Giantess Stories: Amanda at Large  by Typesbad

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Amanda at Large

by Typesbad

(Consider it your typical, if somewhat long, sensuous, violent, giantess in the

city procedural)


Dean Tisher decided that without question this was a better than average

morning. As a night engineer at the city's power plant, Dean's mornings already

differed from most as they marked the end of the workday rather than the

beginning. It started out average enough, an event-less shift followed by him

nursing a beer with a coworker at Night Owl's 24-hour bar. As usual, he was

eyeing the nurses that also came in after their shifts from the nearby medical

center and hoping to find someone new, attractive, and not completely worn out

which, much to his frustration, seemed to be a bit of a rarity in the night

shift. And worse, those that existed, seemed to gravitate to the blue uniforms

of the city's finest coming off their night shift from the large substation

right around the block.

He was just reminding himself that the medical-center and police sub-station

were the only reason why this bar was open at this hour in the first place when

there was a bit of a hush in the room. He turned to see this incredibly stunning

brunette standing just inside the doorway. She look like she just walked out of

a rock video with a tight satiny blue dress high enough to reveal dancers legs,

and low enough to display an acreage of cleavage. After scanning the room

intensely, her eyes settled on him. They remained locked on him as she found a

table and he wasted no time in joining her. After a couple of drinks and some

successful light conversation, she suggested it was too noisy (it wasn't) and

maybe they should go somewhere else (there was no where else at this hour).

So now, here he was with her arm in his, walking to his car parked in the alley

around the corner. It was a truck really, a new gleaming black Chevy Tahoe.

Suddenly it was worth every penny. A big rugged, representation of his virility

to help keep balance with her overwhelming feminine presence. Two months ago he

would have been showing her to his old battered Accord, which would not have

been a good thing. She paused to regard his prized beast as he pushed the unlock

button on the remote and opened the passenger door for her.

"These tinted windows are really dark." was her comment.

"Yes, the front door windows aren't exactly legal but I figure as long as they

aren't quite as dark as the back ones, the police won't bother with me.

"Um-Hmm" was her reply, with a tone that indicated that she wasn't really paying


Idiot!! He thought to himself as he walked around to the other side in his head

for making such a dorky comment. "I could have said something suave or

suggestive like ‘Yes I find the dark soothing - don't you?' but no, I had to..."

He halted the thought as he opened his door and gazed at her lounging in the

leather seat. She did indeed seem to find the dark soothing. She had found the

seat back control and leaned back a fair amount while she stretched her arms

behind her causing her breasts thrust out even more than they had been. The

dress looked like it was about to burst from the strain.

"It's very roomy," she said, looking back toward him after he climbed in.

"Yes..." he replied, afraid to go further for fear of saying something stupid

again. He was not sure whether he should start the engine or not.

Next, his beautiful companion reached behind his seat and pulled up his big

foldable cardboard windshield sunshade. " I have one of these", she said with a

smile, "Mine has sailboats on it, lets see what you have." He was a little

embarrassed as it was covered with big, cute bunny rabbits. It was given to him

by his staff based on an inside joke and not at all in keeping with the

vehicle's macho image.

Bunnies she vocalized the obvious, " I like bunnies." she continued as she

unfolded it completely and put it in place blocking the windshield. "I like what

they do."

Dean felt his senses go on overload and paralyze his motor functions. Her

appearance, those words and their obvious suggestion, the sudden, sultry

darkness of the cabin. His hopes and dreams were coming true so quickly he was

struggling to keep up. The best he could do to acknowledge the situation was to

drop his hand from the keys in the ignition.

"Dean, I'd like it very much if you kissed me".

It was a moment. Those words: Light, and airy, sweet and innocent with a hint of

vulnerability like the face that spoke them, yet overwhelmingly powerful with

their implication and steeped with the potential of things to come like the

exaggerated curves of the her body.

Acting on it was a little more challenging. The truck's center console was wide

and high between the bucket seats. He lowered his seat back, mostly to buy time

as he planned his angle of approach. It was then a matter of leaning, stretching

and twisting his upper body all at the same time to dock his lips with hers at a

proper angle. His body strained to hold his position, his right elbow crying out

for a different angle from which to support his upper body weight while his left

tried to smoothly caress her face and shoulders as if everything was cool.

Despite his contortional difficulty, he was definitely getting one passionate

kiss from her, though he reflected on the irony that with beauty such as hers,

it's a shame you can't kiss her and see her at the same time.

Her arms wrapped around him and she pulled her body up towards his. The

additional weight was the last thing his elbow needed but it did signal to him

that they were going to be here a while and he was free, let his lower body

untwist and follow the rest of him. He rolled gracefully over the console. That

is assuming the definition of grace includes catching your right foot on the

steering wheel and slamming the other onto the dash. Still, he was now on top of

her, though it felt a little silly with his legs bent up at the knees.

Soon he forgot all about that. Though he was kissing her, his entire being was

in his chest where her only partially covered breasts spread wide with the

contact. He desperately wanted a but he had restrained himself thus far not

wanting to risk moving too fast offending her. Probably not very likely at this

point, but Dean was taking no chances. In short order though, her right hand

came down and rubbed across his swollen crotch so that pretty much green lighted

hand-to-breast contact. He arched his back up and brought his left hand up to

plunge into the smooth satin covering the lower half of her left breast. Oh man

that feels amazing' he thought almost out loud as his fingers stretched to probe

the immensity of the thing. Her hand had effectively defined the perimeter of

his penis and began to squeeze.

Oh boy.

His right hand wanted to enjoy the same exploration as his left and though he

knew it wouldn't be easy, he went for it. He broke from her lips and pressed his

forehead against part of the seat above her head. It was going to have to

support most of his upper weight while his hands had their fun. But it was a lot

of fun. She had both her hands working too, and before he knew it she had him

unzipped and he felt her warm hand around his rock-hard member. He helped her,

lifting his lower body by pressing the top of his feet against the top of the

passenger airbag panel. He was now largely suspended from his ankles to his

forehead. Her magical hands took full advantage of the increased room between

them. That was great but he was really starting to feel a painful strain in his

neck and back from his awkward position. He cast a forlorn eye at all that empty

space behind the front seats. The rear seat back was even folded down! All that

empty space mocked his struggling in the front seat. Meanwhile she was attacking

his belt.

