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Adventures of Mice like Men: I like my Beaches!

Today was the big day. I had been waiting for this day all week. Ever since my

girlfriend Tina told me about the trip to the beach. I have always loved

beaches. The only downside about this trip was that Tina insisted on the fact

that she takes her daughter Aliesha. Aliesha and I don't really get along. Well

not get along is putting it lightly. Well let me put it this way. Hate is too

nice of a word for what we feel for each other. We put on a nice little show for

Tina because both of us know she is crazy about me as I am she.

I suppose I should tell both sides of the story though. I don't really help

the process of her liking me. I am a guy and even though that's no excuse it

should be. I just can't help but take quick peeks at her. One time on total

accident I even walked in on her when she was showering. We just got off on the

wrong foot. I have tried to apologize it just doesn't work.

On the way to beach I tried really hard not to get into with her. I let her

play her rap music. I tried to be cool. I tried to be what is that word all you

guys use these days. Oh yeah I tried to be down with her. But she insisted on

pushing my buttons and if Tina weren't there I would have snapped. I was going

to slap her but Tina calmed me down luckily.

Finally we arrived at the beach the second I got the car parked Aliesha

leaped out of the car and ran towards the changing room. Tina slowly followed

her daughter towards the girls changing room. I however strolled along the shore

of the beach. I loved being the first to arrive at the beach and to see the open

sand, the waves crashing along the shore. However as I was walking I noticed a

lonely bottle sitting on the other wise perfectly combed beach. Seeing garbage

can near by I grabbed the bottle out of the sand. The moment I grabbed it I

accidentally splattered some of the contents on me. The water-looked funny it

was unusually cloudy. I didn't really think too much of it I was just really

wanted to start what was going to be a perfect day with Tina.

I got the towels laid out on the beach as I saw Aliesha looking a little taller

then she normally looked. Without even asking she plops herself down on my

towel. Not wanting to create more waves I just lie out a towel next to her and

try to relax.

“Where is your mom at?”

“Oh, Yeah that's right, moms suit had a tear in it so she took the car into

town to pick up another one. She said it shouldn't take more then an hour.”

“I am going take a nap till your mom comes back. Would you wake me up when

you see her coming I got a surprise for her. Well for the two of you I should


“Oh fine whatever”

With an upset huff Aliesha turns her head the other way and rolls over on her

chest. The very moment I closed my eyes I was sleeping. I woke up shortly to

some very loud music. My ears were getting ready to bleed it was so loud. I kept

yelling for Aliesha to turn down the music. Finally I get frustrated. I stand up

and turn towards Aliesha. As I turn towards Aliesha everything seems out of

whack. The moment I see her I realize why. Aliesha isn't her usual five foot six

inch tall self. She is lying there in where white two piece bikini like a deity.

She extends endlessly on and on forever on her towel. Knowing I need help I run

about as fast as my tiny legs can carry me. As I reach Aliesha I start get

nervous about the whole thing. She is just so big I don't know what to think or

do. I start trying to scale her side but she has her body so lubricated in

tanning oil there is no way that I can climb up on her. I look down and see only

one place that I can possiblely climb up her. I run down towards the bottom half

of her thong. As I reach the thong I start climbing up the side. I spend the

next thirty minutes or so climbing up the now thick string, which connects the

bottom and front half of her suit. I finally reach the top and crawl onto her

ass. As I walk across her ass I look at how I barely even make a dent on her

skin. I try jumping up and down but nothing is happening. I decide to run out on

her back and try hoping maybe she will feel me. I sprint off of her thong

forgetting about her tanning oil. As my bare feet touch her smooth skin of her

back I go sliding across her back. The moment I try to stand up I fall back on

my face. In one quick motion I see a dark ominous shadow appear over my head. I

start yelling on the top of my lungs hoping Aliesha hears me but she sweeps me

off her back like a harmless gnat. I feel like I am flying forever and then I

slam into something as hard as steel. I stare up at what appears to be the

tallest living structure on the face of this planet. In utter fear I stand up in

the sand and start running. Running in sand at a normal size isn't exactly easy.

Running at a few inches tall is a hell of a lot harder. The massive amount of

footprints scattered across the shore make this 10 times harder. I end up

falling on my face just a few feet in front of her foot. This is when the whole

size to distance ratio thing comes across my head. In one step her foot left

crashes down a short distance from me. Her bare feet curl and dig into the sand

as her full weight is placed on that foot. In more fear then I have felt in my

life I try to stand up but its not quick enough her right foot is now directly

overhead. Her entire foot compresses me into the sand. I am forced to stare up

at her damp wet foot that is covered in sand. Her toes once again curl into the

sand this time burying me deep within the sand beneath her foot. As her foot is

lifted I see myself embedded into this sandy plain. I feel like a paralyzed man

must if he has fallen out of his wheel chair. With my one free arm I try to pull

myself free but the weight of the damp sand makes it impossible. I look back at

Aliesha who is still lying on the beach like nothing has happened.

