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Alana's First Catch

Mandy walked into the kitchen up from the basement stairs.

“Those guys smoked those special cigarettes that the Mistress gave

us'” she said with a smile, “In two hours, they'll be squirming in

our hands.” She rubbed her hands together in anticipation.

Alana was biting her nails. “I can't believe I'm letting you do this

in my basement. I don't even allow smoking in my house. What happens

when they realize they're getting smaller? Even if that big black guy

lost a whole foot, he will still be bigger and stronger than you.”

“Yeah, I know, his muscles are huge. The Mistress will be so happy

with him.”

Alana and Mandy had been sleeping together for a month. A week ago

Mandy had revealed that she occasionally would kidnap men by

shrinking them and taking them to “The Mistress.” At $10,000 per man,

she never asked questions. The fact that she wasn't attracted to men

didn't prevent her from loving the feeling of total domination as

they withered to the size of dolls. Admittedly, the time when they

realized that they were about a foot shorter could be rough.

Sometimes they would run or fight and she had some close scrapes.

She liked the close scrapes though. She was strong, even though she

was only five foot five. She was the kind of person who would do

anything for a thrill, and she found this activity both challenging

and rewarding.

Alana was only five feet tall and very timid. She was afraid of men

because she felt so small and fragile next to them. She liked Mandy

because Mandy was always doing such brave things, doing everything

Alana dreamed about and then some.

“I have an idea,” Mandy said. “If you bring Steve upstairs, I'll

‘handle' Dan,” and laughed.

Dan and Steve sat on the couch in Alana's basement. Dan was large and

strong, and had the easy manner and confidence of someone who is

rarely fucked with. Steve was five foot ten and well built, but Dan

was still a head taller than him.

“Isn't this suspicious, being invited in like this? I mean that girl

invited us here so quickly,” Steve ventured.

“Take it easy, man.” Dan said, “She said she had a friend for you.”

The two men turned toward the basement door as the women entered.

“Steve, this is Alana.” Mandy said.

“Uh, why don't we go upstairs.” Blurted Alana as she turned red.

Steve went upstairs with Alana. He had not quite noticed that his

clothes were loose, as he was focused on other things.

Dan and Mandy looked at each other. Mandy was wearing some black

boots, shorts and a tank top. Mandy turned off the light, leaving

them in the dark basement. “Now we take off our clothes, but you

can't touch me until I'm ready.”

Dan removed his clothes and stood in the darkness. Mandy removed her

clothes, but left her boots on.

After ten minutes, Dan couldn't stand it any longer. He silently

moved to Mandy and put his hands on her naked hips. In the dark he

wasn' aware that Mandy was only slightly shorter than him. He put his

hand between her legs and began to finger her. This made Mandy angry,

but she let him. In a little while he would be helpless and she would

have revenge.

After some time, Dan pulled Mandy closer and had a big surprise. His

face came only up to her chest. She stepped back and tuned on the

light. He was shocked. Mandy used his surprise and kicked him over

with her boot. She jumped on top of him and tried to hold him down.

He struggled and was still quite strong. With some effort he ended up

on top and held her down by the wrists.

“Enjoy this while you can,” she said through grit teeth .

“What's happening,” he said nervously.

“You'll see.”

After five minutes of wrestling, Mandy was able to roll and ended up

on top. Now she was able to sit on his chest. He was just 4 feet tall

and getting smaller.

“You will get very small,” she whispered.

He suddenly struggled with all his might, but he couldn't escape.

“Even Alana will be able to hold you in one hand.”

He yelled and writhed. When he was out of energy, Mandy moved forward

and put her glistening crotch in his face. She reached behind her and

wrapped her fingers around his cock and balls.

“Worship me.” She insisted.

“I'm getting smaller!”

“Exactly, and that is precisely why you should worship me.” She gave

a painful squeeze to his testicles. “Now, I am going to let you up

and you will kneel before me.” She rose to her full height wearing

only her boots.

Dan stood up. He was only as tall as Mandy's navel. He looked up at

her. She looked so powerful. He ran and hid behind the couch.. She

stayed where she was.

