Giantess Stories: Altered State 2

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Altered State 2.

“But I wanna go and see a movie. Can't you do it some other night?” complained


“No, I promised I'd do it today. It won't take long.” Reasoned Kevin.

“Can't she do it herself?”

“Obviously not. Look, come with me, it won't take long and then we can go see a

movie.” Kevin proposed.

“What? Go with you to help put up shelves for your aunty. No way.” Jenny stated.

“You've never met Leslie yet, you'll love her. C'mon, please. I swear we won't

be any longer than an hour.”

Jenny slumped down onto Kevin's unmade bed wondering whether or not to accept

her boyfriends offer. Kevin meanwhile watched her as she sat on his bed pulling

that cute face she always pulls when thinking. She was absent mindedly twirling

her dainty foot, letting her flip-flop fall from it before sliding it back on.

She repeated this several times before finally speaking.

“No more than an hour right.” She asked.

“Cross my heart.” Kevin replied.

“Okay then. But be as quick as you can.”

The two continued talking as they left Kevin's room and set off to their


The sun was beating down as the couple headed to Leslies front door. “You didn't

say anything about walking so far.” Complained Jenny. Kevin just smiled and

knocked on the door. After a short wait the door opened.

“Kevin dear, how are you?”

“I'm Okay aunty Leslie. How are you doing?” he asked.

“Very well thank you. And who is this lovely young thing?” asked Leslie turning

her attention to Jenny. Jenny smiled politely.

“This is my girlfriend Jenny. I brought her with me, hope that's alright.” Kevin


“Absolutely. The more the merrier.” Leslie stated with a smile.

The pair then followed Leslie into her house. Kevin noticed that she was still

wearing her work uniform and deducted that she must have just gotten home. As

she walked Kevin could hear the sound of her nylon covered feet slapping off her

sandals and through the nylon he noticed she was wearing bright red nail polish.

Leslie led them to the room where the shelves needed assembling and let the two

get on with it. After a while she went and made coffee for everyone.

“Let's have a break.” Leslie shouted to them from the living room. “There's

coffee here for both of you.” Kevin and Jenny headed into the living room and

sat down on the couch next too each other. Leslie was sat in a chair opposite

twirling a remote in her hand.

“Is that for the T.V?” Kevin asked looking at the remote. Leslie smiled.

“No, this isn't an ordinary remote. This turns living things into ants.” She

said in a matter of fact manner. Kevin and Jenny looked at each other and


“Seriously, what's it for?” Kevin asked.

“I told you.” Leslie said with a smile.

“That's impossible!” stated Kevin.

“Oh really. Well if you don't believe me why don't we try it out?” she said.

“I'll turn you into an ant. This remote also can change you back so it'll only

be fore a couple of seconds.” Kevin laughed.

“This is so stupid.” He said.

“So why don't we try it?” Leslie responded. Kevin laughed again.

“Okay, why not.” He said and stood up. Leslie pointed the remote at him.

Suddenly a bright beam shot out and engulfed Kevin and he seemed to disappear as

his clothes fell to the floor. Jenny let out a gasp. Leslie however just got up

and placed his clothes on the couch beside Jenny, as she did a tiny ant could be

seen at her feet. Jenny couldn't believe it.

Kevin was in awe, directly in front of him he could see Leslie's giant feet in

her sandals, her massive toes wiggling every now and then. He looked up to see

the two giant women looking down on his tiny form, Leslie was grinning.

“I told you.” Leslie laughed. Her voice was like thunder to Kevin.

“Oh my God, Kevin. You're an ant.” Jenny said. She turned to Leslie. “Is he

Okay?” she asked.

“He's absolutely fine. It will be weird for him but there's no harm done. He can

be changed back to so don't worry.” Leslie responded. Jenny giggled and looked

down at Kevin. “This is wild.” She said. Leslie laughed.

“It must be pretty scary for him. He's so small.” Jenny said.

“Maybe.” Leslie replied. “I mean he isn't even as big as the sole of your

flip-flop.” She giggled. Jenny laughed too, she then looked down at Kevin and

jokingly hovered her foot over him. Kevin looked up to the pink rubber sole that

was now the sky above him. “Better watch where you're going Kevin, you could get

stepped on.” Jenny said with a laugh and then pulled her foot back and set it on

the floor. Leslie was laughing as well. “Your terrible.” She giggled. Suddenly

Leslie reached down for Kevin; he watched as her impossibly large hand lowered

down to him and roughly grasped his tiny form between her giant thumb and

forefinger. His head spun as he was effortlessly lifted from the floor in his

auntie's grasp. She brought him up to her face and studied the tiny struggling

ant that was trapped between her fingers. She smiled.

