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Alien Visitors

By Robin GoodFellow (aka an350017)

Copyright 1997. This story may only be placed on publicly available by or

with permission of the author. The author may often be reached on Dalnet. It may

not be given to minors. This story contains various sexual themes that may not

be appropriate to those under 18. Do not read, even if you are older than that,

if you are likely to be offended.

The author would welcome chapters written by others, provided they fit within

the framework established here. If you have any questions about what might fit,

please ask.


Alannah and Deidre were young, female, graduate

students. They were only 200 earth years old, and were about to engage in what

to us might be the equivalent of a Ph.D. thesis in understanding and

manipulation of what to them were primitive and alien societies. But, their

thesis also had some elements of conceptual art. Their civilization was much

more advanced than ours, had contacted many more primitive cultures and did not

believe in anything as foolish as what in Star Trek is referred to as the prime

directive -- they felt no qualms about interfering with the development of more

primitive peoples. To them humans were not much more intelligent than chimps are

to us. It's not as if we would ever find out something that might be valuable to

them. So why shouldn't they interfere? Of course, being almost immortal and

having IQ's so high that all babies discovered all the physics we know or ever

will be able to understand, without any equipment, before they were a few weeks

old, they felt no more need to preserve our "culture" than we do to preserve the

culture of wild dogs.

Looking for a semi-intelligent civilization was usually

easy. All our heroines needed to do was move through interstellar space until

they sensed radio waves. It took less than a day, moving at superluminal speeds

to find one on the third planet of an otherwise nondescript yellow sun.

The first signals they detected were from 1950 and

1960's sitcoms. It took but a moment to decode the signals and to learn the

meaning of English. A quick "discussion" followed using technology much more

advance than analogies of sonic waves to communicate.

"The two sexes seem to squabble continually".

"Perhaps we should fix that?"

"Yes, but just to make the solution more interesting,

let us get them to volunteer for the solution." 

Chapter 1 Mindy and Steve

Mindy was one of the most beautiful girls at Highland University. Steve was

the best football player Highland had ever seen. Unfortunately, Mindy was also

one of the most intelligent girls and Steve wasn't interested in anything that

smelled of intellectual pursuits. Mindy loved to dance and when she was asked to

be part of the cheer leading squad she was willing to sacrifice some of her

study time.

Mindy was small. She was 5' 0" and weighed 90 pounds. The cheer leading squad

found that they could toss her higher than any other member of the squad.

Mindy was also young. She's skipped several grades and was only 16.

Despite their intellectual differences it was inevitable that the two would

date after some of the games.

At any of the school dances they went to, they were feted as the big man on

campus and the most dynamic cheerleader. Steve liked to throw Mindy up in the

air and catch her. Mindy liked being protected by a strong man -- she was so

small that she often felt a bit vulnerable walking around the campus at night.

After one of the dances, Steve walked Mindy home as he usually did. As they

strolled, they started looking at the spectacular evening sky.

"I wonder if we'll ever get there?" Steve asked.

"It'd be wonderful to be up there. It's hard to imagine what weightlessness

is like and the sky would be even more beautiful. But, compared to the

possibility of meeting wiser races everything we've ever lived for would pale

into insignificance." Mindy mused.

They stared into space quietly walking arm in arm towards Mindy's apartment.

Steve thought to himself -- "No one would ever let a little girl like Mindy

pilot a spacecraft, but I'd like to go. Maybe the aliens would be all women --

hey imagine a lot of beautiful women crowded into a space ship; so many that all

you could see would be female flesh. Yeah, I'd like to be somewhere where all I

could see was female flesh".

As Steve was thinking this, Mindy was thinking: "Alien science could be

really wonderful. The campus is really beautiful at night, but I can't walk it

freely without getting someone like Steve to escort me. Maybe they'd have some

way of making women strong enough that they wouldn't have to be afraid of men." 

At just that moment the world changed for Mindy and Steve. Their senses

reeled and they found themselves in a large white circular room. The room looked

to be at least 50 feet tall. The walls, ceiling and floors were featureless but

there was a chair in the center of the room. The chair looked just like an old

stuffed lounger.

They looked around for a while.

"What happened?" Steve asked.

"I don't know. I was thinking it would be nice to come across alien science

and all of a sudden the world turned white and here we are."

"Yeah, I was thinking about aliens too." said Steve a bit too embarrassed to

say what attributes of aliens he'd really been thinking about. "Do you think

we've been abducted by aliens?"

"It's hard to understand what else might have happened. One moment we're

walking through campus and the next we're in a very strange room. Why don't we

look around?"

"What's to see?"

"Well, I'd like to see if there are any ground level openings. Maybe there

really is a door here somewhere."

Mindy walked to the wall took off her shoes and started walking around the

perimeter of the wall.

"Your feet hurt?"

"No, silly I'm going to look this wall over carefully and I'd like to know

when I get back to my starting point."

Steve followed her for a bit but got tired of her meticulous inspection of

all the surfaces. He walked to the center.

"Hey Mindy, there's a button on the arm of this chair."

"Let me see. Don't touch it."

"Too late. I tried to press it, but it didn't move. There's a dial on the

other arm."

Mindy came over and noticed the dial seemed to be set in the center. Steve

tried to move the dial, but it wouldn't budge. Mindy told him not to try to

force it, but Steve ignored her and put all of his considerable strength and 250

lbs. behind moving it -- to no avail.

Mindy decided to be systematic and to go back to examining the wall. She

thought about warning Steve not to touch anything, but realized that anything

she warned him not to do, he'd probably just do faster.

Steve sat in the chair.

"Hey Mindy, the chair's real comfortable. It seems to be molding itself to my

body. Why don't you come sit in my lap?"

"Not now Steve, let's figure out how much trouble we're in before we start

fooling around." Looking back she could see that the chair had extended just

like a reclining lounger and Steve was lying on his back staring at the ceiling.

Steve started to relax. His hand naturally rested on the controls. He leaned

his head back and found himself looking at the ceiling. As he became more and

more relaxed, his hand brushed the dial. He almost didn't realize the

significance when the dial easily moved.

