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Amy Zonn: Beauty Treatment

By Scott Grildrig

She had not expected the process to work so well...

Dr. Amanda Zonn worked for a cosmetics and beauty company as a researcher into

beauty enhancers. It was something of an obsession with her, this business of

improving looks. She was a mouse of a woman, short, thin, pretty in a quiet

sunday afternoon sort of a way. Standing in front of a mirror she would consider

her flat chest, narrow hips, stick-like legs and try to imagine herself as

something different. She wanted to be better looking, she wanted to be tall,

voluptuous and stunning. For years she had help research new products that could

augment the beauty of a woman.

Amy had sampled them, herself.

But all the cosmetics and prostethics and padding and creams only painted beauty

onto an otherwise drab body. Amy had a dream to create a system, that would

directly modify the body, endowing it with strength and elegance, in whatever

measure was desired. The Company tolerated her endevours, looking the other way

from money it perceived as being wasted. Amy was an excellent researcher, and

had helped create products that generated millions of dollars of revenue every

year. So they ignored her extra-curricular research, even while they raked in

the profits.

Amy would never have admitted to her real dream. Her secret desire.

She didn't just want to be beautiful, she wanted to be a ravishing beauty, with

hoards of men at her beck and call. She wanted to hear their begging voices, she

wanted to feel the power that knockout looks can command. It was her private

fantasy, that drove her public obsession.

Amy tried everything.

Really, everything.

Exotic plants from the furthest rain forests, obscure fungal mixtures, rare

proteins from gathered from animals all over the earth. No luck.

She shifted to direct modification of the body: hormonel and glandular

treatments, psychological uplifting and biofeedback, DNA modification. Zippo.

Beauty formulas from ancient writings: Greek, Egyptian, Babylonian, Hittite, and

others. Conconctions and potions hidden in cultural magic, voo-doo and

witchcraft. Nada.

She moved into physics: gamma radiation, neutron bombardment, tachyon phase

locks. No sale.

Then she got into the really bizarre: quantum constant shifting, hyperspace

distancing, relativistic mass retention.

Nothing. Nothing. Nothing.

But Amy was very determined.

If one procedure alone was ineffectual, perhaps some of them in concert together

would work. The possible combinational test cases were enormous. She worked hard

trying to narrow the field down to the most likely candidates for success. Then

she started experimenting all over again.

The weeks went by.

Combination after combination failed.

Then....something different. All along she had been using norway blacks (a kind

of white mice) for her testing. Many of the tests had had deleterious

consequences for the mice, most had had no effect at all. But this one, this

combination, had done something. Compared to the controls, the test mice were

larger, healthier looking, much more active. It was a combination of hormonel

treatments and quantum modification that did the trick. The quantum effects

provided the extra mass, the hormonel modifications directed where the mass was

to be added. Otherwise the system would just increase the size of the subject in

even proportions.

That was only the beginning.

Encouraged by her success, Amy fought to refine the process, to define its

parameters, test it for dangers or defects. In everyway but one, it was perfect.

But that one point bothered her.

In mathematics there is a area of study concerned with catastrophe theory: the

study of systems that make the transition from order to chaos very quickly. Take

a large plastic ball, and fill it with marbles. Swirl it so that the marbles

race about the inside, then stop. For a moment they maintain their order,

slowing because of gravity and friction. But instead of just gettng slower and

slower, till they stop, at a critical point the whole system collapses and the

marbles bounce around wildly before coming to rest. Amy found something like

that in her process. Tweak the system too far, and the energy flow slipped out

of control, shot up exponentially. The equations were unclear on when this

happened or what the effects would be. Amy experimented carefully until she felt

she understood the limits of safety. It wasn't perfect, she would have to be

careful, but she chose to discount the risk.

There was also a minor side effect from the hormonal treatment, a certain

euphoria, that was inevitable. But she felt she could handle that.

Finally, Amy was done.

It was time for a real test.

She mulled this one over for several weeks. It was highly illegal and unethical

for her to experiment on a human, even if it was herself. But the drive, the

desire, the need to realize her dream made her willing to take the chance. It

would be years or decades before such a system could be packaged for sale,

probably even longer for FDA approval, if ever. The Company would definately

throw her out if she experimented on herself, but the results of the process

would be hers forever. She decided to do it.

Amy had to make preparations.

This was not a trivial problem.

The Company was nobody's fool. Once they realized what was happening they would

halt the process. It took weeks to make all the proper arrangments, to make sure

that the power could not be interrupted in the usual manner. The labs were

monitored. Amy devised tapes to show an empty lab, then built systems that could

be switched in to fool the cameras. She began to stop by the lab on friday

nights to get security used to the idea of her being there on off hours. She

feigned frustration with her efforts, even as they neared completion.

Late one friday night, Amy returned to the labs.

The guard ignored her as she walked passed.

Her low heels click-clacked down the many halls until she reached the labs. For

three days she had been injecting herself with the hormonal triggers. The

potential was at maximum, tonight she would use the quantum field effect to

twist probablity and construct her new body from the flowing energies.

Wearing her white lab coat and some white slacks, Amy entered the Dirac cage,

which was contained within a huge metal donut. The wave guide torus held a

single electron, almost ten centimeters in diameter, in a standing probability

wave. She held a remote control, that would allow her to control the effect of

the process. She would customize her body.

Amy threw a switch and the room blossemed with power.

In the distance she heard an alarm go off.

Carefully, she twisted the dial...

At first, she felt nothing. The room hummed a little louder, and that was all.

Then she noticed her breathing was becoming constricted. Pausing for a moment

she tried to identify the problem.

Then it struck her.

Her breasts were bigger.

Not much, not much at all, from her orignal 33B to a 34C perhaps, but she was

very excited about it. She started the process up again, and watched her chest.

