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An Object of Affection

By Pendragon

Hi. I'm Richard. I have a problem.

You see, I have this thing for women. I have a craving to be near them all the

time. This goes beyond voyeurism. This goes beyond stalking. I need to feel

their bodies at all times. And more than that, I'm shy. I don't have the courage

to ask one out. Which sort of makes my needs very hard to satiate.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not a constantly lusting perv who attacks women in the

shower. I have some self control. I've even had a girlfriend or two. I've had as

much sex as the next 20 year old programmer. Which isn't saying much. But I've

always felt empty when I don't have a girl in the same room as me.

I guess my story really starts when I was 19. I dropped out of college to join

an Internet start-up outside of DC. Government military contracting. Boring

shit. Anyhow, moving from my native Wisconsin meant losing a few things.

Including my girlfriend. I was there for about two months, still desperately in

need of a female presence when, at work, a guy came into the office and blew up

the R&D department with a prototype of a crowd control device for peacekeepers.

The guys in charge gave the company two weeks off with pay until the building

could be fixed. That's one of the perks of a start-up. The honchos are so afraid

of losing good workers, they throw vacation time out like it was nothing.

So I had two weeks off. Some of the guys I knew flew off to Hawaii, took

cruises. I locked myself in my small pad in Arlington, trying to develop a

device that would feed my desire to be close to women. Two months in a heavily

male programming department wasn't helping.

Before it blew up, I lifted some experimental neuro-synchronizers from R&D,

planning to return them in a week. But, since it blew up, I could keep them. The

guys in accounting could simply list them as destroyed. I tweaked the

synchronizers with some matter transformers I also took the liberty of

"borrowing" and, after six days of heavy programming, soldering, and drinking, I

developed my masterpiece. But don't expect it on the market anytime soon.

It looks like a portable tape player. In fact, I got the casing from my old Sony

2300 Walkman. But the earphones actually could read human thoughts and send

information to the hard drive, the Walkman. In the Walkman was the matter

transformer, set to my bio-frequency. I'll spare you the specifics, but this was

some heavy shit. The government would can my ass if they knew what I was doing.

So, basically I had a device that could, upon reading my brain, transform me

into any object I wanted, so long as the new object was less massive than I am.

Oh, the infinite possibilities of such a machine. I couldn't wait to try it out.

But I wound up waiting about 24 hours. Spending 144 hours sleepless in your

workshop takes a lot out of you. I was beginning to get mental. I spent a good

night in bed and finally, with a week left before I had to go back to work, I

tried it out. I remember the glorious date perfectly. Monday, June 21st, 1999.

I stood nearly naked in front of the mirror in my bedroom with the headphones on

and the Walkman stuck to my boxers. Mentally, I thought: Make me a beautiful

woman. I heard the Walkman hum as it OK-ed my thought scan, then I felt funny.

The headphones melted into my skull and the Walkman melted into my thigh. It

wasn't painful, just odd. Then, I felt my penis begin to shrink back and a pussy

begin to take its place. Big breasts shot out of my chest. I felt my waist

tighten, my shoulders shrink, my jaw curve, my ass balloon, and hair disappear

from my legs and reappear on my head. When the process finished, I was staring

at a gorgeous buxom blond, stark naked, with a pussy waiting to be felt.

The rest of the day was spent…uh…experimenting with my new body. But it wasn't

what I wanted. The female presence I needed could not be my own. I had to be

close to another woman. That night, I transformed back into myself and went to

bed, with a new plan formulating in my head.

The next day, Tuesday the 22nd, I put on a pair of Jean shorts, a skater shirt,

and some Vans and put the headphones around my neck with the Walkman in my

pocket. I hopped into my '87 Accord and drove to Pentagon City, this really

ritzy shopping mall in Arlington, close to, who would have guessed, the

Pentagon. After parking my car, I headed into a Victoria's Secret. After getting

a curious glare from the service representative, I casually said I was shopping

for my girlfriend. She rolled her eyes and left me alone.

I had a perfect plan. Transform into a pair of panties. Be near the glorious

center of a female's womanhood. But I had to be careful. Make a wrong move and I

might get bought by some ugly fat chick who has a little cash to blow.

I searched through the racks until I found the perfect item. It was a skimpy

pair of red lace panties. Waist size 24. A chick would have to be pretty damn

hot to buy or even try on something like that. So, once I saw no one was

looking, I put my hand on the rack of panties and put on the headphones and

prayed. There was no reason I couldn't turn into an inanimate form. I just hoped

I'd be sentient afterwards.

The headphones clicked and the Walkman hummed, and the next thing I knew, I was

a pretty pair of panties on a hanger, hanging neatly with the others of its

kind. And, best of all, not only was I conscious, but I was fully aware of

everything around me. It was like my eyes were all over the fabric, giving me a

view of everything, 360 degrees around me. It was better than I had expected.

I hung for a while at crotch level, watching the girls go by. There were very

powerful women in business suits, looking for something for their husbands while

on their lunch breaks. There were chattering teenagers in groups, giggling at

the racier garments, enjoying a day off from school.

Then there was her. A woman in her late teens, early twenties, wearing a

miniskirt and a white button shirt. She had to be about 5'10", with long brown

hair and blue eyes. She was hotter than any girl I'd seen in a long time. And,

to my great pleasure, she began to look through the rack I was on. As she did

so, I heard her ask the service representative, "Do you have anything with a 24


Instantly, I altered myself to be so.

Then, that beautiful woman picked me up with her soft, silky hands. "This is

perfect! Can I try it on?"

The representative motioned to one of the dressing rooms. Happily pressing me

against her breasts, she brought me to the room. She tossed me onto the changing

bench and began to strip off her skirt, top, and stockings. My glimpses of her

from out in the store could not prepare me for this. Her body was perfectly

tanned and toned. She had muscles visible that models had to have airbrushed on.

Then, to my great happiness, she took off her white cotton panties, exposing a

well trimmed bush and a pierced clitoris. She placed a finger inside of herself

for a moment, then grabbed me and opened me with her other hand. She then kicked

one of her high heel encased feet into one of my leg holes, followed by the

other. I quivered in delight as I was brought up her legs before being pressed

snugly against her pelvis.

