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Allison's Toy By T1

Allison stormed through her front door and negligently tossed, more like threw,

her coat on the couch. It had been a very bad day, starting at breakfast, when

that idiot roommate of hers tossed up his cookies all over the rug after a long

night of partying with his buddies. The jerk didn't even have the decency to

wipe it up, nooooo, he just staggered back into the bedroom and passed out

again. Allison spent several minutes cleaning her new carpet and then headed out

the door to her car, which wouldn't start.

"Great this is gonna be some day," She muttered to herself as she sat there

trying to get the car to turn over.

After 15 minutes of cussing and screaming, the car finally sputtered to life,

and now Allison was on her way to work. Traffic wasn't moving due to a 3 car

pile up and by the time she finally arrived at work, she was an hour late. Now

that in itself would have been fine but her idiot boss, a Mr. Terence Williams

(who by the way NEVER allowed his employees to call him Terry), was standing at

her office door waiting for her.

"Ah, good of you to join us this morning Miss. Richards." He then motioned her

into her office and closed the door behind him. "Usually I don't have the time

to drop by and personally speak to you, but today I penciled you in. Too bad you

were unable to be punctual, as that would have given us more time to chat." Mr.

Williams said, as he came around and sat on the corner of her desk. He

continued, "I was hoping that we could speak about your future at this

corporation my dear."

Allison's eyes narrowed and she could feel the anger in her building up as she

replied, "I assume you are refering to the promotion I am up for."

"Well as a matter of fact, yes I am." His eyes were now looking her up and down.

"You are truly the most qualified candidate, but I am just not sure who to

choose. I mean Trask Emory has just as much experience as you do, but his legs

aren't as shapely as yours. If you know what I mean."

Allison DID see his meaning, since this wasn't the first time he had hinted (in

his ludicrous way) that he wanted to see her outside the office. At 28, Allison

was the most attractive girl on the floor, and the fact that she was the

tallest, meant that she generally stood out from the moment she entered the

room. In fact at 6'3" tall Allison stood out in any room and any crowd. As

Allison turned 25 her hair had begun to grow in curly, and she generally wore

her chestnut brown locks pulled gently back at the nape of her neck where they

dangled down between her shoulder blades. If that wasn't enough, her eyes were

unbelievable as well. Allison had been born with blue eyes which at the tender

age of 6 had turned an incredible shade of lavender, in fact most of the men in

her office were quite taken with her, and Allison was very aware they were. The

body that her innane boss was gawking at didn't have a drop of fat on it, and

she was pretty well endowed, in fact the term large would apply VERY well.

"Well that is very sweet of you to say, Mr. Williams, but what does that have to

do with my promotion?" Allison replied, trying to keep her voice neutral.

"I was hoping that maybe you might consent to discussing your attributes over

dinner Friday night, you know, give me a good reason to assign that new job to

you and not Trask." He smiled at her, his grin almost vicious.

Allison's anger was building, but she held it in check, "I'll think about it,


"Let me know tomorrow dear", and out the door he went.

Allison, was reflecting that the rest of the day had been just as bad, when her

roommate Steve walked in.

"Yo Allison, can we have a chat?"

Allison could feel it, her roommate Steve never wanted to chat unless he wanted

life to move at his command and, now she knew he was about to get on her last


"Now I just wanted to let you know that I am havin' a group of buddies over

tonite, and you need to find another place to be, kool thanks bye." Steve turned

to go.

"You had a group over last night, and my day sucked Steve, and all I want is

some quite, so I guess that means no, kool thanks bye."

"Listen I live here too! I pay my rent!" Steve yelled, "So my friends ARE comin'

over and YEAH you are gonna have to go somewhere else!"

Allison, had finally reached the breaking point, between this moron and her

boss, she had about all she was going to take. Standing there Allison could feel

her anger boiling and swelling within her, and poor Steve was about to get the

whole day in one blow. Training her glare on him she felt the anger coming up,

wave upon wave, her mind reeling at how much she hated this tiny insignificant

toad of a human being. She thought to herself that he was nothing more than a

bug in her eyes and he had the balls to come in and demand her life be changed!

For him! What nerve...well that was the last straw! Allison straightened every

one of her 73", opened her mouth, and the rush of words came pouring out in one

long string, her voice cutting into Steve with each syllable. He was beginning

to show the wear.

Steve was visibly shaken and his bravado was quickly draining out of him, in

fact if Allison had been paying attention, she might have noticed he looked

rather drawn and pale all of a sudden.

Allison was still giving him the "what for" when Steve, in a meek voice, replied

"Allison please stop I feel funny."

Steve was looking a bit pale Allison thought, and maybe a bit broken, as his

shoulders WERE a bit slumped. Actually Allison thought, they aren't slumped at

all, he seems.....Allison groped for the correct word....smaller.

