Giantess Stories: An Interesting Week   This story contains adult content and should not be viewed by anyone under the age of  18 or the stated limit of

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An Interesting Week

This story contains adult content and should not be viewed by anyone under the

age of

18 or the stated limit of whichever country you live in i.e. some places have a

minimum age of 21 for adult explicit content. If you are under the age set by

the laws

of your country, please stop reading. Also this story contains GTS and SW

themes, so

if you are not in to this or offended by it please stop reading. Also this is

not to be

printed anywhere without the express permission of the author

Part 1

Tom stared at the machine in front of him and pondered whether to go through


this or not. He was excited at the prospect of using the device in front of him,

but also

a little scared. After all, anything could go wrong, and then he would be in big


Since finding out that he could obtain one of these, he had been planning for


moment for several weeks now, waiting for it to be delivered. It was a strange

contraption when set up. There were four long pods set in a square roughly 3ft


Connected to one of those was a console and display unit. It also had a manual


setting device, which he held in his hand. The device would shrink him to what


size he decided on. Since he had learned that it was possible to shrink things

he had

become a little obsessed with the idea. He had always fantasized about being


and seeing giant women, since as far back as he could remember. Why, he didn't

know. But he liked the idea. As he got older and the Internet came about, he

discovered a community of like minded people. He spent many hours surfing the


looking at the pics and reading the stories and chatting on line to these

people. Now in

front of him was a machine that could for fill his wildest fantasy. Tom had

taken a

weeks holiday as soon as he knew when the machine was being delivered. Getting

hold of it had been a chore to say the least. He had found it on the internet


surfing. It had been an obscure web site, for a small company. They claimed to


built a machine to shrink things. Tom had been intrigued from the moment he saw


A little research seemed to indicate that most people thought it was a hoax.


there was something about the company that made Tom believe that they were

genuine, so he bought a machine. It had been expensive, but he had a good job,


thought the expense was worth it. Besides there was a money back guarantee, so

if it

didn't do what they said, he lost nothing. He had set it up as soon as he got

it, and

with trembling hands had placed a chair inside the four posts. He had then

shrunk the

chair down successfully. Tom had been ecstatic at the results. It really worked.


had played around with it for a bit, shrinking various objects in his house to


sizes and enlarging them. It had been so cool. Then he got to the point where he

decided he was ready to try the device on himself. This was the bit he was


about. If anything did go wrong, he might be too small to do anything about it.


wasn't concerned about insects in his house. He had a small device that sent out


strange sound frequency or something. It acted like really strong bug repellent.


would not be able to get close to him. Small animals, might be a problem. If he


face to face with a cat though, he would definitely be in trouble. They would be


enough that the insect repellent device would not work on them. He was also sure


wouldn't have an affect on him. Wrong physiology or something. He wasn't a

technical whiz, so he had taken the devices at face value. He had spent days


for what he was going to do now. He planned to shrink himself down to around 6

inches in height, and then spend the next week at that size and others exploring

his flat.

The remote device in his hand would be used to alter his height. Once he shrunk

himself in the main machine to 6 inches, it could be used to alter his height.


it could only make him smaller and enlarge him back to 6 inches tall. He

couldn't use

it to return to his normal size unless he was within the field created by the

four poles in

his living room. He had made sure he had several of these remotes, shrunk to


sizes, just in case something happened to the one he held. He had already shrunk

down food and clothes, his mobile and anything else he thought he needed. Worse

case, had he forgotten anything, he could always enlarge and get it, but he

didn't want

to if possible. He also set up around his flat various items he wanted to

interact with,

and put things like the remote for the TV on the floor so he could reach them.

He had

also taken one final precaution. He wasn't so sure of this one, but he felt it

was a

prudent idea. He had written a letter and put it in a sealed envelope and given

it to his

next door neighbor. She was a good friend and he thought he could trust Nicky.


had handed it to her, telling her he was going away for a week. He had also told


that should he not be back by a certain time she was to open that envelope and

read it.

She had given him a strange look when he had told her this, but he assured her

that it

was nothing serious, just something's that would need to be sorted out if he


back in time. He told her he would be somewhere where couldn't get to a phone

easily. In that envelope he had a piece of paper, telling her exactly what he

was doing

and a key to his apartment. He wrote to say that if he wasn't back by the time


stated, then something had gone wrong, and he hoped she would be able to get in


his apartment, find him and help him.

He had debated actually telling her the whole thing first before he shrunk


maybe even shrinking in front of her, but he was a bit nervous about that. He

did feel

he could trust her, but he wasn't sure how she would take this idea of him


Besides, he wanted to try this out first and see if he liked it before he

possibly got

shrunk in front of another person. Still, there was also the possibility that

Nicky would

open the envelope anyway and discover what he was up to. That was a concern, but

he had been adamant that she wasn't to open it until the dead line passed. He


confidant she wouldn't. Still, it might be interesting if she did suddenly show

up he

mused. He, like others on the Internet, was fascinated in Giantesses. If this


out, he was sure that at some point he would want to try this in front of Nicky


another woman. To see a huge gigantic woman would for fill this fantasy of his

completely. And he didn't necessarily have to tell them about it. He thought it


be amazing to watch a woman whilst shrunk, without them knowing he was there.

Enough dawdling he thought. I'm either going to do this or not. Building up his

courage he stepped up to the console and set the machine. Then he stepped into


square in between the four poles. He waited as the machine ran down the


Then it activated. A hum occurred from all the four posts and beams of light

shot out

from them, linking each other together. Tom's heart was beating faster and

faster as

the hum intensified. Then the lights shot out and hit him. Everything blurred as


hit him. He felt dizzy and staggered a little. Then the lights cut out and his



He was still standing in the center of the square. Everything still looked

normal to

him! It took several moment for something to change size he knew so he waited.