Suddenly it dawned on him that if he wanted to plunge his face in those breasts,

he better work quickly before he was committed to other actions. His hands

draped both shoulder straps around the corners, and down her arms. If he could

just slide them down her arms a little and those beautiful orbs would be his.

But suddenly at that point, both his penis and balls were cupped within her

hands and he had to pause and give the action the appreciation it deserved. One

of her hands left for a moment and he felt his pants and underwear slide to his

knees with remarkable speed. He cast a quick look outside his windows. Were his

windows tinted enough to conceal his bare ass just inches inside the glass in

this post-dawn sunlight? But his mind was soon back on her breasts; they weren't

exposed yet but he plunged his head down toward them anyway.

A forceful tug on his @#%$ stopped his attack. He figured he knew what it meant.

"Do you want your dress off?" He whispered hopefully and wondered if this was

the time to bring up relocating to the back. No, lets do it now! She said -

commanded, actually. He registered disappointment but remembered the windows.

She might not fully trust the tint darkness either. So dress-on it was, he'd

still find a way to those tits. His mind next raced through the following:

Got a condom?


Oh well...

His head pressed against the seat again, he reached down below her dress to tug

on her panties but she pushed both his arms gently away and said "No, I'll just

move it to the side, like this." This was also disappointing. It seemed like a

cheap, unnecessary short-cut, but then he once again scanned her body and her

beautiful face and realized what a minor complaint he was about to raise. He did

use the time to pull himself up enough to drop his legs into the foot-well,

toe-pry his shoes and shimmy off his pants. With better control now he

positioned her a little on the seat and with her guidance, came on in. It was

warm and wonderful, and she flattered him with a gasp of satisfaction.

He then realized that he was so turned on by her that he was going to have to

exert a lot of his attention to controlling himself. But it was she who was in

control. She had grabbed tightly onto both cheeks of his butt and was forcing

his moves. He resisted a little, trying to move into a rhythm of his own. She

grasped harder and forced him back into her control, her moans signaling the

greater pleasure she was getting her way. He knew he had lost and didn't try

again. It's not like she hadn't been in complete control from the moment he

first laid eyes on her anyhow. So he relaxed and enjoyed the ride and did what

he could not to blow too soon. If he did, she'd probably throw him out the door

and drive off.

Her hands moved to his hips and she controlled him even more aggressively. He

was being used, no doubt about it. What a shame. He let his hands return to her

breasts and to his relief, she let him. He managed to stretch her dress down,

over the nipples, and wow!! There they were, bouncing up and down in all their

splendid glory. The sight of them plus the action down below was threatening an

oncoming orgasm. He fought it back just as she tightened her grasp even further.

To his great relief, she looked close to coming and he watched in fascination

the contortions of her beautiful face. He felt a strange vibration, like a hum.

Maybe it was the power seat.

She was coming. Boy was she coming, and shaking him like a rag doll. She

screamed out in ecstasy repeatedly before finally relaxing and releasing her

grip. He wasted no time regaining control. He glanced at her briefly, her eyes

were closed, she had a big beautiful smile on her face and she seemed to be

stretching. The seat back was a little farther up than it had to be and he bent

down found the control and let it motor all the way back. Much better. Why

didn't he do that before? He bent down thinking if he arched his back up enough,

his mouth could reach her breasts while he continued to hump her. He pushed

those wonderful hills up; his head came down, up and problem!

God they were wonderful. And huge! It was amazing how big they were up close. He

worked over a nipple that felt as big as the end of his thumb. He switched to

the other, God it felt even bigger! He rubbed his face madly into this big

fleshy pillow. He was still pumping her down below but he wasn't arching his

back anymore. She must be bending back or something', he thought. Based on his

side-glance of the rear door window, she also apparently managed to scooch them

back on the seat towards the flat cargo area. Better late than never. He buried

his face between her tits with his hands on the outside of each. He could swear

they were each as big as his head. Never eat anything bigger than your head he

chuckled to himself. He wrapped his lips around a nipple. Big. Big. Big his mind

kept saying. After a few seconds, the nipple pulled itself from his mouth and

boinked him in the eye. He stretched his neck and mouth to recapture it but it

was out of reach. She's still pushing herself back!' he thought and he must be

sliding back down to the front.

His nose was against her stomach, all he saw was the blue of her dress. He

pushed out with his feet but surprisingly his feet didn't reach the floorboard,

so he grasped her hips, which his hands found sooner than he expected, and

shoved himself forward. But he didn't really move forward on her like he

expected. He was in as far in as he could go; looking forward he saw the bottom

of her enormous breasts just before his face. He stretched to recapture one in

his mouth but he couldn't reach them.

Huh? How can that be? He pushed himself up and away from her and both his head

and back immediately hit the headliner of the truck. He hardly noticed as he

darted his eyes forward and back in the suddenly quite cramped cabin and saw her

body filling the space from the front floorboard to almost the back of the cargo

area! He closed his eyes, shook his head and looked again. Things did not get

more rational. In fact; he could actually see her growing. And there was some

kind of blue glow around her that had nothing to do with her dress. His mind was

a jumble of exclamation marks but one thought rang clear. He had to get out of


It proved harder than he expected, as he was starting to get pressed against the

roof when he pulled out of her. Well he thought he pulled out, but he was still

in. It didn't make sense. None of this made any sense. He pushed and wiggled

towards the driver side of the cabin and managed to slide his upper body down

and wedge it between her now quite wide body and the rear side door. The

decreasing allowable space made his lower body slow to follow and something was

really feeling strange with his penis. But that was the least of concerns. He

forced his right hand down back between him and the door searching for the

handle. It took three tries to pull it out far enough to unlatch, but it did

finally and he pushed himself out the door.