"Hey Mind -- the dial moves now. I'll bet the button does too."

"STEVE DON'T" Mindy screamed.

"The button seems to be stuck. I'll try banging on it."

"It could

be dangerous" her voice seemed to get louder as he pressed the button. At

first he didn't realize what had happened. He was still looking at the ceiling.

But, a moment later a giant Mindy's face seemed to block out the rest of his


"Steve, why are you so impulsive" she said

deafeningly. He covered his ears.

"Mindy, you grew. I guess this dial somehow controlled your size."

"No, Steve, you shrank." She said quietly as he realized it was true.

The chair had continued to mold itself to his much smaller frame. He hadn't

even been disrupted as he shrank.

"Steve, you turned the dial all the way to one side. Why don't we turn it the

other way, and press the button again? Maybe we can reverse this?

Mindy tried to move the dial, but couldn't. "I guess it only can be moved by

whoever's in the chair. Why don't you try Steve?"

Steve walked up to the chair arm. He reached over to the now oversized arm,

and moved the dial the other way. Then he moved over to the button, but try as

he might, he couldn't press the button. Mindy wasn't able to either.

"Why don't you get out of the chair?"

Steve started to get out, but with each step he took the chair molded itself

to him in a sitting position. He was making slow progress, out of the chair,

when Mindy said:

"Why don't I help you?"

"No, I'd rather do it myself."

"I'm tired of waiting" she said as two enormous hands gripped him and put him

on the floor.

"Now I'm going to try the chair, but first I want to see how big I am. Steve,

why don't we see how high up on my leg you are."

Steve didn't want to but Mindy finally convinced him, that either he

volunteer or she'd just grab him. He made it just to the top of her knee cap.

Mindy sat in the chair. Instantly she found that she was in a very

comfortable position, staring at the ceiling. She noticed that the dial was set

back to the center. She thought that it might be set for each occupant of the

chair. Rather than make the same mistake Steve had, she moved the dial just a

bit (in the opposite direction from the direction Steve had moved it). She

banged the button down. Her vision blurred, and then everything looked and felt

the same. That's interesting, it didn't do much, but maybe that's because I

didn't move the dial much.

"Steve come here" she said as she got out of the chair. Steve ignored her.

"I said come here". Again he ignored her.

"What's wrong with you?"

"I just don't like you ordering me around."

"I guess I have been doing that. You seem a bit like a child and I'm treating

you a bit like one. But, I do need your help"

"You do?" He said brightening up considerably.

As he came over to her she looked down at him, and said "Thanks".

"I thought you needed my help".

"I did, but now I see that the machine did have some effect, you aren't even

reaching my kneecap, so I've grown."

She got back in the chair, moved the dial a bit further, got out, and

measured Steve as reaching mid-calf, just about halfway to her kneecap. The roof

only looked about 25 feet away now.

This time Mindy picked up Steve, and put him in her lap as she sat down.

"Hey, what are you doing?"

"Well, you wanted me to sit in your lap before, but I don't think you'd want

that now, so I thought I'd put you in mine." She took off a shoe, and put it on

the floor.

With that she moved the dial up again, and pushed the button. This time Steve

stayed the same size, but the shoe was much smaller.

"O.K., Steve, you're in luck -- if you're real nice, I can get you back to

normal size. But, before we do that, we need to find a way out of here."

"Mindy, why don't you get me back to normal size now?"

"Well there may be some advantage to you're being small -- you might be able

to get into places I can't. Besides, I kind of like you this size. I can keep an

eye on you, and you won't be able to do anything stupid."

"Hey that's not nice."

"Steve, be quiet or you'll end up smaller than a mouse."

Steve was furious but kept his tongue.

"Now, let's reverse as much as I can."

Mindy turned the knob back, pressed the button and both Mindy and Steve

shrank. Mindy put Steve down, and the dial back to it's original point, pressed

the button and this time just Mindy shrank.

"Let's measure you again."

Steve now came up to just above Mindy's kneecap.

"Good, I think I understand how this works. If I grab you and turn the knob

all the way to big, we'll both grow. You may be back to normal. But I'll be much

bigger than normal, and our relative size will stay the same."

"Now, let's see whether I can bust us out of here."

Mindy sat back in the chair and grew to full height. The chair spread under

her to accommodate her. It thinned out and started to hug her like a glove. As

she grew the boxy legs of the chair coallesced until there was a single thin

pedestal. When Mindy reached full height, the chair was a bit unsteady. When

Mindy stood up her head almost reached the roof.

"Seems pretty similar up here. Let's see what the roof feels like." She

reached up and felt the roof.

"It moves. Feels a bit like a manhole cover. Let's see if I can push it


With that she moved the roof aside.

"Steve, you've got to tell me what's up there." She picked him up, put him in

the palm of her hand, and extended her hand through the hole.  After he'd had a

chance to look around, she brought him down.

"It looks a bit like a park. You might be able to grab the edge and pull

yourself out."

"Well let's see if I can." She reached up, and grabbed the edge. She was able

to chin up and look around. "Yup, looks like a lot of little trees."

"Now if I can figure out how to get everything out of here, we can quit this


She bent down and picked up the chair and pushed it out the top. Then she

picked up Steve.

"Now where can I put you?. Well you're always looking at my breasts, why

don't I give you a BIG eyeful," she said as she put him in her cleavage.

Putting both hands above her she started to chin herself up. As she was doing

that, she heard a quiet scream.


She removed Steve. As she'd been doing the chin-up, her breasts were being

squashed, and were in turn squeezing him. "Well, back to the drawing boards.

Let's try something else," she said as she popped him in her mouth.

Again she tried to get out. This time she did. She lifted Steve out to check

to make sure he was O.K.. He was and she put him back in her cleavage. She moved

the "manhole cover" back, and was amazed as the demarcation line disappeared.

She walked for what seemed a mile, carrying the chair, until she saw the

campus. There was a tiny road.

"I better shrink down to normal size." she said to herself and her captive.

"Let me out first" she heard from her cleavage.

"Later my pet."

Hitching a ride she got back to campus, returned with her car, and retrieved

the chair.

She took Steve out and put him on her table.