"Ungh…a little tight…"

With that, I expanded my waist a tiny bit.

"No wait…that's perfect."

As she strutted in front of the mirror I drunk in her highly intoxicating smell.

It was greater than any experience I had had with any other girl back in

Wisconsin. I was beginning to love my decision to move to Virginia.

Finally, she slipped me off and got dressed again. She grabbed me in her hand

and brought me to the cash register, where she paid for me and placed me in a

shopping bag. It was probably about 5 PM, and I guessed correctly that this

woman was going home. She owned me and I still didn't know her name.

She got on the subway under the mall and rode it to whatever station she got off

at. Then she drove to her house and went to her bedroom. She took me out of the

bag and placed me on her bed. Looking around, I decided I had guessed a little

high of her age, looking at the N'Sync and Brittany Spears posters on her walls.

My guess was she was about 17, probably in the summer after her junior year. Her

bed was soft, covered with a pink down comforter. She looked at me with a smile.

"I don't know why I bought you. I'll probably lose you in this mess of a room

anyway. But something about you made me want to buy you. It was as if you were

made especially for me."

She giggled and stripped out of all of her clothing, skirt, top, stockings,

heels, bra, and panties. She took off her clit ring and placed it on top of her

dresser. She then tore off my tag and placed me into a drawer.

"You I'm saving until Friday. You'll go perfect with my party outfit. But I'm

afraid you'll miss out on tonight. Sheila's back from camp. I don't want you

getting dirty when I go to her house and show her how much I've missed her…"

As I was carefully placed in her drawer, I told myself there was no way I was

going to miss the happy reunion. The girl then left her room to go have dinner

with her parents. This gave me some time. I remembered the exact color and size

of the panties I was and then morphed into a 6 inch form of myself. I pushed

open the drawer and climbed to the top of her dresser before closing the drawer

again. I heard sounds of eating and talking downstairs. I gathered that this

girl had a mom, dad, and a sister or two.

Next, I looked at her clit ring. I couldn't resist. I kicked the ring behind her

dresser and morphed myself into a replica of it. I waited for dinner to finish,

and for the girl to shower. She entered her room again, stark naked and wet, and

picked me up.

"Sheila will go nuts when she sees you. She'll love you."

With that, she opened my clasp and placed me on her swollen, pink clitoris. The

girl then got put on clean pair of white cotton panties, some other clothing,

and headed out of her room. She told her parents she was going to see a movie

and headed off to meet Sheila. I only hoped Sheila was half as hot as this girl

was. No matter what, I was in for quite an evening…

Part 2

I doubt if any of you reading have ever been in a girls panties. Literally, I

mean. It's dark. Very dark. But the smell is so intense, you could swear it was

malleable. A very welcome side effect of the transformation is that my senses

are activated throughout my new form, if that new form has no normal way to use

the senses. For instance, if I was a woman, my senses would be those of a normal

woman. But as a clit ring, with nowhere else to experience sensations, I see,

feel, taste, smell, and hear throughout my entire form.

At this point, I felt the part of my body which was inside of the girls clit. I

felt her sensitive flesh pulse and throb with excitement. The entire car ride to

Sheila's house was spent exploring the benefits of my week of work. The only

drawback was my lack of any genitalia to pleasure. But I guessed that could be

solved easily enough. Using the headphones which were currently morphed into my

head, I added a small metal bump on the tip of the ring, unnoticeable to the

human eye. Instantly, the sensations of being in this girls pants flowed to that

bump, and a droplet of liquid squirted from it. Much better. There's nothing

worse than being a sexually frustrated piece of jewelry.

Soon, the girl arrived at what I guessed was Sheila's house. She hopped out of

her car and dashed to the door. She pounded on the wooden barrier between what I

assumed was her lover. I heard a door open then a gasp of surprise, then I felt

a huge hunk of woman flesh grind into my host. Sheila.

"It's great to see you Ellen! You look…great…"

Ellen. What a nice name.

"Yeah, thanks Sheila. How was camp?"

"Well I met this really hot counselor…"

"You bitch! You didn't…"

"I did. Another one joins the ranks. Good I love converting girls. It almost

makes me want to go out and become a Mormon. Of course, then I'd have to give up

the whole girl on girl sex thing."

My assumptions were right. Excellent.

Sheila continued. She had a lovely high voice, not screechy, but pleasant. "Come

on in, girl. You must be freezing. It's a cold summer night. Come on."

I felt the gigantic thighs around me move as Ellen entered Sheila's living room.

"Sheila, what about…"

"My parents? Dad took mom on a cruise. And I gave Melissa a twenty. She's out at

the movies with some friends. Afterwards, she's hanging out with her loser ass

boyfriend for the week. It's a lucky thing you came today. Well, shall we

proceed to the casual sex immediately, or do you want to catch up first."

"Sex, of course. You've only been gone two weeks."

With that, the layers started coming off. In moments, Ellen was down to her


"Sheila, come here. I want to show you what I got while you were gone."

Ellen pressed her finger into her panties, rubbing against my little bump. It

felt good.

"What have you got, El? If that's a cock under there, that's it. We're through."

Both girls giggled.

"No, silly. Take a look for yourself."

With that, the panties were ripped off and I saw Sheila. She was gorgeous. She

was definitely different from Ellen. Where Ellen was ripped and muscled, Sheila

was more rounded. Not fat, not by a long shot. Just not the product of hours at

the gym. She had long blond hair and bigger breasts then I had seen on a girl of

only 17. She, like Ellen, was stripped naked. Upon seeing me, her eyes lit up.

"I can't believe you actually got that! Did it hurt? I bet whoever put that in

got a woody during the procedure."

"I don't think there was any erection involved. As you can see, I am still penis


"You did it yourself?"

"Yup. All I needed was a bottle of Jack, an ice pack, and a needle."

"Yikes! Stop that El! You're making my clit hurt just thinking about it."

The two girls picked up their clothes from the living room and dashed upstairs.

Sheila opened a door to present a gigantic king sized waterbed with pillows


"Since the parents are gone, I thought we would use their bed. What do you

think, lover?"