In a one-two punch his bare butt hit the cold ground, and then his penis slapped

him in the breastbone! He stared in disbelief at the gargantuan erect penis

extended from his legs, and the penis, for its part, seemed to be staring back

at him. The head suspended above his chest was a very intimidating four inches

wide. The whole thing had to be over two feet long, and his groin felt the

weight of it. The groan and creak of straining metal turned his attention back

to the truck, now fully stuffed with female. He instinctively crab-walked

backward until he was back against the brick wall of the building beside the

ally. Her still growing body filled the big truck's cabin to capacity and it was

starting to burst at the seams. His eyes darted back and forth from the

oversized woman to his oversized @#%$ as his mind dished out equal parts of

disbelief towards both. He realized finally that his penis had been growing

right along with her when it was inside and now it was two, no, three times its

normal size!

More groans came from the truck's parts as the bottomed-out springs rested the

full weight of their load on the wheels. The sound of shattering glass made

startled him as did the sight of a giant arm working its way out of the

rear-most side-window badly deforming the rear door frame in the process. Now

came the shattering of the tailgate window followed shortly by the moan of

straining metal and a pop! as the tailgate latch gave way and her huge head

pushed outward. The rear roof was distorted with the bulges of the considerable

swell and pressure of her breasts. Her dangling arm nearly missed him as it

swung a hand the size couch cushion back to the truck, grasped the top of the

window frame and pushed up as though she were turning down bed covers. A

cacophony of sound resulted as all the rest of the vehicle's glass shattered and

the driver-side pillars were sheared loose from the vehicle's lower body. The

roof was pushed up and over like a coffin lid.

Beyond the shock of witnessing such a scene, he shuddered as the act of opening

the roof showed some consciousness on her part. He expected her to sit up and

braced himself for it. But looking at her face, now hanging well out the back of

the truck, she still appeared to be sleeping. A good thing as far as he was

concerned. Her left arm, together with the right fell casually above her head.

The move pulled on the shoulder straps causing the top of the dress to flip back

over her medicine ball sized breasts. It was the first he noticed that her dress

was growing with her - like his @#%$ had been.

Her still growing body was extending in width past the truck. As it did, the

sharp metal of the torn pillars ripped into her dress and the flesh within it.

This was all happening way too close; about five feet away. He knew he had to

get away before he got crushed between her and the building. Still he hesitated.

He rationalized that the wound would rouse her and he didn't want to be the only

moving thing in her sight, but mainly he was frozen with fascination. He heard

muffled screaming. It came from within the wall behind him. This would have

certainly been a logical reaction by someone witnessing the scene, but far as he

knew, there were no windows into the alley as a building had at one time stood

there. His paralysis allowed him one more fascinating thing to see. The blood

gushing from her gaping wounds soon stopped as the same mass-producing process

that caused her growth, healed the wounds and instantly grew skin to seal the

cuts. Not even a scar was visible before everything was covered by the cloth of

the dress that was repairing itself in the same manner. Somehow watching that

self-healing procedure take place was even more bizarre than the growth.

The hood of the Tahoe bulged up from the rear, busted loose from the hinges and

tumbled forward over the front of the truck. Out of the engine area emerged both

her legs and the base of the windshield and dashboard were being pulled apart as

the legs lifted themselves from the confines of the vehicle. Dean suddenly

realized how close he was to becoming trapped. He jumped up and ran down aside

the length of her body toward the street acutely aware of the weight of his no

longer erect but still huge @#%$ as it slapped his knees.

Ahead of him a man in typical dark pants, white shirt & tie business attire

walking on the other side of the street, heard some noise and turned to look in

the alley. Dean, still running, kept his eyes on him wondering if the man was

staring at himself or the even more bizarre scene behind him. Then the man

writhed strangely, still not exactly unexpected given the circumstances, but the

next part was. The man's texture changed. Suddenly it looked as though he were

made of powder. Then some unseen force blew on that powder and the man

dissipated into a blur of black white and skin tones that blew toward Dean and

passed behind him. Dean spun his head around and watched the blur disappear into

the giant woman. Similar ghost-like blurs of colors were emanating from the

walls on both sides and flowing into her body. Dean couldn't believe his eyes

and he spun his head forward to verify that the man was really gone. What he saw

instead was a rider less mountain bike that come from the left of the street,

hit a curb and crash to the ground. He slowed his pace as he emerged from the

ally to the sidewalk and saw a car from his right crash into the building across

the street and another from the left crash into a car parked in the street.

There was no driver in the near car and the seat cloth was dissipating into the

air exposing the seat's foam backing.

Now he noticed just how heavy was the air with the haze of blurred colors

rushing down the alley and out of the walls of the buildings. As the haze neared

her, (God she was huge! her legs extended far forward of the truck which was now

getting crushed beneath her ass!) it blended into blue and became part of the

bright blue layer of light that wrapped close to all parts of her body and

dress. In an improbable moment of clarity, he put the pieces together. Something

was somehow sucking the flesh and bone - and cloth of everything in a radius all

around her, and in that blue glow, was being transformed into the mass that fed

her growth! But how long would it keep going? A screeching noise from the alley

shook him from his contemplation. The giant heel from, he couldn't remember her

name, her extended right leg had caught under a parked convertible and was

pushing it down the ally even as the wheels refused to roll. The car had a

windshield sunshade with sailboats on it.

He took one last look at her. He could see directly between the legs to a giant

crotch, the panties had slipped back to cover what must have been foot high and

growing vagina. He had really just been there?

He turned to his left down the street and was shocked by the mayhem. A

procession of driverless cars had crashed into everything in site. The sidewalk

was littered with items that had lost their owners: briefcases, purses, glasses,

a skateboard etc.... Screams continued inside the buildings to his left and

right, all abruptly curtailed, only to be replaced with new ones. He started

running, again very aware of his absurdly large penis swinging madly and

colliding with his legs. The field hadn't extended yet to a half block ahead of

him as he saw a pair of people on the sidewalk staring at him and the carnage

around him. Just then however, he saw them hit by the effect, dust up and

vaguely blow past him. Across the street and above, there was a shattering of

glass. Dean looked up instinctively and saw a man falling from a fourth story

window. He never hit the ground.

