Giantess Stories: Alicia

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Alicia's Birthday Treat:

Alicia gives me a piece of candy. The next thing I realize, I am only 4" tall

and looking straight up at a beautiful monument. She picks me up and hides me in

her lunchbox, telling me she's taking me home to celebrate her birthday. She

gets me home and tells me to strip. I tell her to go to hell, bitch. Wrong

move!!! The next thing I know I am picked up in front of her huge stareing face.

She blows her hot breath on me and then starts pulling my clothes off with her

teeth as I am kicking and pounding at her lips in complete terror, begging her

not to eat me. She stops and stares at me. Why you little pervert!! I never had

such intentions, but now that you mentioned it, Hmmm, or should I say Mmmmm,

That sounds deliciously interesting. She starts to open her mouth and then stops

and says, "Gee, I'd just love to pop you in and start tasting your meat, but I'm

afraid you might blow your wad and get me so fucking horny, I might just lose it

and eat you raw before you had a chance to be my birthday present. Then she goes

over to the cupboard and pulls out the most delicious choc. cake I have ever

seen. She says to me, Ya know how all you pig men have us women popping out of

your cakes at your parties and lick the frosting off us. She gets an evil smile

and says, Guess What little man? You are about to be my birthday treat. She

picks me up and pops me right in the middle of that cake, smearing the frosting

all over my naked body. Then she cuts the piece of cake with me in it and puts

it on her plate. I am screaming and begging her to stop it! She starts digging

in with her fork, slowy picking up a piece and putting it in her mouth. She

makes sure I'm watching as she moves it around with her tongue and then placing

it between her teeth, smiling at me as if she was pretending it was me. Then she

closes her teeth, starts chewing it up ravenously, tilts her head back and

devours it. I am so terrified and so fucking horny at the same time, wondering

if she would actually do that to me. She bends over the cake and sticks her long

tongue out teasing and tasting the upper half of my body, licking most of the

frosting away. Thank god my cock was submerged in the cake or I would have lost

it right there. The next thing I know, She is smearing frosting all over her

rock hard nipples and smiing down at me. She digs her fork into the cake,

picking me up as I'm going out of my mind screaming and begging. She raises me

up in front of her rock-hard, frosting covered nipple and says milk me baby,

here's your birthday treat. She goes, make sure you do a damned good job or I'll

pop you in my mouth right now and eat you alive! I start licking her nipple and

breast like I have never tasted a women before. I strain like hell to get most

of her rock hard nipple in, practically gagging myself. I start squeezing and

suckling her nipple, sliding my body all over her smooth breast. I hear her

making a deep moaning sound. She starts getting so fuckin horny she starts to

finger herself. I was to the point, I couldn't stand it no more and was ready to

blow my load all over her hard nipple. Just before I had a chance, she grabs the

fork pushing me onto it and raising it up before her sexy, smiling lips. She

goes, I'm so fuckin horny I could just eat you whole, raw, and alive little man!

I feel her hot breath blowing on me. As much as I wanted her to put me in her

mouth, I started pleading and begging her to not go any further cuz I was afraid

she would lose it and start gobbling me if she started tasting me and making me

cum in her state of mind. Then she came back with a coy comeback, Why, Is that

what would happen to me little man if you had me in a similar position. She then

asked me, If I thought she looked good enough to eat. I didn't know what to say,

So I told her I would take my time tasting her succulent body, basking her all

over with my tongue till she orgasmed. Then I would lose all my control and Love and relationships tips for improve your relation with your boyfriend, husband or that special friend Love and relationships tips

willpower. I would clamp my teeth down on her belly and start chewing and eating

her alive. I finally said, That's why I don't want you going no further Alicia.

She stared at me for the longest time with a very horny, evil look in her eyes.

She goes, Well well!! I think it's time to clean all this frosting off you

little man. I thought she was taking me to the bathroom sink to clean me off. Oh

my God, She's opening the bedroom door. She lays down on the bed with her

completely naked body, holding me in front of her face on the fork. I scream and

plead and beg her to stop. She goes, Wouldn't you rather be cleaned off in my

nice warm, moist mouth and be teased by my big ole tongue rather than be put in

a cold sink with a washcloth. I just started sreaming and pleading like I was

losing my mind, cuz I knew once she had me in her mouth she wouldn't be able to

resist the temptation of eating me. I thought to myself how humiliating,

horrifying, and degrading to be gobbled up whole and alive by my sexy co-worker.

All of a sudden she came and gave me a big lick from my ass all the way up my

neck, licking as much frosting off as she could get in one stroke. Then she

turned me around to the front side sticking her tongue between my legs, going

all the way up my face. I started wiggling and writhing all over. I was so close

to blowing my wad all over her face and she knew it. The next thing I knew, she

started opening her mouth and tilting me back on the fork. I felt her lips and

tongue teasing my feet as I was holding on for dear life. Then she pulled me in

up to my bellybutton and I was just screaming and going out of my mind as I felt

her tongue and warm lips wrapped around me. As she had her teeth wrapped around

my nipples, she started pulling on me hard. I couldn't hang on no more and the

next thing I knew I was bobbing in her sexy mouth, raw. She started bobbing me

in and out like a human popsicle, licking the remaining frosting off my body. I

couldn't take it much longer and she knew it, as she was starting to taste my

pre-cum. Then she pulled me out of her mouth and placed me next to her sexy,

inviting lips as she wanted to watch me ejaculate all over. She licked her lips

to moisten them. She started rubbing me all over them. I was going completely

out of my mind in extacy. I just lost it and said the worst thing I could

possibly say to a very horny woman. I screamed at her to eat me, bitch. I want

you to gobble me, chew me, devour me whole and raw! I just screamed, Eat ME! Eat

me right now woman. I want to be your meal. Just as I said that, I started

cumming in buckets all over her lips, making one hell of a mess for as small as

I was. I never seen a woman looking at me with so much hunger or desire in all

my life. With 2 licks of her tongue she licked it all off her lips. Then she

started licking my cock like crazy making it hard again. Then she said to me, I

can't take it no more. You shouldn't have said that. I'm gonna gobble you raw

and eat you alive. She popped me into her mouth once more, tasting me all over,

turning me over, up and down on her warm, moist tongue. I started pleading and

begging her not to eat me, knowing full well she was gonna gobble me, enjoy

teasing me like a cat, and there wasn't a damned thing I could do about it. I

was going completely out of my mind. Then I felt her big white teeth clamping

around my bellybutton. I was just pounding like a madman at her lips and begging

her not to gobble me up, which only made her more excited as I could hear her

grown from within. Then her teeth started to tighten as I knew what my fate was

and there was nothing I could do. Then I felt her biting me almost in half

tearing my flesh off with her teeth before I finally passed out. She took her

time chewing, eating, swallowing and enjoying all my flesh. Then rubbed her

belly and panted, He was so delicious and got me so horny I wish I could have

had him cloned. THE END

Giantess Stories: Alicia

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