It was like two balloons, slowly inflating. Her clothes were growing with her,

but her breasts were growing out of proportion to her body, and they began to

strain at her little bra. They were 36's now, big for a C but not yet a D-cup.

The sensation of growth was pleasurable, libidenous even, and Amy took a deep

breath and felt the bra stretch under the strain. She grew a little bigger. Amy

had been just over five feet tall when she entered the room, now she was nearing

six feet. Her breasts were pressing mightily against a bra that just was not

designed for such weight. Taking another deep breath, Amy thrust her chest

forward, it was too much. The bra snapped open, spilling her brand new 38D's,

she cupped them in her hands, through the fabric of the white lab coat,

marvelling at how good they felt.

Her legs, especially her thighs were growing more massive. The white slacks felt

like they were shrinking. Squatting a little she felt the crotch split from end

to end. Tensing her legs she made her thighs buldge, and the seams blew out. Her

feet grew longer, shapelier and burst out of her shoes. She paused the process

and kicked them out of the field, then admired her long lovely legs.

Amy had to have more.

Twisting the dial a bit further, she starting growing into the seven foot range.

Her breasts cleared 40D and began to press ponderously at the front of her lab

coat. She noticed that her mousy colored hair had turned a rich golden blonde,

and was growing also, now midway down her back. Amy shook her head, enjoying the

way it flowed about her shoulders. The fabric stretching across her naked

breasts was pleasurable also, but she wanted to pop the coat the way she had the

bra. Breathing in slowly she increased the pressure, noting for the first time

the way her enlarged nipples poked up through the material. With a ping! and a

dink! and a poink!, her buttons blew off, and her stunning 48DD's came out to

play. Massaging her breasts with her hands she stroked her nipples, sighing at

their new sensativity.

She was wearing only the lab coat and panties when the guards burst into the

room. She couldn't hear their shouting over the all pervasive hum, but she knew

that were demanding that she stop. She smiled at them. Until they managed to

switch off the power, she was safe, nothing could enter the field. Moreover she

saw the glint in their eyes as her new improved body registered with them.

Placing her hands on her hips she let them stare at her, her huge breasts thrust

proudly forward. She was still growing, and she felt a new tension. She looked

down. Her panties were straining against the swell of her widening hips, the

material was drawing up against her crotch, her honey blonde pubic hair

swallowing it in lush softness. Suddenly the fabric ripped, and the panties

fluttered to the floor. She looked up at the guards under her long eylashes, and


It was like a drug, their fascination with her.

She watched them, they watched her.

Amy wanted to be bigger.

She turned the dial a little further...

There was a flash, like lightening and a crack of thunder. She felt power

coursing into her body. The lights dimmed, flickered and died as energy was

sucked into the system. Her eyes grew wide as she felt a sensation of rising in

her gut.

She had turned the dial too far...

* * * * * *

The guards stopped in their tracks when they saw Amy.

It took them a moment to recognize her.

Her process was going full tilt. Headquarters told them to stay put, and to look

for a chance to interrupt the experiment. So they watched but did nothing else.

No doubt about it, she was onto something. And when her panties failed to stay

on her growing frame, they were all sweating a little.

Then something seemed to go wrong.

The noise in the room scaled up, the lights failed, emergency illumination

kicked in. The process was still continuing, but seemed to be accelerating. Amy

was growing at an increasing rate, eight feet, ten, fifteen. The ceiling was

thirty feet up, but she reached it in just a few seconds. There was a steady

wind as her expanding body displaced the air. The guards looked up and up and up

at the growing giantess, towering above them. When she reached the ceiling Amy

crouched down and raised her hands. Then lifting up she pushed her arms through

the concrete, driving herself into the floor above. In a moment, all the guards

could see were her legs and hips, and her barefeet were beginning to fill the

field chamber.

High overhead the sounds of breaking and crashing continued as Amy welled up

through the guts of the building. Then a breath of warm air drifted down. She

had broken through the roof. And still she grew. Now only her legs up to her

knees were visible to the top of the ceiling. Suddenly her left leg began

rising, concrete and dust fell as she wretched it through the top of the room.

Then distant crunching noises sounded as she planted her foot down again.

The guards began to fear that she would never stop growing. Two of them dashed

out of the lab. Two remained. Amy's leg was only visible to her midcalf. Her

single barefoot filled the field chamber, but the etherial glow of the process

fit her skin like a glove. She was still in its power, still rising to the

clouds. Lifting her foot onto its toes, she managed to keep it inside of the

chamber. Her foot grew larger and larger. The raised heel pressed up against the

roof, lifting it in great jagged cracks. Her toes began to fill the chamber,

colossal and lovely, the floor sank further beneath her weight. It was well that

there was no basement.

Somewhere near the point where the enormous but delicate arch of her barefoot

was halfway into the floor above, her foot pressed out onto the quantum torus.

There was a blue flash, and the field collapsed. Silence, but for the occasional

crash of falling concrete settled over the lab.

The two guards stared at the colossal foot (what they could see of it), sixty

feet long and twenty-five feet wide, her toes had the girth of tree trunks, even

the smallest was bigger than a man. Her nails were pink and pretty and the size

of tables. Slowly the giant foot began to lift into the air, tearing the ceiling

up with it. A great rush of warm air poured into the room. The massive toes

wiggled once before disappearing from sight.

There was a long pause.

Strange crashing noises were heard overhead.

The two guards sprang for the door, too late. The monstrous barefoot returned,

crashing down the ceiling under its gigantic weight, crushing everything in its

path. The guards' screams were cut off in mid-cry as Amy stomped them and the

lab flat.

* * * * * *

Two things went through Amy's mind.



