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All in a day



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           I ran around the corner huffing and puffing. I

looked up seeing a large wooden post extending a hundred or so feet into the

air.  The pounding was still near by; I could feel the floor shaking which made

me nervous. I spun around in a circle looking in all the directions seeing

nothing at all.  I ran under this table or whatever it was. As I ran I looked up

seeing metal wiring like a fence almost only it was going parallel with the

ceiling. It was then it dawned on me. The wooden post, the weird ceiling, I was

under a bed. I kept running as I knew she would be near.

           As I ran in deeper and deeper, I could smell

something foul. I couldn't quite place what the smell was from but it was all

too familiar. I didn't care though. I just kept running. I could hear my heart

pounding in my head thump thump, thump thump, thump thump, it was all I could

hear echoing and rattling in my head then I heard a crunch I looked to my left,

nothing. I swung my head over to my right and I saw a  white, old nike. It was

huge, it was unbelievably huge. The size of a large yacht at least.  As she

lifted her foot a saw a bug smashed into the floor. She didn't even care. She

didn't pick it up she left it there as an example to me.


“Where are you? You know you can't run from me”


           Her voice swirled about the room like the wind.

Her foot steps sounded like they were everywhere. I kept traveling further and

further under the bed not knowing where else to go. I finally stumbled tripping

over something and I fell face first into a sock. It reeked of sweat. I panicked

while flailing my arms and legs I rolled off the sock and scurried away like it

was a dead body.


“too close, too close” I mumbled to myself. I then felt a

tremor and a wave of air rolled over me. I closed my eyes as tears welled up in

them. I took off running not even caring which way.


“Peek A Boo I see you” I couldn't believe this was

Hillary's voice. It was loud and godly sounding, I felt something drawing nearer

I knew it was her hand without even having to look. All I could do is and run. I

scurried out the other side of the bed and I heard her curse as her hand nipped

just behind me.


The door was in my sight. Any

other day it would have taken a second for me to get there as this was a small

room but not today. I kept running and running, I knew I had to make it out of

here and find cover as I didn't have much time or Hillary, or Hill for short

would be soon behind me. 


“Why are you running? Are you scared? I won't hurt you.”


           The door just wasn't coming quick enough I could

tell she was moving quickly as her foot falls were so short one after another

that deafening thud running though my head it sounded  just like an earth quake,

buildings falling, voices screaming, absolute terror everywhere. Panic filled me

like water into a glass. How could this be happening to me? How? Hill's foot

compacted down into the carpet just in front of me. I stopped dead in my tracks.

Looking dead into her white scruffy looking Nikes, they had tiny grooves from

wear and tear that had dirt trapped in them then white socks flashed in the open

for a but a moment before  retreating behind her grey sweat pants. I continued

looking up and up now unable to make out OSU on the top left leg of the sweat

pants. Her shirt I couldn't make out I just saw a white blurry mass, her glasses

which I always thought made her look so cute were focused on me, then her blonde

hair pulled back into a ponytail seemingly hundreds of feet up. With a simple

movement of her foot she pushed me over. I grimaced as her shoe assaulted my

body and I hit the floor.


“you tumble so easily, I didn't even feel anything”


           The entire gargantuan figure began to lower

casting a dark shadow over me. Her fingers wiggled into place ready grasp me. I

screamed at the top of my lungs.


“Hillary! What's going on up there?” I was saved, it was

her mom Beth. Hillary rose up while in the same motion her foot swung over me.

By the time I was standing back up she was at the door.


“Nothing mom! We are just goofing around” shouted Hillary


“Well alright but be quiet up there”


“Okay whatever, Sorry”


I knew this was my last chance, I looked at Hillary who

still had her back to me and then over at the dresser. I then looked back at

Hillary then I took off running but I had waited to late. My face smacked into

her carpeted floor and I felt her fingers pressing into my right leg. I tried to

punch at her but the distance she held me away from her face looked to be about

that of a football field.


“Put me down, Put me down” I screamed as I was near tears,

my head darting around looking for anything that could save me, or pry her kung

fu grip off of me, but there was nothing I could see as her peppermint breath

rolled over me.