Ellen gave Sheila a peck on the lips. "Great idea."

Dropping their clothes on the floor, they hopped onto the bed, and I was

instantly enveloped in a world of flesh. After a few minutes of kissing and

breast feeling, Ellen crawled to the head of the bed and spread her legs out,

showing off the deep chasm only a few inches below me.

"Are you sure Ellen? We've never done this before…"

"Fuck it, Sheila. There's a first time for everything. Come on, my clit feels so


So Sheila brought her head up between Ellen's knees, resting her breasts on the

mattress. Then, out came a gigantic tongue. It was huge, the size of a school

bus. It slid up Ellen's pussy lips, then onto me. At that point, Sheila's lips

encased me and Ellen's clit and began sucking, probing it at random with her

tongue. I came over and over again, enthralled with the sucking and the


I guess a section of me came undone, because suddenly, Sheila stopped sucking

and brought her mouth back. Her face looked like she was in a bit of pain.

"What's wrong, Sheila? Come on, you're fantastic."

"I'm sorry El, I love the clit ring, but I just pricked my tongue on it. Would

you mind taking it off for a second?"

"No problem."

To my annoyance, I was fully unclasped and brought out of my dream scenario,

being at ground zero of a lesbian sexual encounter. I was placed onto the

bedside table next to the clock, and the licking continued without me. It was

about 10 at night. Down, but not out, I devised a new plan. I used the Walkman

to turn myself into a dildo. Nothing fancy, no veins, no juice that squirts out,

just your average everyday plastic penis replacement. This time, I decided to

focus my manhood on the two ends of it. Then, I waited to get noticed.

It didn't take long. I saw Sheila come up for air and see me from the corner of

her eye. While Ellen was in the midst of an orgasm, Sheila grabbed me with one

arm and shoved me deep into Ellen's vagina. I felt as if my body had been

enveloped by a very wet and tight sleeping bag as Sheila pumped me in and out of


Ellen yelped, "What the fuck is that?"

"It must be my mom's. Lord knows my dad couldn't please a woman if he really


"Jesus, Sheila. Tell me next time. But, now that it's in, why don't we try

something I've heard some girls at school talk about."

Sheila kept pumping me in and out as she spoke. "I'm listening."

"Get on top of me and let that thing penetrate the both of us. It'll be like we

both are getting fucked."

Sheila's eye's brightened. "It's about damn time, my pussy's aching. I've done

nothing but eat you out for the last half hour.

Ellen laid on her back with half of me jutting from her while Sheila straddled

her legs around her lover. She crunched down with her pelvis and my body was

completely enveloped by these two teenage nymphos. They hugged and kissed and

squeezed for hours. My two tips were aching with sex, and began to quiver. This

only made the girls wilder. This went on and on, until they fell asleep with me

still stuck between the two girls aching slits.

My body ached. They had used me for at least three hours. I could feel the two

different heartbeats, and could smell the two distinct smell. Their cum began to

dry on me, so I decided it might be best to switch forms again. First, I became

myself, only about 1/16th of an inch tall. I dropped deep into whichever girl

was currently on the bottom of the girls love embrace. I climbed up her love

canal and stood on her groin. This day had been good, but I could get even

closer to a girl. So I walked up to the clit of the girl I was standing on. And

using my headset, I decided I'd try to meld with her clitoris. At first, it

didn't work. But as I concentrated harder, I felt my tiny body begin to


Immediately, new feelings of lust of a variety I'd never felt before emerged. My

mind was clouded with raw, primal feminine lust. Almost in response to my

aching, the girl's crotch began to rub against the crotch of the girl on top.

This sent shiver's all through me. That was enough for now. I was tired. It was

time for a nap.

When I awoke, I felt great big globs of liquid splashing against me. When I

became aware again, I saw a shower head aimed directly at me as moans emanated

above. This felt good. This felt incredible. Then, an impossibly huge hand began

to rub against me, then dart into the crevice below, then squeeze at me. It was

a very pleasant feeling to wake up to.

Soon the girl finished her shower and began to towel off. Afterwards, she

stepped into the bedroom of the night before, where I saw Ellen still asleep.

That meant I was one with Sheila's clit. What wonderful deducing powers I had.

It's no wonder I had a starting salary of $115,000. Sorry, that had nothing to

do with this story. I just like to brag.

Sheila gave Ellen a peck on the cheek, causing the sleeping girl to wake up.

"Morning sleepy head. I'm off to run some errands. Sit tight, I'll be back in a

couple of hours. I already called your parents and told them you were staying

with me. I told them we were going shoe shopping?"

"And they bought it?"

"Like the bastard English, when they offered $24 for Manhattan."

"By the way, Sheila, what time is it?"

"About 6 AM, why?"

"Fuck! Leave me alone and let me sleep."

"Sure thing. I'll put on a pot of Joe before I leave, you grumpy bitch."


"Stop it. You're making me blush."

Sheila shut the door to her parents room and walked stark naked into her room.

She rummaged through some drawers and pulled out a skimpy black thong. She slid

it up and I felt a huge rush as the smooth fabric pressed against me. It was


I couldn't see what happened next, but I could sketch things out from what I

heard. Sheila put on a pot of coffee, then hopped into her car. She ordered a

half dozed bagels, went to the bank, bought a few packs of smokes ( illegally, I

might add ) and rented a porno from some video store. At a red light on the way

back to her house, she slipped her hand down her pants and began to play with

me. I must say, I have a new respect for the female genitals. They are simply


When she got home, ran up to her parents room again, where she tossed her

clothes off. There I saw Ellen doing some naked sit-ups on the floor. She turned

towards Sheila and smiled before getting back her morning exercises.

"Ellen, I got bagels."

"Excellent. but what's with the nudity?"

"Oh, I find clothing gets in the way of having sex. It adds precious seconds of


Ellen giggled, then got up to take a shower. Sheila looked around the room.

"Funny…where's the ring and the dildo?" she asked herself. "I guess El put them

away." Sheila then sat down on the bed, with the bag containing what she bought

this morning below me.