She had screwed up. Betrayed by her greed she had crossed the safety threshold.

The price was an unstoppable surge of energy that made her grow huger every

passing moment. She had burst through the core of the building like a bomb,

shouldering aside each floor in turn until emerging into the warm summer night.

Then her breasts and hips went through the same passage widening it further. The

sounds of the breaking concrete and steel faded as she soared up higher and


Her legs were binding in the small hole, so she lifted her left leg out of it.

There was no place to put it but back on the building, and her foot sank deep

into it with much crashing and crumbling. Something else was growing within her

too. That portion that had delighted in the guards looking at her magnificant

body was also enlarged. It told her to raise her right foot, to drain every drop

of power in the transformation, until the last possible moment.

Amy grew larger and larger.

Finally, she felt the machine break against her toes. The field died, taking

with it that strange sense of rising, that tingling sensation on her skin. Arms

akimbo, Amy surveyed the world from her new height, then looked down, far far

below to where her calves emerged from the tiny fifteen story building.

It occured to Amy that the machine was her only way to return to a normal size.

But she knew its secrets, knew how to make another, and she decided she did not

want anyone else following her in this way. That meant destroying the machine,

and the various records of its construction.

And Amy knew an easy way to do that.

Lifting her right foot, she extricated it from the building, then laid it flat

upon the roof and stepped down. Her barefoot crunched through it easily, it was

a delightful sensation, all that stuff breaking under her weight. She lifted her

foot and stomped harder. The building fell apart like a sand castle, casting

debris in all directions. Amy trampled the whole building, taking especial care

to stamp harder near to where her lab had been. The ground was covered in

rubble, pitted with enormous footprints, that she left wherever she stepped.

Then it occured to her.

There may had been people in that building. She stared at the

ruin and wondered what it was like as her gigantic feet pulverized everthing

around them before squashing them like bugs. She hadn't even felt any of them.

Looking down at her feet she thought that she was probably still standing on

some. Maybe even those guards that had run into the lab. She wriggled her toes,

thinking that nothing must remain of them but some grease stains. God, she was

big. She carassed her mammoth breasts, sighed at their sensitivity. She knew

what was wrong. The euphoria was with her, a strange subtle lust that constantly

hummed in her body. It made her less mindful about those tiny men crushed under

her toes. Indeed, she felt some satisfaction at her new ability. Maybe she would

step on a few more just for fun.

But first, Amy had some business to take care of.

The machine was replaceable, so long as the records of its construction were

intact. She had managed to limit the distribution of her plans and prints, but

one copy was on site in the records building, and the other was in the city at

headquarters. Both would have to be destroyed before she was safe.

She started walking towards the records building with a stern look in her eyes,

and the ground sank under her feet like wet sand...

* * * * * *

Though it was late on a friday night, there were other people at the complex.

And the noise of Amy's gigantic growth was too much to ignore. So a dozen or so

men were outside watching her as she stomped the lab building flat. Then with a

wicked gleam in her eyes she turned towards another group of buildings. She

seemed to move slow, with a ponderous magnificance that accentuated just how

enormous she really was. When she took a step her foot impacted the ground with

a crunching thud, and the earth shook. Her titanic breasts bobbed and swayed as

she walked, her arms swung by her side with lazy grace. Ker-runch THUD.........Ker-runch

THUD, she reached the parking lot in a few steps, and stopped.

There far below, illuminated in a circle of yellow light, was her car. Amy

squatted down on her heels, unaware of the terrible fright she gave a little man

directly beneath her, and reached out her hand. The car was tiny, sitting in the

palm of her hand, she rolled it over, noted how fragile it was. Then she turned

her hand over and watched it fall and smash onto the ground below. Standing back

up again, she looked at the buildings, then down at the few scattered cars. The

records could wait a moment longer.

Stepping onto the tarmac, Amy noticed how brittle it was under her feet, like

walking across firm snow on a cold morning. She played idly, with no discernable

purpose. Pushing a car around with her big toe, she smiled and wondered if the

driver had his insurance paid up. On a whim she tried to pick it up with her

toes, but it crushed and fell from her grip. The next car she just stepped on,

nothing fancy, just CRUNCH, and she looked at it. There wasn't much to see, just

a flat glob of blue metal and a tiny tire in the bottom of her giant footprint.

The next car was a pleasant surprise.

Amy saw it moving out of the corner of her eye. Curious, she bent down and

picked it up. Looking it over she saw that there was a tiny man inside of it. He

was so small. He could have lain full length across the nail on her little

finger, with room to spare on every side. He didn't seem to like her attention.

She could see him screaming and thrashing about inside. It amused her that he

was so frightened, but she saw his point, after all, he was just a bug to her,

and she had already squashed more than a few tiny men this evening. Amy

considered trying to remove him from his little car. She found his terror of her

disconcertingly pleasant. But then decided that she should finish business

first. Squatting down she set the car on the tarmac and gave it a push with her

finger. It shot off like a rocket, bouncing and weaving and trying to stay on

the road.

Laughing, Amy stood and went on to the records building. It was only a few steps

away at her new size. She considered it for a moment, it was a nice little

building, but it held information she wanted destroyed, and the building had to

go. But she couldn't just stomp it, the records might survive and be discovered.

Falling to her knees, Amy removed the line of trees decorating the lawn outside

the building, plucking them whole from the ground like bushy flowers. Peering

closely, she tried to identify the rooms containing the trade secrets. Upon

finding them she marked it with her fingernail, gouging it into the soft stone,

then went back to the parking lot and collected all the cars she could find. She

made several holes in the roof over the records rooms with her forefinger, then

broke the cars in half, like raw eggs, spilling the contents of their tanks into

the building. A halogen streetlamp served as her match, she dropped it into the

hole, and its heat ignited the gasoline with a whoosh.

