Giantess Stories: An Evening Out

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An Evening Out........

Mark looked at himself one more time in the mirror before heading out that

evening. He was beginning to feel he'd spent too much time having fun in the

singles scene and not enough time finding himself someone he could settle down

with. And at 32 his body clock was telling him it might be time to do something

about the latter.

Yet still, he had no desire to spend more time than necessary with the mindless

nymphs that he picked up in the places he liked to frequent. Sometimes he could

get so annoyed with them when they just couldn't get with the fact that he was

done with them. Honestly, what did they expect? Complete devotion on his part

because they let him in for one night. No he'd wait until he found someone who

fit in with his lifestyle before settling down.

He checked his clothes, just right. He checked his hair, just right. He made

sure of his breath and splashed on his cologne. He checked for the lighter he

kept in his jacket pocket (just in case) and pulled out the keys for his Porsche

924. He headed down to the parking lot from his apartment and sped out into the

night in search of a pleasant interlude for a Friday night.

Bogie's was always a place for good action. Based on a Casablanca theme and with

countless pictures of Humphry Bogart the place was a magnet for women with silly

romantic notions. He found himself drawn there more and more often, because he

could cement an evening within an hour there. As he entered he noted that there

was background music playing so the Kerioki had not yet begun. He found himself

a table on the floor near where the singers would be so he could get a good view

of the field available. He ordered a mug of beer and proceeded to nurse it so it

might last him an hour or two.

The Kerioki was moving right along when she walked in. She was an attractive

woman, she appeared to be dressed like a bank teller. Her clothes were crisp,

which gave her bearing an even more confident look. She didn't have the same

look as most of the women who would come in on a Friday evening. Somehow she

projected herself where she went. On closer inspection he could see that she was

an older woman, possibly in her 40's, but she was still beautiful. This was

clearly a woman who commanded situations, including her age. He could not resist

the pull she exerted upon him, and he headed straight for her as she stood at

the bar.

He introduced himself to her without hesitation, "Hello, I know this is going to

sound like a line, but when you walked in I just had to come over here and

introduce myself to you. My name is Mark Bryan." He called for his best puppy

dog look.

"You're right, it sounds like a line." she answered. And turned back to her


Wow. This was a first for him. He had never been in this position before. He was

usually in control right from the start. Yet this woman had pegged him down in

just one line. There was no question, he had to have her. And tonight. This was

going to be a real challenge, and what a conquest this woman would be. Clearly

she was no hussy to be forgotten in a day or two. She would be more like a


"I'm sorry, I don't mean to bother you."

"Then don't"

"No, that's not what I mean." He protested.

"Oh," she lifted an eyebrow, "exactly what do you mean?"

"Well I mean, you're so different than the usual fare of carbon copy girls that

come in here. You aren't a girl, you're a woman. And more than that, you're a

woman with strengths, obvious strengths, backbone if you will. I couldn't resist

coming over here. Honestly, it was like a hand reached out and dragged me over

here. I had to talk to you." He'd never had to talk so much and so fast just to

get started before. This woman was awesome. At that moment he had no greater

desire than to spend the rest of the evening with her, and allow events to take

their natural course.

She canted her head to one side and smiled at him. He felt a slight shiver at

that smile. For an instant he felt like a mouse being eyed by a cat before she

begins to play with it. He shrugged it off when she spoke. "And what did you

want to talk about, Mark Bryan?"

"Well, I didn't know exactly. Like I said, it wasn't thought out, I just had to

come over here to talk." Lame, he thought to himself.

"Just talk" she laughed. "I think there is more on your mind than talk Mark

Bryan." She smiled again and gave him a piercing look once again. "Are you

certain you want to 'talk' with me?"

"Huh, well yes." He answered her. "You are like the most awesome woman to come

in here in a long time. I've seen 'em all too. You are like no one else. I mean

totally different."

She looked to her companions and nodded to them. "Lets sit down Mark Bryan. I

think you could use some time off of your feet." And she guided him to a vacant


For the next forty minutes he was not sure if he was in control of the

conversation or she was allowing him to be in control. All the right things were

being said, and she was now responding properly, but somehow he had a nagging

sense she was holding something back. He'd played the small talk game often

enough to recognize a phony, but she wasn't a phony. It was almost like she was

disguised as herself. He could not pinpoint it. Everything was right, it just

wasn't quite right. He shook off the feeling when she mentioned her friends.

"What, I'm sorry?"

"I said, Sandra has left. I'll need a ride home, could you give me a ride to my

place. Perhaps we can continue this there."

"Wha…", he stammered. "Yes, of course. No problem, do you want to leave now?"

"Certainly" she answered.