After about twenty minutes (it would have been ten, but I heard some moaning

coming from the shower…) Ellen emerged, looking like a dripping wet goddess.

Bored with my current locale, I jumped down to the bag below. There was plenty

more things I needed to experience…

Part 3

The first thing I landed on was the bag of bagels. This was where I decided to

make the first big leap of faith about my equipment. Finding a chocolate chip

bagel, I melded with one of the chips. I saw Ellen get toweled off by Sheila,

before Sheila picked up the bag and headed downstairs to the kitchen, where the

coffee had been perking for the last hour or so. I heard the girls gab on about

nothing in particular, and listened intently as Sheila read aloud the

interesting tidbits from Wednesday's Washington Post. (If you don't get it, you

don't get it…)

Next I heard liquid being poured and, after a bit of rattling with the paper

bag, I was pulled out by Ellen, who promptly bit into the side opposite from me

of the bagel. I was full of anticipation. What if my programming was flawed?

What if my reaction time was too slow. Would I become a string of proteins in

the stomach of a teenage lesbian until I was shit out in a couple of days?

While I was thinking, I didn't notice as Ellen bit into the section of bagel

which included my chocolate essence. I felt my body getting chewed and liquefied

by saliva but, just as my calculations predicted my 1/16th inch body was kept

together as a nugget of chocolate. Also, the mashing of the teeth all over my

body didn't make me dumb with pain, but simply felt like a constant banging on

my head. But as Ellen prepared to swallow, I decided not to try my luck with her

stomach acid.

In a matter of moments, I melded with her tongue. From her tongue, I melded with

her lips as she licked the chocolate off of them. After that, I waited, watching

the girls eat their breakfasts. I was able to catch the time from a wall clock.

9:45 AM. Just for the curious.

After the girls finished their bagels, Sheila began to rummage through the bag

of groceries. She tossed a pack of Virginia Slim's to Ellen, who caught them

with delight.

"Oh thank GOD!!! I haven't had a smoke in days, after my mom told the guy at the

7-11 not to sell them to me."

She slipped one long cigarette out of the pack and placed it into her mouth.

Now, I'm usually not a fan of smoking and smokers, but this was a once in a

lifetime experience. So I placed my essence into the cigarette, just before

Ellen whipped out a lighter and lit it.

The fire didn't bring pain, but rather an odd feeling. Sort of like when you sit

on your legs too long, and when you get up, they feel like they're being stabbed

with pins and needles. But when Ellen took a puff, I felt part of me go into her

lungs and out her nose, before joining me again. It was exhilarating. Sheila was

simply watching as Ellen took a few good long drags on me. Finally, when I was ?

consumed, She tossed me to the tile floor before stomping me with her bare heel.

This caught me off guard. I felt like a herd of elephants was standing on my

neck, but it didn't hurt. I felt the pressure, but It wasn't painful. Objects

can't feel pain, I guess.

"Ellen! What the hell are you doing? You're not outside! Now, pick that up!"

Not wanting to go into the trash, I morphed into a 1/2 inch me and hid behind

Ellen's chair as she got up and bent over to pick up her cigarette butt. As she

did so, I got a remarkable viewing of her tanned and toned ass. I made a mental

note to explore that, if I had the chance.

The two girls then got up and headed over to the living room. I heard Sheila pop

in a porno and heard the two girls begin to giggle. Now I had a chance to get up

and switch back to normal height. After growing, I looked around for Sheila's

personal phone book. I looked up Ellen's and Sheila's phone numbers. These were

two girls I had to get better aquatinted with. I memorized them quickly and then

hopped onto the table in the kitchen which help the phone. I had had fun with

these girls, but it was Wednesday and I only had until Monday, when I had to go

back to work. I didn't want to spend all my time with these girls, but I always

had the weekends.

Besides, I had a new idea that, if it worked, would let me visit them whenever I

wanted to.

Well, actually I ripped it off from an old "The Amazing Atom" comic, but I bet

it would work. In the comic, the Atom would sometimes dial a phone number,

shrink down to the size of an electric pulse, jump into a telephone, and wind up

at the place he called. It sounded like it could work, so I set my mind to try

it. And, while doing so, I could see who really is at the other end of those

really dirty sex telephone lines.

From the looks of Sheila's house, their family was rich. They wouldn't notice an

extra dollar added onto their phone bill. So I dialed 1-800-REAL-SEX, morphed

into an electric pulse, and jumped into the receiver. I started moving at

incredibly speeds until I reached the end of the line. I heard a faint ringing

in the background and guessed I was at the receiving telephone. Once it was

picked up, I went flying out of the receiver and into a gigantic head of blond

hair. I grew to a more reasonable 1/16th of an inch and grabbed onto a giant

strand as the woman, with an incredibly sexy voice, tried to pick someone up on

the other line. Frustrated, she hung up. She turned her head and shouted off in

the distance, "Hey Jenny. I'm going home for the day. I've been on this fucking

phone since 1 AM. I'm going home."

With that, the unknown woman got up from her chair and walked out to her car.

From what I could tell, the entire phone service was based in some woman's

house. I didn't know what state I was in, and if it wasn't for the American

accent, I wouldn't know what country I was in. I didn't want to get lost, so I

hung on until the woman got into her car and reached her home, which was in an

apartment complex. She got in an elevator, went up to the sixth floor, then

exited and went to her apartment, 6d.

For a phone sex operator, it wasn't a bad pad. Then, when she looked in the

mirror, I was shocked to see that this mystery woman was…hot. And also strangely

familiar. I heard that a lot of actresses do phone sex gigs until they get their

next acting job. This woman seemed to fit that description. She was hot, and she

actually looked like one of the girls you see on the late night commercials on

the WB for the party lines.

She stumbled into her bedroom and stripped to panties and bra before getting

under her covers. I locked ant the clock, which read 10:37 AM. Taking the drive

home into account, I guessed I was still in the same time zone, at least. She

was out cold, so I decided to explore some more. Carefully, grew to about a foot

tall. Next, I undid her bra and threw it in her dirty clothes basket in one

corner of her bedroom. Then, ever so carefully, I turned myself into a replica

of the bra she had been wearing before. I couldn't hook myself, but I guess she

would think it just came undone while she slept.