"Now we need to discuss what to do with you. Would you like something to

drink? I'm getting a beer."

"Sure, get one for me."

"Oh, I think you'll be less trouble than that. Here's a thimble from mine."

"Now for the discussion. I'm tempted to keep you."

"No, no, you're a freak. You want to make me into one to? Get me back to

normal. Please." He started to cry.

"Oh all right, little man. I thought you could see the possibilities. But,

you're obviously too stupid. Besides, I guess all you have to offer is your

brawn. I thought we could have fun with this but I guess all you'll be is a

stupid boring pet."

Steve seeing how angry she was started to tremble.  When she looked down in

annoyance he started to cry.

"There, there, it'll be all right. I'll let you grow. On one condition."


"I don't want you to tell anyone about this."

"Sure" he said.

Mindy knew enough about Steve to know he was lying. She was sure he wouldn't

honor what he said later, if it would do him any good..

"Steve, Steve, what am I going to do with you? I don't want to hurt you, but

I need to make sure you don't talk about this. Let me think a bit."

"I know what to do. Steve, do you still have some of that grass you've been

trying to get me high with?"

Steve didn't know what she was thinking about but said, "Sure. Get me back to

normal size and I'll get it for you."

"Not so fast. Strip."


"I said strip, or I'll strip you myself."

Steve stripped.

Mindy took Steve's clothes and after a bit of fiddling with the controls and

some growing and shrinking Steve's clothes were back to normal size.

"You did want a can of beer yourself didn't you. Well, I know you said you

wanted to do this, but I'm actually sorry to do this to you" she said as she

dumped him in a new glass of beer. She used his body as a stirrer.

When she pulled him out he stumbled about drunkenly a bit and asked "Why are

you doing this".

"Oops not enough" she said as she picked him up and dumped him in again.

This time when he got out, he couldn't stand up. She licked him off and said

"O.K. Steve, let's go for a trip."

Mindy put Steve back in her cleavage and went to Steve's apartment. She used

the key she'd taken from his pants and opened his door.

Taking him out, she asked, "OK,.. Steve where's the grass."

"Why shud I tell shu" he drunkenly asked.

She turned him over in her hand and tapped him gently on the rear.


"Had enough?"

"O.K. it's in the bottom drawer."

She took out the grass, and returned Steve and the grass back into her

cleavage. When she got back to her apartment she rolled a joint, light it, took

a quick drag but she didn't inhale. Then she popped Steve into her mouth. She

held him and the smoke in her mouth while she kept breathing through her nose.

After about five minutes of this, Steve was not only very drunk, but also very


"I doubt he'll remember what happened in the morning" she said more to

herself than to the now insensate Steve.

She grew herself to about eight feet tall, got Steve to normal size, dressed

him, slung him over her shoulder and put him into her car. Then she was able to

barely slip into the car herself. She drove Steve back to his apartment and

dumped him on his front stoop. Later, several of the other occupants of the

building noticed Steve on the entranceway.

In the morning. Steve was in trouble. Members of the football team weren't

supposed to abuse their body, and worse they weren't supposed to make it obvious

that they were. The coach heard about his besotted state and had a long

discussion with him.

It was only a week later that he managed to bump into Mindy. He told her he'd

had a really strange dream the night they'd gone out and that he'd gotten more

wasted than he'd ever gotten. She told him that he should be careful not to

mention the dream to anyone because they'd think he was crazy. Moreover, he

seemed to be a bit bigger than he was, and not only might people think he was

crazy if he convinced them, somehow they might think he was winning at sports by


About a month later, Steve saw a spectacular 6' 4" woman at a local bar.

Mindy caught a glimpse of Steve and quickly turned away. He didn't recognize

her. She continued working on picking up one of the smartest math professors in

the school.

"Are you sure you don't mind my being so much smaller than you?"

"No, actually I like small, smart men. I like to be the biggest person

around. What about you? Do you like having more of a woman near you?"

"Yup, the more the better." Mindy just smiled.

A few weeks later there was a story about the professor disappearing. Two

years later Mindy wrote one of the definitive pieces of work in category theory.

The strange thing was that that was the same year she wrote a seminal paper on


Interlude 1


"Yes, but Steve decided not to accept the inevitable."

"Mindy seems to have settled into a comfortable

acceptance and use of her new tools. Steve hasn't, but as this experiment seems

to have reached an equilibrium point, we should shift our focus to a new


Chapter 2

Jill was Don's dutiful assistant. After Jill fetched Don his morning coffee,

today's conversation was typical.

"Jill, where's the file on blah blah and oh by the way set up a golf game for

me with the marketing rep from xyz corp. on Friday."

Occasionally and today was one of those occasions there'd be a retort: "Boss,

you know that you have a report to your boss on Friday." Jill called from her

office as she went to get the files that Don would need.

They had a good relationship. . She was happy to help a man in as important a

position as Don. She was comfortable in her role as an assistant. While she was

actually very smart, she didn't realize it. She had been taught all her life

that she was dumb, and had learned not to exert herself. Jill often wished she

could get Don to do what she knew would keep him out of trouble. She didn't

realize that she could actually do Don's job better than he did it.

Don had learned in the half year that Jill worked for him that she was a

remarkable young woman. When he asked her to sketch reports for him, she

inevitably came back with reports that were models of clarity. With only a few

changes he would happily send them on. If he asked Jill to comment on things he

was working on, she helped clarify his thinking and usually proposed better ways

of elucidating the ideas. Jill didn't realize what she was doing. Don's higher

ups were thrilled at the amount of work he was doing, not realizing that there

were actually two people doing the work. Had Jill been ambitious, Don would have

been concerned for the safety of his job, but Jill didn't even realize she was

able to do his job, and wouldn't have believed it if someone told her.

Don often stole quick longing glances at Jill, who was a beautiful woman. She

was a bit short for Don's tastes, Don was, as many executives are, tall at 6' 2"

and Jill was only 5'4".

Jill also fancied Don. They both fantasized about being stranded on a dessert

island with the other.