Sitting back on her heels, she watched the building burn.

After a few moments she heard the sound of sirens, and she frowned, they were

coming too soon. The fire needed time to to do its work. Standing up, she

started down the access road to intercept them.

* * * * * *

The two fire engines screamed up the road. Turning a corner they came to a

screaching sliding halt. A foot. A barefoot. A woman's gigantic barefoot blocked

the road. As the men watched, the foot lifted slowly off the ground and moved

towards the lead truck. The men abandoned it, just in time, as Amy stepped on

it, completely covering it under her sole, crushing it flat with a crunching

screech. The tank of water it contained split and blew water out the side. Then

Amy reached down and grabbed the other truck, stood up, turned it over in her

hands, examining it. Then with contemptuous ease, hurled it sidearm into the

night sky. It flew for nearly a mile before crashing into the side of a hill.

Far below, the tiny men stared up in terrified awe as the giantess raised her

barefoot and stomped, buckling the road. Three times she pumped her great leg,

pounding out a deep crater that made the access road impassable. Then she strode

off, shaking the earth with every ground crunching step.

She had demolished the machine and the local records.

Only one set of copies remained.

At corporate headquarters.

In the city...

* * * * * *

Amy walked easily, confidently. Her head held high, giving no heed to where she


He was walking down the road alone when he felt the ground shake. At first it

was a bare murmur, a subtle movement. But with every passing occurance it

increased in volume and intensity. He cast about, trying to figure out what was

happening, wondering where there was a safe place to ride out the quake.

Then he saw her.

Looming above the trees like a rising mountain, her naked body glimmering in the

moonlight, was a giantess of phenomenal size. Her strides were enormous. The

ground heaved with every step she took. The trees around him waved and shook

with the force of her passage. He stared in dumbstruck awe as she approached.

When he realized his danger, it was simply too late.

Her barefoot lifted from a strand of crushed trees, swung forward gracefully,

her hips rotating as she took her next step. He screamed vainly, knowing she

could not hear him as her foot descended. He had a brief glimpse of her toes and

wrinkled sole, before they blotted out the sky. He raised his arms to ward her


Amy's foot sank heavily into the tarmac with a deep crunching noise, her toes

splayed as her foot tipped forward and her heel lifted, rising back into the air

for the next step. She left another perfect footprint, this one with a spot of

gore at the bottom. She was so preoccupied, never felt him squish.

She kept walking...

* * * * * *

She arrived.

Amy stopped and regarded the city...

It glowed on the near horizon, a bright tapestry of winking lights, only a few

minutes walk away at her increased size. But between her and it was a community

of small houses. She had a decision to make. Try to wend her way carefully

amongst the tiny dwellings, or take the straight path and fuck 'em. She mulled

it over for a moment. But the euphoria made the decision for her, and with a

devil-may-care grin she started walking again.

Amy made a game of it at first, keeping her eyes high and trying to guess what

she was stepping on. Many different things seemed to crunch under her great

feet. Finally, she caved in to desire and decided to play the cruel giantess.

Looking down she sighted a small house, and without breaking stride trod upon

it. It crunched and splintered under her barefoot in a truly delightful way and

she felt a thrill of excitment arc through her body. A slow moving car became a

shiney dollop of metal after she stepped on it. More houses were destroyed, one

she just kicked, her foot slamming through it, spraying debris in a wide fan. It

was very arousing, being so gigantic and powerful, and the euphoria cured her of

care or concern.

It was a quirk.

But Amy didn't step on any people, who weren't in homes or cars.

Not until the cops.

The car came screaming around a corner, blue and red lights twinkling, siren

wailing, she stopped and watched as the it came to a screeching halt. Then two

tiny men leapt out and began firing at her. The bullets struck her bare breasts,

they didn't even sting. She glared down at them over her tits and frowned. Then

slowly raised her foot. One of the men broke, and began running. She tracked him

easily, and stepped on him, then dragged her foot back, smearing him across the

broken road. The other man continued firing, she swung his way and bent down,

plucking him up in the fingers of one hand, and the car in the other. Looking at

him with disdain she crushed the car in her left hand, let him watch as she

reduced it to twisted ruin, then opened her hand and let it drop. Looking at him

cowering in the palm of her hand, Amy sneered and slowly closed her fingers

around him. His tiny screams made her feel indomitable, a goddess. She tightened

her hand feeling the pressure build, feeling him squirm, until her strength

crushed him like a bug. She tossed the limp broken thing away and resumed


* * * * * *

The buildings were as large as she was. Some were taller. It was late at night,

and the streets were mostly deserted, but it was well illuminated, almost

daylike, as she walked down the narrow streets. She lightly brushed her fingers

along the buildings, admired her nubile body in those with mirrored surfaces.

The streets crunched delectably under her barefeet, the sensation of power was

indescribable. She was mistress of all she surveyed, and her body was warming up

to the pleasures of her unassailable confidence.

It did not take long to locate the Company headquarters, it was one of the

larger buildings, reaching all the way up to the level of her breasts. As she

arrived, she saw a heliocopter taking off. Reacting quickly, she bent down and

ripped a small five story office building out of the ground and hurled it at the

copter. It was like swatting a mosquito. The building hit it. The copter

exploded and was carried for most of a mile before smashing into a row of


That removed the possibility of someone trying to get away with the records. Now

Amy had to deal with the building itself in case they were still inside. She

couldn't torch the building, she didn't know where the records were kept. So she

would have to smash it, and hope the destruction was enough to take out the

records. Rising her right hand, she made a fist the size of a house and brought

it down on the roof of the building. The topmost two stories collapsed under the

impact, and the windows blew out from top to bottom the full length of the

building. Taking a step back, she hurled an uppercut at the building. Her fist

tore through it like it was made of ricepaper. Stepping forward she wrapped her

great arms around it, and heaved, wrenching it from its foundations even as it

was crushed against her breasts. The building dissolved into rubbled, which she

stomped and scattered with her barefeet.