I loved the feel of her breasts. They were big, and I mean at least a 36 C. And

they had a small smell of sweat, which made me go nuts. I just sat on her chest,

feeling her heart beat and waiting for her to wake up. I had four more days to

go and I didn't want to waste them in some phone sex operator's bedroom. After a

while, I too nodded off. When I woke up, the lights were on and the woman was

awake taking me off of her. She then put on a pair of biking shorts over her

panties and began to search for something.

"Sports bra…sports bra…I always misplace the damn thing."

I saw a gray Nike sports bra balled up in a corner of her room, which I promptly

changed into while the phone sex operator was turned the other way. When she

finally turned around and saw me, she smacked her head and slipped me on over

her big breasts. She put on some athletic socks and a pair of cross trainers,

picked up a water bottle and headed out the door. She took the elevator to the

ground floor, left the lobby, and began to walk somewhere under the hot summer

sun. I was beginning to get damp from her sweat while she was just walking.

She went a few blocks, then stopped at a place called "The Big Apple Gym." I was

in New York! That also explained the woman's outfit. She was about to do her

afternoon workout. As she walked in, a woman wearing a skintight leotard with

the body to pull it off gave the woman I was on a big hug, squeezing me between

two pairs of firm tits.

The leotard woman spoke first. "Hey Jackie. I was beginning to think you weren't

coming. It's nearly 3:30. You said you'd be here at 3:00."

Jackie responded, "Sorry Mindy, but I just got off work about five hours ago. I

needed a little sleep."

"You still at that phone sex place in Jersey?"

"Yeah. The pay is good, but the commute sucks. Who goes to Jersey to work? Oh,

and Mindy, do you mind if I take a cold shower in the locker room first? That'll

wake me up."

"Go right ahead."

So Jackie headed into the woman's locker room, taking me with her. In it I saw

numerous women, all in various stages of undress. I would have changed to

explore that room some more, but then I'd leave Jackie without a top. She'd be

stuck in the locker room for hours.

She headed straight for the showers, where she tossed me and her biker shorts

and panties on the bench behind the shower. She then put the water on cold and

began to vigorously scrub down. She found a bottle of shampoo and washed her

hair. Afterwards, the cold water made her nipples rock hard as I was put over

her breasts again. She finished dressing and entered the main gym, where Mindy

was waiting for her.

"I hope you don't mind, Jacks, but I signed us up for a Tae Bo class. It's

starting in about five minutes. Come on!"

The two women jogged to the aerobics room, and I began to feel Jackie's tits

bounce on and off of my entire body. They stood at the front of the class and

stared at the instructor. He was about 27 or so, with a crewcut, a chiseled jaw,

and muscles everywhere. Jackie's nipples got even harder and began to be very

visible through my thin cloth.

Nothing could have prepared me for Tae Bo. It was 45 minutes of sweat, jiggling

breasts, muscle aches, and hormones. After the session, not only was Jackie a

pound or two lighter, but very, very aroused. It was incredible. I felt as if

Jackie's breasts were a part of me. I loved the way they felt against my soft,

spandex skin.

But the women weren't done yet. Next, Jackie hit the bench press. She put on

about a fifty pounds plus the bar and began to push it up and down. And when it

went down, the cold bar pressed against me and her nipples hardened even more.

Jackie's heartbeat quickened and her body temperature rose and I could tell she

was thinking about sex. She did a few sit-ups, then walked with Mindy back to

her apartment.

Once there, the two women sat down at Jackie's kitchen table. They were still

dripping with sweat, and I was soaked. Jackie turned to Mindy and sighed, "If I

don't get a cock inside of me soon, I'm going to burst."

"I know, Jacks. You and your boyfriend split up, what, three months ago?"

"Yeah, and the dirty talk all night long makes me so horny…I can't stand it."

"That must be hell…"

"You are so lucky you and Chris are together, Mindy."

"Yeah, thanks. But you need to for get about that jerk who dumped you in

Wisconsin. Move on, there are plenty of guys who would kill to eat you out."

Oh my god…It was Jaclyn…my ex-girlfriend I dumped in Wisconsin. It was about now

that my motives for exploration changed a little. I knew this girl. She was my

high school sweetheart. I hadn't recognized her because she got implants and

dyed her hair blond from brown. She had always told me she wanted to be an

actress…Well I'll be damned…

At that point, I began to think about me and her, when we were in Wisconsin. And

my concentration began to slip. I thought of myself and Jaclyn hugging before I

left for DC…and that one thought of me at normal height and shape was enough. A

moment later, Jaclyn was topless and I was on her kitchen table wearing the

shorts, shirt, and headphones I had when I first wen to Pentagon City.

The two women stared at me. Jaclyn was the first to speak. Or rather scream.

"Richard? What the fuck are you doing here?"

Mindy, confused out of her mind, blathered, "Oh my god…oh my god…"

I slid off of her table and ran out the door to the hallway of her apartment,

changing myself into a newspaper in front of her neighbors door. Jaclyn ran out

after me, still topless, looked around for me, and said, "Damn, I must be


She shut the door and I heard a thud. She had fainted.

Part 4

Once I heard Jaclyn's door slam and lock, I morphed back to normal to check my

Walkman. Pulling it out, I noticed it suffered a little bit of damage from when

I fell on it from Jaclyn's tits to her table. There were a few loose wires and

the casing was a little cracked, but I assumed it would be OK.

I was wrong. But I wouldn't find that out for a few more hours. It was now about

6 PM Wednesday.

Undaunted by my slip of concentration, I was more enthusiastic about this device

then ever before. I had a good mind to keep doing this forever. But I felt that

I would let too many people down. My working in DC is paying for my parent's

house and my brother's schooling. So I decided to travel back to my two favorite

teenage lesbians, Ellen and Sheila. I doubted that I could have found a more

perfect couple of kids to visit on my first time out. Besides, Ellen mentioned a

party on Friday. There was no way I was missing that. I had to be her panties.