"How exactly do you feel Steve?" Allison asked with a malicious grin.

"Well I feel just kinda funny...sorta like my body isn't mine. My arms and legs

are tingly and my stomach is really squirmy. I think I may be coming down with


"Oh you are coming DOWN all right but I don't think you are actually sick!"

Allison laughed. "In fact I rather think in a few more minutes I am going to

really enjoy your company!"

Steve looked down at the floor to try and steady his dizziness. The room was

spinning and he couldn't help doubling over to try and fight the nausea building

up in his stomach. When Steve stood up Allison began to laugh in absolute


Where once had stood a well built 6'5" man was now a man no more than 3' tall!

Allison's eyes were dancing as she lifted Steve on to the desk to look in the


Behind him stood Allison's body looming over his tiny one, infact she looked

like the Statue of Liberty and she seemed to almost be growing behind him. Steve

knew she wasn't getting any larger, but that he was in fact getting smaller, and

right before her eyes. Steve's mind quickly and absently wondered what the

towering female figure behind him thought of his sudden tranformation, but

instead he asked, "Allison, what in the world did you do to me?"

Allison took a step towards him and Steve felt the vibration of the ground with

her step. Her body was now blocking out the background of the room and her grin

was erie as she bent down to peer at him a bit more closely. Allison's eye

seemed like it was large enough for him to climb up and lay across...but he tore

his gaze away from her and looked back at himself in the mirror.

It wasn't so much that he had shrunk...and seemed to be continuing to do

so...that scared Steve so much, it was his clothes hanging off him as if they

were no more then mere mounds of fabric. His pants, which had been tight just

moments ago, were puddled around his ankles with his underware on the top like a

snowy white peak on a mountain. Steve's shirt was still in the process of

slipping down his body, and they would have, if not for the tiny arms that his

shirtsleeves had caught on.

Steve was staring incredulously into the mirror when the final bout hit him,

like a punch in the chest. He doubled over...his breath caught in his

lungs...unable to move. Steve could feel his tendons and muscles shrinking,

contracting into themselves. Yet for Steve there ws no pain just the sensation

of a multitude of fingers pulling him down towards the wood of the desk. He

could hear his bones popping, but there was no pain, and then after a brief

moment, which seemed to him an hour long... he looked up and was standing naked

in the mirror. Steve was now only 3" tall!

He stood there, his mouth hanging open, for what felt like an eternity and when

he finally did speak it was only a croak that came out. Steve turned and stared

up at Allison, she looked to him like one of the skyscrapers downtown in the

middle of the city. The mirror next to him looked like a wall of the apartment,

and he realized he was standing not on the top of the desk the way he had

thought...but on the pinnacle of his clothes, which were now a huge mound that

he had crawled to the top of.

All at once a giant shadow appeared over his head, and everything went dark as

Allison's hand came down and wrapped itself around him. Steve could smell the

scent of her cologne in her skin, which was covering his whole body like a

blanket, and then there was a bright light all around him as Allison opened her

hand flat and the overhead lamp shone down on Steve like a giant sun.

Steve gingerly stood up in the palm of Allison's hand, he could feel the muscles

in her palm working to hold her giant hand still, so as not to knock him over.

Standing took a bit of skill in the balance department, and after a moment or

two, Steve's legs got tired and he sat down in Allison's palm. Looking around he

couldn't help but notice just how large the details of Allison's palm were.

Steve looked at his tiny finger then over at the life line in the middle of

allison's hand, and very slowly he reached out to trace the crevice with the tip

of his finger. Steve noticed the way his finger slid perfectly into the canyon

of skin, much like hot dog slips neatly into its bun. Glancing around, he saw

how large Allison's fingerprints were now, and Steve thought absently that they

looked like veins of the Grand Canyon.

Looking up at the giantess in front of him he shouted up, "What do I do now...I

mean do I call a doctor or an ambulance maybe...yea maybe if we get to a

hospital they can make me big again... I mean I don't want to stay like this did this happen? Did you do this? Come on no more games...I mean

you've had your fun...fix me! I am not kidding Allison you've got to put me back

to normal size!" Steve was now begining to panic.

Allison stared at the tiny man in her hand, "Steve really I don't know how this

happened...honest ...but if it makes any difference, I think you're kinda cute

this way...I mean...look I think we shouldn't be TOO hastey ...I guess what I am

trying to say is that we have...or at least I have a wonderful opportunity know not every woman has her own live toy man."

"Allison, what are you saying?" Steve began to stammer "You aren't suggesting I

stay this way for your personal amusement...are that what you're way...uh uh..."

Allison missed the last of Steve's comments, as she gently closed her hand

around him, and strode into the next room, looking for somewhere to house her Bajaj Pulsar 135 LS precios y ficha técnica en Perú.

newest pet.