The next day, Don's boss asked where the report was that was due. Jill said,

"I told you to do that." He retorted, "Well, I was a bad boy". She said, "I wish

I could make you do what I say." He agreed saying "I wish you could make me do

whatever you say, too."

Our visitors translated them to a desert island.

They arrived somewhat startled at the turn of events. They'd been inside an

office when it was winter. All of a sudden they were outside on a warm, bright

summer day. They were still the same physical distance apart from each other.

It actually took them a while to realize that Don was now about half Jill's


"What happened?" they both said almost simultaneously. They both moved toward

the only familiar thing, each other. As they did, their disparity in size became

obvious. Not only did it become obvious, but Don continued to shrink.

As Jill loomed towards Don, he backed away. As he backed away, he started to

get larger. Once he realized what was happening he continued to back away from

Jill. Jill also realized what was happening and stopped moving. Don continued to

grow until he'd reached the height that he'd started at on the island, about

half Jill's size.

"I don't know how we ended up here. But, my size seems to be dependent on

where I am. This is very weird."

"Poor baby, hold still and let's see what happens if I come close to you."

Jill said as she approached him. Don remained the same size.

"Let's see what happens if you move side ways." Don moved perpendicularly to

the direction he was in before. At first his size remained stable. But it

started to decline soon. When he went back he returned to the size where his

eyes were level with the top of Jill's hips. As he moved around with Jill right

next to him, they could quickly see when his eyes level sank below her hip bone.

After a longer bit of experimentation they found that he could traverse a circle

without changing height. He couldn't get either nearer the center of the circle

or farther away without shrinking.

"All right Don, why don't you just stay still and I'll find out what's in the

center." Jill said.

Don reached for her, "No, it could be dangerous. Let me go."

"Don't be silly." She said as she brushed him aside. He continued to follow

her. At first he could keep up with Jill by walking fast. As he shrank, he had

to start running.

Jill looked at the now knee height Don and said "This really is silly, you

won't make it. Don, go back." Don persisted in following her.

As Jill continued, Don shrank more and more, and fell further and further

behind. When Don got to be ankle high, Jill realized that this wasn't going to

work. She was walking almost as slowly as she could. Finally she picked him up.

"You weigh about as much as a small ball. I could throw you back to where you

were three feet high. It's only about ten feet back."

"No!! Don't!! You'll kill me. It looks to me like it's about a football field

back." Don shouted in a whisper to Jill.

"Oh, I guess it is much further for you. Are you going to go back?"

"No, I'll catch up with you."

"Well, I don't want to misplace you. I'll carry you."

She continued further, holding him in her hand.

As she continued, Don continued to shrink. When Don was about as big as her

thumbnail, Jill decided this couldn't continue.

"If I leave you will you be a good little boy and go back?"

Don looked like he was saying something but Jill couldn't hear him. She held

him to her ear and thought she heard him say "no".

"I don't know what you said but I couldn't trust you to stay and if you keep

going another few feet I won't be able to see you at all."

She scooped up a few handfuls of wet sand, making a small hole that had quite

steep sides. To Jill it was about half a foot deep; to Don it was hundreds of

feet high. She placed him in the center, figuring that it would take him a while

to get out, not quite realizing that it was an impenetrable prison for Don.

Jill continued alone to the center of the circle. In the center she found a

small oblong object, about half the width of a cigarette pack. The object felt

hard, somewhat like a stone. It was a uniform black, except for a small dimple

of pink near one end. She thought to herself "I wonder if this is what controls

Don's size. If it is, then taking it away from him should cause him to grow."

She grabbed it and carried it away from him.

Don didn't emerge from his hole. As she started back toward the center to see

if there was anything else there that could be responsible, she bent down. As

the oblong dropped from her hand, Don reappeared at his 'full' three foot


Don's feet were buried about a half foot in the sand and there was a pile of

displaced sand around his feet. Don seemed to fall backward and sat down rather

abruptly. He started rubbing his feet.

Jill ran back to Don, concerned for him. He said he was OK, but that his feet

had gotten squeezed in his very rapid expansion. Jill explained what had


When Don felt well enough, he started walking to the oblong to examine it.

Again he shrank. They found that the new center for the circle of Don's 'full

height' was the spot where Jill had dropped the oblong. Don was able to walk to

where the oblong had been, but they found nothing there.

Understanding the operation of the oblong now seemed their most important

immediate concern.

Jill walked to the oblong, and when Don followed he shrank again. This time

he stopped when he was a half foot high. Jill moved the oblong, and again when

she put it down, Don expanded back to three feet high.

Jill picked up the oblong, and Don remained the same size. As Don walked

towards her, he still remained the same size. Finally he got close enough to get

a good look at the mysterious object. Don reached out with a finger to touch the

oblong, and immediately shrank a few inches. His finger was now pointing just

below the oblong. When he tried touching it, again he shrank just to the point

where his contact with the oblong was broken.

Don told Jill to lower the oblong to where he could see it. Without thinking

she did as she was told. Holding her arm all the way down, the oblong was just

about at Don's eye level. He'd shrunk a bit from touching the oblong. She turned

it around for him, and he looked at the dimple.

"Just like you said, absolutely uniform except for a dimple in the middle."

That seemed a bit wrong to Jill and she said, "I would have said that the

dimple is almost at the end."

"No, definitely in the middle." Don asserted as he kept looking at it. "Turn

it over again".

She did, even though she wanted to look at it again. All her life she had

learned to be a good girl and do what she was told. This situation hadn't yet

changed that. After a while Don had concluded his examination and she asked if

she could see it. When she looked at it, she noticed that the dimple had moved.

As she mentioned this, she started to feel the dimple. She could feel it move

under her finger.

"Hey, your getting bigger... Sorry, I'm getting smaller."

Jill looked down at the now knee high Don.

"I moved the dimple towards the end of the oblong."

"Well, move it back."

"You know, you're getting pushy for such a little man."

"You're right, I'm sorry. It's just that it's scary being this size. Could

you please move it back?"

"That's all right, I guess it must be scary. But, I won't hurt you. I'll

protect you. I know you're used to being the protector, but you may have to get

used to this role."