It was at this point that he realized that he was immune to the effect. The edge

of the murderous field was beyond him and he was still a solid, if rather

exposed body. 'Something to do with this big dick I bet.' It was a fleeting

moment of security however as a large and suddenly driverless garbage truck

plowed through some parked cars and headed straight for him. He turned and ran

back toward the alley again only to see a giant pair of legs stretching almost

completely across the street. The three and four story buildings to his right on

both sides of the ally were crumbling in on themselves spewing dust, rock, and

debris across the street. Only one direction remained for him and he dashed

across the street just as the garbage truck deflected off one more parked car

and veered straight into the all-night bar where his adventure began not so long


He suddenly remembered that he had left his friend in that bar. He turned for a

moment to run the bar and possibly save the man when he was suddenly made aware

of the complete lack of human sounds coming from the demolished bar, or anywhere

around him. He realized with a sudden dread that his friend was gone long before

that truck crashed in. He had been dissipated, as had everyone else that had

been there.

There was a new crashing sound. Behind him, the one-story thick legs were clear

across the @#%$ street! And the right one was plowing a parked car through a

storefront. It scared the hell out of him. He started to run but then caught

site of an abandoned bicycle on the road. There was no doubt as to the status of

its owner so he grabbed it and took off with his absurdly huge penis dangling

over the left side of the top bar as he rode.

He soon reached the edge of the dissipation field. Apparently the field had a

surplus of cloth as people were still dissipating but their clothes were just

dropping to the ground. Another half-block and he was past it. A little further,

and he was amazed to see people outside an alley coffee shop going about their

early morning routine completely unaware of what was about to hit them.

He was about to keep going when he caught site of a woman with a baby carriage.

He turned around and rode into the ally just as people were approaching the

street to see what all the noise was about. Of course all eyes went to Dean as

he road up naked from the waist down with a dick the size of a cop's flashlight

hanging over one side. He ignored them and road straight to the mother whose

expression changed from amused to fright upon his approach.

"Run away now!" he cried, " Take your baby and run that way now! You're in great

danger!" She backed away in fear and he was suddenly grabbed in multiple places

by a mob of men. Their words: "Get away from her you freak", "back off pervert,"

and similar phrases collided with his screams of warning while he thrashed to

break free. His thrashing was doing surprisingly well too. When he swung out his

left arm, three adult men were thrown against the wall! He shook some off his

right too, and would have broke free if he hadn't slipped on a paper coffee cup.

His fall was rapidly assisted by the reminder of the mob. Just after his impact

with the ground he heard the curses and yelling of his assailants segue into a

crescendo of screams. There was a blur of color and then a pile of clothes fell

down upon him.

The screams had moved off into the distance by the time he cleared the cloths

and sat up. The alley was empty of people though their clothes were scattered

all over the ground. Six feet away was the baby carriage. He looked hoping for a

miracle, but there was no surprise. The carriage was empty but for a tiny little

jumpsuit resting flat on the cushion. The horror of the site overtook him.

Nothing he had just seen hit his gut like the site of this tiny baby's life

being swept away like so much dust. Dean broke down, he couldn't run anymore.

Instead, he simply fell to his knees, put his head in his hands and cried.


Amanda At Large


Sky. That's all she saw when she opened her eyes. Nothing but sky. She didn't

know where she was, where she had been, what time it was, or anything. Oh God,

now what?' she wondered. She was waking up outside somewhere and that wasn't a

good sign. There were faint city sounds, and she could feel a breeze on her

legs, shoulders and face. That she didn't feel the breeze in other places

informed her without checking that she was clothed. That was a relief. But just

to make sure, she looked down past her nose, tilting her head ever so slightly

until she could see blue fabric stretched across the tops of her breasts. It was

her low-cut light blue satin mini-dress. She had obviously meant business if she

chose that outfit. With her figure, she could stand out in anything, but that

dress was tight, short, and cut dangerously low. As a sexual predator, her body

held an arsenal of weapons and that dress played them to their best advantage.

It was her foremost [email protected]#%$-me dress and one, she thought slightly amused, she

rarely woke up in.

But the dress was starting to bring it back to her. She had been making some guy...some guy she had just met. That's right. She wore that

dress specifically to get laid by some guy she didn't know. She had gone to that

all-night bar by the hospital, found a guy she considered sufficiently

attractive and @#%$ him. Just like that. At least she thought she @#%$ him.

Wasn't it in his car? She couldn't quite remember actually doing it, but she did

recall being in such a hurry, she didn't even take off her dress, they just kind

of worked around it.

Why did she do that? Why did she intentionally go out and seduce the first guy

she could? It wasn't like her. Amanda Larkin was no angel by any means but she

wasn't some hyper-slut either. Despite the fact that she was currently dancing

naked for a living. No, there was a definite reason, she remembered that, but

was too disoriented to recall it.

Yes she definitely remembered now, humping him on that car seat. That was it

though. Can't remember anything past that. And now here she was outside

somewhere. What'd he do, toss her out on the side of the road?

She still hadn't moved and she really know if she wanted to. Things felt

strange. She felt kind of tingly all over. And she wanted to figure this all out

before she got up and had to deal with it. Where was she? It was either up high

or in some wide clearing since all she saw was sky with no buildings or trees or

anything around the edges of her view. No people staring down at her either.

Maybe she was in a park. But it sure as hell didn't feel like grass she was on.

More like gravel. Maybe she was on a road after all.

'That does it, it's time to get up and find out what's going on.'

She moved her hands to prop herself up and looked out on the world around her.