"Hmmmmm" Allison thought, "I need a safe place to put you while I figure out

some kind of housing for you." Allison glanced around eyeing the room. In the

corner she found just what she had been looking for, a shoebox. She took it into

the kitchen, popped a few holes into the top and placed Steve into it, then she

replaced the lid.

Steve was dazed when he finally sat up inside the box. If Allison was going to

hold him like that he was going to have to mention the fact that he couldn't

breathe too well. Glancing around, the first thing Steve noticed was the light

streaming through the box top. He could here rumblings as Allison moved things

around so he sat quietly staring at the light rays, wondering if he was going to

survive this ordeal. He thought about Allison and wondered why she seemed to be

so turned on by his unusual size. Not that it really mattered, since even if she

told him, he was really helpless to change anything at this point. Steve was

pondering this thought when once again the bright light blinded him.

Steve looked up to see the Giantess Allison, as he had begun to think of her,

standing there holding... an aquarium! "No way Allison, I am not going to stay

in the fishtank!" he screamed.

"Now Steve, be reasonable" Allison replied calmly, "Where else can I keep you

that you would be safe?" Allison stood thinking. "Besides I wouldn't want you to

get away, now would I? She smiled evilly "I guess you could say that the tables

have turned...Now I'll be telling you how things will be."

Allison covered the shoebox and began to prepare Steve's new home.

Just about an hour later Steve could hear allison's massive footfall approaching

and suddenly there was that blinding light, and then Allison's huge face peering

down at him.

Allison lifted him up and carried Steve over to the aquarium, which was now,

Steve noticed, rather nice inside. On one end there was a sand beach with a deck

chair and an umbrella, and on the other end there was what looked to be a hut of

some kind. But what stood out was the way Allison had created a swimming pool.

In the very center of the tank there was a shallow teacup pressed into the sand

so that only about a 1/4" of the rim stood out. There was a beach

towel...obviously cut from her old beach towel...and some tiny little dishes and

silverware, that she must have gone out and purchased while he was in the shoe


Allison placed Steve into the fishtank and smiled malevolently, "Now you get

some rest and in just a while we will spend a bit of time together. See right

now I need to go out and buy another tank...seems you will be having company

tomorrow night when I get home from work." Allison was still giggling about her

bosse's fate as she walked out the door.

Steve wasn't sure how long he had been asleep, but true to her word Allison came

home with another aquarium and an evil grin on her enormous face.

"Get up lil man, it's time to play."

Steve didn't understand until he rubbed his eyes and got a good look at his

Giantess. She was standing there in front of him without any clothes on! Steve

rubbed at his tired eyes again, but still he saw the same image. Steve's mind

quickly remembered back to a time when he had thought how great it would have

been to grab Allison and get nasty with her, only now he realized that the

tables had turned.

Allison reached in and grabbed Steve between her thumb and index finger and

placed him in the crook of her collar bone.

Steve could feel her skin slipping underneath him and her muscles in her neck

vibrating as she absently hummed to herself. It was very much like being at

ground zero during an earthquake.

Allison suddenly grabbed the tiny Steve, and without so much as a warning, began

to rub him against her breast.

Steve could feel her nipple getting hard against his skin, and he absently

thought that it reminded him of a grapefruit, at least it was big enough to be

one. However her skin was nothing like the rind of a grapefruit, since Allison's

skin was rubbing against wet velvet. He saw the skin around him pull up into a

mound as she pulled him up and he saw it smooth out as she pushed him down.

Allison continued to grind her little man against her skin,and Steve realized he

was getting hard! He had always wanted to sleep with Allison...who hadn't, but

not this way! Steve tried concentrating on something else...anything else...but

to no avail. Soon he was as hard as a rock and ready to explode all over

Allison's velvety skin. Unfortunately, Steve didn't get the chance, because at

that moment Allison's massive fingers lifted him up and plopped him onto her

bottom lip. Steve bounced gently off her giant mountain of soft, moist, tissue

and straight up into the air, where Allison snatched him up with the tip of her

huge tongue. In fact to Steve, Allison's tongue looked a lot like a red and

bumpy diving board...only this time there was no pool...just the tender pink

underside of her mouth and tongue.

Allison began to suck on the tiny man, her tongue wrapped completely around his

body like a soft pink taco shell. She could feel his tiny body slipping in

between the folds of her tongue's flesh, much like a wet piece of candy.