“You are disappointing me,” Mandy announced “This doorway is the only

way out, and you owe me some worship.” She sat on the stairs and


Dan searched for a way out. He had to run by her while he could still

try. He made a quick run for the door, but Mandy merely pounced on

him. She got up. “Last chance.”

Dan knelt before her. “That's better,” she said. She then lay down in

the middle of the room and commanded him to continue fingering her.

First he used his whole hand. Then his arm. Then, as she neared

climax, his entire body.

Alana brought Steve up to her room and closed the door. When they

were upstairs Steve and Alana were the same size. They were both

surprised as they looked at each other completely level.

“What's happening? I'm getting smaller!”

Alana needed to stall for time. “Uh, no, that is impossible. You

should check yourself out in the bathroom there.”

When Steve left, Alana freaked out. This man would probably kill her

when he realized what was happening. She broke down crying. A minute

later, Steve came back. He rushed back to comfort her, “Don't cry,”

he said, “I'm sure I'll be alright. This can't really be happening.”

“You won't hurt me?” she whimpered as she hugged her pillow.

“No, of course not.” He gave her a hug. She wrapped her arms around

Steve and they held each other close. After a minute she could feel

him getting even smaller. His shoes fell off. He was smaller than her

now. As he shrank she held him closer.

“We should call a doctor now, though.”

Alana just held on tight and wouldn't let him go. At first he tried

to gently push her away. Then he tried to escape. Both of them now

realized Alana was the stronger. Steve franticly squirmed out of her

grasp, losing his pants. He ran to the door but she ran and held it

closed. He jumped up to tackle her but after a brief struggle she was

able to hold him down! She was elated by the feeling of power and

control this gave her. She looked into his eyes to savior his terror

and helplessness. He struggled, but soon he was so small that

struggling was no use.

She sat up on her floor to her knees. Steve stood up. He was as tall Ángel número 322 - Significado y Simbolismo

as her neck. He was in his t-shirt and she was still in her ruffled

blouse. She got up, sat on her bed, and caught her breath. He was too

small for the doorknob now.

Alana looked at Steve, holding his shirt like an oversized dress.

“You did this to me!” he cried, then he ran. She put her foot out and

stepped on his shirt and laughed as he tumbled naked across the

floor. He was two feet tall and looked up at Alana. He squealed in

fear as her hand reached down and grabbed his arm. She lifted him up

into the air and held him in front of her with two hands. She felt so

powerful as she studied his little body.

“Now I have you.” She said to herself, “Soon I will hold you in one


“No.” he whimpered as he struggled in her grip.

She knelt next to her bed and placed him on top of it. She held him

flat with one hand and pried his legs apart with the other and began

to explore his penis. “Such a tiny thing,” she murmured as her

fingers stroked him., “I don't know what the big deal is.”

“Please, I have to get big again!” he begged. Alana wasn't listening.

She was exploring Steve's body with her fingers. As she prodded his

groin, he grew an erection.

“Well look at that.” She wrapped her hand around the now twelve inch

tall Steve and lifted his penis to her mouth. Gently she tapped his

groin with her tongue until little Steve howled in pleasure and blew

his load.

When Steve reached about 8 inches, he stopped shrinking. Soon after

that Mandy entered, completely nude, holding a 9 ½ inch Dan. “Even

shrunk, this guy is a handful,” joked Mandy, closing the door again.

Mandy and Alana dropped their shrunken men and immediately began an

amazing lovemaking session. Dan and Steve could only cower in horror

as they witnessed such a wild display of lesbian lust. Normally they

would rejoice at such a sight, but now they were witnessing it at

uncomfortably huge proportions.

he next day Dan and Steve woke up in their accommodations. They

were put in an empty walk in closet with some water buckets to take

care of their hygienic needs. They sat, trapped in the closet and

awaited their fate.

“Damn it Dan, this is all because you….”

“Alright, man, my bad. There, I've said it. Now shut up.”