I headed out of Jaclyn's apartment and began walking through the streets of New

York. I made a mental note to come back here some weekend and thoroughly check

out all the hotties in Time Square. I found a payphone in some secluded store,

put in a few dollars in quarters ( long distance is expensive… ), and dialed the

number to Sheila's house. Then, when I was sure no one was watching, I morphed

into an electron pulse and headed back to a couple of great girls.

I was greeted by a large amount of blond hair, which I assumed belonged to

Sheila. I grew to about 1/8th of an inch and grabbed onto the strands of hair.

Annoyed that no one was answering, Sheila then slammed her receiver down and

walked away.

When she stopped moving, I jumped down to Sheila's bare shoulder. She and Ellen

were in Sheila's living room, watching old reruns of the Simpsons. The two girls

were sitting naked next to each other on a love seat. On the table between them

and the television was a bottle of rum. It was about half empty.

After seeing my ex in New York, I was in a serious mood for some sex. I missed

her quite a bit. I had actually planned to go out to Wisconsin to visit her in

August, so I was glad I found out she moved. It saved me a $400 plane ticket.

Anyway, I decided to put my hormones on hold until the girls were ready

themselves. From what I could tell, every time Homer said "D'oh," Marge

grumbled, or Bart said "Aye Carumba," they would take a swig from the bottle. By

the ending credits after the second Simpsons at 7 PM, the two girls were legally

drunk and then some. Sheila turned off the TV and the two girls began to make

out. They were so blitzed, they wouldn't remember what happened the next

morning, so I made my move.

I clung on to Sheila as they made their way back up to her parents room. Then, I

jumped onto the bed and transformed into a bottle of baby oil. The two girls

began to go at it until eventually Ellen noticed me. With a grin on her drunken

face, she squirted me all over Sheila's naked tits. As she emptied the me, I

became all oil, making the bottle disappear suddenly. Ellen was too drunk to


The next hour was pure bliss. I was a layer of lubricant between these two

massive and beautiful girls. As they spread me all over their bodies, the

intensity of the experience grew to impossible heights. I was between their tits

as they mashed them together. I was on Ellen's hand as it was shoved deep into

Sheila's pussy. I was on Ellen's clit as Sheila's tongue probed it. I was

massaged into Ellen's ass, licked off of Sheila's toes, and even shoved up

Ellen's ass along with Sheila's fingers.

And as the drunkenness faded to sleep, I transformed into a ? of an inch self

before I evaporated. By doing so was harder that it should have been. It tool

much more concentration then usual. Thinking it was nothing, I crawled up onto

Ellen's left tit and feel asleep. I planned to get up in an hour or two and

hide. But first I wanted to enjoy the moment.

I woke up to a bright light, then a pair of gigantic blue eyes staring at me.

Shit, I was found out. I told myself to morph into Ellen's nipple. No luck. I

tried again. I heard a slight sizzle, then nothing. Fuck, I did more damage to

it when I fell than I thought. But this also meant I was at the mercy of two

horny 1600 foot tall girls. I gulped.

I made a quick glance at the clock. 4 AM. I had been asleep for nearly 6 hours.

The eyes above me belonged to Sheila, whose mouth was open wide. She closed her

gigantic fingers around me and made a fist. I was squished between huge folds of

flesh, and was starting to sweat. I heard some dialogue.

"El! El! Wake up!"

"Shut the fuck up. It's four fucking in the morning."

"El! You won't believe this!"

"If you say I'm pregnant I'm gonna fucking hit you in the mouth."

"No! El, look at this!"

With that, Sheila opened up her hand to show a naked ? an inch me sitting,

dazed. Ellen wiped her eyes then turned to Sheila.

"What the fuck is that?"

"I dunno. It looks like a tiny little guy. You can see his little prick. He was

asleep on your tit."

"What the fuck was he doing there?"

"He was sleeping."

"No shit?"

"No shit."

I had broken rule one of voyeurism. Never, ever, ever, ever get caught. The

entire time I was trying to become a part of Sheila's hand. Maybe make them

think they were still drunk. But it was no use. My device, now melded into me,

wasn't responding.

The two girls took turns gawking at me as they showered and put on some boxers

and bras. Holding me tight, Sheila carried me downstairs and plopped me on the

kitchen table. The two girls sat on opposite sides, staring at me. They were

obviously very curious.

Ellen started. "Hey, do you think he can understand us?"

Sheila looked at Ellen. "Do you think?"

"Hey, bug boy. If you can hear us, wave," Ellen said.

I didn't move.

"Move or I'll fucking rip your puny little prick off!!!" Ellen demanded.

I waved sheepishly.

She smiled. "You see, Sheila. He understands us perfectly."

Sheila looked lost in thought. "Ellen, do you think he was with us when we…you


"When we fucked?"

"Well, he was on your tit the morning after. He had to be there before, or else

how the hell would he have gotten there?"

"I guess that's true…"

Sheila looked at me. "Hey, bug boy. Were you with us when we did the nasty last


I nodded. What could be the harm in asking?

The two girls began exchanging glances. Ellen began to lick her lips and Sheila

eyed me very enthusiastically.

"You're a lucky little man," Ellen started. "You see, the two of us have always

felt men were beneath us. We've dreamed about having complete control over one.

And you seem like a perfect candidate."


Sheila continued where Ellen left off. "And since you were a bad little man and

joined in our very private fucking, well, I guess we have to exact a punishment

on your tiny ass."

Ellen smiled devilishly. I began to seriously worry.

"You like Ellen's tits, little man?" asked Sheila. "I know you do, you were

sleeping on them this morning. What if I told you there was an even better place

on Ellen? I think I need to put you in there. It might teach you a lesson. What

do you think, Ellen?"

"Absolutely, Sheila."

"Well, El, assume the position."

Ellen sat down on the kitchen table and took off the boxers. She then spread out

her great big pussy with one hand.

"The cell has been prepared for the prisoner, warden Sheila."

"Excellent. I believe that a 12 hour sentence should be about right, wouldn't

you say so?"


With that, Sheila placed me on the tip of her middle finger. She then shoved her

hand, with middle finger outstretched, deeper into Ellen than I had been ever

before. Ellen gasped in delight as I was deposited and Sheila took out her hand.