The tiny little man in her mouth was at this point glancing around and carefully

checking out the scenery. Just above him, as he lay pressed between the tissue,

was the roof of her mouth. Steve could see the huge veins in the the skin and

thought they looked a lot like a road map. He hoped at this point there wasn't a

sign with an arrow pointing to the throat saying "EXIT". Steve could also see

Allison's top row of teeth, each which appeared as large as a building. From

this vantage point he could see that she also had the softest looking pink gums

he had ever seen. Not that he had seen any gums up close and this large before,

but they struck him as suddenly very sexy, like they were pillows between her

massive teeth. Steve wondered what it would be like to lay his head down and

rest on them. Steve was pondering this when he heard Allison's breath, which

until now he hadn't noticed. Allison must have started breathing harder, since

he could now hear the rush of air, like the roar of a freight train passing over

him in her nasal passages. Her breathing was also causing a vibration...and

Steve wondered if an airplane...maybe a DC10... was about to take off in her


Steve looked up to see Allison's long red nails slipping into her own mouth, and

he tried desperately to move towards the back of her tongue. Not being able to

get any traction against her wet tastebuds, Steve couldn't slide out from in

between the huge fleshy boulders, and he felt Allison's now slick fingers grab

him around the waist and pull him out of her mouth.

As Allison pulled him out of her mouth, she dragged...literally...the helpless

little Steve down her chin over her neck and then slid him down her taut stomach

towards her thigh.

By now, Steve had pretty much figured that he was going to be Allison's play toy

no matter what he did or said, so being thrust into to her probably wasn't the

worst thing that could happen to a man his size. However, that wasn't Allison's


Allison continued to slip the tiny man down her soft and muscular leg, towards

her foot. She had every intention of watching this little man squirm between her

massive toes. Allison was grinning from ear to ear as she slid the tiny man down

over her knee and towards her ankle. He was still wet from the trip into her

mouth and now his tiny legs were leaving a set of shiny wet lines down her shin.

Then she dragged Steve's tiny body down to her toes and draped him over the big

toe on her right foot, never imagining for a moment that Steve might try to


In a split second Steve had slid over the shiny and slippery red toenail polish

and was running through thigh high carpet, as fast as his little legs would take

him. Unfortunately, it wasn't fast enough to escape the length of Allison's

foot. Steve turned to look over his shoulder and saw a toe that was to him the

size of watermelon decending over his tiny frame. Allison's toe cast a shadow

over him and blackness covered him as she gently brought her foot down and

ground him into the carpet. He could smell the polyester in the carpet

fibers...fibers as large as him which he sank into, and he laid there praying

she wouldn't smash his body with her giant toe.

When Allison lifted her foot, she snatched Steve's tired and now totally

helpless body into the space between her big toe and middle toe. "You were very

naughty to run like that Steve, and if I wasn't so excited about having you this

small, I would probably have just crushed you like an insect. But you are in

luck, because I am only going to punish you."

With that Allison began pressing her toes into each other, with Steve's tiny

body in between. She couldn't feel it but she was slowly squeezing the air out

of his lungs.

Steve could feel the rush of air from his body, but he knew that to Allison it

was nothing more than a brush of warm air across her toes. In fact he thought

that punishment might just mean she was going to crush him after all, but

suddenly she released the grip on him and began to gently message him with her

toes. As she did so, he slipped a bit deeper into the crack of her foot and he

felt the webbed skin of her toe joint sliding over the front of his body. Steve

could feel her supple skin gliding across his extremely hard erection, and he

began to feel the first twinges of his orgasm coming on. Steve could also hear

something too. He listened very carefully and he heard Allison moaning softly.

He tried in vain to look up at her, but from where he was he couldn't see past

her knee, but he was sure that she was playing with herself. That in itself

turned the tiny man on, and he began thrusting himself back and forth, in and

out of the soft webbing. He glanced up at the top of her toe and found himself

staring at her toenail, and he had the strangest thought...what if he could just

run his dick across the cuticle of her toe? What if he could straddle her nail,

face down, his tiny body pressed tight to her skin and he could just rub himself

over that giant cuticle...a cuticle as big as him? With that thought in mind he

began to press into her as hard as his tiny body would allow, knowing that to

the Giantess above he was no more than a pebble between her toes...and that

thought drove him insane. No longer could Steve control himself, and as he heard

Allison scream out in pleasure he too let go all over her big toe. Steve went

limp and his body, felt exhausted and raw.

Allison lifted Steve up in the palm of her hand, and carried him over to the

aquarium, "Well if your little tiny body did that for me...just wait until

tomorrow...when I have two of you." Allison's smile was erie "And I guess I

should warn you, only one of you will survive"

Allison placed Steve into the tank, laughed viciously, and turned the light out

as she left... leaving Steve alone in the dark.

Watch for Part 2...whatever will happen to Steve and Allison's boss?


Giantess Stories: Allison

Allison stormed through her front door and negligently tossed, more like threw, Allison's Toy By T1 Allison's Toy By T1



Giantess Stories: Allison

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Giantess Stories: Allison

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