Jill picked Don up, and hugged the Barbie size man. She thought she could

hear a sob coming from him. She held him a while longer and stroked his back,

much the way she'd comfort a very small child. After a while she put him back


"You're sure you want me to move the dimple again? We don't know what it


"Yes, please."

She moved the dimple the other way, and Don grew as she did so. When she

reached halfway, Don had become half Jill's height. But, as she tried to move

the dimple past the halfway mark, the dimple just slid out from under her


"That's much better. Can't you move it any further?"

"I can barely feel the dimple. It just seemed to move with my finger as I

slid it along, but now the oblong just feels like a rock, and the dimple won't

move past the midway point."

"See what happens if you move it back and forth."

Jill did for a minute or so. Don vibrated with her strokes, until he fell

down. Jill dropped the oblong to grab Don. As she did, Don shrank to about

1/10th of an inch.

Jill, frightened, in one hand scooped the sand that held Don. She could

barely see him.

She picked up the oblong with the other hand, and noticing that the dimple

was almost at one end. She moved it back to the ¼ position. Don grew back to

about 1/2 foot tall. Don stayed on the palm of her hand, and seemed quite light,

only an 1/8th of a pound.

"Are you OK?"

"Hold on. Just don't move." He said. A few minutes later. "Yes, I think

nothing is broken. I'm very dizzy, bruised and I think pretty scratched up."

"I fell down because I was dizzy. Then, the floor dropped out from my feet.

When I landed, it was on a field of large stones. Then the sun was blotted out

by something large, the ground moved, the stones slid around, scratching me

pretty badly. Finally I grew to a semi-reasonable size."

"Oh Don, I'm so sorry. Is there anything I can do to make it up to you?"

"Could you make me as big as you can? Please." He begged.

"She slowly moved the dimple back to the midpoint."

"Could you move the thing away from us and put it down?"

"Are you sure you want to risk it?"

"Yes, but before you put it down, I want to be lying down." She walked away,

he lay down, and she put down the oblong. Don shuddered, but stayed much the

same size.

The rules of the oblong became clear after a while. It was sort of like a

leash. Without Jill holding the leash, Don could not wander far from it, nor

could he get close enough to it to manipulate it himself. He couldn't manipulate

it even with Jill holding it. When Jill held it, she could change Don's height

between anywhere from three feet down to the point that he was too small for her

to see. The slider was well designed. Moving the slider about half an inch would

halve Don's height whether she had made him three feet or three inches. She

could control his height well over a wide range of heights..

Now that they had explored one of the most unusual aspects of the island, it

became time to explore the more usual ones. The first priority was going to be

finding water, the next food. Walking along, Don had trouble keeping up with

Jill, even at his full three feet. Jill was an athletic woman, and normally

walked faster than most people. Don alternated running with walking. Jill

noticed the trouble he was having and at first slowed down. Eventually she lost

patience, shrank him to about a foot, and placed him on her shoulder. He

protested that he could keep up. He kept on about how he could keep up until she

shrank him further, and put him in a pocket, saying "Keep that up, and I'll zip

the pocket closed." Don shut up.

After a while they crossed a stream of clear water. They followed it to it's

source, a small lake in the center of the island. Jill decided that she wanted

to go for a swim. She was still a bit nervous to be naked in front of Don, so

she did zip the pocket, then took a skinny dip. She sat on the beach, soaked up

some sun, dried off, then remembered Don and redressed and released him.

He demanded to know what had happened, and she decided to tell him this time.

He said that swimming sounded like fun. She said, "well you can't get those

clothes wet, take them off." He demurred, but she insisted. He continued to

refuse. Finally she said don't you know that Mommy knows best on this island?

She set his size at two feet -- about eight pounds, small enough that she could

wrap her hands around his body, but big enough that she could undo his buttons

without ripping them. Once she had his clothes off, she understood the reason

for his embarrassment, he was actually turned on by his helplessness! She was

sensitive enough to not comment on it, but mentally noted that at some level he

clearly enjoyed being bossed around.

Jill shrank Don down to about 3 inches saying, "now I can be your lifeguard."

Jill noticed that Don's clothes had shrunk even though they weren't on his body.

She thought that was strange.

Don swam around for a while not going much over his head, about a foot and a

half out. Jill thought about Don's reaction and found she was also secretly

pleased at the power she had over him. At one point during the swim, she scooped

him out of the water, and asked him if he really minded what she had done. He

didn't say it was all right, but did admit that he wasn't mad at her. She kissed

him, taking most of his body into her mouth. "Oh good, I really wouldn't want

your feelings hurt. Looking at him, she noticed he was somewhat covered with her

saliva, and so put him back in the lake to wash off. She sat back and thought

about how nice it was to be able to kiss him that way, rolled her tongue around

in her mouth and tasted a slight bit of saltiness. First she thought, that's

funny, the lake is fresh water, but then she came up with another explanation.

After their respectively big and little swims, Jill and Don decided to see

what kind of food might be available on the island. She picked Don up, and put

him on her shoulder, and they wandered around. They found several fruit trees,

but the fruit was always just out of her reach. Finally Don suggested that she

should make him about 3 feet tall, pick him up, and he might be able to reach

some of the fruit. She increased his size and grabbed him around the waist, he

was then able to reach some of the lowest fruit. He grabbed it, she pulled down,

and the fruit fell off the tree. They proceeded to gather a small feast, which

was consumed later as dinner.

As the sun set, they each reflected on the days events. Don marveled at how

good Jill looked, and realized that he was actually able to relax for the first

time in years. Jill had enjoyed the physical exercise she had gotten and also

was happy to find that she could finally feel in control of her life.

The sand of the beach made a nice firm but yielding mattress. The evening air

was cool. Don started to shiver, and asked Jill if he could cuddle up with her.

He'd fantasized about dating Jill, but in their former life it had been so

inappropriate. On the island, what was appropriate and inappropriate didn't seem

to matter.

Jill put Don's leash ten feet from her, and held Don at a size of a foot and

a half. Her arm the width of his body, wrapped about him. He stretched from her

hips to her breasts. His feet touched her thighs as she lay with her knees up.

His head rested on the pillow of her palm.