Then almost imperceptibly he thought he noticed that the poles were getting


taller. He thought he imagined it because they still looked the same. Then he

was sure.

They were getting bigger. Or wait he was getting smaller. He was shrinking. His


was beating so fast he thought it would burst, and adrenaline rushed though his


as excitement rose up within him as he actually watched everything grow. At


things were getting bigger only very slowly. Tom was tall, at 6ft, so he had a

way to

go to get to 6 inches. He stepped out of the square to get a better look at his

apartment. The walls and ceiling were receding away from him slowly, getting


and further away. He looked at his sofa, and did a double take. The top of the


was almost up to his shoulders already, and gaining on the top of his head

quickly. In

moments he eyes were level with the top of it. The coffee table in front of the


was now waist height to him. He stood there with his mouth to the floor as he

continued to shrink. Moments later, the coffee table was almost as tall as him,


then he was looking up at it. The sofa now dwarfed him, over twice his height


getting bigger by the second. The smaller he got, the faster he seemed to


Seconds later the sofa was house sized to him and still getting bigger. He


down at his carpet, and could see that the fibres of the rug he now stood on,


rising up towards his ankles. And still he got smaller. The TV now looked as big

as a

cinema screen to him, and the huge video cassettes and DVD's lying next to it


briefcase sized to him. He continued to dwindle and everything continued to get

bigger. Finally the shrinking stopped and Tom stood still looking around his now

massive apartment, with building sized furniture and house sized appliances.


this all in he slowly drew his breath in and the jumped up and screamed in joy

at the

success of his endeavor.

Man this is simply unbelievable. He continued to stare at his massive apartment


several more minutes, trying to take it all in. It was a little daunting seeing

all these

every day objects now so much bigger than him. He could just make out the


world through the football pitch sized windows, and the massive trees soaring

thousands of feet into the air, with branches thicker than he was tall. A vast


suddenly past the window, and Tom realized that it was a bird, small once to

him, but

now the size of a car.

“Wow!” he breathed out seeing that.

It took him a few seconds to recover. Then with adrenaline racing through his


he decided to explore the living room, and get the lay of the land. It took a

bit at his

size. Now that he was shrunk, he also discovered that he really did like the


Seeing everything from this perspective was only something he could imagine


today. Now as he looked up at the massive stuff in his apartment, he knew he had

found a whole new world to explore. Still, he admitted, it was also a little

scary. He

was really small now, and very vulnerable. If it weren't for the fact that he

was in the

relative safety of his own apartment, he was not sure he would feel so excited


this. Still. this was a new experience for him. Out of curiosity to see how

thing reacted

to him at his present size, he did try to shift one of the bed sized video tapes

lying next

to the huge TV, and found it a struggle almost beyond his strength. He did

manage to

shift it a small distance, but then gave up as his small muscles resented the

exertion he

was putting them under just to move a video tape!

He sat back down on it afterwards to get his breath back. Man, he was puny

compared to everything now he mused. Everything around him now must weigh tons.

His breath back, Tom decided it was time for him to explore the rest of his


Getting up he decided to head for the Kitchen. First he headed over to the stuff

he had

shrunk down earlier and picked up a few things he thought he would need. This

included his gun. He had shrunk it down as a precaution. It might not, at his


harm a cat or dog should he ever have the misfortune of encountering one, but it


scare them off. If he encountered a mouse though, it would probably kill it. He


so, as a mouse would be just large enough not to be effected by the repellent

device he

wore. He then began his hike across the floor, now a walk of several minutes to


towards the door towering some several hundred feet in the air. He arrived at


entrance and had to step over the small metal bar holding his carpet down. The


of the kitchen was vinyl. It was a stark contrast to the carpet in the rest of


apartment. Huge tree like poles soared above him as he walked in. The tree


were of course the legs of the tables and chairs in the Kitchen. Tom wandered


them and marveled at their size. Just a short while ago, he could have sat down

in the

chair he was under now. Now he couldn't see anyway he could clamber up there.

Even the skirting surrounding the walls were taller than him. He wandered over

to his

cupboards that rose above him like a block of flats. He had left the doors


open. He was just tall enough to be able to clamber in. His plates, and cups now


above him as he wandered through the cupboard exploring it. Just to his left he

encountered a pack of cereal, the characters on the pack now appeared to be

giants to

him. Tom spent the next hour or so clambering about in the kitchen, examining


items there at his present size. Then he decided to head for his bedroom. He had

left a

few items there he definitely wanted to interact with, some of which would give

him an

idea of what it would be like to be around a giantess. He began hiking again.


through the huge door out of the Kitchen, he turned right and walked down the

massive corridor that headed to his bedroom. He passed another massive door that

lead to the bathroom. He looked in as he passed and saw the huge toilet and


and his sink unit. Then Tom was passed and approaching his bedroom. He walked in

and the first thing to catch his eye was his now massive bed. It stretched out


him, longer than a football pitch and taller than a house. His duvet hung down

to the

ground. Next to his bed was the double story house sized bedside table, with the


on it, and his alarm radio. He stopped for a moment to take in the rest of the


His cupboards were in the distance partially hidden behind the massive bed, but


could still see them soaring hundreds of feet above him. He had a small table in


corner, (sorry now massive table in the corner), with a few items on it. He


barely make them out now as they were obscured by the edge of the table and


from view. Again he took a bit of time just to get used to these huge objects

that he

was so used to seeing from a different perspective. He wandered about for a bit

staring up at everything. He could climb up onto his bed later he thought just

to see

what everything would look like from that vantage point. He had left a piece of


string attached to the bed frame. It would be a difficult climb, but he could

make it up

there he knew. But not just yet. The thrill of being shrunk was still there, and

with it

the heightened drives caused by the adrenaline that had been pumping through his


since he'd shrunk. He looked over at the items he had put out earlier. They were

naturally a lot bigger than they had been. He had left a pair of his ex girl

friends shoes

out, big black stiletto shoes, with 3 inch heels with a strapped front. Next to

it was a

Barbie doll standing up next to the shoe. He had put it there to give him some

idea of

what it might be like to see a much bigger woman. Finally, there was one of his


mags, opened to the page of one of his favorite ladies.

