Giantess Stories: Altered State 3

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Altered State 3.

Andy looked up from his glass prison to the outside world, a world which he once

knew, a world that he was once part of. Now his life had changed immeasurably

and there was nothing he could do about it.

Andy looked around and saw many others, many others like him, all ants. It still

wouldn't sink in and Andy doubted that it ever would. Then, to his horror, as he

looked to the outside of his glass prison, he saw her. He saw Leslie. She was

impossibly large, thousands of times bigger than Andy's now miniscule body and

she was grinning. Why had she done this to everyone? Why?

Remembering back only a few hours, when Andy was still among the human

population, he relived the events which led to this madness. It all started on

the bus ride home. As he had stayed back for detention in school, Andy was

forced to use the public bus to get home which is when he saw Leslie, a woman

whom lived in his street, traveling back from work. He had spoken to her on the

odd occasion before, but never any sort of lengthy conversation, she wasn't a

friend, just a friendly neighbor whom he would acknowledge when he saw her. He

did so on this occasion before taking a seat. The bus wasn't very full, 3 people

in all, including him and Leslie and he was minding his own business when he saw

something. Andy remembered it was like a blue flash, coming from the direction

of Leslie toward the other person on the bus. When Andy looked towards that

person, he was gone. Then he watched in silence as Leslie left her seat and went

over to where the man once sat. It appeared as if she was picking something very

small from the floor, and she placed whatever it was into a clear plastic bag.

It was at this point Andy realized that Leslie was looking right at him with a

grin. Before he had any time to react, she had pointed some sort of weird remote

at him and then there was a blue flash. That's when everything changed.

Surprisingly, it didn't take Andy very long to realize what had happened. After

looking at his own body, and the giant world around him, he quickly figured he

had been turned into an ant. Although Andy quickly realized what had happened,

he still couldn't believe it. Then, he saw Leslie towering form come into view

overhead; still grinning and she roughly snatched him up between her massive

fingers without saying a word. He could remember what it was like to be held in

this giant women's tight grip, with her rough fingers squashing him and pressing

against him. He was then deposited into the same plastic bag he had seen

earlier. After a few minutes another person, well, ant to be precise was dropped

into the bag. Andy had figured, correctly, it was the bus driver. Then, all of

them were plunged into darkness as Leslie hid them in her handbag.

That was only a few hours ago, Leslie had since emptied everyone of them into

what appeared like a small fish tank in her home and was now looking down at

them, with that same evil grin. At last she spoke.

“Hello my little ones. I'm sure you're all wondering why I changed you all into

ants, well don't worry. You won't be like this for long, I will change you back,

I promise. I just wanted to try this knew device and, well, maybe play with you

a little. I swear that if you do as you are told, no one will get hurt. Who

knows, maybe you'll have some fun.” she said in a happy tone. This, of course,

was nothing but lies. Leslie loved for her victims to think they were going to

be safe. It enhanced the feeling of total power she got from this. She

continued. “I think you'll realize that I have no need to lie. If I wanted to

hurt you I could just tell you. What could you possibly do? You're nothing but

ants,” she laughed. “Now, just trust me, and you will all be restored soon


Maybe it was the tone in which she spoke, or the sincere look on her face, or

maybe the fact that she was a brilliant liar, but the fact was the little ants

before her actually believed they would be safe. Make no mistake, they were not

happy about the situation, but their fears began to subside.

“Now,” she continued, “who wants to be the first to be changed back. I want one

of you to come with me, and after we play a little, I'll restore you and you can

go home!” With that she set her mammoth hand, palm up, in the tank. No one moved

straight away, everyone waiting, nervously. “Come on,” Leslie said, “who wants

to be restored tonight, the rest will have to sleep here until tomorrow, so, who

wants to go home now?”

After a few moments pause Andy saw one of the ants slowly crawl toward the

titanic hand before them. Leslie meanwhile looked down, grinning as the little

ant crawled onto her hand and into her palm. She could just say feel its tiny

legs as it crawled along her skin and she had to hold back a laugh knowing that

this pathetic little ant was once a normal person. She raised her hand to her

face and studied the tiny creature.

The ant was actually a 19 year old boy, Phil, whom Leslie had captured minutes

before Andy had gotten that damn bus. Whilst still in awe of the situation, he

desperately wanted to be restored to normal, hence him climbing into her palm.

He had seen this woman around before, she had always seemed friendly, and

besides, she was very attractive for her age. Maybe, Phil though, this could be

fun. Suddenly her giant hand closed around him, cutting off his light and

trapping him. Leslie then, with her free hand, put a lid on the glass tank

containing her other little pets and left the room.

“Night night.” She called back to the others before turning off the light and

shutting the door, leaving Andy and the others to contemplate what was going on.

Whilst Andy wasn't afraid for his life, he still thought this woman was, well,

not all together there. I mean who would turn people into ants just to play with

them without consent. It just wasn't right.