Out was the operative word as she gazed over a landscape of rooftops to a Resiste al motero (Resisting The Biker) club de moteros romance

distant horizon She WAS on top of a building! She was looking down on several

blocks of three-to-four story buildings. She looked to see how close she was to

the building's edge, but there was no edge. Her bare legs stretched out before

her amongst some kind of rubble. Next to that rubble were some horribly

collapsed tiny buildings and beyond that more buildings, and streets, and cars

and...She closed her eyes and shook her head.

She expected that when she opened her eyes again that it would all make sense;

that she was sitting in someone's elaborate model train set or something. She

opened her eyes and there was the city stretching far and wide; and it led right

up to her legs. Plus, she couldn't ignore that fact that it looked like her legs

had caused the nearby damage. She looked around her and saw more of the same

kind of damage all around where she had laid. The rubble was from former

buildings. There was water from burst pipes in some places and a couple of small

fires in others. Where she could see streets, she saw more mess. Besides the

water and fire, it was very still. All the cars seemed to have collided into one

another and then stopped. Nothing was moving. Not up close anyway, she did see

things moving in the distance ñ the commuter train a mile or so in front of her,

cars on the freeway that was behind her a ways. But it was dead still around

her. If this was the city, where the people?

The stillness and the lack of people was the unnatural part of this set up.

Yeah, setup. That's what this is, some elaborate trick. Which meant someone was

watching her. Looking all around again, gave her no clues.

She then looked down with her left hand, reached for the nearest car, which she

recognized as a model of an old Taurus. About the same length as her hand, the

car was at once heavier and more fragile than she expected. Her fingers and

thumb caved in the doors before she had enough of a grip to pick it up. The side

windows shattered into what looked and felt like salt crystals. Bringing it up

close to her eyes, it still looked pretty darn real. She turned it over to look

at the underside figuring that would give it away as a model. She let it rest

upside down in her palm and the roof immediately caved in shattering more glass.

Damn this thing is flimsy! The under side looked incredibly real. There was no

lettering or brand logos or anything like that and everything was made up of

separate little parts like a real car. And then the clincher: it was dirty with

road grime. She pinched the car's nose with her right hand to turn it right side

up again. The car was a wreck. The sheetmetal was completely battered. Trim

pieces had fallen off, the windshield was an opaque wobbling sheet of crinkly

safety glass, and the rest of the glass was a mass of crystals inside and out.

And all she did was look at it!

She paused and pulled her right leg toward in toward her, her sandal heel

plowing through the rubble. Continuing to stare at the car, she brought her

fingers around it and slowly started to squeeze. It gave pretty easily but the

degree to which different parts resisted, the symphony of snaps, crackles and

pops revealed its complexity. Fluids flowed out of the bottom. This didn't feel

like a model car. A model or toy car wouldn't have crushed like that, and it

certainly wouldn't have gas in the tank. This was a real car. And if this car is

real, then all this is real! And that makes me some kind of giant!

GIANT!! And suddenly a flood of memories came upon her.


It was a particularly shitty night at the exotic dance club she worked at. God,

how she longed to have an office job again! The other girls were pissed at her

because she was getting the most attention and the best tips even though she

wasn't as good a dancer. @#%$ 'em! This isn't exactly the ballet, girls. Men

came to see bare tits and asses and she happened to have a whole lot of the

former and a damn nice one of the latter. That's why she now had top billing.

Well usually anyway, tonight they had a special visitor. Some big haired blond

with her tits siliconed up to the size of watermelons. It was ridiculous to have

tits that big, they were completely out of proportion! She smiled slightly

realizing some of the other girls say the same thing about her. But @#%$, at

least hers were the real thing!

Howard, the manager was being his usual @#%$ self. He knew she hated it there,

and said it was showing in her dancing. Howard the dance critic! @#%$ him and

everybody else that worked there. Everybody else in her life for that matter!

"Calm down Amanda" , she replied to herself, "You're just worked up about that

weird guy. What was the deal with him? The other girls had noticed him too and

commented about him before she went on stage. And its not as though creepy guys

were a rarity around here.

She was doing her Mexican heritage routine. She was only one quarter Hispanic

but her long wavy dark hair and her tan skin helped her pull it off. She started

out in a full length Mexican party dress showing a little bit of cleavage. Than

as the barker goes on about Mayan heritage at the heart of Mexican ancestry, she

pulls off the dress to reveal a beige suede micro-bikini with Mayan symbols on

it. Her breasts overwhelmed the top bulging out all sides of the dual triangles

strung together. Kneeling down at the edge of the stage, there was no shortage

of men willing to stick bills in the strings of the suit. After she transfers

the cash to her G- string, the barker starts talking about the heat of Mexico

and off comes the top. The flashing and abundant shaking of those fabulous

breasts brought in even more money.

While she looked happy, sexy and provocative on the stage, inside she was just

going though the motions, waiting for the song to be over. The thrill of men

whooping it up over her body, that she first felt on this job didn't last much

past her first week. Now she had nothing but disdain for these sorry louses,

willing to give up their hard-earned money just to ogle at what she had been

given by nature and fine-tuned at the gym.

She hated it, but it was paying the bills well enough, particularly the payments

on those huge medical bills incurred by her mother before she died. Still, had

she not gotten herself into such a mess at the office, those bills would have

been paid by insurance and she would have a respectable job. A job she could

claim with pride instead of embarrassment. But for now, it was wiggle your

boobs, shake some ass, and get paid by men you pity and despise.

Perhaps that is why so much of her attention was focused on the mystery man. She

noticed him immediately. He was average looking, average height with average

clothes - well not quite, his wearing those gray gloves was an odd thing. But

that is not where the strangeness rested. Something about him didn't look quite

right. It's like his skin didn't reflect light correctly, or his clothes didn't

wrinkle the right way. Something just wasn't quite right! And he just sat there,

motionless, and seemed to look right through her.

Then the weird things happened. At this point, the top was off, and she had been

down to her smallest G-string for a while and the crowd was shouting and

whistling its approval like usual. Suddenly there was a huge surge in the

cheering. She was in crab-like position, legs toward the crowd, which was a

crowd pleaser, but she hadn't done anything right at that moment to cause the

noise. "It's as if I took something else off!" she thought. That's when she

noticed her G-string was gone.