Putting her lips up to Ellen's pussy, Sheila kissed me goodbye. "Oh, and in case

you were planning to escape, we here at prison Ellen's Pussy have a very

elaborate security system."

With that, a tampon was shoved up into Ellen, blocking off all exits and placing

me in total darkness. Ellen then began to squeeze her legs together and flexing

her vaginal muscles. I felt my body get mashed into Ellen's vaginal walls over

and over again.

"Hey Ellen, what do you say we go in my backyard. You can ride my horse,

Thunder. But be careful, he tends to buck a lot. Your pretty little pelvis is

going to be bouncing up and down for the next few hours…"

"Sounds great, Sheila."

I'd rather not mention the next few hours. Let's just say I went farther up

Ellen then any man or woman has before. And the constant bouncing made me blow

chunks on several occasions. And there is nothing odder than watching a girl

have an orgasm with a tampon shoved up inside of her. After a few hours of that,

the two girls went back inside. I judged I still had another 8 hours on my

"sentence." It was probably around 9 AM by now. I think I feel most sorry for

the poor horse, being woken up at the crack of dawn by some horny teenagers who

wanted to ride him.

After the horse ride, Ellen didn't forget about me. She had her legs crossed and

her muscles clenched for hours on end as the two girls chattered on about

nothing in particular. They had breakfast and lunch and a few snacks while I was

up in Ellen. I was just happy she didn't have to pee.

Finally, the time was up. It was about 5 PM Thursday. Ellen spread her legs

again and pulled out the sopping wet tampon then beckoned me to come out. As I

crawled down her love canal, I could feel her body shiver as her sensitive flesh

felt my tiny feet. I walked out and immediately recognized that we were on

Sheila's living room floor.

"Now, little man, Ellen and I are going upstairs to fuck. We'd invite you too,

but we feel you've had more than your share of pussy today. We'll just put you

in here." Sheila motioned towards a large Tupperware container with a few holes

in the top.

They roughly dropped me in and placed the container on the living room table,

next to the bottle of rum. Then, giggling, they ran back up to their sex room,

which used to be Sheila's parents room. Finally alone, I tried to morph back to

normal height, but to no avail. Not completely out of options, I tried to morph

the Walkman out of my skin, so I could at least tend to it and see what was

wrong. To my complete surprise, it worked.

I stared at the Walkman intently. Besides some body damage, everything looked

fine. Then I checked the battery case. Popping it open, I saw the culprit. One

of the AAA batteries had popped loose a little bit. Chuckling at how a minor

thing like that wasted a good 12 hours of my day, I pushed it back in and tested

the machine out, turning into a fly. It worked like new.

But I had to stick around here. Although they did torture me a little, I had the

feeling it was all in good fun. I was sure they could be good friends all in due

time. But still, I had to get them back. So, just to make sure they weren't the

evil sadists they pretended to be, I decided to try something.

After about a half hour, the two girls came down the stairs to the living room,

their faces flush. They rushed over to me and popped the lid off. Ellen grabbed

me and held me up to her eye. "You like titties, little man?"

I nodded my head.

"Do you like Sheila's? They're much bigger than mine."

I nodded my head again.

Sheila ripped off her bra and laid down on her back. "Well, little man, here's

your chance to see them even closer!"

Ellen then placed me in Sheila's cleavage. She then pushed Sheila's breasts all

over me, squeezing me between her massive mammaries. I could hear them giggling.

Half with laughter, Sheila said, "Stop it! You're killing the little guy!!!"

Actually I was fine and absolutely enjoying me position. But I decided to freak

them out, so I morphed into a little bit of blood. Sheila screamed as she felt

the liquid and Ellen stopped squeezing. The two girls stared at me on Sheila's


"Oh shit, Sheila! I didn't mean to kill the little guy!"

"Ellen, what are we going to do? I mean, he was a person, no matter how small…"

"Shit Sheila! We're going to hell!"

"Oh God! We're murderers!"

I let this continue for about a good five minutes. Or maybe it was ten. The

girls were bawling, to sad and scared to clean me off of Sheila's tits. And I

was happy to find out they weren't the evil bitches they pretended to be. I was

tempted to tell them everything. Let them in on the joke. But, alas, I decided

not to. At least not yet. I was having so much fun without them knowing I was

still alive. Maybe in a few weeks I'd come again and tell them. I wouldn't want

them to live out their whole lives with that guilt. But not now.

While they were sobbing away, I morphed into a flea. I jumped from Sheila to

Ellen's bare foot and climbed up her leg. I reached her pussy and morphed into

one of the hairs of her bush. Just to make sure I wasn't found again.

Eventually, they stopped crying. Ellen got dressed and headed home, while I

enjoyed the closeness to her womanhood. I had weaseled my way out of being found

masterfully. They probably thought I was dead, and rationalized I was just a


I could have gone home and gotten some sleep but I had an obligation. Ellen had

bought me. I was her pair of red panties, and I was going with her to her party

Friday night. Besides, nothing good was on TV.

Ellen pulled into her house at about 9 PM. She walked in, told her parents that

she didn't find any good shoes, and went up to her room to sleep. She didn't

even bother to take off her clothes. After all, two days of fucking takes a lot

out of you. Once she was under her covers and snoring away, I morphed into a 1

inch me and crawled out of her panties and skirt. I hopped off of her bed and

went behind her dresser to get the clit ring I had kicked there before. I then

grew to my normal height and placed her clit ring on her dresser. I then

carefully opened her panty drawer. I morphed into a fly and flew in, before

morphing into a 6 inch me to close the drawer. Then, remembering the exact

measurements as before, I changed into the pair of red panties that had started

this whole journey. I fell asleep, thinking about the great things that tomorrow

could bring.

Part 5

Friday morning was uneventful. In fact, compared to my last few days, it was

downright boring. I was sitting quietly in the drawer and Ellen was out

shopping. I spent most of the day catching up on my sleep. I didn't know when

I'd be able to again.

Finally, evening started. Ellen burst into her room and dropped some things off.