Eventually Mandy came to feed them. She opened the door

wearing a Pixies t-shirt and some shorts. She looked down at the

tiny naked men who stood halfway up her knee.

“How are we doin' guys?” she smiled down at them.

Steve started begging. “Make me big again!” he shouted.

“That reminds me,” she said “you are not allowed to ask to be

restored or freed. You will do as the giantesses tell you or you

will be punished.”

“Got it.” Dan managed a smile.

Steve's frustration finally overcame him. “No! Help me.”

Mandy frowned at the cowardly little shit. He went silent as

she brought her bare foot above him and knocked him down. Her foot

then pressed him to the floor. He could barely breathe. Moments


“You gonna be respectful, now?”



“Yes, Mandy”

She stepped off him. “Good.”

She gave them their food and then left to see how Alana was

doing. Alana had woken up with some mixed feelings about last

night's events.

Alana was staring at her cereal when Mandy arrived.

“Still sad, babe?”

Alana's eyes remained fixed on her cereal.

“You had a lot of fun last night, though?”

Alana sighed, “Yes, it was ‘real trip' as you would say. But

now a human being is tiny and useless because of us. And when he was

small enough, I couldn't help but treat him like a doll. My

curiosity got carried away and I ended up violating him. I'm as bad

as my uncle…” Alana started crying uncontrollably.

Mandy put her arms around the fragile girl. The crying

continued. At that moment Mandy decided that Alana would never find

out about what the Mistress did. Some of the stories even bothered

Mandy a little.

When Alana had calmed down, Mandy tried to reassure her “You

would feel better if you played with one of them some more.”

“Do you think that would help?” she asked hopefully.

“Sure, do you want Dan or Steve?”

“Steve.” She said it without hesitation.

The door of the closet opened up again. Mandy looked down at

her tiny captives. She knelt down and put her hand on the floor.

“Get on Steve,” she commanded.

Steve realized she could grab him so he quickly sat on her

hand. Her fingers closed around him and he was lifted to her face.

“I'm only going to say this once. If you don't cheer up

Alana, then you won't like what happens.”

“Uh huh.”

Mandy returned and placed the eight inch tall man on the

kitchen table, then she sat down and pretended to read a Lord of the

Rings fanzine.

Steve felt so vulnerable. The table had nothing on it but

him and two gigantic women on either side of him. He had visions of

how these women had groped and licked each other while he watched,

small and insignificant.

“Uh, how are you?” Alana asked.

“Scared,” ventured Steve.

“Don't be,” Alana smiled, “I bet that you are really mad at

us, but last night was fun.” She slowly slid her hand toward him.

He took a step back. She noticed his reaction. “Sorry,” she said,

“can I hold you?”

Steve had visions of last night's humiliation. If he didn't,

then Mandy would punish him “Well, okay.”

Alana cupped the tiny man in her hand and touched him

everywhere. Often she was too rough and one of her fingers would

prod him painfully.

Mandy and Alana resumed their breakfast and talked. Alana

relaxed after a while and eventually excused herself.

Alana carried Steve upstairs and placed him on her bed.

“What are we going to do now, Alana?” he asked nervously.

“Mandy told me how the first human religion was a form of

cunt worship, and how men are supposed to make us feel like the

Goddess, but they don't.” She pulled down her panties. “Climb in.”

“No,” he squeaked.

“I know you are scared,” she said, grabbing him, “It must

seem so big to you.” She ignored his screams and pressed him against

her warm damp crotch and pulled her panties up over him. He

struggled but only became tired and wet in the process.

“I'm so big,” she gasped “and you are just a piece of meat

for my pussy to taste.”

Alana braced her hands against the bed and spread her legs

apart, drawing Steve inside her. Never had she received such

attention. Each of his struggles made her feel even more powerful.

She was a goddess.


Giantess Stories: Alana

“Those guys smoked those special cigarettes that the Mistress gave Mandy walked into the kitchen up from the basement stairs. Mandy walked into the kitch



Giantess Stories: Alana

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Giantess Stories: Alana


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