"@#%$!" she exclaimed out loud. So was the money it strapped in it!, It was

strictly forbidden to take off your bottom, as the county government drew the

line at exposed genitalia. But she hadn't touched it! She looked around for it

on the stage floor as she continued her routine. Nothing. She looked out to the

audience to see if some one was twirling it around their finger or something. No

G-string, but a lot of wild cheering. Then she noticed the mystery man standing

up. He opened his mouth into an "O" position and an instant she felt a lump in

her throat. Instinctivly, she swallowed. She hadn't seen anything, she didn't

even think her mouth had been open but she definitely swallowed something. It

felt like a soft marble going down. Then, she didn't feel it at all.

She looked back toward the man, but he was gone. She scanned the room but he

wasn't there. It had only been a second, he couldn't have left the room in that

time! From the actions of the guys in the table behind him, it seems they were

puzzled by his sudden disappearance also. Disappearing clothes, disappearing men

and unknown things going down her throat. This was too much!

She nervously continued dancing as the song drew to a close and ran off the

stage well before the last note. Of course there was hell to pay as soon as she

got off the stage. Howard was immediately in her face accusing her of trying to

get the place closed down, The other dancers accused her of cheating in order to

collect more tip money, and even Wanda Watermelons or whatever the hell her name

was, wobbled up and accused her of trying to upstage her act.

She tried repeatedly to tell them that it wasn't her fault but finally just told

them all to go to hell. Then she threw on some clothes, and stormed out of the

place. She didn't go straight home. She was too pissed. She walked up to her old

Chrysler LeBaron and considered its convertible top for a moment. If she ever

needed a pick me up it was now. The night was warm, maybe a nice top-down drive

would make her feel better. After dropping the top, instead of heading though

town and back to her home she headed for the bridge, crossed over the river and

went for a drive in the hills. She turned onto smaller and smaller roads until

she saw no other car on the road. There was no moon out tonight and it was

extremely dark on the mountain roads. No cars in front or back, it was time to

put the pedal down and do some flying. Maybe she'll just fly the damn thing off

a curve and go out in a blaze of glory. She was trying to talk herself out of

that one when she felt a strange vibration inside her. It was like she had

swallowed her old pager with the vibrator setting. She was just thinking how it

felt smaller, like a marble rather than a pager when there was suddenly blue.

Blue! All around the car. She didn't hear or see anything, but just in the time

it takes to blink, she went from speeding down a mountain road to being in the

middle of what seemed like a giant cobalt blue ping-pong ball. She instinctively

slammed on her brakes but felt no movement of deceleration. She tried the gas

and turned the wheel yet felt nothing, and she just barely heard the engine rev.

She turned the wheel to the left, and looked over the car door to her front

wheels; a movement that felt strange. More of the same blue was down below and

the wheels were spinning over it. The car was floating. Come to think of it, she

was floating! There was no gravity in here! She wasn't sitting in the seat so

much as above it, mildly positioned between it and the seat belt. When she let

go of the wheel, the seatback cushion gently pushed her forward.

Panic started to set in. She jammed her foot into the gas pedal, still barely

hearing the engine's muffled roar, she steered wildly, threw it into reverse,

and even honked her horn, which was just as muffled as the engine. Amanda

stopped, caught her breath, and even turned off the ignition out of either habit

or resignation. She hunkered down into her seat, or tried to. Disgusted, she

pushed back from the steering wheel so she could at least look like she was

hunkering. The movement in zero gravity made her breasts flop up in a funny way

and they really didn't fall back into place. Her hair had been thankfully been

pulled back for the top-down drive though her pony tail found plenty of other

laces to point besides down.

She examined her surroundings some more. There was some kind of pattern to the

blue, a subtle swirling of darker and lighter blue particles. The swirling

wasn't everywhere like a fog, but against some surface or forming a surface, or

something. There was a background noise too, some kind of hissy -hum. It was all

quite disorienting and the weightlessness was making her feel a little nauseous.

Suddenly, there was movement directly in front of her. An opening formed

directly in front of her and enlarged to reveal a large naked man walking toward

her. Just as quickly, the opening disappeared behind him. It was as though he

just walked through a wall. It was immediately apparent that this was no normal


He wasn't human. He was close, but there were plenty of subtle differences. Like

no navel, or nipples and instead of two pec muscle bulges he seemed to have just

one long one from side to side. Freakin' huge @#%$ too, and it was somewhat

funnily looking. He was bluish in tint, but then so was everything else in here.

He was also very large. He must have been 12 feet tall, and he was walking

directly toward her. No, scratch that; bigger than 12 feet. He kept walking

closer, and getting bigger. The wall was much farther away than she thought. She

really had no perspective to determine size or distance. Each step bought him

closer and taller. She screamed of course, but the sound was so muffled almost

nothing came out. She tried to screamed harder but with such little volume there

was little point, so she stopped. Still he approached, getting bigger and

bigger. There was no sound of footsteps but the background hum wavered with each

swing of his legs. His feet were lower than the car, which was floating

somewhere between his ankles and knees. She was starting to get a sense of his

true size. ‘He was as big as a @#%$ office building!'

Completely terrified, she unbuckled herself and scrambled over her seat back to

flee. But she had overlooked her weightlessness and she soon found herself

floating above the car; all limbs flailing wildly with nothing to grab on to.

The giant had stopped not far in front of the car, his body centered directly

above it with the legs slightly apart to each side. Amanda was panicked, she'd

continued to try to run, crawl, even swim away to no avail. She glanced behind

her repeatedly only to see nothing but the twin redwood trunks of his giant

legs. She was getting winded and getting nowhere so she stopped. With a couple

measured movements, she managed to turn around in the air and face him.