“Don't be scared Kevin, we're only playing with you.” Leslie said to him. Her

hot breath washed over Kevin as she spoke and it made Kevin struggle even more.

He wasn't really scared because he knew they were playing, this was his aunty

for Gods sake. However he thought that Leslie wasn't really aware of what she

was doing to him, her breath wasn't exactly pleasant. However Leslie knew

exactly what she was doing.

“We need some where to put you little guy, you will get lost on the carpet.”

Leslie said before looking to Jenny. “I have an idea. Why don't you take off

your flip-flop Jenny and we can put him in that. He'll stand out better on the

pink of your shoe.” Jenny laughed.

“Hey Kev, wanna go for a ride on my shoe?” She said playfully and kicked off her

flip-flop and placed it on the coffee table in front of her. Leslie then lowered

Kev and dropped him onto the surface. Both girls giggled. Kevin wasn't really

amused at them having fun at his expense. He looked around; the flip-flop seemed

to stretch out forever in ever direction. The surface was slightly dirty and

damp. Kevin the noticed the odor, the smell of Jenny's feet.

Leslie and Jenny looked down on him giggling as the saw him moving about.

“This is unreal.” Jenny stated. “I wonder what it's like for him.”

“You wanna try?” Leslie asked.

“Me? No way.” Jenny replied.

“Oh come now, It's perfectly safe. You've seen for yourself.” Leslie said as she

picked up the remote.

“No, I really don't want to.”

“It'll be fun.” Leslie insisted and fired the remote not giving Jenny the chance

to argue further. In an instant she was transformed and saw the awesome sight of

a giant Leslie lift her own giant clothes from her and set them aside. It was an

incredible experience and Jenny wasn't as scared as she thought she would be.

She knew Leslie wouldn't let harm come to her. Jenny then watched as Leslies

giant hand came down towards her. She let herself be taken up in Leslie's

surprisingly rough grip and be deposited on the flip-flop with Kevin. What a

weird experience this was for Jenny, to be standing on her own giant shoe. She

noticed the smell and although disgusting, Jenny found the whole situation quite


“You two look so adorable down there.” Leslie's voice roared from above. The two

tiny ants then watched as the giant got up and retrieved something from a nearby

cabinet. It was a clear glass jar which Leslie placed next to the flip-flop.

Kevin wondered what that was for. Leslie then picked them both up, one in each

hand and placed them both in the jar and screwed the top on. Lenguaje mímico: Características y Ejemplos

“This is so you don't run away.” She giggled and headed into the kitchen.

Bemused the two listened and heard Leslie talking on the phone; Kev realized

that she was talking to his mother.

“No, he never turned up. He's probably off with that girlfriend of his and

forgotten about poor me.” Leslie was saying. Kevin couldn't believe it.

“Don't be to hard on him.” She continued. The conversation lasted about ten

minutes with the two women getting into some idle chit chat as they always did

before Leslie finally said her goodbyes, hung up and walked upstairs. After a

few more minutes she came down and walked back over to the jar, smiling down at

its two inhabitants. Kevin noticed she had removed her sandals and nylons and

she had the nylons in her hand.

“Just taking care of something.” She said as she unscrewed the top and peered

in. “Now we can play for longer.” Neither Kevin nor Jenny liked this and started

to feel uneasy about the whole thing. They watched as a smile grew across

Leslie's face. Looking down at the two of them right next to each other gave her

an idea. The two ants watched in disbelief as they saw a ball of yellowy white

spit build up at Leslie's lips and dip down towards them. Unable to react in

time they were engulfed in the horrible bubbly saliva. This caused Leslie to

break into a fit of laughter as she watched to two scrambled frantically in

separate directions trying desperately to get themselves out of her spit that

completely covered them before finally breaking free. A horrible feeling washed

over them.

It took a while for Leslie to finally stop laughing. “Oh you two are just too

cute. I think it's time to play.” She said happily and lowered her outstretched

finger into the jar, pressing it against Kevin's still wet body. This caused him

to stick to her finger as she lifted him out and held him in front of her face.

She laughed at his tiny from as it struggled. Kevin was terrified.

“Ah Kevin, my favorite nephew, are you having fun?” Leslie asked sarcastically

letting wave after wave of her foul smelling breath wash over him. “Well now the

fun really starts. Tell me, do you like my feet. I hope so because you're gonna

spend the rest of your life at them.” Kevin was horrified and struggled harder.