Meanwhile Phil was in Leslie's bedroom with her. She had already taken off her

navy pumps and was standing in her stocking feet before him. Phil looked at her

giant form as he sat on the floor in front of her giant feet. The sight was

unreal; to see a person this big made him dizzy just looking up at her. She was

still in her work uniform, a navy blue dress, and she was wearing tan colored

nylons and beneath them he saw her toe nails were adorned in a pretty shade of

pink. Phil saw that she had very pretty feet; however, as pretty as they were,

Phil noticed they smelled really bad. Maybe it was his size amplifying the

stench, but either way, it repulsed him.

Leslie could hardly contain her excitement. She spoke. “OK little guy. If you do

as you're told you'll be back to normal in no time. Now, firstly, I want you to

crawl onto my foot.” She giggled and pointed to her right foot. Phil looked at

her colossal feet before him and saw her gigantic toes wriggle before him. What

was she thinking? This was gross.

“Come on tiny, we don't have all night.” Leslie said in a somewhat stricter

tone. Phil then slowly crawled towards the monstrous foot that lay in his path

and soon reached her smelly toes. The sight was awesome, Phil didn't even reach

Leslies toe nail and looking up further he saw her grinning face high, high

above. Then he climbed her toes and reached the top of her foot before crawling

onto her instep. He waited as she began laughing.

“Good boy.” She boomed. “Now hold on.” Suddenly his world began to move, like a

rollercoaster, as Leslie began to walk. It was a simple thing for her, but for

Phil, being at this tiny size on top of her sweaty foot, it was a stomach

turning experience. The walking soon stopped after Leslie had paced the length

of her room, and turning around to face her toes, Phil saw what was about to

happen. Leslie lifted her ant clad foot into the air and began inserting it into

a giant pink, fluffy slipper. He heard her speak.

“Now you stay put while I get ready for bed.” She said with a giggle, and before

Phil could react her entire foot settled in the slipper. Unable to see, Phil

didn't move, however he could tell that these slippers were well worn as the

normal sweaty smell from Leslies giant foot was now mixed with a strong musty

smell from the slipper itself. Leslie meanwhile slipped on her other slipper and

changed for bed, slipping into her nighty. However, she did not remove her tan


Once ready she slipped her feet from her slippers and looked down to see the

tiny captive still on her foot. She laughed and reached down, snatching him up

between her thumb and forefinger, bringing him to her face. She looked at the

impossibly small form wriggling like crazy between her fingers. She knew she had

hold of him tightly. She didn't care.

“Now, let me let you in on a little secret,” Leslie said, each breath washing

over Phil's miniscule body. “I'm not changing you back. I'm not changing any of

you back. You're all going to die here.” She laughed. Phil began wriggling

manically, but to no avail. She continued. “You're going to die, and for no

other reason than the fact that I enjoy doing this.” Leslie laughed again and

then began to move her hand. She slowly inserted him into her nylons and pushed

him down to the toe section to join her giant toes. She then removed her hand

and wiggled her toes, laughing as she did. Sitting on the edge of the bed,

Leslie crossed on foot onto the knee of her other leg and began to preposition

her tiny captive through her nylons. Once he was under the arch of her toes, she

squeezed them lightly to tease him and spoke.

“Now, you're going to spend the night in there. If you somehow survive until

morning, well, I'll just squash you then.” Leslie laughed manically and squeezed

him again before turning off the light and getting into bed. The feeling of this

tiny, helpless person under her toes was indescribable. It was the feeling she

was beginning to live for.

Poor Phil, however, was in hell. The heat and sweat from Leslie giant foot and

toes soon built up. He became drenched in her foot sweat and could barley

breath. To make matters worse, Leslie did not go straight to sleep. Instead she

took pleasure in tormenting him further. She would flex her toes, squashing him

between and under them. Sometimes he would slip down under the ball of her foot

and she would relentlessly mash his tiny body into the bed under her giant

sweaty foot. This torture went on for about an hour until Leslie glided off into

a peaceful slumber. Phil spent the last night of his life under this giant old

woman's awful smelling gigantic feet.

Leslie awoke the next morning and checked on her captive. Dead. He had been

squashed through the night between her toes. It brought a smile to her face.

After getting ready for work and applying her make up, Leslie ventured

downstairs to see her remaining captives. She walked to the tank.

“Morning little ones,” she piped. “You're little friend has fun last night with

me. And, as I promised, I restored him and let him go home. He said he quite

enjoyed himself.” She lied. However it worked. This made the tiny captives feel

even more secure, just as she wanted. Suddenly the phone rang. Leslie answered.


“Leslie, it's me, Karen.”

“Karen! Gosh, how are you?”

“I'm fine. Did you get my little gift?” Karen asked.

“The remote?” Leslie grinned. “Yeah, it's really come in handy.”

The little ants watched and listened from their glass prison as the conversation

continued. Once done, Leslie walked back over.

“That was my sister, she's home from Germany for a while and she's coming to

stay tonight.” Leslie explained to the ants. “Now, I can't turn you back when

she's here as she would freak out if she knew what I've done, so you'll have to

stay like that for a few more days.” She said happily. Andy couldn't believe it,

she can't do this to people. Leslie continued. “Well, I have to go to work, I'll

see you later.” She said and left. Andy could only wonder what would happen


Giantess Stories: Altered State 3

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