When she was done, Amy was panting.

But she felt good.

Brushing the dust from her breasts she lingered on her nipples, relishing the

erotic tinglings. She was safe from any contenders, and the sense of relief

combined with the sense of power made her feel giddy. The rush of euphoria

demanded utterance, and she fondled her body, luxeriating in the sweet demands

of pleasure. A questing finger drifted down between her legs and she gasped at

the hot torrid wetness it found. Laying down she spread her legs wide, daring

any little man to watch her as she masturbated. Her clitoris was a cherry sized

flame under her fingers. She rubbed with increasing fervor, lathering her clit

with juices garnished from her gushing cunt. With her free hand she massaged her

nipples, then lifting her head suckled herself. She tasted milk. At first she

closed her eyes, but then kept them open, wanting see the tiny city, to remind

herself just how big she was. At the first bright shocks of her orgasm she began

to moan loudly, then desiring all should know her pleasure began to shout, "AAAAHHHH,

OH FUCK, OOOHHH, I'M CUMMING....OH! OH! OH!" she began to thrash, kicking out

with her feet, laughing and screaming as she felt her bareheels smash through

the sides of buildings. "OH YES! OH GOD! AAAAAAH, OH...AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH." and

with a wanton shriek she peaked, lingered, relaxed, then orgasmed again, and

again. The earth shook under her body as she writhed in the grip of her

pleasure. Her orgasm was a whirlwind, a tsunami, she lashed out wildly, she

wanted the whole city to witness her power.

The comedown was long and lazy. Amy combed her long blonde hair out of her eyes.

Her body glistened with her exertions, her fingers were sopping with her juices,

and she sampled them daintily. Mischieviously she wished a little man would

wander by, she had something deliciously evil that she wanted to do to one. But

she was too relaxed now to do more then lay back and look up at the night sky.

Her eyes fluttered, she sighed. In a few minutes she was asleep...

* * * * * *

It wasn't dawn that disturbed her dreams.

It was the sound of sirens that woke her.

She was confused, surrounded by blinding lights, laying down within a jumbled of

broken tarmac. She was naked, but for the lab coat. Sirens shouted at her. She

cowered within herself.

Then it struck her.

She was small.

Voluptuous, yes. The hormonels were irreversable, but the gigantic size had been

lost. She did not move when the men came and lifted her, and put her in the van.

Her mind was aswirl with equations, formulas, theories, frightened out of her

wits, Amy retreated to the comfort of her discipline. She tried to figure out

what had happened.

One other man rode with her in the van.

He did not avert his eyes from her naked body.

She wrapped herself as best she could in her tattered lab coat, and tried to

think. Where had the mass gone? She would have thought it impossible for her to

have shrunk in this way without producing an enormous explosion. She mulled it

over trying various ideas on it. When solving a problem between two systems,

look first for differences. Being small again was the problem. What else was


The euphoria.

She was cold, frightened. In her sleep she had relaxed, settled down into misty

dreams. Perhaps the energy had not been disapted, perhaps it was still

accessable, only stored in some way. She thought about it for a while, as the

van raced and bounced down the streets. She was dealing with quantum effects,

systems that could be modified through observer interaction. It seemed

impossible that a chemical change could make an impression at the quantum level.

But that was the premise of her experiment.

She needed to try something.

The guard was still staring at her.

Unfolding her legs, she placed her barefeet upon the cold steel floor. Looking

at the man from under her long lashes she slowly parted her legs, gave him a

clear, unobstructed view of her honey-colored pussy. His gaze drifted to between

her long legs. Having him watch her body was nice, but not arousing. Amy slid

her hand down her breasts, over her belly and into her lush blonde nest. Combing

the hairs with her fingers, she spread her vulva, giving him a nice look at her

wet inner pinkness. Her eyes stayed on him, his eyes stayed on her pussy. Biting

her lower lip, Amy lolled her fingers around her vulva, and tickled her clit.

With her other hand she cupped her right breast and toyed with it. The guard's

attention was rivited to her body, she could see the huge buldge in his pants.

Under her fingers her nipples began to harden, her vulva began to swell with

passion, her cunt began to grow warm and wet. Spreading her legs further she

slowly inserted two fingers into her vagina and pumped them in and out, taking

her time with each stroke. Then she pulled her fingers out. The guard's eyes

followed her hand as she raised it to her lips. She pouted at him, opened her

mouth, and wrapped her lips round her fingers.

He was perspiring.

She was getting horny.

Spreading her legs wider, she gave him her best come hither look, which must

have been pretty good, because with only a brief hesitation he dove forward. His

mouth was a glorious wetness against her cunt. Amy struggled to contain her

moanings, felt the excitment churning within her body.

Then it struck.

Her body began to grow.

She felt her ass slip forward on the bench, her head pressed up against the roof

of the van. Her dwindling cunnilingus lover didn't notice at first, and when he

did look up Amy laughed and with a hand the size of a chair, pressed his face

back between her legs. His futile struggles were a big turn on for her, but it

was getting cramped in the van. More, her increased weight was making the van

difficult to control, and the driver stopped. Going around the back, he opened

the rear doors, and Amy's hand reached out and grabbed his chest. With some

effort she squeezed out of the doors, reached in and grabbed her pussy licker.

Slamming him down on the ground she sat on his face, while she wrapped her hand

round the other guy's head and rubbed his face over her nipples.