Slowly he walked up to these tall objects. The shoe's his girlfriend had left

were now

almost as tall as him. And the barbie doll now was twice his height. The porn

mag lay

open and spread out larger than a small room to him. He walked onto it, staring


at the images of the beautiful women on the page. At his size they were in many


still larger than him. Seeing them like this gave him an instant hard on. Just


he thought, what it would be like to see such woman in the flesh. He had to jerk


thinking this, and quickly stripped off. Flinging his clothes off he stood there


and began to jerk off. He wandered around the two pages he could see, rubbing


pulling furiously as he went, looking a huge image to huge image. It didn't take


for him to cum and he spurted all over one of the girls he was standing on. He


down as he recovered, looking at the relatively small amount of semen that he


produce now. He wouldn't even notice the stain at his normal size. Getting up he

slowly wandered over to the shoe. He stood at the front of it looking at the now


indents that had been made by his ex's toes. He leaned over and gently felt the


marveling at the size her toes would be. He stood there and looked up, trying to

imagine what she would look like to him know. He ankle would be just below, or


with his head, and her legs, now easily wider than him, would rise up into the

air, 20 or

more feet up, to her knee's and then to her hips. He imagined she would be


looking down at him from a height of 50 or more feet, over breasts, each as big

as him.

He looked down as he realized that his day dreaming was causing him to become

aroused again. He looked at the remote lying next to his clothes, and realized

that with

this device, he could now make her appear to him as big as he wanted. He hadn't


tried to make himself any smaller, since the excitement of being small, and all


things he could see had been enough. Now however, he wanted to test it out. And

short of having a living breathing woman to shrink in front of, what better

items to

shrink around than the items here now. They would give him a really good idea of


size differences. He picked the remote up and look at it. How small to become he

wondered? He wasn't sure. He wanted to try out different heights and interact


objects at each height. After a bit of deliberation, Tom decided to just set for


continuous shrink. He could stop at any point, by simply removing his finger

from the

button. With that settled, he set the remote and hit the shrink button. He stood

looking at the barbie doll and the shoes. At first they didn't seem to be

getting bigger,

but then he began to notice it. They were getting bigger, and bigger. He shrank

slowly, a few millimeters every few seconds. It would take time to get really

small, but

he could enjoy watching things get bigger. The Barbie dolls head began to

recede, and

the light in the room made it look like she was watching him, a faint look of

amusement in those painted eyes at his tiny size compared to her. His head was


below her hips, and the shoes that the doll stood next to were now taller than

him. He

stood there just taking it all in, trying to experience as much as possible from


situation. He continued to look alternatively between the Barbie doll and the

shoe as

they continued to get bigger to him. A short while later, he was level with the


dolls knees. He had to be 3 inches tall he realized. The heels on the shoe were

now as

tall as him, and the rest of the shoe rose up above that a further body length

or more to

him. He looked around at his apartment and was staggered how big it all appeared

now. He still didn't remove his finger from the button though, as he wanted to


how small he could become, and what everything might look like.

He looked up at the Barbie doll again as he continued to shrink. When he had


this, she had been twice his height. Tall, but not truly big. Now she was huge

to him.

He was maybe an inch tall now, and coming up on her ankles. The doll was

clothed, in

one of her outfits, and was wearing trainers on her feet, with white socks. He


were uncovered, as she wore jean shorts. Those plastic legs were now thicker

than he

was he realized. She dwarfed him in size now, which brought a slight feeling of

butterflies to his stomach as he realized how small he was. He also realized

that this is

what a normal sized woman would have looked like to him when he was six inches


God this was amazing. He still hadn't removed his finger from the remote control

button. It was almost glued there. He was now no taller than the dolls ankles,


wait, he was looking up at them now. He realized that he must be no more than a


inch tall now, and would be smaller soon. The shoe he had been standing next to

blocked out the light from the light bulb easily now. He was standing in the

shadow of

the stiletto heel. Looking down, he also realized that the carpet he was

standing on,

was also getting really big now. The individual tuffs of carpet were now up to


thighs and rising. In a few moments, the would actually be taller than him. He


want to be stuck in his carpet unable to see, so he ran, or rather waded through

the tall

grass of his carpet towards the humoungous shoe. He had to be just under a 1/2


tall now he realized as he reached the base of the mammoth structure. Jumping


being careful not to damage the remote, as at the present it was perhaps the

only one

available to him. He had stupidly shrunk without first shrinking another one


enough for him to use. If anything happened to this one, he could be in trouble.


grabbed hold of the huge sole and started to pull himself up it. He was just big


to do this. Had he waited much longer, he thought he wouldn't have been able to


even that. Still he let himself dwindle. A 1/4 inch tall, 1/3 inch. Now


wasn't just huge, but absolutely massive. The sole of the shoe was now high


up from the ground, to make jumping off it a challenge. In a few moments he must

have been 10 ft of the ground. He gave up trying to guess how tall he was. He

was a

few millimeters tall, and still getting smaller. The barbie doll, was now so

large, he

couldn't even make out her face. And he could also barely make out the huge

structures in his room. They appeared to be so far away, even if only several


away. His bed looked like a mountain. Finally he took his finger of the button.


shrinking stopped. He looked at the gage on the remote. It read 1/20 inch tall.


he was so small. Really small. Tom took this in slowly and with a great deal of

excitement. The possibilities that were available to him were staggering. If he


to he could spy on people so easily, and they wouldn't even know he was there.