Holding Don, Jill found herself getting flushed. She alternated between

thinking of Don as a powerful, creative and handsome intellect, and as a doll

for her to play with. The strange interaction of these opposing images she found

pleasant. She had complete control of her former boss. She could feel him taking

deep breaths, and as she draped her arm further over his body, she could tell

that something was hard too.

Jill noticed she too was taking deep breaths. She had trouble sleeping, from

the excitement of having Don's little body near hers. After a restless half

hour, she decided to take some action. Saying she was hot, she got up and

removed her shirt. In the moonlight, she could see the way Don stared at her

partially covered breasts. She tried to sleep, but this time Don managed to

nestle his head between her breasts, using one as a pillow. It looked too big to

be comfortable to her, but she didn't know what to say without resolving her

embarrassment over the sexual tension.

Neither Don nor Jill could sleep. Don wanted to feel Jill, but after the way

she locked him in her pocket earlier he didn't dare bring up the issue. Jill

couldn't help thinking about this once powerful man servicing her sexual


Finally Jill couldn't stand it any longer. She took off her bra, and made it

into a proper pillow for Don, the fabric folded a few times supported his head

nicely. Don understood what was happening and got up the courage to make the

first overtly sexual move, he suckled her nipple. The nipple filled most of his

mouth, it was almost two inches in diameter, and three inches long.

Not that I want to be a tease, but since there may be underage children who

ignore the warning at the top of the page, the rest of this chapter has been

omitted (and also in the interest of time, has not been written -- in the

language of many math proofs, it has been left as an exercise for the reader and

I'd be more than happy to see the exercises).

Interlude 2:

"Much better, they've both started to enjoy their new

relationship in a way they had never enjoyed the old one."

"Yes, but Mindy had also enjoyed her power over Steve,

and eventually found some willing partners, but so far it hasn't gone anywhere."

"Then let's add some more interest to this experiment."

Chapter 3:

The next morning both Don and Jill woke to a lovely sunrise. They enjoyed the

sight of each other, and enjoyed feeling each other -- but that's another story.

Jill picked Don up and went off in search of breakfast.

She found some nice fruits on several trees, but they were just out of her

reach. By jumping, she was able to pull some of them down, and she had a nice,

but somewhat skimpy feast -- Don of course had more than his fill of what was

less than a small bite for Jill.

After a swim, lunch time approached, and Jill was quite hungry. This time she

found lots of trees laden with fruit, but none in her reach. A crisis was

clearly approaching, when Don suggested that he could get the fruit.

"How can you reach when I can't, little man?"

"The two of us can reach"

Don at three feet easily reached some fruit, standing on Jill's shoulders

with Jill holding him up.

A few days later, they had perfected a technique, Don at two feet wrapped his

legs around one of Jill's arms, sat on her palm and he could reach lots of

fruit. There were some incidences when he sat with her fingers on his rear, and

her thumb supporting him in front. Jill had fun finding the reaction to "small"

movements of her thumb.

One day they woke up and the fruit was further up, and Don could not reach

the fruit. But, Don was able to reach the limb of a tree, and climb onto the

limb. With Jill watching him below, he climbed on the limb until he reached the

fruit. He detached the fruit, which Jill caught. He climbed down to where Jill

could grab him.

They proceeded on this plan until Don fell one day, Jill easily caught him,

and from then on Don no longer climbed down, but rather dropped into Jill's

grasp. Jill had no trouble supporting Don's mass, but it was rough at first on

Don, until Jill learned to catch him with her arms coming down and slowly

stopping. She would time her arms to move down and surround his body as he fell,

gently easing his descent.

Climbing became more difficult as the fruit was further and further out on

the limbs.

Further progress occurred when Jill learned to throw Don up to a limb. She

would grab his body, in both hands, swing her arms up, throwing Don high in the

air, and he would catch on to a tree limb.

Jill was able to throw Don to some of the highest limbs. If he didn't manage

to catch the limb, she had no trouble catching him. They came up with an even

safer mechanism, Jill gave Don one of her stockings. If he missed a limb, she

would watch and shrink him to the point where his weight was less than the

stocking, and the stocking would float back to land containing Don. The stocking

would act like a large parachute.

For fun they played with using the other stocking as a sling. Don would fit

into Jill's stocking when he was one and a half feet tall. Jill could fling Don

and the stocking more than a hundred feet in the air, and she would shrink him

down when he was at the apex of his trajectory, and he'd float to the earth like

a feather.

Our visitors waited until Jill and Don perfected the art of flinging men into

the air. Then, they started bring ships near the island, but none of them seemed

to notice our protagonists.

Jill and Don were healthier than they'd ever been. But, they we tired of a

diet of only fruit and the few nuts they'd found. Attempts to wave to the far

off ships seemed to be ignored.

One day, Don suggested that if Jill could fling him high enough, he could be

seen. They tried it. It didn't work.

The next time a cruise ship passed, Don was placed into the stocking, and

Jill flung him high. This time at the apex she grew him to his full three feet. 

At three feet he was a bit wider than her legs and was quite tightly compressed,

but he didn't have to be that way long, she shrunk him before he fell too far.

The boat sailed on, but after a while seemed to slow. Jill flung Don up a few

more times, growing and shrinking him as before. Don was getting pretty

exhausted from this experience, as the ship turned around.

As the ship approached they could see that it was a cruise ship. A small

launch detached itself from the main ship. As it approached the island, our

intrepid hero's could see it was filled with one sailor and a bunch of partying

travelers. Jill quickly hid Don in her cleavage, so as not to distract the

people in the boat. When they got within shouting distance the sailor yelled,

"Some people said there saw some strange things happening and we thought it

might be fun to investigate. Is it OK if we land?" Jill yelled back "More than

OK. We'd like the company."

The launch touched the sand, and seemed to shimmer. Jill found the oblong

seem to increase. The men in the ship disappeared, and Jill found the oblong

expand out of her hand. When she looked down, she found five oblongs, four for

the four men in who had been in the launch, and one more for Don.

Jill smiled, quickly thought about what might happen when they went to mother

ship, and said,

"Ladies, I think I've something to explain to you."