Around her the convoy was coming to a confused halt. Men poured out of the

trucks and watched in awe as Amy continued her regrowth. Her two tiny lovers

grew smaller and smaller in relation to her mindnumbing expansion, she was

rubbing the one guy's entire body over her enormous breasts. While she engulfed

the other's head in her vagina, and left him dangling. Someone began firing at

her, but it was too late, she was too large for the bullets to do more than

annoy her. With a sneer on her pretty face, Amy climbed to her feet. Reaching

between her legs she thrust her tiny sextoy completely into her cunt, moaning in

delight. Then she cast aside her other little man, and advanced on the convoy.

The euphoria made anything possible, anything desireable. The tiny man squirming

in her vagina excited her beyond restraint. With every step she grew larger,

taller, towering over the tiny men, dominating them as if they were bugs.

Looking down at them Amy licked her lips, her hands cupped her mammoth breasts,

and she played with herself, while considering what to do next. The desparate

squirming of her vaginal prisoner decided it for her.


CAN FIT IN MY CUNT?" she pursed her lips, raised her eyebrows, "FIVE? FIFTEEN?"

She grinned, "ALL OF YOU? LET'S FIND OUT."

Dropping to her knees with an impact that rocked the city, she reached out with

her hand and plucked a tiny man up between her thumb and finger. Spreading her

vulva with her other hand she plunged the hapless tidbit into her cavernous

depths, then reached out for another. The tiny men panicked and tried to flee

from her, their terror was intoxicating, and each new addition to her cunt added

to her pleasure. She crammed every little man she could find into the hot hungry

wetness between her thighs. The excitement, the sense of power was incredible,

closing her thighs together, she trapped them within her body. She began

massaging her giant breasts, teasing herself with her impending orgasm. She

wanted to cum all over her little harem of cunt dwellers, drowning them in her

love juices. She wanted to squeeze them, she dominated them, owned them in

everyway, and she wanted them to feel the full unrestrained strength of her

body's pleasure.

Her orgasm was tremendous.

She shouted her pleasure out with words of thunder, her gigantic body rocked the

earth. Buildings shook on their foundations as she let her body impose its lust

driven will upon the tiny men in her cunt. Her vagina spasmed, contracted,

crushed the tiny men from every side. The sensation was too much, and she

screamed herself hoarse with release. Then let the orgasm ebb like a slowly

receeding tide.

Exercising her vagina she ejected her batch of tiny lovers from her immense cunt.

There were still a few survivors in the cum soaked group. But many were crushed,

broken by her cruel sexual play. She grinned, the euphoria was pleased, and

amused itself by squashing some of the survivors. She was a goddess, and they

were her minions, here only to serve her erotic whims. Why her clitoris was a

big as any one of them, and she demonstrated her superiority to them by

squishing a few against it.

One she saved, and raised him to her face.


OUT? LET'S SEE." she grinned evilly at him, "HOW 'BOUT THIS. LOOK." and she

opened her mouth, then closed it in an 'O'. "PRETTY BIG, HUH? YOU LOOK KINDA




them together. "I KNOW." she laughed. "I COULD BITE YOU. START AT YOUR FEET AND






TORTURE YOU JUST WITH MY MOUTH. HELLO?" he had gone limp, but whether he was

dead or just fainted, she couldn't say. She looked him hm for a moment, then

with a shrug tossed him into her mouth and swallowed him whole.

The experiance of eating a tiny man riviled that of fucking them whole. Amy felt

big and invulnerable, wild and untameable. Nothing could match her, nothing

could compete with her, she looked at the toy city sprawled out before his and

felt contempt for it. It was a toy for her amusement. And she played rough with

her toys.

Standing, Amy surveyed the city. If she wanted to stay big, she had to stay

excited. She decided that some wanton mayhem was in order, and twisting on her

right foot, lashed out with her left. Her barefoot smashed through two

buildings, scattering wreckage everywhere. Stepping forward she placed her hand

on another and shoved, it cracked and toppled. Raising her foot she stomped on a

diminutive house, then swung her hip against a skyscraper and watched it

collapse into ruin. Panting, she pulled off her torn dirty lab coat, hunched

down and charged one of the larger buildings. It blew apart under the impact,

and she laughed and kicked a smaller building. Then she went on a stomping

spree, cars, trucks houses, and the occasional people were flattened under her

soles. Dropping to all fours she crawled around crushing things under the weight

of her hands. Wrapping her fingers around one house she crushed it like an

eggshell. Another was demolished under her heavy fist. She battered at one with

her behemoth breasts, then squashed a little man who ran out of it with her

nipple. Laying down she rolled, just wanting to feel tiny things breaking under

her weight.

When she stopped, she was prone.

Her head was near to the ground.

She saw a tiny man quaking in fear before her. The euphoria spoke and she bent

her head and poked her tongue out. He stuck to it and she drew him into her

mouth. Laying there she closed her eyes and concentrated on his movements within

her mouth. Toying with him with her tongue, she could taste his fear of her. She

almost started chewing, but changed her mind and spat him out onto her hand.

"KEEP ME AROUSED, AND YOU CAN LIVE." she told him, and laying back set him upon

her right breast. He was so tiny, clambering up the enormous swell of her tit,

it was like a hill to him. And at its top her nipple rose out of her brown bumpy

areole like the foundation of a tower. "GET ON TOP OF IT." she commanded, and

watched him leap and catch the top of her nipple, then pull himself up. "NOW RUB

IT."He began stroking the sensitive tip with his hands, "HARDER, LITTLE MAN, I

CAN'T FEEL YOU." he worked harder, pounding her nipple, flailing his arms.

"THAT'S BETTER." she purred.