Just then a though hit him. Next time he tried this, he should start by only

shrink a little

from his normal size, say a fraction of an inch. He could then use the remote to


his size to anything he desired. He could then go out and about at his normal

size, and

then shrink any where he wanted. There were a couple of girls at work, he would


to observe as Giantess. Yes that had definite possibilities.

With this though in mind, he began to trek down the broad path made by the huge


of the shoe he was on towards the front. It took him several minutes to reach

the toe

end of the shoe. Looking up the shoe he could make out the now truly massive


of the shoe rising up above him like a ski run. Yep, add a bit of snow, a few


trees, or bonsai trees and it would look like a regular ski slope, Tom thought

with a

laugh. Add a small ski lift to the insides of the leather and he would be a way.


more expensive skiing holidays. Still, it was an impressive sight, the size of

the shoe,

he thought. He made his way under the giant canopy of the front of the shoe, and


moments found himself gazing at the huge craters that had been created by his


toes. They had been large a short while ago, he thought, but now! They were


enough to be small swimming pools to him. He wandered down into one of them,

marveling again at just how big everything appeared. He could also smell the


odor left in the shoes of his ex's feet. The sweaty smell was still there even

after the

months that the shoe had not been used. It wasn't an altogether pleasant smell


realized. With that thought, he began to clamber out of the huge crater. After a


seconds of struggling up the incline, he stopped and laughed. Why go to all the


of making the difficult climb up. He looked at the remote in his hand and after

a few

seconds fiddling with it found the shoe getting smaller around him as he grew in


back to six inches. He stepped out of the shoe and looked back, seeing where he


been a few seconds ago. He had been so god dam small. WOW, what a rush.

Tom glanced at his watch. He had been shrunk now for several hours he saw. Gosh

time flies and all that, he thought. His stomach was starting to grumble so he


to head back to the living room and make himself something to eat. He got


and headed back. It took him several long minutes to get back to his stuff. He

rummaged around and pulled out a snack that he began to munch on as he continued

to look around his apartment. In fact he spent the rest of the day just


around exploring every nook and cranny in his now huge apartment, shrinking

occasionally to smaller sizes to get a better look at something's. Finally truly

exhausted he set up his sleeping bag and equipment at the base of the wall next

to the

kitchen and fell straight to sleep, dreaming of giantesses. His last waking

thought was

that he would really like to see what a huge woman looked like before the week



Part 2

Tom woke the next morning after a fitful sleep. He rolled over and for a few


couldn't place where he was. The he remembered. He gazed out at the vast expanse

of his apartment. He realized something just then. He didn't really need as

large an

apartment as he had anymore. With this device he could move somewhere with a

smaller rent, shrink everything down and live like a king in a huge palace.

Getting up

he made breakfast and pondered what he would do today. Yesterdays exploration


been fun, but he had really explored all of his apartment the previous day, at


sizes. There wasn't much left to do, except chill out at his present size or

enlarge. He

didn't want to enlarge, as he was having a great time. But what to do, he mused.


pondered this as he ate. What he really wanted to do was to see a woman at his

reduced height. But that could be dangerous. He now felt comfortable at this

size in

his own apartment. To go outside like this and explore the huge wide world was

something else. Tom wasn't sure he was ready for that. But he also realized,

that at

some point he would have to do that, if he wanted to view a real life giantess.

His next

door neighbor Nicky was a really good looking woman, and he had fantasized about

being shrunk around her before. It was only a short trip from his apartment to


even at his small size. If he was careful, nothing would go wrong.

Something always goes wrong a part of him said.

But I've take so many precautions already to minimize that he mused.

Yes, but something always goes wrong that part of him that was concerned


call it his common sense), you mark my words, Oh yes, something will go wrong.

Not if I'm careful, he shot back.

“Maybe” it shot back at him, “but if something does go wrong, you'll be six

inches tall

at the most. Do you like that idea”.

Tom paused imagining being found by Nicky at six inches tall, and all the


things that he imagined could happen.

“Forget I asked” his common sense muttered.

“Look”, it continued, “how do you think Nicky would feel you spying on her”?

That made Tom pause for a second. Yes, that was defiantly a consideration. He


to think he was a man of integrity and morals. It would be rather rude to spy on


especially if she was naked.

“WHOORRRR, naked” another part of his brain piped up, “I like that idea”.

Common sense gave a resigned sigh and began to mutter about that vulgar parts of

Tom's brain.

“At least enlarge to a more respectable size before reducing in size”, common


finally added. “That way if something does go wrong, you'll hopefully be able to


back to normal, and deal with any of the consequences, and embarrassing


should you say, I don't know, get SPOTTED! JEZZ, I don't know” it said muttering

again, “Try and help him, I do, Listen to me he does not. I'm his common sense,

but I

might as well be as small as he is, for all the attention he's paying to me”.

Tom was considering all this. The idea of spying and seeing Nicky so big was

intriguing, and something he had always fantasized about. But the moral

questions of

whether or not to do it, concerned him, as did the obvious danger involved.