Not even five minutes pass and a towel is laid down directly in front of me.

I look up her long perfectly crafted legs. They reach into the sky like the twin

towers use to be reaching far into the sky. I scream at the top my lungs for

help but my puny miniscule voice isn't even audible to her I am guessing. I

watch as this magnificent beauty kneels down on her towel. As she kneels down I

can now see her chest but her face is still an unattainable site to me. Taunting

me like the very top of a mountain when you stare up at it from the mountains

summit. Watching her kneel was magnificent and what I see next is so grandiose I

can barely maintain any form of intelligence. She takes off her baby blue top to

her two-piece bikini. I was wrong when I said her legs were like the twin

towers, which stood in grand beauty for so many years. Because her breasts have

that title. They jut out so flawlessly from her body. Its not the fact that they

are big because they look to be only mid to lower C's but even those to me are

way to much to handle at this point it's the fact they look so strong and firm.

They are absolutely seamless. I look on in dismay as she meekly flings her top

in front of her. Regrettably they land directly on top of me. I could almost cry

as my lights go out. Under her top I can smell the mixture of sweat, tanning

lotion, and salt water. I take up my only option I can with my free hand I start

to dig myself out. The process is tremendously slow moving, because of this

girls weight compacted all the sand around me. I would guess I have been digging

for and hour or so when I hear a familiar voice.

“LT, where are you?! LT!”

That was Tina's voice calling my name. It is like music to my ears. I try

yelling back but its hopeless my voice is just too weak for her to hear. I am

forced to excruciatingly listen to her voice get softer and softer and soon


A very familiar pounding and shaking comes near me. I almost write it off as

just someone walking by but this time it is different the top, which has been

blocking my light for so long is starting to move up from the ground. Seizing

the opportunity to be plucked from sandy tomb I grab onto the top. Unfortunately

I never get a chance to let go. Before I even get a chance to think about

letting go I am staring down at the ground that must be hundreds of feet down.

The emergence of her outstanding breasts comes into my full view. I am plunged

against her mighty breasts. I try squirming but I can feel her tying the top on

way to tight for me to even move.

“Come on Mia lets go swimming. I can't believe its 93 degrees out today and I

am sweating like a pig.”

“Okay, okay don't get your panties in a uproar Lauren” I could almost cry as

I feebly try to get out but there is just no hope of that. I then find myself

submerged under water. That is one thing I never planned on. Luckily for me the

girl just dove in wanting to get use to the water so she quickly pokes her head

up and I spit out water and take a few deep gasps of air just as she dives back

under the water. I start to feel sick as she swims, because her body moves up

and down and I am stretched and compressed as breasts wobble around. I have a

couple of close calls when she was swimming in the deeper water. I breathe a

sigh of relief as I hear her back on the beach but unfortunately I am a lot

closer to these breasts then I wanted to be. Her wet bikini is holding me firmly

against her breasts.

“Hey Lauren lets go diving we haven't been all summer”


My mind is sent reeling with what is going to happen next. I am going to be

killed, drown to death inside a bikini. I struggle and pound and squirm with all

my power but I don't even move and millimeter. As the two girls walk towards

there gear I am juggled up and down I can feel the eyes of every guy on me as

she walks by. Well her on her breasts I am sure they don't even notice me or if

they do they don't pay me any attention. At first I am not sure what she is

doing because I am even more firmly pressed into her breasts. I can barely

breathe as her breast start to envelope me. I then here a zipping noise and I

realize she put on her wet suit. As she puts her air tank on I can feel the

strap pulling up on her wet bikini top. The next hour or so is miserable. I am

luckily left alive because she has on a dry suit rather then a wet suit so the

water doesn't even reach me.

“Hey do you just want to tan on the boat for awhile. It beats all those

perverts staring at us and that way we can just tan in the nude.”

