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Amanda's Diary

by Astrogator


On October 3, 1997, Amanda wrote:

Dear Diary:

Today was Ralph's last day at work. We took him to lunch and stuck him with

the bill as a joke. Ralph didn't mind, he is such a good natured guy, always

smiling. But he had a special reason for smiling today. Everyone knew why he was

leaving and they all tried to get him to tell who the girl was, but he just

grinned and shook his head when they asked. Nobody suspects that it is me

(Fortunately, LOL).

That afternoon it occurred to me that we should leave Ralph's car in the

company parking lot and drive to S-Serv together. Later, I could stick a 'for

sale' sign on it, sell it right off the lot and save a towing fee. I went down

to Ralph's cubicle to suggest this, but Walt was there chatting with Ralph, so I

wasn't able to say anything. The next time I looked that way, Sylvia was having

a private moment with Ralph, so I waited. Sylvia has been working on Ralph for

yers, but he asked me. Sylvia is sweet, but most guys like Ralph don't fantasize

about chubby girls. Ralph just ignored Sylvia and asked me. Isn't that ironic?

She would have a lot better luck if she would lose some weight.

I got hung up typing some reports so I didn't get to see Ralph before

quitting time. It worked out okay, though. I was waiting in my car at the door

when Ralph came out with the security guard and we rode together after all. He

didn't tell me to move over and let him dirve, he just got into the passenger

seat and sat there with the usual stupid grin on his face. "Where's your stuff?"

I asked.

"I left it," Ralph said. "It won't be of any use to me. Sombody else can

throw it in the trash."

It will pobably be me. Sylvia is the head AA so she'll give me that dirty

job. The bitch.

Despite Ralph's objecctions, I stopped at the mall and visited Greta's

Giantess Shoppe. I was going to buy a training suit, but Greta told me that S-Serv

always provides one. I looked for a whip, but they were out. Greta told me she

could get one sent over from another store in about an hour, so I said fine,

I'll stop on the way back from S-Serv and get it. Greta is great and I took my

time telling her so. When I got back to the car, Ralph was fretting that we were

gong to be late for our appointment and he said a lot of things to me. I

shrugged it off, at the time because I knew I could make him eat his words later

if I wanted to. Not that I had any intention of doing so. I am not that petty

(no pun intended!).

Later, in the waiting room at S-Serv, I couldn't resist teasing Ralph a

little. I hinted that he didn't love me enough and that we should call the whole

thing off. Ralph begged me not to and even told me that if he spoke mean to me

again I should whip his tiny little butt! Imagine that! And he didn't even know

anything. God, it was fine sitting there watching him beg for it and not even

know what was coming.

After they took Ralph into the shrinking room the nurse stuck her head out

and asked me if they should take a sperm deposit from Ralph since he won't be

able to father children afterward. I said, "Are you kidding?" She just shrugged.

It was funny ha ha when the nurse brought Ralph out of the shrinking room in

his little black training suit with the handle in the back. He started yelling

at me in a squeaky little voice and I had to laugh because he sounded like a

rubber duckie. Ralph was happy; he was grinning like a fool the whole time.

On the way home, I stopped at the mall the pick up my order from Greta. She

warned me not to get to rough with the whip and showed me how to snap it over a

little man's head and make it pop. "Usually that's enough to get their

attention," Greta said. "It is as effective as a beating and doesn't damage the

goods." Afterward, I decided to look at some household items at Menon's since

there was no hurry. I needed some new curtains for the bedroom, but they didn't

have anything in stock but garbage. I finally gave up and went back to the car.

Ralph was so mad he could bust. He called me a fucking bitch and a stupid

cunt but I just laughed at him. I could make him eat those words too, anytime I

felt like. That's the great thing about having total power over somebody. You

can do anything you want and they can't do anything. You can even ignore them. I

just drove off and Ralph settled down. Later I noticed him grinning up at me

again, so I guess whatever was bothering him did not amount to anything.

When we got home, I picked up Ralph and carried him into the house. It wasn't

until I was inside I noticed that he was wet. Poor Ralph. He had wet himelf like

a little baby. Fortunately the training suit had absorbent pads, so no harm was

done, but I decided to have a little fun with him before we got down to

business. I carried him into the kitchen and put him down on the gleaming white

vinyl floor. I had the whip coiled up inside a paper bag so he didn't know I had


"You smell like pee, Ralph," I said, staring down at him. "That's the last


He stopped grinning for a moment. "I am sorry, honey," he squeaked. "I

couldn't help it. I tried but I couldn't hold it."