“She'll never know” said the vulgar part of him. “Go on man, imagine seeing her

NAKED”. it said with obvious enthusiasm. “This shrinking has been your fantasy

for a

long time now. Just imagine, living it to the max. Don't worry about enlarging,


do it. Besides think of the added rush you'll get if you know your really shrunk

all the

time, with the only way back being over here. Adds a certain thrill to the


doesn't it, just like that time you all went skinny dipping at the park.....”

A nervous thrill Tom thought. Yes it might be exciting to be truly shrunk around


“Oh for crying out load” common sense said.

BUT Tom, thought, how would Nicky take it if she did discover me.

“Finally” common sense said triumphantly.

BUT it would be great.

“Oh Please!” common sense said.

“I need to think about this some more” Tom muttered to himself. Vulgar part of


started to sulk, whilst common sense seemed hopeful.

After several minutes silent debating Tom stood up.

“What the heck, I'm going to do it”. It would be worth the risk, and he really

did want

to see Nicky so large.

“Oh for crying out load” Common sense said, “I'm taking a holiday, call me if



“Send us a post card” Vulgar part said whopping for joy in a good imitation of



Tom decided also not to enlarge and shrink again. His vulgar part had been

right. It

would certainly be a thrill to be so small around Nicky, knowing he couldn't

return to

normal unless he came all the way back to his apartment. Just thinking about her

discovering him as he was made him hard. Yes definitely a stupid thing to do, he

realized, but something he had always fantasized about. He shouldn't let this

opportunity pass. True he was going to have to be careful, and realistically he

had to

make sure she didn't see him, or there would very likely be some serious

repercussions, the main one to him being the effect it could have on their


But he mused, for all he knew, she could be intrigued by this, and actually

indulge his

fantasy. Who knows where it could go. Still he would try his best to remain


With his mind made up Tom began planning his trip next door. He quickly itemized

the items he had and packed them up. He had a ruck sack for all his items and


them inside. He also packed several remotes as well. He intended to leave them


various points around her apartment, as a precaution. He didn't know how long he

would be over there, so he added the sleeping bag. He might very well spend


days spying on Nicky before returning here. It would depend on how things were

going. All packed he set off for his massive front door. He stood looking up at


Even after a day or so at various small sizes the immensity of every day objects

still got

to him. He felt a slight shiver run down his back as he contemplated the door in


of him. He was about to go outside for the first time. What would he encounter



First though he had to get under the door. That was the easy part he realized.

He got

the remote out and set it for a fraction of an inch. The door quickly became

bigger and

bigger in front of him, and the small gap under it, which had been too small to


under became larger. He was soon able to walk under the massive structure. He

stopped however, heart beating fast, just shy of leaving the relative safety of

the door.

Should he stay really small and take longer to get to Nicky's or enlarge back to


inches tall? True at 6 inches tall, he could make the trip quite quickly, but

the chance

of him potentially being seen were much higher. He decided to enlarge and take a

chance, and set the remote to shrink him at the push of a button should


come along. Stepping out he enlarged and began to jog towards the distant door


belonged to Nick's apartment. The hall way seemed to stretch on in to the


miles long. He could see other massive doors, belonging to other tenants in this

building. He was glad he had stayed at 6 inches, as he was jogging through a


thick carpet. Had he stayed small, it would have been a trek equivalent to going

through a rain forest. He snorted at the thought. Should have brought a machete.

Tom stayed close to the wall as he ran. No need to be out in the open he

realized. He

was halfway there now, and the door was rapidly expanding in front of him. His


continued to pound hard, both from the exertion of running and the sheer


and fear he was feeling. At any moment someone could come into the corridor. And

then it did happen. One of the massive doors in the distance opened. Tom stopped

immediately with his heart beat jumping in to overdrive, he hit the button on


remote and started to shrink immediately. As he dwindled he saw two massive kids

run out of the door chasing a massive colored ball. They couldn't have been more


7-8 years old. They were massive. Even as he shrunk Tom stared in awe at these


kids. They were simply massive. He recognized them as the Redbridge kids, Nancy

and Ken. They were screaming in delight as they played, as yet unaware of the


man who was getting smaller and smaller as they approached. Tom was now barely

taller than the fibres of the carpet and his last sight as he shrunk down below


height was of the young boy and girl running his way, the ball proceeding them.


also just made out another figure leaving the door. It was Claire, their mother.


was a striking woman Tom thought in her early 30s. He could barely make her out


the distance since the gulf separating them, to him at least was several miles


Then his view was obscured by the carpet. He was now less than a millimeter


definitely too small for them to see him, but also terribly vulnerable. He was


aware of the THUD THUD of their feet as they ran towards him. As he had been

shrinking the THUD's had been getting more and more pronounced as the Kids


the gap, and he became smaller. As he stood there, less than a millimeter tall,

the foot

falls created by these truly gargantuan creatures was causing the floor to

shake, and

then shake more and more violently. Tom grabbed hold of one of the fibres of the

carpet to keep his place. He couldn't see what was happening above him, and had


idea of what was going on above his head. He was also scared shitless. This had


his fantasy, to be shrunk and explore a different world. But, his common sense

however had been right. This was truly terrifying. But at the same time, an


experience. Tom knew that if he stayed put, he would probably be completely


here at the edge of the carpet. Still, that didn't stop him being scared. Those


didn't even know he was there, and could easily kill him by accident.