He threw a couple of fives onto the table. And allowed her to escort him out of

there and out to his car. He held the door for her, and got behind the wheel.

His misgivings disappeared when he started driving toward her place. It was a

nice home, in a secluded section of a rural area. The kind with a separate

garage behind the house out of view from the street. He drove around to the back

side and parked near the garage. The got out and she led the way in through the

back entry.

"Make yourself comfortable there in the living room, I'll fix us some drinks."

She told him and headed for the kitchen.

He occupied himself looking around her living room as he waited for her to bring

the drinks. The house was simple, but comfortable. There was a large plush sofa,

in which he was currently sitting, and two soft recliners. There were pictures

of Rhinoceros' and Zebra's on the wall. He noted that the hallway had other

animals from the African veldt.

She sat next to him and handed him a mixed drink in a rock glass. He took a sip

and was immediately intrigued. It didn't taste alcoholic, but it had a flavor

that had him wanting more. He felt her arm around him as she gently pulled him

closer. She then held him firmly while he finished his drink. Putting the glass

down onto the end table he felt strangely relaxed, almost a warm glow as he sat

back in the couch.

"I have to do this before it's too late." She said, then drew him close and

kissed him deeply. When she finished he looked at her and felt a strange

disorientation. Her face had a captivating look. An almost self satisfied look,

like a huntress who has just bagged an elusive prey. And as he thought these

things he began to shake his head because it was as if she were getting larger

as he stared at her.

"She smiled and laughed at him saying, "I'm not getting any bigger." She reached

a finger under his chin and tipped his head to look up at her. "Feel your

clothes silly, you are getting smaller."

When the realization hit him he immediately tried to bolt. But she was ready for

him and her hand clamped down on his left arm to hold him in place while

whatever it was continued its effects upon him. He could not generate enough

effort to fight her off and simply slumped down to await what would come next.

"Oh dearie, what a pathetic picture you make. You see I'm a sorceress, my name

is Miss Adeline. And I want to make sure that you know what is coming next. How

should I put this, I am not your conquest Mark Bryan, you are my conquest."

Something primal took over with him at that moment, and for the first time that

evening, in spite of all else, he began to feel real terror. His reaction only

seemed to excite her more. He began to try to struggle free of her anew but she

only gripped tighter and smiled more intently.

"That's right, I love it when they fight. Struggle, fight, try to get free, I

want you to get free." She told him.

He found himself unable to speak while he was in the process of shrinking, he

could only make grunting sounds, and clumsily try to escape her grip. All to no

avail. As she became bigger she lifted him off of the couch, out of his clothes

and placed him in her bra between her breasts. The stretch lace of the bra held

him in place firmly as she stood up to put the glass away and tidy up the


Shortly after he found that his faculties were returning and he had stopped

shrinking. He was approximately three inches tall now. She headed for a room at

the end of the hall and removed him from her bra placing him in a glass jar. As

he stood in the jar he watched her change from her work clothes into an elegant

evening gown.

As she approached the jar in which she held him he couldn't help thinking how

breathtakingly beautiful she was. Seeing her approach he felt his member

reacting to the sight before him. He felt frustration like never before in his

life. He wanted so desperately to lay with this woman. To feel himself within

her, and to feel the warm softness of her female muscles enveloping his manhood

within her.

She turned the jar over and placed him onto the palm of her hand and walked over

to the bed. She then lounged herself upon her bed and looked at him in the palm

of her hand.

"Do you know what happens next?"

"No," he answered. "What ever I did to make you do this to me, I'm sorry. I

didn't mean to hurt you. Please, put me back."

She licked her lips, and then tipped her head back and laughed. "Silly, you

didn't do anything to make me do this to you. I did it because of what you are."

"What do you mean, what I am?" he asked.

"Exactly that sweetie. What you are. A man." She licked her lips again and

smiled down on him.

"Why, I don't understand. What is this all about?"

"What it is about dearie, is down the hatch." She grinned for effect, then she

smacked her lips at him and said, "you see, you get to be swallowed by me


Hearing her say it, it still required a little time for what she had just said

to sink in. He stared at her in disbelief for what seemed an eternity. Finally

he saw something in her look that told him she meant to do this. For crying out

loud, she had shrunk him to three and a half inches, and now she was going to

swallow him whole. What disturbed him to his core was the fact that she acted as

if she were doing him a favor by swallowing him. Almost like she expected him to

thank her.

He made a swift move to leap off of her hand onto the pillow, seeing that as his

only escape. But her experience was against him. She anticipated his move and

quickly recaptured him. This time she held him upside-down by his ankles. He

tried to struggle and free himself but her hands may as well have been made of

iron as she held him before her face.