“Great Idea”

I am not sure who says what but I am quite enthused about the entire idea of

getting away from this breast in one motion I am tossed in a corner along with

her bottom half the other girls. I start to make my way out of their suits but I

am not exactly sure where to go. I am un easy about asking these strangers for

help but I am not sure how long Aliesha and Tina will be here they are probably

quite worried about me. I am not even sure if they are still here. I decide that

I better make contact so I can get to shore a lot quicker. I start running

towards the now nude girl named Lauren. I struggle to climb up her foot I

eventually make it. As I reach the top of her foot I slide in between the cracks

of her foot. Before I have a chance to climb out she raises the bottom part of

her leg up and starts to swing it from side to side in the air. Her toes start

to squeeze the life out of me as she plays with me. This however turns into a

gift horse because I start pounding on the bottom of her foot. She thankfully

feels something because Lauren breaks out laughing. I see her bring her legs

over her back and shoulders and she carefully inspects her foot. I am so in awe

of this amazing act of atheism I cant even move. I watch as her eyes slowly

begin to lock on me. The moment she sees me her eyes bug out so far that I could

have probably touched them. I stare over at her friend Mia who is soundly

sleeping. A smile comes across Lauren's face.

“Well what do we have here stuck in my toes, Can be a little, little man.

This is amazing what are you doing between my toes “

I decide to just be honest with her and I tell her the entire story from the

beginning till now hoping she will show mercy on me and help me get back to Tina

and Aliesha. She listens rather intently and I know that she is going to help


“Awe that's horrible what has happened to you. I bet Tina is worried sick

about you. I know if my boyfriend just disappeared like you did I would be

concerned. “

“Great so you're going to help me. Lets get this boat in gear and head to


“Okay, this is just such a pity what has happened to you and all but I never

said anything about helping you. I have to look out for myself and your coming

home with me. I have all sorts of things I can use you for. Do you realize how

long it takes me to get ready each morning? You can paint my nails and clean in

between them and polish my toes so they always sparkle. You're so small you

could even spell my name out on them. I know Lauren wont fit so you can spell

Laura on them. Oh and I have just so many shoes that just don't keep that brand

new look to them and now they will and not mention every girl has needs and you

look to be just the right size to fulfill them. Batteries are expensive and now

I don't need them because I have a live man to feed to my pussy and on top of

that my boyfriends dick is kind of small so after I satisfy him you can satisfy

me. Oh and my old hamster cage will be just a perfect home for you. I will put

one of my old t-shirts on the floor for you it will be just great and I know

your going to be happy.”

“Good god woman do you ever shut the hell up. Your mouth is moving so fast I

cant even get a word in edge wise. You listen to me. I am the adult here and you

are the minor, the kid, the teenager you listen to me. And I am not going home

with you and I am sure as hell not being your little make up and sex slave.”

“Oh your not huh, well after I keep you in a shoe box in my closet for a few

days you will be begging to be my anything just so you can get fed.”

You watch as this girl stands up and tosses you up and down with one hand.

She starts putting her bikini back on and starts to head towards Mia.

“ You know tiny man if you would have went to Mia here we would probably be

going back right now to find Tina because she is just a nice softy like that but

you came to me and now where to hide you where you wont get away. Oh I got it. A

wonderful place where I can feel any little move that you make. HEHEHE”

I watch as she pulls the bottom half of her bikini away from her waist and drops

me inside. With a firm snap of the waistband I feel every step this girl takes.

As she walks around the boat I find that one of my legs has gotten wedged in her

butt crack. I try with all my strength but I can get the right kind of leverage

to pull it out and the constant moving of her isn't helping either. With a plop

I feel her settle into a chair and start the boat up. The fact that its already

hot and the heat from her body I find myself sweating quite heavily and the air

growing thinner and thinner and not to mention stale. As the boat shuts off and

she stands up a waft of air is brought into my lungs.

“Lets see what should I wear back home for the car ride. I have my sweat

pants or these tight, tight jeans that show off my ass so beautifully. HEHEHE I

will dress up for the beach guys and let them see my beautiful ass.”

I feel her pull her tight pants up that hug her ass so tightly. The pants

squeeze her ass together and imprison me even further. I scream for the girl

named Mia to help me but its no use. I can feel them enter the hot steamy car

and my hopes of ever being reunited with my girlfriend leave with the start of

the car. The car ride is actually fairly short. I am glad that I finally catch a

break because I couldn't have handled a long car ride. I hear the girls make

small talk for a few minutes and then Mia tells Lauren goodbye and then Mia

drives off. With each of Laurens steps my leg is further driven deeper in her

ass. As she reaches her bedroom I let out a sigh of relief as she removes her

pants and bikini. She lowers her head looking at her bikini for me.

“Shit where did the fucker go”

The moment she takes a step she feels exactly where I am. She cranes her neck

around sees my left leg stuck in her ass. I can feel her entire body shake as

she laughs. Her head then darts up as back that ass up plays over the radio.

Lauren then starts to dance with me stuck to her. As she dances I am sent flying

from her left ass cheek to the right. My head is sent spinning after the second

slam. I will give this girl credit she has incredibly soft skin so with each

slam I sink into her ass and her firm ass cheeks blanket me. Slightly before I

hit the right cheek. She then bends backwards and puts her arm over her shoulder

and bend so she touches the ground and then does a somersault. For a very brief

moment my entire body was shoved against her ass. As the song ends she looks

down at smiles and me.