Suddenly, everything darkened around Tom, and something huge rolled over his


place. He felt and saw the fibres of the carpet depress under the huge weight of

whatever it was. Tom screamed, thinking that one of the kids was about to step


him. He flung his hands up by instinct to try and stop the impossible weight


crushing him. But he wasn't crushed. Looking up, however, he saw that it was the

ball that was resting above him, not someone's foot. The balls weight rested on


carpet fibres, and didn't crush him. He was small enough to hide under the

fibres and

thankfully not get crushed. The THUD's got closer and Tom found himself now

unable to hold onto the fibre he had been clinging to. He was flung about like a


of dirt. And at his size, he was like a dust mote.

“KIDS, COME HERE” Tom suddenly heard and had to cover his ears at the absolute

loudness of it. It was Claire calling her kids he knew.... but the noise. Her

voice, her

simple voice, which was still a long way from him, was truly unbelievable. It

really had

sounded like the heavens had opened and rolled out thunder sounding like words.


noise surrounded him, and even with his hands over his ears, reverberated

through him.

He felt the Thuds of their feet again, as the walked towards their mum. Or at


that's what tiny Tom thought.

“YOU TWO HAD BETTER HURRY, “ Claire said in that massive all encompassing


Tom remembered that Claire was divorced from her husband, also called Tom. They

had split on rather amicable terms as divorces go, not even having to fight over

custody of the kids. Tom had been surprised at that. The two of them had


decided to remain good friends and the kids shared both houses, although,


Claire worked now to support herself, and her ex was again married, they spent a


of time at their fathers where their step mum looked after them. He even


her commenting to him once on how well she actually got on with the kids step


She had been a friend of Claire's for years and when her marriage had ended, her


had fallen for her friend a few months later. Their marriage had ended for


reasons, and they had decided to end it for reasonable reasons. There had been


hate. Both parents, had agreed, that it would be better for the kids if there

were no

problems, or broken families as such. Their marriage had simply not worked, but


both agreed that they could still give the kids a proper upbringing.

Tom had been impressed when Claire had told him about this. Not many people are

sensible enough to live like this after the break up of a marriage, or lucky

enough Tom


“BUT WHAT ABOUT MY BALL” Tom heard Ken complain.


FATHER IS WAITING” she said affectionately.

Tom felt the kids start to move off.

“AREN'T YOU FORGETTING SOMETHING” Claire said. There was a pause, and

then he heard and felt the kids moving again. It took him a few seconds to

realize that

the kids were kissing there mother good bye, before they moved off. The huge

THUD's of their feet, receding into the distance. Another huge set of THUDS,

however began to approach Tom. Claire was obviously coming to pick up the ball,

and he was right under it!

Tom again struggled to maintain his position as she came closer to him. The ball

completely obscured his field of vision. Suddenly the ball was gone. Tom glanced


since the Thuds had stopped, as light again covered him. The ball was rising up


the air, several miles away. Tom's jaw hit the ground with what he saw next.

Towering out of the tree like fibres of the carpet was a massive black wall,

taller than a

building, at least 500 ft tall. He gasped at the sight of it wondering what it

could be. It

took a second for him to realize as he let his gaze wander up. On top of this


structure was a massive pink object towering another 400-500 ft above him. It

was a

foot he realized. He was looking at a truly huge, gargantuan foot, with toes as

big as

this building.

“Holy shit” he breathed out.

That foot was attached to a massive structure that rose up into the air. Claire


wearing trousers he instantly realized, as it became obvious what he was looking


Her legs acceded into the sky, miles long, even bending down as she was to pick


huge ball up. She had obviously stood straddling the ball with her feet, because


got a view of her now massive crotch area. He chest followed, reaching breasts

covered by a white T shirt. Those breasts, which in real life were impressive in


own rights, were now truly mountainous. Tom could just make out her face, the


of a small island. He was at once both terrified and turned on. He had finally


face to face with a true giantess. And she was HUGE. No MASSIVE,

GARGANTUAN, ENORMOUS, LARGE(ha!), you get the general idea! Her black

shoe which had first greeted Tom, was right in front of him. He could see it


rising out of the carpet. She must have come very close to stepping on him, he

realized. Her foot had to be less than a couple of inches from his location. Tom

almost wet himself, as he realized how close to dying he had come. Had the ball

stopped a little further, mere inches further, he could easily have become a

rather tiny

stain on the sole of that massive shoe.

Then Claire stood up. Tom fell onto his back, as the ground around him shifted.


that position he watch as this colossal woman rose up above him, stretching up

to her

full height. If Tom had been amazed before by how big she was, he was now truly


smacked. She was bigger than any thing he had ever seen, taller than any

building in

the world. Miles tall to him in fact. Tom couldn't even make out her face in the

distance, as they were obscured by the massive, but still shapely mountains she


call her breasts. The huge ball, the size of a small stadium was in her hands.

All Tom

could do was to simply stare at her, completely awed by her over powering


He like others on the net, had all tried at one time or another to describe why


liked the idea of giantesses. All had their own views. Some of them attributed

it to

wanting to be dominated by woman, to be helpless and at their mercy. Tom wasn't

entirely sure that this was his reason for liking Giantesses, but he did believe

that there

was an element of this in each GTS fan out there, including himself, as well as

a bit of

the dominant personality in those women who also were into the scene. He did


bondage games, and occasionally role play. He had liked the feeling of

helplessness he

had, when his ex tied him up and had her fun with him, especially that time she


invited a few of her friends to join in without telling him first! That had been


experience. That however, paled into insignificance compared to this. Claire was


Goddess to him, larger than anything he had ever seen. He truly felt

insignificant to

her, helpless even to her simple foot step. Her footsteps!