Interlude 4

"Argh, I thought we had it."

"Well, second try is a bit early, but we will be able

to take advantage of this next time."

What clues our super-intellectuals had seen to know

that this attempt was doomed to failure is probably beyond our little minds, but

to see why it didn't work, read the next chapter.

Chapter 4:

"Where did they go?" four women almost asked in unison.

Jill said "Sit down, quickly!!"

Fortunately, they did. Then Jill started playing with her the dimples in her

new oblongs. As she did different men would grow and shrink back.

"Who likes this guy?" Jill asked as she grew each man in turn. As each woman

raised their hand, she handed them an oblong. After they had each gotten an

oblong, the women pulled the launch onto the beach.

The cruise ship continued on, which worried Jill at first, but the women

explained that when the group that had landed said they thought they saw

something, the captain had insisted on continuing on his appointed cruise, but

had let them off and would return for them in the evening. They had packed

enough for a romantic picnic on what was supposed to be an abandoned island.

Jill and Don both explained that they could have a romantic sojourn, but that

it would be a little different.

There was more than enough food in the picnic to serve 8 adults -- it easily

served the 5 women, and their diminutive companions.

As the afternoon wore on, the couples could each see the possibilities, and

grew to like the situation. Each couple privately explored the romantic

possibilities. In fact, two couples who had been very friendly, played together.

The two women found that they could use their small friends at the "height" of

the play when the men were 9" long. The men lived a fantasy with women who were

both well proportioned and bigger breasted than any woman they had previously

hoped to meet.

They quickly debated whether it was too dangerous to return to the bigger

ship. Each couple had, amazingly rapidly, concluded that this was a much more

fun way to live their life. The men were secretly a little worried that they

didn't have long term companions, and realized that they'd need a keeper, but

the sex they had been exposed to was so fantastic that they were willing to take

that chance.

It may seem hard to believe, but the four women had been converted in no more

than an afternoon to radicals ready to change the world. The men were somewhat

less certain, but not opposed to the change. There resistance might seem

irrelevant, but no human is irrelevant. However, these men were happy.

At the end of the day, all ten people, five oblongs, got in a launch designed

for eight, but the men were conveniently in the picnic cooler, and each woman

held her oblong against her skin. The women launched the boat. The launch got to

the boat, the ropes were attached, the launch hoisted without any effect. The

women were wondering whether the effect was tied to the island. The men were, of

course, unaware of the situation, being stuck inside their prison/protection of

the cooler. But, when the first woman put her step on the ship, the ship

shimmered, and each oblong became several hundred. They spilled all over the

floor. All the men on the ship instantly shrank.

Jill and her companions at first pretended to be confused. They discovered

the "situation" and the mechanics of the oblongs very quickly. But, they wanted

to avoid any recriminations before people learned how wonderful the leashes

were. Sorting the men out took longer this time. There were just too many

oblongs and the men were spread all over the ship. Fortunately, there were

almost no accidents. The men were sufficiently small that they could dodge as

the women dashed to and fro. One or two men were crushed before they learned

that they should stay next to the wall of the corridors. Soon all the available

men were sorted out.

The cruise line had carefully arranged that there were as many women

passengers as men, so there was one keeper for each male. Unfortunately, the

officers of the ship were almost all men, and there were no women on the bridge.

To make matters worse, it was ship policy to lock the door to the bridge. The

men on the bridge were locked away from the rest of the ship. At inches tall,

they couldn't unlock the door.

As the women moved the remotes up and down, various of the officers grew and

shrank. One quick whited officer grabbed the ship's radio's microphone and

locked it to on.

Panicked the officers called for help. They described what was happening. Of

course, they weren't believed. But, there was concern about the sanity of the

officers and the safety of the passengers.

Eventually the women broke into the bridge. The men were captured. The ship

was anchored near the island.

Most of the men soon found, just as Don had that being cared for by a

giantess was an experience beyond compare. Each man was put in the care of one

of the women. Some of the women were dissatisfied with their man, but found they

could trade for someone more to their taste. Most women were still monogamous,

and didn't want more than one man.

The passengers found an idyllic romantic vacation even better than had been

advertised by the cruise liner.

The officers were put in charge of the one female officer, the ships nurse.

She enjoyed toying with the men who had formerly controlled her fate. She grew

them to three feet, and had them clean the deck. Even at half sized they could

mostly run the ship. Some of the women passengers helped with food preparation.

The ship settled to a routine.

A decisions was made to head towards land, before the ship was noticed as

missing. Landfall might mean the transformation of a whole continent.

Paradise was not to last. Jealous of the attention his other male officers

obtained, one of them took advantage of his larger size and the nurse's

inattention and snuck down to the bridge, and broadcast an SOS. He then threw

the microphone overboard.

This SOS was not believed either. But the ship had not been visiting the

islands it was supposed to, nor was it located where it was supposed to. A naval

armada was near, and fearing for the safety of the passengers it made a


When no response was made to repeated inquiries, a helicopter was dispatched,

and it landed on the cruise ship. This time the helicopter had a male and female

pilot. When the copter landed, one of the women's oblongs split into a new

control. As the man shrank the woman pilot lifted off. When she returned to her

home ship, without the oblong that would have shrunk every other male on the

naval vessel, everyone could see that part of what had been broadcast was true,

men had been shrunk.

The armada forced the ship to turn around, and to anchor back on the original

island. Fear of contagion caused the ship to be isolated on the island.

But, the possibility of small men invaded the national conscious.

Interlude 5

This is proving to be harder than we'd thought. Well,

two more pieces of technology should do it.

Yes, remember the burning bush wasn't enough either and

whoever first visited here seems to have needed several miracles.

Chapter 5

Despite her name, Susan Smith was anything but an ordinary female. She was

the best student her high school, with an enrollment of 3000, had ever seen in

every subject. By the age of 15, she published a book of poetry that briefly

made it onto the NY Times best seller list. At the age of 17, she had also

become extraordinarily beautiful. By 19 her music had made it to position number

one on the billboard charts. Reaching the top of the pop charts was doubly

unusual for one so young, and with such a clean cut image.