“Put me down I said! Hillary, put me down!” The only

response I got was her lips curling upwards into a happy smirk. I could hear her

eyes gleefully staring at me almost like they were cheering for her. She then

tilted her head back so that she was looking up at the ceiling while at the same

time she grabbed my head with her thumb and index finger. I was being raised

above her face, over her mouth to be exact. Her white teeth were glistening and

sparkling as I looked down at her.


“Please put me down, we can talk about this! Hillary?

HILLARY!” I shouted on the brink of crying and with a quiver in my voice. I was

lowered down towards her mouth. She licked her lips and then my legs careened

past her teeth and followed my waist then I her lips clamped down onto my chest.

I could feel her teeth pressing into my waist lightly as she held me in place.

The slightest of my movements caused her razor sharp teeth seer against my skin

and cut deeply into it. I had lost it by this time and was now crying as I felt

her tongue push my legs apart with absolute ease. Her tongue hit the tip of my

dick and then retreated, followed by doing the same thing again and again and

again but this last time it swirled around it in a circular pattern. I was

crying uncontrollably while at the same time growing harder and harder.


           My body finally spasmed and I came in her mouth.

My body went limp as I was spent and her lips rose up off of me. She grasped me

by the waist and drug me out of her mouth and then ran me down her chin, slowly

I was drug vertically across her neck and then I heard a snap, snap, snap, her

wrist came up against the buttons of her blouse. Each snap was her shirt

swinging open. After just a few feet I smelled like Hill.


           I gulped as I now saw her breasts. They were

huge, larger then life and she slid me between them, then around them and

finally she slid me over her nipples again and again lastly she grabbed my head

smashed it against her nipple. Her nipple forced my lips open and then she

pulled me off and shoved me back against her nipple again and again this

happened slowly as her nipples became harder and she then pulled me off of her

breasts for only but a moment. Then she started to kneed me into them like I was

bread dough. Harder and firmer her breasts became then Hillary fell back onto

her bed and breathing heavily.


           Its over I thought to myself but I was slid

across her firm stomach, I felt her let me go and I lay on her stomach. I would

rise and fall along with her stomach. I could hear her heart beat. I looked up

ahead though watching her pull her blue flowered panties down. A string of cum

clung from the panties to her for but a moment before it broke and vanished

along with the panties. I was grasped firmly with her left hand and lifted well

off of her stomach. Then in one swift motion I smacked back against her. I felt

a white gooey substance all around me as I was rubbed up and down; up and down

across her dripping wet pussy lips. I was racked across her pussy several more

times before she stopped with my head looking right into her pussy. She pushed

my head in with her finger tip and continued to rub me up and down the length of

her pussy. I felt her muscles convulse around my neck. I kicked my legs wildly

against her but she just continued to rub them up and down, up and down. Then in

one motion I was pulled out.


“No, no, no, you know I'm a virgin”


I was breathing sporadically as Hillary stood back up and

walked over to her closet with me firmly in her grasp. She opened the door and I

saw two rows clothes running along each wall going all the way to the back of

her walk in closet. Beneath the clothes were shoes lining the whole bottom floor

leaving only a pathway all the way to the back where a mini fridge sat with

another a bunch of long dresses hanging from a bar. The dresses draped down over

the fridge but Hillary easily pushed them aside revealing a 12 gallon fish tank.

She peeled off the roof and I felt myself falling. Before I hit the ground she

had put the roof back on the cage and her dresses snapped back around the cage

completely hiding it. I hit the floor which made up of her spandex biker shorts

that completely covered the glass floor. I looked around seeing 4 other guys

looking at me.


“Welcome to hell my friend, welcome to hell.”


I knew then that I was nothing but a toy to Hillary, a tiny

helpless toy to my girlfriend, but then again, so were they because we are all

her boyfriends and I soon learned there was no escaping Hill or Queen Hill as we

must call her. All we can do is sit in the dark dank recesses of her closet

waiting, waiting for her to call upon one of us to entertain her.


The girl who in my history class I thought was hot, the

girl who I wanted to date now employs me full time.  I have the bitter sweet job

of being her toy which is fun yet dangerous as you never know if you will make

it back.


Giantess Stories: All in a day

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