“Oh God” Tom sighed. Claire was turning to leave. Tom watched in fright as she

swiveled her foot. The black shoe covering her foot started to rotate and he got


view of the entire shoe as it rotated into view. Her other foot had left the

ground and

Thudded down a short distance off. Tom however, couldn't take his eye of the


near him. It continued to rotate as Claire turned to walk away, and the vast


of the shoe rotated over him. He watched as the small stiletto heel passed over


He realized instantly that she had to put her foot completely down any second


But where would the shoe land? Would he survive it? Her foot lowered, not


but all at once as she put her full weight on it. The stiletto heel, slammed

into the

ground behind him, crushing huge swaths of the carpet forestry under it. The

front of

the shoe rested in front of him. Tom, found himself almost knock out by the

blast of

that shoe hitting the ground. As it was the slight wind caused by her massive


rotating, did cause him to be flung into the fibres surrounding him, much like

the dust

motes around him. Wanting to be helpless in front of woman he thought, that's


most GTS fans think about. They should be here. They had no idea, of how truly

helpless he was to her simple foot step. Then the foot moved off, and Tom

watched as

the massive arch of her shoe rose up into the air, followed by the heel and


far off away from him. He lay there exhausted from his ordeal, as the massive


receded into the distance.


Part 3

Tom lay there for several long minutes, trying to come to terms with what had


happened. His first sight of a real giantess had been an unbelievable one. And a

dangerous one too. His heart was beating so fast, and adrenaline rushed though


body as he contemplated how close he had actually come to death at Claire's

feet. He

also realized something else. He had a raging hard on. She had been magnificent,

truly magnificent. He still couldn't believe just how much bigger she had been.

He had

really shrunk himself this time, and.... WOW. dam she had been big, was all he


think for several seconds.

As his body recovered from the experience, and his heart rate dropped, Tom


that he needed to make a decision now. Should he continue on to Nicky's


and continue as planned, or head back and enlarge. The experience had unnerved


more than a little bit. After all it's not everyday you come face to face with a

foot as

big as a huge passenger liner, or bigger even than that. Claire had been

humoungous in

size. But, he also realized what a turn on she had been to him. He really wanted


view her again, or at least Nicky. But his safety, he mused. Could he survive


encounter like that? Only if he prepared well in advance, and made doubly sure


stayed completely out of the Giantesses way. He had thought himself safe this

close to

the wall, but the wall had seemed closer at 6 inches in height. As he shrunk,

the wall

had receded. There had been enough space for her to put her foot, and nearly

kill him.

He really wanted to see Nicky at a huge size. It was something that he would

eventually do. He decided to throw caution to the wind and proceed. He might as

well do it now, since it was as good a time as any. Picking up the remote, he


returned himself to 6 inches tall, and began to run for Nicky's door. He ran as

fast as

he could since he didn't want any other mishaps to occur. A few moments later he

reached the massive door. Quickly he shrunk him self down and headed under the


and entered her apartment. She wouldn't be here now he knew, because of work. He

had several hours to scout out the lay of the land and find some where to hide


view her. Her entrance hall was plain, and of a similar design to his. Tom moved

in to

the living room area, which was decorated in a pale white, with a green carpet.


paintings and a mirror hung on the walls, and large tree sized plants adorned

the room.

Her TV and Hi Fi sat in the center of the wall to his left, facing the massive

couch. He

decided to head over to her side board by the wall on his right. Tom found that


needed to reduce his size to 3 inches tall in order to safely walk under the

skirting. He

dropped his bag and looked out. A perfect hiding place. The side board was a


piece of furniture, and he knew that first hand, since he had helped her get it

into her

apartment. It was also relatively clean under here since she had had it only a


while. Taking some of the remotes out of the bag, he began to wander around her

apartment. He placed them at various points around the living room and at


sizes. He shrunk down with them and left them there, just in case he was smaller


he was now. Chances are he realized, he would be spending much of his time here

much smaller than 6 inches, since he didn't want her to see him. He would


remain at between 1-2 inches tall for the duration of his stay, and possibly

smaller if he

was somewhere she could see him. The remotes were strew about and he had

explored most of her flat. It hads taken several hours. Her bedroom which he had


in several times was an amazing place at his size. He had found several pairs of


shoes at the foot of her bed that had been great to stare at. The smell from

some of

them up close however put him off exploring them too closely. He had also found


wardrobe/closet door slightly ajar. Out of curiosity he went in to explore. More


confronted him as he entered, stiletto shoes, and trainers mainly. Looking up he


her huge clothes hanging above him, well out of reach. The whole closet smelt of


as well. Boxes and other rubbish cluttered the bottom of the wardrobe. He had a


time clambering over them. In one box, which had a lid almost off, and which he


managed to slide the lid off he found something he had not expected to find. An


that at his 6 inches in height was bigger than him, thicker than him and made

him feel

significantly inferior at his present size.

A dildo!

He stared at the massive purple object. It was a huge contraption perhaps 8


long. It was obviously new as it was still in the box it was wrapped in. He

laughed at

seeing it, imagining his friend using such an object on herself. Seeing it at

this size also

made him realize that should Nicky find him here, he was small enough now to end


replacing that dildo as her sex toy! An interesting idea he mused, although

whether he

could survive such a thing was beyond him. Her giant muscles would probably


him to death.

Stepping away from the huge box he encountered another rather interesting

object. It

was a huge wicker basket. He could just see inside it, and found as he peered in

that it

contained her dirty clothes, ready for washing. He used the remote to make


small enough to enter the basket and enlarged again. He was surrounded by huge

female clothes. In front of him were a massive pair of panties. Tom, tried to


them up, breathing in her musky scent as he did. He could smell Nicky on


in the basket. The panties were like a huge duvet to him. He could easily have

used it

for his bed tonight. He laughed at the thought of sleeping in her underwear.

