. I turned Mr. Letch into a small broach, and pinned him on my top, so he

could see and hear everything that was about to befall his buddy. He was

unable to move, but all of his senses worked perfectly. This should increase

his fear factor a bazillion percent. Aren't I an absolute scream ? I love this !

With out anymore delays, I walked back to my car and got in, and just sat

there, pondering what was next. All of this anticipation has made me get ,

a trifle bit horny, and I needed some relief, before I could continue.

I turned Mr. SFB into a longer fatter version of himself, and put him to

work, easing the tensions he had helped to create. Using his helpless

form as a dildo, I got myself off a couple of times, leaving the toy buried

within me, enjoying it's unyielding heft, working against my inner muscles.

As I returned to a more controlled state, I returned Mr. SFB to his inch

and a half size. He was still within me, and did that feel great. Even at his

tiny size, he increased my pleasures as I relaxed. Feeling him stop moving,

I willed him out of me. His coughing and choking form, appeared in the palm

of my left hand. I pinched his minuscule manhood between the thumb and fore

finger of my right hand. I gave a yank, and off it came. I did not allow any

blood, only the pain, casting a spell that kept everything nice and clean. I


disposed of the offending appendage up his butt, let's see how he likes it. Just

to make sure that it stayed put, I removed the exit, he wouldn't be needing it

anymore after tonight.

Speaking of exit, I decided to make mine. Starting up the car we headed towards

my place, to have a bit more privacy. Even though it was still rush hour, and


traffic was bad, I felt great. Not only was I in for a bit more fun this

evening, I

have also prevented another woman, less able to defend herself, from becoming

their next victim. Life can be quite good at times for some of us, and very


at times for others all within the same set of circumstances, know what I mean ?

As we drove along through the cool evening air, all sorts of interesting


made the drive most pleasant. What would be the ultimate fate of these ruffians


We reached my place in time for a nice hot bubble bath, before my favorite TV

show . I put my two guests, now both back to their inch and a half heights, in a

wooden box with a lid, on my coffee table, and locked them in. I then threw all

of my clothes in the laundry and went in and lit a few candles, put on some


and sank into a warm sea of tangerine scented bath oils and relaxed. Life is

good !

After drying off, and a bit of Champagne, I decided to treat my guests to the


of their lives. Getting out my teasing brush and combs, I styled my hair "big"


wild, to make myself even more threatening, for their final curtain call to this


play , that we call life. Upon opening the lid to their prison, the sight that


me was two cowering little men, begging for their worthless lives. Grabbing up

Mr. SFB first, by his legs, and holding him before my face, I told him what was

about to happen to him. He really freaked when he was informed that he would

be an appetizer . He did want to force himself down my throat, as I reminded


and now I had decided that it was time to allow it. I opened my mouth, which was

easily twice his size from top to bottom, and stuck out my tongue, which, since


can not see me, is quite long and smooth. I easily curled it behind him as I let


go, and very slowly drew him into mouth. He was my first, and I told him so.

An instant later, I swallowed and he was on his way to my belly. What a rush


was, he fought so hard that he required several more swallows to complete his


It was one of the greatest sexual moments of my life. To take a person, who is


aware, and then swallow him down, like he were a mere scrap of food, and take

away his everything, is a very powerful act. He fought long enough, that he


me achieve two of the strongest orgasms ever, before he succumbed to my


natural abilities. I did "see" his last thoughts, but they would add nothing of

interest for

you, the reader, so I left them out. Suffice it to say, he was motivated to be

truly sorry.

And now, he had become my food. I rested a few moments, enjoying the warm

afterglow, but the thoughts of Mr. Letch invaded my solitude, and he did need to


dealt with. Well, he wouldn't have to wait any longer !