She opened my drawer and pulled me out, bringing me up to her nose and smelling

me. She tossed me onto her bed and went off to shower. Finally, a little


Ellen came back into her room with a towel wrapped around her wet body. Slowly,

almost teasingly, she began to undo it and drop it onto the ground. She then

picked me up off of her bed again.

"You know, you are possibly the most perfect pair of panties I have ever seen in

my life…"

With that, she dropped me on the ground and placed her gigantic legs between my

leg holes. She then gently slid me up her moist, silky skin, until I came to

rest once again next to her wet pussy, aching from the last few days encounters.

Ellen then put on a pair of skin tight leather pants, which shoved me even

closer to her as she began to sweat, sticking me to her flesh. She finished

dressing and hopped in her car.

She came to some house and entered, where I could hear a party in full swing.

Ellen began to swing her hips to the music, and joined in a mass dance near the

source of the music. Ellen's crotch began bumping and grinding with everyone in

her general vicinity, and I could tell it was making her hot. I also began to

smell a little bit of alcohol in her pussy, which meant that she had to be

pretty hammered.

Every so often, Ellen moved her hand over the crotch of her leather pants, over

me, and pressed against her sensitive flesh. Parts of me started getting caught

and soaked in her snatch, and that drove her even wilder. The sweat from her

pants was also making me ride up, and I soon found part of me deep between her

butt cheeks. But you can't un-give yourself a wedgie when you're wearing leather

pants. I think that's a physical impossibility.

After a few hours, the party began to die down a little. The music grew softer

and slower, and kids, from the sound of it, were beginning to give each other

check-ups on their oral hygiene. If you know what I mean. Ellen, not one to just

stand and watch everyone else make out, grabbed someone and ran upstairs, to one

of the host's bedrooms.

The other person began to push against Ellen's body and serious kissing began.

It broke off in a few minutes and Ellen began to undress. First, her halter top.

Then, the leather pants. I had assumed I would see a hot girl standing across

the room. I was wrong. It was a guy. A big, beefy, disgusting guy with his pants

around his ankles and his cock flying high.

Ellen seductively climbed on to the bed and spread he r legs. She then pushed me

down just far enough for her naked, wet pussy to be in perfect view.

"Uh, Ellen. Do you want me to get a condom or something?"

"No, Chet," God, even his name was disgusting, "I'm on the pill."

And without wasting a second, Chet jumped onto the bed and stuck himself deep

into Ellen, while I was only inches from his dangling hairy balls. I decided

this was my time to make a hasty exit. So I tried to morph into a fly and wait

until the man ape finished fucking Ellen. It didn't work. I tried to become a

1/2 inch me. Nothing. I even tried to return to normal. I didn't even begin to

change. Instead, I heard a faint voice in my ear. "Warning…battery


I hadn't thought that morphing dozens of times tends to wear out a few AAA

batteries. To my horror, this meant I was going to be a perfect looking pair of

red panties forever! There was no chance of changing back, unless Ellen's crotch

went under a matter transmogrifier set to my original frequency. I got careless,

and now I was a piece of women's clothing.

Lucky for me, Chet, like most guys, finishes a lot quicker than the 45 minute

sessions between Sheila and Ellen. And, unlike some sick guys I knew in high

school, he didn't ask for the panties ( me ) as a souvenir. He simply got up and

left as Ellen was forced to finish off herself. Grumpy, she mumbled, "That's why

I only like to do chicks…"

After a bit of watching Ellen masturbate, I was once again pushed up against her

pussy, now wet with juices both hers and Chet's. She pulled on the leather pants

again and left the party for home. Once in her room, she tore off her pants, put

her top in the clothes hamper and went to bed with me tightly pressed against

her slit.

Jump to now, about a year and a half later. I'm still Ellen's favorite pair of

panties. She and Sheila are still going it at it about once a week and I am

usually brought along. In fact, Sheila has borrowed me on several occasions.

Besides that, my life is boring, being in a clothes hamper, washer, dryer, and

drawer most of the time.

I have no idea how my parents and my brother is doing. I guess they sold the

farm in Wisconsin to make up from my lack of funding. And the company I worked

for went out of business anyway. The cost of repairs and the time spent enacting

them made them go bankrupt.

I won't lie to you. My life isn't all fun. I've had my share of skidmarks and

periods. Those aren't fun at all. Still, Ellen wears me at least once a week. In

a few weeks, she'll be off to college. UVA. Beautiful school. Ellen, like her

mother, will pledge Phi Beta Chi. Naturally, Ellen will take me with her. I can

only guess of what my fate will be there.


A senior member of Phi Beta Chi was in the engineering research lab. She was

wearing the lucky panties that had been worn by every member of the sorority

since 1999, over twenty years ago. People could almost swear they were alive. In

fact, sometimes girls felt the panties calling out to them.

It had been the tradition of the sorority to pass the panties around to any girl

who had a big test or lab coming up. It would go days in a row without washing,

but always came out beautiful and unstained. According to the official PBC

tally, it had been present for 147 orgies, 29 impregnations, 3 abortions, and

masturbations too numerous to count.

The current wearer of the panties was the daughter of a good friend of the

original owner. Sheila's daughter, Susan. She and best friend Eileen, Ellen's

daughter, were both in the lab working on a battery recharger. When the

containment unit leaked out some recharger ions, Susan was disturbed to feel a

weird moving in her pants. Going to the bathroom, she took off her pants to find

a tiny 6 inch man, shivering where the panties should have been. She picked him

up and put him in her palm.

She looked at him, strangely. The tiny clothes he was wearing were from a bygone

era, her mother's time. He was about 20, from Susan's guessing, and had on tiny


"Little guy, what did you do with my panties? The sisters are going to kill me!"

She then noticed the little guy going through a pocket. He pulled out a Walkman,

unseen for about 20 years. She saw him turn the mess with the controls a little,

then was shocked to see the lucky panties again, in her palm, where the tiny guy

should have been. Only now, there was a tiny bump on the inside of the panties,

not visible to the casual observer. When looked at by a strong microscope, one

finds a tiny prick, no bigger than an insect, made of the same red fabric.

After all, 20 years is a long time to be kept from having an orgasm. Especially

when all you see all day is pussy. Especially when you're an object of



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