Giantess Stories: Aloha Goddess Linda

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Aloha Goddess Linda

I have somehow stumbled into your world after yet another

reincarnation. It seems that I have found my lot in life as a four inch man. I'm

always on the run from evil giantesses as I continue to look for that perfect

gentle giantess to live out my current life with. Every time I get close to

success, my life gets cut short. I have been successful in finding gentle

giantesses to live with, but they usually want to share their good fortune with

one of their girlfriends (who usually have an evil streak in them). There have

also been times when a gentle benefactress loses control of herself in a

passionate moment and accidentally takes my life. This isn't so bad though. I

often recall those last moments of uninhibited lust and say to myself, 'what a

way to go...'

You might inquire why I now call myself "lollyman"? I'll

explain. A past mistress of mine lost control during a little lustful play

during a dinner date. She wanted me to feed her by hand, which I gladly obliged

myself to do. It was highly erotic for me to sometimes be caught by her plush,

full lips. She would playfully catch my arm and slowly suck it into her mouth,

and then release me suddenly, sending me wheeling backwards onto her dinner

plate. As our dinner date continued, I noticed she was enjoying my flavor as

much as her meal. Her arousal peaked when she looked at me on her plate

struggling to get up out of her mashed potatoes. She picked me up, and put me

head first into her mouth! She sucked all the mashed potatoes of my body, and

lolled her tongue on me for a while before pulling me slowly out. My heart was

racing to the point of sending me into unconsciousness. She began dipping me

into her meal, using me like a living breadstick! She finished dinner and smiled

at me and lowered my body down her ample cleavage. I felt a little better there

because I was beginning to think she was going to finish dinner off with ME!

My mistress began to rummage through a few things somewhere

in the house. I didn't know where in the house we were or what she was doing

because her blouse blocked my view and I was wedged in too tightly between her

breasts to get a glips of our whereabouts. I just spent those moments caressing

her tits and feeling her heart beat. I could feel it increasing with every

moment as I continued to play with her. I thought I was turning her on, but I

was mistaken. She unbuttoned her blouse and I could finally see where she was,

and what all the rummaging was all about. She had set up her video camera and

her VCR so she could moniter herself from her couch. On the coffee table was a

bowl with an assortment of lollypops and popcicles. I remember her telling me

once during one of our more racey conversations that she fantasized about being

a pornstar and making a GTS video. It appeared to me that she was about to let

that fantasy come to life at my expense. She pressed the record button on the

remote control of the VCR and began to act out her fantasy with me. She started

by kneading me into submission with her tits. At first this was pleasurable, but

as she moved towards the camera to get a close-up of me in her cleavage, she

increased the pressure on me until I was completely enveloped by her soft,

pliant flesh. She released me from her cleavage crushing and reached into the

bowl and grabbed a popcicle. The camera and I watched from our respective

perspectives as she ran her tongue ever so slowly over and around the frozen

treat as if it were a favored lover. I was aroused beyond rationality as I

watched her tease and enjoy the popsicle. I wanted to be the popsicle. I wanted

to feel the ecstasy of her lips and tongue in their carnal ballet. My wish would

be granted soon enough. For now, I was driven by lust for the woman and my

situation and reason was now an after-thought.

My mistress slid the popcicle down her chin and neck and into

her cleavage and my eager reach. I grabbed the rapidly melting pop. I held on,

ignoring the freezing cold as she traced the contours of her incredible body. In

the glare of the light from the video camera, I beheld her in her glory. She had

bought me to her center of lust. She wanted to play, and she pressed me into her

vagina with the now quickly melting popcicle. As she rubbed me around her pussy

she helped herself to a lollypop from the bowl. She knew she would have the men

(and maybe women) spellbound with the way she could work her tongue around that

lollypop. Combined with shots of me being forced into her other lips, she would

drive her audience wild. She knew this because she was driving herself wild and

suspected, by the way I was thrashing myself around on her labia, that I was

going wild with lust as well. In this mad whirlwind of lusty heat, the popcicle

melted off the stick. As she watched the remains of the popcicle slide off her

inner thigh, she looked at the popcicle stick and smiled lewdly. I looked up and

watched her draw the tip of her tongue slowly across her luscious red lips. She

showed her prowes as she held the tip of her tongue in a 90° bend and let it

just barely sweep her upper lip. It touched her lip just enough to display how

soft and pliant her lips were. I stared at her lips and watched as they formed

her words, which reverberated through my body. I could feel a hightened charge

of electricity in my GTS lover and in my own body. I'm not sure if it came from

the vibration of her voice, or the words she spoke to me, but I became frozen in

a state of absolute lust and absolute terror.

"Come here lollyman, I want to suck on you till you melt in

my mouth!" She scooped me up with the stick from her mons and elevated me to her

waiting mouth. She moved closer to the video camera and brought me up to her

lips. All the camera now showed was me clinging to the popcicle stick (which was

just a little taller than I) and her plush lips. She brought me to her lips and

began to kiss me. Her lips pressed around and over my body and the stick. The

feeling was mind numbing. Never in my recollections of past lives had any of the

women who possessed me kissed me with such electricity and lust. Soon, her

tongue began it's dance on my entire body. I nearly lost my purchase on the

stick because of the strength of that erotic muscle. Suddenly, her lips began

sliding over the stick and my head. She held just my head in her mouth for a few

prolonged seconds, then pulled me out. The next push put me in up to the small

of my back and the following pushes a little further in until my entire body was

in her mouth. She continued this erotic play with me for the camera, moaning

sensuously throughout with the occasional loud sucking noises. Meanwhile, I was

losing strength and the wetness in her mouth was getting the better of me. I

finally lost my grip of the stick. She felt this happen, and played it up for

the camera. She tilted her head back, and with a loud "MMMMMM", slide the stick

out of her lips slowly without me on it. With the camera now closer to her, she

played with me in her mouth. She would allow some of my body to slip out of her

mouth, only to suck it back in again. She opened her mouth and forced me out

onto her lips. Her lips then closed around my hips, my raging erection pressed

between me and her immense lower lip. Ever so gently, she sucked me off until I

came for her and the camera. As she felt the rush of cum from me, she allowed

herself to smile lewdly for the camera with me draped over her chin and lips. I

had no energy left at all. My lusty Mistress had drained the life out of me. All

that was left was my consciousness. All visions around me were fogged around the

edges except for the face of my Mistress and the lips which held me prisoner.

Again, I felt the electricity course through my body as she

again tilted her head back. "MMMMMMMMMM" This time I knew it wasn't the

vibrations! It must have been an instinct to stay alive, the will to live, but I

began to writhe madly as she began to slowly suck me into her mouth again. This

time I knew it would be the last time for me. She was far to driven by lust to

be saved by reason, too caught up in her fantasy to realize that it would end my

life. I soon lost the will to live, and I let the last throws of pleasure run

through my body as her beautiful lips, those sensuously full red lips, slide me

down into her mouth. I remarked how easily they conformed to my body. I ran my

hands over her lips, stroking the smoothness and tracing the wrinkles that were

unique only to her. At that last moment of that lifetime, I loved her as I did

no other. Her love, turned to lust, was now going to consume me. As she drew me

in up to my neck, I began to kiss her lips passionatly. I would die in that

passion. It would be the last thing I would do then, because I lost

consciousness as her lips covered my head, and I disappeared from the glare of

the lights of the video camera.

Even now in this new life, I can recall with certainty that I

made her happy. I know because I could feel the smile on her lips as I slipped

inside.... What a way to go....

Giantess Stories: Aloha Goddess Linda

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