Returning to Mr. Letch, he immediately dropped to his knees and started begging


to spare him, I laughed at him, and he fell to the ground trembling. I told him

that he

should have been nicer to the women in his life, and not just treated them like

a collection

of parts, to be judged on size and shape alone. I also told him that for his

punishment, and,

since he had really admired my a$$, that I was going to make him a gift to those

buns that

he had wanted so so badly. I spread my butt cheeks and dropped him between them


started to walk about my home, keeping him trapped in there, allowing the swing

of my

bottom to torture him. Imagine if you will, being only an inch and a half tall,

and being

sandwiched between hundreds of tons of butt cheeks, that were sliding back and

forth over

you as their owner walked about. Sliding, grinding and chafing, rubbing you raw

with little

or no effort at all. Finally, you become too weak to defend yourself and you

collapse, but the

mashing and sliding continues. Ribs crack and bones dislocate from the rough


Just when you pray the loudest yet, begging to die, the motion stops, and you

are removed

from between those cheeks and laid on a paper napkin. To your horror, you see

your captor

perform some mumbo jumbo and you are heeled, but also told that it all begins

again, right

now! What a hoot ! Your trembling, helpless little body, is placed back between

those cheeks

again, and the grinding motion begins anew . Over and over again this nightmare


Hours of torture turn into days and weeks of torment, as the ass that now owns

you, plays

it's nasty games with you. You spend day and night between those beautifully

cruel mountains

of chafing flesh. The only times that you ever see freedom is when the

unforgiving sorceress

removes from her a$$ to "repair" your broken body . You are even denied death

when she

sits upon a toilet. You pray to free fall into the cool water and drown

mercifully, but instead,

some other hellish bit of magick, keeps you pasted to one cheek, or another.

Time after

time, you are forced to watch as her bodily functions happen right in your face.

You loose

all track of time, but you notice the occasional passage of tiny human bones, as

her body

removes it's waste. Soon you wish you were those bones, so the hurting could


One day, when your bruised and broken form is removed for the healing process,


owner informs you, that the debt to her a$$ is paid in full, and that you will

soon set free.

Good to her word, and for the first time in maybe a year or more, you are not


between her massive buns after you are repaired, instead you are placed in a

terrarium all

by yourself. There is a big hunk of muffin waiting for you and some milk too.

For the last

year, you have eaten only what she has willed by magick into your belly, just

enough to

keep you alive and healthy, but you missed eating and drinking for yourself .

Now you fall

to your meal with great relish, eating your fill. You lay to rest on a warm bit

of cloth after

you gorge yourself, and fall asleep. It is the first good sleep that you have

had in ages.

You awake the next day and find that you are not alone after all, a tiny Asian

woman is in

the enclosure with you. You notice that she is quite young, maybe 19 or 20, but

no more

than that. You also notice that she is very beautiful. You had not known it, but

your captor

was watching you from across the room, just to see what you would do. She comes


and tells you that the girls name is "May" and that she only speaks a little

English. She also

informs you that she needs to go out for an hour or so, and that you had better

be on your

best behavior, or their might be some other punishment waiting for you. You nod

and obey.

While the Mistress is out, May slowly aproaches you, and in broken English,

thick with a

Korean accent, this flower of the East asks if she may sit by you. You agree and


for her to join you, which she promptly does. Slowly she becomes more and more

friendly, and soon has her soft hands all over you. You can not belive your

luck, maybe the cruel woman who kept you in such a nasty place for so long, has

decided to be nice to you. Well, this is a great start.

Soon, in her broken English, she telsl you that she wants you in her, she even

gets on her back and is ready willing and able. She is so pretty that you can

not believe your good fortune, so without further delay, you mount the vixen and

have at her. She is going wild, you can not believe how vocal she is, she is

moaning so loudly. Soon the moans turn into screams, and she starts hitting your

face and chest, you think proudly, that you must be too long for her, so you

ease up a bit.

You feel a rush of air, and a tightness around your waste, and you realize that

the GTS has returned, and she has gripped you between thumb and forefinger, and

yanks you off just as you were about to climax. The GTS looks at you, and her

look makes you wish you were back in her butt.

Suddenly, May dissapears from the enclosure and appears standing next to your

captor. To your horror, you hear May lie up a storm and tell her that you had

raped her. Your protests are too tiny to be heard, and the original GTS hands

you over to the woman who just told all those lies about you.




WISH" the cruel GTS said.



"SWALLOW HIM ALIVE", was her only reply, May nodded with understanding.

The young Korean goddess stuffed Mr. Letch into her mouth, and with no more

compassion than she would show an oyster, swallowed him down to her waiting


He died alone and defeated, within the hungry belly of this mean hearted bitch.

Her healthy metabolism made short work of him, and soon he was on his way

to becoming nourishment to this woman.

The following morning, May relieved herself. Being a bit curious she poked about

until she found what she was looking for. May removed the tiny skull with a pair

of tweasers and dropped it into some cleaning fluid that she had ready. She

flushed the bowl, not interested in anything else. A few minutes later, she

removed the tiny skull and noticed how clean and polished it now looked. She

took the last remaining bit of that man, and glued it to an ear stud, making an

ear ring out of it. Once the glue was set, she sprayed the entire thing with a

sealant to preserve it.

She wore it on and off for many years, but soon she forgot about it and it wound

up in a drawer of other forgotten things. There it sits to this day.

More to come . . . . . . .


Giantess Stories: addicted to it by Ms

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