“How'd you like the dance little guy? You want me to call in and request it

again? No, well okay then let me ask you who is this boss? Tell me who the boss

is around here? Is it the big bad 30 something adult who know what's best for me

or is it 16-year-old Lauren? Tell me who is in charge?”

“I, I, It is”

“T, t, t, TODAY JUNIOR!!! W, W, W, What speak up I cant hear you?'

“It, It, It is Lauren”

“Come again? Can you say that again I didn't quite hear you?”


“And tell me who isn't in charge. I just have a horrible memory about these

kind of things.”

“I am not in charge.”

“And you are a what. I know you said you were something before but I just

cant put my finger on it.”

“I am a adult, and you're a teenager. You are in charge Lauren”

“Very good that's what I wanted to hear. The mighty adult is subservient to


Lauren then easily plucks me out of her ass and drops me on her bed. I watch as

she leaves the room. I try to stand up but my ankle got twisted when she was

dancing and I quickly fall over in a heap. I watch her drop a small cage on her

desk. She spends the better part of an hour cleaning it out. She then walks over

to her backpack and I see her pull out a t-shirt and then drop it into the

bottom of the cage. Lauren then grabs me and just tosses me into the cage. The

moment I fall into the cage I can smell all the perfume on the t-shirt she put

on the bottom floor of what she calls my home. She puts the lid on the cage and

starts doing her homework not even batting me an eye. I spend the next 4 hours

staring at her as she does her homework and types up a term paper. She then

undresses right in front of me like I am nothing and then slips into bed.

I wake up the next morning and see that she is gone. The afternoon crawls by

incredibly slow until I hear footsteps getting closer and closer. As she opens

the door I see that she isn't alone.

“ Come here, your going to love what I found at the beach yesterday.”

My mouth just about hits floor as I see Aliesha walk in to the room. I start

pounding up against the wall with all my strength. The closer I get I see that

her eyes are locked on me. The nearer and nearer she gets I know she recognizes


“Well, Louis, Louis Taylor my mom is worried sick about you. She cried all

night long about your disappearance and here you at my best friends mercy locked

in a cage. This is so the proper place for you. Out of my mom's life. I am sure

she will move on in time and I will stop by quite often to see you because I am

going to love making your life a living torture.”

Lauren can only laugh as she lies back on her bed and watches Aliesha stick

her hand in grab me. I try to run but she easily grasps me and pulls me out.

Aliesha runs my body through fingers wrapping me around and across her entire

hand. She then smiles at Lauren and walks downstairs. She drops me into a bowl

and walks out of my sight. I try to scale the bowl and get my leg over the side

but the bowl is way to slick. I then see the biggest scoop I have ever witnessed

fall into the bowl one after another with one landing firmly on my chest. A

gooey Carmel is poured over the ice cream and me. I watch Aliesha laugh as she

adds some final touches such as sprinkles. Then carrying the bowl upstairs I am

forced to listen to them talk about useless babble like boys and boyfriends.

Finally coming to the near end of her ice cream I watch as Lauren and Aliesha

smiling face lock on me. I don't really like the way they stare at me.

“Oh come here Lucy, LUCY!!!” They both yell unison.

I see a gigantic looking black and white kitten appear overhead. She starts

licking out all the ice cream and finally me. I luckily fall out of her mouth

and I hear one of the girls yell, “uh oh you better run” I dart for my dear life

out the door with her kitten Lucy in fast pursuit. I watch as Lucy dives at me

but I duck and head into an open door. Looking back to see where the cat is I

watch in terror as it gains more and more on me and then I smack into a wall. I

fall backwards on my ass and know that I am doomed. I am covered in Carmel, ice

cream and cat slobber and that is how my life will end. I then hear a loud

stomping noise over and over again from in front of me. I look and see a

humongous foot. I stare up and see very long bare legs. Finally I see a pair of

very short denim shorts. As the girl bends over I see her small budding breasts

and across her chest her shirt reads boy scouting. A smile creeps across her

face and I see her teeth covered in braces.

“Hey Alexandra, we are going to mall oh you saved LT here. Well then you can

watch him as we go out. When you are done with him put him in the cage. I will

need him after Bobby Leaves tonight. Don't kill him he is my pet till well I die

I guess. Don't worry Aliesha you can borrow him too when you want”

An even bigger smile spread across her face. I try to run but this

12-year-old girl scoops me up. She walks over to her door and slams it shut and

tosses me onto her bed.

“We are going to have so much fun”

The end



Giantess Stories: Adventures of Mice like Men

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