She watched him for a while, then decided she had to have more. Ignoring him she

rose to her feet, he clung frantically to her nipple as she stood. Scouting

around she succeeded in flushing out several more tiny men. Just to give them

something to think about she took one and stuffed him deep into her cunt. Then

she assigned three apiece to her nipples, four to her vulva, the rest she

squashed under her fingers.

"OKAY FELLAS" she said, "STRIP FOR ME." there was no argument. "GOOD. NOW, MAKE

ME CUM, AND I MIGHT LET YOU LIVE." and she laid back and closed her eyes. She

felt tiny feet on her breasts, tiny hands on her nipples. Between her legs she

felt tiny men clamboring through her pussy hairs. When they started on her clit,

she started moaning. What woman ever needed ten men to get her off? She sighed

and resisted the temptation to masturbate. The tiny man deep inside of her

vagina was a writhing delight, and she squeezed him playfully.


Amy began to writh under their efforts, her hands twitching, the little men

clung fearfully to her heaving body, but dared not stop their ministrations. Amy

worked her cunt, cruelly pressing her little slave with the muscles of her

vagina. Her head tossed from side to side, her golden hair flying. She stopped,

staring with glazed eyes at the men on her breasts, she was panting with

tension, straining towards the blessed release of orgasm. The men on her left

breast watched in fear as her right hand rose and fell on their commrades. While

further down, her left hand sought to finish her rising pleasure. "OOOOOH,

SQUIRM.....YAH....." she ground the one group between her nipple and her hand,

while with her left hand she mashed the others against her clit. She squashed

them and massaged them into her pussy. The little men on her left breast quaked

in fear when Amy orgasmed.

She thrashed wildly, screaming with delight, her body was molten fire, her cunt

a volcano. The tiny man in her vagina was ruthlessly crushed by her mighty

spasms, she laughed and shouted and played her body. She orgasmed a half a dozen

times. Then relaxing, she let her body luxeriate in the afterglow. The tiny

survivors watched in horror as she licked her fingers clean of their comrades,

mingled with her lucious juices.





The tiny men needed no prompting. She felt them scurry down her enormous breast.

Their tiny feet ran across her belly and down to her pussy. There weren't many

ways off her body, but they would have willingly jumped. She felt them struggle

through her lush mat of pussy hairs, then climb down her vulva. The hairs grew

scarcer and finer, but they managed to reach the ground between her gigantic

buttocks, and ran for their lives.

* * * * * *

Amy tried a few more experiments.

Stepping on a mob was a different sensation, her barefoot covered dozens at a

time. First it was all crunchy poppy, then a warm gooey muddy mess. She showed

the crowd the bottom of her foot before stepping down again, they didn't seem to

like that either. It must have been an awesome sight, she thought, realizing

that this colossal woman was about to step on you. Making eye contact with her,

watching her swing her great leg forward and raise her foot into the air. Seeing

the dirty wrinkled sole of her gigantic barefoot getting bigger and bigger as

she lowered it, until it blotted out the sky with its giant size. Then the

ponderous weight of it, the sounds of other little men being squished, feeling

the pressure increase...

Amy shook her head, grinned at the tiny crowd, lifted her barefoot, and stepped

on some more. Doing it as slowly as possible, savoring their helplessness,

anticipating the moment when they crunched under her foot.

Amy experimented with lactation.

She found a tiny man, and set him upon her nipple, and commanded him to please

her. She concentrated on the stimulation, felt her glands begin to swell, and

her tits to harden. She squeezed her breast, and was delighted when she nearly

blew the little man off her nipple with jets of her milk.

She filled the palm of her hand with the stuff, and made him swim in it. Then

she raised her palm to her mouth, and sucked him and the milk into her mouth.

She swallowed the milk, liked it. Cupping her hands under her right breast she

lifted it and bent her head. Amy suckled herself.

The little man struggled desparately in her working mouth, trying to avoid being

mashed between her lips, her tongue and her nipple. When suddenly her nipple

began streaming warm sweet milk into her mouth. He screamed and gurgled as the

stuff blasted him, and gushed down his throat. He swam in it, thrashing wildly.

And when Amy had a mouthfull, he felt her tongue undulate beneath him, and carry

him back towards her throat. He shrieked and tried to cling to her tongue, but

to no avail, he slipped off and was dragged down her throat into her stomach

with a flood of milk.

Amy licked her lips and suckled some more...

Amy experimented with squishing little men.

She was sitting, a group of tiny men trapped in a fence of her long tan legs.

Between her thumb and forefinger she held a little man. Holding him up so she

could watch him she slowly pressed her fingers together. His arms and legs

thashed wildly, she could hear him screaming.

"BEG FOR YOUR LIFE." she whispered.

He begged he pleaded.


He hugged her thumb, he kissed it.

"WORSHIP ME." she said, and he prayed to her.

"NOW SQUISH FOR ME." she giggled and increased the pressure. He flailed wildly,

she felt him crunch between her fingers, his head was thrown back and his guts

erupted out of his mouth. She rubbed her fingers together, turning him into a

little grease stain, then flicked him away, and reached for another...

Amy pissed on them.

She herded a mob of tiny people using her feet, stepping on the stragglers,

finally cornering them against some buildings. Squatting onto her heels she,

fingered her cunt, masturbating. Then she spread her vulva wide, reaching in

with her fingers to part her labia. There was a moment when nothing happened,

then a monstrous jet of golden piss gushed out into the crowd. The hot yellow

torrent swatted the tiny people aside, washed them away like rice in a river.

Amy twisted her pelvis, covering the entire mob, laughing as her tiny victims

floundered in her piss. She flooded the area, and when her bladder was empty she

watched the tiny people trying to swim in the acidic stuff. Finally she tired of

her sport, and reaching out, toppled a building into her little puddle, to sop

it up.

* * * * * *

At first she only heard them.

Didn't recognize them, at first.