He was so big and so close, she could only look at part of him at a time. Her

gaze instinctively went up to his colossal penis. Huge, even relative to his

size it hung down half way to his knees. It was uncircumcised and hairless at

its base which revealed odd muscled tendons supporting it from above. Behind it

was a huge scrotum that from what she could see, seemed to support four

testicles rather than two and wrapped them in a tough-looking corrugated skin.

Some force had positioned her upright as she faced him. And she now saw that she

was slowly moving upward. She was very close to him, about a two car-lengths. As

she passed his knees, her gaze was still riveted to his penis. It was much wider

than she was and a couple of stories tall. Like a marble pillar from the front

of the old roman-style bank building downtown. Its head was still hidden within

the foreskin and she was grateful for that. A penis' head always made the whole

thing look much more like some kind of separate creature and she didn't think

she could handle seeing one the size of a Volkswagen. It seemed lumpier than

normal, and those lumps had the look of muscle just like those tendons at its


As she continued her accent, past his groin she realized he could now reach out

and grab her at any time. She glanced at his hands. Whoa! There was a

difference! Two thumbs! One on each side of the hand with three fingers in

between - no wonder he wore gloves at the club. She was sure that's who this was

and she looked up at his face, really for the first time, to confirm. He was

looking down at her of course and it was more than a bit unsettling. As far as

him being the guy at the club, it was hard to tell. He kind of looked like that

guy but he seemed different, more tough-looking, Of course that could just be

the size. She realized that with all this thinking, she was calmer. She was

still scared, but not exactly as terrified as she was, she somehow was pushing

back the fear so as not to disrupt her thinking.

She continued to notice the non-human elements of his torso as she continued up.

Nothing was so different as those hands. Then she notice her clothes were gone!

Were they back down toward the car? No, just gone! She started to panic again,

twisting around, frantically patting her body, vainly looking for them. Like the

G-string, they were just plain gone. She couldn't even remember it happening.

She felt even more vulnerable now; and it was a signal to her that he had some

very specific plans for her. She would have grown even more scared had she

lingered on the thought but now she suddenly had to deal with looking at her

subject in the face. It was the size of a house with steel gray eyes for bedroom

windows and a mouth that could be a wide-open double front door at any moment.

The face reminded her of the shocking fact that this was very much a living man,

not some oversized collection of male parts.

He looked at her seriously. She wanted to say something, her mind even flashed

suggestions of something glib like "Like what you see?" or "You know you're a

pretty big guy!" but fear kept any words from reaching her mouth. Suddenly one

of his hands was rising up between him and her. The middle finger, which was the

longest, was extended out toward her. Unable to get away while suspended in mid

air, she tried to scream again and quickly brought her arms and legs forward to

block its path. But the finger, which was larger than she was, just shoved its

way past her limbs and with them beating on it, touched her gently on the

stomach and then drew away. She was so terrified by the action, she didn't even

notice for a few seconds that the vibration in her body was happening again.

Something was changing. It wasn't apparent at first just looking at his face but

looking down she noticed that the perspective on his body was changing. It was

getting smaller. His immense width was narrowing, his lower body not so far away

and getting closer. He was getting smaller. Of course since this coincided with

the vibration in her body, she could be getting larger. The unchanging

background was no help at determining which. She preferred to think he was

shrinking, it made him less scary. The other was too weird to think about. The

process was taking its time. She spent it looking at the oddities of her

companion's face and head. Still no real change in his expression. He was fully

bald, and the top, and two sides of his head seemed to come together with a

subtle crease on each side. His ears were much less complex a shape than ours.

More like multi layered semicircles.

The vibration stopped which was good since it was making her feel a little

queasy. She looked down at his whole body. Her head and feet appeared to match

up perfectly with his. They were exactly the same height. She was still floating

however; while his feet seemed firmly planted on something.

She liked this much better. The two of them, the same size, standing

face-to-face, naked. Usually, when she is in this situation it's only moments

before having sex. That might not be too bad an idea she thought, he has a damn

big @#%$ and he's not bad looking in his own weird alien sort of way. His

expression still hadn't changed but his eyes told her this is just what he had

in mind to do. Another more rational part of her mind suddenly shouted out its

piece. He...they...they're in your head, manipulating your thoughts! You

wouldn't be thinking of sex in this situation, you'd be running away! Don't let

them brainwash you! But then the effect took hold of this part of her

consciousness as well, and her rational side started saying things like. Of

course you can't run away, and if you could where would you go on this spaceship

or what ever it is. He'd probably just grow big again and grab you anyway. In

short, her rational side was providing rationalizations. She quickly grew tired

of this rational thinking as her desire, be it artificial or otherwise was

taking control.

She reached out to touch his face, which felt perfectly normal, if a little

smoother than usual, shaving was not one of this guy's burdens. He reached out

and with those weird hands lightly grabbed her breasts. Men are all the same no

matter what planet they're from' she thought. With three fingers above and two

thumbs below each breast, he lightly grasped them and pulled her weightless body

towards him. He appeared to be weightless as well now and they floated closer to

one another. Inches apart, He was now stroking her breasts methodically bringing

all fingers and thumbs from the sides to her nipples which quickly responded

becoming rock hard.

Before she expected it, his big penis was at her vagina's door. It startled her

and she pushed back with a start and peered down at it over her breasts. It's

big head was out of the foreskin now and its thick gleaming glans was a sight to

behold. It was a darker blue and similar in shape to a normal penis head but

with more of a arrowhead like "V" to it's base. Behind it, rather than a stiff

pole, the penis was a tube of muscles, which moved the whole thing like a snake.

She reached down and touched it with her hand, the big head filling her palm. It

was wet, the whole penis was covered with some oily film it secreted. As her

fingers glided down it's sides the penis took its cue and moved its head forward

up toward her breasts. Her hand felt the muscles bulge and tense with the

movement. All those muscles in a @#%$! Very exciting.