Ashley Grove became a troubled, but also beautiful woman. She was two years

younger than Susan. Ashley's parents had her competing in beauty pageants when

she was five. A beauty pageant participant has to nurse a squeaky clean image.

She is trying to appeal to judges at least in their thirties and who are part of

the establishment, rather than appealing to people her own age. In high school

she almost dropped out. She became depressed, and contemplated suicide. Her self

esteem was tied up in winning pageants. There are many pageants for teens, and

she couldn't win them all. The pressure from her parents and from herself was

intense. At the height of her depression, she turned for inspiration to the kind

of rebellious music common on the radio. One day, she heard a new, beautiful

voice expressing quietly some of the inner turmoil she faced coming of age in an

environment where she felt constantly on display. Susan's music became a

touchstone in Ashley's life and Susan became a role model, pulling Ashley out of

her troubled high school years.

At the age of 19, Ashley competed in the pageant for Miss New York state. She

won it. Leaving the hall where the pageant was run, she was hit by a drunk

driver. Her dying wish was that Susan Smith be her replacement in the Miss

America pageant. The story made the national news. The runner up announced that

if Susan wanted to take her place, she was welcome to it. The runner up's

position wasn't entirely altruistic. She thought it likely Susan wouldn't take

her up on the offer. If Susan didn't her selfless position might garner support

at the final competition, where no runner up had ever made it to the top 10.

Besides which, she could compete again the following year, and with the sympathy

of the pageant folks would likely win.

Susan despised the whole notion of beauty pageants, she felt she had to offer

to replace the tragically killed woman.

She already had had more than enough money to send herself to college and in

fact was already a senior, so the prize of a scholarship didn't make sense.

Susan announced that any gifts she won would go to charity. Susan's presence,

the first competitor in the pageant who was famous before winning and the

national coverage of Ashley's story gave this years pageant a publicity boost

ensuring that it would be the best watched pageant ever, not only in the US, but

around the world.

The pageant pitted Susan against competitors who had trained their whole

lives to compete in beauty contests. When they walked down the stairs, they knew

exactly how to place their bodies. Susan didn't. But, when she walked down the

stairs, half the audience, brought there by her presence broke into applause.

Her startled and pleased reaction made her seem more real than the other

contestants. She managed to be both sexier, being shaped more like a model you'd

see in Playboy than one found in Vogue, and at the same time more wholesome and

real than the other contestants.

Susan made it through to being selected as one of the top 10 contestants that

were examined further. That was the hard part for her. Part of the rest of the

contest was a talent competition. The other contestants did gymnastics, sang

ancient favorites and other standard Miss America fare.

Susan sang an original song. She sang with the kind of polish of someone

people pay to see. She sang about the life of Ashley, and how she was struggling

to make meaning of her life. She sang herself into the hearts of the judges and

the audience. She sang, and got the audience to sing with her. She sang and the

refrain the audience sang with her was about how a woman should be able to have

power in her life. She sang and the TV audience agreed with her.

The last contest in the Miss America pageant is "the question". The MC asked

Susan what she would ask for if she could wish for anything. "I'd like to do

something positive with the minute I have here. This show is reaching the

largest world wide audience in recorded history. If we all decided to help the

world and make peace this audience actually has the power. I'd like you all to

realize for this minute that you have the power to change the world. You have

the power to grant my wish, and it's one that at one time all of you have

wanted. Some of you have become cynical. But for this minute try to grant my

wish. If you all wish with me, our wish will come true. I wish that I could make

the leaders of the world solve the problems of the world, not fight with each


Susan disappeared.

As an anti-climax, Susan was made Miss America, with her "duties" being

carried out by the next runner up. The show was re-broadcast over and over.

Susan's message reached the whole world. Her words were translated even in

countries that had never shown anything from an American program. People who did

not have television saw printed pictures and heard the story. Her words touched

the whole world. 

Susan found herself in an enormous room with a box in it. There were five

knobs on it. As she turned the first. the top of the box became more and more

transparent. The second seemed to be a zoom control. The third moved her

viewpoint up and down. The last two let her move forward, backward and to the


After playing with the knobs she realized what she had -- she had a device

that would enable her to specify any point on the earth using latitude,

longitude and height to open a window at that point. The window could be any

size bigger than the box in the outside world, but would always be a fixed size

in hers. When she set it to be completely transparent, she could reach through

the window. When she reached through the window, her arm was changed to scale.

If the window was really big, anything she grabbed came back shrunk. If she

changed the size of the window, and placed the object back, she would have

permanently changed the size of the object.

First things first, she opened a window on a McDonald's and grabbed some

pre-made hamburgers -- they never even noticed. Then she found a camping store

and managed to get an air mattress through the window. Some thin blankets came

next, several bottles of water and she was set for survival. She couldn't get

out because the box was too small for her to fit through. A bit more thought and

small plastic swimming pool came through. A trip to the bottom of a lake filled

the pool.

Twisting one knob she found she could see out, but people couldn't seem to

see her. It turned the window into a sort of one-way mirror. It was actually

letting a very small amount of light through the window. Since Susan was in a

dark room, her light didn't go the other way. But, because only a small amount

of light would pass material objects also would not pass through the window.

The next problem became what to do with her new found power. 

A little thinking suggested she would need some help if she were to bring

peace to the earth.

Moving the window in semi-transparent mode into space, she was able to

recognize the east coast of the United States. Coming down, she zoomed in on the

city of Washington D.C. The window followed a certain man until it was clear he

was only alone once a day.

Susan sighed. She had voted for this fellow, and besides she was going to

need to get him to help her if she was to accomplish her desire. But, she didn't

trust him. Most politicians aren't entirely trustworthy. Most of them were

originally motivated by trying to improve the world. Somehow in the process of

politics though, many of them were corrupted. First they were seduced by the art

of compromise. Then they would be seduced further. Some would retain a thread of

their earlier intentions though. And a situation like she could engineer might

rekindle that and other flames.

A window appeared above a shower stall. The President of the United States

appeared naked, one and a half feet tall in front of Susan.

"Well, the most powerful man in the world should meet the most powerful

woman, I'm Susan."

She held out her hand to

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