Then while she played with the little people, she began to see them. Sleek

military jets, surveying the area. Watching her.

Amy watched the planes all day.

She found out what was happening. She had caught a military jeep and

interrogated its tiny driver, before dropping him to the ground and stepping on

him. Later they strafed her, and shot a few missiles at her. But the power that

made her huge, also made her invulnerable to such petty explosions.

They were going to bomb the city.

Certainly, they would not give up, but given the failure of the conventional

weapons, she was sure that they were going to go nuclear. Amy decided not to try

and run. She could shrink down, of course, but that would only delay the

inevitable. Besides, she had a hunch that it might not work as they planned. So

she amused herself by wrecking some more of the city and terrorizing some more

of the fleeing population. She waited.

They decided to use a plane, instead of a missile.

Amy watched it float lazily across the sky. It was in no hurry. Then it curved

and accelerated. And she waited. Closing her eyes, and bowing her head.

There was a tremendous flash, and a rush of heat.

For an instant Amy thought she was going to be flattened by the blast, but then

there was that sense of rising. It was wild, like being in a rocket. She felt

heat, then smoke whirled around her, then there was clean air, thin though. The

process absorbed the engery, reduced the destructive power of the bomb to a

virtual firecracker. The sense of rising stopped abruptly. She slowly opened her

eyes, and gasped.

The world was spread out before her like a map.

The bomb had already disapated, it had been unusually clean. But the smoke and

vapour was at the level of her knees. Clouds tickled her belly. She had to be

more than a mile tall, she figured somewhere between two and three. She was glad

they had only used a fission device. A fusion bomb might have been too much for

the process to manage all in one instant. Her laughter rang for scores of miles.

Raising her foot she stepped on dozens of buildings at once, a more vicious

stomp made the earth heave and every remaining building leapt into the air and

crushed back in ruin. She brushed the clouds aside with her hands and started

walking. The ground sank deep under her unimaginable weight, she left footprints

the size of lakes.

A whole town vanished beneath her barefoot, she savored every crushed building,

every mashed tree. Amy trod down hills and destroyed rivers. A forest was like a

mossy bed to her toes. She was impressed by her size. But really thought it was

too big. She dragged her toes across another town, left a crater the shape of a

barefoot where a clover-leaf in a highway had been.

A real lake served to slack her thirst, she emptied it in two handfuls. Then Amy

came to a coastal city, the ocean beckoned to her, but she stopped to play

first. Laying down she stared at the tiny buildings, most only the size of her

fingers. She plucked up a skyscraper between her thumb and forefinger, the

strain was too much and it crumbled to dust.

Walking on all fours, Amy crushed whole city blocks under her hands and legs.

Dipping down she lightly brushed her nipples over the city, delighting in the

way the miniature buildings exploded at her least touch. She wanted to rub her

nipples harder, laying down her breasts covered an entire section of the city,

Amy couldn't image what it was like for the little people. She dragged her

breasts forward, watched them roll over entire city blocks, she was a playful

goddess. Feeling more than a little wanton, she rolled over and sat up, the city

crunched nicely under her ass. There was a stretch of undamaged buildings

between her thighs, her cunt was larger far than any of them. Inching forward

carefully, she spread her vulva and gently closed her lips around a skyscraper.

She didn't dare move or she'd yank it right off its foundations.

It looked delicious, her pussy kissing a whole damn skyscraper. She tried to

imagine what the microscopic men were seeing. Her cunt was simply too big for

the mind to grasp. She tensed, made her vagina dilate, then close, she bet that

gave a few tiny men a heart attack. Inching back slowly she felt her labia slip

from the building, with about six inches between her and it, she reached down

and began masturbating. She knew the windows would be crammed with tiny men,

trying to see her through the cum smeared windows. She showed them her

house-sized clitoris, inserted fingers the size of skyscrapers into her cunt and

fucked herself. Laying back she lifted herself into an orgasm, rubbing and

playing with her pussy.

Then she sat back up.

Looked down at the tiny building nestled between her great tan thighs. "THAT'S

THE BEST SHOW YOU'LL EVER SEE." she laughed and crushed the building under her

hand. Rising to her feet she nonchalantly trod with barefeet upon the last few

buildings on her way into the ocean. She had to walk quite a distance before the

waters were high enough to cover her.

After a while she dove down.

Then the planes came, the satellites spied, the subs toured the waters. But she

was gone...

* * * * * *

She dragged herself, sputtering, onto the beach and laughed...

* * * * * *

The tall voluptuous lady wore a hat and dark glasses. It had been months since

the two cities had been destroyed, but she still saw her face on pieces of paper

glued to walls or flashing by on newscasts. She wandered down the isles,

watching the people, not really shopping.

Something about her bothered the checkout clerk.

"May I help you?" he asked.

She flashed him a winning smile. "No thank-you. I'm just looking."

He stared at her for a while, then his eyes widened and he hurried off. She

continued her browsing. After a minute or two she saw the clerk again, talking

to a security officer. Frowning she started to leave, then noticed another man

standing by the door.

With a sigh she headed for the fitting rooms. It would not take them long to

find her. But she didn't need long. She removed her clothes, admiring her body

in the full length mirror. She began to feel some anticipation, some excitment.

She had been practising control, had a fine mastery. Bit it had been a while

since she had let herself go wild. She opened her purse and removed a vibrator.

The security guards met at the fitting rooms, they heard the buzzing and the

moaning and banged on the door. The moaning stopped, and a woman's voice, deeper

and louder than might be expected spoke.

"Wait a minute. I'll be right out..."

* * * * * *

The people in the mall wondered what the people in the clothing department were

shouting about. A few minutes later, though, they found out and started

screaming themselves...


Giantess Stories: Amy Zonn

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