“You see I have worn these nylons all week, and I haven't washed my feet in that

time so they smell terrible. So, Aunty Leslie is going to put you inside my

nylons with my giant sweaty foot and you'll be in there for as long as you can

survive. Won't that be nice?” Leslie said and broke into another fit of

laughter. Leslie then lowered him into the toe section of one of her nylons and

left him there as she removed her hand. Kevin was disgusted, it was so warm

inside but that wasn't the worst part. The smell was awful. All he could smell

was his aunt's sweaty feet and he couldn't escape it.

“Here comes your company. Goodbye Kevin.” Leslie said as she inserted her foot

into the nylon and positioned Kevin under the crevice of her sweaty giant toes.

They were wet with sweat and the smell became more intense. “Oh you feel

wonderful down there darling.” Leslie said and wiggled her toes over him with a

giggle. She then turned her attention to Jenny who was at the rim of the jar

attempting to escape.

“I haven't forgotten about you sweetie.” Leslie said and pinched her roughly

between her fingers almost squashing her. “You get to spend your life at my

other foot. Hope you have fun.” She said with a giggle and then repeated the

procedure she had used with Kevin, trapping Jenny under her toes.

Leslie was almost at the point of orgasm, the feeling was incredible and erotic

and she knew refraining from squashing the two of them would prove difficult.

She then sat down and propped her feet up on the coffee table in front of her.

She then began to torture her little pets by trapping them between her toes and

scrunching their tiny fragile bodies between them. Kevin found himself being

squashed between two of his aunt's giant sweaty toes for hours and every now and

then he would catch a glimpse of her face from between her toes. Her eyes were

shut and she had a huge grin on her face, Leslie was enjoying this. Kevin and

Jenny were not.

True to her word Leslie kept the two of them trapped at her sweaty smelly feet

for the rest of their lives. Jenny's was the first to end two days later. It was

another hot day and Leslie had just come home from work. She kicked her shoes

off and walked to the kitchen with her slaves trapped suffering beneath her

toes. Jenny had already given up on life and hadn't moved in hours, she was just

praying for the end constantly. Leslie had noticed her lack of movement.

“Have you given up already Jenny? You're no fun if you're not fighting you

know.” She said. Jenny still didn't move.

“Okay then sweetie, have it your way. Say goodbye to her Kevin.” She said and

shook her foot so that Jenny fell underneath her giant sole. Then quickly and

nonchalantly Leslie continued walking squashing Jenny beneath her.

“I hope you still have some fight in you Kevin honey.” She said with a smile and

felt him suddenly burst into life crawling about at her feet. This caused her to

laugh. “You know your mother is worried about you, maybe I'll call round to

cheer her up.” Leslie said with a giggle.

Again Leslie was true to her word, the next day she called round to see Sandra,

Kevin's mother, to try and console her. Sandra was an attractive forty year old

woman with long dark hair and a trim figure. Leslie and Sandra talked in the

living room for a while, about Kevin and what could have happened; all the while

Leslie was making life hell by squashing him beneath her sweaty foot and rubbing

him between her foul smelling toes. Leslie noticed Sandra was barefoot and then

noticed Sandra's slippers next to her chair. It gave her an idea.

When making coffee Leslie made a small tear in her nylons and retrieved little

Kevin before whispering to him. “Time to see mommy.” She then carried him back

to the living room. For some foolish reason Kevin thought he may be Okay and

Leslie was going to give him to his mother. These hopes were dashed as Leslie

slightly dropped him into his own mothers' well worn smelly slippers.

“It's quite cold in here Sandra, why don't you put your slippers on; your feet

must be cold.” Leslie said picking up the slippers, causing Kevin to fall to the

toe section and passing them to Sandra who took them and began putting them on.

Kevin watched in horror as his mothers' giant pretty foot entered the she and

became his whole world.

“As the two giant women talked Sandra began dangling the slipper from her toes

as she always did and bouncing her foot. Kevin was thrown about and became

lodged between his mothers' giant smelly toes. As she continued to play with her

foot Kevin was squashed between them again and again. He began to struggle.

Sandra felt the tickling and kicked of her slipper and lifted her foot up to see

a tiny ant stuck between her second and third toes.

“Ew, there's a little ant stuck on my foot. How did you end up there little

guy?” she asked playfully. Kevin was petrified as he had often seen his mother

torture bugs before killing them.

“I hate ants.” Leslie stated. “There so pesky, just kill it Sandra.” Sondra

smiled and began flexing her smelly toes harder and harder.

“You should have been more careful now you're gonna get squished.” she said and

squeezed her toes together. Kevin was engulfed in his mothers sweaty toes as

they pressed together slowly and painfully crushing him into nothing more than a

stain. Leslie smiled and fought to hold back the laughter.

“Did that make you feel any better?” Leslie asked. Sandra replied.

“A little.”

Giantess Stories: Altered State 2

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