She was ready for it now and signaled it by loosing her grip and pulling the him

closer with her other hand. The penis moved down on its own and soon found its

way to her door again. She grabbed his hips with both her hands and he brought

his hands from behind her to the op of her shoulders, holding her in place as

the enormous @#%$ slowly and smoothly slid itself in. At first she found it

unusual that no movement from his pelvis accompanied the action, then she forgot

all about that as its sheer immensity filled her and overwhelmed her. It slid

out again, almost all the way and then returned. The vibration of the action was

not lost on her clitoris. A pre-orgasmic spasm ran though her body as it

accepted both the resumed kneading of her breasts by those weird hands and the

amazing pumping from down below. The room muffled what would have been her loud

moans of satisfaction.

The penis came in and filled her again. But this time it stayed there. She felt

stuffed, its shear volume was awesome. Then, something different. It rotated

inside her! He was twisting it one way and then the other. It was quite a

different sensation. She was really enjoying herself now. She let go of him and

reveled in the feeling of it all. She was floating in the air. There was no up

and no down, her hair no longer tied as the band disappeared with the clothes

was mostly pointing in front of her, indicating that she was slowly rolling

backward but she really couldn't tell in the featureless blue void. What was

really exiting was that her only points of contact with anything were her tits

and @#%$ which were being so expertly serviced.

She let her arms spread lazily out wide and bent her knees completely

surrendering to the bliss of the moment. This is going to be one stellar orgasm!

she thought sensing its approach. The back of her left hand hit something, and

she heard a faint crashing sound. She look over to see what it was and saw her

car, only it was just a few inches long and spinning in the air. The passenger

side was caved in between the wheel-wells and there was some debris swirling out

in all directions from it. Her car was tiny! And she just smashed its side in

with her hand! That meant he hadn't shrunk, she had grown! She was as big as he

was when she first saw him!

She didn't know what to think. Did it matter? Certainly not here where the only

point of reference was that stupid car. Her attention was suddenly diverted as

her companion; her giant companion changed moves. He was now going in and out

and twisting at the same time. The twisting was playing her clit like a

tambourine and now the big @#%$ - @#%$ the thing must be the size of a bus! -

was thrusting in and out making her feel alternately stuffed and emptied. A

golden orgasm was approaching; this was not time for rational thought.

She wasn't feeling it alone. The alien's formerly stoic expression was starting

to twist up betraying that he too was getting overcome by feeling. The rhythm

was getting a little erratic, the thrusts harder, and he was breathing more

heavily. It was reassuring and made him seem much more human and less like some

robotic @#%$-machine. Yes they were both heading to the same place and once

again she relaxed to just let it happen. The orgasm came slowly at first and

then built into an overwhelming crescendo. She grabbed his shoulders in a futile

attempt at stability just as his expression changed to one of agony-ecstasy, his

pelvis thrust forward with the penis rock hard within her. She briefly felt the

explosion from within before her orgasm caused an explosion of its own. A flash

of light came and the world disappeared.

She threw her head back and it hit the headrest. Headrest? She opened her eyes

and looked directly at the instrument panel of her car. Her hands were grasping

a steering wheel instead of shoulders. She looked up quickly to see if the giant

was there, or maybe the blue void, and she saw blue, but only above and to the

left. To the right was green. Trees. Trees lining the side of the country road

that she was parked beside. The blue was only sky.


Amanda At Large


It felt like morning, condensation everywhere in the car and she felt a little

chill in the air.

She...was naked! She threw her head from side to side spastically looking for

her clothes. Something was odd about the far side of the car but she couldn't

let it interrupt her search. There was a bunch of stuff piled neatly on the

center of the rear seat: floor mats, her purse, several pieces of wadded up

paper, two soda cans, an old French fry, and some change, but no clothes. She

twisted around and down to look at the floor behind the front seats, which was

remarkably clean of anything much less clothes.

There were no clothes in the car.

She looked up and down the road for oncoming cars and saw that fortunately, the

road was clear. She took that moment to think; actually argue, with her self. It

still seemed like she had just been having sex with the alien/giant in that blue

place. 'C'mon Amanda', came the reply, 'That was obviously a dream.'

But was it? It seemed so real, so vivid. And it's not fading into vague images

like most dreams. 'I remember everything, and in chronological order. I remember

exactly what happened and what I was thinking as it happened. ' 'It was just a

vivid dream that's all.' Came her mind's reply. ‘Think of the subject matter:

having sex with a giant alien with a snake for a @#%$ while floating around in a

blue room? And then suddenly waking up in your car? It was a dream, nothing


She was in no way convinced. Immediate counter arguments included her nudity,

how she happened to be right where she last remembered driving before being

zapped into the blue as it were, and she also couldn't ignore a tell-tale

soreness in her crotch. Still, she let the dream theory win for the moment as

none of this thinking had accomplished its original goal of her figuring out

what the hell happened, and where her clothes we so she could get them and go


The sound of an approaching car completely diverted her attention. There was

nothing visible in the long stretch ahead so it was probably about to appear

over the crest of the hill just behind her. There was nothing else to do but

slide down low and hide. Her mind raced as she heard the car approach. What if

they stopped? What if it was a cop? A cop would stop for sure. She relaxed a

little as it passed by. Waiting for it to get far enough away, she thought about

the softness of the carpet on her bare butt. The floor mat would normally have

been terribly gritty and nasty. What of that anyway? Through the bucket seats,

she saw all four floor mats stacked neatly in the center. She now recognized all

the other items as things that had been sitting loose in her car. It was if

someone held the car upside down, shook it, and then stacked everything that

fell out on the back seat. Back came the image of her car, tiny and floating in

the blue air after her hand struck it.

Eyes wide open she flopped her upper body to the passenger side and peered over

the doorsill. Jesus! The body was indeed severely bashed in from the middle of

the door on back to the rear wheel-well. It looked awful. Her mind immediately

tried to recall the accident, Someone hit her car! Or did she wrapped it around

a tree! She couldn't remember a thing. She stretched further out over the door

looking for clues. It didn't happen here, that's for sure.â


Giantess Stories: Amanda at Large  by Typesbad

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Giantess Stories: Amanda at Large  by Typesbad

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