"Not a smart move, so soon, my little snack." She said licking her lips. She

held him above her sex where her other hand was busily relieving the tension the

moment was building within her. He could see her nipples hard behind the sheer

black silk of the gown she was wearing. She drew him closer to her face and

licked the length of his body for a taste of his fear.

Her tongue hit him like a wet mattress. Firm, yet yielding, warm and wet. She

ran her tongue along his frame several times tasting the salty flavor of his


With each move toward her mouth he felt his terror rise within him until on the

fourth trip, in spite of being upside-down his bladder let go.

She laughed at this and said to him, "You are pathetic, aren't you." She then

put him in the palm of her hand once again.

She moved him up where she could look at him then said, "What's the matter,


"Please, don't do this. I beg you. I'll give you anything you want. I'll do

anything you want, I promise." His tone became pleading as he held back tears.

"Just don't do this."

"Sweetie, the only thing I want you to do for me, is to struggle on your way

down. I love the way it feels."

"No, please…" he began to sob. "don't do this to me…" She watched him fall to

his knees sobbing and say to her "I don't want to die, please let me live."

He felt her other hand grab his ankles once again and lift him above her turned

back head. He could see the other hand had resumed its ministrations upon her


"Sorry babe, this is the way it is. Big eats little, and you are little."

He could see the redness of her lips contrasted with the whiteness of her teeth

as she began to lower him into her waiting mouth. He could see saliva spurting

forth from beneath her tongue as she anticipated his arrival. Slowly she lowered

him into the warm wet confines of her mouth.

When she released him he immediately began to scramble up her tongue to try to

escape the prison her mouth was about to become, but her jaws closed too

quickly. He could feel her leaving enough room for him to maneuver within her

mouth as she toyed with him using her tongue. He could see light through the

gaps in her teeth as he realized she was smiling. She opened her jaws slightly

and he tried to escape through the gap only to see himself in her mouth in the

mirror. Seeing himself like that brought on a feeling of total helplessness and

despair as he realized that he would not be escaping her.

He felt the warm pressure as her tongue began to manipulate him in her mouth to

go down her gullet head first. He fought desperately against being turned, but

to no avail. She had turned him and now her muscles were mercilessly moving him

toward an abyss from which he would never return. He felt the warm softness of

the muscles pulling him onward as she began the process that would plunge him

into her stomach.

He tired one last time to avoid her throat, but it was a hapless attempt, and he

was too tired to put up any real fight. Her throat won, and he began the last

journey of his life, the journey down her gullet to her stomach. He could feel

the softness, and the gentleness of the muscles as they guided him downward. He

felt a sudden impact in his stomach, then another. He realized he had passed

behind her heart. In almost no time he felt himself ejected into an open area

which had a strong sour stench.

He was in her stomach. He heard a sudden THUMP THUMP THUMP. He couldn't believe

it. She was patting her belly with him in it. He began to weep. He wanted to

wake up and find that it had all been a dream. He was curled up and weeping when

the water hit him. She had drank a glass of water. The water came up to his

knees, and he felt it slowly seeping out of the cavity he occupied. Why was she

doing this to him.

Shortly afterward he felt her lying down and could feel her body moving in

rhythmic gyrations. He could feel he stomach walls shifting him and mauling him

as she approached her climax, he then felt an almost suffocating constriction of

the stomach walls upon him as he heard her scream out. Then she lay still for

some time.

He then felt her get up and begin moving about. He could hear a muffled "How's

it going in there?" from above him as she continued to move about. It was a

relief when she finally stopped moving. But moments later he was brought back to

terror when he felt the mushed food land upon him. No, she was eating food. She

was deliberately trying to digest him. As more food began to fall into the

stomach he could feel the acid "sweating" out of the stomach walls to greet it.

She smell was stifling, and everywhere he came into contact with it was a

burning sensation.

In his despair he wept. He wept because he was going to die. He wept because she

had killed him, and there was nothing he could do about it. And he wept because

he was going to nourish her weather he wanted to or not. When the food reached

an amount that made breathing almost impossible, she returned again to a laying

position and began to bring herself to climax again. The rhythmic motions made

it impossible for him to avoid contact with her stomach acids and he began to

scream in agony as she screamed in ecstasy. Shortly after her climax he

succumbed to the relentless onslaught of her stomach acids and became a part of


Adeline slept well that night. She woke up to an empty belly and a desire for

another man like Mark Bryan. She decided he was one of the more fun snacks she'd

had in a while. As she stepped out the door to head for work that day she

realized she would have to ditch his Porsche somewhere before finding her next

victim for sure.

Giantess Stories: An Evening Out

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