Brings a

new meaning to wearing woman's clothing he thought! The scent of her womanhood

covered the panties, and Tom spent several minutes just holding them.

Looking at his watch, he realized that Nicky would be home soon. Getting out of


wardrobe, he headed back to what he considered his base camp under the side


He made sure his stuff was well out of the way, and hidden, as he didn't want


discovering anything. The remotes he had strewn about were also well hidden. He


2 inches tall and ready. He waited.

Finally, he heard keys jangling in the door, and the massive door being opened


closed. He heard and felt Nicky's foot steps well in advance of her appearing.


waited for his first sight of her, excited energy coursing through his entire

body, as he

waited for the sight of his second giantess. Then she appeared in the distance.


hid behind the leg of the sideboard peeping out from his safety at her. She was


no where near as big as Claire had been, but huge enough, at least 200 ft tall


guessed from his perspective. She was wearing her business suit, a gray two


affair, with a white blouse underneath. She wore stockings and black high heeled

shoes. Nicky was a stunning woman in her late twenties. She had shoulder length

black hair, and blue eyes, almost gray in complexion. Her figure was full,


and at 5ft 8 or so, well proportioned for her physic. She had all the curves in

the right

places, nice firm breasts, not to big, but just right. She also kept in shape.

Tom stared

at her, just admiring her as she came in. Coming here had been worth it. She was

amazing at this size, everything he had fantasized about. She wandered his way,


Tom quickly hid behind the leg of the sideboard. Her feet stopped just shy of

the side

board, and for a moment Tom wondered it he had been spotted. His heart racing in

anticipation at being found and the fear he felt at that. He waited. He then

heard the

sound of keys being deposited far above him. Peeking around the tree like leg of


side board, Tom was greeted by the sight of her shoes, and her shapely leg

rising up

into the distance. Her feet were encased in lovely black stilettos, that made


considerably shorter than her ankles. He stared at those feet, easily as big as

a lorry to

him! Her legs rose up above him like the preverbal trees, soaring into the air.

He was

confronted by the hem of her business suit skirt, which was quite short and

showed her

legs off to the fullest. Tom edged out slightly from his hiding place and looked

up. He

could now see beyond her legs and got a glimpse under her skirts as he looked


She was wearing white panties, similar to the ones he had held earlier today.


her skirt he saw her taking off her suit top, revealing her torso and chest to

him, and

just above that he made out her bill board sized face. Her suit jacket off,


suddenly turned and began to walk away at a surprising pace. Tom stood there


to the floor as he watched her disappear from sight. WOW, what a view he


This was amazing, and not nearly as scary as his last encounter with a giantess.

Still, his first encounter had instilled a sense of extreme caution in him, so

rather than

rush out and follow her to see her change, Tom stayed where he was. There was

plenty of time to view her in the confines of her bedroom. He stood there for a


as Nicky obviously seemed to be getting out of her clothes and into something


comfortable. He really wished he could watch, but she could walk back his way at


time. Then he heard her coming back, and seconds later her massive 200ft form

reappeared. She had changed into a plain white T shirt and track suit bottoms.


huge, but lovely feet were now uncovered. Nicky wandered over to her couch and


down, curling her legs up into a ball under her and reached over for the remote


to the TV. Turning it on, she reached over for a magazine and stared to read and

watch a bit of TV at the same time. Tom, still cautious and still a little

afraid, decided

to stay and watch her from his hiding place. He had a good view of her from


They stayed like that for some time. Tom simply couldn't take his eyes of her.


was not only a beauty, but at her present size, that beauty seemed to be

enhanced. In

fact her presence dominated the entire room. Then she stood up. Tom quickly hid

behind the leg again. Nicky made her way towards the kitchen, her massive


eating up the distance in seconds. Tom, listened from his hiding place as she

began to

make herself dinner. Looking at his watch, he saw that it was 7.30pm already.


time was flying today. She reappeared, with a plate the size of a small room in


hands and collapsed back onto the couch, watching TV again. Seeing her eat made

Tom realized that he was also fairly hungry. He sat down by the leg of the


and opened his ruck sack. He pulled out some of the rations he had put in their


and began to eat, watching Nicky as he and she ate. Watching her eat was, shall


say, a unique experience. She was eating Pizza, and as he watched huge chunks


rise to her massive mouth and be consumed. She was biting off chunks bigger than


was and chewing them, before swallowing them. That was a little (no pun


unnerving Tom realized. At his present height of 2 inches, she could easily have

him as

a snack, with room left over. He had never been much of a fan of Vore in his


The idea of being consumed alive by a giant woman was not really that


Still, he had wondered what it would be like to be placed in a giantesses mouth


sucked on and played with by her massive tongue, and what a blowjob from such a

massive woman would be like. Oh there were plenty of other things as well that


had imagined could happen as well, and some of them were entirely appealing,

such as

the blow job scenario, but eaten... no not something he wanted to consider,


since he could potentially, and actually experience such an event now, and not

just in

fantasy. Tom had no desire to die to live out his fantasy, and was pretty sure,


those he knew on the net, would also not really enjoy such a prospect in real

life. After

all, it was supposed to be a fantasy that couldn't happen. Death by giant women


in most certainly not on his menu. Now, Death by Chocolate he mused suddenly...

mmmm, yep definitely more interesting. With that he finished what he was eating


pulled out a chocolate bar and began to eat it

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