I took the whip from the paper bag and let it uncoil in my hand. The whip

trailed on the floor and I looked down at him while he stared at the whip which

was three times as long as his body. The shaft must have looked the size of log

to him "It's not just that," I said. "I don't like being called a stupid bitch."

"I didn't mean that," he said. "I am sorry I said it." I held the whip behind

me and twisted it in my hands making the lash on the end go round and round.

Ralph's eyes went to the lash and back up to me. He forced a big grin. "Look,

honey," he said., "i'm sure we can settle this like mature adults. You don't

need that. You are my goddess. I'll do anything you want."

"I do need it," I said. "You see, Ralph, I have a secret fantasy just like


"What is it? You can tell me, Goddess Amanda," he said, still grinning. "What

do you want me to do?"

"Nothing," I said. "I will do it all." I brought up the whip and snapped it

above his head, using the wrist action that Greta had showed me. The lash on the

end made a satisfying popping sound just above his head and I could see he

wasn't grinning any more. I snappd the whip again and let it hit on his chest.

The suit gave him some protection, but the lash must have stung a bit. I lifted

the whip away from him and watched him. Ralph was staring up at me, and I could

see that he was afraid at last. He started to back away from me but I said,

"Don't move!" and popped the lash above his head again. I think I have a knack

for using a whip. I could have popped his head off if I wanted to, and he knew


He froze and I could see that he was really terrified of me. I held my

position for a long time, letting the fear build up in him. I He was wondering

what I was going to do next, so I decided to tell him. "Ralph, I am going to

show you what a stupid jerk you are." Then I brought down the whip with the full

strength of my arm. He screamed and crumpled beneath the blow. I continued to

hit him, again and again as he writhed in agony on the floor at my feet,

screaming and begging for mercy.

It felt good to beat the shit out of the little jerk. For years he had ogled

me at work and finally got up the nerve to make his obscene proposal. I am so

glad I didn't turn him down. I hit him and hit him and hit him. I flayed the

skin off his arms and legs and face and soon there was a sticky spot on the

floor about the size of a large pizza where he bled and smeared his blood with

his wrthing and twitching. The training suit did it's job perfectly, protecting

his vital organs, otherwise he would have died and spoiled the fun.

I hit him until my arm grew tired, then stopped. He wasn't screaming any

more, but I saw him move and try to lift his head. I knelt down and studied him.

"Please, Goddess," he blubbered and tiny drops of blood spurted from his mouth.

"Don't hurt me anymore. I am never going to do anything to displease you again."

Somehow I managed to keep from laughing. "Oh Ralph," I said. "I am sorry. I

shouldn't have punished you so severely. I am not going to hurt you anymore. I

am going to clean your wounds and nurse you back to health. Everything is going

to be wonderful from now on."

"Th...thank-you, Goddess," Ralph blubbered.

"You're welcome," I said. I stood up then, and reconsidered my promise. I

really liked hitting him and making him scream and nursing him back to to health

sound like a lot of work. So I lifted my whip and proceeded to beat him to

death. It took a long time to do it because of the trainig suit. By the time he

lost consciousness and stopped moving I was so into it that it didn't matter

anymore. I kept on hitting him until I came, then sat down on a chair to catch

my breath. Oh god I never felt so good!

I didn't intend to kill him, but once I got started whipping him I just

couldn't stop. I was just like Sylvia and her ice cream. Take one little taste

and it's binge city! It was worth cleaning up the mess afterward, which was

pretty easy , because fresh blood wipes right up from vinyl (if you let it dry

you will be very sorry). I put the little body down the garbage disposal and

threw the training suit into the trash. I am not worried about getting caught.

Nobody bothers to investigate these kinds of killings anymore. After all, he

asked for it. All the documents are on file down at S-Serv with his signature on


I must do this again as soon as possible. I would say that Walt is a perfect

candidate. The poor guy would love to be shrunk and used as a human dildo by

some gentle giantess (LOL), but he is afraid he might fall into the hands of an

evil bitch, like me. It won't be hard to convince him to trust me. Men are such




Giantess Stories: Amanda

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